PSN problems

Gamers in the United States can check the PlayStation Network server status over on the official PSN status page, but majority of the time PSN users report issues before anyone else including the officials. Now you can also report any PSN problems you have with Is Down Right Now USA.

Users are always the first to report any PlayStation Network outage issues; they take to social networks such as Twitter to let everyone know what problems are happening at that given time. PS3, PS4 and other Sony Platform owners connect to the PSN for online gaming etc, and even though gaming has been improved through PS Plus the extra benefits does not stop the service faltering.

Majority of the PSN problems are related to connection, login, complete blackout (PSN outage), where gamers cannot access their games. Below is where PSN problems will be listed, please do list your real-time PSN live status here on Is Down Right Now USA. Your feedback is important, please do add your location to your report.

PSN status reports for Saturday 21st of September 2019

To find out if PSN is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with PSN? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jennifer Best


  • jonathan french

    Down in Fulton, NY 9:52am

  • Kc


  • Bill Smiley

    down in Quebec, Canada 8am

  • Ron Avants

    Down in Riverside, ca

  • Bill

    PSN is down right now in Chicago.

  • Daniel Trofa

    My ps4 has been down for a few days now but I just assumed it was my WiFi connection at first until my phone started working on WiFi recently but still my ps4 is out. I’m in Newark Delaware btw…anyone else from around here?

  • Daniel Trofa

    Down rn in Newark Delaware

  • Firstknight01

    Just got Internet. PSN. Won’t let me sign in 10/23/2017 wtf. Why do they keep hacking PSN. GEORGIA GA

  • Sunofmysoul

    showing under maintenance?

  • Mike Wargo

    Can’t change my online status, or join any party chats, but can play online games still…

  • Ray Lee Layfield

    Psn is not working can’t sign in for almost 3 days just bought a game and now can’t play till Sony fix psn sign in error

  • Sam Stoltzman

    Psn is under Maintenance… it’s January 8th 2018 and the time where I am is 9:24pm. Does anyone know when it will be back up?

  • Eric Marois

    au quebec 22:37 23 janvier 2018 psn down

  • J. Chris Novak

    Down now in Florida

  • Sissie Oliver

    Psn down in ohio usa. Time 11:15 am.

  • Jessica

    Down in Jacksonville, FL

  • 007

    PSN out again use to be fun

  • 007

    Out in Tampa,florida

  • 007

    9:42 in the morning can’t play this sucks so many bugs,maintence,let downs,crazy

  • DefaultZ

    PSN Down in Miami,FL

  • CJ Mullis

    Sunday March 5th 2018 4:00 amps3 pSn down since yesterday Kingston canada

  • Raider1tk

    Terrible…been down since Sunday. Has anyone been restored yet?

  • James

    I was playing on my VR unit last night and I got kicked off PSN when trying to buy a new VR game. It keeps saying I need to login when I already am – just silly now.

  • Fred

    I have problems just getting the ps store to load. Tried renting a movie recently, won’t go through, and won’t say why. They call them updates, but what they really should call them; “f**k up everything, because our programmers sucked d**k to get through to graduation, so they don’t know what the f**k they are doing.”

  • Jesse

    Nothing internet related works on my ps4 pro.

  • Nicholas Beckett

    PSN is down right now and apparently there is nowhere giving even a hint or estimated idea of how long it will take. Wth? Very frustrating.

  • psnserver down

    can’t login into sonynetwork. It says connection to server timed out. Is it all around the world or just in Asia?

  • KingFresh

    im in cali and it says the same thing

  • Jon

    Anyone know if psn s down in Colorado no mater what it won’t let me connect.

  • Jeremy Stephenson

    It’s down here in Washington State. I was watching a YouTube video on my PS3 and was signed out and I can’t sign back in.

  • Melisha Keyes

    I’m in Upstate NY, I haven’t had any problems on any other servicse/app on PSN, I was using YouTube and Hulu with no connection errors. I even played Destiny 2 yesterday morning and wasn’t kicked off. I did get a notice of a server issue, but wasn’t kicked off D2.

  • Billstar

    What a complete nightmare, i am getting pin error code 8002a537 come up all the time, network is down but what does this code actually mean…

  • Michelle Gibbs

    how long till the shutdown ends

  • Gavin Lee

    Down July 28, 2018

  • Rockett350 Gaming

    im in NJ…psn is down

  • Rockett350 Gaming

    Down in Newark NJ right now. Anyone know how long for?

  • Bisbee

    PSN is Down in Arizona. Has been down for over an hour and a half…

  • Bisbee

    Down in Arizona for a couple of hours now…

  • Jamon

    Downtime in Lansing how long is downtime

  • Joey

    anyone having server of connection problems ?

  • Chris Mallette

    Down in Leaksville MS how long is it gonna be down for?

  • Melina Rockni

    Down in California since 9:20pm

  • Bandit Keith


  • Alisa Rosey

    Network connectivity issues since I tried logging on at 9pm. I’m in Issaquah, WA (half hour drive east of Seattle).

  • Im a person

    Down in Texas since 11:09

  • Mega-godzilla811

    just got home from work wanna play but cant sign in rough day get worst

  • Desiree Jacot

    Upstate NY down since Wednesday. Glad i PAY playstation for all my content, games and backups. Would hate for them to lose money. One day, fine, but enough is enough.

  • Rebekkah Wilson

    I haven’t been able to connect to the psn for 2 days now. I have internet throughout the house except for psn. When are you going to get up running. Liberal Kansas October 1, 2018

  • cherie

    PS4 Down in Neveda also can’t play fallout4

  • Alexy Yrn

    Down since Monday..

  • Rebekkah Wilson

    Down Kansas been down for days

  • Tony

    Is ps3 3 down it’s give me this code 80710016

  • RT

    Can’t sign into my PS4. Keeps giving me error code CE-41490-8

  • RT

    The status according to the sight is green, but it wont let me log in to either my PSN account, or my PS4 profile. Arizona @4:09 pm.

  • Steven Cornils

    likewise, sends me a link to change my password and the link takes me to a page that displays “not found”

  • davon ferguson

    Hey I can’t sign in to psn can any1 help me is it down or what???

  • Chilled Fox

    I’ve been getting problems signing in for the last few days now, why am I paying for such horrible service??

  • Keyser Söze

    This sucks now I need to get an Xbox

  • Kurt Wilson

    playstation is down here in Michigan and it is 3:53 pm

  • Nicolas Perron-Maltais

    Down in Canada Québec 16;15

  • Sal Luigi Ardizzone

    Down in Goshen NY

  • Clint Eastwadd

    Can’t start a group chat

  • Devin Baker

    No friends no chat

  • GameOver2325

    It’s down on Henderson, Nevada since yesterday. I cannot sign in to my account like at all. psn name is gameover2325

  • Brian Pugh

    PSN is down around the DFW Area in Texas

  • Belinda Foster


  • Marcie

    I went to play Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies online but had to install a new update, OMG 2 hours for a silly update only to end up playing for like 20 minutes as need to go to work.

  • Kirchak

    Right now 12h55 eastern time. Cant play any of my game.


    wont let me log into the app nor psn on the console smooth psn smooth…

  • PSN down on the west coast of US. PlayStaion Network Sign-In fails every time I test the network connection.

  • logan Gilbert

    Everything is down

  • OasisTrouble_ YT

    Can’t even sign into the PlayStation Network because of Problems, In Massachusetts….

  • Billy

    I tried to login to play Call of Duty and there is an error, not logging in at all. Been down over an hour now.

  • Sofie

    So, what they do is put the price of the PSN service and then go down for a few hours rather often lately. Keep seeing cannot connect all the time, become more and more.

  • Richard

    NO ONE is able to login and it has NOTHING to do with maintenance update. Servers are down for a reason and no one knows why. Typical when tonight is the only day of the week I can play online.

  • Kris Wilson


  • YouTubeED

    Some one said about 5pm today

  • Kd arkansas

    This sux i was in middle of stream went off for 1hr break came back and cant sighn in

  • Kd arkansas

    Yea i looked at the news said somthing about sumone hacked system

  • David Jones

    Those darn Russians…

  • Kona Kash

    A lot of reports are stating that outages are in UK and Europe. America (state of Indiana) here, and the network shut down on me 3 hrs ago. I seen elsewhere, that New York has been down 8 hours??! Guess I should expect the same, huh…

  • Richard Leaming

    No Connection

  • Taylor Aldridge

    down in Nj!

  • J $

    Raleigh NC is still down

  • Harley Fett


  • NonVerbaLAgreement

    Still down

  • Dino

    It’s a government experiment…

  • Dino

    It works!! It works!!!

  • Dino

    Servers are back in Texas

  • Todd Farrell

    Psn Server back up here in PA Yeah I can play after waiting for 4 hours

  • Donna Stillson

    They have been hacked

  • Donna Stillson

    Sure did

  • Donna Stillson

    Play station has been hacked

  • winggod

    It Is Down In Florida

  • Ryan Provus

    PSN is seriously f*cked atm. Dropped my Pro and my bro’s white slim straight outta PSN, telling us that our accounts have been locked

  • Nya

    Mine is down rn

  • V

    Seriously, Sony might make a decent console but who gives an F when they can’t even maintain a service that people are PAYING for!!
    If I am paying my cash to use your service then f#@king better make sure it works.
    Otherwise I’m being robbed and I will take serious action against a thief!!
    Not happy with Sony! Garbage company!

  • Key

    My server is down rn. Stupid PlayStation

  • John

    Oh stop with the little man syndrome comments. Do you do your job perfectly 100% highly doubt it. Things happen. It’s not the end of the world. Take a Xanax. Making ridiculous threats that would never hold up, because you temporarily can’t log into psn or play online, is just dumb. Grow up.

  • Rory

    Is anyone else down right now?

  • Reaper Grim

    This sucks all in trying to do is play anthem

  • Chris

    Mine has been down for an hour as well. Im in Northern California

  • Lqsva


  • Gay Uncle

    Down as well

  • Rory

    Mine too. So I went in to reconfigure my dns settings and as soon as I press test connection i get a psn network: fail
    Does it have to do with my configuring my own setting or is this scheduled maintenance?

  • Dizzy

    Mine is down in oklahoma

  • Gene

    Mines down also in Kentucky PSN undergoing maintenance

  • Christopher Davis

    Down in AZ

  • Breanna

    Sony better hurry up didnt even get a heads up

  • Etcius

    Idk if you’re getting the same message as me, but I’m seeing an error saying the servers are under maintenance. So odds are something broke or went down. I’m sure they will the them backup or on the backups in maybe an hour or so.

  • Brian Glenn

    Psn down in Pennsylvania

  • Timmy Moore

    Agreed every game console and pc does these maintenances. The whole point is to prevent a server hacker that last time wiped out the server for a month and people complained that Sony and microsoft dont do enough maintenance but when sony does to prevent the hacks people still whine grow up.

  • ☠ Cam ☠

    I’m also down in Nor Cal

  • Alex

    Down in Minnesota. Got off from work to enjoy some SMITE with some friends who say they are online. Why can’t i even sign in? PlayStation should hurry up.

  • Odyssey Fox

    Down is SC

  • Vintageworm

    Down in Tennessee

  • Chase McCullough

    I’m down in central Oregon but funny enough my buddy right up the street is online playing Division 2

  • Timmy Moore

    Get over it maintenance prevents hacking that’s why they do it. People like you complained that they had shitty maintenance and security when psn got hacked and was down for a month or more and when Sony started to maintenance more to prevent that and you people still complain. We never used to depend on online games and no issues but people are to dependable on online games now it’s sad. There is games that are great that dont need online.

  • Timmy Moore

    Huh mines back up was down for 15 minutes. Lol that’s funny

  • Chris

    Wisconsin down too.

  • ☠ Cam ☠

    Calm the hell down bro. It’s doesn’t happen very often. Stop acting like Playstation Network sucks. Xbox live did the same thing last month.

  • Miriah

    Mine is down and it said that I didn’t pay for my playstation plus but I did so are they going to fix it

  • Brodie

    Down in Minnesota I just want to play some sniper elite 4 with a friend but the whole PlayStation network is under maintenance. Hurry this crap up so we can use our ps4s

  • Chris

    Down in Wisconsin…

  • Sean De La Rosa

    They say it’s for maintenance but 3 people IN MY HOUSE are online. Wtf SONY!!!???

  • Timmy Moore

    You can still use your ps4 you can play the game solo. Jesus does everyone depend on online games now? No wonder why you dont see any good non online games anymore.

  • Brodie

    Me and my buddy were trying to play co-op story so yes I do kinda need plus the moment but any other time I wouldn’t care as much

  • Daniel

    Psn is down here in Fresno California fuccck man

  • David

    Down in Virginia

  • Big Scary Clown

    It’s down for maintenance to make sure it continues to work, the game developers take their servers down for the same reason. That “garbage company”, as you call it, got burned before and is now taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. This is for the benefit of the PSN gaming community, not a slight against you, give them the time to maintain the equipment so all we ever have are these minor inconveniences.

  • Tyna Barker

    Down in manitoba canada

  • gabe the babe

    butter not squash

  • Scott Fitzpatrick

    Down in jersey. Cant even play some of the games I own for some reason too…cant save the commonwealth tn

  • Swg_Trippy_Hippy

    PSN IS DOWN FOR ME IN Wisconsin but my biddie down the street has had no problems…… :((

  • Sammie Dodge

    If the game is digital, you can’t play it. Like my sims4 isnt a multiplayer online game but I can’t play it because I bought it digitally

  • Ko

    Down in South Carolina

  • Grant

    Down in Nashville tn too. Apex won’t find eas network.

  • Batach Ibad Yahawah

    My sh** down too Pomona Ca

  • Malcolm

    When is it finished???? Trying to play siege

  • Mike j 29st

    Down in philly pa

  • Down MN

    PSN is down in Minnesota too..

  • Sammie Dodge

    We cannot play are digital games, when this happens PS 🙁

  • Augustas

    Its in lithuania to

  • Jeremy Spalding

    Down in the Land Down Under

  • Spencer

    Make sure you make your ps4 your primary ps4 so you can play your downloaded games without internet

  • Sasquatch TheAnarchist

    Down over here in west texas. Was tryna play DBD, now just tryna watch something. I got nothin

  • Spencer

    Actually if you make your ps4 your primary playstation you can play all your downloaded games without internet. Well the ones that dont require a connection at least

  • Mute

    PSN is also down in Alaska

  • Brodie

    It’s been down in Minnesota for me at least, for around 25 mins

  • Wiley_the_pyro

    I was just scared my ps+ ran out, but no. Its down rn in fayetteville north carolina

  • Sky

    Down in utah, does anyone know when it will be back on?

  • Psngammerboi

    Down in N Florida, and down for my friends in Las Vegas, southern Virginia, and northern New York.

  • Wiley_the_pyro

    Usually its done in about 2-3 hours

  • Ian Harris

    Do you know about when it started?

  • Augustas

    If this problem gonna be fixd tell me and everybody else

  • Psngamerboi

    It should take up to 2 hours, unfortunately

  • Mr Hyde

    Down in Louisiana

  • Wiley_the_pyro

    For me about 10mins ago

  • Kai

    Down in Arkansas

  • Mr Hyde

    I have the same question as sky

  • Ryan Albert

    Ahhhhhh drunk trying to play the crew 2 gf is asleep wtf down In Mass

  • Pogchamp

    When will it be back up?

  • Watson Mccoy

    Down in Arizona

  • Dj

    Why what’s happening

  • Wiley_the_pyro


  • Wiley_the_pyro

    Or however tf u spell it lol

  • Dj

    Probably apoweroutage at the psn hq

  • Nermin Bajcinovci

    Psn is broke, can’t conect

  • Dj

    Pan outage car wreck lightning strike

  • Dj

    At 1142

  • Rosie Lilion

    Down in Ohio

  • Shane pullins

    Down in Indiana to

  • Eric Esponda

    Down in wakanda with my vibranium console

  • Wiley_the_pyro

    Just got notified, its maintenance ladies n jents

  • Rosie Lilion

    12:20 am eastern standard time for me

  • Jacob Reeves

    Down in Oregon. Down erewhere

  • Dj

    Matenice for what

  • Wiley_the_pyro

    Idk lol

  • Shane pullins

    I have apex to play with my friends soon lol

  • jose Garcia

    Down in California

  • Eric Esponda

    Wakanda is no more without ps4 service my brudahs

  • Claudia Giselle Cesena

    Down here in California

  • Stvshore371

    Down in Florida wtf it’s everywhere cmon you’re a multi billion dollar company or whatever you should be able to fix this quickly

  • Eric Esponda

    This is the end of our debauchery

  • Stvshore371

    Ok even if it is maintenance they should still go quicker

  • Christian Cardenas

    I can’t get online it not letting me sign in and there a message that pop up wan I was checking the wifi connection it sece playstation network is currently undergoing maintenance . error code (NP-35000-8)

  • Shane pullins

    This needs fixed now bruh

  • Eric Esponda

    Dont let thanos get the infinity tool box ps4 wakanda depends on it

  • Shane pullins

    Some body send me a message when its back up. You should just have to look up my name im using and it’ll pop up

  • Kittys Litter Box

    Why wasn’t their an email or notification warning about the maintenance??? Does anyone know how long these usually take???

  • Katelynn

    Down here in Texas …needs to be fixed now..

  • jose Garcia

    2-3 hours preventative maintenance

  • Katelynn

    How long does maintenance usually take ??

  • Brodie

    I love waiting 1 whole hour to play anything on my ps4 and it’s still not even DONE YET

  • Luis

    Do you know how long this will take ?

  • Eric Warfield

    How long is this gonna take? Damn

  • Eric Warfield

    Down in Kentucky.

  • Mr Hyde

    This is BS

  • Luis

    How long do u think this will take?


    Down in alaska.. but my girlfriend is currently online in montana.. wtf Playstation??

  • Brodie

    How long have you been waiting?

  • Zach

    Breathitt Co. Kentucky

  • Kyle

    PlayStation hurry tf up you should have professionals working for your company

  • Brodie

    I don’t know. I’m hoping not much longer but who knows with Sony

  • Micah Smith

    Holy hell dude come ON already

  • Mr Hyde

    ………………waiting let’s get it Sony

  • Eric Warfield

    About 15min now. I just got home from work. And wanted to nerd out for a couple of hours

  • Brandon

    How long has it been down so far?

  • Orion

    Down in cali

  • Zach

    Bro I’m from KY too, what do you play?

  • Chris Verhagen

    DDOS attack from trump supporters maybe?

  • Brodie

    I’ve been here waiting for a full hour

  • Brodie


  • Eric Warfield

    Daaamn it

  • Nicole Walmsley

    Down in Conneticut this is BULLSh** My ps4 has been running fine wants to shut down right in the middle of my fallout 76 last day of meat week legendary scripts I’m so annoyed like ps4 is fine can we get this show on the road. Been almost an hr already.

    Sony sucks legit !!! Bout to buy a xbox never any problems. Seriously Sony you suck ass

  • Fire and Ice

    Down in nebraska

  • Griffin

    Just said my license for red dead redemption 2 is suspending in 15 minutes, but I literally bought it with my own money, like hello?

  • Brodie

    That’s how I feel right now like what the hell needs to take this long

  • Joe


  • Eric Warfield

    I live in Lexington. I play final fantasy 14 online. Ace combat 7. Rainbow 6. Fortnite. Diablo 3. And AC odyssey

  • Curtis Harris

    I bet they got hacked

  • Fire and Ice

    Its xbox sucks

  • Reuben Sanchez

    Down in California, has been down for a couple hours now…smh

  • Brodie

    No my friend who lives right by me has no problems right now so that’s not what happened

  • Mr Hyde

    We are the watchers

  • Jaeden C.

    Yeah maybe now theirs going to be some video game related violence.

  • Curtis Harris

    That dont mean we didn’t get hack your debit card info is still on their network

  • JessKenway

    This is unfair some of my friends aren’t effected by this

  • Mr Hyde

    Calling on the Sony gods can we get this done

  • Brandon

    Down for an hr? ROGER THAT. Thank you

  • Luichi Tineo

    Bruh down New York

  • JessKenway

    So many times restarting my PS4 ugh

  • I hate maintenance

    I hate maintenance

  • Eric Warfield

    What you play zach

  • JessKenway

    Down in PA

  • I hate maintenance


  • I hate maintenance

  • Justin Cornwell

    I was for real just saying this I am going to Xbox this is strike 3 for me until PS can get their shiz together I’m gone I’ve been supporting since day one but wtf is this backwoods garbage.

  • Mr Hyde

    Pow boom doom still no news

  • I hate maintenance

    I’m from Illinois and it legit just went dawn an I’m pissed

  • Irfan afzaal

    Whaooo.. Connecticut.
    Mann its so rare to find people from Connecticut.
    Btw do you play apex?:p
    Cos i dont want to get partied up with people living far away from me.

  • Nicole Walmsley

    Like isnt this why we have software updates and other types of updates. To be able to do them on our own free will or atleast give a heads up like fallout4 like this came way out of left field I’d rather do it on my own free will and time

  • Mr Hyde

    Answer us cowards

  • Eric Warfield

    Any idea when it’s coming back up?

  • Brandon Torres

    Does anyone know how long its gonna be down

  • Mr Hyde


  • Brodie

    A while likely

  • Andrew Stillman

    Down in Missouri as well. Anyone know the duration of this?

  • Michael White

    Yea I am getting tierd of this maintenance I wonder if it going to be up I was going to play a game tonight why all this maintenance down for and how many days

  • I hate maintenance

    Idk man it’s been an hour for a few different people soo

  • Just Crazy

    I was just on a 30 kills on black out and blue screen and now can’t get back on this is some bull crap


  • Mr Hyde

    I’ve been waiting 2 hrs

  • Brian

    Life’s not fair

  • eclipsedits

    Really annoyed, wanted to play some fortnite right until I got PS4 is in maintenance, the ps4 is fully unresponsive, games dont work, youtube dont work, cant even make a party or talk to friends.. Its also down in Philippines

  • Orion

    This is awful bro psi REALLY lackin out here que

  • King jellyfish

    Omg I just want to play bo3

  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    Omgggggg I hate thiiiis

  • Claudia Giselle Cesena

    Wanted to play Conan or R6 Siege :'(

  • Diggs’ Top 10

    Still playing face of franchise but want to play online…

  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    I’m down for r6 when the servers are up lul

  • Brandon Jacobs

    Ahhh fuhhhh yuuuuu muda fudas From Ohio

  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    So probably never

  • Shawna Childress

    In Arkansas it’s down too . Wow In the m
    iddle of my Destiny gambit match and it just started contacting destiny severs then kick me off and says it’s down for maintenance ??wtf

  • Claudia Giselle Cesena

    Me too

  • Nick C

    I’m in Jacksonville. Down here for the past hour.

  • Connor Sinclair

    Down in AZ, Sony i love you but f*** you

  • John Doe

    Anyone know when the maintenance will be over??

  • Kai

    Down in Oregon too WTF!!??!!??

  • Ron

    Down in California

  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    Yoo guys its finally back up for mee yeeeeesssss

  • Zdubya

    So how long does this normally take

  • eclipsedits

    2 hours zdub

  • Brodie


  • Kai

    NO NETFLIX!!??!!

  • Zdubya

    Did you have to restart

  • King jellyfish

    Still down in California

  • Prometheus Wright

    Lucky im still going nowhere its been 3 hours come on

  • Mr Hyde

    It needs to hurry up

  • eclipsedits

    Everyone try restarting their ps4 lots of people are getting back on

  • Brandon Jacobs

    How yuuu might do dat pwaystation, studa just studa

  • cody

    down in tn

  • David Alan Bentley

    Its down in Missouri so suck i wanted to play realm royal or apex or gta before i went to lalala land

  • Carter Giese

    Im Down for Siege

  • Nelson

    Omg that is actually a great idea

  • Zdubya

    Thanks restarting

  • Tazz

    It’s been down for like 2 hours

  • Elix B

    Heyyy, I just finished Gambit when I got the error!

  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    Yea I waited then restarted

  • Prometheus Wright

    Why am i the only one who gets kicked out my chat party and game but not my friends so close to getting a nuke in fallout 76

  • Tazz

    It’s been out for about 2 hours now

  • eclipsedits


  • Zdubya

    And it’s still down for me

  • Zdubya

    Still down damnit

  • King jellyfish

    Hey anyone that wants to play bo3 or fortnite or gta 5 add me when psn is back on @KingjellyFisH

  • eclipsedits

    I think psn is fixing worldwide, so say somecountries are connecting again

  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    Nvm it loaded then I got an error code RIP srry

  • Zdubya


  • King jellyfish

    This sucks

  • eclipsedits


  • Josh

    Just now up in ks with restart

  • Augustas

    Same for me

  • Zdubya

    I’m back in restart now

  • Zdubya

    Yes restart

  • Nelson

    Duuuuuude its still down, I restarted my ps4 3 times now anybody else from utah

  • eclipsedits

    One guy in the discussion got back on

  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    Man I’ve had playstation for a year an a half and this is the first time this has happened and boy it hurts

  • Mr Hyde

    Back up here in Louisiana

  • eclipsedits

    Thank zdub

  • Mohammed Bahattab

    yo if still down add me for 3s on RL Jo00oker_464

  • eclipsedits


  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    I’ll try but I’m not getting my Hope’s up

  • Zdubya

    Yep np

  • King jellyfish

    Still down in California

  • Claudia Giselle Cesena

    Its back on

  • Brandon

    I’m back up in FL. Get at me on For Honor Smiley_face1205

  • eclipsedits

    <my servers are back

  • Trevor


  • Nelson


  • eclipsedits

    Everyone restart!! servers are back whoo

  • Billy Bob

    Still down for me

  • King jellyfish

    Still down

  • eclipsedits

    Everyone should be back in a couple 10 minutes

  • Trevor Jones

    Anyone In Oklahoma back on ?

  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    It’s still down for me :'(

  • eclipsedits

    Im going now bye everyone

  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    I hope man it’s been a rough hour

  • Nelson

    Where are you

  • Psn=Eater_Of_Ass__

    Bye thx for the hopeful news

  • Billy Bob

    I have been down for two hours now it sucks

  • Butterball

    Restart and still down for maintenance in California, i can get on the youtube app on my ps4 tho .

  • Eric Warfield

    It’s fixed to play on Kentucky.

  • Nelson

    We need Utah

  • King jellyfish

    Still down in California

  • Joh

    I’m down that’s duck

  • Billy Bob

    I’m back on its abt time just give it time and everything should go back if it’s still down for u

  • TJ

    Try restarting your ps right now and it should let you log back in

  • Nelson

    Where are you at

  • King jellyfish

    Back no in California add me on psn KingjellyFisH

  • Blue

    Back on in California

  • Venomous

    Anyone in cali up?

  • John Micheal

    Ive been down for4 hes in colorado

  • Nelson

    Anyone up in Utah

  • Blue

    Yep back on in Lancaster, Ca

  • Blue

    Alright now I’m ready to shoot something.. GTA5

  • Ethan

    Back up in Quebec

  • Nelson


  • Leslie Bessent

    Still down in Florida

  • Billy Bob

    Anyone got rocket League

  • Joe

    Go follow sleety on yt and there’s a video right as you follow me it should pop up and it shows you how to connect to the PlayStation server

  • Kevin

    It’s back on in Seattle just restart your ps4

  • Andrey Short

    Down in Missouri for 4 hours smh

  • Cody Barnes

    Add me @mike70623 if you wanna play rainbow or 2k19 or gta5, or anything else

  • Nelson

    Online in Utah folks night yall

  • Katelynn

    If anyone plays Fortnite add me on epic kkaatelynn

  • Andrey Short

    Omg finally it back up

  • Andrey Short

    Missouri is back on I’m out for the night peace.

  • Katelynn

    Online in Texas

  • Ghost

    They’re back up

  • Nicole Walmsley

    Attention: CONNETICUT is up and running whoooah!!!!

  • Ryan

    Still down in Raleigh, NC & I’ve been on hold with PS for over 30 mins now….

  • FearTheFatherpls

    The friend search is not working for me. I was trying to invite members for my community but it gives me an error.

  • Estevan Loredo

    Damn it! On a 11 kill steak on COD Alcatraz, then all of the sudden “connection interrupted” comes across my screen.

    Takes me back to main menu to say that “can’t reach call of duty servers at this time”. Then my friends list is blank and all of the sudden I have no PSN Network.

  • Hunter Peterson

    For 2-3 days i havent been able to connect to psn and its not my internet side but this happened a day or 2 after i have maintenance errors

  • Chelsey Adams

    In Iowa and psn has been down since last night..i would like to be able to sign in to watch my netflix or do something…all it says is an error occurred.

  • raynaldi andika

    In Indonesia, and PSN is still down. Can open web, but i can’t play online. I check in playstation status network, it says all servers available. But i can’t connect on my PS4. It’s been 3-4 days. Anyone can help?

  • David

    Prudenville Michigan says there is matience

  • Someone Unknown

    I came home from school wanting to hop on and play a game or two, but I can’t sign in to any of my online games, I guess PSN is undergoing maintenance. I just hope it comes back up soon, I have things I need to get done. ;w;

  • Carmen

    I can’t sign in! Am I going crazy or is this happening everywhere?

  • Hinata559

    PSN isn’t letting anyone in California to connect to the internet.

  • Cameron Baker

    this is happening everywhere, I know cause I can’t sign in either.

  • Cameron Baker

    I have this problem too, is it telling you your sign-in ID or password is incorrect? if so, I definitely have the same problem, had it since august 25, and still haven’t been able to fix it.

  • Marcellius Dunn

    I can not login into the network it keep saying if fail to connect to the internet..haven’t been online since September 4th 2019

  • moneer

    I got hacked on my account the hacker name was called kevin he changed me password and currently has my account I can’t log back in and contacted PlayStation network but they never ANSWERED

  • Psnwhy

    Network timeout. No connecting to PSN. What’s going on?

  • Round-house a Road-house

    7 hours down, outages happen but i have been running into all sorts of problems with PS lately. Be nice if they had email, never realized that till i needed it. get it together PS, much money spent, too many issues and little to no help. sorry for ranting. imma go cry into my sandwich in frustration. soggy bread is sad dough spent…

  • Ross

    My ps4 main screen was loading everything in very slowly. Went over to a game, all that stuff you normally see isnt there because of how long it takes to load in