Outlook problems

Microsoft Outlook previously known as Hotmail or Windows Live is a free email service, which doesnt come without its problems and if you encounter any issues this is where you can comment abut it. Outlook is very good indeed when fully functional with no issues, because not only is it an email application it also features task manager, web browsing and much more.

When issues do occur it will majority of the time be down to the email service, these could entail the Outlook service going down due to a website server outage. You could be having troubles with Android, iOS and Windows apps. You me be experiencing issues with your Outlook login or something more serious.

If you are using Outlook use the area below as your very own Microsoft Outlook status report, this is where you can share or read about problems with the email service etc.

Outlook status reports for Friday 19th of January 2018

To find out if Outlook is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Outlook? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Colleen

    I cannot seem to login to my Outlook emails, and before you question if i know my password etc ‘Yes’ i do. If anyone could help me understand what is going on it would be very much appreciated.

  • Tan

    I can login and all that but the page is all blank, is there a reason for this?

  • Rowan

    Sendingand recieving emails seems a little cumbersome at the moment, seems to take for ever.

  • Lori

    Outlook website is loading but at a snails pace, so slow its unreal.

  • Billy

    Not able to send Outlook emails, i have no idea why.

  • Hanson

    Having issues getting onto my Hotmail, i have tried over and over again on my smartphone but for some reason getting a messages saying my account doesn’t even exist.

  • Louise

    Everytime I try to login to my Outlook it keeps saying incorrect password when I know for sure its correct.

  • Earley

    I had the same issues, but I am finally in now after a day of nothing. Now that I am in I need to prove to them who I am with verification. So i go ahead with the verify part and nothing is happening.

  • June

    My pop3 accounts are not working, keeps asking for a password but it does not reconise it.

  • Jessica

    I cannot access my Hotmail emails, i have tried everything and still not getting me in. What the hell is going on as i need to access my emails.

  • Colin

    Hotmail login issues yet again, seems to be happening far to often now that i cannot get into my own emails.

  • Benn

    My outlook email login has been playing up not allowing me to access my account, is this a common occurrence?

  • Malcom

    Servers seem to be down for me, i got a message saying “Connection to server failed.”

  • Susan

    And here we go again, Outlook 365 is down for me.

  • Jason

    Outlook is down in New York.

  • Lesley

    I cannot access any of my emails in Outlook, and the search is not working for me either.

  • Chey

    Not letting me login again, come on now Outlook give me a break here.

  • David

    Not able to send emails, not even able to delete any of my junk.

  • Kirsty

    Whats going on, cannot send mail.

  • Loren

    My Outlook is not receiving any emails at all for the last 2 hours. Is there a breach or something or maintenance update?

  • American Overseas

    Same problem for me!

  • American Overseas

    Outlook/Hotmail down in France.

  • OML

    I lost 4 pages of my email from 2009 to the present and can’t figure out what happened, any ideas.

  • profchuck

    Outlook is down in Southern California

  • Gerome

    I cannot access Outlook at the moment. All I keep getting is “Something went wrong Your mailbox can’t be created right now. Please try again later”.

  • Kerry

    I was writing my email and then all of a sudden i lost Outlook, whats going on?

  • Leslie

    I have the iPhone 6s and unable to access Outlook. I have also tried on my laptop using Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and still nothing.

  • Facing Outlook mail problem Call customer support number +1844-444-0101 Toll-Free

  • Chris

    I am not getting any emails still, i thought they sorted this problem out. Clearly they havent. IOutlook is still down on browser and mobile devices.

  • Andrea

    Hotmail is not working at all for me, are the servers still down even though they said on Twitter the issue was fixed.

  • Klass

    I know this is a site for USA down stuff and I am visiting New York and Outlook is not working for me. So when I was on a call to my wife who is in Germany she said the service is also down for her, which means it is global problem.

  • Elenor

    My Outlook is up and running, i logged in and things seem to be mainly OK but not everything is fine. Sending emails seem to be a little sporadic.

  • Email support +1855-777-1707

    Call Free Help now 1 855 777 1707 Outlook Support.

  • Suzi

    Not getting emails at all, i got a message saying, “Cannot get mail. The connection to the server failed.”

  • Tabytha

    No emails coming in to my Outlook, I have also heard that there are many scammers emailing outlook users.

  • Elizabeth

    Not able to access my outlook account. The login page is either too slow to open or its not opening at all.

  • Bradley

    Outlook mail login is not showing for me, this seems to be a common thing now as this happened to me last week.

  • Email support Free Helpline.

    Outlook Customer Care Free Helpline 1 855 777 1707. Toll Free

  • Outlook

    Outlook Customer Care Phone Number +1-800-608-5160 Toll Free

  • profromdover

    Outlook opens slow. Loads addresses slow on new email. Opens email in minutes or not at all

  • Paul Walker

    Outlook Customer Care @ 1-888-746-8421 Call Toll Free

  • Outlook Support

    Outlook Mail Support 24 * 7 Call Toll Free @ +1-888-508-5401

  • Outlook Support

    Outlook Customer Care @ +1844-551-3555 Toll Free

  • Outlook Support

    Outlook Customer Care 1888-613-1444 Toll Free

  • Outlook Mail

    Outlook Mail Customer Care 1855-315-3657 Toll Free

  • Outlook Support

    Outlook Mail Technical Support +1-866-925-9112 Toll Free.

  • Simon

    I cannot sign into my Outlook account, this is a huge server issue i think.

  • Becky

    Outlook is down for me right now so that means servers are offline right?

  • Clive

    I can get emails on my laptop but not my iPhone, it keeps asking me for my password even though I keep entering it.

  • Joanne

    I am having major issues trying to login, I am not happy at all because I need to check my emails.

  • Matthew

    People are saying to me Outlook probelsm have been sorted out, but for me its still down.

  • S.

    Same here for Android Bangkok user as me.

  • Shannon Hobeck Quinby

    This is crazy…I’m still having the same issue. I feel like throwing the freaking phone!

  • Carl

    Are the Outlook servers down because I cannot access my account, its not even detecting it at all when i try to login.

  • Simon

    Just over a week ago the same thing happened, Outlook is down and out and no one knows bloody why..;

  • Janey

    Not able to sign into my account, the app is also down and asking me all the time I try to verify my account and login.

  • Toby

    Outlook is not sending or receiving any emails on my iPhone, I am getting them on the laptop. Are the servers playing up?

  • Jim

    Down in Bellevue home of microsoft

  • Mark Presley

    is it true that the chineese are behind this Outlook hack??

  • Vicky

    No Outlook on my smartphone, i can get it on my laptop but not getting any new emails.

  • Mike

    I am getting in my Outlook junk mail in my Inbox which are marked JUNK, they should be going to my junk box but they are not. I have ti individually move them back to the junk box.

  • Sarah

    I have not changed anything to do with my login yet Outlook keeps asking me for my password because the one i enter is not recognised.

  • Free Helpline +1-855-777-1707

    Free Helpline and Support.

    Dear Gmail Customers
    There are other issues as well which are due to some technical errors at the user’s end which could be rectified performing some rectification steps on the device in which the Email account is being used.
    here issues are not just with email accounts, one can encounter these kind of problems with any Email account. There are some activities that should be performed on the device at least once a week in order to get the Email account working fluently. Occasionally it has been noticed that a user is not able to sign into the account and there could be various reasons behind. May be it’s the server or may be you are not using the correct credentials or may be even if you are using the correct credentials it’s not letting you in.

    Thank You

  • Robin

    I have not been able to use my emails for like 2 hours now, not funny at all.

  • Vicktor

    Mine is not working at all, is hotmail and outlook down right now?

  • Chase

    The Hotmail and Outlook server is down, nothing opening right now for 3 hours.

  • Natalie

    I cannot send any emails at all right now, Outlook is down for me as well as Office 365 being down too.

  • Chriz

    Outlook is not working today, no outlook emails coming in or going out. When I click on the draft folder my mail is not there even though my messages in the inbox states i have replied.

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