Minecraft server issues

It can happen to you when the online game Minecraft freezes on you, the screen turns black or you get a total outage. The popular textured cubes game where you build constructions has taken the world by storm, but the 3-dimensional world does encounter problems.

Gamers have said in the past that their Minecraft connection timed out, streaming frame was a nightmare and that they had login problems. What we have noticed is, Minecraft is not responding or connection refused are two of the main things people search for when things are going wrong, then they look for answers or a way of venting their anger for others to read what they are thinking.

If you have suffered a Minecraft service outage or any other problem, please do share them with Is Down Right Now as this will help others understand if they are having the same issue.

Minecraft status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Minecraft is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Minecraft? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • cary

    Playing Minecraft on the Xbox One has been no go for the last few hours, no chance of me playing online.

  • Gray

    I keep getting server connection error on my PS3, my mate is also getting a server error on his Xbox.

  • Vanessa

    I am not able to get onto my game at the moment as i am away on holiday, but i asked my brother to fire up the PlayStation and try getting online with minecraft – the answer was he coundnt.

  • John

    No problems with Minecraft at all.

  • Jabe

    The only problem with Minecraft for me is trying to get my boy assleep at night. He is 7 but loves this game so much. In fact he said “It is not a game dad it is created and building.” Cannot argue with that can you really lol.

  • Jakel

    Not finding any games at the mo, this is silly now.

  • Bren

    My Minecraft keeps going offline on the PS3.

  • Jules

    I am on my PS3 and getting this – connection error: host has exited the game.

  • Joss

    Online Minecraft gameplay on my Xbox 360 is playing up.

  • Gail

    My minecraft will not load up online.

  • Tommy

    Will the minecraft maintenance on April 14 mean PS4 and PS3 servers will go down as well?

  • Alexi

    This game has a mind of its own, its like its possessed. The controls are doing what they want to do and going where i do not want them to go, very strange indeed, is this happening to anyone else?

  • Drew

    Down for maintenance, how long will this be offline for?

  • Cain

    people are saying the servers are restoring over on Twitter, maybe it is t=for then but not for me as i am still offline.

  • Jackson

    Is Minecraft still down for everyone?

  • Billy

    Is Minecraft maintenance finished or still ongoing?

  • Craig

    Minecraft is getting a mind of its own. Bugs, lags, controls are super crazy sometimes and then acts like its possessed.

  • Mason

    Why am i getting invalid username and password when i have been using the same for years. Please help how can i log into my Minecraft account?

  • Mivens

    All my files i saved two weeks ago have gone, vanished from thin air. I have tried contacting Mojang but no reply, has this every happened to anyone and if so can you help me retrieve them?

  • Ender


  • Ender


  • Minecraft JDC


  • Minecraft JDC

    This is crazy

  • UchiPie

    cant login :c

  • Piani

    I’m getting the same!
    Have you fixed this??

  • Renee

    I have the PS4 and online play with Minecraft is not so great. I have to keep resetting the connection which is rubbish.

  • Janey

    I can play offline but not online and i have no clue why.

  • Timmy

    I wish to reset my password but I am not receiving any emails, this has happened a few times now when i try to reset password.

  • jo

    I have tried so many different ways of getting new Minecraft skins but they are not working, any ideas where i can get good ones from that work?

  • Garry

    minecraft sweet and awesome, cool unblocked games. Has anyone tried this?

  • Peter Strauhal

    Can’t stay logged on to our PE realms. Very frustrating.

  • Mahk

    Can’t connect to realms

  • ian

    my minecraft won’t even let me login? anyone else

  • Simon

    What is this minecraft unblocked noodelcade all about? I have heard a few things about it but I am new to Minecraft… yes i know a little late but hey we have to start somewhere.

  • Maccy

    I am a PS4 player and only started playing this game like two weeks ago and only for the last day or so i am not able to join any other world game. I have tried a number of my friends and nothing. All I keep getting is a server error where i cannot connect to a host.

  • Nina

    Mojang have just reported this, “We are currently updating our account database which means logging in to Minecraft Java version will be down for a while,” on Twitter.

  • Petery

    My Minecraft game has just crashed, is this to do with the upgrade i wonder mmmmm!!!!!

  • Marcus

    Minecraft is down and now I have to chat with my brother, not the way I wanted to plan my day.

  • Skyper

    I cant join any server!!!! Help me

  • Caitlin Quesenberry

    Same here dude I’m hella angry. Don’t know what’s going on just wanna play multiplayer but nope can’t happen. Just keeps saying connect failed from both of us trying to play.

  • Jules

    Has anyone had issues with Minecraft Java Edition?

  • Jayson Cardwell

    Down for me and my wife…. and we just updated to mcps3 v1.60

  • ThePvPPro261


  • ThePvPPro261

    How does it know its me Im using a VPN