Mediacom Internet and TV

Mediacom internet and TV outage is something you would rather not experience, but it does happen now and then, and when it does it holds a massive impact where customers are unable to access its services. Problems do occur and Mediacom customers try to look for answers, so please do bookmark this page so you can add your issues and read others.

The cable TV and communications provider for the United States does have it issues, and these can consist of Internet outages, TV going offline, Mediacom TV guide not working, and now and then the Mediacom Web Mail might not allow you to login etc.

Mediacom services go out to over 1,500 communities in the smaller cities and towns in America, the company has over 4,600 employees and operates in 22 states. Are you having any Mediacom Internet and TV problems today?

Mediacom status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Mediacom is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Mediacom? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Isabella

    There is no net in Iowa, apparently techs need to come out and fis the issue. The only downside I have to wait until tomorrow for the tech person.

  • Conner

    I am not getting any emails today, the Internet is also down. I have a techie coming out to fix which means i have to book a day of work, hope your going to pay this Mediacom.

  • Alexander

    I am not getting email in Marion, IA.

  • Elijah

    No Interent or email in Ames, IA.

  • Libby

    My Internet is down and has been for two days nearly now. My end is all good so i gather it is a Mediacom problem. So please sort it now.

  • Chris

    Pleasant Hill, IA has no Internet right now, been like it for around 2 hours. Hopefully will be up and running because I am working from home today as part of a new work at home plan. Not going great for my second day doing it. No Internet means no work, means boss goes nutty.

  • Nancy

    Is anyone having a Mediacom outage at the moment? My services are not working.

  • Lopes

    Slow and intermittent internet here in Iowa City, IA. Can’t do anything.

  • John

    No internet in Cortland, IL since Friday night. Cable is fine. No internet last Sunday, but it was fine all week.

  • Willie lacy

    Phone is working but No Internet or Cable in Davenport,Iowa

  • Brax

    I am in Indiana and i keep losing connection.

  • Mr. Fusion

    North Central Indiana (Knox) and I have been down since early Monday, May 23. My kid is trying to study for finals and her books are on-line. Calling Mediacom gets us a tech coming out on May 31.

    They don’t have Americans manning the phones. Their call center is in the Philippines. They can’t do anything except say “we see you have no service”. No sh*t Sherlock. They tell me to go online and follow their trouble shooting guide. Ya, right, on a cell phone.

    They are the only game in town and have us by the short hairs.

  • Kevin Doty

    cable tv out!

  • Jenkins

    I have no Internet or TV again, the service is always offline in our house. Poor service should reflect in our monthly bill.

  • larry

    no internet tv or phone…..$205.00 a month for no service…..

  • Benn

    My Mediacom email login is not working, I am in Princeton KY.

  • Kenny

    The Erskine Fire near the Lake Isabella, CA is being monitored by Mediacom, services have been impacted in a few areas such as Kernville and Wofford Heights, Bodfish, Lake Isabella, Weldon, and Onyx, CA.

  • Simon

    No Mediacom Internet, always happens when I am in the middle of a business chat online. I do not want to be cut off at the most crucial moment.

  • Jim

    No internet in Excelsior MN

  • Rob

    No internet or cable TV in Davis IL Lake Summerset

  • Luklex

    Tv and internet down…Brook, IN

  • Jonny

    Internet down in Mahomet, IL

  • Jason

    Been down since 6 am thursday, navarre florida

  • david

    3 days now lee county ga

  • Heather Shertz

    2 days and counting. I’m back charging this sorry excuse for an internet provider lost wages through next Tuesday when they can manage to mosey on out here between the hours of…ALL DAY next Tuesday. Funny it doesn’t take that long for initial installation or disconnect…… Oh did I mention I’m also charging mileage for the lovely drive to Baldwin, KS to pick up a new and completely useless modern. Pretty sad my Verizon hotspot works better than my internet provider.

  • Mediacom in Springfield, MO, out most of the day today (10/16/16). Reliability like I’ve come to expect of Mediacom. Thanks Mediacom. #MediacomSucks

  • Shelly

    Out here in Granby Missouri

  • scottie408

    Internet down Havana Fl

  • Clive

    Is Mediacom down because i seem to have an Internet outage at the moment in Iowa City?

  • Janey

    My cable and Internet has been down for a few hours now, I am also in Iowa City.

  • Mary

    How long as Mediacom had outage problems for you? Only asking because I have been offline for like since midnight now.

  • Down in Columbus, GA for most of yesterday and today. Thank goodness for LTE on my iPad…

  • MythTaken

    Mediacom cable TV is down and out in Ridgecrest CA since Saturday night, December 10, 2016. A few Los Angeles stations are still functioning but the rest are just a black, silent screen. All of the music stations are gone as well. On the local FB, many others are experiencing their internet down as well.

  • Ashley Kleist

    the internet has been down for a few days in excelsior mn and they say nothing is wrong. I’m frustrated with what I pay and the lack of good quality.

  • Ashley Kleist

    do you have it now? because I’ve been or for a couple days and they say there is no outage and can’t tell me what is wrong. now I have to have some guy tell me the same thing in THREE days, while I’m stuck not able to so pay off my work.

  • Boltz4life45

    Mediacom cable internet is performing poorly for days now. Paying for 200 down and getting between 1 and 5. As per usual, constant phone calls or technician visits lead to no problems on our end but this issue is NEVER resolved. The service works for a week or two, then is back to near dial-up speeds. Very poor service for the supposed “Always faster internet”. Hoping and praying that someday soon there will be competition in the area that is more reliable and accurately priced for services received.

  • Bblthmpr

    I’m going to start looking for a stable provider this is ridiculous.

  • Beny

    The guide goes crazy..starts rolling and jumps from channel to channel..they gave me a new cable box two months ago. Still guide jumping around…rolling. can’t watch netflix, stops or slows. Nothing online in the house..still fails! I think mediacom is not comparable with smart tv technology…what else can it be?

  • Mike

    Is Mediacom down because I cannot get any Internet or TV at all,.

  • Jadi

    In Des Moines the Net is down, is there a Mediacom outage?

  • John

    Ames, IA has an outage issue. I seem to have issues every night now when I get in from work and cannot access my Internet or TV.

  • Monica

    I have not had any Mediacom service for a whole day now, and still have nothing.

  • Joanne

    My Mediacom email login is not working, is anyone else having issues!

  • Chelsea Hathaway

    Our mediacom has been down for 3 days with thirty minutes of it working a few times a day. In nwfl.

  • Bryan Welch

    Down west of Des Moines starting 6:10pm today

  • Bobbie Rue

    Internet down in Decatur, IN. What is going on?

  • Pissed mediacom customer

    No internet again this first thing this morning knox indiana

  • Kelp

    No tv in toney alabam

  • BadAV

    TV down in Jefferson City, MO

  • Michele Gray

    No internet for 3 days in Ridgecrest,CA