Metro PCS network problems

Are you having Metro PCS network problems right now? So many times it has happened where customers get the “Metro PCS network unavailable please try again later”. Others have issues with text messages where they cannot send or receive, with a few encountering login inconveniences. If you are getting any of the above or anything else then please do share your troubles here.

Metro PCS network problems

Metro PCS offers phone and mobile Internet service, which includes voice mail and SMS text messages to both business and individual users. The service uses CMDA and LTE technology, and from time-to-time service does not run the way you would like it too.

Main issues to tend to be customers not able to access their account login, others have come forward and said, “my Metro PCS phone wont receive texts,” but the worst is when there is a total network outage.

Owned by T-Mobile, MetroPCS offers its service in the United States and is the 6th largest mobile telecommunications network in the country. If you are having issues please do use this as your status page.

Metro PCS status reports for Sunday 11th of December 2016

To find out if Metro PCS is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Metro PCS? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Rosemary

    Yesterday I had no MetroPCS network at all and today it still feels a little sporadic.

  • Glenda

    I cannot make or recieve calls, what is going on MetroPCS?

  • Keily

    I am in Boston and got no network.

  • Fernando

    In Portland, Oregon? and cannot make any phone calls.

  • Julie

    In New Baltimore and not had great service for two days now. Basically works when it feels like it, thats the impression i am getting anyway.

  • Harley

    I have no mobile network on my personal and business phone. Service is down yet again.

  • Tom

    I am located in Texas and my signal is basically non-existent. I am supposed to have 4G LTE and i cannot even get 3G even though i have been told i have 4G in my area of residence.

  • Ken

    PCS services are down in Fenton Mi. For about 3 hours now…. Fix it already…..

  • catlady60

    My Metro PCS services appear to be down in Pen Argyl, PA: emergency calls only, even on Wifi calling. Please fix.

  • Kerry

    Phone connection on my phone has gone, not able to do anything like a simple call out.

  • Vinny

    MetroPCS website is down at the moment.

  • Vincent

    The website is offline because they are making some changes to it.

  • Peter

    The website is down and it looks like there will be some new updates hopefully good ones we will appreciate.

  • Mabe

    I can send text messages but I cannot receive. This is ridiculous and annoying. The other parties don’t even know that I am not getting the text messages and they think I am just ignoring them.

  • Ali

    I am in Chicago there’s no stabil connection on network. When i turn of the mobile network it’s not coming back after turn on. I really regretful to choose metropcs

  • Pat

    I am in Astoria, Queens, NY and my phone has been searching for service for the last 3 hours

  • Drake Darkhart

    I have unlimited 4G on my phone but the internet is slow as molasses dripping. Can make and receive calls but doing so makes my internet not work at all until the call ends.

  • Jazmine

    I am from Tempe, AZ and my phone has been doing the same thing.

  • yvette vallier

    I have had Metro PCS for less than one month. I have a brand new phone that was offered for joining a Samsung Galaxy 4 I believe. Before joining I had cricket for at least 7 years, in that time at Cricket even when I had broken phones with cracked screens I got 100 percent better phone service. I have never had such a horrible situation. My text will not go out most of the time. Who knows if anyone even gets anything or what I am missing. 4G does not work, even half the time when I am at home going off of my own highspeed internet. Web sites will not load. I can’t even get on the internet in my car and find a company’s phone number. Its really the worst experience ever. I am very disappointed.

  • Drake Darkhart

    I found a fix for the network issue. Go to settings mobile networks preferred network type then click on wcdma only and restart your phone. My phone started working gain afterwards.

    The only drawback is that my phone will occasionally flip out as if it is having trouble deciding what network to be on but it is a small sacrifice.

  • Eulinia bisnar

    Have no network or cellular connection. Metropcs!!!!

  • Seth Webber

    At midnight on the dot the network went down in norfolk va

  • Nofourg

    California… Flamingo Heights, a rural community between Yucca Valley and Landers, has a major problem. From October 2013 to Late June, or first week in July, 4g lte and 4g ran perfect. Then this EDGE tower has taken over my life. Coverage Areas should grow, improve and expand. Riding on the T-Mobile network… taken for a ride alright. I pay $71 for $60 unlimited $5 for mobile hotspot and $6 for insurance. Been bullied out of my CDMA phone to a gsm WCDMA. with unlimited tethering and that has been nearly two years. tether, choked up and watery eyed just from sharing about it. I am in a rural area in the desert and they are my only lifeline to communicate. Now just to get on the internet, I must drive to get a signal. Being a Metropcs customer since 2008 an Overall been pleased with Metropcs as my carrier of choice. I represented and promoted dozens to switch. Otherwise, I would not have tolerated a substandard carrier for a grueling 11 weeks on an optimistic thread of Hope that Metropcs will straighten it out. Pricey $300 signal Amplifier? I had perfect service in the same area for nearly a year. Come on. Kindly, be forthright and communicate the truth. Unreturned tech support tickets too.

  • Rhonda Stallings-Cink

    I have no mobile network here in apple valley ca

  • kay

    I cannot receive or dial Quebec. Take off your locators. Its easier on the system to back up

  • kay

    I love my go phone

  • Florida 33313

    Unable to access metro website to pay by phone bill..says website connection issue …unable to call customer service has phone is off. What can I do….m
    Needto make my payment

  • Kiera Nomin

    I have no call, text or web in Topeka, KS. I haven’t for over 12 hours; the longest blackout I’ve had! How can I fix this?!

  • Kiera Nomin

    Thank you! :) It worked!

  • lornacn

    It’s 3:25PM. I’ve had no signals since this early morning.

  • lornacn

    It’s 3:25PM in Houston, TX. I’ve had no signals since this early morning.

  • Tamica Hendon

    phone saying no service for about 7 hours no call no t
    texts nothing

  • Nichole

    I’m in Cleveland, OH and I’m not receiving all my calls or text messages!!!

  • Maria

    Not receiving any text messages. Very frustrating and very disappointing.

  • Matt

    I can send and receive pictures and text messages everything else but cannot make a call says my network is down why do I pay for a service I can’t even use her it seems like a great deal but I’ve had more problems with MetroPCS in the last 10 years and I’ve had with any other phone carrier

  • Nerissa

    Metropcs user for last three months network goes out saying no network connection or i get an E where it usually says 4g almost everyday now and someimes phone calls take forever to go through

  • andrea

    Can not make or receive calls. Facebook and other apps Willmott load. Sends messages to people who try to text me saying I blocked them for about 4 days now. so frustrating!

  • Jay Wayne

    Cannot receive texts or calls right now

  • Resse

    Las Vegas 89169 Beyond slow service and cannot send/receive msgs

  • amalia johnson

    I can’t receive any calls or texts now for 2 days

  • Amy Burns

    Can’t send or receive texts. Can’t refresh email. Everything else works

  • amalia johnson

    That happened to me to do I took my phone to metro to have them look at it so they did and it was my sim card it went bad

  • austin

    No network service

  • Sherry Underwood

    Texts messages going out extra slow

  • GeorgeMDO

    I have no service, no bars, can’t text or receive. I have to use wifi over calling. I been like this for a week. Man!!!!!!!!!

  • Aris Sophia Winters

    My husband and I both cannot make or receive calls or texts, but we can go online with our phones. Bill isn’t due until the 21st, so we have no idea what’s wrong. -Woonsocket, RI

  • Marissa

    Missouri, only able to use 4g. Not receiving or able to send text or calling.

  • Dana Marie Lockett

    Can’t receive text messages or phone calls, but I can send out text messages and make phone calls; as well as use the internet. What’s going on? Detroit, Michigan

  • Kathe

    Can’t open pictures sent to me in text. Keeps downloading…

  • Ashling

    My phone will not recieve text messages till hours later but I still recieve phone calls and can still send text messages and people are getting my messages but I am not getting theirs.

  • Sheneka

    I am having problems with web connection, video loading, I can’t access certain accounts, and in the middle of trying to use, my phone will click off and my phone will reboot itself there are a lot of things going on with my service right now I am very unhappy!

  • Stacy

    I use my WiFi calling in mexico and always works, but it stopped working yesterday.

  • Erik

    no service in Davenport, CA since Friday 12/11 morning

  • Reginald V. Finley

    Looks like they attempted some update. Phone will not reboot.

  • S. Hines

    Activated service 2 weeks ago have gotten two very short calls through and have somehow used a gig of data though I cannot imagine how!

  • Joey

    I can’t make or receive calls but I can make and receive texts and use my lte data on my nexus 5

  • jedotter

    Network down in Altus, Ok today was fine yesterday!!

  • Ras David

    is metro down in Idyllwild california?

  • Ras David

    is metro service down in Idyllwild california?

  • houndedtoo

    Boston MA?

  • Carmel Casey

    Been unable to make or receive texts or phone calls since late Thursday night. Sac, CA

  • Paul

    Miami i continue to drop calls 4 -5 per day. also data service interruptions while listening to Pandora throughout the Downtown miami area.

  • Jamael A Chappelle

    Network down in Portsmouth, VA in the Churchland area

  • David France

    Metro app that you pay your bill will not work. Can you help.

  • Tiffani Reilly

    I can’t make phone calls, send/receive texts, can’t receive phone calls

  • Chrissy

    Paid phone this morning my internet isn’t working.

  • very upset loyal costumer

    This is the 5th day of hardly being able to use internet on my service… I have called 6 times in the past 3 days all doing same thing “nothing”. I pay for the $60 plan for my husband and I so not being able to do anything on our phones is ridiculous, I understand a couple of days here and there to work out kinks but 5 are you kidding me? Not to mention my phone is pretty much destroyed from all the resets they have done which is really upsetting because I’ve only had it for 3 months. At this point I am so upset with how things are I might just switch to a different provider!

  • cece

    I can not send messages receive anything or make a call ..always kicks me out of my apps as well and will not let me use WiFi calling my 2 yr old is sick and family members were trying to call me I’m very upset so I hope when I take my phone up to the store they can fix this prob Ben like this all day my phone says can’t connect to network >= ….clevland OH

  • Mandy

    Metro said today that theyou are doing a systems update so here in Georgia you may or may not receive or make calls text etc.. and if a call comes thru unknown it may very well be one of your contacts.

  • Ed

    Just went metro yesterday – unable to access their website with my own email account. The system verification isn’t working so it’s not only the calls and texts it’s the website too. Not a good start with the company.

  • Ed

    5th day eh? I’m giving them 3 days then I’m calling it quits – good luck

  • Debi Arbelo

    i can’t make calls. Either get a fast busy or a message that says network not available. i can send texts and access the internet. what’s going on?

  • Angela

    Says network unavailable i cant make calls or text and no one can call me why is that

  • Jessica Brown

    I restarted my phone this morning and got over 15 texts from Saturday that I never got. ??? Is it the phone or the service??

  • Bridget Warrick

    I can’t use my phone at all and it’s upsetting me it’s been like this for two days now i can’t do anything with my phone, and i am paying $60 every mouth and i have had prombles with my phone for awhile now if you guys can’t fix this then I’m switching companys.

  • Terryll Rex

    I am a new MetroPCS user and have absolutely no coverage at home even though their coverage map shows I should have, even when I type in my exact address. I can even barely use the wifi service as it says I am barely within the coverage area and it cuts in and out. I cannot use my phone unless I am 13 miles south or 6 miles north of my home area. I can’t call support obviously for help. I did go back to the store I purchased from and they called support for me who gave me new apn settings, but that didn’t work either. MetroPCS is refusing to answer my Facebook Messages, though they answer everyone else, they ignore my tweets, texts, etc. Using Open signal I get: OUT OF SERVICE -71dBm 21asu CID:61552 . I did a search for T-Mobile towers in the 17536 area and there is not a single one in range. How can they legally claim to cover this area when they don’t?

  • Matthew Avila

    My phone has complete service outage. Is it the sim card or the phone?

  • Lynn

    All calls fail. Seems to be total outage in state of Florida.

  • Jose gonzalez

    My phone says no service I just activated it 7 days ago it was working fine and all of a sudden it’s says no service!!!!!!

  • Myers

    No service. Can’t send phone calls or text messages. Wtf

  • emery

    I can’t text but I can call

  • Josh

    Do you get a message saying un able to send nessaging blocke

  • Connie Sue Amaya

    Since 9 this morning I have not been able to make or receive phone calls and forget sending or receiving text messages. I can only place emergency phone calls. However…I can call the toll free number as they do not have a website to contact with tech support. REALLY?????

  • Que

    I can’t go on the Internet at all I tried almost every solution for my iPhone. Yet I thought it was my it’s update soon I even reset my phone

  • Justin

    Thought the same thing, also having the same problem

  • sherri l beaty

    my facebook wili not connect on my phone.

  • Tawyna

    I have no net work services and I paid my bill. It says my sim card isn’t registerING what should I do? I have had the Samsung Galaxy core prime for 7 months I have had problems with it since last month.

  • Wre

    No network. I always pay my bill so this is certainly not the issue. I cannot make calls; calls drop; texts not sending; I just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and have had it for 2 weeks. Unfortunately there is no customer support that I have been able to discuss the problem with.

  • Kristina Harbin

    I an not able to make or receive calls or send and receive text messages. My bill is not due until may 18

  • Theresa

    Today my Metro phone will not let me acess the internet via Google or Metro web, keeps telling me all of a sudden I do not have a secure connection because Google and Metro both have Invaild certificates or other security risks and to try later WTH really? Also said Google is being consulted or something, and should be available later. Also I am California Pacific time and my clock has changed to am pacific even though its pm at this moment. I have Norton paid security and they report no issues. All things Google and Metro unable to acess my accounts except that billing page gets there pretty darn quick too but nothing else. Anybody else with similar issues , and if so how did you correct?

  • Henry

    I am not receiving messages the moment they have been sent, I receive them a day after sometimes or later during the day, sometimes I receive a series of messages all at once, for what I have been reading this is a problem T-Mobile had jn the past with they servers and now since they joined towers our metro PCs that was working correctly before it’s suffering the same issue. Can anyone do something about it. I have change my phone because that’s what costumer service recommended, also spoken to the phone manufacturers and they did give the answer about the problems and was lack of updates for the company’s network. It’s that true and they’re just not able to say it? Come guys I have been using metro alsmot since they started here in Florida and never had this issue before until they joined T-Mobile so something it’s up and it’s getting worse not better.

  • L. Whitefeather

    Cannot update some apps…especially security. The update downloads but stops in the middle of installing. This same app warned me the other day that Metro was the “source” of malware on my phone! Coincidence?

  • Holly

    Florida. Not receiving texts or receiving them 2-3 DAYS after they are sent!

  • Holly

    Having the same problem the several days. Are you still experiencing this?

  • Alexis davis

    I cant make phone calls

  • Latasha Towles

    Daytona beach Florida can not send or receive texts most of the time!! Sometimes it says sent but the other person doesn’t get them, other times it comes back as message not sent.

  • debra schwab

    Can’t receive call or call out

  • Dash O

    POS website is down as per usual

  • Ronnie

    I can’t make calls, can’t get into my contacts list, can’t get onto metroweb or play any of my games. Metropcs is horrible

  • Bronte

    i have not been able to renew my plan on the website or by phone. Keeps saying my cc zip is incorrect. When i call my payment is not processed. The automated states call back later. Will not respond to a request for a representative

  • misty

    Worcester Ma having problems. Connecting through internet wifi. Yesterday had texting delays

  • James

    I can’t receive or send calls or texts.

  • Kara

    I can’t make or receive calls and can’t text, but I can still access the internet.

  • Kara

    If it were due to non payment I definitely wouldn’t be able to access the internet. We had a power outage in my hometown last night for about an hour and a half. I’m guessing Metro must still be down.

  • Care

    I can not text or call fix this or give us funds

  • Neva Mae Robey

    I have not had service since May 28,2016. I am in Sour Lake,TX I called coustomer service the rep had me do something to my phone but after 30min still nothing this is crazy what are we paying our bill for if we ate not going to have service in an area that I had service for two months now nothing. And according to customer service there is no sign of an outage. They need to send someone out to check the tower because I know many people in Sour Lake, TX who do not have service either. These technicians need to get off there keaster and go check the cell tower or send someone to do it. Almost a whole month with no phone why do we pay the bill if they don’t make it where we have service

  • Neva Mae Robey

    I have not had service since 5/28/16 and got the run around by customer service yesterday. Why can’t they give us a straight answer or just get up and fix the problem this crap is on there end not ours.

  • Rodney

    My phone has not had any service in 3 days called customer service dud everything they suggested finally told me to get another sim i went to the store and was told that my phone was showing active so couldnt get a new sim so whats the issue

  • pulsev2

    dixon ca no network. down


    Service worked great at my house for quite a while and now all the sudden today I have no service at all im in Plant City Florida….I’m getting some 4g inside the city but no LTE whatsoever….and not even phone service at home

  • valerie

    no service in detroit michigan . then switches to E but no 4G no LTE and no ability to make or recieve calls and or texts or fb messages

  • Deb

    Right now cannot make nor receive calls, no email since last week or so ago and cannot send nor receive texts unless thru messenger

  • Deb

    Oh in Cleveland Ohio

  • Pat Shiner Sr

    when i try to send a text i get a free message back right away saying blocking is active, which it is not. I called metro and the automated system says they are updating their system

  • Lyfii

    My friend has Metro PCS and I have Verizon so when I send him a text message he doesnt get it. But when he texts me, I get it.

  • cody

    I can’t make calls or txt nothing I just bought my phone and switched to metro helloooooooooooo lol help plz

  • Kat

    No service in Bristol, Indiana as of today. What’s going on?

  • Cheryl Bentley

    Texts are sent but not received?

  • Faye Green

    I am randomly getting can’t send text. The network operator: metropcs keeps getting kicked off and i have to automatic search, at times T mobile pops up and i still can’t send text. It is a pain in the dairiare.
    Come on, Get your act together Metropcs.

  • Jessica Butrum

    I woke up and have no service. Wtf

  • sara

    Pay a week in advance just to have slower than slow data, when I try to login it says it’s temporarily down to call and when I call it says to try back in 2 hours because their system is down….???frustrating! The Internet and phone didn’t work at all a week ago.

  • Nessa

    I’m having the same issue it’s been down for a couple of weeks it’s so slow.

  • Cortez Harris

    My calls barely go thru and most of time people can’t hear me and the calls just fizzles out

  • Tia

    My calls are not connecting. I have to call a person’s number 5-10 times before it connects. my text messages or phones calls do not always come through. I might get all my messages the next day. I have reset the phone several times, and I keep having the same problem. I have not had the phone for a year yet. This has been going on for 3 months. I have no cracked screen or water damage.

  • Jennifer Wilcox

    Getting same messages over and over again.

  • Mindy Willingham

    My phone is saying text failed to send but it is going through but sometimes multiple times. Anyone sending me a text my phone receives it like 4 times :/ not happy

  • Laurel Fox

    2 phones, calls hang up by themselves. or if they don’t, they drop the calls. all afternoon.

  • disqus_Wz58Qq14ii

    My data is not connecting. Can not send text messages or emails.

  • Chris Haven

    No service in Houston TX , guess the network is down?

  • Rajiv Jadhav

    Same here. Long island NY

  • Rajiv Jadhav

    Same here. I’m in NY, where are you? The customer service walked me through setting up a new APN, working so far, but LTE signal is weak

  • disqus_Wz58Qq14ii

    are you still having the same problem? Did you call google or metro?

  • Laura Scott

    In California, my reception has changed at work and in my home. I had reception before and now I dont.

  • solojay

    It took me an hour to update an app WTF

  • Victor

    4 metro pcs phones in my house freeze everytime I turn them on. They freeze at the MetroPCS screen and stay like that for a while. To turn it off I have to take the battery out. Last night around 12:30 to 1, one phone turned off by itself and has been having problems since then.

  • Aiden

    My lg stylo 2 has been having problems since last night. It turned off automatically once, and ever since then whenever i turn it on it just freezes at the metropcs symbol. I cannot get past that, and to turn it off i have to take the battery out. The charging is also weird, as the battery symbol on the screen doesnt go all the way up the screen, it just goes halfway and back down.

  • Aylene Parra

    call drops or bad signal cannot understand me when I call people …5 to 10 people that I know have metro pcs and they are experiencing bad signal and call drops Houston TX and all over tx.

  • Saira

    I just bought a phone and it doesn’t have no connection to network at all , they won’t give me a refund or nothing it sucks really bad ):

  • Annmarie

    Every 20min unable to send, receive messages, wtf brand new phone

  • Frankie Davis

    It’s been happening here in Detroit, Michigan for the past 2 – 3 days as well. Can’t even receive or make a phone call and having problems sending texts for almost 3 days now! I’m going to need a landline ASAP! And they’re talking about trying to do away with landlines!? I will be setting one up before the year is over. I don’t trust any of this stuff.

  • Melissa Prior

    So we literally can’t get any service in the downtown Wayne area and it’s been 3/4 days ! It works fine at my house and the neighborhood behind it but not any further than that. I asked Metro what’s going on and they gave me a sales pitch for a tablet sized phone. Like that is going to help the service come back !

  • jacqueline m

    No picture texting in Garland Txbwell my phone

  • CCT

    Metro pcs told me I wouldn’t have service in France so why am I getting texts when I log onto wifi? I turned off data usage so will I get billed??

  • David Clark

    Here in Porterville, CA I’ll be on the bus going into town or going 3 miles to my grandparents house and my phone will hardly stream…music will take forever to play one damn song or connect to internet at all even though the bars will be full and it shows 4G LTE on the front. But back in my house it’ll work just fine. Also, whats with Instagram?? Every day a notification pops up saying “unfortunately Instagram has stopped working” and I’m not even using that app…I’ve closed it countless times but it still shows the same thing.

  • Alejandro Varela

    Voice mail not working in FL

  • Carlos Ruiz

    Metro voicemail is down in orlando fl cant access voicemail

  • Maxamillion Headroom

    Cant call customer service . All circuits are busy

  • Corey Prehn

    Cant call out or receive calls at all. My mobile network is down my data. Cant get on the internet without being on WiFi. Like wtf is going on i pay 60 a month for this bull

  • DeHarvest Evans

    I was having Great signal up until yesterday no more 4G bars is still at 1 cuz when I bought the phone I had like all my bars but now it’s like the bars stay at 2 to 3 and my service is terrible sometime my calls drop my internet not be working anything going on like this since yesterday. Please fix it

  • Julie H.

    I have not had any signal or been able to use mobile data for the past 2 days. Only Wifi I can use. I’m on a plan with 2 other people and they can make and receive calls and use mobile data. thought it had something to do with antennas but guess not. I restarted phone, removed Sim card etc. Has it started working For anyone?

  • Carrie

    Had service until 4pm today 9-7-2016 and now nothing. Gotta get on wifi.. Jacksonville, fl

  • DE Williams

    Bought a phone and unlimited service from metropcs. Mainly to use sling TV. Worked great for s few days. Now nearly impossible to use sling TV. I’m now looking for another phone service that will work with sling TV. Metropcs is a bust for my purposes.

  • Ken Stauder

    Cant text send or receive, but no phone calls at all today, I try to call multiple different people and call cancels after a few seconds. Its like a signal issue but I’m getting 3 bars?
    I have turned the phone off & tried again, no change.
    I was thinking the problem was my phone, but online the talk appears to be service related, is the phone service down in my area currently?
    Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Michigan.

  • Dorothy Serkies-Baptista


  • Bridget

    My phone will not send text messages. Why?

  • jtfleming

    Down in Atlanta. No LTE, no 3G, no 2G

  • klang

    no data at all in SF

  • Adam Luisi

    Down in Temecula, CA
    For now texting and calls seem to work but my data is completely not working…

  • Sabrina Smith

    Down in Texas nothing is completely working! Hope this will be fixed real soon.

  • Ashley

    Down in South bend indiana. My boyfriend and I both have metro and we both don’t have data. Havent tried calls or texts.



  • Christine

    Down in San Diego, can

  • Kazrasuya

    Down in Florida, worked most of the way home then nothing. No data, calling, texts, can’t even connect to wifi to make calls or texts…

  • Ashley Nicole Barner

    Down in GA, how long is this going to last?

  • Paul Papier

    Read a comment that t mobile data is down nation wide thus mo metro

  • Zee Man

    Down in Miami. No data or text. Super low signal. No 4g sign

  • Kazrasuya

    Yeah the T-mobile network is down causing Metro as well. Hopefully since T-mobile is a major carrier it will be solved soon.

  • Jang

    Down in Ash Way in Lynnwood WA.

  • R Trip

    Down in Warner robins GA

  • Conrado Sanchez

    Also down no data could only receive phone calls but no texting or internet

  • Eddie

    Down in Tulsa Oklahoma

  • DiorDavyn

    Down in LA

  • Kazrasuya

    Update for everyone, T-mobile is aware of the issue and says it should be resolved shortly.

  • Rj mann

    My daddy just went out and it’s been out for about an hour and a half and when I try to contact Metro PCS it says Your call cannot be completed due to technical difficulties thank you for calling and it hangs up and that’s been going on for the same time so it’s down in Fayetteville North Carolina

  • Rj mann

    Not my daddy LOL damn voice text my data

  • Rj mann

    Well no Data in Fayetteville North Carolina

  • Rj mann

    How did you find out that they are aware of it it’s crazy seems like every state from Pennsylvania San Francisco Georgia and now me and North Carolina

  • Christopher

    I even reset my phone thinking that would fix it

  • Meza Lady Gardner

    My husbands phone can’t connect to internet and can’t call metro neither
    In Modesto CA

  • Christopher hodge

    Do you have metro

  • Bebe

    Having the same issues in Vegas

  • Meza Lady Gardner

    We both have metro but my phone has internet idk how that’s possible

  • Vega

    Seattle down.

  • jose sanchez

    Down in lodi ca few texts go through few calls go through no datta connection at all 2 bars

  • Kazrasuya

    They are posting on Twitter.

  • Aaron Joy

    The account name for Metro or T-mobile since they own Metro?

  • Brad

    Down in Spiro Oklahoma. Damn aliens, where did I put damb tinfoil hat?!?

  • Debbie Walker

    I lost internet service (even wifi won’t work) in northwest Louisiana around midnight…although my husband still has internet. Still receiving & making calls/texts, but for how long?! Can not get a call through to Metro nor access my account online.
    Not very happy at all!

  • Lilly

    When will it be fixed?!

  • Matt

    Connecticut is down


    Las Vegas is in the Stone Age as of 9/22/16 @ 12 A.M.

  • sam

    Grove city ohio, did anyone else’s suddenly drop while browsing? I was afraid of a phone issue

  • Lori

    Down in south Texas also, dang it and I need my GPS to drive home

  • rebuildingthesystem510

    Down in Oakland, CA. Roommate’s phone is down as well.

    @rebuildingthesystem510 @moviesbymouth

  • Leandrea

    Phone internet went out in Elkhart Indiana

  • Ricardo Cos

    No internet service…Dallas tx

  • Eric

    Modesto is down as well :/

  • rebuildingthesystem510

    looks like everything is out. any ideas on why? did someone flip the breaker? did t-mobile forget to pay the power bill?

    @rebuildingthesystem510 @moviesbymouth

  • Eric

    It says “MetroPCS” on top left corner with all the bars but it still don’t want to work:(

  • rebuildingthesystem510

    same here in oakland.

  • Sunny M.

    Down in orlando, fl. Losing money from uber!

  • rebuildingthesystem510

    Has T-Mobile said yet when they expect to have the network back up and running?

  • Casey

    I finally got through to an agent, they said they were updating their system, and it shut down the network, but that should be up in two more hours or so, in in New Mexico

  • Matthues

    Same here in Greenwood Ar

  • Matthues

    My wife has no service. All I have is wifi

  • Matthues

    We have phone service and Internet back

  • Susan

    St. Paul, MN is down as well…

  • nual nunnelley

    Down in okc wtf

  • Chris

    My is down for all you In denver Colorado

  • Tom Bowman

    mobile internet currently down for me in Garland, TX and it was an all of a sudden thing too was on Facebook and all of a sudden my internet stopped working I thought maybe it’s just something simple like turning the phone off and back on again. Well I did that and it still doesn’t work so my guess is my service is down or they are doing maintenence



  • Trey

    Thanks for the heads up

  • Chris

    Yeah same I was on youtube and stop my video

  • Crystal

    Flint Michigan is down too.

  • Tom Bowman

    glad I’m at home and have access to my computer otherwise I’d really be screwed

  • Chris

    Is up for me now in denver Colorado potheads lets go !

  • Matt

    If anyone gets through to an agent, can you ask how long for CT? My call won’t go through due to technical difficulties

  • Tom Bowman

    Is back online for me as well

  • Jess

    Does anybody why though? Wtf happened? A friend and I were talking about how it would be weird if somebody all of a sudden cut off the internet… An hour later and its off… Creepy!

  • Chris

    May take one more hour

  • Chris

    Y’all I think is up

  • Matt

    Thanks buddy. It’s back up. Enjoy your pot you lucky SOB haha

  • Marte

    St.Louis,Mo Backup on the internet

  • Travis

    Eastern Tennessee, no network to be found.

  • Kevin Alexander McSpadden

    Ypsilanti, MI still offline

  • Badw

    Grand rapids Michigan , been out for a hour

  • Denisse Andrea

    Down in la, California. My service has been down for 2 hours now.

  • Novelty Unconventional


  • snas berries

    Just because your service is out temporarily doesn’t mean you should demand a refund like a five year old child who didn’t get what they wanted. Everyone is experiencing the outage, and if you wait patiently, it’ll be back in no time.. like it is right this very moment. For me at least.

  • Michael

    Temp outage is one thing. Unable to make ANY call for over 6 hours, That is not right!!
    We had an emergency last night and we couldnt even call 911 because of Metro’s failure to be a Reliable Phone service provider.

  • Michael

    I had a seizure last night. I couldnt call ANYONE for help for over 2 hours!! 911 service wouldnt even work!!

  • Melinda Booker

    Yes, we are down in Indianapolis, in areas too! Arrrrgggghhhh!!! too much!!!

  • snas berries

    I’m someone who lives on the street, and I’m heavily reliant on my phone for everything, but I was capable of placing phone calls perfectly fine. Both of my metropcs phones allowed calls to be place and received, just no data services i.e. internet or GPS. I guess it was different for each person living in different areas. Hopefully, you managed to get done what needed to be done in a different fashion.

  • Debra James

    Yes been down since Midnight. Encino California…Los Angeles area. No Lyft driving for me this morning. Hopefully they resolve this too! Last night all towers were down…

  • Krista Vanwalker

    Been down all day in Tampa. How is Metro gonna charge me $60/mo and not have any service??

  • evahmari@gmail

    About midnight all data was gone,from all three of my phones.As of 7 this morning, everything is ok.Here in Seattle.That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an inconvenience.I was trying Everthinot to try & fix it.Even called metro pcs,got a message saying they’re having technical difficulties & couldn’t answer.I hope it doesn’t happen again,it’s never happened to me on any other network.Guess there’s nothing to do but wait.Change network,but it seems like this happens to all.? ;

  • Robin Shepherd

    Allen and North Alabama and my phone has been down for going on for days tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock it is 1:10 a.m. and I have been on the phone with this American based company that can’t seem to find one good English speaking quote on quote American on the telephone to tell me what the hell my phone isn’t working they do not seem to care that I make a living by using my telephone and not only am I losing money because of nothavinga phone for my job, I’m about to lose my job because my boss nor anyone, is able to get in touch with me and all these CSR can tell me is “take your sim card out, take your battery out , or will send a signal to your phone” HEY D.Bag- that BS doesn’t work….however and whatever they think they can do and say to make us feel better, it’s not going to work bc Metro PCS sucks and the bottom line is that they have a huge Lee enormous outage in several States and will not fess up to this even when I brought it to their attention. I asked if I was going to be credited for the days that I did not have my telephone and all they said was someone would be in touch so I wish I never would have left AT&T as soon as I am able to get to a New phone store, Metro PCS can kiss my white american ass. Because I am the most understanding and caring person that I can possibly be and to have these people lie to me and get rude with me because they have a cup is just morally wrong and makes me sick. I apologize if I have offended anyone I’m just really pissed off because they’re not doing anything to rectify this situation so I just wanted to share my thoughts I hope you all have a great night

  • Robin Shepherd


  • Robin Shepherd

    U apparently don’t work or user ur phone for work or ud be pissed too

  • Jennifer Butler

    Is Your Metro Pc down in Washington,DC?

  • Tori Robinson

    Yes mines is

  • Jackie Rains

    I am in northern Minnesota and every single call today has dropped after 12 seconds. Entire day and can’t make one call before it just drops me. What is going on?

  • Albert Simon

    Scranton, Pa.
    I bought my phone on the 26’th. Haven’t been able to make one call yet!!!!
    My 13 year old is autistic, and my wife and youngest child take seizures:(
    I can’t be without my phone.
    Used my wife’s phone to call metro 3 times.
    The third time I called I was on the phone with them for 40 minutes or so, just for them to tell me there’s nothing else I can do but wait!!!!
    If I can’t make calls by Friday I’m calling the BBB.

  • Albert Simon

    I apologise, I just looked at my receipt.
    I bought out on Tuesday the 27th.
    But this is still ridiculous!!!!

  • Albert Simon

    It is October 1st now. I still cannot make or receive phone calls. And when I got a hold of customer service today, he told me he put in some sort of ticket and it can take up to 72 hours before they can give me some kind of answer to my problem. But if I wait that long and service is still not provided to me, it will be too late to return it to get my money back!!!!
    I nor my family or friends will ever use MetroPCS again.

  • sajid

    Myrtle creek Oregon, network is down

  • Kennedy

    Houston, Texas. Network is down

  • Dan

    Philadelphia ,PA my service went out 30 min ago

  • Haley

    Arizona network is down

  • Victor Pena

    Fontana CA no service what’s going metro

  • Haley

    I’m wondering if the hurricane east messed with the towers for T-Mobile n now we are with out service

  • Nick

    Roseville, CA no network

  • Shannon Clougher

    Southaven, MS area service is down. Went down about 30-45 minutes ago.

  • Arron Smith

    im Uber driver i couldn’t complete my trips when the service down..and i drive back to my home and connected with wifi then complete my trips and i made extra money thanks

  • ray Nelson

    metro down in Oakland Ca

  • cdawg504

    Mine went out 1 hour ago New Orleans, when I call metro for help it says I cannot be transferred die to technical difficulties.

  • JR

    Metro down in San Jose, Ca.

  • Marcelino

    Went down in Fremont Ca about 20 minutes ago

  • Tom Banks

    Boston area has been out for about an hour

  • Marcelino

    Do u know whats goin on

  • Destiny AhMaysing

    I’m in Indianapolis and mine is down … No service omg why ?

  • Randy Smiggles

    I noticed in Seattle area about 20 minutes ago. I wonder if it has anything to do with Hurricane Matthew. Also I’m supposed to have wifi calling. But it’s not working.

  • O. Murray

    No service in Fresno CA. Unable to make phone calls of any kind. Network not available message. Service out for about an hour.

  • Louis Quinn

    Mine went out an hour ago in Michigan

  • Arron Smith


  • Rick Romero

    Down in chicago 1 hour now

  • Jr

    Anyone having metro pcs issues in phoenix AZ…no service

  • Rebecca

    Was anyone able to get in touch with metro ?

  • GVV

    No service Dayton Ohio

  • Destiny AhMaysing

    I think everyone is down in a lot of states… Towers may be down cause of Hurricane Matt

  • Rebecca

    Does anyone know when it will be back up ?

  • Marcelino

    Supposed to be an hour from when it went down but i dont believe it mine been down for awhile

  • Rebecca

    My coworker has metro and hasn’t been working , she is very frustrated and mEtro is down to

  • Bert

    I thought I was the only one

  • Ron

    North Phoenix I have no service showing where metro pcs is usually at

  • Susan

    I was just talking w my daughter literally less than an hour ago. On my wifi right now…was wondering what in the world was going on. Thought there was something wrong w my phone… Kept trying to reset. Now I know its the network that’s down.

  • Rebecca

    All the towers shouldn’t be down that’s crazy

  • Susan

    I’m concerned since I’m on the West coast of FL & my daughter is on the East coast of FL. Now I can’t even get in touch w her to make sure she’s okay unless it’s through Facebook but have to make sure I’m in an area w wifi

  • Rocc

    West phoenix

  • Marcelino

    Whoever is suffering from Hurricane Matt right now i wish you the best.

  • Destiny AhMaysing

    Right I took my SIM card out like really? I’m glad I found this page cause I was freaking out !

  • Nick Bertoline

    no service here in san bernardino california

  • matt1986

    No service in Nashville, Tennessee

  • Arron Smith

    ok everybody lets pray for Metro…

  • Kat

    is any one having issues with metro saying no service in texas?

  • Destiny AhMaysing

    It’s everywhere

  • Nikea

    Yes we are

  • Kat

    what is going on? My boyfriend has metro but hes not affected by it. why is he not but I am?

  • Nikea

    Girl Idk but this is bs

  • Arron Smith

    Pls Stop support Trump!!!

  • Rebecca

    New Orleans too

  • Eric-Brenda Keibler

    when did then say that metro will have it working again. I live in Yuma, arizona

  • PretttyBrown

    1st comment was deleted. Still no service in Phoenix, Az and Metro can still kiss my A$$!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    No service here in NH

  • Ren Dizon

    mine is down right now from LA

  • Kat

    this is ridiculous. when is it suppose to be back up, i cant be without a phone. I wanna know when itll be back up. And why I am affected but my boyfriend is not and he uses metro too

  • Destany

    Me to

  • Eric-Brenda Keibler

    no service in yuma

  • kimberly thompson

    Mine is down also…northern Illinois.

  • Arron Smith

    what kind of phone hes using rn

  • Michael Bonner

    Anyone else having problems in NM. My phone is not working but fiancee’s is..

  • Kat

    the same exact one as mine. same type same model. we got the same phone at the same time.

  • Kat

    thats how mine is, idk why one works and the other doesnt.

  • Ren Dizon

    It’s up and running now! from LA.

  • katherine bevilacqua

    when is the service going to be back in avondale az i was just on the phone about an hour ago and it just telling me emergency calls only i think metro should give everyone one free month since this happens a lot when will it be back up my pastor is worried about me

  • Louis Quinn

    This sucks

  • Louis Quinn

    All the way up in MI

  • Kat

    they should do that, or compensate us or some thing

  • Nikea

    Is anyone up and running in texas

  • Omega


  • Destany

    Modesto California my phones down to

  • Jason Boonie


  • katherine bevilacqua

    yes this is ridiculous i might go with another service next month if they dont get this up and running i cant be with out a phone this sucks

  • Jason Boonie

    I drive for Uber and I’m loosing big money for today . they need to refund to me tbh

  • Kat

    nope, mine is still down. however my boyfriend says his is fine and working. which is weird

  • katherine bevilacqua

    i agree

  • Ren Dizon

    no bs mine is up.

  • Nikea


  • Kat

    so far metro is the cheapest i found but this is really the first time im having to deal with this.

  • Bri

    I’m not getting service on either of my phones right now and can’t reach CS

  • Destiny AhMaysing

    I’m in Indianapolis IN and I’m back up after about an HR being down

  • PretttyBrown

    Mines just came back finally, after being out for 2/1 hours

  • katherine bevilacqua

    this is the 3rd or 4th time i had to deal with this

  • Louis Quinn

    I wonder if this is just Metro or if other companies are down also?

  • matt1986

    Service back working in Nashville ,tn

  • Arron Smith

    Finally back online…thanks Metro for sending me Iphone7 plus

  • katherine bevilacqua

    now mine is working and back online in avondale az

  • Destany


  • Destany

    Why are we down

  • Bri

    I tried safety net as well no service,I need to know when we’re gonna be back up I have 2 conference calls in the morning and I’m in LA still with no service

  • Qua Terry


  • Jason Boonie

    Im in Los Angeles California . It’s still down and Metro PCs would not take any phone calls at this moment . They need to get act together … Really .taking money and not giving service ain’t Right . We should sue them .

  • Bri

    Ok back up

  • Jason Boonie

    Good for you . Mine is still down . Im in Los Angeles .

  • Qua Terry

    I rebooted my phone I also took the SIM card out I’m so frustrated lol my phone was just working and when I get off phone it messes up

  • Destany


  • Jason Boonie

    Im in LA and still down . Metro PCs need to send me free iPhone7 .

  • Kat

    still nothing wtf im getting annoyed now

  • Jason Boonie

    Metro PCS should give me New iPhone 7 .
    Im in LA and I’m still down 12:23 am I drive for UBER. Loosing my money here !!!

  • katherine bevilacqua

    i wish your was up and running wish they would tell us why it was down i hope your come on soon

  • Jason Boonie

    I should change my service career. Ive just joined MetroPCS and paid full amount with new phone. This is unacceptable service in First degree country .

  • Jason Boonie

    Ohhh …. are so sweet. Come and visit me one day ! 😉

  • Jason Boonie

    Call me then lol

  • katherine bevilacqua

    maybe one day

  • Kat

    YAY mine is back up and running!!!

  • Jason Boonie

    You get what you paid for is this … I should switch servise career. This is a Joke to my mind .

  • Arron Smith

    you should break up with him. lol

  • Destany

    Whats taking so long

  • Jason Boonie

    Im in LA California and as we speak it’s back on .12:34am and I’ve lost too much money by them .

  • Destany

    What time is it for those who are back up maybe that hs something to do with it

  • Destany

    Modesto California still down

  • Destany

    Been down for 2hours


    Service is down here in Delaware also


    I wonder why it is down, they gonna give me a credit to my account


    Dover De no service

  • Destany

    I sure hope so

  • Destany

    No one knows what happened?

  • Jose Zamora

    How come some were affected and not all metro users

  • Bridget

    I’m in Portland Oregon and I was down for 2 hrs just got back up running at 12:30 ish..


    Still down since 2 am it is now 7:18 this is my business phone and I’m pissed

  • Vilisi Nadaku

    Been down from 8 pm last night, it is 10:00 am now in Sunnyvale, California, and still no service! What is going on Metro?

  • Jason

    Philadelphia Pa metro PCS still not working LTE phone goes to 4G but runs at a 2G speed can not send pictures or texts .

  • Sonya

    i Woke up this morning and i couldnt send text messages and my network says no service and that was around 4am and this morning and the problem is still here come on metro pcs we are paying yall and its always something wrong with the service and yall dont even have a real customer service line like what is really going on with our sevice??

  • Victoria Smith

    My son lives in Cleveland Ohio and his phone has been down all day…come on. Please fix the problem.

  • Jason Boonie

    It seems like caused by continuous hacking from Overseas . Possibly, SOUTH KOREAN NORTH KOREAN , CHINA ARE THE SUSPECTs . WHATS GOING ON WITH JAPAN ?? THEY SHOULD FIGHT AGAINST THEM !!!

  • estaw

    Can not send or receive sms text in chicago, IL.

  • Michaellee

    Fix this problem Total Blackout service is down fix it

  • Letty

    Is metro down right now in Dallas, Tx?

  • LunaLynx

    having trouble in Murfreesboro TN since yesterday

  • Jeanine

    As of 5pm yesterday my phone has been on No Service, I spent a 1/2 hour this morning on the phone with them and all they could say was I needed to contact Apple… I have an iPhone 6 Plus and never have had issues. My phone is not even reading that I have a carrier?? What is the problem? In MD

  • Jackie Hodge

    I’m in Michigan and my phone has been making it difficult to send texts and even make phone calls. I’ve also been told that when people call me, the calls aren’t coming thru and don’t even register under recent calls. I’m going to call MetroPcs tomorrow. I hope that the call will go through.

  • Brandon

    I am in waco,tx and when on 4g lte i can only on aversge 0.54 mps but on 4g 6 plus and this is at the beginning of the billing cycle this month i got the phone i had no problems the second month it stsrted this call metro seversl times two tickets and still no change.

  • Ella

    Im in michigan and for a month now ive been having poor service and when i call someone or they call me they dont hear me i went to the metro store and all they can say my phone is in good shape but i need to buy another one cause its out dated well its not even a yr old im not gonna keep buying a phone every yr.

  • Mark Micalizzi

    no phone service as of this morning in St aUGUSTINE Fl, called from another phone, they denie any service issues. i have a family of 5 phones. not a one is working

  • Amanda Walter

    My internet isn’t working. I can’t get anything to load unless I connect to wifi…

  • Amanda Walter

    In Scranton PA…

  • Matt

    I am in Brigham city Utah. For the past year everyone here using Metro or T-Mobile had issues with their service. But nothing is being done. The LTE network is horrible. You only get 0.15 or lower internet speeds. It took 14 minutes just for this page to load on my phone. It keeps saying no service as well. Then will throw you on to 2g. And while on 2g …the internet won’t work. I am having troubles making and receiving call and texts as well. This company brags about how fast everything is..when in fact…it’s the opposite. Something needs to be done here. We pay our bills and get nothing in return. Bad business practices! When you call customer service they deny that anything is wrong!y phone is new. So I know it’s not my phone. Everyone I know using this service or T-Mobile are all having the same issue. Please correct the issue!

  • Adrienne

    I went to MetroPcs several times this week to be told I needed to go to Corporate since I could not get make out going calls or receive incoming calls. I was on the phone nearly one hour with tech support and he could not fix this network issues. I purchased another because I was moving to another State. I was told I can get an exchange if I went to corporate. The phone worked for six hours and now I am without any service. They need to fix this network issue ASAP and stop telling their customers there are no problems.

  • Buttacupp

    I am in Orlando fl and I woke up today with no network coverage. im not sure what the problem is because none of the troubleshooting is working and I just would like the service I pay for. can someone please tell me how to get this network issue corrected? please!

  • Tabitha

    Since last night when I got back from a contest I’ve been getting no connection (signal) or I would only get E. I’ve been using metropcs’s network for a couple years now and I still live in the same place and I would always get 4G LTE.

  • same person

    Near Fresno, CA

  • Felicia

    I’m in Dallas, TX and I can’t make or recieve phone calls or text messages but I still have internet and receive emails. This has been happening since yesterday off and on. Keep restarting my phone but nothing happening


    We are in Central Florida- have 3 phones with MetroPCS in our family. Calls can’t go through (both calling & receiving) for a few days now. Also can’t receive any photos when trying to text back & forth – just keeps trying to download and never completes. Our phones will not vibrate or ring even though they are set to do so, meaning if a call does actually get through, the only way to notice is if you happen to be looking at the screen, because it lights up. The not ringing thing has been happening for months! And last but not least – the video camera recorder on the phone is turning on when nobody is touching the phone and there is no explanation for why this can happen. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE METRO PCS??? Couldn’t get an actual person to speak to when calling the company number – just useless recordings. Our phones are the Kyocera Hydro kind and they are new. Hope none of us have a life or death situation and due to the incompetence of Metro PCS, people don’t get the emergency help they need……

  • Steven Keller

    Dead in Edwardville,Il Flat lined all day.Metro is the White Trash of cellar service providers.

  • Ashlee

    Anyone having problems around Puyallup, WA

  • Rob santo

    Just had same problem with my phone had to do hard reset working fine

  • tammy feist

    My daughter has had major issues and Metro PCS store and on the 800 number has refused to help her. I have never in my life heard of such a business. Now she has been without a phone for days. The security problems has left all our phones wide open for hackers to infiltrate our personal info and lock us out of our accounts. I could write a book of problems. Someone needs to contact us and make all this right.

  • Heather

    My phone wont make phone calls and now itsnot typing rite.i took out battrey but still nothing

  • Jihad

    I’m having trouble with messages and WiFi can’t get it have the time can’t download incoming messages and pics.

  • Jose

    Im having trouble sending text
    messages or sending calls

  • Rachel Hoing

    As of 7-8 hrs ago my phone can’t make or receive calls or texts. Angry because I use my phone for business. Of course can’t call Metro Cust Serv, as one needs a phone to call. Go figure

  • Rachel

    by reading message board here, scrolling…seems like paying customers post problems, Metro evidently pays zero attention to this. Sprint might be a couple more bucks/mo — but they have an incredible rating on customer service with the BBB. I’m gonna check Sprint or AT&T out first thing tomorrow (biz hours) been w/o my phone all day now. Cust serv is automated, then cuts you off??

  • Nancy Xiong

    Everything on my phone is extremely slow. Data and sometimes my calling and text messaging won’t work. What is going on? I pay unlimited everything. Fix as soon as possible please. My patience are dying.

  • Teri

    My WiFi isn’t working cant get on the web saying my not connected didn’t know i had to be connected to someones WiFi

  • Mike

    Unable to make calls or message even with wifi SOCAL

  • Alex Pal

    So I have 4G LTE full bars no internet service or texting service. I can make calls that’s about it.

  • Lee PriceJohnson


  • Disgusted

    This is truly a joke. For the last few nights my phone has completely stop working. I cannot make or receive calls and texts. God forbid if there was an emergency. Just to make you laugh more, can’t use the emergency calling.

  • Sally Roberts

    Metro has gone down since joining T-Mobile. Never been unable to make or receive calls and texts. What’s going on

  • Christal

    My mobile data hasnt been working 2 days now