Metro PCS network problems

Are you having Metro PCS network problems right now? So many times it has happened where customers get the “Metro PCS network unavailable please try again later”. Others have issues with text messages where they cannot send or receive, with a few encountering login inconveniences. If you are getting any of the above or anything else then please do share your troubles here.

Metro PCS network problems

Metro PCS offers phone and mobile Internet service, which includes voice mail and SMS text messages to both business and individual users. The service uses CMDA and LTE technology, and from time-to-time service does not run the way you would like it too.

Main issues to tend to be customers not able to access their account login, others have come forward and said, “my Metro PCS phone wont receive texts,” but the worst is when there is a total network outage.

Owned by T-Mobile, MetroPCS offers its service in the United States and is the 6th largest mobile telecommunications network in the country. If you are having issues please do use this as your status page.

Metro PCS status reports for Thursday 23rd of March 2017

To find out if Metro PCS is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Metro PCS? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Daniel

    I’ve been having issues with my Metro PCS phone since Saturday,,, I can’t get a perfect connection my phone keep breaking up on a conversation :(:(:(,,,

  • Deb

    I have not been able to connect to MetroPCS service in days. Do a network search for avail networks and get T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon to choose from but NO METRO. my 4g hasn’t shown up for days as well. Wth is going on?? We all should be credited on our bills the days metro is down. They have no problem turning you off if you’re late paying bill. Please fix your service!!! We pay for it!! Would like to use it!!!

  • martin

    this is crazy no service, or 2 bars and i can’t call out…I NEVER had this problem with Boost Mobile…I think Im going back to Boost

  • Diane Rodriguez

    My problem is I can hear people but they can’t hear me. Google can hear me and I can play my pandora out loud. The only way I can be heard is to have my earbuds in. My friend has the same problem except she can’t hear or be heard.

  • Steven N Annette Boynton

    I’m in st cloud Florida. The net work has been down for two days. No network found. Can’t find towers. Metro really sucks

  • Aurea Santiago

    In St. Cloud FL I’m frustrated can’t receive calls, make outgoing calls, messaging is off and on. Called MetroPCS and they have not helped at all. Thus has been an ongoing issue for the past week and worsened for past 3 days.

  • Aurea Santiago

    I agree it’s not OK to pay for a service we are unable to use.

  • A. Arneson

    My family is having the same issues in St. Cloud Fl. Can’t make/receive calls or send/receive texts. When we call customer service, they torture us with trouble shooting and “bear with.” Plus, completely deny there is anything wrong with the network. This is beyond frustrating and a total rip-off.

  • hexxuss

    Tampa Florida here & the same issues as below. Can’t make/take phone calls, text message or ANYTHING else. This has been going on since Dec 23rd.

  • Karen Morris

    YES i am in parkland and my phone wont connect to the internet.. I have unlimited internet so not sure whats the problem.. ANNOYING!!!!!

  • Marty

    Boulder City Nevada can’t get into my MetroPCS account

  • Yess

    Having trouble making and receiving calls.. phone says searching

  • Gus Rutledge

    I can’t get any signal. If I turn my phone off and back on, it show’s I have a few bars and then after a couple of seconds, I lose it again.

  • Me

    Can’t make phone calls. Said it would be a few hours.. It has been 24 hours and still no phone service. I just got on metro PC’s yesterday, I am about to go get my money back.

  • Amber

    Went out of state and now that i returned im missing texts and calls. Is there a number to reconnect with the towers in my area?

  • Rick

    Can not send or receive SMS and can not log into the account I’ve had for two years, says it doesn’t recognize my number, bet it will if I don’t pay my bill.

  • paul

    Yes this is becoming a recurring theme of my cell phone usage. I think I will have to consider switching because this is hurting my business.

  • Aaron Stahl

    I’m having the same problem. Did you ever resolve yours?

  • Mickey

    I am having to use my wifi calling to make called and text saying I have no sim card and no service I just got this on Wednesday been fine beens I was off for the weekend now that I go back to work in a few hours I can get a call in sit at a McDonald’s using wifi right now

  • Victoria Rivera

    I can’t even received text or Check my new mail or log in to my Facebook account also I’ve noticed for the past couple of weeks that my phone goes out of service for 2hours!!! Like seriously WTF I need my phone service back I need to know if I’m being called for interviews c’m on mps since I’m paying $60 bucks every month from metro piece of shyt!!!

  • Victoria Rivera

    I can’t either

  • Victoria Rivera

    It’s been doing it for 3weeks

  • Charles

    I can not ever sign in Metro as keep saying my phone number not regonise

  • Maria Hall

    Phone keeps losing service has all service bars…sending and receiving text ain’t working…either.. Well off and on… Getting kind of tired of restarting my phone every 30 mins .. And sometimes that don’t even work for the texting … This is ridiculous… My plan and phones cost too much for this foolishness

  • Black G

    I can still make phone calls and send messages, but my Internet comes and goes.

  • Jared Glauser


  • Shirly

    My phone 4G LTE that is on top of the signal bar keeps turning on and off like every5 seconds. I cant call the number for assistance because i cant use calls texts or internet. Im on Wifi right now and im actually paying for signal so i would expect to get signal for my payment and not this on and off every 5 minutes that doesnt let me do absolutely anything. Im on South California near riverise ans i checked the coverage map and it has good coverage in my area. I just get this company like a week ago please fix it.

  • Jason Lacey

    Lol my phone worked for about 3 days then I get this no service crap annoying as hell and yes I’m only able to use my Wi-Fi at home

  • Dennis Cunningham

    I’ve had nothing but problems with metros so called data. I get .30 Mbps as a norm, but one morning I got 50 Mbps wtf? I’m one week in with metro and hate the decision so far. Metro, tighten your shyt up before you lose all of your customers to cricket (I’m probably going to go back there)

  • Laura Altenhoff

    My phone has been searching for a network since 2:30 pm yesterday. I have pulled the SIM card, waited 5 minutes and put it back in, I have gone to my network and selected automatic, i have turned my phone off and on again more times than i like to count and still nothing. i am so over it. is anyone else having issues with their connection to the network?

  • Thomas Dilas

    I’ve had the same problem for the past few days

  • Laura Altenhoff

    Went to the Metro store closest to me, they did a refresh on the system and still nothing. I even did a factory reset to no avail. Have you had any success on resolving the problem? They tried to tell me it was a scratched SIM card but even after changing it out there was still no remedy. So frustrating.

  • Kim

    It’s been 2 days that my phones been going on and off saying I have no internet connection or I won’t receive calls or send texts. What’s going on?
    San Bernardino Ca

  • Siew

    Services issues as of this morning.. Not internet, in and out calls as of 10am.. What’s going on?
    This blows!! Brooklyn NY

  • Stephanie Brewer

    Trying to make a payment, the site says it’s experiencing technical issues. Sadly I cannot reach customer service without service on my phone. :( Denver, Colorado

  • Steven Rose

    I made a call and and after i got the no service bar with x

  • Jamie

    I’ve been getting no service since 1am

  • Rick

    In Vegas, can not send or receive text

  • Adam Florio

    In New England can’t download text messages. Please fix. This has been going on for 3 weeks

  • Hsia Costello

    Seattle, WA. No service, unable to make any calls or send/receive any text messages. Please fix this issue right away. This is very disappointing , my service has been down all night.

  • John

    My service was working fine but then we had a huge wind storm and the servers went down for the last 2 days. Please fix Marine City Michigan.

  • mary

    i have had issues with my service all week. but tonight is especially bad. Please fix. Greeneville/Johnson City, TN

  • tina

    i am having internet issues for the past week. i can text and make calls , but no internet. PLEASE HELP

  • Becca

    Randomly loose phone service and internet….causing me to drop calls and loose internet…please fix this issue in owens cross roads al

  • Luis

    Im in puerto rico…cant make calls..everything else works..

  • Larry Watson

    I am in so cal I cannot get a text back to verify my gmail ??? Whats going on !!!

  • Billy Blankz

    Cant pay through mymetro or phone…everything is down!!!!

  • Cody Smith

    No service in my area, no bill owed

  • Gary Pond

    Ct phone and text down. Started last night

  • Denise

    For the last month my service has been terrible. I’ve been with metro for over 13 years now and lately its the worst. My internet and text is slow. My calls cut out and the other end can never hear me talking. I’ve already purchased another phone thinking it would fix the issue but nope. Happening on The new phone as well. Its frustrating not to be able to make a phone call. I have full bars on my signal and it still happens. I’ve called metro and they have “rebooted” my phone ect..but it still continues.

  • Denise

    I’m having the same problem since January. Did you ever resolve the issue? I even purchased a new phone thinking it was the problem but nope still happening.

  • Gigi Harvey

    I’ve been with metro for 6 years and have four other lines with them. The last year has been a nightmare. I have bought four phones for myself at full price in the last year due to issues with no network, not receiving my texts on a daily basis and not being able to answer or call people because there’s nothing but silence instead of a ringing sound. I am at the point now that I am going to take all my total of five phone lines and switch to another company. What’s the point of paying $60 a month per each line when I can’t talk, text or use the internet???!! I’m a very unsatisfied customer and after all these years I thought they would of treated me better than they have. Goodbye MetroPCS!!

  • Kim

    My phone has restarted over 200 times today! Android app updates fail repeatedly… All day! RIDICULOUS

  • Angela J. Massie

    My best friend is trying to get a hold of her doctors. she is a long-term Metro PCS customer with medical problems but everytime she tries to call her Dr, it says “call cannot be sent”…. this problem has been occurring all day. she even tried to reset her phone and I even checked her settings to make sure everything was proper.. she resigns in the Warren Michigan area if this problem doesn’t be fixed soon we will have to call customer service please fix this problem soon so she can get ahold of her doctors and take care of her business…… thanks fyi this happens alot she is considering switching to boost. . Plz fix soon