NBC Sports Live Extra App, Website Problems

NBC Sports Live Extra is a stunningly good video streaming service for customers with either of Windows, Mac OS and mobile devices. Thanks to NBC Sports they want to give you the best of all types of sports such as the Olympics, NFL, PGA, NHL, NASCAR and more. You will never miss anything again with live and on demand streams.

Is the NBC Sports Live Extra app or website down for you? Other know issues include not being able to login as well as having problems with the application not working with your Roku, PS4, Smart TV, Amazon Fire etc, streams are too laggy, not playing at all or downloads not installing.

Please do use this dedicated page for all your NBC Sports Live Extra issues, even if you know how to help others please do share or even ask questions etc.

NBC Sports Live status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

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Problems with NBC Sports Live? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Elkes

    I cannot seem to get the Olympic Roku app to work. I cannot seem to get any videos for older highlights if they are more than 4 days old. So basically i am not able to watch anythign from last night or before, not happy at all as was looking very much to it.

  • Georgio

    The app is not opening for me, tried like 4 times in the last 10 minutes and nothing.

  • Benn

    I cannot access on my Roku or PS4.

  • Jessica

    The ROKU app is down, seems to be an issue doesn’t it.

  • Morti Samuels

    Turned it off gave up

  • Aaron Helgager

    able to stream golf channel and actual nbc/comcast streams such as chicago etc.. but not any actual links to games, nascar race or golf tourney. not even link to a football game nbc. starts to play then nothing. or get a failed playback message. any fix etc.. ?

  • jrgius

    The NBC live stream app is down

  • Joseph Harper

    Sunday night football not showing up on my PS4 version on NBC sports app

  • Uppy Singh

    is NBC sports app down? cant get to work on amazon or roku