POF viewed me not working

Since last night the dating app Plenty of Fish has been experiencing problems, and it seems to be only getting worse. Many of its users are coming forward complaining and stressing that the POF viewed me is not working.

Even though many users are having issues trying to access their Plenty of Fish app on their mobile device it seems others are complaining about the Plenty of Fish viewed me section. One user said they couldn’t see who viewed me on the POF site, another said, Can’t open any profiles on my POF app.

Looking into this a little further it seems a lot of other users are worried that the viewed me feature has gone to those that pay for premium features, could this be true? We believe this is not the case and there is just a small snag in the system.

Plenty of Fish has not yet acknowledged any problem yet when there clearly is one. POF viewed me feature seems to be not working and nothing more, we hope answers come forward soon as to why.

Is POF viewed me not working for you? Please answer this question over on our Plenty of Fish community page.