Overwatch Server Status, Problems

Many problems can and have occurred with this game, but the worst case is when the Overwatch server status is completely down. This is a very cool multiplayer first-person shooter game released onto platforms such as PS4, Xbox One and PC by Blizzard Entertainment, but when issues occur players can be left a little somewhat frustrated.

Is Overwatch down for you? Please do leave your reports below if this is the case, and of course any other problem you are experiencing with the game.

Other common issues include Overwatch being stuck upon entering a game, not able to login, when in a game you get lots of lag or maybe problems after installing and downloading a new update or after maintenance. What ever the issue we would love for you to share them right here.

Overwatch status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Overwatch is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Overwatch? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jacob

    I cannot login, i have tried for the last hour and still not happening.

  • Crissy

    Servers are dead at the moment, heroes forever but for Blizzard this was not meant to be.

  • Danny

    I cannot connect to Overwatch, since the patch went up i have had issues. Now Blizzard is reporting there are issues with slow or failed logins.

  • Jim

    I have a feeling there has been a DDoS attack on Battle Net, login issues have been going on far too long now.

  • Mikal

    Overwatch is not playing online for me on my Xbox One, when i am it i get booted often and there is also too much lag. Connecting is my main nightmare though, anyone else having the same issue?

  • Jamie

    I am unable to login in Georgia. Goodbye Overwatch you was good at first.


    USW here, Blizzard servers are completely dead for me.

  • Nigel

    I cannot get online, overwatch servers seem to be down again.

  • JonMin

    i’ve tried in USA server and it is completely dead..but then i try in asia server and it’s works

  • Travis

    I now have Overwatch on my PS4 and so happy I finally have it. But that’s where the happiness stops because i cannot login, when I try all I get is the BC-101 error message, what does this mean?

  • Jadan

    Seems its down at the moment.

  • Stacey

    Is there another DDoS attack happening on Overwatch? Not able to connect at all and I am not the only ne.

  • Mikey

    I have been kicked from Overwatch so many times, not I cannot log in at all.

  • Ctre19

    I was playing with my friends and now I can’t login on any of my accounts

  • Heriberto Gonzalez

    Lc-202 I am starting to hate it already

  • Twerk

    Lc-202 as well

  • Twerk


  • Heriberto Gonzalez

    Yeap ps4 lc-202, it is getting really old tho

  • Maddy

    Lc-202 also

  • keefer

    It’s back up for Canada 🙂

  • Trailblazer

    Lc-202 🙁

  • Jocal


  • Jocal

    Its till down?

  • Heriberto Gonzalez

    Yeah, ps4 United States is

  • Christian Chico Grooms

    Keep me updated, down in ps4 in Colorado.

  • Christian Chico Grooms

    Yeah just refresh the page every half hour or so ill keep you updated

  • Christian Chico Grooms


  • MasterAssasin36

    Over watch still down on Xbox I’m in Cali and just bought the game disappointed

  • Mark

    The next Overwatch maintenance will be on 14/09/2016, starting at 03:00 and will end at 7am, so it will be a 4 hour job.

  • Ahmed

    Still isn’t working for me I bought it 3 days ago and the game has never worked for me

  • Ahmed

    On the Xbox

  • 8python

    Overwatch down in my area of England, has been for about 3 hours now

  • Jonathan Reyes

    Was up until a minute ago – Ps4, USA

  • Vanity

    Lc 202 PS4

  • Literallytrash

    LC 202 on Ps4

  • Doseboskie

    Lc-202 ps4

  • Weston

    Down USA ps4

  • Jakee

    Let 202 ps4

  • Godless Fanatic


  • Babbseara

    🙂 blizzard is denying there’s a problem lol. Wow love this company

  • Walter Christopher Broussard-B

    Yes its down, on my xbox one and I don’t know why.

  • Di

    This game my friends is DOWN right now. I got booted and can no longer get back on. Whats going on?

  • Jeremy

    hey overwatch says cannot connect to server for me right now anyone else having the problem?

  • Luke

    Cant connect. Maybe maintenance or actual problems. Idk

  • Jjo IV

    Lc-202 PS4 (Fr) Server down…

  • Cara Smith

    Same here

  • Jokes

    Able to play on ps4, but with INSANE amounts of lag. Pulled out for now because it’s literally unplayable.

  • Frey

    For me can say the server is down, the server kicks me out ever few second to 2 minute and i can guarantee its not my server. Since i tried out multiplayer games. They work fine.

  • Frey

    Its been like this for the last 2 udpate i did not mine at first because it went away after 3 weeks but this i ridiculous. With the last update it got worse people getting kick and then because the game wont let them back in. This server problem is no jock, this is practically tell me to throw this out if the server will be like this every update

  • Emily Sechrist

    Server is completely down for me. With the holiday patch I had problems here and there but nothing like today. At first every time I joined a match I would get disconnected from the server (I could still play around in skirmish) and as of a few minutes ago I can no longer even get on Overwatch. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, I don’t mind so much if I’m playing arcade or quick play but I really feel for the people who were trying to rank tonight. One player told me they got suspended because they were disconnected mid game so many times.

  • Richard

    Every game I’ve been in I lag and it takes a heavy effect on my gameplay, every 20-25 steps or so it lags and I end up standing still for a good 10 seconds which sucks because now I can barley play.

  • Orthographe

    Servers down 13:04 in france

  • kalrog

    servers down 13.13 in sweden

  • Thomas

    servers down eu 20.52

  • Lee

    Bermuda 20:11

  • Ovewrwatch addict

    America 16:52

  • dragonwolf1984

    I cant even get into the game right now Canada mst 4:17 pm

  • Cesar Gonzalez

    Stuck on rejoin only option on the main screen and nothing happens

  • Derek Resch

    yup its down

  • Adrianna Solak

    Error loading game every time I try to join.

  • James Oberholzer

    Getting crazy ping spikes for a couple of days now, thought i’d wait it out but it’s really getting on my nerves now

  • Anthony Lopez

    Same here

  • Jessica Cox

    Cant get passed the loading screen, constant lagging going on, hadly can play really.

  • Pixels

    Mine is currently syncing data and repeatably breaking. It’s working for my dad though, who doesn’t play.

  • Kittie Marrs

    Servers are down for me here in LA.

  • Cody Johnson

    They need to fix this.

  • teaaddictedbrit

    Servers are down in England too. Was playing the new gamemode when each of my friends got disconected one by one.

  • gengi

    two of my friends and i are having server issues rn too. 2 of us are east coasters in the us

  • Hayden

    Down in U.S

  • Yuri Lion

    down in n.l

  • Mary White

    The omnics attacked the servers

  • HyperBeast

    Down in Spain

  • Andrew

    Error code (LC-202) connected to network but keep losing connection to game server

  • Vicente

    Here in Europe, Overwatch servers are down on PS4! I was playing comp and the enemy team had 1 guy left on his team and we (my team) had 3 guys. Suddenly, I get kicked out and when I tried to rejoin it, said it had 6000 people queued up already… When I got through the 6000 players in queue I started to join but then… Error code (LC-202). Help!

  • mayur palkhe

    Same issue in India also, what a fun for Sunday

  • Dude

    I was playing comp on NA and i have the same problem but my error is bc-153. I think the server went down maybe for easter gift or event update.

  • Sam Adams

    Guessing ddos

  • Senpai

    Boo boo ass servers crashed

  • Li Li An

    not even the website is working

  • LPHession

    Is down in Ireland

  • Stevo

    Same issues here, put in a queue then get “disconnected unexpected server error occurred (LC-202)”. Just got the game yesterday hoping for a day of gaming. ….doesn’t look hopeful now

  • jonathan sanchez

    My can’t even log in and I really wanted to grind for loot box

  • jonathan sanchez

    My had 5000 queued

  • DDPP

    1262 min estimated waiting time to log in.

  • Paul

    Ugh, still down in Washington State, what about you guys?
    Is this maintenance? If so, how long? Or is it DDOS?

  • Chandarr

    Still down in MO, U.S. was up about an hour and a half ago, possibly null sector involvement

  • Chandarr

    But fr, assumably won’t be up soon due to easter celebrations

  • Jeffrey Parkhill

    Down in NB, Canada

  • smurfet

    join the european servers XD

  • Aden Walsh

    Literally everything is down

  • ZeMuvMent

    Down in South USA

  • Joan Xyla Raña

    will there be a compensation reward for this unexpected server error? cuz seriously, it’s sunday… a time where we can play all day loooong with no class to hinder us ._. freakin heck im so sad.

  • Phara

    Down in michigain

  • Maddie

    Down in Pennsylvania:/

  • Red_Leader_X

    cant login in so so sad!!! Please fix!! It is Easter Sunday. Just wanted to play…….

  • Mercy Main

    Down in MI. I just had a super long weekend, and all I wanted to do when I got back was to play the new Uprising event. Now the servers are broken, and I can’t play for another week 🙁

  • 76

    Down in ND

  • abigail

    Down in England

  • RYSCHA 2016

    down in NJ so annoyed just wanted to play 🙁 well time to play star wars battlefront

  • Rein push the cart

    Down in VT as well when I try to log in it just says error disconnected and then kicked me out

  • Jackson Roberts

    Down in TX

  • JJ Pugs


  • Aidan

    It lets me in but when i go on quick play it says game found and it doesnt log me im

  • Adam Bousfield

    Down in Canada too

  • Thomas Solbakk

    down in Norway

  • Minas Gadalla

    Down in Greece

  • Jiří Melč

    Down in Czech Republic :/

  • asd

    Down in Sweden 🙁

  • asdasdads

    down in norway

  • Pokémon Master

    Down in Norway

  • Robin Ross

    Down is Sweet home Alabama!!! ); What the Hell is WRONG !!! OVERWATCH I Hope UR Reading all these Comments. Hurry The Hell Up!!!

  • Wishful

    Xbox live, please give us an incentive because your cooler than your competitors.

  • HUJ


  • psy125

    Asia server has been down for almost an hour now in South Korea

  • Wr3nch 3

    Down in California

  • Sawyer

    down in california

  • Ynot

    Down in NY

  • Nate Holliday

    Down in NJ. I play on a Xbox so that is where it is down for me. I get LC-202

  • Crypticvenus01

    Overwatch is down on me and a buddy of mine, I keep getting the (BC-124) but before that, me and my buddy both saw the option of an Update and needed to restart the game but when we checked, there wasn’t one and we can’t get back into overwatch since them.

  • Kelly O’Brien Wilson


  • Robert Syler

    Overwatch lagging in all game types amd i am in chicago

  • Jengamaster

    I’ve got 160ms on NA servers since yesterday (I live in Florida), and 125ms on EU servers. Something seems wrong here.

  • someguywithaprofilepicture

    down in netherlands

  • Mike

    North america, Oklahoma I cannot get past the menu it loads and kicks me out to a disconnect and i have to close and reopen and it does it again been like this 2 days now it seems

  • Vulpus

    Down in UK

  • Just dropped me from a game on Americas. Tried to reconnect but keep getting connection to server errors. Internet connection, wifi/ethernet is fine on my end. No problems with other games.

  • matts

    Cant log in here 2 “Netherlands”

  • Hidster

    Down rn

  • Brendan Connelly

    Please hack the servers back online.. thx.

  • Weirich

    Down af in na Xbox

  • Matthew Thacker

    In Canada, servers arent down but the server lag is unbearable. I have 60 fps and 60ms ping and people are pretty much teleporting

  • NotNerfed

    Cant even play a match in Canada, clicks Quick Play and then it loses connection almost instant

  • Ercan

    down in Turkey too

  • Tara

    I keep getting: ERROR Disconected when I try to login. I’m in the USA

  • John

    I’m getting the same error.

  • Jacob Cendejas

    Same I have the same problem

  • Jeff

    Whenever I was playing, my movements were delayed a ton and it kept disconnecting

  • Samasaurus Rex

    cant login -canada

  • Owen Casey

    Can’t get anything including tutorial or AI battle to get past loading screen. Disappointed I can’t even play the game.

  • Deezy

    Can even log on to the game on ps4 won’t let me stay in queue long enough to wait to log on. Super annoying.

  • Noone

    Cant login -Finland

  • Finfinfin


  • Curajosul Curajosul

    can’t login-europe

  • AlienLP

    down in Denmark. Red message is popping up: unexpectet server error occurred

  • Luis Balderas

    Just went for me in the US

  • Mockingjay

    Down in US, reports of DDossing

  • dgbrew

    Down in USA

  • qeeedde

    Down in Sweden, “Unexpected server error occured”.

  • blackboi

    down in black land

  • blackboi

    went down in black land. SR stands for So Racist

  • riot boi

    annoying, lets all riot!!!

  • Abdulrahman Mohammed Yousef

    Down in Egypt

  • Lou Nines

    Down in The Bronx, N.Y.

  • None

    Every time I manage to log in I get kicked after a game or so. Been down most of the day on Xbox. West coast USA here.

  • Tyler Gilchrist

    All severs are down right now being placed in queue wouldn’t even bother trying to log on to be honest been like this for the past half hour.

  • Sasha Stark

    It’s down for me but my boyfriend is playing in the other room fine .

  • Sam Clay

    When I try to log in I get a error, error sorry, we were unable to log you in. please try again. BN-033

  • Penguin

    Down in Antarctica

  • TheLegend27

    says “game server connection failed… retrying” been like this for an hour just showing the loading screen

  • I’m

    down in Toronto, Canada and whenever I start Overwatch, it just glitches out and says unable to connect to server… this happened two days in a row…

  • Perron

    Down in Mexicali, Mexico [border at SoCal]. Log in very early in the morning with some lag, at 3:00 pm West time, I only got “game server connection failed”.

  • Letitia Nicholl

    Down in a QLD, Australia

    Error sorry, we were unable to log you in. please try again. BN-033

  • Aritro Ghosh

    Once its saying time out communicating with serves in capital red letters and the other time its saying “Unable to Authenticate”

  • Lucii Kiu

    enters matches in ranked and leaves server error when the count

  • c0d0ps

    Can’t log in.

  • Squawktopus

    Servers overloaded. Continual timeouts and 1000+ in queue.

  • Dirge

    Overwatch says to update on PS4 for the past 3 days and no updates available on the notifications. So I still haven’t been able to play

  • Lars Verplaetsen

    Server down for me for like 3 hours already. Worked fine before. Was in a comp game and suddenly everyone dc’d. If I lose SR for this im going to be mad because we were doing really good.I have never ever dc’d on purpose. It has always been something with your servers dc’ing me. FIX IT. I play on EU but neither US or EU works for me. Asia seems to work

  • Rboert Trebor

    I had exactly 2000 SR before the crash 😐 I hope i dont lose SR

  • Lars Verplaetsen

    Update: server EU seems to be working atm I can login.

  • pedro

    u will unfortunately 50sr

  • Jenskuli

    I play on PS4 and there are some serious lag problems. Even during skirmishes players could pick same heroes as others even though that shouldn’t be possible, unless it’s No Limits mode. Sometimes the game kicks me out and won’t let me log in. It’s unbearable!

  • Sarah Ann Morris

    mine down says a few min i beg to differ

  • Bot mcgee

    Lol gold rank worried about going into silver lmaoooo trash

  • zen shi

    I can’t get the server

  • oeuga

    im on xbox one, cant connect at all. i hope it’s temporary

  • Jace

    the servers are down everywhere there doing maintenance on the servers (it said it on the start screen) servers will be back up at 10 pdt

  • Tre

    I play on Xbox and it said maintenance would be done hours ago..trying to get outta plat cough cough (Geeespee) support tank main

  • Dan

    I’m noticing 5ms higher ping and choppy play sometimes (VRAM a little higher than normal too). Is this related to the maintenance they did on the game earlier today?

  • Kyle McHattie

    huge lag and disconnects right now

  • Heather Diaz

    Can’t even log in on PS4

  • Luke

    Servers are down on the switch too