PSN problems

Gamers in the United States can check the PlayStation Network server status over on the official PSN status page, but majority of the time PSN users report issues before anyone else including the officials. Now you can also report any PSN problems you have with Is Down Right Now USA.

PSN maintenance from May 11 7:30 PM PDT

Users are always the first to report any PlayStation Network outage issues; they take to social networks such as Twitter to let everyone know what problems are happening at that given time. PS3, PS4 and other Sony Platform owners connect to the PSN for online gaming etc, and even though gaming has been improved through PS Plus the extra benefits does not stop the service faltering.

Majority of the PSN problems are related to connection, login, complete blackout (PSN outage), where gamers cannot access their games. Below is where PSN problems will be listed, please do list your real-time PSN live status here on Is Down Right Now USA. Your feedback is important, please do add your location to your report.

PSN status reports for Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

To find out if PSN is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with PSN? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • jakester227

    ghhhhhh so boring here without PSN

  • jakester227

    add Xcel_purge_ and GeOz_Water clan wars and I beat both in sniping

  • jakester227

    on bo2 of cource

  • Adrian Sorensen


  • jakester227


  • jakester227

    friend request me plz

  • Ed

    Down in Westchester County New York! I need to get my DS3 fix

  • lonely godson

    :( :( down in japan been 10 hours me and my buddies day off pretty much boring has it can be

  • jakester227

    OK I play ps3

  • akis

    file mou doulevei twra?

  • Albert Minet

    It’s 12:50 am in Martins ferry Ohio the play station is still down

  • Cy Borg

    Same here in MD. Keeps asking for password verification. You’re losing people, PSN!

  • Raspy

    Australia 1:35 am there’s a network error on ps4 when will it be fixed

  • alec cooper

    ps4 online is still down in usa iowa

  • alec cooper

    when will this be fix

  • Tullzter

    PS4 is down in France. can’t add funds on PSN, can’t buy BF1. Life over

  • Taco

    October 24th 10 pm here in California. Psn is still down. Can’t find anything on Sony giving a heads up for a fix or anything.

  • Sebastian Cittassperolengo

    Guys, I can’t buy WOFF from the vita. It shows am empty window with only the confirm and cancel button. I click confirm and says to imput my credit card number….and i have 80 us in my wallet!!

  • Malcom

    Is PlayStation still under maintenance? I thought this started like a few hours ago.

  • Bobby

    What is your PSN server status right now? Mine is down down down.

  • Billyvannili

    Psn down again…. Weak way to represent the gaming community if you ask me.

  • drew

    I went to play battlefield 1 and it has the lock on it. So I’ll watch Netflix before work I guess

  • Truth Seeker

    PSN Down in The Colony, TX since 3:15am Central Time. Although from what I have seen online, it has been down for a while. I already power cycled my router and my PS4. This is not the first time this happened to me.

  • mo

    damn i was killing it on gta

  • badcomebackguy

    at least a response from sony with a ETA would be nice

  • Rob

    Hamilton Ontario . Down

  • Tae

    I was too lml add me @YoungYkc

  • Scott M

    Open your router setup and change your primary and secondary DNS to OpenDNS servers and you’ll back online as fast as you can reboot your router!

  • Yesu

    How do you change it

  • Yesu

    Please help me on haw to change it to OpenDns

  • Yesu

    Hey I will add you so that we can play gta online when the connection Is back again. Whats your account name?

  • Yesu

    Connection is still not back and I cannot sign in and because when I sign in it says error code something you have been sign out in psn. I really want to play with my friends now so someone help me on how to fix this please.

  • Scott M

    You have to modify the “Primary and Secondary DNS Server” settings in your router. You can normally access your router by going to or and logging in.

    Then it is normally in the “Advanced” area under the “Internet” settings page. Change the option under DNS Servers from “Get Automatically From ISP ” to “Use the following IP Address” Primary = Secondary =

  • El Malo

    Psn down in nj

  • El Malo

    Add me el-malo973 gta

  • Y10NRDY

    PSN still down in Florida since 12:30 AM yesterday morning.

  • Jennifer Carmichael

    PSN down in Indianapolis

  • Keone A

    PSN still down in AZ

  • Layne S

    It’s down in the Bay Area in CA

  • Toga

    Down in SR.California

  • Landon

    Down in N.C.

  • Brian_Chee

    Can’t sign in, other services fine. Albuquerque, NM

  • Hhawg

    I can’t login my psn for 5 days now why why why. The network status are up and running but still failed to sign in pen (Singapore)

  • Hhawg

    I have checked the status network but are up and runing but can’t sign in my psn account huhuhu

  • Jester1028

    PSN is fine..the problem is EA servers not PSN. Currently down in sunny San Diego, CA – hurry up tech nerds! I’m going into withdrawals now!


    Should people swith to xbox? Or do those people not get what they paid for either? (Can’t wait to see what happens when Christmas comes along) t(‘-‘t)


    We don’t care about your business or support so quit whining and deal with it. Read a book.

  • Tage S Wennberg

    you aint the only one waiting still

  • Tage S Wennberg


  • Gary R Williams

    is it still down in the Bay Area?

  • Verlinda Bluestone

    is anyone having any issues? I can’t finish an update??!!!

  • @belike679

    Wow All The Money I Pay And PSN Is Down Absolutely Horrible

  • @belike679

    Down In Michigan

  • Tyler Keeney

    I can’t login right now

  • Andy

    Can’t sign into my psn account everytime I check connection it fails NYC

  • Wolverine Prime

    Anyone else having a helluva time getting into PlayStation Store, PlayStation Video, Communities or their PlayStation Plus page? All is does is sit on a blue load screen with ‘please wait’ on it.

  • Robert Deen

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – “Servers down right now”

  • Caleb Krive

    Down in Lansing Michigan

  • Tony yayo

    Psn down in compton ca

  • Q

    Down in NY

  • peter

    PSN down in south Texas, USA, can’t sign in since 10:00 A.M.

  • Tageshwar Ramlall

    PSN down in Guyana, South America

  • Raymond Carroll

    Down in ky

  • Dwayne Carter JR

    Hey all, I was unable to login even if u did network test, reset PS4 or reset the router.
    But I went to my player icon and pushed X on it to try to login and it asked a few privacy questions then it asks about a Cover Photo for ur profile. After doing that I was able to sign in.
    Hope this helps.

  • SmarterEnu

    Down again today

  • SmarterEnu

    Sony is down. Cannot log in to either my PS3 or PS4

  • xxTuskTakerxx

    down in central alabama since 10 am

  • k

    hey im from guyana and having the same prob

  • k

    which part of guyana u from … r u on fb

  • Tageshwar Ramlall

    Oh nice. Yo, yu on Facebook? Hit me up at Tagesh Ramlall

  • Tyrone Baxter

    wen we checkd da rockstar website it said da servers are ‘limited’ for psn

  • Freddie Dixon

    Server been down 5 days in Honolulu !!!!!

  • D. Brown

    Here in Florida the systems for online were very spotty starting late friday night. Meaning menus took awhile to load if they did at all. Saturday same thing. Sunday the server finally crashed about 4pm est and I have not been able to log in since then. 24 hours later still no network. Why do we pay for a service that is sub par? And Sony has yet to issue a statement about the problems people are experiencing.

  • Jonathan Brooks

    Psn is working in Lansing, MI but download speeds are terrible. I’m rocking 70 Mbps but actuality is much less. I’ve been downloading modern warfare for over 24 hours now and it still says 7 remaining.

  • Lauryn Bryant

    Here in Delaware,when i try to play GTA V online it tells me that I am signed out of PSN, I got to look and I’m logged in,been trying since 2:00,anyone else having this problem?

  • Jnog

    It says I’m not logged into PlayStation Network. But checking my online status I am in PlayStation Network, just Rockstar isn’t seeing the fact that I’m trying to login through Grand Theft Auto 5. San Antonio Texas!!

  • Jeanny Boisclair-Stone

    Same here in Massachusetts…was trying all night…gave up

  • Sony Entertaiment

    Sweden cant log on in PSN on PS4/Computer/Mobile

  • David

    I’m logged into my account and online, checked the network test out and passed everything. Then I go to GTA 5 and it doesn’t even give me the option to go online because I’m “not signed into PlayStation network” HELP!! (FLORIDA)

  • Mark E Lowe

    Ever since the patch earlier this week, Everybody Everywhere is having problems. they have all but abandoned ps3 hoping you’ll shell out for a ps4. screw sony. they treat their customers like hillary clinton treats everyone . shitty and never truthful .

  • Mark E Lowe

    same in ohio, england probably everywhere 3 days now.

  • Gia

    Fix this crap already, its been a week! Ps3 might not be pay to play but we all paid a hell of a lot of money on these games and everything that goes with them, like map packs and camos on bo2 and we should sure as hell be able to play!

  • Marji

    Just threw everyone out for “maintenance”. Let’s see how long this will take. Fingers are crossed.

  • Jack

    Down on Fort Bragg, NC
    Can’t sign into PSN since yesterday

  • Anthony

    I went to play gta5 online I got n then after like 5 minutes it would say I have been signed out of my psn I tried turning my system of and checked my Internet but it still won’t work

  • Anthony

    I live in America

  • Mythbusters Fan

    i just lost connection while watching YouTube!DNS error but my internet is fine!Could it be because i am download infinite warfare on my computer! lol :p

  • Daniel Cox

    Same, signed out of psn while watching youtube. This is a recurring theme in the early morning for me. Happens a lot between 2 – 4 AM. Location: knoxville, tn

  • Dewayne Alford

    just got the same thing, but i’m playing gta online..or was lol

  • Jacob Price

    It got a DNS error thing while I was watching Youtube on it and it’s been there since. What’s up with that?

  • Dewayne Alford

    just restarted my ps3 and still can’t sign in. it says “An error occurred during communication with the server. This is a DNS error.” (8002AF02)

  • Zach

    Just lost connection watching YouTube.. Canada, ALBERTA.

  • Tom Parker Dobson

    Middle of a raid in destiny signed right out.
    Keeps saying psn times out..
    -London Ontario Canada

  • Z

    I agree, Im in Rochester NewYork. This is very annoying and inconvenient I believe its a network overload due to increase of users at specific hours if not then its something on Sonys end

  • War of Changes

    ikr i was just playing destiny in a middle of a strike and then got signed out

  • Aaron Abilla

    Me and my friend got booted from Infinite Warfare in the middle of a game with a maintenance notice.

  • Bryan gamez

    What’s dsn I got signed out too LA

  • Zach

    This is stupid. -.-

  • Joseph Pierce

    in a fireteam in destiny my team is east and west coast, and everyone got booted, I was able to confirm we talk via skype.
    Its out Nationwide.

  • Fuckstick

    This day sucked ass and just when I thought it was over now I can’t do shit,FML!!!!!!! Thanks PlayStation.

  • John Naveen

    Its back guys go play now! Just right now while reading comments lol

  • Dewayne Alford

    okay i got back on, i just turned my ps3 off and on a bunch of times

  • John Naveen

    I did not. Go download Defiance lets play lol

  • Will Gonzalez

    Was running some strikes on destiny when it signed me out. Tried logging back in and was shown its a DSN problem. Everything else works wireless and wired. Even says I have internet when I test connection but won’t log in to playstation network… I’m in Washington state.

  • Zach

    Guys! I figured out a fix! Go to settings, network settings, internet connection settings, custom, wireless, enter manually, then just keep going right until you hit DNS Setting. Click Manual, and then for the top numbers type 4222 then for the bottom type 4221 click x then go to the right until you find connection test. Test it and it works 😉 Your Welcome!

  • John Naveen

    DNS error again. Wtf! Im doing main missions in Defiance then i go DC!! This is Shiznit

  • Gui Espanha

    Nope, still ain’t got the PSN connection

  • stephen lamar

    Everytime I try to sign on it gives me the message Not a valid e-mail address. Please try again. wtf is going on I do know the email is right

  • Takaithepanda

    Sign in errors. Was trying to set up overnight downloads, but now it seems I won’t even be able to sign back in tonight.

  • Marji

    PSN Maintenance in the middle of the day.. gee shocker…

  • Jeff

    Down in british-columbia 1:00pm PST says undergoing maintenance

  • Raymond

    Wat time will it be fix if y’all delete PSN mesges an the. Other Sony apps the u wont have to shut ps3 an author resin most people can’t oford ps4* pls don’t shut ps3 I love Sony system an u guys y’all best

  • Raymond

    Hurry in fix it

  • Julian Llano

    It got fixed

  • Julian Llano

    Psn network is back online

  • Aye


  • Jimmy

    Its not the middle of the day everywhere 😉

  • Ethan Goddard

    Still can’t process purchase in Michigan, USA

  • Jamie Snow

    My psn is down for maintenance as of now

  • Louis Williams

    Can’t connect to Internet tried reseting the system and router 5+ times. My phone can connect but my ps4 wont….Florida

  • jakester227

    only got ps3

  • J

    Pls wait error NY

  • Joe

    Can’t connect online. PS4 saying it’s not connecting to my router. All my other devices works with the router except my PS4. California

  • abdul-karim Amidou

    I just bought psn and can’t play anything whats going on

  • Lisa Wells

    Haven’t been able to use psn is almost a week now. It’s getting annoying.

  • Scollardmaniac

    Been off and on in Snohomish wa for a week now. I have two systems and there both doing it …it keeps saying undergoing maintenance ….really slow, loading as Well .any buddy else having this problem getting into the store ?

  • Aaryn Davis

    Internet will not connect at all (wired) iPad Air 2 MacBook Air all working on wi-fi

  • Bloody Macbeth

    I was having problems kept getting DNS errors, changed my Primary DNS to Secondary to and I was able to finally sign in. Hope this helps some of you at least. To change DNS go into playstation settings>networksettings>internet connection settings pick custom and leave everthing default except for obviously DNS. Good luck.

  • yimmy

    uhg mine is down right now

  • Bob

    Me to dude

  • Leon LovesJesus

    Bought a new PS4 slim today, can’t register my blue ray player, server is down all day sofar, got a pop up message to update to firmware 4.07, but it didn’t help, atleast I can play my games offline

  • Leon LovesJesus

    Have the same problem, says I’m not connected to the internet, meanwhile I’m updating the ps4 at over 10mb/s

  • K Malek

    Keep getting message that I can’t connect to server within time limit. This is a bs statement because I am already connected when it happens. What gives? Totally annoying and makes me want to hook up kodi instead of using play station. Get it figured out boys cause you are about to lose this customer. Dueces.

  • Ray

    Ight this is getting really annoying Its almost winter break and I wanna chill and play gta online
    every time I try to sign in it just loads and doesn’t do anything but load then i have unplug the sytem to turn it off like WTF FIX DIS BREH.

  • Brazil Miller

    not paying for anymore psn until they figure out a solution to the constant server problems its like ever other week my internet is fine

  • Gabe

    I can’t sign in…it says connection with Sony entertainment network timed out

  • Okillacam0

    Any one having issue with their psn account saying it doesn’t exist? Like the email and password are wrong. It say she my email for my account doesn’t exist…. wtf….

  • Chris Follette

    Is psn down still? I can’t sign in. What’s wrong?

  • David Hayter

    PlayStation Store is down for me Chicago, IL

  • Travis Zimanek

    So just like everyone else I’m incredibly frustrated with sonny having me pay lots of money only to be down on Christmas….. however my situation is a little different from what I’ve been reading. When I go to log on it says i need to re make my psn password and that I need to go on my computer to do so, witch if that’s the case that’s completely stupid (more – points for Sony) but what’s even worse is im waiting on an email for a link to do so because of course when I try to sign on my computer it tells me the same thing? Witch really makes no sence because I could just change it if I could sign in and not wate 24 hours for your e-mail…… you set this up really really stupid like normal for instance playstations inability to redeem visa gift cards on the Playstation store because of your stupid system. Gb, wi

  • samer

    i had bought an ps3 from 2 days and now iam trying to make psn account but it shows error 80023017 maintenance in psn is there any maintenance in psn today please answer me

  • luke

    down in pa

  • Nicco Capuchin

    PSN has been on and off for the past few days. It works fine on my ps3 but on my new ps4 it keeps having problems connecting. Have the servers been taken down again? This is from South Central Texas.

  • Beck

    PSN is down for maintenance in DK right now at 14:51

  • Ben Steele

    Michigan .PS3 is not signing in again got these two codes 80710B23 and 80710B24, different from usual PSN error. All fixes fail. Often suddenly fixes itself then right as I try an app it disconnects. Net is fine, tried both wired and wireless, sharing on and off, resetting router and modem, everything tried I think Playstation is blocking PS# access since most of these errors I find are PS3 related, partially proven since my PS3 wont work but my PS4 will.

  • Big Homie

    this worked for me 2 minutes after i’m able to sign in on my ps3, Frontier (verizon) fios:

    1. log into the router
    2. go to “My network”
    3. Click on “network connections” on the left hand side
    4. Click on “broadband connecion”
    a. Ethernet if you have ethernet internet
    b. coax if you have coax internet
    5. Click on “settings”
    6. find “DHCP LEASE” and click release, then renew
    7. Enjoy new IP address

  • JC cohen

    All the millions of dollars we all play a subscribers every month and they can’t seem to be able to hire a team to make sure that the service you’re always up and running?
    It’s like they’re new to this and have no idea what they’re doing

  • Kevin Sacobie

    Playstation network down in new brunswick canada right now (8:15 p.m)

  • Liem Dang

    My PSN server are offline or undergoing maintenance for awhile, I don’t know why I’m keep getting An Error has Accured of (WS- 37397-9) error code

  • Liem Dang

    I don’t know what does it mean?

  • Liem Dang

    A south korean kid just hacked into Watch Dog games on PS4 last 7 days ago.

  • Liem Dang

    Due to PSN server shutdown for awhile

  • Liem Dang

    PSN server are offline at USA.

  • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Error Code 4099 In Florida! WTF?!?!

  • CyberDoes Gaming

    Yep and matter of fact i am not able to play anything now

  • Anonymous909

    Guys, chances are, if no one else is posting, then it’s just YOU. Please do not spam the chat, some of us actually follow this.

  • Anonymous909

    Like, for example, go back about four days, a few people are where having trouble.

  • Anonymous909

    Use a little sence guys.

  • Anonymous909

    They are not new to this, they were around before Xbox. May I also remind you this is a site for reporting errors with psn network, not voicing your complaints?

  • Chris Follette

    Update, I have successfully been able to sign in. I’m not sure if it was the solution but all I did was change my default gateway on my modem. For eg. to It didnt work immediately. So i rebooted it and wait a day or so. Then lo and behold it start to work again. Some ppl say that there is a possibility that psn may have blocked some modem IPs. Not sure but its working now.

  • Aundre Parsells

    Every time i try to sign in on my ps4 its saying playstation network currently undergoing maintenance (ws-37432-9) whats going on this is hapeening for 3 days now for me and my location is JAMAICA

  • JR

    I am unable to login to PSN and repeatedly get a security note stating that I have to reset my password and an email has been sent to my email address. I’ve not received any emails in 12 hours. One note says the password email may take 24 hours to be sent. 24hrs?!?!?

  • AnonymousOklahoma

    Kicked from party chat. Says there is a server issue.

  • Joshua ellis

    What even let me sign in to psn

  • Anonymous909

    And this has something to do with the psn servers going down how?

  • Anonymous909

    That has absolutely nothing to do with psn servers going down, that is a personal error. Read what this forum is for.

  • Anonymous909

    Let me try to sign in real quick, I’ll see if it’s somethin on your end or it’s actually down, but I’m pretty sure it’s on your end.

  • Anonymous909

    Maybe on your end?

  • Cr

    PSN error- 80710016

  • CR

    Me neither.

  • Foxer

    Down still in Miami, FL.

  • Megan Marie

    PSN error 80710016, no internet issues but will not allow sign in – Central PA USA

  • Harley Biller

    Does anyone if the issue is getting fixed?

  • Dave

    can’t sign in in Ottawa Canada

  • DoReMi3

    Same here, wasting of money for my FF14 Subscription and it end up PSN forced me to signout. (80710016)

  • Bigd

    I can sign in to psn but Can’t play online and ihave ps plus

  • Bigd

    Louisville ky

  • Lit _66

    USA, Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley

  • Jonas

    I cant access the store to renew my ps plus. Wtf Sony? What happened?


    Portland Oregon is down

  • 67hhdhdhdhd

    Im using a credit card that worked in the past, but sony just will NOT accept the payment method.
    I’ve been trying just to buy a subscription alone for the past 24 hours. It wont even let me link paypal for my visa vanilla I just bought for psn…

  • 67hhdhdhdhd

    is this due to the connection/sony’s issues?

  • Yaboy

    My wifi will connect but I’m still signed out of ps network

  • Primitive

    Are the servers down ? For 2017 monday, January 23

  • Hadi Hamden

    Cant!!!! Sign in my accounttt

  • Anonim

    I cant sign in psn it says timed out, i checked my network but its okey

  • Damien

    Has anyone tried out the For Honda Beta yet and now been able to because the PSN servers are down?

  • Carla

    Is there PSN maintenance right now because I cannot get online with any game.

  • Brian

    PSN is under maintenance from 01/02/2017, 02:30 to 01/02/2017 but yet the servers are down right now.

  • MikeyDeepPockets

    PSN under maintenance in NJ. WTF is the point of paying for ps+ when this BS happens?
    (Code WS-37432-9)

  • Kris

    This is retarded for them to pull maintenance so close to the end of the week they’re getting worse I am not sure I will keep wasting money on plus cards I’ve had more issues with the ps4 severs then I did when I had my 360 maybe it’s time to switch to the Xbox one.

  • Kris

    There not bright anymore they are so scattered they’ll lose long time customers because of this happening so often..

  • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

    I cant subscribe to ps now

  • Scott

    I had to sell my old ps4 cause it wouldn’t let me connect to PSN. Hah Internet company blamed Play station. PLastation blamed the internet company. Got a ps4 two years later. Same issue for first two days then it worked. Now it won’t let me connect to PSN again. PSN blows. And I’m paying those R-Tards 50$ a year for it not to work. PSN workers go F yourselves.

  • Cat-O-Tonic

    And Down here in New Mexico since last night, cant sign into ps3, ps4, or on PlayStation network via computer. (arrrrr) error code 80710016(on ps3) and error code WS-37397-9 (on ps4) been trying to fix it all day (finally giving up) changing mac address/ or dns /or changing IP…. all didn’t work for me…….

    PlayStation support CHAT claimed it was my ISP that was blocking my IP from PSN ..HA (not true)…..

    Fyi, if you turn off wifi on your phone and just use your 3g or 4g you will be able to log into PlayStation network from your phone….. as long as your not using the same network that is linked to the console.

  • Drake

    FFFUCK YOU PSN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drake

    Fix ittttttt

  • Drake

    Suck my DIKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK FIX THHISSSSSSSSS BITTTTTCHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!’bbbbcgc. Fav vgv. BBC five. Che. F hdhusebhr. Sjhdcheb ii and a man of a lord with the same hair and a lord of a man is the only person I can do for the first day and then he will have a good night out there for a while and he came my father to my brother came said the same way as he is a father of two years old man who was a father to a brother and brother of the father who had was the first child of the father and father y ffhfgg

  • Eliah Wood

    I am PISSED!!! IDK why I can get on through the PC but its telling me Im BANNED!!! All I want is my Let It Die. I cant use Youtube, I want my PS4 and PS3 to work. NOW!!!

  • Amber

    When is this going to be fixed?

  • Charlie h

    My PlayStation now is working what’s the damn problem

  • E.P.I.C Goat

    i cant sign in to psn? It isnt rrecognizing my email, not even on the website?

  • Jamie

    I cannot seem to get onto the PlayStation network, are the servers down because according to the official PSN status page everything is up and running.

  • Clive

    PN servers are down, keeps saying it is under maintenance.

  • AliWD

    I can’t get into PSN today 2/2/2017 as it shows an error code on ps4 WS-37397 which means I’m banned!! Any body else has the same problem? Please tell me I’m not alone.

  • Lisa

    Yeah it was all green for me but now the official status page is showing all red.

  • The Joker

    Yeah, I’ve got problem WS-37432-9
    “PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance.”

    EAST COAST, Time is 1239PM

  • Noah Miethe

    wtf undergoing maintenance…..why is it psn is always down or has something wrong with it???

  • AirborneWorrior0

    I was in the middle of playing Red Dead Redemption on PS Now and without warning it closed and all of the sudden PSN is under matinance wtf

  • AirborneWorrior0

    But yet when i check PSN status it says everything is fine wth

  • Ron

    Kicked me off ark in the middle of raid with ptera in the air

  • SonyOutageAgain

    Still down damn u Sony!

  • Ryan Rtba Terrasa

    Embarrassing my buddy talking to me about his new wins in madden superbowl on his Xbox, and all I have is what sounds like an excuse to him but truly he was correct that I should have purchased an Xbox over ps4. I mean prime time SUPERBOWL MADDEN and you have not a shot to continue the current challenges? Fix it or I’m out I’ll play dream cast before this.

  • Anonymous909

    Psn is actually down now, for a lot of people, just happened about 5 mins, suspecting it’s just for a few people, maybe a lot more though, me and my freinds all all going through it.

  • Matthew

    I can’t see my friends or join a party. Was expierencing lag before I restarted my PS4. Now nothing will connect the psn

  • Joe Cool 540

    and thats just the begining

  • Anonymous909

    Yeah there doing some more undschedualed maintenance, but what’s new

  • E.A.S

    Same here buddy

  • E.A.S

    It’s not down you just can’t see your friends or invite them

  • Anonymous909

    No yeah it’s completly down now

  • E.A.S


  • Anonymous909

    Messages aren’t even getting through now

  • Anonymous909


  • E.A.S

    Copy as in understood

  • Anonymous909

    Oh no sh it my bad XD

  • E.A.S

    Any idea when it’ll be back up?

  • Anonymous909

    Nah I remember last time it went down like this it took a few hours, but sometimes it’s only 30 mins, their weird with it

  • E.A.S

    Alrighty then guess I’ll be patient

  • Ahhh

    Friends list wont load cant talk to friends, errors when trying to connect

    Friends going through same thing right now.
    Did psn get hacked?

  • Anonymous909

    Not every time they go down it’s them being hacked, their rarely hacked, they’re undergoing maintenance

  • Adrenalinerush123

    Is psn down on ps3

  • Anonymous909

    That’s all you can really do :-/

  • Anonymous909

    Possibly, it should be.

  • Adrenalinerush123

    All it says is my connection with Sony Entertainment Network timed out

  • Anonymous909

    ?? Excuse me??

  • Anonymous909

    Yeah it should be down across all platforms.

  • Adrenalinerush123

    Ok thanks for telling me. Know when they’ll be back up?

  • Ace

    Does anyone know when it ends?

  • Anonymous909

    They’re really weird about it, could take hours, could take only 30 mins, we just have to be paitient

  • Anonymous909

    Could take hours, could take 30 mins.

  • Adrenalinerush123

    Ok thank you. I appreciate it

  • Anonymous909

    Their weird about it.

  • Ace

    Man. I was looking forward to playing Rainbow .

  • Anonymous909

    No problem

  • Anonymous909

    Yeah I know just got done after a long a ss day, was trying to chill

  • Bananana

    Friends list isn’t loading, and won’t let me create party, anyone know what the problem is? The status page says everything is working.

  • Anonymous909

    Down for maintenance right now.

  • Lee

    Same problems here

  • Anonymous909

    It’s down for maintence.

  • Lee

    Na. Aliens

  • Anonymous909

    Ha ha yeah

  • Lukkas

    Still down come onnnnn want to watch Netflix yo

  • Anonymous909

    Ok it’s back up as far as I can tell

  • Anonymous909

    Back online

  • Anonymous909

    Back online!!

  • Anonymous909

    Back online

  • Anonymous909

    Back online!!

  • Anonymous909

    Back online!!!

  • Anonymous909

    Back online

  • Anonymous909

    Back online!!!!

  • Anonymous909

    Back online!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous909

    It’s up now.

  • YoungBlackGod

    seems psn store is down

  • Cyb3rk1ll

    Watch out for changes to your accounts or you cards being charged. I woke up this morning and my credit card had been charged by playstation. Shortly after I received an email from PSN stating that my log-in id (email address) had been changed. After spending an hour on the phone they recovered my account, reset my password and removed all my payment methods from my account. Just keep an eye out.

  • Epp23

    Had an issue with login, but got that fixed, but now while trying to download Nioh… the download isn’t even going above 1 mbps.

  • Jasmine

    I can’t log in psn at all today

  • Chris Levesque

    no psn here in canada right now

  • Mishy Graham

    Ps4 saying psn is under going maintenance for passed hour.

  • LuisAnanas

    Same in Mexico

  • Shunn Williams

    Yaeeeee mines back running

  • Ryan Charles Wilson

    Is it because of an update?

  • Shunn Williams

    No i just restored my files and put in my internet info again and clicked on test and it said connected

  • Eric

    Been jerked around all day by tech support, so livid that not only did I spend +$400 on the device but they also want to charge for a PSN that doesn’t even work!

  • JorgeV

    Lagging PSN for the past 2 – 4 weeks. Now PSN is down; 2 days so far. Perú.

  • JorgeV

    Finally, it started by itself… also checked for update. Nothing “yet”. Hope one comes out cause PSN hasn’t been working very well this last month; and it went offline for a couple of days. That was the worst… Perú, S.A.

  • Chris Suave

    Cannot connect to server in Boston,Ma

  • Shane Davis

    Ps store is down in America

  • Greg

    Mines been down since yesterday. Showing an error WS-37397-9 it says online it means i have been banned but i have no idea why i would have been banned. I havent done anything. NB, Canada.

  • Stephanie Sivils

    Me and my friends psn is down! In Arkansas

  • David Molale

    Psn is down

  • David Molale

    Psn down in Wisconsin

  • Garry White

    error ws-37397-9….. Just brought home a brand new ps4. really ticked. won’t work on ps3 or pc either

  • The Dude

    Is anyone else getting the WS 37397 9 error codeon PS 4 in Tennessee?

  • Reaksmei Neou

    What going is ps3 down

  • Marcus Hall

    Mines down since yesterday in Memphis Tennessee I thought I was hack

  • Gaming God Trini

    Am not getting to sign in psn is the worst no

  • Marcus Hall

    They might getting maintenance done to prevent hacking or something

  • Gaming God Trini

    This happening like 3 days am still trying to sign in now

  • Samuel

    Why did my Destiny the Taken King and Rise of Iron after most of it was unlocked is locked again?

  • John

    I`m from Romania/Europe and i have an error WS-37397-9, it means i cannt to connect to PSN (hour 21:25)

  • tim

    Go to settings -Account Management- restore licsense try that first. If that dont work clear the PS4 Cache by holding the ps4 power button down on the console dont let go you will hear a few beeps. then when the scree comes up plug in controller to usb port hit the ps4 button and select rebuild database. Also what is locked is it the Nightfalls Heroic strikes Raids Crucible. Are you using a secondary character whos level is high enough for that activity yet. Is your PS+ active. I have had this happen a few times i just rebooted it was fine.

  • night

    i cant log in to my ps3 (Washington,Spokane Valley 1:47) I haven’t been able to log in since yesterday

  • TreyTable

    my PS3 rejects my e-mail and password. I have no idea WTF is going on.

  • Ktl Sousa

    portugal same since 21.00 a few of my friends can play online cant

  • Davis1228

    Installed firmware update 4.5 last night and PS4 is having server issues today.

    Its either PSN or the firmware update, because none of my other devices are having internet troubles.

  • Marcus Hall

    My down in day 8 CE-33992-6

  • Richard Allen Melton

    Same here.version 4.5. All othet devices working

  • Matt Sweitzer


  • Bill

    I’ve been having problems with my PS3 for over 2 months. Today I can’t sign in to psn at all. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

  • Bill

    Similar problem as treytable’s post. Philly, PA USA last time I purchase games through psn

  • Justice

    My PlayStation store hasn’t been working.

  • Kia

    Download PS app on your phone sign in as guest once you sign on you’ll lose all your data but at least you can play on line for awhile

  • Les Garrett

    I just wanted to play Destiny on Spring break

  • imdj70

    cannot sign in….cannot create new account…cannot access PlayStation store…since 12/03/2017……


  • Macario Aguilar

    Mine wont let me find a game on battlefield or for honor

  • LeVente Madanna Lewis

    No store or online game access also cant join party

  • Bonnie Meyerring

    My say connection with Sony Entertainment Network timed out

  • Cedric Alexander Sigaud

    cant login in brazil too

  • Will Smith

    Mine has been down 5 days now in Cleveland Tennessee

  • Javon webb

    I still haven’t been able to sign-in all day! Customer service says they can’t help me at all! It says the PSN status is fine and my password hasn’t been changed at all! Yet, I can’t log-in to PlayStation network at all. Get your head in the game, Sony!

  • john

    How long will it be

  • kedan

    Javon same here, haven’t been able to log in… haven’t changed my password or anything. Same message pops up” ps4 is currently under maintenance

  • @truthandlies

    I’m on and playing but no PSN store

  • Grant Conry

    yea its the same for me… WTF sony

  • Shannon Atkinson

    Playstation is working, and store looks to be working. When I try to download content I just purchased it shows that I have not purchased it yet. But it shows that I have when I login to my account online. Frustrating. When I attempt to access the store through the computer, it says Bad Request. When I attempt to chat with Customer Support, it times out.

  • Suer R Kamal

    Mine stopped working today

  • Sidney Sunshine Mora

    I was on earlier yesterday and took a break at around 7pm central time and got back online 3 hours later but for some reason I was logged out of my account. I tried signing back on but it told me for security measure, I should change my password. So, a link was sent to my email to change my password. I try to sign into my Hotmail account that I use for Playstation network and it says it doesn’t recognize the email?! So I recreate the email that I use for psn and it’s still not sending me a link to change my password.

  • Leon

    I live in Croatia and I still can’t login into PSN network…
    I hope they fix this fast.

  • Melissa Volker

    Same as below…told me today to change my password for security reasons and that then a message would be send to my email address w/in 24 hours for some reason and still haven’t gotten it…

  • Carlos Briganti

    Still cannot log in here in New York.

  • Felix Ruacho

    just went down in stockton just 20 min ago

  • Christian Vasquez

    Party chat, can’t sign in due to network error

  • Justin

    Can’t loging for 3 days now in new york, getting error code (WS-37397-9)

  • JI

    No working in North Carolina

  • Richie Rod

    it been 5 day for me.. im in Stockton ca…… I get a error code (WS-37397-9) I can’t even log in

  • Richie Rod

    not working in Stockton ca

  • Brinx

    Ouse in sandusky Ohio is down now!

  • Mike Salisbury

    i keep getting that error code too

  • KGSG JLigerbomb

    PlayStation store down cant get in , but everything else work fine just PlayStation store and download . Also alt account in PlayStation store work Fine *__*

  • SmarterEnu

    Down since yesterday

  • Jaylen

    PSN down in newport and I so pissed.

  • nobull014

    down now in dallas tx

  • Joseph Robinson

    PSN is down in Duncannon PA. Been down since yesterday.

  • Mark mindful

    PSN is down in Toledo Ohio USA since yesterday and if I can’t sign into the PSN I can’t do anything

  • AppleArcade120

    For some odd reason, I can access PSN on my PS3, and PSVITA (and hopefully PS4), but my computer won’t let me access it.

  • Bret

    Psn has been down in St Louis, MO for 5 days…

  • Anthony Garcia

    its been 3 weeks and counting that i cant log into psn…what is going on?!

  • mike

    out on ps3 not my ps4pro

  • Kate

    Been having problems trying to purchase stuff from the PSN store for 3 days now. I can login and everything just fine on the PS4 and ply my games, but trying to purchase anything from the store doesn’t work.

  • Jim-Bob

    PSN Network is down in Mississippi. Day 2

  • Hector Ferrer Jr.

    i can log in from my cpu but cant log in from my ps4 pro trying to transfer my games from my old ps4 ugh i had this problem when mlb the show 17 came out in march

  • Cheech

    FIX THE PS STORE please

  • dmoney

    it says i need a massacre update and i cant get in

  • Savage Sammy643

    its been 4 days and I still can’t log into my PSN account.

  • dmoney

    still cant get in its been 7 hours and it says its in down but STILL says i need a secure update my password WTF

  • XeroHertZ

    Wtf is wrong with the PS Network…was just playing and got disconnected two times in a row in the middle of an online game

  • Veteran Soul

    This is so fu***g ridicoulous FIX YOUR SERVERS FOR CHRIST SAKE. I CANT BELIVE WE ARE IN 2017 AND STILL HAVING TO GO THROUGH THIS SHI* ! This has been going on for 5 days, Nothing on my ps4 wants to load! i cant download or access anything but games, my friends list wont load, ps store wont load, cloud save wont load NOTHING LOADS I KEEP GETTING ERROR CODES. I went on trying to find a solution until i decided to factory reset, YES I LOST ALL MY DATA BUT I JUST WANT TO PLAY SO I DIDNT CARE. GUESS WHAT? I FACTORY RESET AND IT STILL DOESNT WORK. IT WONT SIGN IN TO PSN. I AM SO PISSED AT YOU SONY WHAT THE FU*K ARE YOU MORONS DOING???? FIX YOUR GODDAMN SERVERS ITS WACK HERE IN NORWAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby

    Been like day 12 for me in Murfreesboro TN. Netflix or any video streaming service is out. Wont connect to PSN, but will connect to Internet, the store is a no go either.

  • Tru Bellot

    Can’t sign in down here in the US virgin islands

  • Jacob wood

    I had this problem for the last to days on my ps3 just keeps logging me out every time I log in or go to play something so I tried my ps4 and no problems.. how is that even possible

  • Heather

    Ps4 is saying the PSN is undergoing maintenance, I ask my friend about it and everything is fine on hers??

  • Saurabh Pednekar

    Unable to login into PSN store neither from Console nor from Phone App.. Its been 10days now. What seems to be the issue

  • XeroHertZ

    I was able to add funds right after the software update two days ago, now it says my CC info is not valid !!! What’s the problem for god’s sake?? !!!

  • PS4 = CANCER

    Baltimore , MD It has started today and it disconnects me and lags me out of Bo3 matches back and fourth i think i just might invest and buy an xbox

  • Thedomo187

    It wont even let me buy a single game in playstation store, they need to fix this now.

  • Twanadon 189

    I cannot connect to my PSN no matter what I do I get nothing but error codes with no fixes! How come this problem is not fixed by now? Seriously I know servers are harsh and expensive but seriously …. People are going to riot and switch consoles altogether soon! Get your stuff fixed people are very hurt by this disreguarding our problems. I would type my error codes here I’m in C.T but theres too many different errors!

  • Josh Sanchez

    I can’t sign in to my psn account on my ps3 its being 4 days already sony needs to fix this issue asap

  • Josh Sanchez

    Tell me about it lol

  • Gage

    I can’t sign into my psn account right now but Netflix still works so that’s cool. Hope they fix the problem soon.

  • Angel

    I’m signed psn and my connection is fine but I can’t play online in public lobbies such as in gta v other games.

  • Jon Turner

    I can’t even sign into my PSN account, despite my PS3 receiving an excellent signal.

  • Marlin

    Is the PSN DOWN? Cant log in

  • Param

    So who here thinks Playstation is ripping us off by giving us a gaming platform that requires you to be online to play, charges us for the subscription, however the PSN is constantly down….

  • Daniel Rider

    Aight, I found a fix, log onto an alternate PSN account, get on the store, it’ll work, then you can log back onto your account, and it’ll have you relog-into PSN, and then you’ll be able to go into the PSN store.

  • Vicky

    Is there PSN server maintenance going on right now? Because I cannot get online to play my VR…

  • Dontrail Tyson

    Psn down now? I can use the internet search but can’t log in.

  • Anonymous Anon

    Can’t use xmb from store ding dong.

  • Marshall Lavall

    I can’t sign into PSN. It was fine yesterday, but today it lets me on everything but psn… can’t play online nor access the PS store. If I try to sign in while on a game, it gives an error code. This needs to be fixed.

  • Caitlin Lathim

    down for me in TN. KILL ME.

  • Nick

    I can’t get on right now. This suck because I want to play Elite single player. I don’t even want to be online to play. Grrrr

  • Dylan Melnick

    Psn error codes signing me in and out for the last 3 weeks in Ontario Canada

  • Sebastian

    I cannot do anything right now because it wants my sign in ID and password, it keeps saying something’s wrong and when I hit the forgot your password button, it says my email is invalid. I know that the information is right so what’s going on, I can’t do anything.

  • Dylan Melnick

    I hear you this is what we pay monthly for . I should have gotten an Xbox

  • Dylan Melnick

    This has been our case for the last 3 months there brutal

  • Dexter Laverian

    5:20pm Est.. No sign in on PS4

  • Fidgitwidgit

    Down here in Georgia too.

  • JJMcCabe

    down in PA

  • JJMcCabe

    anyone know when store will be back online? Can’t download a game

  • Anonymous


  • Bonnie Meyerring

    PSN error again signed out of the PSN

  • Jim Druener

    Tucson AZ. My PS4 has been down for three days! I also have psvue thru it. I’m mostly bed bound and need it it’s my entertainment! Please fix this fast!!!!!!

  • cj Lewis

    East Coast U.S. PSN DDoS?

  • Kareem Volley

    Georgia Str8gutter22