NBA 2K17 not working

NBA 2K17 not loading is one of the main problems with this game, but other issues include not being able to login on the PlayStation and Xbox. If you encounter any of the above or anything else with the game then leave your own NBA 2K17 service status right here with us.

Over 5.5 million copies of NBA 2K17 were sold, which became one of the most successful basketball games on the gaming circuit. Visual Concepts really have exceeded themselves, but even then this can lead to total disappointment when NBA 2K cannot be played due to 2K servers going down.

If the NBA 2K17 servers go down or you have any other problems, please let us know what platform you are playing the game on such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, 360, PS3 or PS4 as well as Android, and iOS please report them to Is Down Right Now USA.

NBA 2K status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if NBA 2K is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with NBA 2K? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Trey

    NBA 2K15 is not playing online on my Xbox One, why?

  • Marcus

    Been like three days now not being able to play NBA 2K15, i have the PS4. Is anyone else having issues getting the game to go online?

  • Hatty

    I cannot login to NBA 2K, i have entered the correct details but says they are incorrect try again.

  • Daniel

    Game just literally crashed on me. On Xbox 360.

  • Joshua

    I have no problems at all with NBA 2K15, I am on the PS4 and its all good my end.

  • Belinda

    I tried playing NBA 2K15 online and its not letting me, tried like 5 times now and nothing.

  • Maxie

    Yet another game part of the 2K server i want to be down and stay down club. Can never play NBA 2K15 for ages, an hour or maybe 2 max and then its lights out because servers cannot handle all the games.

  • Anthony

    Haven’t played 2K15 in months. Attempted to play on PS4 and it’s stuck on the 2K15 screen and the disc will not eject. It Literally freezes my PS4 on the 2K15 screen. Any suggestions?

  • CtDirt

    Tried playing last night won’t even load the game.

  • Korey Mo

    Haven’t played 2K15 in months. Attempted to play on PS4 and it’s stuck on the 2K15 screen digital copy will not work. It Literally freezes my PS4 on the 2K15 screen. please help?

  • Rees Britton

    Won’t let me play online. Just takes me to my player account and then says the server can’t be reached!

  • Brook Tamrat

    I am using a Xbox 360, and I cannot get past the part where you start to play the games. Ex: One square says “NBA 2K15” and the one below says “mycareer” (if you have a career)

    I need major help with this, for some reason it stops working when I get to that screen.. If it is the disk, that makes perfect sense. Otherwise….

  • Michael Battersby

    I think it’s funny how they blame your connection like what ? But yeah mine doesn’t work either

  • Summer Martin

    I have a ps3 Nba 2k15 and the server has been down for days..i love the game tho

  • billjoehank

    will not allow me to access 2kshare

  • Erica caton

    Can someone please fix this game.

  • John M Domingo

    Dont never wanna upgrade lol. Gameplay is too lit to move up to 16 and 17 haha

  • John M Domingo

    Let me in in my store and closet. Dammit. Please 2k …get a fix(!?)

  • Carrie

    Servers for NBA 2K17 are where i come from STUPIDITY rubbish.

  • Kyrie Irving

    My nba 2k17 ps3 servers are down and I literally jusy got this game! Is this a temporary thing or problem that 2k are fixing now?