Is PayPal down right now? If you are having any kind of problem with the worlds largest online payment system, such as login issues, the website is down or anything else such as payments not going through etc. Please do join this PayPal community where you can read up-to-date status reports from users or us as they happen.

PayPal is used for many online transactions, the world’s largest online auction site eBay only uses PayPal so its users can send / receive payments. It is the safest way to transfer money, but problems do exist. These can include the above issues and much more, such as payments not going through, new customers trying to sign-up, transferring of monies between bank and yourself and vice versa etc.

Customers have reported in the past that their debit / credit cards are not being recognised, PayPal normally runs very smoothly indeed without any hiccups. But, from time-to-time issues do arise and we would like to hear your reports please also add your city / country etc.

PayPal status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if PayPal is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with PayPal? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Otto

    I am having a little issue today trying to sign in to paypal.

  • Kemberley

    Is anyone having any issues receiving monies through PayPal at the moment?

  • Orville

    I am in Alaska and all is working well with PayPal.

  • ben

    loads of paypal problems today, not abel to finish at checkout on eBay.

  • Gemini

    How come I am unable to purchase postage through PayPal? I need to do this to send products sold on eBay.

  • Oswald

    My PayPal app is not working and I really need to check my balance as seen something i want to buy.

  • Sanjay

    PayPal will not let me login, I have tried so many times and its not letting me access it.

  • Gerilyn

    I have tried to sign in to PayPal via all browsers and it is not working.

  • Kerry

    My friend can login to paypal but i cannot and we only live 200 miles apart. Surely its only in certain locations.

  • Olly

    When I try to login all i get is, “We’re having some trouble completing your request.”

  • Gerry

    Cannot login to my paypal app.

  • Jessie

    At least we know PayPal’s security is very good, i have tried to login to paypal for like two days now and it is saying basically i am entering in the wrong password etc when i know i am not. Wow, it wont even let a customer in.

  • Dee

    Tried to log in to paypal 4 times now and still not letting me access my account, this is bad i can tell you.

  • Nikita

    I clicked on the login butting to get into my account and it popped up with an error saying, “sorry error after last click, start again.”

  • dave

    I have been RYING to transfer money from my acct. to my pre-paid card since YESTERDAY and all it keep saying is error try again. I called and got WE ARE SORRY THATS IT!!!!

  • Molly

    I am not able to log in to my paypal account today. I got in once and then started doing a transaction and then it just shutdown on me. Keeps saying server cannot be found.

  • Jamie

    PayPal is not working for me today on Sept 27. Whats going on?

  • Melanie

    Constant PayPal sign in issues, I have changed passwords a few times and nothing.

  • Kg

    Cant reach paypal all day today. Oct 2 2016

  • Nancy Lontz

    Is PayPal down? Oct 9, 2016 4:33 pst

  • richard lareau

    Still down as of 1:45pmEST in Boston Area

  • Julie

    Been down all day 3/14/2017 anyone else???Thinking this was a mistake adding my card to this account…
    Also have money in paypal account help please.

  • Intensmile

    Unable to print the requested label at this time. The following error occurred.

    Sorry, we’re unable to generate your label right now. Your account was not charged. Please try again later. ERRORCODE-50027

  • Tim Frazier

    3/17/17 16:47 – Unable to start Paypal Here app on my iPhone 7 Plus or my iPad Pro. Called their support line and all they will tell me is they are aware of the issue and are working to fix it…not estimated time for restoration of service. Of course, there’s no notification on any of their web sites to let customers know. I guess they just enjoy answering the phones to tell customers they are aware of the problem instead of being able to use that time explaining to actually work on fixing it.

  • PaintingChef

    I keep getting a message that PayPal is unavailable when I try to use it to check out on on a clothing website.

  • Ryan Knight

    Paypal will not let me pay for anything, send money, or recieve money

  • Donna Logronio

    same here in the philippines!! im so annoyed with paypal already.. been dealing with this for several days already!

  • Jorge Aguinaga

    Is PayPal down rightnow 5/24/17 6am

  • It’s 3 pm PDT on June 8, 2017 and my PayPal account is showing ZERO $ and no transactions. I’ve been told they have technical problems. Has anyone else had this problem today?

  • The Chairman

    Someone sent me money on a friend/family transfer and they put a hold on it. They claim that there system is having difficulties with everyone right now. I don’t believe them.

  • Frustrated And Frazzled

    I am not receiving money that I worked for on a writing website as they say they are having problems with Paypal’s mass payment system and the money is not coming through, been dealing with this problem for a few days now and still haven’t been paid.

  • Bang

    Have not been working this whole week

  • Nikki booth

    I’m trying to send money to my sisters account with my PayPal balance and it keeps giving me a declined error telling me to contact my cars issuer but I’m using my balance not my card. Wth

  • Helpline +1855-844-0388

    Contact Support for issues.
    Thank You.

  • Me777

    Is something wrong with PayPal? I can’t get website to cone up.

  • Jackie Page-Heidelberg

    Having problems logging in.

  • bobsully

    Main page comes up but logon fails. Notice that they are having issues and to try back later.

  • Marangeli Santiago

    When will this be up I was expecting my check

  • James Mcharty

    Support can be gained by contact listed

  • Amazon Prime

    Contact Customer Support 1.800.343.7179

  • Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime Refund 1.800.343.7179

  • Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime Number 1.800.343.7179

  • Amazon Prime

    How to Contact Amazon Prime Membership 1.800.343.7179

  • Amazon Prime

    How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 1.800.343.7179

  • Albie Morkel

    How to Cancel Prime Membership 1.800.343.7179

  • Albie Morkel

    Amazon Prime Book Publishing Support 1.800.343 7179

  • Barbara Hale

    Amazon Prime Cancellation Number 1.800.343.7179

  • Barbara Hale

    Amazon Prime Refund Support 1.800.343.7179

  • Amazon Support 1.800.343.7179

    How to reach to Amazon Support

  • J. Ariel Adams

    Is Paypal down right now?

  • Tonii

    I am having the identical issue with paying the writer on website because the site only takes payments through Paypal. So frustrated!

  • WCH

    PayPal has held my transfer for 7 days now with no idea when the “pending” status will be resolved. I was told I am one of approximately 200 who are having the same issue.

    The frustrating thing is no one at PayPal can provide an answer as to when this will be resolved. And, they’ve acknowledged it is a connectivity issue on their end.

    Once resolved, I will never use them again.

  • Gary Sales


  • Kevin Ely

    Paypal is down for me today Aug20 in Seattle

  • Kevin Ely

    i can’t log in either

  • Nick Robinson

    Yes PayPal has been unresponsive since 8am est

  • Theresa Clark

    Can not long in today

  • Nick Robinson

    Its 11 P est still not up

  • Cathy Fleming

    PayPal has been down for the last two days. Cannot log in, did not receive my direct deposit…although it was deposited, And cannot seem to get a live person on the phone?

  • Darren Fulton

    It won’t let me login says having some trouble with my request at this time. When i was notified bu email i received some money it and tried to contact the help center it said i was not authorized to view this page. How do you contact them if it says you aren’t allowed to view a page that lets you notify them?

  • Chrissy Skeltis

    They won’t let me log in right now

  • Shania Aistrope

    It won’t let me add my credit card to my account

  • Flor Aztecana

    I have not been able to login since August 20th

  • Diana Ryan

    won’t let me transfer my PP balance to my bank. Says it’s a problem on their end.

  • Diana Ryan

    It just worked. Yay! I had been trying for hours and missed the deadline for an overnight transfer, so had to pay the 1% instant transfer fee. (:

  • ed

    $60 payment sent to a friend on 10-15-19 and she received $20.
    She called support and they pretty much said thats impossible after seeing the transaction as described.
    My friend tells me they act like this not a problem, like the problem is not there after seeing the money is not there.

  • ed

    try to buy something with paypal with a giftcard visa (did it many time before) and it was not working today and it keeps saying card declined idk if its just me or the game itself pls let me know if im the only one.

  • Donna Kempf Roberts

    Tried to get into my Paypal account and no go! I even changed my password and rebooted computer. It’s definitely on their end. Unreal!

  • Chelu

    Why can’t I use paypal?

  • debra jarvis

    Tried to pay for an item on Ebay, paypal is not working , on my desktop or my phone

  • Ricardo E. Bacallao

    I am unable to connect to the web page at this time? Any ideas what is going on?

  • Nancy Smith

    The paypal online payment site is still down the only way to make payment is by mail or phone. So if you want to get your cash back rewards you are out of luck

  • Nancy Smith

    site still down

  • Bob Spez

    Can’t login to paypal to complete ebay purchase for the past several hours. Paypal status page says they are operational. That is a lie. Other sites show multiple complaints of having trouble logging in right now. EST 2:00 PM 3/20/20.

  • Stacey

    Can’t transfer Money from PayPal to the bank or receive money into PayPal. It’s been a week now

  • Erik Stitt

    PayPal still down. Can’t even login to get to my account to transfer money to the bank.

  • Psychareus

    I can’t log in to my PayPal account, and I need it to be open to receive money from my clients. I get nothing. It has been days.

  • Psychareus

    It appears this has been going on for months for some people. It’s been 3 weeks for me. Shouldn’t we hear something????

  • Sky Gonzales

    Help me. My money is in paypal and my monthly bills is coming next month i need to get my money in paypal but i can send/receive money 🙁 please help. I already send what paypal want but still my money is stuck in their app.

  • Harry Ohrn

    I was able to use paypal for some purchases two weeks ago. Now I can’t login. What a PITA

  • Jay Sahli

    Does anyone else have issues opening up their Paypal? Site appears to be hacked.

  • Hunt stone

    loved paypal and their services Support-desk 1888–234–2999

  • Hunt stone

    Loved paypal and their services Support-desk 18OO-759-6417##

  • Roger McClary

    I need to pay a supplier. If I have no product, I am out of business. I checked everything out nearly a month ago with PayPal, everything was approved for my payment. I was deceived. They froze one of my two accounts, then weeks later I had to teach them the solution to my problem. I was only allowed to send $1000, rather than the $3000 that had been approved, and my second payment of $1000 was refunded. This was not done at my request. I cannot call them, because they are to stupid to ask Elon for help (hire more people?). They are ruining a part of my business. No business owners in my city will have anything to do with these incompetents for similar reasons. I am out exchange currency conversion fees, slow service that would have allowed my company to take advantage of the weak US dollar… If I can actually finish this transaction they will owe the business thousands of dollars in damages. They had best get their act together or they may be facing class action. Morons.

  • Shabudden King

    my company to take advantage of the weak US dollar… If I can actually finish this transaction they will owe the business thousands of dollars in damages.
    Great customer service + 1,8O5.6O8.54O6 NO NONSENSE and GREAT ASSISTANCE !!!
    They had best get their act together or they may be facing class action. Morons.

  • TMP

    Paypal website completely gone no matter what browser I try.

    p.s. This sadistic Disqus CAPTGHA CRAP is out of hand!
    it’s turning into indentured servitude!