Netflix connection problems

Netflix directly competes with Hulu for on-demand Internet streaming media across the United States, so if problems take place with your Netflix streaming it could make you want to jump to another service. The biggest complaints each month for Netflix would be connection error messages, the video streaming going down, or issues with the official website.

Popular US locations for viewers of Netflix include Texas, Jacksonville, Troy, Ocean County, and Florida. We have heard about problems with streaming at these locations in the past, although it’s fair to say users would get no connection in most areas at once. There are some occasions when problems are localized to certain areas in the UK, or USA.

If you are having any Netflix issues no matter how small or large we want to hear about them, maybe the community can relate with your troubles.

Netflix status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Netflix is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Netflix? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Maddy

    No connection in Texas for the last 2 hours.

  • Ron

    So, I am paying for a video streaming service that has no connection and Netflix hasn’t told me why.

  • Katrina

    It was down in jacksonville fl, early on today then everything started working again, but now I am getting lots of lag with the streaming freezing.

  • Joe

    Down in ocean county nj, I have also tried on my Android device and my PS3 is saying server 3 isn’t connecting.

  • Sebastian

    Netflix problems in Toronto, am I alone with issues in this area?

  • Louella

    I cannot get Netflix to work on my PS4, is this because PSN is down again ir is it a Netflix issue?

  • Brit

    Every movie I try to play is not working, yet TV shows are, how strange.

  • Jamie

    I am in Orange county and keep getting an error message. Please help.

  • Marty

    Massachusetts area and cannot get access through my Roku or Apple TV.

  • Margie

    Netflix is down in Medford, Oregon.

  • Chan

    In San Diego Netflix is not working for me, nothing is happening.

  • Chelly

    I am in Ohio and cannot get any connection to Netflix.

  • Mort

    How many times does it want me to disconnect device then reconnect for Netflix to work? Well let me tell you, it doesn’t wort. Netflix is down in Los Angeles

  • Derek

    Netflix totally crashed big time today, even though it is back up now it was a big one that needes to be addressed so it doesn’t happen again.

  • Randall

    I was in the middle of a program on Netflix and it stopped half way through.

  • Bert

    I really want some money back from Netflix now, credit back is due to customers because today was the last straw, down yet again.

  • Jim

    I thought my Apple TV was playing up for a month, but its was not a problem there, it was a Netflix problem.

  • Sindie

    I am in Washington and not getting any Netflix, try to login and nothing is happening.

  • Mark

    Netflix has been down for nearly two days in Sacramento, California.

  • Melissa

    netflix is always buffering on TV shows, yet movies play with no problems at all. the problem is, I DO NOT watch movies.

  • Adam

    Is Netflix doing a maintenance update today? Cannot get it to work on my PS4.

  • Erika

    Millions of peopl epaying for a service that buffers most of the time, now that is what you call lots of money for nothing.

  • Chelsea

    I turn my Apple TV on and then click on Netflix, I am already logged into my Apple TV and HAVE logged into Netfliz. But yet when I try to play a movie it keeps saying, “internet connection error.” How is this actually possible?

  • Francis

    Playing Netflix movies on my TV are not working, they work on laptop though – weird.

  • Juan

    Not able to login to Netflix in California.

  • Steve

    Netflix is down on the East Coast

  • Jackson

    Not letting me log in. Tried many times and nothing.

  • Maxx

    Down in Denver, what is going on?

  • Cory

    I have never had this message before from Netflix, has anyone else had this message – “unexpected error, reload page and try again”

  • Claudia

    I just got logged out from my Netflix on my Apple TV. Page now shows up and unavailable.

  • casi

    It only loads to like 26% then doesnt load anymore?

  • Mi

    Charlotte, NC– I have tried for 3 days to handle NetFlix, which keeps telling me to install Update Adobe Flash which I have done 5 times with the help of a Webmaster. Each Movie I go to tells me to do this. CBS, ABC. NBC, ETC. VUDU owned by Walmart> I messed with for over 3 hours just trying to get my credit card updated on my account on their website, finally so pissed off, I called VUDU to cancel. Customer Rep. RAIN, walked me through it and I demanded a Supervisor Survey sent to me which I filled out today through Email. IT STILL DOES NOT WORK. Each movie or Tv show or Network I go to says Update Adobe or Microsilverlight, which has been done over 5 times. Surprising is ROKU still works on the TV inside but no streaming on the internet. Time WARNER, ATT UNIVERSE, ETC. we will not go there because of the huge fees and profits. WHAT ARE WE LOOKING AT? Mergers behind closed doors to own the only Streaming company? Like MA Belle was broken into ATT because of Gov. declared Monopoly> Who controls the internet? ARE THE POWERS THAT BE ( 1 percent ) Wall Street, Gov. Tech Companies that are all trying to control it for their own profit? It was given to us free. All we want is for things to work as we pay for their services to us. Without customers paying you have no business, or future. GIVE US WHAT WE PAY FOR. SIMPLE>
    FYI: Raleigh, NC — All Verizon cell phones outage today. Can receive texts, no calls in or out.

  • suzette

    Piggott Arkansas Netflix has not worked for past 2 days please fix

  • Sara Arell

    Hendersonville, NC – Netflix is down!

  • Eboni Amari Dabney

    Down in Illinois

  • Michael Tchoryk

    It’s currently down in Chicago. Check their website. That doesn’t even load. Seems like they shut down operations.

  • Antikraftwerket

    It’s currently down in Norway

  • Justameanbean

    I have no life rn

  • Rebekah Boothroyd

    To fix silverlight you have to actually remove it 100%. I had this issue with Netflix. They walked me through the process (less than 5 minutes) and I haven’t had a problem since.

  • Rebekah Boothroyd

    down in Michigan

  • SS

    down in Albany, NY area

  • lenny

    crappy netflix

  • lenny

    Probably skipped town with this months receipts!

  • Jamie Claycomb

    down in PA

  • Jrl

    Down in MD and the Netflix server is down and their phone is turned off

  • Azul

    Down in Las Vegas NV

  • Thomas Hanson

    down is east Oklahoma now.

  • jOOcEEj

    Down in Atlanta Ga now

  • Darlene Brown Tapp

    Down in Fort Worth Texas

  • Manny Arispe

    Down In harlingen texas

  • John

    Can log in, Norway, but no images appear, nor links.

  • Mark

    Netflix is down, i tried to access my account via my Apple TV and nothing, login is not working.

  • Jason

    Netflix is not working and they are aware of the issues customers are encountering. They mention on their Twitter account there are website and streaming issues and working on sorting out the issue.

  • Mason

    Down in Maine

  • Lacey Davis

    Down in Phoenix Metro area

  • Bwana

    Netflix is down 50% of the time. Have had problems for the past 6 months. Forget trying to watch anything after 8p here in Baltimore. Shitflix needs to get their net together. I’m about to cancel the sub.

  • STeve Oberg

    I cannot log on to the Netflix web site

  • Stefan Sliger

    For the last 2 or more weeks i have only been able to watch a program maybe 5% of the time on my ps4. Most of the time it never loads the thumbnails but shows the featured program’s description.

  • ML

    I have been having problems starting in early December 2015. My Netflix account functions ok everywhere except where I need it most-my Samsung Smart Tv. It started when the banner saying that Social TV would no longer be accessible w/Samsung Smart Hub-not sure if it is related. My Tv came w/Netflix installed and it won’t let me delete and reload the app, and from what I can tell, I have the latest Netflix app anyways. My problem is not connection-it will connect, but it will load and play for a few mins or seconds before losing sound and then glitching completely and sticking, sometimes trying to reload, but eventually not only getting stuck but completely freezing all of the Samsung TV controls. I have to shut the Tv off completely and when it is stuck w/Netflix there is a looooong delay in just shutting off completely , like the connection being messed up will not allow a normal disconnect/remote command. Netflix interferes with ALL of the remote functions when this happens-inc volume and other buttons. And the kicker is that Netflix is the ONLY app on this Smart Tv that is doing this. Amazon and other apps are fine and do not create this issue, and I have also brought in an old bluray to see if it is an internet/broadband connection and it is not at all. The bluray screens Netflix fine but takes up space and time with setting up. Esp annoying when it was working fine before. Even with Bluray working w/Netflix we are considering ending our 8yr love affair w/Netflix because it is annoying to have Samsung blame Netflix because they say they just provide the platform for the app, Netflix provides the “working” app- and then have Netflix blame Samsung’s Smart hub, saying it is all them when Netflix is the only app not working.

  • Terry

    The Netflix app is opening on my Tivo box but when i go to open a movie it crashes on me. I try to open again and it does the same thing.

  • Melissa

    I am in San Diego, California and tried to load a movie and it just shuts down on me. Surely there is a Netflix network error.

  • Tyler

    I have a Samung Smart TV and Netflix is not working on there, which it was yesterday. However, it is working on my laptop, i was watching RIO the movie then it went offline, then came back but the resolution was terrible.

  • Sophia

    I can get Netflix up on my TV screen, but then as soon as it shows it freezes on that icon screen.

  • Henry

    I have tried Netflix on YouTube and HULU and service is fine. But yet on VizioTV Netflix is not loading up.

  • Rosetta

    Netflix login is now working, servers are down by the looks of things.

  • FBM

    Cam’t access it now. Just get that there’s a problem.

  • atruetexan

    I haven’t had access to Netflix for my Sony Bravia smart tv for 2 days. All other apps works no fine. Each time I attempt to access it I get the red Netflix logo screen and the red wheel of spinning death. Anyone else????

  • Urwin

    I have been trying to find somewhere where i can buy stocks, what are the nextflix stock price at the moment?

  • Belinda

    I have been trying to play Gilmore Girls on Netflix for the last few days but its not working.

  • Nancy

    I am guess you mean you have been searching for Gilmore Girls!! The reason I say this because its coming soon and is releasing on Netflix in July 2016.

  • Olivia

    Got no Netflix on my smartphone, i am located in Memphis. I am using wifi and getting no movies at all.

  • Luke


  • phill


  • Netflix Customer Care

    Netflix Customer Care Phone Number +1-800-608-5160 Toll Free

  • Myranda Hoida

    Totally down

  • Kris

    Down in Texas right now. Keeps saying there’s no Internet connection, does the connection test, says the connection is good!


  • shane4now

    503’s on 10/01/16 in Northern Virginia right now.

  • Ariel Lanier

    Down in carbondale il. Page will load sometimes but nothing will play

  • galofgallifrey

    It’s down in Middle Tennessee rn. the page will load but it will tell me there’s an error when i try to play something

  • Mia

    I’m in Jacksonville, Florida trying to connect through Samsung smart TV…Screen shows NETFLIX and the wheel just keeps spinning..can’t even get to the menu screen…Boooo! :/

  • Teri

    Netflix keeps stalling, and then I get that message that says “Whoops! Something’s wrong” and I have to refresh. Then it goes all the way back to the beginning of the film. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Leslie Persky


  • Leslie Persky


  • Marty Yarbrough

    Netflix site error right now. Unable to connect at all to the site.

  • Nicole Leamy

    Still down

  • Gregory

    I am in Atlanta and I cannot get on Netflix for the past 2 days.

  • KallieJN26

    Netflix down in Hampton VA too. It has to be the winter storm. It must have messed up the towers or something. 🙁

  • Paul Walker

    Netflix Customer Care @ 1-888-746-8421 Call Toll Free

  • Tihana

    Netflix down in Vancouver WA since last night.

  • Netflix

    Netflix Customer Care 1888-613-1444 Toll Free

  • Netflix Support

    Netflix Customer Care 1855-315-3657 Toll Free

  • John Red

    Down in Fort Worth TX

  • Gretchen Baltuff

    We’ve had problems in Plymouth, Minnesota for a week. The error message that comes up is “Network interference occurred”. I’m trying to get it on my TV, not my computer.

  • Darren

    I really want to be watching Girlboss on Netflix when it releases April 21st, 2017. But at the moment my Netflix will not let me login via my PS4, nightmare.

  • Christopher Munsey

    The Netflix website won’t even load – this is the 2nd evening I’ve tried to watch something! Bay Area. Not good!

  • Carrey

    “sorry this title cannot be watched instantly at this time.” This is all I get when trying to watch a film.

  • Ken

    Netflix has been down for like 2 days now, not been able to watch anything.

  • Jodie

    I am not seeing any titles at all. just an error message saying, “Can’t connect to Netflix.” 12001

  • Kathy C

    Netflix keeps giving the error “having trouble with this title right now. Try again later or a different title”. I have done both and the problem continues for all day. This defeats the “binge” watching!

  • John Roddy

    On another website 22,717 Netflix customers from countries all over the world and nearly every state in America are reporting that they haven’t been able to connect with Netflix sin last Thursday, May 25, 2017. I contacted a Netflix phone rep today who told me that they are not aware of any problems with their system. When I asked him to login to the website with the complaints he said that since it isn’t an authorized Netflix site that he doesn’t have the authority to login to it. I find it difficult to believe that more than 27.000 people cannot get Netflix on their TV and the company doesn’t know about it. If anyone else on this site has information about the problem please share it with us,

  • Dorothy Larson Doudy

    Netflix comes up on tv in Mesquite nv but won’t stream

  • Vero Garcia

    can’t sign in, Netflix says that my email does not exist

  • Big Chief

    Netflix is down again smh

  • Liz

    Netflix down, won’t load. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Lori Pelar

    Netflix down here in Chicagoland. Anyone else around here also experiencing problems?

  • Ed D

    yep…down here in northern cali too

  • Mary Massey

    down in california

  • Mary Massey

    Still down.

  • Dalene McClintic

    Haven’t been able to watch Netflix all day. They say the issue is internet problem. Can watch Hulu and all other apps. Called Comcast everything fine on my end. Netflix fix the problem.

  • Netflix has been down for us since last night. Every time we try to log in it just takes us back to the log in screen. It’s not an internet issue, all other sites (including streaming, such as Hulu, HBO, etc) work fine. Netflix is the only one not working. – in California

  • Carol McLean-Nwegbu

    December 9th 2017 2:56 p.m. my Netflix writing is in red the background is black and it just sitting there and is not loading

  • James Schulz

    Monday 11th of June 2018 netflix is not working…

  • Evette

    I thought it was just me.

  • Evette

    And their phone line is not working either

  • Soy Una Mujer Bendecida

    Here in VA netflix not working

  • Soy Una Mujer Bendecida

    I have Roku device. Hulu is working fine.

  • Sarah McGovern Crowley

    is netflix down today anyone know?

  • Sarah McGovern Crowley

    it says cannot find my account

  • Donna Watson

    Is netflix down in Atlanta Georgia area?

  • Holly Stoyanowski

    I am getting super annoyed that EVERYTIME I play Netflix I’m in the middle of watching a dang movieit buffers, then stops connecting.
    Of course it only does this AFTER my trial period!
    Stop it!

  • Aubrey

    It’s keeps saying trouble connecting to internet and won’t even let me get on the app so annoying

  • Nancy

    Argghhhh!!! On my ROKUTV and PS4 I am having issues with Netflix not letting me watch what I want to. Keeps showing me codes 103 and 131 and I have no idea what this means. On my phone its fine though, which is silly. Oh, I am in Easton, PA.

  • Joe

    Netflix is down for me, when i say down i mean like i can sign in but then it gets stuck where i cannot play anything at all.

  • DL Hudsn Jr.

    Keeps saying that Netflix is unreachable.

  • Tonya

    My Netflix has been down since yesterday which is june7th 2019, I called Netflix, they tried to blame it on my internet, but all other stuff works on my internet, I’ve tried troubleshooting steps, turn off ps4, unplug it, restart ps4, uninstall the Netflix app, its already updated, I had to renew my subscription, and it was working then it stopped, anyone else having this problem I’m from Alabama the dates June 8th

  • Tonya

    Correction todays date is June 9th 2019 sorry for the mix up.

  • M Scuba

    I live in Western WA and Netflix has been down for about 3 days as of 9/12/19. I have CenturyLink but that doesn’t seem to be the problem as I can stream other sites and from my computer load any other website I want besides Netflix

  • hcirging leahcim

    Dallas Fort Worth here, streaming is buffering as if I were in the 1990s using BAUD rates, just horrible…

  • Matthee Kissinger

    Terrible Netflix I keep having issues with my PS4 and Netflix I will be dropping them and going for Hulu .

  • Dante Donovan

    Black screen

  • E.a. Dex

    Black Screen

  • Mark

    I am getting sick and tired of opening Netflix only to find half the boxes are greyed out, which means I have to log out and then back in again and only then sometimes the problem is fixed. Does anyone else get this happening to them?

  • Simon

    I am getting error code 10035 what does this mean?