Pinterest issues

Other than Instagram, Pinterest is the largest photo-sharing network out there; you can share your photos via the web or through mobile apps. If Pinterest were down right now millions of photos would not be shared to the network, and the impact would leave users very unhappy indeed.

Not being able to upload your pins, comment or like other pins etc would most certainly stop you in your tracks. Pinterest problems other than outages would include login issues, pages running very slowly, as well as apps now and then crashing or not loading properly.

On-screen Pinterest messages have appeared in the past on the lines of ?Something Went Wrong! Sorry. We?ve let our engineers know.? This is what will be shown when Pinterest is down. If you are having any Pinterest problems no matter how big or small please do report them below with your location.

Pinterest status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Pinterest is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Pinterest? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Nia

    I lost about 70 followers last night, is there any reason why this should happen?

  • Lauren

    I am unable to search on Pinterest, all i keep getting when i search is “no pins to display”.

  • Connie

    Pinterest search is down for me, has been since yesterday March 19, just to verify this it is working on desktop but not my iPhone.

  • Steven

    When I try to perform a search on Pinterest I am getting like 2 or 3 results and that is it. Something strange is happening, who ya gonna call, PIN-BUSTERS. Please let me know why this is happening.

  • Simon

    I could not get onto pinterest on my iPhone, so i changed the password and everything is just fine now.

  • Jones

    Pinterest keeps crashing on my Amazon Kindle, what is wrong with it.

  • Tommy

    Pinterest would not let me login yesterday. However, today I can login but no it is acting real slow and cumbersome.

  • Anon

    Sorry. We’ve let our engineers know. Same thing for the past 20 mins

  • carmenta

    same here

  • Hutch

    All my pins disappeared, I had like 3,600 of them then they just went down to nothing. Now i cannot seem to get them back. I am not re-signing up to them not a chance when i already have an established account.

  • Audrey

    Is pinterest down? I keep getting Hello There there are billions of ideas to discover on pinterest. Where do you want to start?

  • Michelle Cornell Monroe

    I’m really getting tired of pinterest not working. I love the site and really look forward to going on every day for great ideas but the not being able to get on is really becoming annoying and frustrating. I wonder what’s causing so may issues and why cant it get fixed?

  • Rene Wolfe

    At first the site seems to be working fine, but after a short time it stops letting me pin things. Been this way the last few days – driving me crazy! Anything I can do on my end to fix this?

  • Mark Lemon

    I am unable to access followers or people i am following. When I click on them nothing happens.

  • Francis

    Love to know when the next big Pinterest update is because my boards keep mixing up and not in the order i put them in.

  • Alan

    Pinterest is not working for me, please let me know if anyone else is having the same issue.

  • George Vreeland Hill

    It is 7/26/2018.
    Pinterest has been down for about 24 hours now.
    Hope they are back soon.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • Deborah W. Harris

    Did you ever resolve your problems with Pinterest?

  • Fern Sann

    oops something went wrong. I can no longer access pinterests. I always kicks me ouot

  • Fern Sann

    oops something went wrong. This is what happens to me each time I try to get into pinterest. This has gone on for several months. helpo

  • George Vreeland Hill

    I am getting tired of Pinterest issues.
    There are other sites to use.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • kenr1

    Pinterest is down for me in North Carolina.

  • Moonchild

    Pinterest is not downloading any picture. I says Image downloaded but I can’t find it on my gallery.

  • Chris Hough

    Hello : I can no longer edit any of my boards – when I do , then save the edit, as soon as I leave the page my pinterest account flashes and then all the edits are gone and have reverted back to what they were before the edit. I have written the help centre about this but no response other then an email saying they got my message.. I got a lot of seo and marketing work to finish, and I cant do anything as of now…

  • Sy Clops

    I’m shocked…SHOCKED!…Pinterest isn’t working. again. and again. and again.

  • Rick Tracy

    Pinterest is not working properly, when I go to pin a item to my favorites it does not post them. Those posted before are not posted either.

  • Vickey Stevens

    Pinterest not working on my laptop. Not loading and can’t use the search. Fix now.

  • Dana Dey McCoy

    Has there been an answer on Pinterest not working properly. I am having the same problems that other people below asked about. Is there an answer for this problem?

  • Andrew Schuricht

    Can’t add pins. My pins not loading. main page works. How long before it is fixed?

  • DJR

    Pinterest works fine on my phone but isn’t on my desk top computer. A comment I read earlier, is the problem isn’t with Pinterest, but with the internet connection on my desktop. Not sure how to correct it yet.

  • Marsha Argo Elliott

    Trying to pin something, screen goes black for a couple of seconds, then back to home. Same thing when trying to view saved pins. 2:45 PM EST, Aug 14, 2019

  • Ashief Mahmood

    In my mobile device it says something went wrong and on my laptop it is saying that chrome needs to updated although my chrome is updated. I reinstall the chrome it is still saying the same.

  • Sara

    Here in Florida and on my phone I uninstalled my app and reinstalled it and when I want to log in it says PinterestHTTPErrorDomainerror404. And it doesn’t let me sign in.

  • mascarita1974

    same here in florida as well

  • Carleen Aiken

    I am upset with the Top Recommends function which occurs when I go to save a pin. It changes TOO quickly, saves w/o waiting for MY selection or inserts a pin completely unrelated to the save I have indicated. It is FRUSTRATING !!!!! 99% of the mistakes made are DUE TO PINTEREST TOP RECOMMENDS. That is a HUGE problem for me. IT IS A TIME WASTER as is NOTIFICATIONS. With each pin saved from the # given each day Pinterest bounces back to the initial pin & I have to go through EVERY pin saved in order to get to the next pin I want to view. WHAT A TIME WASTER!!! It sometimes takes several hours to get through 60-80 pins!!! What is wrong that I am forced to spend LONG PERIODS of TIME on this function?????? Pinterest you spend HUGE AMOUNTS OF TIME CONTINUOUSLY UPDATING & NO TIME PROBLEM SOLVING. WHY CAN’T YOU LISTEN TO YOUR PATRONS ????

  • Elaine Koch

    Can’t search, says server problem, it’s being worked on. Has been going on for weeks. Tried deleting and reloading app.

  • Barbara

    I have hot been able to bring up my boards since Saturday. All I can get is some hone feed stuff.

  • Karen Davis

    Pinterest is down

  • Karen Long

    well Pinterest wont load again today? why?

  • Karen Long

    oh another thing, I am so tired of being the exact same ads every time it will load, im tired of seeing the weight lose and yoga people, im tired of if I save a pin for say a dress with a certain model wearing it, as I scroll down my entire feed is filled up with every outfit that person ever wore, I would search for that if thats all I wanted to see, so stop it

  • Karen Long

    today Pinterest will load but cant pin anything, the pin button is just not there

  • Thelma

    So, last night Pinterest would not display my home screen. Same issue today. It appears that my saved boards and pins are ok, but can’t access my home screen. Also, cannot log out. I get the notification that ” the authorization has failed”. ??

  • Asha

    Pinterest is down in Banglades. The home page is not loading