MGSV Server Maintenance and The Phantom Pain Issues

So many things can go wrong when playing a game, and when these occur with your MGSV here is where you can have your say as well as ask questions. When there is a MGSV server maintenance or you are having issues with The Phantom Pain then please do head on down to the comments and report your status.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain or MGSV TPP for short is action stealth game that was released in 2015 onto Microsoft Windows, PS4, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. To date this is the 9th installment of the series and we want to hear from you if you are having any issue at all.

Main MGSV issues include the mission list not being displayed properly, servers going completely down due to maintenance, gamers have complained about their tactical buddy Quiet not responding, the head options not working or not being able to obtain The Zoologist. Is MSGV down for you right now?

MGSV status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if MGSV is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with MGSV? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Cyril

    I purchased Metal Gear Solid V and for me it is super slow. Majority of the time when I try to launch the game it just continues to say preparing to launch.

  • Josh

    I am having issues when trying to save a file on my PS4. Save files is somehwat of a nightmare for me how about anyone else!!!!

  • Logan Fox Gaming

    I am having issues on my online gameplay with this game, cant do combat deployments and fob missions when the game keeps giving me the network errors.

  • antares_draco

    22/10/17 – Gets stuck in loading whenever I try to use the idroid or do anything to do with the online/FOB side of the game. Some features are 100% unusable.

    This has been going on for ages now. Are they ever going to fix it?

  • Bhavya Kohli

    The server is “down for mentainance” in Asia . date 7/11/17 dont know how long will it last … recently got the , game want to play more. :/

  • Bob

    It is also down here in the states, I am in Florida and still nothing so servers are under maintenance.

  • Fort Dayao

    Mgs5 server is down.

  • Timmy Tim Reynolds

    These servers are some of the worst I’ve ever played any game on. They had maintenance the other day, and since then, it’s been impossible to stay connected. Konami needs to get their act together.

  • Spencer Hays

    Down today,says they maybe down for maintenance.

  • Jeremiah Payne

    After update 1.20 my PS4 Pro had a fatal crash. I was returning from an FOB mission and my character was all pixelated inside the helicopter. I closed the app and restarted it. I had to hard power down after 20 min of loading screen. After that my console was very slow and glitchy. It froze upon restarting again. Something happened to corrupt the hard drive as I kept getting the “cannot start PS4” screen. I was able to initialize and save my console, but 4 years worth of data went down the drain. I’ve been playing it off and on since launch and have had bugs here and there but nothing like this. Hoping someone else out there has similar issues. Because if not that probably means my hard drive is taking a dump.

  • Aayush Pandey

    Its down today…

  • AhmedalMashhdani79

    I cant play the game wtf why?!!!

  • Aztekka

    Yo, allah boy, its working now

  • Pavlos

    It’s down again

  • Pavlos

    And it’s up again