PlayStation Vue problems

PlayStation Vue is a cool TV service that allows its users to watch movies, live TV and sports until their hearts are content as a an Internet streaming service. But from time-to-time its service does have issues when streaming, movies etc shutting down for no apparent reason and not being able to access the service full stop due to servers not working properly.

PlayStation Vue problems

Right there on your PlayStation 3 and 4 is a better TV experience and when working in the right manner it is a very good service indeed. But customers have come forward to complain on social media networks, but now we here at Is Down Right Now USA would like for you to use this as your main PlayStation Vue community page when you have problems.

Are you having PlayStation Vue problems? If the answer is yes please do share with the community and us, please do remember to add your location and what console you are using.

PlayStation Vue status reports for Wednesday 26th of October 2016

To find out if PlayStation Vue is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with PlayStation Vue? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jacob

    All I keep getting is “Authentication of your PlayStation Vue account failed” why is this happening and is it happening to anyone else?

  • Perry

    I have PlayStation Vue on my PS4 and no movies are playing for me, seems like contect is not working and i have no idea why.

  • Lucy

    According to the PlayStation Service Status page they are aware of isses with Vue, there are issues on both PS3 and PS4 and users may have issues with accessing content. Basically a few channels and features not working.

  • Bruce

    This is the case I know and thank you for sharing Lucy, but its been a fair few hours now Vue services have been down. How long now do we have to wait until all content and features are back to normal?

  • Holly

    Why is it I cannot access my PlayStation Vue app on my tablet?

  • Robert slack

    My PS vue is down. Geez

  • Mike Wenzel

    PS Vue Philadelphia is down

  • Gold Brix

    Had some trouble earlier today…

  • Paul Higley

    It plays just fine for about 10 minutes then just hangs up and says I have network connections problems. If I reboot the playstation it works fine for another 10 minutes and then hang us again.

  • Gina B

    Yes, I’m having problems too in Indiana. Using Fire TV and Fire Stick, 4 TV’s, same error message claiming I’m in a differnt location. I HAVE NOT MOVED! Apparently internet providers change IP addresses each time they update their systems and it causes problems This is not good.

  • Kal

    cant access from my Fire TV Stick – shows a network connection problem [MLBAM-500] anybody else? thanks

  • Katherine

    From Apple TV, can’t get past the create profile page, after answering all the questions and checking off all the boxes

  • Jeff Schembera

    ROKU user. Couldn’t launch after answering all questions,using code, etc. Talked to help desk and was told they couldn’t help. Told me I couldn’t activate using an IPad. Tried lab top still no luck. If you can’t access what good is it.

  • Fred

    Roku user. Won’t access live TV or My Shows. Nothing playing now.

  • Christopher Byars

    Roku won’t access now, it went down after 7:30pm since we have it working on one of our Roku units, but can’t access on others right now, location SW Indiana

  • Lee Haley

    Roku 3 cannot access down for me also getting status 500 internal server error

  • carl p.

    Playstation Vue down, internal server 500 error

  • carl p.

    Playstation vue up now, north texas area

  • BH

    Mine is down. Clearwater, FL.

  • Jsay

    Ps vue down in east Texas

  • Independence_R_US

    I’ve been getting “PN timed out errors”. But only on my PS3. The other devices don’t seem to give this error. Also, other applications on the PS3 don’t give this error. Any suggestions?

  • Mitch

    My vue wont get fs1 cant watch dodger game wtf

  • Rick Minor

    FS1 not working “Network error.” Other stations have this same problem. Have restarted app several times and roku several times.

  • Thomas Henson

    Currently down in Ohio

  • Mindy Drum Busch

    Did update software on PS4, now it continuously shows Playstation vue logo on the screen and an error message pops up every 3 minutes saying : error, please select another program….

  • Sam Delgado

    Same exact thing here. I deleted the app and did a reinstall but this didn’t work, same error.