PSN problems

Gamers in the United States can check the PlayStation Network server status over on the official PSN status page, but majority of the time PSN users report issues before anyone else including the officials. Now you can also report any PSN problems you have with Is Down Right Now USA.

Users are always the first to report any PlayStation Network outage issues; they take to social networks such as Twitter to let everyone know what problems are happening at that given time. PS3, PS4 and other Sony Platform owners connect to the PSN for online gaming etc, and even though gaming has been improved through PS Plus the extra benefits does not stop the service faltering.

Majority of the PSN problems are related to connection, login, complete blackout (PSN outage), where gamers cannot access their games. Below is where PSN problems will be listed, please do list your real-time PSN live status here on Is Down Right Now USA. Your feedback is important, please do add your location to your report.

PSN status reports for Wednesday 24th of July 2019

To find out if PSN is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with PSN? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jennifer Best


  • jonathan french

    Down in Fulton, NY 9:52am

  • Kc


  • Bill Smiley

    down in Quebec, Canada 8am

  • Ron Avants

    Down in Riverside, ca

  • Bill

    PSN is down right now in Chicago.

  • Daniel Trofa

    My ps4 has been down for a few days now but I just assumed it was my WiFi connection at first until my phone started working on WiFi recently but still my ps4 is out. I’m in Newark Delaware btw…anyone else from around here?

  • Daniel Trofa

    Down rn in Newark Delaware

  • Firstknight01

    Just got Internet. PSN. Won’t let me sign in 10/23/2017 wtf. Why do they keep hacking PSN. GEORGIA GA

  • Sunofmysoul

    showing under maintenance?

  • Mike Wargo

    Can’t change my online status, or join any party chats, but can play online games still…

  • Ray Lee Layfield

    Psn is not working can’t sign in for almost 3 days just bought a game and now can’t play till Sony fix psn sign in error

  • Sam Stoltzman

    Psn is under Maintenance… it’s January 8th 2018 and the time where I am is 9:24pm. Does anyone know when it will be back up?

  • Eric Marois

    au quebec 22:37 23 janvier 2018 psn down

  • J. Chris Novak

    Down now in Florida

  • Sissie Oliver

    Psn down in ohio usa. Time 11:15 am.

  • Jessica

    Down in Jacksonville, FL

  • 007

    PSN out again use to be fun

  • 007

    Out in Tampa,florida

  • 007

    9:42 in the morning can’t play this sucks so many bugs,maintence,let downs,crazy

  • DefaultZ

    PSN Down in Miami,FL

  • CJ Mullis

    Sunday March 5th 2018 4:00 amps3 pSn down since yesterday Kingston canada

  • Raider1tk

    Terrible…been down since Sunday. Has anyone been restored yet?

  • James

    I was playing on my VR unit last night and I got kicked off PSN when trying to buy a new VR game. It keeps saying I need to login when I already am – just silly now.

  • Fred

    I have problems just getting the ps store to load. Tried renting a movie recently, won’t go through, and won’t say why. They call them updates, but what they really should call them; “f**k up everything, because our programmers sucked d**k to get through to graduation, so they don’t know what the f**k they are doing.”

  • Jesse

    Nothing internet related works on my ps4 pro.

  • Nicholas Beckett

    PSN is down right now and apparently there is nowhere giving even a hint or estimated idea of how long it will take. Wth? Very frustrating.

  • psnserver down

    can’t login into sonynetwork. It says connection to server timed out. Is it all around the world or just in Asia?

  • KingFresh

    im in cali and it says the same thing

  • Jon

    Anyone know if psn s down in Colorado no mater what it won’t let me connect.

  • Jeremy Stephenson

    It’s down here in Washington State. I was watching a YouTube video on my PS3 and was signed out and I can’t sign back in.

  • Melisha Keyes

    I’m in Upstate NY, I haven’t had any problems on any other servicse/app on PSN, I was using YouTube and Hulu with no connection errors. I even played Destiny 2 yesterday morning and wasn’t kicked off. I did get a notice of a server issue, but wasn’t kicked off D2.

  • Billstar

    What a complete nightmare, i am getting pin error code 8002a537 come up all the time, network is down but what does this code actually mean…

  • Michelle Gibbs

    how long till the shutdown ends

  • Gavin Lee

    Down July 28, 2018

  • Rockett350 Gaming

    im in NJ…psn is down

  • Rockett350 Gaming

    Down in Newark NJ right now. Anyone know how long for?

  • Bisbee

    PSN is Down in Arizona. Has been down for over an hour and a half…

  • Bisbee

    Down in Arizona for a couple of hours now…

  • Jamon

    Downtime in Lansing how long is downtime

  • Joey

    anyone having server of connection problems ?

  • Chris Mallette

    Down in Leaksville MS how long is it gonna be down for?

  • Melina Rockni

    Down in California since 9:20pm

  • Bandit Keith


  • Alisa Rosey

    Network connectivity issues since I tried logging on at 9pm. I’m in Issaquah, WA (half hour drive east of Seattle).

  • Im a person

    Down in Texas since 11:09

  • Mega-godzilla811

    just got home from work wanna play but cant sign in rough day get worst

  • Desiree Jacot

    Upstate NY down since Wednesday. Glad i PAY playstation for all my content, games and backups. Would hate for them to lose money. One day, fine, but enough is enough.

  • Rebekkah Wilson

    I haven’t been able to connect to the psn for 2 days now. I have internet throughout the house except for psn. When are you going to get up running. Liberal Kansas October 1, 2018

  • cherie

    PS4 Down in Neveda also can’t play fallout4

  • Alexy Yrn

    Down since Monday..

  • Rebekkah Wilson

    Down Kansas been down for days

  • Tony

    Is ps3 3 down it’s give me this code 80710016

  • RT

    Can’t sign into my PS4. Keeps giving me error code CE-41490-8

  • RT

    The status according to the sight is green, but it wont let me log in to either my PSN account, or my PS4 profile. Arizona @4:09 pm.

  • Steven Cornils

    likewise, sends me a link to change my password and the link takes me to a page that displays “not found”

  • davon ferguson

    Hey I can’t sign in to psn can any1 help me is it down or what???

  • Chilled Fox

    I’ve been getting problems signing in for the last few days now, why am I paying for such horrible service??

  • Keyser Söze

    This sucks now I need to get an Xbox

  • Kurt Wilson

    playstation is down here in Michigan and it is 3:53 pm

  • Nicolas Perron-Maltais

    Down in Canada Québec 16;15

  • Sal Luigi Ardizzone

    Down in Goshen NY

  • Clint Eastwadd

    Can’t start a group chat

  • Devin Baker

    No friends no chat

  • GameOver2325

    It’s down on Henderson, Nevada since yesterday. I cannot sign in to my account like at all. psn name is gameover2325

  • Brian Pugh

    PSN is down around the DFW Area in Texas

  • Belinda Foster


  • Marcie

    I went to play Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies online but had to install a new update, OMG 2 hours for a silly update only to end up playing for like 20 minutes as need to go to work.

  • Kirchak

    Right now 12h55 eastern time. Cant play any of my game.


    wont let me log into the app nor psn on the console smooth psn smooth…

  • PSN down on the west coast of US. PlayStaion Network Sign-In fails every time I test the network connection.

  • logan Gilbert

    Everything is down

  • OasisTrouble_ YT

    Can’t even sign into the PlayStation Network because of Problems, In Massachusetts….

  • Billy

    I tried to login to play Call of Duty and there is an error, not logging in at all. Been down over an hour now.

  • Sofie

    So, what they do is put the price of the PSN service and then go down for a few hours rather often lately. Keep seeing cannot connect all the time, become more and more.

  • Richard

    NO ONE is able to login and it has NOTHING to do with maintenance update. Servers are down for a reason and no one knows why. Typical when tonight is the only day of the week I can play online.

  • Kris Wilson


  • YouTubeED

    Some one said about 5pm today

  • Kd arkansas

    This sux i was in middle of stream went off for 1hr break came back and cant sighn in

  • Kd arkansas

    Yea i looked at the news said somthing about sumone hacked system

  • David Jones

    Those darn Russians…

  • Kona Kash

    A lot of reports are stating that outages are in UK and Europe. America (state of Indiana) here, and the network shut down on me 3 hrs ago. I seen elsewhere, that New York has been down 8 hours??! Guess I should expect the same, huh…

  • Richard Leaming

    No Connection

  • Taylor Aldridge

    down in Nj!

  • J $

    Raleigh NC is still down

  • Harley Fett


  • NonVerbaLAgreement

    Still down

  • Dino

    It’s a government experiment…

  • Dino

    It works!! It works!!!

  • Dino

    Servers are back in Texas

  • Todd Farrell

    Psn Server back up here in PA Yeah I can play after waiting for 4 hours

  • Donna Stillson

    They have been hacked

  • Donna Stillson

    Sure did

  • Donna Stillson

    Play station has been hacked

  • winggod

    It Is Down In Florida

  • Ryan Provus

    PSN is seriously f*cked atm. Dropped my Pro and my bro’s white slim straight outta PSN, telling us that our accounts have been locked

  • Nya

    Mine is down rn