PUBG Server Maintenance, Updates and Issues

If you play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and wish to have your say about the game being it about servers down, maintenance issues or anything else then please do bookmark this page because we are your dedicated complaints community.

PUGB is a cool multiplayer online battle royal game by Bluehole, which is fun and fast paced. Love the fact that up to one hundred players can enter the game by parachuting onto an island to search for items and weapons to go on the kill, but as you know you could get killed yourself. Never stand easy people because it can get mental in there, by that we mean not only by avoidance of being killed but issues that can occur along the way.

Main issues include not being able to download via Steam, problems with a crash bug, issues with downloading and installing skins, or maybe you cannot sell or buy them for some reason, the list goes on and if you are having any troubles please do report your status below. How will the next PUGB update fair?

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jones

    I love this game so much but really could do with an update soon because I keep getting kicked from the game.

  • Peter

    For me PUBG is offline, are the servers down again?

  • Gilbert

    I find this game lags a lot, I cannot even record or stream.

  • browseruser4387

    probably low end pc

  • Dawid Sekula


  • Jed

    This is down yet again.

  • Jemi

    Is PUBG down again? There is something wrong with stats, for some reason the statistics are not updating.

  • Nicco

    Servers are down for me, second day of playing this game and already issues.

  • Clive

    I have no connection, is the new update finished yet?

  • Jay

    Since the latest PUBG update I have not been able to connect to the game.

  • Charley

    The PUBG maintenance has now finally finished so i updated the game files and installed the new update but now I cannot connect after booting.

  • Jack

    My PUGB server status is down on my Xbox, seems to offline for me, anyone else?

  • Carl

    Yeah the game went down for a patch update – this is what they said on Twitter – Xbox Players, we will be deploying a patch today at 1AM PST / 10AM CET / 6PM KST. It includes optimizations and crash fixes among other changes.

  • Ken Rieke

    servers are too busy, try later. over and over

  • Nyle

    Is PUBG down for maintenance today?

  • Jonathan

    I am a PC player of this game and they are saying on Twitter that the server connectivity issue has been resolved, i say they are wrong because I am not able to play.

  • Jimbo Mcfriggins

    I spent over a thousand dollars on a computer to play this buggy..piece of trash that seems like it isn’t even finished…between the updates..the hackers and the servers being to busy…I want my money back for the game..and blue hole can lick my brown hole

  • Ty

    Everytime I get to a good spot on this game where I might have a chance of winning it lags or I get kicked and have to log back in but I’m dead when I get back in…this game needs fixed. Making all this money on this game and it still has a lot of issues. This is a rip-off I also want my money back so I can buy rainbow six with the money game is not worth the cash should of made this free for Xbox the way the gameplay it smh.

  • Nate

    Servers are all back again and the update 18 looks good so far.

  • Myo Zaw Hein

  • Myo Zaw Hein

    i want to play pubg

  • Zach

    Seriously, we all know that the game goes down when there is a 5GB update.

  • Henry

    I cannot sign into PUBG, keeps coming up with “Could not connect”, is this PSN servers or the games servers?

  • dflycry

    are you updating… I expecting to see your update ..i hope you still manage pubg

  • dflycry

    Iwe hope you still manage or make it good the game and .we don’t want it to be closed or deleted