NHTSA website

NHTSA or full name The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website was created to provide information from the Executive Branch of the U.S. government, which is part of the Department of Transportation. Basically there to save lives, reduce vehicle-related crashes and prevent injuries. But sometimes the NHTSA website can go down leaving people in the dark, and this is where you can find answers.

The NHTSA website when down stop users gaining access to driving and vehicle safety, research, crash tests, recalls, and will stop vehicle owners filing complaints. If and when the NHTSA safety website goes offline it will most definitely upset millions of users in the United States, the main concern is not being able to search the NHTSA vehicle recall when major announcements are made.

If you cannot access nhtsa.gov or odi.nhtsa.dot.gov, or you are having issues with its pages etc like search problems etc please do leave your comments below. Not only would our readers and us like to read what is happening to you, please do also add any complaints you have about your vehicle.

NHTSA status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if NHTSA is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with NHTSA? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Salome

    I am kind of having issues getting on the NHTSA recall page, I say kind of because it works now and then for me today. Is anyone else having issues?

  • Camille

    When i use NHTSA search i am not getting results, and when i do it is rather slow.

  • Earnest

    I am not having any NHTSA website problems at all.

  • Matthew

    Is it true that Honda are recalling back year 2001 Accord, 2004 Civic, and 2008 Pilot vehicles due to driver side airbag inflator may possibly rupture.

  • Warner

    My Nissan airbag light keeps coming on even though i have it reset yet it still comes on, are they recalling any Nissan vehicles at the moment?

  • Foxx

    I cannot get on the NHTSA website to see if there has been any Honda Civic recalls, I am having a few issues with mine and would like to see if anyone else has.

  • Martina

    I am trying to find recalls on my Nissan, but even searching the term Nissan is not throwing back any results for me. Surely there has to be an archive of results for the word Nissan.

  • Craig

    The website seems a little slow, let me know if anyone else is having same issue.