PSN problems

Gamers in the United States can check the PlayStation Network server status over on the official PSN status page, but majority of the time PSN users report issues before anyone else including the officials. Now you can also report any PSN problems you have with Is Down Right Now USA.

Users are always the first to report any PlayStation Network outage issues; they take to social networks such as Twitter to let everyone know what problems are happening at that given time. PS3, PS4 and other Sony Platform owners connect to the PSN for online gaming etc, and even though gaming has been improved through PS Plus the extra benefits does not stop the service faltering.

Majority of the PSN problems are related to connection, login, complete blackout (PSN outage), where gamers cannot access their games. Below is where PSN problems will be listed, please do list your real-time PSN live status here on Is Down Right Now USA. Your feedback is important, please do add your location to your report.

PSN status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if PSN is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with PSN? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • drummer boy

    so that error code stands for undergoing maintenance?

  • Anon

    Welp cdt 9:57 also down

  • jpx3839

    Wisconsin down rn

  • Thomas

    And I just started playing Genesis pfff

  • Adam Martinez

    Same just happened to me bro like 2 mins ago

  • Charles Clementz

    I think it might be the whole United States if I’m going to be honest.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    This is bull.. Why does the PlayStation website say all services are up and running when it’s down for maintenance?

  • drummer boy

    anyone that can connect to the servers: are the upload and download speeds slow for you too?

  • Jimmy kon

    Restart PS4 and it works

  • Andy

    Can I put my ps4 in rest mode and will it still go under maintenance

  • jpx3839

    That’s what I’m wondering

  • drummer boy

    me too, about a minute ago

  • Thomas

    Up and running I just setup internet connection again.

  • Anon

    Anon here from literally 2 min ago cdt servers are back on for me it’s 9:59

  • jpx3839


  • Adam Martinez

    No I’m getting my full speed ATM but let me really run it

  • drummer boy

    mine is like gradually coming back up to speed…

  • Charles Clementz

    I live in New York and that’s also a state that PSN’s currently undergoing maintenance as well.

  • Adam Martinez

    I’m still getting about 80 to 90 percent of my speed on the 2nd test

  • jpx3839

    Mine is still down

  • brandon rodriguez

    I just restarted my PS4 and I’m online now

  • jpx3839

    That didn’t work for me

  • drummer boy

    mine just went from like 80mbps download to like 30mbps. could just be me but at least i’m connected to the network.

  • Eric Cerezo

    Maryland still down wtf

  • Jimmy Rustler

    I’m back online too.

  • Anon

    Same bro

  • drummer boy

    you might have to wait. it seems like the guys over at playstation are going literally across the country, resetting their servers lol

  • Charles Clementz

    Its back up in New York.

  • Brannon

    I’m up in Ak. Down up here too

  • drummer boy

    i’ve done like 8 connection tests and all of them have successfully connected to the playstation network

  • jpx3839

    Usually it gives us a warning that they are going under maintenance

  • Adam Martinez

    I would assume that since a lot of us are going back on that yours should do the same any minute now hopefully

  • William Sych

    I’m in Wisconsin mine just came back on

  • jpx3839

    Wisconsin still down

  • drummer boy

    yeah, that’s what threw me off. it just said connection interrupted on my game and i just reset the app but then shortly after it told me that they were undergoing maintenance and then playstation’s site wasn’t even running right so i could check that either and they haven’t said anything on twitter or anywhere else.

  • jpx3839

    Not me and I’m in Wisconsin

  • William Sych

    Mines back on I’m also in Wisconsin

  • Christopher Newton

    “Undergoing Maintenance” message here in NC. 11:05 a.m.

  • drummer boy

    i’m going to try and actually join an online game and see if it’s buggy or if anyone else experienced the same problem.

  • jpx3839

    I just want to play mortal Kombat not just keep resetting my ps4

  • Adam Martinez

    I say within the next 10 to 15 minutes you should be going online

  • Mary Cupper

    I’m in Ohio and I’m still down 11:07 est

  • Eric

    I know bro its insane

  • Adam

    Just got on overwatch PS4 11:07 am est

  • drummer boy

    you have to be online now to play mortal kombat?

  • Micolash

    Georgia here. 11:07 am and after several different resets, I am no longer getting the message that PSN is down, but now i’m getting the message that login is failed because it couldn’t connect to the network within the time limit. Stop flooding the system guys, let me in!

  • jpx3839

    I play online

  • Adam Martinez

    That’s weird mine was down for about a whole hour but just came back on 5 minutes ago so my guess is they might be doing half the nation’s servers at a time but I might be wrong

  • drummer boy

    oh lol

  • jpx3839

    Now my PS4 sounds like a jet engine

  • jpx3839

    Offline is easy

  • jpx3839

    For me it still says undergoing maintenance

  • drummer boy

    it’s just cooling itself off from you resetting it. getting everything back and running internally. you should be able to get back online now. i’m in an online game and it’s actually pretty smooth.

  • trenton davies

    I’m in New York it’s 11:10 I reset my system tried connecting to my internet and still saying the psn is under going maintenance

  • jpx3839

    I’ll be back in like 15 20 minutes if it still is down for me

  • Jason Howard

    11:11 still down Kome on Sony get right

  • Micolash

    Update… went from “undergoing maintenance (WS-37432-9)” to “failed to connect within allotted time”, and now it says “undergoing maintenance (NP-35000-8)”

  • JayC

    In Atlanta it’s 11:20 and I’m still down

  • drummer boy

    california is still up n running over here.

  • gnome3

    I tried three time and now I was able to log in.

  • jpx3839

    Still undergoing maintenance for me

  • jpx3839

    Is anyone else still undergoing maintenance

  • Jamie Dean Drake

    Ohio still down

  • Beau Baley

    Still down in Charlotte NC

  • Beau Baley


  • Tyler Martin

    Jacksonville NC, says it’s undergoing maintenance when I do connection test but not seeing anything of the sort anywhere else.

  • jpx3839

    Still down for me Wisconsin

  • jpx3839

    Same for Wisconsin

  • jpx3839

    At least yt still works

  • Brian

    Still down in Northeast Tennessee

  • Jeremy

    I’m in NY and it’s down here I can’t access anything not my trophies not nothing. How long is this going to take??

  • Jamie Dean Drake

    Up and running in Ohio

  • Beau Baley

    I’m back up

  • Mia Salas

    Yes San Antonio TX, Bexar county


    I live in new Jersey and it’s still down. I don’t know how long but I hope it’s up again soon

  • Will

    Can’t login to PlayStation network from Bahrain

  • Mr Spencer

    Down in Oakland for 3 days at least now….playstation says there are no problems. Cant sign into PSN on the console, but I can log in online from my phone or computer.

  • Andrew

    Just got Madden 20, I was so excited to start playing, but I can’t log in at all. PlayStation, fix this now. We want to play your system and we obviously can’t do that when your servers are down.

  • Andrew

    Btw I’m in New York so it seems nation wide

  • Ban

    Same for me, but i’m in Ecuador lol

  • Alex

    From virginia I cant log in for at least 3 days

  • Kurt Wilson

    Usa Michigan here me and my brother can’t connect to ps4

  • Mindy Wulf

    can’t log in at all on ps4 but can on laptop

  • Jacob grubb

    here in Virginia USA, can’t log in to psn

  • jose topez

    I changed my settings to be seen by no one in ps app and was ablet to log in.

  • Shayne Hillard

    Can’t sign-in on PS4 in Indiana, USA.

  • Dustin R Young

    From Missouri and i cant login either

  • Stedman Gardner

    Can’t sign in here in North Carolina

  • Maria Guedes

    Same thing as everybody asked for my password put in password here a double beep and An error occurred.!!! it’s down in the whole USA.. WTF.Just wanna Play

  • Maria Guedes

    Found the fix !!!!!If you really want to get on the ps4 network to fix it so you have to create a new user sign in and then try to go back and sign in with your original user

  • Sn

    It worked appreciate you

  • Thomas Oberle

    im down now

  • Nathan Louthan

    yep im down too in ohio it sucks

  • Alexander Garcia

    My PlayStation is down and I’ve been waiting over two hours.

  • Popsbrutal

    Georgia down as well.. I find restoring your licenses from account management menu works.

  • Despaci2

    PS Network is down rn in Argentina… (14/1/2020)

  • James Hill

    psn down in US now says the web addresses may be wrong

  • Paul deVos

    I can’t log in at all this morning here in Canada was working last night once I turned it off yesterday

  • Danielle Enloe

    Is pan having issues right now?

  • Danielle Enloe

    Is psn having issues right now?

  • Mikey Lambert

    Is PSN down today? May 5th?

  • Kate

    I cannot get online with Call of Duty.

  • Vortious

    PSN is down right now

  • TJ

    Psn down in Westlake, Ohio smh

  • Dustin

    Cant login in jersey, typical

  • Robert Au

    It’s down on my end. 6-8-2021 Baltimore Maryland

  • Edward Anderson

    Down right now for Division 2/PSN
    7/22/21 Northern California

  • Joseph Kessler

    Down where I am southwest Michigan

  • Con

    Cant log in in NC. Hope it’s not my ps4 that’s the problem was totally fine last night

  • Mark

    Is there a HUGE cyber attack happening because many websites are not working, even PSN is down for me.