PlayStation Vue problems

PlayStation Vue is a cool TV service that allows its users to watch movies, live TV and sports until their hearts are content as a an Internet streaming service. But from time-to-time its service does have issues when streaming, movies etc shutting down for no apparent reason and not being able to access the service full stop due to servers not working properly.

Right there on your PlayStation 3 and 4 is a better TV experience and when working in the right manner it is a very good service indeed. But customers have come forward to complain on social media networks, but now we here at Is Down Right Now USA would like for you to use this as your main PlayStation Vue community page when you have problems.

Are you having PlayStation Vue problems? If the answer is yes please do share with the community and us, please do remember to add your location and what console you are using.

PlayStation Vue status reports for Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

To find out if PlayStation Vue is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with PlayStation Vue? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jacob

    All I keep getting is “Authentication of your PlayStation Vue account failed” why is this happening and is it happening to anyone else?

  • Perry

    I have PlayStation Vue on my PS4 and no movies are playing for me, seems like contect is not working and i have no idea why.

  • Lucy

    According to the PlayStation Service Status page they are aware of isses with Vue, there are issues on both PS3 and PS4 and users may have issues with accessing content. Basically a few channels and features not working.

  • Bruce

    This is the case I know and thank you for sharing Lucy, but its been a fair few hours now Vue services have been down. How long now do we have to wait until all content and features are back to normal?

  • Holly

    Why is it I cannot access my PlayStation Vue app on my tablet?

  • Robert slack

    My PS vue is down. Geez

  • Mike Wenzel

    PS Vue Philadelphia is down

  • Gold Brix

    Had some trouble earlier today…

  • Paul Higley

    It plays just fine for about 10 minutes then just hangs up and says I have network connections problems. If I reboot the playstation it works fine for another 10 minutes and then hang us again.

  • Gina B

    Yes, I’m having problems too in Indiana. Using Fire TV and Fire Stick, 4 TV’s, same error message claiming I’m in a differnt location. I HAVE NOT MOVED! Apparently internet providers change IP addresses each time they update their systems and it causes problems This is not good.

  • Kal

    cant access from my Fire TV Stick – shows a network connection problem [MLBAM-500] anybody else? thanks

  • Katherine

    From Apple TV, can’t get past the create profile page, after answering all the questions and checking off all the boxes

  • Jeff Schembera

    ROKU user. Couldn’t launch after answering all questions,using code, etc. Talked to help desk and was told they couldn’t help. Told me I couldn’t activate using an IPad. Tried lab top still no luck. If you can’t access what good is it.

  • Fred

    Roku user. Won’t access live TV or My Shows. Nothing playing now.

  • Roku won’t access now, it went down after 7:30pm since we have it working on one of our Roku units, but can’t access on others right now, location SW Indiana

  • Lee Haley

    Roku 3 cannot access down for me also getting status 500 internal server error

  • carl p.

    Playstation Vue down, internal server 500 error

  • carl p.

    Playstation vue up now, north texas area

  • BH

    Mine is down. Clearwater, FL.

  • Jsay

    Ps vue down in east Texas

  • Independence_R_US

    I’ve been getting “PN timed out errors”. But only on my PS3. The other devices don’t seem to give this error. Also, other applications on the PS3 don’t give this error. Any suggestions?

  • Mitch

    My vue wont get fs1 cant watch dodger game wtf

  • Rick Minor

    FS1 not working “Network error.” Other stations have this same problem. Have restarted app several times and roku several times.

  • Thomas Henson

    Currently down in Ohio

  • Mindy Drum Busch

    Did update software on PS4, now it continuously shows Playstation vue logo on the screen and an error message pops up every 3 minutes saying : error, please select another program….

  • Sam Delgado

    Same exact thing here. I deleted the app and did a reinstall but this didn’t work, same error.

  • Eric V. Parms

    My PS Vue is down right now. I’m using firesticks and smart TV’S in my house. I should have known with Sony always having server issues this would happen. Stone Mountain Ga.

  • Christopher Mullins

    Buffering like mad in mn

  • Chris Vetter

    None of my channels are playing, they are all registering put it’s like it’s paused and will not play

  • Chris Vetter

    Fixed, apparently I needed to restart my fire stick

  • Shayla Lemna

    PS Vue starts with putting in zip code after I push Ok then shows a black screen!! Push back ext and still nothing!! PS4 Michigan

  • QuestionsEverything

    PS Vue is currently not showing anything except Search and Profile. None of the Channels, My Shows or Recent are shown. This is on Roku Stick (2016).

  • Alias1333

    Ps vue is nothing but junk. I started a free trial last night and I have already called them like 5 times with problems. The problem was it kept saying it was picking up a zip code in Raleigh Durham NCbut I only live less than twenty miles from Charlotte NC. So I called them and told them the area code I live in and still would not after countless times register my service in Charlotte. I tried to change the zip on my ps4 and my actual home computer. It would not take. I don’t blame the people who answer the phone but apparently Sony has not trained anybody properly. They were all very nice just not very knowledgeable about what to do with any problems. They seemed to struggle with my concerns. So thank good this happened during my free trial. I cancelled my service and removed credit card info. I’m gonna try Sling Tv if that still does not work I will just get cable in my area. Appreciate this site letting me vent.

  • Beth

    What causes the system failed error code. Vue has been down since last night. Nothing is getting it running again. I have tried all the normal things.

  • Rob

    None of the channels or the guide will load currently, restarted the Roku and that didn’t work, moved to the Apple TV and the last channel I had open will play but none of the channels will open and the guide will not load. All other services are working correctly.

  • won’t even log into the service at all on my ps4 since Sunday morning…..I’m in Jacksonville FL

  • I’ve had Vue for about 3 months and when it works properly it’s a good service but this is my first time that its been down in my area, it’s been off about two days, luckily I have sling and Netflix as backups….this sucks

  • felicia kobernik

    Watching a dvr harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2. Watched 1/4 of the movie then says “um-ba4z” error code. Everything else works on vue. Ohio ps4

  • Peter Ian Staker

    Trying to login via PS4, won’t work. Keep getting error that says it’s not available and to try again later.

  • James Starr

    Can’t getting playstion vue programing to work. Get error saying not available (2 days now). No customer service available to help with issue. Paying for service that doesn’t work, what is Playstion vue doing for there customers that are paying for service that they are not receiving?

  • Bernard Shenkman

    Noticed I got an email from Playstation stating that my Vue acct was canceled due to non payment….email was dated for today….SUNDAY the 5th of Feb! Now thats a little strange, as my bank does NOT do business on Sunday….but just to make sure I checked my acct. Sure enough, there was NO attempt on the part of Playstation to collect their subscription payment. My payments are usually taken from my bank acct on the 6th of the month. Now I find that I simply cannot log onto my Playstation vue….getting messages like,”check connection….no Internet connection available” ….problem is that I have a wonderful connection to the internet and my Fire stick is accessing all the other apps! Now I am beginning to wonder if this “Cancellation due to failure to make payment” BOGUS email was received by anybody else…..can there a nefarious connection?????

  • Tava bowman

    Black screen that says select in bottom left and guest in bottom right. Anyone have this issue before?

  • Arriverderchy

    Having issue right now also. Never happened before

  • Jake McCardel

    Having same issue. Never occurred before

  • Brenda

    PlayStation channels keep buffering did all the usual fixes still doing it some channels worst than others really getting tired of it

  • James C.

    I Can’t get it to load fully. I get to a black screen after it clears buffering

  • Jackie

    My ps vue kicked me out 2 days ago and has not worked since, and when I try and send a email it says system error try later… pissed off

  • Dewey

    Constantly buffering

  • Tony Waugh

    Useless! Buffering is constant. Switched to online stream on iPad and it is perfect. Can’t understand why this is such a problem. Bad deal sony.

  • Gray JM

    The app on my phone continues to tell me to select another show/video to vue. Works fine on the console. This started happening Friday June 9th, 2017. Nothing wrong with my phone or Google cast. Uninstalled and re-installed the app. Signed in and out, cleared cache. Tech supports doesn’t know. Anyone?

  • Mike

    I have no idea what is happening but timing out all the time seems to be my current issue with PLayStation Vue.

  • Mike

    The general loading screen keeps freezing on me, i switch on then off and then back on again and the issue keeps happening.

  • DaveM

    Down in Omaha now………. Just billed me and now nothing to watch.

  • Darth Kaltavius

    Down for me right now.. Huntsville AL

  • greenpumpkin

    In Tennessee. Not working. Seems to have a lot of problems very frequently. I’m cancelling.

  • Greg Hull

    Was kicked out of Vue to Amazon home screen around 6:00 pm in Bakersfield on Monday. Using Amazon Fire TV 3rd generation. Also had a couple of freezes on two channels prior to the kick out.

  • Jack Nelson

    Went out right when sotu to start

  • Pete Corsi

    Same old um-ba4z error when trying to watch dvr. So tired of this happening

  • QuietStormX

    Yeah down online.. On PC!

  • QuietStormX

    D.C Metro area…… ;-(

  • Susan Webb Bailey

    For the past couple of weeks, it is down more than it is up. Stops like it is buffering, both in DVR and live modes. Sometimes locks up completely and will not go past a certain point. Then eventually just goes back to the blue playstation screen and you have to start all over. When it does this, there is no getting out of it. I just switch to Netflix. Last night it would NOT play Madam Secretary. I switched to the app on my phone and watched the entire show without a hitch. Is it the Fire Box? I’m thinking of switching to another service.

  • Lynette

    am so sick and tired of the constant need to “activate” my account and be able to watch! No problem with them taking out the money each month, I don’t make them jump through to get paid. Now, you have to pick which pictures have a bicycle in them, or a car, and by the time you frikking do that, your activation is worthless. I am about ready to throw in the towel on this!………………

  • Keyser Söze

    I just cut the cord last week. Already having problems with Vue. Besides weather, never had a problem with cable. I can’t even use ESPN or NBC apps because I don’t have a sub with them (which I do with the Vue Core package). I’m missing playoff hockey and basketball tonight. Not a very good first impression Sony.

  • Jennifer Perryman

    Psvue is down on my ps4 and on my phone. It even signed me out on my ps4. I’m in Lexington NC

  • Sony Playstation Vue down right now in Santa Fe, NM… Also signed out of iOS. Was watching Man U vs Liddypool on TV when it dropped dead, not even allowed signing back in. Finished watching match on ESPN app via tvOS.

  • Tom

    Using Firestick and PSVue… constant daily buffering. Only when streaming PS Vue. Hulu and Netflix work fine. More annoying lately especially with price increase

  • Patrick D Ryan

    I am using Firestick and vue. Last week, I had a problem with getting CNBC. I talked with support (Playstation) and I was instructed to flush the data and cache. That worked fine. But, now I find that I need to do this on a frequent basis. I am using a 2nd generation Firestick. I have another set that has a 3rd generation, that has not had this problem (…yet).

    I have only had the problem with CNBC.

  • Brenda

    I use fire tv box that’s a little older started buffering so bad you can watch I’m about ready to cancel PlayStation and pitch the box out the window anyone else having trouble

  • Cobra

    Playstation Vue is down in Las Vegas .

  • David Francis

    PlayStation Vue has CNBC on USA right now. It’s pissing me off

  • John

    PSVue A)WAYS has Fox news shuttering until you switch channels. wHY

  • Christina Scamahorn

    Error 409. Down in Piqua OH

  • Geneva Ayte

    Central Florida here. I spoke to Customer Service (30 mins. for a call-back). They say it’s “Maintenance” and the “servers should be back up” by 9 p.m. ET. Total baloney. Better they just say: We’re down, working on it and don’t know what the heck happened. Heard that UK went down a couple of hours prior so this is suspicious.

  • Geneva Ayte

    Stop watching CNBC then. Sheesh.

  • DonnieDopeNeedles

    Seems to work on my computer but not on the Roku box. It looks Like it buffers a bit on the computer though.

  • JR

    Central Florida down message 409

  • rth77

    Down in Oklahoma City.

  • nicole

    Just shut down


    St louis mo there is no sound

  • J Crane

    vue lagging seriously in east central fla! been that way for 2 days on and off, normally rarish issues, but this has been the worst! im skurd, hold me