Neverwinter Server Status, Maintenance and Problems

The cool Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter is free to play MMORPG released onto the Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows and one of the major downfalls with this one has to be when there is a server outage due to unknown reasons or maintenance.

What is your Neverwinter server status? There are many issues that have occurred with this game over the years, such as not being able to login, game crashing mid-game, cheats being invalid or not working, game stuck on loading. So many players have asked questions about Vault of the Nine and not realizing it is only available when a character is level 60.

Maybe you are having issues with your Ranger Build, you purchased or acquired the Dragon Egg but you never received it. One player had issues when they got the heroic encounter reward, but when they looked in their inventory it wasn’t there, has this ever happened to you?

Even if you have question such as, I have the Favor of Tymora, where do I find the Events Master to trade it in? Or I have the Fools Crown, should I transmute it or sell? No matter what question you have please do share, you never know someone may answer.

Neverwinter status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Neverwinter is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Neverwinter? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Seth

    I am at level 38 and now cannot login to my character, why is this the case?

  • Maciy

    Where can I find the event master in Neverwinter, been looking but cannot find him?

  • Chelsea

    This has to be the craziest thing ever. I reach level 32 and then problems start happening. The game will not load or it freezes.

  • Nigel

    I cannot login to Neverwinter. Is there maintenance happening right now?

  • Michael Micliz

    What the hell is going on?? I can’t get in on my ps4. This is the second day now.

  • Colin Pentecost

    For those of you having trouble logging into a character..when the servers come back up login or create a second character and get to The protector’s Enclave. once you’re there Press Start go to options and go down to change characters it will let you log into your other character. it has something to do with logging out outside of the protector’s enclave. This Will Work.

  • Colin Pentecost

    If you press L1 and up on the D-pad to open your map in Protector’s and you scroll down the list to find event Master. should be on the list and you can press X to guide you to it

  • Paul E. Tucker

    PS4. Just got kicked from Neverwinter Server along with 4 others from different parts of the world. Try to start game and get “Waiting for server response. Please wait…” then message is displayed that I have timed out and to please try later. If I try again to start game, I receive the massage, “There was a problem retrieving account information from PlayStation Network. Please try again.” Rinse and Repeat over and over…

  • Kenna

    Can’t connect does anyone know where arc games would post an update?

  • Erica

    Why is it not working :/ I was winning in domination.

  • triz

    Cannot log in its stuck on loading. Whats up?

  • Stacy

    Same thing just happened to me

  • Michael C. Taylor

    Same here, Servers seem to be down, but no way to find out what or why. And even How long….

  • Cody Kirkpatrick

    as did i
    wont let me log back in

  • rob

    They tweeted rhat they’re aware of the problem and it could take more than hour from that post 26 min ago.

  • Miyamoto Musashi

    Just went down again, unsure when it’ll be resolved, and no tweets from the overlords…

  • Zack D

    There’s a patch on ps4. 1.03 downloading now.

  • Max

    Thank you for that. Just started mine.

  • Zack D

    I don’t know if you’ll be able to play after. But that’s what’s on my end.

  • Max

    Yeah the play button is still gray. So still waiting for servers to be up.

  • Section8

    Server is down right now.

  • Section8

    Their twitter account says emergency maintenance for 2 hours. So around 2:30 MTN time.

  • Section8

    Servers back up.

  • Neil Lang

    Is down now in PS4

  • Just Blaze

    Ps4 servers are indeed down at the moment. Can confirm.

    Interestingly enough the developers of this game manage to work these things out with irregular maintenance. I agree that there should be a more defined way to communicate the details of maintenance. Perhaps a note on the start screen with status updates? I know this seems inconsequential to some, but this game is free to play. Imagine downloading it fresh and trying to log in right now…. You would likely do like I would and uninstal it and move on. However, if consideration were given to the potential money loss from just this alone they would be insane not to make a status update more easily obtainable.

    Just a thought.
    IGN: CallMeBlaze

  • Randolph caliber

    5hr downtime

  • Randolph caliber

    I definitely agree with you.

  • Just Blaze

    Yeah I saw that. Had to do a little digging into Twitter. Seems they would easily enough be able to port their Twitter feed to the sign in page of neverwinter. Or even toss up a maintenance page displaying expected downtime and/or reason for downtime.

    If zen was on sale there would be a huge banner lol. Just saying some consideration for convenience sake would be outstanding.

  • Neil Lang

    It is back up

  • Bonnie Hudson Lupold

    I have been kicked off three times now while in the middle of doing quests. Wtf?

  • Jaime

    It’s telling me there are no shards available. Is anyone else having server issues?

  • Kelsey Danielle

    Are the servers down again it wont let me play. How long does it usually take to come back up

  • Kelsey Danielle

    I am 🙁

  • SickLord SolaR


  • Jaime

    It varies. Sometimes they are really quick about it and sometimes it take almost all day. I’m hoping for a quick fix! It’s my only day off and I just want to eat and play my game haha

  • Cheylo laszynskyj

    Ya I can’t even press play it’s greyed out…

  • Dodo

    Yesterday, today, every day? :/

  • Randy Thompson

    My play button is highlighted yellow but saying server unavailable

  • Randy Thompson

    Its up guys/gals

  • Kurt Anderson

    Server says unavailable for Xbox one

  • ryan

    Ps4 after downloaded update saying cannot start application

  • Chris

    I have this too. Any suggestions anyone? Maybe I’ll wait until maintenance is over before reinstalling.

  • disqus_ILZgtf5TeU

    same here. Give me an error 33284-0. The website I looked up says that means Specified size value is invalid. Anybody know what that means?

  • Matthew Middleton

    I got CE-38612-0 error code on the ps4, but it says cannot download. Restarted, I have the free space available and then some… idk what it means.

  • Link

    Anyone know how long maintenance is supposed to be today?

  • Eve Van Wilder Gentry

    I’m also having this issue right now. It downloaded the 3.38GB update hours ago, supposedly installed it 7 minutes ago according to my notifications, and when I go to start it I get a “CE-38612-0 Cannot start the application.”

  • Puckhead

    Y u do dis update ? : (

    Cannot download error comes up every time I try to load up Neverwinter. From Alberta Canada and it is 2:30 am Mountain time.

  • Rodrigo Montenegro De Oliveira

    I had the same problem. I removed the game and reinstalled. It worked fine.

  • Bruce ehly

    Anyone know how long it’s going to be it’s been down since 8am

  • lesa mcreynolds

    Says down for 7 hrs installed update yesterday wouldnt load uninstalled reinstalled and now 7 hrs maintance wow and they want me buy zen really

  • Richard Berridge

    Spent £600 on this game, not impressed! Nothing but constant issues and they are always taking things away for you like the coalescent wards for tamalune bars, rank 5 enchantments in the professions boxes around the maps and now reducing the cost on salvage, JOKE! The game makers and programmers are an absolute disgrace to gaming. Why cant you people pull your heads out of your arse and sort this crap out. Surely you have robbed enough people of there hard earned money to do so……………..

  • lesa mcreynolds

    I agree this is bs

  • lesa mcreynolds

    I dont like that fact that after u get to level 70 its brake out ur wallet or pharm all damn day either

  • xWickeDx

    How long is neverwinter ganna be down for anyone??

  • Brien

    Still down for me right now. Ugh…

  • xWickeDx

    I was on for 15min n kick me out saying its down wow…

  • Noris

    It’s a “free to play” game that “you” decided to waste money on. There has been minor issues like this since day one. Stop blaming others for your poor decisions. Games pretty bad ass for not needing to pay for anything.

  • joshua william free

    When I join the queue it merely kicks me off the server Danette character says I’m in the queue it will not let me actually join the game since I don’t know any other way to get astral diamonds this needs to be fixed

  • John Ochab

    Can’t login in. Saying servers are dow
    n or when I queue it kicks me off and saying servers are down

  • Douglas Mckeever

    PS4 servers down… again…

  • Nichole Gonyea-Reardon

    No shards again -_- this is getting really old

  • Joel Padgett

    No shards, what the crap ? I need my neverwinter itch scratched

  • Sarmba Vega Medina

    The server is unavailable at this time

  • Cheylo laszynskyj

    I some how lost a character slot…..I had three characters and now I have 2 wtf is going on with this game….I wish the astral diamond exchange would get reset too

  • Strife

    PS4 user in U.k, I’m having a lot of lag issues today 🙁
    My internet connection is fine, my other online games are working fine…. 🙁

  • Teco Jermaine Morris

    I dnt know what’s going on but, after the latest updates. I’m not getting R.A.D from skirmishes nor Dungeons. What’s going on

  • Katerina Kirax

    Disconnected from the server over and over and over and over, how annoying

  • baas

    after buy zen i can’t acces the server it says account server connection could not be started. please try again later. wtf is happening??

  • Jonathon

    Same happened to me

  • Hacue

    Same happening to me I think it’s the server

  • Saska

    Account server connection could not be started, alwayes when its x2 ad and refin pissong me offff!!!!!!

  • Justin Hawes

    I cannot even get into game. Keep getting the little auto updater window which tries to update for 22 seconds then says cannot connect to server. Check internet connection which is fine. Uninstalled patchier and reinstalled did not help. Can anyone help?

  • Die

    From 2 day i can’t log in the game (disconnected from the login server please try again leter) my internet fine I do everything i reinstall the game twice

    The Middle East

  • bill brewster

    No RAD from dungeons last few days.

  • Kristopher Eiring

    This server problem is getting annoying. 2 weeks now and I can barely move 10 feet at a time. Please fix this or give me my money back that I’ve invested. Smh. Amazing game but enough is enough

  • Rose Barnes

    I am not getting any rough astral diamonds from dungeons the last two days! xbox onw

  • Chris Piner

    Getting “waiting for the account server response. Please wait” 6am US North East. I can see 2 other people on and in the game from Austalia, but I can’t log in :/ played fine last night as of 11pm


    Won’t let even even log in or click the start/PLAY button says “No shards are available. Please try again later” ???

  • Anderson Orcel

    They should recomp us for this server issue like most app games. Yet it’s a free game but a lot of us put time and real money into this.

  • Roy J Gibbs

    It seems to me that arc games is not interested in fixing what seems to be a really annoying problem of “rubberbanding” or “lag” the problem only seems to get worse over the last several weeks. I know that real people spend real money to be in this world and yet the owners and operators of this game are just not going to do a damn thing to fix this issue. I have been looking online regarding this problem and there are lots of loyal fans of the game (like me) that feel as if Arc Games has really let them down.

  • KDes

    “Account server connection could not be started. Please try again later.”

  • Carrie Hadley

    I keep getting kicked off the servers. Keeps bouncing me like lagging really bad.

  • Ashley Martin

    Anyone know when the shard will be back up…?

  • Branden Marx

    Play button is blacked out again

  • David Adam

    Same thing

  • Elizabeth Onheiber

    Server not responding

  • MatthewOgden

    What the hell is up with the Neverwinter servers right now? Lagging, booting, rubber banding. It’s utterly ridiculous.

  • Leon Wills

    play is blacked out. whats going.

  • Bryan Hemphill

    Game sucks you in could be epic.the lag and issues kill it.bad enough it is all set up to encourage you to spend cash on bags better mounts VIP ect,but the can’t connect to server issue is really getting old

  • Bryan Hemphill

    Two weeks now haven’t had to bad a time connecting. Invoking still not giving astral diamonds but otherwise things have been better.hope this update is for the better.about to find out.

  • John Scarbrough

    4/15/2017…damn game says “a shard is currently offline.xharacters on lunch will not be listed above”…now isn’t that some BS!!!

  • John Scarbrough

    * 4/15/2017…damn game says “a shard is currently offline.characters on lich will not be listed above”…now isn’t that some BS!!!

  • Keith Wright

    glad i got my dailies done before this mess

  • Vincent Vallière

    Im the only cant connect to my account ? thats say me internal error when i try to connect …

  • Vincent Vallière

    ah its resolve after 1 hours

  • Neynam

    We will be performing shard maintenance on April 20 from 7-9 AM Pacific (14:00-16:00 UTC). Please check the forums.

    its 16:55 :(((((

  • David J. Smith

    April 23rd, Ball Ground Georgia… cannot get passed the screen you select “PLay” from… any ideas?

  • Te Sage

    Why we down right now

  • Arianna

    Yeah wtf…

  • Jefte Berroa

    Is down for me on PS4 saying “no shards available try again later”

  • race

    I’m down to. What the deal PW entertainment?

  • Te Sage

    So no one’s what he’ll is happening then no worries or notices be for han. Come on pm with all this technology we can’t post a not.

  • November War

    Why still down?

  • November War

    Yes back up yall late stop it thx November

  • Clifford C Green

    Game keeps crashing on me. I start it up. Run ten feet and bam discounted from server. This is a going trend every time they patch it I can’t play it till the fallowing week after a server restart. No one from support will get back to me.

  • Marco van Woudenberg

    Why neverwinter why

  • Fanny Adams

    Goddamit I love this game but this pisses me off, might just give up on it.

  • Dimitris Karrot Karagewrgiou

    The server is unavailable in Greece too pff this game is so addictive but man this is getting really tiring

  • Jerry Justice

    I just got done in a dungeon and it went down didn’t get anything out of it will they give anything

  • Ayame yashida

    Account server is down….. Fist time I’ve had a problem with neverwinter Ps4 in the year I’ve played it

  • Adrienne Wells

    Seems to be so many problems lately. Mine saying account server unavailable. Try again later. Been happening at least since 3 hours ago when I first tried to login. Love this game but sadly getting tired of all the issues. Considering a new game.

  • Brandon

    Check Neverwinters twitter, server maintenance until 2pm PT

  • Brandon

    Check twitter, server mainentence today until 2pm PT

  • Adrienne Wells

    Ok thank you. Don’t have Twitter but appreciate the info. 🙂

  • Brandon Hernandez

    No problem at all.

  • November War

    Mine to its still down shouldhave been finished 4 hours ago in my time zone

  • Ayame yashida

    It’s 21:24 gmt (14:24pst) still down lol play button greyed out

  • Samantha Ferridge

    I’m in United kingdom what time is it over here .when will never winter be done for me please

  • Jon Beck

    Update downloaded and installed, says game mismatch, quit game and patch when logging in

  • Jay AckShun

    Downloaded the new update on my ps4 and it keeps saying “version mismatch: exit the game and patch to play”, but even when i restarted the system I’m still getting the same msg, any solutiin to this?

  • Mko Ptk Ice

    ‘ve completed the update “3.51” a few minutes ago when I tried playing and writing (uncompromising release from playing and playing the patch) I remember that the upgrade was already complete. what should I do? Help

  • Mko Ptk Ice

    Downloaded the new update on my ps4 and it keeps saying “version mismatch: exit the game and patch to play”, but even when i restarted the system I’m still getting the same msg, any solutiin to this?

  • Gøran Balchen

    version mismatch: exit the game and patch to play”
    But it dosnt help, xbox one turning it off then restart neverwinter. Same thing 🙁 WHY!??

  • Jackmm71

    Why is it that when these jerks who take our money they fail to release any info as to WHY the servers are down (no scheduled maintenance) or how long they will be down? Very unprofessional. Screw em, I’m spending my last $30 on another game.

  • Justin Libby

    Server keep stop responding on the ps4 how do i fix it?

  • Roger

    Server just stopped working and says Dragon Server unavailable, toons not showing up in game now!

  • Noelia García

    Good to know it was not only me. They really need to invest in better service.

  • Fred Rauch

    The game isn’t even loading up for me and Xbox Live is up and running..

  • Reverus

    September 28, 2017 10:20 p.m. PST: Can’t log in to Neverwinter. SNR, dropped from server, rebooted and can’t log in.

  • Erik Ranger

    Server has bee constantly crashing this week. Being logged out at least several time just tonight, This is happening in both live and test.

  • Keep getting booted and timing out on account servers from XBOX ONE. Connection was spotty for a few hours this morning; currently can’t connect.

  • Dewayne Marshall

    Anyone having a problem getting into Neverwinter

  • Li Sa

    Is anyone else having problems with the networktivity?

  • Brian Trent

    i was wwondering the same thing, so yes i can’t get on

  • Mickey

    From Neverwinter’s official forum:
    Update 6/15/18 – 8:02pm

    Yesterday afternoon we were made aware
    of a small number of players experiencing issues completing “It’s a
    Celebration”. After investigating this, we were able to identify a
    potential cause and are taking the following steps to fix it:

    platforms will undergo emergency maintenance tomorrow, June 16, at 8am
    PT. We expect this maintenance to last 60-90 minutes. Neverwinter will
    be unavailable during this time. (When is this for me?)
    -We will be extending Protector’s Jubilee by two days. The new end date for the event is Saturday, June 23 at 7:30am PT.
    40% off Zen Market sale and AD discount will not be extended. All
    double events and Bonus RP will also end at the previously scheduled
    -The end date to claim the thank you reward crate will remain June 28, 7am PT.

    players will have their quest status on “It’s a Celebration” reverted.
    This will allow them to pick it up and begin properly from the first

    In addition, the one-time claim free Refinement Crate will
    be back in the Zen Market a couple hours (~12pm PT) after maintenance
    and available until June 23 7:30am PT (PC) and 10am PT (Console)

  • Tammy Henderson

    I haven’t been able to get into Neverwinter since the last update. I have deleted and reinstalled the game without success. It will get to the loading screen, then without an error, it will return to the Xbox home page- as if I exited the game – but I didn’t. Any ideas? Help!

  • Heath Watson

    I haven’t been able to get on all day. Have tried probably a dozen times and reset the modem and Xbox. Got on for a few seconds and could see the “Server not responding” in red almost immediately, then disconnected. I’ve only been playing a few months, but the server connections seem to be getting shakier. Was it more stable when there was money coming in when it was “pay to win”?

  • Francis Spycher

    Hi is there any info on how many hours till restart of the servers?

  • Carlos Lino

    nope , no notice or anything on server up time , but wasnt there a path they skiped today ? maybe doing it now , it was for 7-11 pacific time , but never happened

  • Carlos Lino



    Just downloaded neverwinter but server won’t connect….is there anything going on with maintenance?

  • K

    Wondering same

  • Jason J Russo

    Been down for at least an hour now

  • Keith Prinkey

    anyone down righr now?

  • Maria Kvalen Garnes

    still down here in Norway

  • Jesse

    Down in michigan

  • Jason Cannon

    Down in Kansas.

  • Kaygee11

    Down in Northern CA

  • Jacques Conings

    down in Belgium

  • Robert Brannock

    Down in New Mexico, USA

  • James

    Down in Michigan

  • gary

    Down in North Georgia United States

  • gam

    down in belgium

  • gam

    down in Belgium

    stuck at : Attempting to connect to controller tracker..

  • Peter

    Why is play greyed out in the main menu? PS4 been doing it for days.

  • Paul

    Barely playable since Halloween event started

  • Hellana

    Down in Canada

  • Sergio Pinto

    down in portugal

  • Romeo

    Down I il usa

  • Mike Hoelzle

    Still down in cali

  • Bluie

    Confirming its down in Cali

  • Wen Q

    Down in Chicago area…

  • Bruno Mello

    down in Portugal

  • Dave Miller

    Down in Colorado

  • Elizabeth Gaspard

    Mississippi down.

  • Gloria Barrett

    down in New Hampshire

  • P Adams

    Down again.

  • Mystike

    Cannot connect to account server, been trying for an hour and no joy. Server connection times out.

  • Nikki

    Server keeps disconnecting 🙁

  • Bobby

    Both PS4 and Xbox One users may see downtime today between 2pm and 4pm due to a scheduled Neverwinter maintenance – so get ready for Patch Notes: Version: NW.105.20181121b.35.

  • Scotty Gregory

    Down for maintenance but didn’t say how long.

  • Jeff Phillips

    Play button is greyed out, is it still down for maintenance?

  • Artemis Kane

    is anyone having trouble latly staying connected i know my internet is good im crashing like 5 times a day its getting harder to play

  • Ann Grimes

    Neverwinter is down for me. It keeps saying connecting to account server, then after that it says connection to account is not available.

  • Mathew Harding

    It was the same for me yesterday, so bummed as I had finished downloading it and, couldn’t play it…

  • John Miller

    I’ve been trying to log on for hours. I can get to the character selection menu but the character images don’t load. If I jump in with a character anyway, it kicks me back to the opening login screen.

  • Drake Shadeslayer

    so psn just started having problems, playstation network account management just went down, noticed this when i was playing neverwinter and the game says you have been logged out after 30 seconds of it saying server’s not responding and some error when i tried to restart the game saying i cant play this until the network’s back up (something about network features anyway).

  • Drake Shadeslayer

    does anyone kow where i can find an official server status page to the ps4 servers for neverwinter btw?

  • Dee Lightful

    Play button highlighted but then say server down

  • Brian Trent

    mine keeps saying that it has timed out, over and over again

  • 1-Lucio

    me too.. as of today 8-3-2019 12 noon PH time, maybe a bug or glitch in a new patch that why they shutdown the server

  • 1-Lucio

    PC mode player…… meron bang pinoy guild dito na malakas na ..pasali naman

  • Meaghann Ray

    I’ve been having problems staying connected to the server. I thought maybe it was just a glitch in my quest. But i can finish my quest entirely and It’ll kick me off the server again. When I get logged back into the server I have to redo the quest like it didn’t save at all. I think it is actually the new patch. I haven’t been able to play at all in the month of August.

  • Amber Starr

    I purchased zen through the playstation store but it isn’t showing up in my inventory, been like this since 6am est today august 8th

  • Andrew Levely

    Zen not showing up as well going on about 5 hours

  • Andrew Levely

    Same here

  • Ann Grimes

    Welp… its connecting to account server, then times out… doesn’t say anything about maintenance.

  • BB

    Yup. I can’t log on either. Having the same issue connection time out message for me

  • Marty G.

    Mine is doing the same thing. Are you playing on Xbox?

  • BB


  • Jared D Rabalais

    Having account server login issues as well. N/A Xbox

  • Marty G.

    Their Twitter page says console maintenance is going on til 11am PDT, so that’s what I’m thinking the issue is.

  • BB

    Yes. Thanks. I just saw it right now.

  • Sarhin

    Yep, new patch rolling out and servers are down.

  • Fleety420 .

    Same here, times out on the shard (or whatever) page. Dying for it to finish up

  • Hyuukichan123

    servers down for maintenance looks like

  • MonteKristof .

    Do we know when will they be back online again?

  • Derkins

    until 9am PDT (pacific)- or noon EST (eastern standard time) 🙁

  • Derkins

    nevermind it’s up 🙂


    Anyone know how long the servers are gonna be down on xbox one

  • Ed Herring

    are servers down?

  • April Mae Carley

    Are servers down for ps4? It wont load my character

  • Chris Niven

    Servers must be down bc I can’t log in on the Xbox one either.

  • Travis Taylor

    Is anyone else having a problem when you’re trying to log in and it says disconnected from server?

  • FurWn

    Waiting for account server response is all In getting

  • tom

    Neverwinter is down in uk on 12 dec 2019

  • ScottishAngel

    Server is down right now. On Xbox one on the 18th December

  • Ann Grimes

    Says maintenance is over, but states servers are down right now.

  • said it would be down this morning but its evening and its down no server

  • menotu000

    Down 10am EST 1/16/2020

  • Kevin Dotson

    sine NEVERWINTER DESCENT, the game will not load.

  • Kevin Dotson

    Hopefully they will be on soon.

  • Donna Leecy

    Neverwinter still won’t load and it’s 6pm not happy. I’m missing out on my VIP key I paid for. Keeps saying can not connect to servers.

  • Trevor Magrath

    get to character screen activate character then in seconds lose connection to server why is this

  • John Walley

    Can’t connect to the server right now. Does anyone know how long its going to be till i can play again?

  • auto tune

    usally 3 hours they shut down

  • Hot Hitchhiker

    what zone are you in ??

  • Anna Szlauko

    Getting server not responding in game then getting kicked out.

  • Anna Szlauko

    I’m getting that now

  • RoguePaladin

    Was just playing on PS4 and got DCed twice, now it won’t connect to the account server at all. I’m in British Columbia.

  • RoguePaladin

    And it’s doing it again today. Suddenly lost connection to the account server, and won’t reconnect. WTF?

  • Hanan Mekawy

    I’m playing on PS4 and it says server is not available

  • Van Damne

    Unable to secure security token screen keeps appearing. Unable to play.

  • DK

    also can not connect from ps4 to server.

  • April Tink Newsom

    Keep getting disconnected from server and server not responding

  • Pilat

    can’t connect to the server on my xbox in UK

  • Trevor Magrath

    i use a pc desk top i had to update my router/modem an increase my server subscription to high band with

  • Matthew Hoffer

    large update end of june 2020 dont remember exact date havent been able to play since and the entire world needs to download a couple gigs of data and these idiots all have update service from same server as game is on. as in server cant host the game when its uploading gigs of data to millions of players.. This is sorta stupid they should have updates on a dedicated server and then players once updated can log in to play the game.. This is simply a cheap company with no one in charge with half a brain .. possibly a week since i have been able to play and looking like best option is to delete entirely from my pc and find another hobby

  • susan

    is neverwinter down for main again?…if so how long?

  • Scott Morask

    I don’t see an ETA but I’m assuming 2 hours

  • Amanda Miller

    anyone know why servers are currently tly down?

  • Hm?

    Server Not Responding for 2000 seconds rn. Idk why bc my ping is like 8ms and in this specific game i have like 130-200ms.

  • Kuroyuki

    server not responding and got disconnected and its happening frequently the network is fine and having 20 ms ping only but in this am getting disconnected frequently

  • Gary Dickinson

    Neverwinter ps4 9/20/20 1:55pm server keeps crashing

  • Fred Rauch

    I keep getting booted from server La Marque, TX

  • Captain Howdy

    servers always go down for a couple of hours on Thursday but today every hour has been pushing return time back up another hour. was supposed to be back by 10am PST is now pushed to 3pm PST what the heck is going on over there Cryptic??? every hour that passes you guys add another hour to the time the servers should be back online???

  • Fred Rauch

    The server is down in La Marque, TX

  • Jennifer Hayes

    Down in Canada by the looks of it. My mate can’t get in at all.

  • Joe Shawler

    Iam having a problem with neverwinter loading at all . I hit the app and it starts then sende back to the home page . I’ve tried all the resets I know for xbox and still can’t get it to load.

  • Mike

    Yea same problem here baby. Xbox is still down from the looks of it. My baby daddy Nerbz007 says the same thang

  • Gary

    Server is still down. Tried almost every hour. Doesn’t load and goes back to the xbox home screen

  • Rick Austin

    Im in Canada and it seems t be down. I can log in but it just times out. I’m using PC

  • Don

    I cant log in right now on xbox one. Just Neverwinter screen with spinning wheel…

  • KodineA9 Muzick

    Neverwinter maintenance set on June 16th from 5 to 9:30 a.m. but it is now almost 10:00 still not up.