Metro PCS network problems

Are you having Metro PCS network problems right now? So many times it has happened where customers get the “Metro PCS network unavailable please try again later”. Others have issues with text messages where they cannot send or receive, with a few encountering login inconveniences. If you are getting any of the above or anything else then please do share your troubles here.

Metro PCS network problems

Metro PCS offers phone and mobile Internet service, which includes voice mail and SMS text messages to both business and individual users. The service uses CMDA and LTE technology, and from time-to-time service does not run the way you would like it too.

Main issues to tend to be customers not able to access their account login, others have come forward and said, “my Metro PCS phone wont receive texts,” but the worst is when there is a total network outage.

Owned by T-Mobile, MetroPCS offers its service in the United States and is the 6th largest mobile telecommunications network in the country. If you are having issues please do use this as your status page.

Metro PCS status reports for Tuesday 21st of November 2017

To find out if Metro PCS is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Metro PCS? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Daniel

    I’ve been having issues with my Metro PCS phone since Saturday,,, I can’t get a perfect connection my phone keep breaking up on a conversation :(:(:(,,,

  • Deb

    I have not been able to connect to MetroPCS service in days. Do a network search for avail networks and get T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon to choose from but NO METRO. my 4g hasn’t shown up for days as well. Wth is going on?? We all should be credited on our bills the days metro is down. They have no problem turning you off if you’re late paying bill. Please fix your service!!! We pay for it!! Would like to use it!!!

  • martin

    this is crazy no service, or 2 bars and i can’t call out…I NEVER had this problem with Boost Mobile…I think Im going back to Boost

  • Diane Rodriguez

    My problem is I can hear people but they can’t hear me. Google can hear me and I can play my pandora out loud. The only way I can be heard is to have my earbuds in. My friend has the same problem except she can’t hear or be heard.

  • Steven N Annette Boynton

    I’m in st cloud Florida. The net work has been down for two days. No network found. Can’t find towers. Metro really sucks

  • Aurea Santiago

    In St. Cloud FL I’m frustrated can’t receive calls, make outgoing calls, messaging is off and on. Called MetroPCS and they have not helped at all. Thus has been an ongoing issue for the past week and worsened for past 3 days.

  • Aurea Santiago

    I agree it’s not OK to pay for a service we are unable to use.

  • A. Arneson

    My family is having the same issues in St. Cloud Fl. Can’t make/receive calls or send/receive texts. When we call customer service, they torture us with trouble shooting and “bear with.” Plus, completely deny there is anything wrong with the network. This is beyond frustrating and a total rip-off.

  • hexxuss

    Tampa Florida here & the same issues as below. Can’t make/take phone calls, text message or ANYTHING else. This has been going on since Dec 23rd.

  • Karen Morris

    YES i am in parkland and my phone wont connect to the internet.. I have unlimited internet so not sure whats the problem.. ANNOYING!!!!!

  • Marty

    Boulder City Nevada can’t get into my MetroPCS account

  • Yess

    Having trouble making and receiving calls.. phone says searching

  • Gus Rutledge

    I can’t get any signal. If I turn my phone off and back on, it show’s I have a few bars and then after a couple of seconds, I lose it again.

  • Me

    Can’t make phone calls. Said it would be a few hours.. It has been 24 hours and still no phone service. I just got on metro PC’s yesterday, I am about to go get my money back.

  • Amber

    Went out of state and now that i returned im missing texts and calls. Is there a number to reconnect with the towers in my area?

  • Rick

    Can not send or receive SMS and can not log into the account I’ve had for two years, says it doesn’t recognize my number, bet it will if I don’t pay my bill.

  • paul

    Yes this is becoming a recurring theme of my cell phone usage. I think I will have to consider switching because this is hurting my business.

  • Aaron Stahl

    I’m having the same problem. Did you ever resolve yours?

  • Mickey

    I am having to use my wifi calling to make called and text saying I have no sim card and no service I just got this on Wednesday been fine beens I was off for the weekend now that I go back to work in a few hours I can get a call in sit at a McDonald’s using wifi right now

  • Victoria Rivera

    I can’t even received text or Check my new mail or log in to my Facebook account also I’ve noticed for the past couple of weeks that my phone goes out of service for 2hours!!! Like seriously WTF I need my phone service back I need to know if I’m being called for interviews c’m on mps since I’m paying $60 bucks every month from metro piece of shyt!!!

  • Victoria Rivera

    I can’t either

  • Victoria Rivera

    It’s been doing it for 3weeks

  • Charles

    I can not ever sign in Metro as keep saying my phone number not regonise

  • Maria Hall

    Phone keeps losing service has all service bars…sending and receiving text ain’t working…either.. Well off and on… Getting kind of tired of restarting my phone every 30 mins .. And sometimes that don’t even work for the texting … This is ridiculous… My plan and phones cost too much for this foolishness

  • Black G

    I can still make phone calls and send messages, but my Internet comes and goes.

  • Jared Glauser


  • Shirly

    My phone 4G LTE that is on top of the signal bar keeps turning on and off like every5 seconds. I cant call the number for assistance because i cant use calls texts or internet. Im on Wifi right now and im actually paying for signal so i would expect to get signal for my payment and not this on and off every 5 minutes that doesnt let me do absolutely anything. Im on South California near riverise ans i checked the coverage map and it has good coverage in my area. I just get this company like a week ago please fix it.

  • Jason Lacey

    Lol my phone worked for about 3 days then I get this no service crap annoying as hell and yes I’m only able to use my Wi-Fi at home

  • Dennis Cunningham

    I’ve had nothing but problems with metros so called data. I get .30 Mbps as a norm, but one morning I got 50 Mbps wtf? I’m one week in with metro and hate the decision so far. Metro, tighten your shyt up before you lose all of your customers to cricket (I’m probably going to go back there)

  • Laura Altenhoff

    My phone has been searching for a network since 2:30 pm yesterday. I have pulled the SIM card, waited 5 minutes and put it back in, I have gone to my network and selected automatic, i have turned my phone off and on again more times than i like to count and still nothing. i am so over it. is anyone else having issues with their connection to the network?

  • Thomas Dilas

    I’ve had the same problem for the past few days

  • Laura Altenhoff

    Went to the Metro store closest to me, they did a refresh on the system and still nothing. I even did a factory reset to no avail. Have you had any success on resolving the problem? They tried to tell me it was a scratched SIM card but even after changing it out there was still no remedy. So frustrating.

  • Kim

    It’s been 2 days that my phones been going on and off saying I have no internet connection or I won’t receive calls or send texts. What’s going on?
    San Bernardino Ca

  • Siew

    Services issues as of this morning.. Not internet, in and out calls as of 10am.. What’s going on?
    This blows!! Brooklyn NY

  • Stephanie Brewer

    Trying to make a payment, the site says it’s experiencing technical issues. Sadly I cannot reach customer service without service on my phone. :( Denver, Colorado

  • Steven Rose

    I made a call and and after i got the no service bar with x

  • Jamie

    I’ve been getting no service since 1am

  • Rick

    In Vegas, can not send or receive text

  • Adam Florio

    In New England can’t download text messages. Please fix. This has been going on for 3 weeks

  • Hsia Costello

    Seattle, WA. No service, unable to make any calls or send/receive any text messages. Please fix this issue right away. This is very disappointing , my service has been down all night.

  • John

    My service was working fine but then we had a huge wind storm and the servers went down for the last 2 days. Please fix Marine City Michigan.

  • mary

    i have had issues with my service all week. but tonight is especially bad. Please fix. Greeneville/Johnson City, TN

  • tina

    i am having internet issues for the past week. i can text and make calls , but no internet. PLEASE HELP

  • Becca

    Randomly loose phone service and internet….causing me to drop calls and loose internet…please fix this issue in owens cross roads al

  • Luis

    Im in puerto rico…cant make calls..everything else works..

  • Larry Watson

    I am in so cal I cannot get a text back to verify my gmail ??? Whats going on !!!

  • Billy Blankz

    Cant pay through mymetro or phone…everything is down!!!!

  • Cody Smith

    No service in my area, no bill owed

  • Gary Pond

    Ct phone and text down. Started last night

  • Denise

    For the last month my service has been terrible. I’ve been with metro for over 13 years now and lately its the worst. My internet and text is slow. My calls cut out and the other end can never hear me talking. I’ve already purchased another phone thinking it would fix the issue but nope. Happening on The new phone as well. Its frustrating not to be able to make a phone call. I have full bars on my signal and it still happens. I’ve called metro and they have “rebooted” my phone ect..but it still continues.

  • Denise

    I’m having the same problem since January. Did you ever resolve the issue? I even purchased a new phone thinking it was the problem but nope still happening.

  • Gigi Harvey

    I’ve been with metro for 6 years and have four other lines with them. The last year has been a nightmare. I have bought four phones for myself at full price in the last year due to issues with no network, not receiving my texts on a daily basis and not being able to answer or call people because there’s nothing but silence instead of a ringing sound. I am at the point now that I am going to take all my total of five phone lines and switch to another company. What’s the point of paying $60 a month per each line when I can’t talk, text or use the internet???!! I’m a very unsatisfied customer and after all these years I thought they would of treated me better than they have. Goodbye MetroPCS!!

  • Kim

    My phone has restarted over 200 times today! Android app updates fail repeatedly… All day! RIDICULOUS

  • Angela J. Massie

    My best friend is trying to get a hold of her doctors. she is a long-term Metro PCS customer with medical problems but everytime she tries to call her Dr, it says “call cannot be sent”…. this problem has been occurring all day. she even tried to reset her phone and I even checked her settings to make sure everything was proper.. she resigns in the Warren Michigan area if this problem doesn’t be fixed soon we will have to call customer service please fix this problem soon so she can get ahold of her doctors and take care of her business…… thanks fyi this happens alot she is considering switching to boost. . Plz fix soon

  • Emily Carmona

    i have not internet service right now Metro pcs

  • Crystal Graham

    No service at all

  • Phoungmalay Sengsavan

    Absolutely no service since 2 days ago

  • Alesia Spivey

    no service at all tampa area

  • sobe

    New Metro LG phone, my calls drop daily, it’s so bad I can’t use it for work. (Concord TN) I like Metro for the most part, but this is not good.

  • Holli Wright Stevens

    No service in Virginia beach

  • Holly

    Glad I’m not the only one. What part of Virginia Beach are you in?

  • Zachary Barnette

    No service in Richmond Va

  • Deandre

    Not working in Virginia Beach winding whats going on

  • Deandre


  • Asia Trent

    Same here

  • K

    No service in Gainesville

  • Jamietresor

    Trouble with our whole area yesterday….down, no network …but the Obama phone a friend had was out at the same time …no network…and it’s not metro! …wondering if Russians hacking the phone servers?

  • Adam Simmons

    I just made one time payment and I have my daughter on the plan. It seems her phone works but mine will not. I was reading the troubleshooting due to the fact that I was a day late so I had no service it told me to clear data and install updated app. But now I feel I have screwed something up any suggestions?

  • Don Harper

    For the last two months the service has been horrible in Ohio.

  • Don Harper

    Metro pcs is sending out defective replacement phones when you send a defective phone back for a new phone.

  • Lucy Carter

    No service in Granbury Tx pls fix

  • Smith Jazzi

    I Paid my phone bill using the Metro Pcs app and its showing thats its pending in my account even thoigh i transferred money to my account now my phone is off and metro has made me get an extension for 24 hours and im not understading why that is the case and it came out of my bank account but its saying pending in my account so now I have been charged twice (which was $50.00) once I Replied to their Customer Care text message it charged me again and its pending in my account need help what do i do. I need my 50 dollars back

  • Victoria C Collins

    Hung up from a call, phone screen won’t light up, can’t try to restart phone. It will do NOTHING. even plugged in charger just with the thought battery might have died AGAIN NOTHING! Phone is less than 6 months old. What on earth is going on? Durham, NC

  • Shah White

    MetroPCS service outage on Southside of Atlanta (at least Hampton & Jonesboro)- Service has been down since yesterday morning. I have MetroPCS on AT&T compatible (not Verizon). Local store* clerk says lots of customers coming to store reporting no service, but her boss won’t allow her to share an outage map nor answer specific questions as to extent of affected outage area. I cannot receive nor send phone and text. My internet works via local wifi connections. It’s been more than 24 hours at this point. Signal strength still shows 2-3 bars which is the same as before outage here and had no problems prior. Anyone else have updates for this area? Feel free to call that *Authorized Dealer to complain about unwillingness to be honest and open to sharing updated info with customers (I’d call them but my phone’s out!):
    *Address: 8053 Tara Blvd, Jonesboro, GA 30236
    *Phone: (678) 610-0143

  • Jason Boonie

    go to the local metro pcs store . exchange your phone

  • Joyce

    No service Tucker GA since Friday

  • Ayline Ximena Jadell Yanzon

    No service

  • Ayline Ximena Jadell Yanzon

    No service at all. I m in Miami

  • Michelle

    Unable to receive calls and texts since 4/9. Can only make outgoing calls. Finally at 330am today I received 29 text messages. So texting now seems to be working, but still unable to receive incoming calls. Phone does not ring. Goes straight to voicemail. Then phone does not register missed calls. And does not tell me there is a voicemail for several hours. This is ridiculous. I only have my cell phone. no landline. I need this phone working 24/7. I should receive some type of credit on my account. Unbelievable!

  • Amy Finch

    I can’t make a text without making a phone call. When I talk on the phone then I will receive 7 texts. This has been happening for the last 2 weeks. Pretty tired of it. If it keeps up I will switch carriers.

  • Richard Jocius

    I’ve been having issues with my internet connection for probably around a month. Anything I need the internet for is extremely slow and I can’t watch videos without them constantly buffering. I called customer service and was walked through a manual cleaning process for my phone. I’ve also been told they are not showing any issues in my area. I use my phone in the same area’s of town everyday.

  • Mary Jo

    I was informed by an employee that we have to upgrade our phones to work with the upgrades Tha MetroPcs has made. Then our phones will work properly again.

  • Billy De-windle Oliver Jr.

    I’ve updated my phone everything possible and still keep losing Internet connection what am I paying for if I can’t use it

  • Lori T

    My friend who is on Metro PCS gets all my text messages — however when she responds to them they never reach me. This recently started happening. I am on Verizon. We never had problems texting. What does work is if I text from a APP such as Pinger to her METRO PCS phone — she can respond and I get the messages but only when we use this app. If I text directly to her she gets the message she responds but never reaches me on Verizon. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Nikki

    I have just put a new phone on yesterday and was working fine but then today not able to make or receive calls or text keeps saying not registered on network. I am in the Philly area so not sure if this is happening to other. I have been on this issue all morning and thought it was my phone. I looked at all the online tutorials to resolve the issue and even did a factory reset and lost all my contacts and it still not working. Then my brother just said he is having issues too. Is this happening to others too? I have never had this problem. I swear ever since Metro joined with Tmobile, nothing but problems! I had another phone which they failed to issue rebate after several attempts. I have been with Metro for a long time probably as long as 2008. Never till last year did I have so many issues.

  • BigRed ” Eighty-One Supporter”

    Ive had my phone for about 2 yrs., and it wont stay connected…

  • Leonard Ware

    In Nashville no messaging service can send but not receive. I had to start using a text app just to get a text back. been going on for 2 weeks. If not fixed by time to pay bill will be looking for another provider.

  • Krystal Easterday

    Had their service for about two years now, never an issue. Then out of the blue for the past 2 weeks been having one issue after another! First internet is so slow, sometimes won’t even load! Second can’t make phone calls!! I call someone or they call me, reception is good for about 40 seconds then it’s just all over the place. Everyone says I’m breaking up and they can’t understand me! Third, paid my bill two weeks before it was due and wake up today with no service. Call customer service and the automated operator says their experiencing issues right now and can’t be connected to an actual person! Try to log into my account and it says my info is incorrect!! Wtf! What am I paying for? If my bill wasn’t already paid I’d go else where!

  • Valerie

    Keep losing internet connection…Takes forever to load this month has been the worst

  • Sabrina Marquez

    Had a messageto update and did so. Now i haveno service.

  • Joe Smith

    Cleveland, Ohio couldn’t pay my bill on mymetro, said my credit card was invalid, went to the metro pcs store and paid my bill with the same credit card (cost me an extra 3 bucks) signal been failing for 4 days now.

  • Mary

    My bill is due next week and my phones aren’t working at all, haven’t all day. If it’s not fixed soon I will be taking my business somewhere else. You could post to your website at the very least letting your customers know you are aware of a problem, what type of problem and that you’re working on getting it fixed. Instead we find nothing and know nothing other than we are paying for nothing.

  • Shauntinece Smith

    Huntsville alabama here..
    Only have 1 bar in home all times.Im not receiving calls.when my family does get ahold of me they say it goes straight voicemail.when im surfing the net my connections is painfully slow that the connection times out.this has been going on for full month now.

  • Jacob

    Knoxville TN, south of the river. Had a bad storm come through last night. I have restarted my phone but have no bars and it also says ‘no service’.

  • Sentinel

    My phone doesn’t connect to calls. No ringtone either. Sometimes it just connects other times nothing at all. It won’t accept my password on voicemail either until the 3rd or 4th attemp. Internet?? Forget about it…

  • John Armwood

    I do not have any service and have not had any voice service for a few hours, though I can receive and send texts, I live just North of Atlanta, GA. This is first time this has happened in nearly a year of using them as my celular provider.

  • rafael castillo

    This is the worst, no phone network

  • Swoop Tha Coupe

    Having same problem. Did they explain?

  • Paul McClain

    Really customer support services and tech should tell us when we cll cause we know tht they all know something is going on. Metro dont even tell them everyone is obovious

  • princess jamhawi

    No service

  • princess jamhawi

    Any resolution?

  • Deborah Rodriguez

    I have been having no service for hours and I tried everything but to no avail. I also tried connecting the phone to metropcs network and it keeps telling me to try later. We should be compensated for this inconvenience.

  • Daniel Ford

    Man i am having the same problem. smh

  • Rock Kandi

    No visual voicemail service as metro pcs is “experiencing issues”. When I try dialing 1 it says “unable to process request”.

  • Thomas Trovato

    Here in Virginia the entire family has no phone service, we can text but no phone service.

  • Thomas Young

    my network is down. it work over the weekend than yestoday it stop working. im stay in seven hill ohio

  • k

    I do not have 4G in my home and my calls are very scratchy, really unable to have a conversation. 6/30/2017
    North Shore Long ISland NY

  • Tiny

    I Live Pompano beach Florida the problem #1 is i hear people but they cant hear me. #2 the internet keeps winding and winding and winding

  • JM

    Haven’t been able to make calls or send text all day. My phone keeps saying no mobile network available. This is ridiculous!

  • P Johnson

    Where is any answer from metro pcs? All I get is a run around and links to chat with customers. What is going on? Anyone have any updates?

  • Debbie Lefebvre

    For the last 2 weeks I have been having “Waiting to connect to network” messages when I am trying to access messenger, Facebook and such. I have never had these issues before. I even went out and bought a new phone the other day as my last one wasn’t holding a charge or connecting to Bluetooth and so on. The problem is still there. What is the solution to this problem. Answers would be nice as if this phone won’t work I am bringing it back.

  • iris

    On my cell it shows an E instead of 4G , slowly show up at 4G but I can’t make calls or receive calls, that happen today. It still mess up can’t use my cell. Why this is happening? Are we getting any credits for this issue?

  • Diana Walker

    Connection problems. Taking 10 to try and dial a.number then phone said emergency call only.

  • Stephen Smith

    Still no internet from Metropcs. Do not bother calling the customer service center because they will act like the problem is with your phone, not their service. All I want to know is what the issue is and how long it will take to resolve. The truth works better than your half baked lies disseminated by some Indian call center with really bad english.


    This is outrageous. Metro network is down every hour or so.
    But we still have to pay for the full service.
    If anybody is interested in a class action suit, count me in.

  • willie Penson

    My girlfriends phone allows her to call out but not receive calls any suggestions on how to make it work. Becoming very frustrated this has happened numerous of times.

  • Muhammad

    Same here. My metro pcs allow me to call but all my incoming calls directly go to my voice mail..

  • John Smith

    Metropcs worst company.10th day without a 4g signal.what the heck. Everyday im calling customers service but still cant resolve the issue.
    Cant get what im paying for. Metropcs sucks bigtime

  • Barb Johnson

    People get garbled phone messages from me. I dont get their messages or they don’t get mine. People can’t hear me talk, fades in and out, have to stand by window to talk. No internet connection at times. Called techs many times: did refresh, change APN’s. THEY PUT IN A TICKET AND SAID THERE WAS NO PROBLEM!!! TODAY, TECH TOLD ME TO BUY A NEW PHONE. I DID, SAME PROBLEM!!!!! NOW WHAT?

  • Barb Johnson

    They told me to buy a new phone. Did that today. Same problem!!!

  • sexyl!pz Sanchez

    Randomly can’t receive calls, only reason I will know the call didn’t come through is by the person who called telling me or by a voicemail of a call I didn’t even receive.. I have been with metro 2 months now and am very disappointed. does anyone else have this experience?.. if so did you find a solution for this matter?

  • Relli

    I’m also having a huge problem for almost 2 weeks . People calling me and its going straight to voice mail. If they don’t live msg i don’t even see thier number on the ‘miss calls’.
    When I make a call, I have to wait at least 1-2 mintue to just get it dialing… ( if im lucky to have a signal, Calls are disconnected or i hear the person on the other line faded :( !!!!
    I went twice to MetroPCS center and both rep i talked they told me that metropcs are repairing they antennas and that i have unlocked phone and that’s why im getting bad service . I need to change to Metropcs phone. ** I’m from Brooklyn NY.
    I’m with MetroPSC for a year now and i have never experience such a bad thing

  • alexandermelenchon

    So for me it would let me have service for just a few seconds after turning it on but will then lose service

  • Heather Sloan

    Slow slow slow! Freezing up, not getting txt messages nor able to send them and none of my troubleshooting methods have fixed it. I want to smash this phone, I’m so frustrated

  • Michael Harrell

    This Not Good , I have to get rid of this service . ,

  • Kordale

    been having Internet connection problems for the past month and I’ve never had problems before, tried to call customer service and I get redirected to my metro screen, what is going on? I’m definitely done with this service if they don’t come up with some answers and fix the problem by my next scheduled pay date

  • Skylar Chevelle

    I’m having internet connection problems since last night, I live in Oklahoma when is this going to be fix?

  • Chris Bruh

    My internet has been really slow since yesterday it is slower than 2g data. Not happy

  • Rod

    4g Will not work in area code 48234

  • Rod

    If this continues i’m leaving metropcs

  • Shoe

    Network has not been working since 8am in the 48221 area

  • Amanda

    In florida and it has been doing same thing for me since monday 8/14/17

  • Amanda

    Can not send or receive calls since monday everything else works. This is in fort Pierce florida

  • Carmen Poole

    New Port Richey FL and Tampa FL- Still no incoming calls! Rings once then straight to VM. My texts work for now. I make a call but takes 30-60 seconds to connect. Bars disappear then go from the letter “G” to “H” then 4LTE to NO BARS AT ALL…..

  • karlen kay

    I’m so sick of this go to use the phone can’t call or dropped calls during important call. Can’t get on line 85% of the time. When I do its so slow takes for ever. It’s the worse services I seen they don’t do nothing. Boy if your 1 day late paying your bill you are shut off. Oh yea go make a payment through my account forget it waste of time. You can’t log in to it always wrong number or password.
    I only wish metro PC will see this. The rip off phone service.
    I live in Salem or.

  • Jason Boonie

    how about … ? One night at Paris video ?lol

  • mich Baird

    my phone will not work in my house..I have to go to a window or outside to get a signal or use it. Very frustrating!! and now texts and internet access have slowed down and wont work from a multiple places around town. Come on MetroPSC and T mobile.. you told me you had great coverage! Knoxville, TN

  • Mary Greenhalgh DaCunha

    My phone can not make calls or texts nor receive them it’s been 24 hours since it worked.

  • Amanda Rowland

    I went with Metro PC because everyone I knew that had Metro PC said it was a great service. Now I’m thinking that I may have made a mistake.

  • Mara G. Scanlon

    The Tampa area had no service on Sun & Mon, the days the hurricane hit Florida. When you most need a phone, I had none. Way to go, MetroPCS

  • Me

    3 days without any phone service in an area where minimal stuff happened with the hurricane. It is unreal that at a time like this they can leave us without phone service. So angry.

  • Helene Myrthil

    Haven’t had cell service since Sunday. Went down when the storm hit the Orlando area. We’ll it be repaired anytime soon.

  • roandgo

    Live near Lake Worth Florida. When I receive a call or make a call the person at the other end cannot hear me. We r days past the hurricane and phone service still
    sucks. When will this be resolved.

  • maurice tucker

    I’m in philly and my service is down. I have internet because I have FiOS WiFi. Metro keeps you off guard. Today is September 16, 2017. 8 am

  • Raymond cordell

    I live in ohio and been having trouble with my servise since last month! I would not recomend this servise to anyone…i lose calls cant get text and most of the time i cant get 2g let alone 4g that i pay for. Really wish this could be fixed before i switch companys

  • Emily Yenne

    I’m in Southern Idaho and my service is nonexistent right now! I can’t call or text, can’t connect to MyMetro, bill isn’t due yet, even wifi isn’t connecting (alhough that may be unrelated, but it’s working with everything else in the house)…seriously, this is BS, I am not a happy customer!

  • Paul

    Not on registered network?? Sense 10pm est.

  • Kimberley Banks

    My service has been down in northern California for hours!!!! Is metro and t mobile having service failure issues? What’s going on???

  • lol

    bill is due today and i cant pay it. cant get a hold of anyone on the phone either. it just says sorry! *hangs up*

  • jon

    system failure my phone is randomly calling numbers

  • Chris Dodges – Im Always Right

    My service/signal has been acting up a lot lately. Not even letting me text or load social media pages. I found that turning my phone off then turning back on gives me a few more minutes of use time before my signal goes out again. (TODAY: September 30, 2017)

  • melissa

    my service is down right now i have tried to call the corporate office to find out what was going on and because i can not remember my stupid 8 digit code they said they can not help me. I call and went to the store that i actually went to 2 different stores and ask if it was something that was wrong with my phone or metro pcs? she didnt even look at my damn phone and said that metro pcs service is down right now and will be up in a hour or two. so i went another store she said that they were down but didnt know for how long. Ugh what the hell smh!!!!

  • Mary Bryant

    I have no network connection. No service… At all… In Jacksonville, FL

  • madison

    Texts aren’t going through. Wichita ks 945pm

  • Randy

    I have two phones and both of them have had issues over 3 weeks now. They need to fix this issue in West Texas.

  • Cindy Blake

    no service for almost 3 hours now.. in michigan. whats going on?

  • James Weeks

    Paid my bill today and received my receipt by email for the correct amount. When i checked my bank statement, they had billed me twice and now im told their. Billing service is down for 24 hours. Strange since it accepted my payment without a problem.

  • Omar Puente

    When I make calls from my house people on the other side can’t hear me I have to be out of the house or a block away for better results I don’t understand

  • Shaka Ross

    My service is out right now. I live in Kissimmee, FL. I need help!!!!

  • Shaka Ross

    I have paid my metro pcs bill and now I have no sevice. What’s the problem????

  • Rachel Eileen Arreola

    My data is not working cannot make phone calls or text, here in 32750 longwood fl, not happy my bill is paid hasn’t worked all day.

  • Sandra K. Green

    I would like to talk to a live person. I paid my bill and now I don’t have any service.

  • Dlove


  • Dlove

    Wtf all day…. No data at all…. Metro yall suck what gives?

  • Rosie Fox

    I have been with Metro for years and have had various phones. I’ve always been able to avcess the internet while talking on the phone, but lately, it’s not working and it keeps telling me to retry. What’s up with that?

  • Sarah Elizabeth Mauldin

    Metro has always been good to me and my bf and we have never had any issues. But lately, I guess its been a few days now, we don’t have service at all at home and in town its really spotty. Some neighborhoods it will be off and some it will work. What’s happening?

  • Patti Fulcher

    My phone calls the last couple of weeks the conversations are very broken. Even my voice mails are hard to understand. I have been with Metro PCS for a few years with no problems. Hard to get more than 1 bar. What is going on?

  • Aaliyah Carranza

    I Have been with metro for years never had I had any issues until the past 6 months here at work I get no service I just get an E not even 4G if my kids need to get hold of me they can’t and this is a big problem for me metro needs to fix what ever issues they are having us customers are staring to want to change carriers it is very frustrating

  • Shar Tay

    Getting a lot of wrong number calls. Takes my phone a long time to connect a call. I’m not getting alot if text messages. Friends call but I never get the call.

  • Freddie Baker

    i only can get service where i paid for it at. once i leave its off. no service an im in a 4g metro area. Customer support told me basic im ass out. NO REFUNDS