Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish or known as POF is a free dating site that earns revenue through advertising, they operating in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Brazil and Ireland. It is not often the website goes down but when it does it can be due to scheduled maintenance updates, or outages no one can explain.

There are millions of users and when there is an outage people will come forward saying they cannot access the dating site. Other issues that can occur include registration, not able to login. A few users have said previously that they have trouble uploading photos. Yet again, it is not often there are problems with POF.

POF is also available via apps on Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry; sometime there may be connection issues with these applications. If you are having any problems with Plenty of Fish please do let us know what is wrong.

Plenty of Fish status reports for Saturday 15th of December 2018

To find out if Plenty of Fish is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Plenty of Fish? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Cerran

    Plenty of Fish is down for me.

  • Marcus

    I cannot get onto the website, saying maintenance schedule.

  • Dan

    Site is still down, wonder what POF is doing.

  • Mike

    Keep getting errors with the apps, can’t sign in.

  • Jody

    Down in Canada for around an hour here as well.

  • Ron

    my mobile phone and desktop cannot access pof.

  • Ali

    POF still down, very frustrating and poor service! 3 hours now!

  • Lisa

    POF going down was madness yesterday, I wanted to find my perfect date and couldnt. Oh well at least i had a wine.

  • Charb

    Plenty of Fish was down for way too long, when it did finally come back online it went offline soon after. All seems well.

  • Chris

    I tried to make a love story happen but POF was down, and i wasn’t down with that, all them ladies missing out on such a lovely night out.

  • Rosey

    Cupid was on strike and that is why POF was out of action. I think Cupid is wanting a pay rise but Plenty of Fluff was not having it so they went offline.

  • Laurie

    POF is so slow for me today, is it for you?

  • Alvin

    POF is running smoothly for me, the other day was a complete nightmare when POF’s website was down, but since then its all been good.

  • Georgina

    How come my PoF profile keeps getting deleted?

  • Patricia

    I am unable to log-in to Plenty of Fish this morning. I am using the free one and not upgraded.

  • Jake

    I am not able to see who viewed me, not even able to view anyone else either.

  • Larry

    Not able to get Plenty of Fish connection, all i leep getting is no internet connection try again.

  • Orson

    If I open up my POF messages my app on my iPhone keeps shutting down on me.

  • Nicole

    “pof has stopped working” – This is the message i get, i am in London is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Lauren

    What is happening to POF today, trying to get online but will not let me?

  • Mick

    I can login to POF but not able to view profiles, surely they are either updating site or there is a glitch in the system.

  • Timmy

    Not able to login to plenty of fish, is the website having an outage issue globally or is it location and individuality based?

  • darlene

    I’m have a problem you veiw you me it was working yes now it’s no longer working

  • Mister_Sausage

    Cannot view any profiles or who viewed me today.

  • Lisa

    Tis is super crazy now, not being able to access POF app on iPhone.

  • Churchill Uranta

    oh this is really crazy, kindly text me if your single and seeking a serious relationship: 661-769-6855

  • Matthew

    POF pages seem to be rather slow opening for me, I know they have their troubles now and then but they do not happen often.

  • Manny

    I seem to be having issues with Plenty of Fish today, i try to open on my mobile phone and it just shuts down on me.

  • Jillian

    Is Plenty of Fish down?

  • Sharon

    I cannot open any POF profiles, no matter what one i choose it will not open up.

  • Danny

    PoF is not working for me.

  • Missty

    I need so some answers. NOW. Why can’t I get messages and can’t see my profile this is get ridiculous. I about just about done with this site. I pay money to be on this site.

  • BurgerMan

    It’s down what a surprise. It’s the worst dating site ever i got banned for no reason the only thing i can think of is i reported an escort profile the day before i got banned but in the end I’m the one ending up getting banned. And the escort profile is still on that site with nudity so i guess they would rather ban the guy who follows terms of use than ban the woman profile with nudity. If you see an escort profile that has nudity don’t report that profile you will be the one ending up being banned for no reason.
    This site also always has a slow response time.

  • What what?

    Whatever you say, guy.

  • Fisher

    If Plenty of Fish isn’t down it is running slow, if you do meet your perfect date you will probable be around 70 now after waiting for so long.

  • Matthew

    I have a serious problem here.
    I cannot even get in the website in the first place.
    It always tells me this page cannot be displayed.
    Is the website down??

  • Jill

    Profiles are not showing for me, search is not working the way it used to as it hardly shows any results. Whats going on?

  • Julie

    Having trouble accessing website, most of the time it will not even open pages i want to look at. should be not find a date .com

  • Donna Chamness

    What’s the issue now???

  • Jamie

    POF went down for a brief moment but is now back online again, must have been a server glitch.

  • Jim

    I’m in Canada and the pof looks really outdated . not working properly at all ?

  • Brandy Crumly

    I have created two profiles which have been deleted (not by me) I have not violated any policy. I am unable to upload pictures. When I sign up it wont take my information it keeps asking me to repeat the information.

  • Ciarrai Maria

    Brandy I created 4 times a new profile thinkin it was me and once I get logged on temp I get messages can’t send any than it logs me out and I cannot log back in. I don’t get it my friends that have pof too say they have no issues !!! Wtf!! I’d like to know y they r not saying anything for the fact they now have our privacy ( pics ) up and I can’t get in to even delete…. I email them and no response

  • Ciarrai Maria

    Does anyone know WUTS going on ?! And when I put my email add in its sayin “your email add is not in our database”!

  • Ciarrai Maria

    I could care less bout pof but concerned that my pics may now may be stuck on there site

  • Brandy Crumly

    I had to create a profile from my phone because it registered my IP address from my computer and won’t allow me to make a new profile it deleted 3 profiles this morning alone. However I’ve had no issues from my phone but when I log in to the account I created on my phone from my laptop it is of deleting the profile so I have to start all over again I just can’t use my home computer I think one of my usernames was curves and brains are lethal and it flagged me because of the word lethal I think however I don’t really know for sure. You might want to try creating a profile from your phone just don’t log into your computer to access that profile

  • Brandy Crumly

    Also, I’m a doctor. I know I didn’t post anything inappropriate. Not pictures, nothing. I have no idea.

  • Joaney

    What happened there then, I tried to login to POF and it was offline? Seems to ba back online now though.

  • Mike

    Yeah same with me, its all working fine now though.

  • Mark

    Plenty of Fish is down right now September 9, this site is always down. No chance of finding a date at this rate.

  • Graham

    POF servers have to be the worst out there when it comes to dating sites, down again.

  • Pist420

    It let me set up an acct and then the server stopped responding. This is exactly why I deleted my last acct.

  • Ben

    Just down for about 15 minutes from 6PM in the UK, but I think POF is coming back up with iOS and the website directly.

  • Alex Witting

    hey is anyones account saying no one is online at all

  • Alex Witting

    is like the servers down or something because my account is saying no one is online at all


    Can’t log into account, keeps saying password incorrect. Then when I go to change password it doesn’t recognize my email which I joined pof with????????

  • Eddie Shehan

    Hey everyone, POF was just sold to another dating site that is not free. They can’t just start charging everyone who is grandfathered in, that would be illegal, so they will make it a pain in the ass for everyone, who doesn’t upgrade!
    It’s how they will scam all non upgraded members for money!

  • Habib Massaad

    Mine just went down this afternoon

  • Mark

    Plenty of Fish website is down.

  • Melissa

    Plenty of Fish servers are down right now guys, i have tried many times to get online but i guess they are having problems.

  • Melany

    Does anyone know when POF will be back online, things are starting to look promising with a date and I am very happy.

  • Simone

    It is back up now, so much have been a little glitch.

  • Kiera

    I’ve made a profile 3 times in the past 2 days and within hours my account is deleted! I’m not posting anything inappropriate so I’m not sure what is going on. It won’t update who has viewed me, who wants to meet, my messages, nothing!

  • Tommy

    I’m having the same problem

  • Debbie

    I have used the site a long time and I am still getting email updates from them. I can not log in at all nor change my password if needed. We the users need some kind of update please in that we do enjoy meeting people not to hook up but just to chat and make more friends. 59 year old single female.

  • Teresa

    I have been trying to navigate POF for like an hour and all I am getting is super slow pages. It seems to be coming back now and starting to act normal. Any reason why the site was very slow loading pages?

  • Afiebs

    I can’t login or load any pages on the Android app today, 12/28/2015. Continues to tell me am error has occurred and to try again later.

  • Brittany

    Been trying to register on POF and it just keeps giving me errors (Incorrectly) like “User name taken” or “Copy exactly like the circles” when I have done it correctly and used names nobody would think of because they are nicknames given to me as a child. OBVIOUSLY something is wrong with the site, i just want to know when it’s going to be fixed and why the hell I am not getting any answers. I mean do they just not allow females on the site anymore? If anyone knows of a GOOD site that is free and not broken, please let me know.

  • Seth Everyguy

    Tried setting up an account twice today… it lets me get all the way through, then out of nowhere it won’t work and says my username/password is incorrect and my email is not in their system.

  • cedar

    So is POF down in Idaho, usa today? cannot even pull up the site?

  • Tiff

    Is pof down in nc right now ?

  • DaBX161

    POF seems to be down. I cannot log in…

  • Jennifer

    I have tried to login to plenty of fish for like 30 minutes now and no luck, simply because the website is down.

  • Claire

    Is plenty of fish down or is there just a glitch with the servers?

  • Jimmy

    pof is not working, the website has been offline for like 30 minutes or so now.

  • TR

    It is down at least 50% of the time. Very unreliable. You wold think they would fix it.

  • Me

    Been down since yesterday can’t log in from my samsung galaxy 5 what’s wrong with this app.

  • Me

    From Warren,Ohio

  • Carolyn

    Mine always says that ..they should fix it..

  • Carole

    I have tried to login a few times but all i keep getting is this error message to try again.

  • Nigel

    In New York and tried to login with no luck. Plenty of Fish is most definitely down for me.

  • Lisa

    This is so frustrating, I was in the middle of chatting with someone who seems to be very nice indeed and then i get booted.

  • davo

    North Carolina

  • Lulu

    I got logged in, but nothing is happening. Can’t see my sent messages or receive any new ones.. help

  • Jenala

    I was logged out of my account a month ago. I’ve been trying to log back in to no avail. I then tried to create a new account, as advised. I did that but when I tried to login, it didn’t login. I think it has something to do with the app.

  • Paul Walker

    Call +1-800-608-5160 Toll Free for help.

  • LongSong

    That number didn’t work for me.

  • LongSong

    I’m the only one posting here. For awhile there – while it was down for me – I kept getting messages popping up, but I can’t access the site. The isitdownrightnow site has it down for EVERYONE. If so, how can they send messages to me?

    CURSES. I’m gonna die alone. I KNEW it….

  • TheGodTheLegend

    Naw, you still got me

  • LongSong

    Thank God, God!

  • Billy Asberry

    I cant access it either

  • les

    @Long Song Cant access this site using the Computer ; don’t have the phone app… its been like this for the past 2 hours…. But then this is Tuesday the day Microsoft usually does computer updates… wonder if that has anything to do with it? hmmmm

  • LongSong

    Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. My sister has a BAT in her house! YIKES. I wonder too…

  • Ranay Machelle Metts

    I was on POF earlier today but now all it says is “service not available”…I couldn’t access it on my phone either.

  • Ranay Machelle Metts

    this really sucks…I had a date tonight…UGGGH!!!!

  • LongSong

    For some reason though, I kept getting “You have a new message!” notifications. How come THEY can message me, and I can’t message them? This is SO FRUSTRATING.

    Makes me wish I would have gotten their phone number…

  • LongSong

    So sorry about your date!

  • Charles

    Plenty Of Fish Customer Care Phone Number +1-800-608-5160

  • LeFebr

    Hahaha… That was funny girl.
    I have the same issue from yesterday noon. I have been receiving messages but when I try to access the account asks me to login. When I try to login, it says wrong password/username. When I try to renew my password, it never delivered to my email account.

    I think I’m going to die alone as well. lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  • js

    they need to shut down POF, that site is crap! boycott and shut it down.

  • Dianne Jean Lander

    I haven’t been able to long in after registering for the sight. When I say I forgot my password and I put in my email it says email is not in the data base.

  • Carl

    I can open up the PoF website but for some reason it is not letting me login. Anyone else having the same issue?

  • Mark

    Is pof down right now, been trying to get on all morning.

  • Harriot

    POF is DOWN folks for me, not able to sign in at all. Guess no dating for me then lol.

  • Gmlalady

    I haven’t been able to access POF for about 24 hrs now. Error says that my user name or pw not in the database. However, I’m still getting notifications of messages, views, etc. The count goes up and down w/o my interaction. Wierd! Has anyone else been on today?

  • Spartagen

    Since sign out last night I have been able to get on pof site at all, it will accept my username and password but as soon as you go to accept it to get into pof it throughs me out. I have tried numerous times throughout the day and haven’t been able to get back on I also lost my first amount this ways by pof going down, I paid for the years upgrade and was tossed out how do I get that back again when up.
    Why should anybody pay for site that’s not working.

  • db

    I haven’t been able to get in since early this morning.

  • pfffft

    Its down

  • dkjeo9999

    is the app down??

  • Maxine

    Well this is weird because i never log out of my Plenty of Fish app yet when I opened it this morning i was logged out.

  • Giles

    Is Plenty of Fish down for everyone or certain locations.

  • Joe

    I’m in california, USA, and it’s down right now

  • LA

    Is for me

  • Joe

    It could also be that we got reported and banned.

  • Michelle

    Down in missouri

  • Alison Schembri

    Im in Australia and it wont let me log in.:(

  • Kirstie Matthews


  • Kirstie Matthews

    What? All pof users?

  • Kirstie Matthews

    It’s down and I’m in Australia

  • Victoria Mitchell

    Same here

  • david

    Connecticut down.

  • Vanessa

    Brisbane, Australia down.

  • Vanessa

    Me too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vanessa


  • Jess Durkee

    New hampshire is down. Wicked lame.

  • bwalk

    Virginia is down too wtf smh

  • Earleen Amalfitano

    Down in tn

  • Luke

    Down in mt

  • Michee

    Down Toronto Canada

  • AJ

    Down in MI. Both website and app.

  • Megan

    Website and app down in michigan usa

  • Keith Groom

    Down in France

  • simurgh559

    down in new york

  • simurgh559

    this many people at the same time? nah

  • Swimmergirl

    Down in Illinois.

  • Blockhead

    Down in NC ๐Ÿ™

  • Chloe Mynott

    POF is currently down here is Australia, can not login and when I go to forget password it tells me that the email is not recognised…. I was previously logged in 2 hrs ago I I never logged out but now I cant access it at all. this is for both Website & app.

  • Luke

    Its working in montana

  • Jacob

    Down in indy

  • Joe

    Were you able to login now?

  • fredkirchner

    Not working in Tennessee. Cannot log in to my account

  • hello20

    not working MN

  • King Quilly

    Yo.. Where at in Illinois

  • Mills

    Still down… Still not working…

  • Char

    Not working in CO

  • Raymond Junior

    Guess now all the girls gotta go someplace else to get those free dinners and concerts. lol

  • me

    Site has been down for a week and a half over various PCs and browsers.
    works on my mobile phone so I guess Iโ€™ll delete my free account over the
    phone and create a new one. I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s because itโ€™s been
    hacked, I havenโ€™t โ€paidโ€ for advanced features or itโ€™s my advertisment
    pop-up blocker but I WILL NOT be paying for a subscription because I see
    even paying people have lost service.

  • Smyrna Native

    I have been unable to log on for 3 days now….frustrating but this too shall pass


    It is my understanding that POF has encountered a major Hack job which has completely destroyed their operating system. The site cannot be found on the Web since it’s DNS has been badly scrambled, DNS is the binary numbers for any dot com web site. It is NOT expected to be repaired any time soon. POF might possibly be finished..Kaput.

  • John Mills

    POF down in Virginia 3:20 est.

  • Robert

    I keep getting error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

  • dane

    same wny 11/23-11/26 no access

  • Marcia Hojnicki Downs

    11/29/16 I was able to log in at 6:00 a.m. but am not able to do so now. I’m emailing to reset password, but get no response. Anyone else having this problem today? It will help my frustration to know I’m not alone.

  • Marcia Hojnicki Downs


    11/29/16 I was able to log in at 6:00 a.m. but am not able to do so now. I’m emailing to reset password, but get no response. Anyone else having this problem today? It will help my frustration to know I’m not alone.

    see more

  • Avram Cohen

    Anyone else that can’t sign in today?? I just signed up last night and today got a fake email from someone far away giving me there private email I wrote back not interested in Nigerian scams and now I can’t log on or reset anything, wondering if the fake contact is the reason?

  • Loreyes77

    I can’t sign in POF what is wrong???

  • Dave

    Can’t login on the pof app keeps saying error occurred

  • Jackie H

    I can’t sign in. POF keeps timing out.

  • Craig

    Plenty of fish is down for me, December 22, 2016. Is PoF down for anyone else?

  • Tonis515

    This is ridiculous why is it saying there’s no internet connection when there definitely is, please fix this ASAP

  • Michelle

    I can log in but something is definitely wrong. It there are no views, no messages, no profiles on meet me.

  • Michelle

    I can log in but there is definitely something wrong. Tried using app and website.

  • Vonne

    I can’t see view me or the meet me anyone else having this problem

  • Sheryl

    Having same problems no viewed me and meet me says an error occurred

  • Yurani

    Me too

  • Lisa

    I get no internet connection when trying the viewed me. But everything else seems to work. What a pos.

  • D Man

    me three – no viewed me or meet me :'(

  • Donna Germany

    Definitely problems with POF today. No viewed me or meet me all day and now can’t even connect to the site at all.

  • Windsor PoppyCock

    Your account was terminated for being ugly as sin.

  • You’re an idiot if you think that’s how websites and servers work. They have these things called “backups”. Even if there was a hack attempt, it’s just a matter of bringing up the most recent backup (of multiple backups). You have no idea what you’re talking about.
    “It is NOT expected to be repaired any time soon.” According to some moron on the internet?

  • Gerry Pazzi

    You mean plenty of single moms site is down

  • Silver Rose

    says “no internet connection” – has for hours. Not true – I can access OTHER sites

  • kj

    plenty of fools is down, oh well, back to rocket science

  • Craig Miller

    well crap !!! I was talking to someone on there, and can’t get back in touch with her.

  • Norma Lupton

    I enjoy chatting on site and all I get is a fish that looks like it’s sleeping

  • Norma Lupton

    Same here. My internet is working on every thing but pof

  • Cece

    Lol too funny

  • Norma Lupton

    My entertainment. Met a Guy on POF but flirt and chat with Guys there. Boyfriend is cool about My flirting as long as I don’t go to far…

  • Norma Lupton

    I was on this morning but has been down for hours

  • Angela Kurtz

    Totally down right now. Boo!

  • Anthony Wright

    guess no more free pof

  • Norma Lupton

    Connection reset by peer. What does that mean?

  • jo jo ormaz

    if you have anyone’s numbers – you better save them ,,,,

  • jo jo ormaz


    Dear POF Member,

    Weโ€™re sending this message to let you know that we have
    updated our Privacy Policy. In the past year, we were acquired by Match
    Group, and we are updating our Privacy Policy to bring it in line with
    the other Match Group privacy policies. You should read the new Privacy
    Policy in full at Privacy Policy, but the key changes to the Privacy Policy include:

    Clarifying the nature of the information we collect
    and how we collect it, including through the use of cookies, web
    beacons, pixels, or other technologies that allow for tracking. We also
    note that we will collect geolocation information with your consent.
    Updating how we use the information that we
    collect, including to provide the Service, provide customer support,
    detect and protect against fraud, develop and display advertising
    tailored to your interests, and for other analytical purposes.
    Updating with whom we share the information that we
    collect, including that we may share the information we collect with
    other Match Group businesses, various service providers, and other
    parties in connection with advertising campaigns.
    Clarifying and simplifying our description of how we protect your personal information.

    In addition, we have updated the Terms of Use.
    Again, you should read the new Terms of Use Agreement in full, but the
    key changes include revising the arbitration provision to provide
    additional clarity about how the arbitration process works.

    The updated Privacy Policy is effective on 23 Dec 2016,
    and by using the POF Service after that date, you consent to the
    updated terms of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you do not want
    to be bound by the updated terms of the Privacy Policy and Terms of
    Use, please follow the instructions in the Account Settings to
    deactivate your POF account.


    The Plentyoffish Team

    Replies to this email will be automatically deleted.

    If you do not wish to be notified by email, please unsubscribe here:

  • jo jo ormaz

    Take note:

    we were acquired by Match Group

    information we collect and how we collect it,

    other technologies that allow for tracking.

    we use the information that we collect,

    that we may share the information we collect with other Match Group businesses

    key changes include revising

    updated Privacy Policy is effective on 23 Dec 2016

  • jo jo ormaz

    log onto twitter look up POF and see the young college kids in the photos of Match,OK Cupid and Tinder – all happy and excited .. woo hoo,,, the photo is out there…
    right now there are millions of people upset with the dating app,,, wait until the see the new changes,,, to come.. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the dating game is over.,… time to get back to being real….

  • Charles Parker

    Been down several hours here in Ga. Kinda makes me wonder if POF got DOS attacked again.

  • Norma Lupton

    I threw away My black book

  • jo jo ormaz

    it’s done…… they merged with Match.

  • Victoria Torres

    Still down in California. This sucks

  • Norma Lupton

    I agree. Have met a few very nice Men on this site.

  • Tikarei

    It’s been down since 5:30 pm in Michigan. It’s still down almost 11 hours later.

  • Merrill

    Tried to sign on in California…over an hour now! Going to bed…uuuggghhh…smhid!!!!!

  • Merrill

    NOT cool…c’mon POF fix this!

  • Norma Lupton

    I talk to a lot of Guys. This sucks!

  • Merrill

    For shiznet!

  • Dave k

    I just started talking to a gal last night and we were hitting it off. Now I can’t even open the app, or log on through the Internet. Wtf??

  • Dave k

    So I guess this won’t be free anymore. Money hungry corporate BS

  • Tikarei

    You said it. Especially when I just started talking with this guy who was really interested in me and vice versa. </3

  • Sunny Williamson

    Does anyone know what is actually going on? Is there anyway to contact the folks at POF (the people that run the site)?

  • Cutefrombirth

    This site sucks it’s not working Can someone tell me what’s wrong

  • Luke Sprigg

    I totally agree. Its such bs

  • Mike Lubz

    Its down! who knows! eventually they will fix it

  • joffa

    POF was sold in January 2015…. thats like almost 2 years ago people

  • Joe

    I was in a heated conversation with a girl that I thought I was going to hook up with come on

  • Tikarei

    You can possibly try to find their phone number for their support line on sites other than their own, since even their own site is down. But they also have facebook, instagram, and twitter as well you could possibly post to.

  • David Whitney

    Servers not down ppl, sites been hacked

  • Da Trumpstah

    This is gods way of saving you from a life time of herpiez

  • Tikarei

    Can you link or tell us where you got your information from plz?

  • Da Trumpstah

    Everytime i logged on to it on my phone a spam site pops up saying congratulations you won yada yada.. it was most certainly hacked but think for months

  • Da Trumpstah

    Hack attack

  • Ty

    4chan and Trump

  • Da Trumpstah

    The outrage shouldn’t be why is this site down?.. the outrage should be why do the girls on that site say “few extra pounds” but really are morbidly obese!

  • Da Trumpstah

    The russians

  • Craig Miller

    don’t use POF as a hookup site. You’ll be better off.

  • Lauren Tweet

    I bet you’re one ugly SOB lol… and definitely don’t get ass!

  • shaniqua


  • Ruben Sanchez

    When he asked for someone on POF to go down on him, the whole site goes down on him! He is……the most interesting man in the world!!

  • Huni Brown

    I had a date lined up as well. I havent been able to log on since last night. Smh and its still down this morning!

  • Betsy

    This, coming from a guy who looks like an orangutan

  • Shawn Wallis

    Amen brother. Plenty of Fat Asses is what it is called. 9 our of every 10 women on that site has blown shocks in their car. LOL

  • Shawn Wallis

    Get their #’s dumb ass

  • Kari Marceaux

    HEYYYYYYYYYY I’m on POF and I’m not fat…… Why is it most of the men that hit me up don’t have all their teeth, aren’t from this country, have aids and sleeps with everyone, or has 10 baby mamas and no job.. Let’s not forget about the short men out there.. POF is the worst to find a date…

  • Kari Marceaux

    This feed is gonna start being the new pof.. I’m out. Forever single with my dog!

  • Mit Tressler


  • Shawn Wallis

    We all agree there. 95% of the women on there either live with their mother or husband. Also, most are looking to screw the next victim, so I think the male and female sides are both equally filled with idiots

  • Mit Tressler

    Anonymous- messing with us…

  • Mit Tressler

    Yeah- if it says 5’8, you can take off a couple inches. Always a bummer since I’m about 5’10 in heels. Makes me feel like a Amazon.

  • Mit Tressler


  • Norma Lupton

    I get lots of hits. Have met several Men. Most not My type. Seeing a Guy I met on POF and We have been together close to 4 months. Still chat with Other Guys who still want to meet Me if things don’t work out. It’s a great site and don’t want to lose it.

  • Kari Marceaux

    I agree.. I’ve seen some ratchet females on there from what my friends see.. I’m usually always using bumble.. I think it’s a classier app to meeting someone and I’ve seen most guys on there with their life together and they have all their teeth.. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to find a decent good looking man with his life together who isn’t already married and has 5 kids. I feel like everyone is out for mr or mrs right now and not a forever thing. I’m definitely on the wrong site. Single forever with my dog haha!

  • Norma Lupton

    Hey, not always so. I pay for meals also.

  • Reed

    Hey I got a job am not bad looking and all

  • Jon White

    you are cute Kari Marceuax, where do i find out more about you

  • Nathan Roger Willis

    Okcupid is still working, and it’s free too ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

    Also, a note to people saying “all the ladies are x” and “all the men are x”, I wonder where you live? I’ve had many great conversations with great ladies on pof, so I’m wondering why I’m so much luckier than you guys haha. Maybe it’s a location thing?

  • Gigio Topolino

    what is your username on pof??:)

  • novascotianboy

    I don’t know what’s more frustrating – that my date for today is clearly now not happening – or the complete and total lack of any communication whatsoever about what is going on and/or when it might be fixed. PoF’s Facebook and Twitter account say absolutely nothing. Pisspoor.

  • BellaJatue

    Sorry for you, I have not had these problems at all on there lol

  • Da Trumpstah

    Good news is your dog cant give you an std?

  • Friends first

    Can’t get on. What’s going on?

  • Da Trumpstah

    Or should change their sites name to plenty of disappointment.. or plenty of single moms or plenty of nigerian scam artists

  • Da Trumpstah

    Look at all the mens after u now? Who needs pof?! Disqus is the new dating site to get frustrated and disappointed over with

  • Da Trumpstah

    Yup annnnnnd yup

  • Washington

    Is it only Nigerians that do scam damned fool

  • Matthew Cooper

    There are a few good men on here, exactly what your loooking for. Just lots of not so good that flood the market lol

  • Da Trumpstah

    Can you go back in time 1 minute ago and correct your grammar ?because you make no sense

  • Fangirl71

    I haven’t been able to log into POF since yesterday. Seriously, WTF???

  • Beautybuff45

    Yeah and most of them are on weed….just saying.

  • kieona Hutchins

    Ive been able to log on with my laptop and on my phone with my chrome browser. Maybe everybody can try theres. Location SLC Utah

  • Matthew Cooper

    dogs have a better personality then a lot of idiots I know lol

  • Shawn Wallis

    Wow….6 foot and 185 lbs is fat? That’s a first….lol

  • Shawn Wallis

    I can’t say POF is terribly bad. The horrible experience I had 5 years ago propelled me to write a book about it. 5 yrs later and 2 best selling books later, I give props to this website. I did something we all say we can do…..write about it.

  • Norma Lupton

    Mine is back on

  • Tom

    Still can’t login

  • Norma Lupton

    Mine is working fine. Down several hours awhile back.

  • Trbj

    POF is down. Not even showing up on browsers or app.

  • kieona Hutchins

    How is it possible i can receive messages but i can’t even get on pof?!

  • Beth Robertson

    Mine is the same…can’t log on but i show new messages

  • Jay hennegan

    Anyone know what issue is?

  • Jay hennegan

    Fixed yet?

  • Maxefforts

    LOL you wrote 2 books? I don’t even see one about it! Another Phony. Dude stop your trolling and get a great job. Damn joke.

  • Shawn Wallis

    Trolling? Lol…..that comment is so terrible, I really wasn’t sure if I should respond to you. 2 best selling books, yes. I actually wrote 4 books and it all began because of Plenty of Fish. I actually named the first Chapter “Plenty of Fish” in my first book, The Long Road Out. Thanks for the comment

  • SOLO


  • Judy3R311

    Yes its been down for about 4 hours…its the entire site

  • Ghaleon

    Yes I cant get anything to load at all

  • Tom Robbins

    It’s down again!! At least once every 2 weeks it goes down it seems like!

  • Crystal Rowe

    Glad it’s not just me.. is there an eta.. I was actually meeting some really nice people for a change

  • annagirl99

    Yes .. and one person I was talking with said my profile changes set up another and still won’t let me log in. On my first one om now rose with 3 cause I had contacts in there

  • Shawn Wallis

    185 lbs is fat? That’s a first

  • Loyd Christmas

    It’s down again. Super annoying how often this happens. We should all boycott since they don’t even have a way to contact.

  • Richard

    Hi loyd I joined up 10 days ago and still can’t get on anyone know when it will be working again ???

  • Loyd Christmas

    I’m on now buddy!

  • Kim Hall

    Unable to see photos

  • Lori Wensits Szoke Eskridge

    I googled and found an alleged tech support site. They tried to convince me that someone in Detroit has hacked my account. I let them team view my account and they said the only way they can fix it is if I log onto one of my other accounts like Ebay or Paypal. Yeah, right!!!

  • Ellyssa

    Mines doing the same currently. Can’t get on the app or website

  • Jules Cripps

    Glad it’s not just me on both hopefully there get it sorted asap

  • Ellyssa

    I hope so. Is it saying it’s your connection?

  • Jules Cripps

    Yes error in my internet and so rebooted and that’s fine I’ll keep you posted

  • Ellyssa

    I’ll do the same! I restarted everything and it’s still the same.

  • Michelle Murphy

    Mine is saying its my internet connection but everything else on my phone is working.

  • Jules Cripps

    thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jules Cripps

    hi i know that feeling , hopefully it wont be to long ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ellyssa

    Still saying the same for me.

  • Jeff Boyington

    down in Montreal Qc canada for 2 hours at least now ๐Ÿ™

  • Barb Walsh

    Down in Saint John, NB as well. says this. The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    I can get on other websites no problem on desktop computer and phone, so it is not my internet or WiFi.
    aggravating. haven’t seen it down this long before. have had problems since last night.

  • Mary Eva Swatek

    Down in Ann Arbor, MI. Have a date scheduled with a guy in less than two hours but can’t confirm it with him.

  • Carol Sikora

    I keep getting updates about matches however still cannot login ๐Ÿ™

  • Gag David Conway

    Lol sorry but goes show what type of society of life we live in today a site goes down for a while and people are having a right good moan about …seriously is your life that sad..
    How we coped before the internet and sky and consoles I’ll never know lol take these whingy arse people back to the 70s before all this mobiles and TV only had 3 channels and see how they cope . then they realise this is way below bottom of their list of problems people rely on technology internet so much these days they can’t function without them .. And tbh its a pretty sad state of affair

  • Gag David Conway

    And if you was talking to someone I’m pretty sure they won’t mind waiting for a few hrs reply ..if they can’t then they ain’t worth it after all would the expect you to reply to a text asap .ERM no .
    They ain’t suddenly going to be in a relationship by time it gets running back up just because you couldn’t get in touch with them …oh my god my wife hasn’t answered my text since 6am this morning what if she gone of me .argh she might have ran of with the milkman I’m so worried about her. .seriously

  • Danielle Dalton

    Coming from someone who is spending time commenting on a website about websites being down… ummmm!? Think first…

  • Ian Bleakley

    Shut up idiot, its not fof yoh to comment on what people ard feeling, iv yoh have nothing constructive to add shut up and wind your neck in.

  • Ian Bleakley

    Shut up you idiot, it’s not your place to comment on what people are feeling, if you have nothing constructive to add just shut up and wind your neck in.

  • Gag David Conway

    Not really I’m not complaining its down .
    I’m joking at fact people are complaining as if its mega important and when stuff like fb goes down people are in uproar and go made a site that important to annoy someone enough to get annoyed never

  • Ken S.

    I feel that there are at least 90% of the people on POF are not serious in meeting someone.

  • Jules Cripps

    glad im in the 10% that is serious about meeting someone, but its not helping when pof site keeps going down

  • Jules Cripps

    hi hunni i hope you manage to confirm,and good luck its just gone down again in the uk ๐Ÿ™

  • disqus_v1sQNfpJxI

    Lovely Jules,

    If I may ask, what profiles do you find draw your interest? I have been as I’m up front and honest as imaginable. Yet, I find myself perplexed.

  • Jules Cripps

    Hi it’s what they say about themselves and what there looking for in a woman and also there photos. But if they don’t have photos of themselves or posters I won’t even look at them to be honest.

    You usually spot the fakes players and married ones

    I hope that helps

  • disqus_v1sQNfpJxI


    All of that is covered. If anything, i’m “too” upfront.

    Oh well, The heart wants what the heart wants, I suppose. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Shawn Wallis

    Wow, 185 is fat?


    You’re an idiot for thinking that everyone is consumed with blogging and being a cyber-whore just like you. Over 4 thousand blogs… blah blah blah, trying your best to be a relevant hiding behind a keyboard… certainly you are the epitome of “some moron on the internet” …get a life.

  • Marshall252

    Is pof down this morning? 4-16-17

  • Marshall252

    Is pof down on 4-16-17

  • D. Jaffe

    Un called 4

  • Crimsonrain

    Not sure what the deal is. the last two days I’ve been told (after resettng password a number of times) that my username or password is incorrect. It’s not telling me I’ve been locked out or anything and after I reset the password it tells me password successfully reset. I then log in and it tells me my username or password is incorrect.

  • Pablo Costa

    Its down from Brazil. Can’t access it.

  • Carlton

    Yes POF is down and out, then its up and running again and then BOOM its offline again.

  • Denise Shirk

    I just joined 3 days ago yesterday (4/24/17) and last night about 8 pm (after being able to access all day) all of a sudden I was logged out (and I didn’t log out) and when i went to sign back it said my password no longer worked. I am in Pennsylvania. This is so frustrating cause I was starting to have a great conversation with someone! Has anyone actually spoken to POF customer service?

  • Marcie Montemayor

    It just did the same thing to me and I’m In San Diego ca and im with you on being frustrated..

  • Michael Regan

    Did anyone’s else’s messaging go down?

  • Sherrie Denise Ayers


  • Monika A Serra

    I can’t send messages cant contact anyone cannot favorite anyone all i can do is search

  • June

    Itrying to log in. Doesn’t except password . Tried changing password.Then it tells me they sent message in my email. Then no mail come to my inbox to change it

  • Kenny

    The POF app is just pure useless, i started my new account like last week and met a really nice girl on there, we were havign a great time chatting and right in the middle of chatting when the app just crashed on me. Now I cannot get the app working and I really like this girl as she does me i hope.

  • Rose

    I feel your pain Kenny, this happened to me the other day as well.

  • Yup, same problem, cannot log in since two or three days ago. Reset password procedure followed, but cannot log in with new password either. Crappy.

  • Eric Novak

    Same problem
    I am someone who puts a lot of effort into my account so its very upsetting to have to make a new account

  • Eric Novak

    Yeah if I get to log in it won’t send my messages or let me favorite anyone

  • Eric Novak


  • Eric Novak

    (What am I passionate about)
    My goals are the steps i take to reach my dreams. One day I hope to settle down and raise a family because I grew up without a family’s support so its my dream to someday have a large family of my own more currently I’m working on my health because you can’t be all brains right?ย I am a kind hearted man who cares for those im close to I have a great sense of humor though I’m working most weeks I am devoted to those I care about and do my best to make time for love ones I am honest I won’t lie to some one I love because I believe if you love someone you should be honest with them.ย  Communcation, Faithfulness, loyalty are qualities that I possess
    ( who has had a influential role in my life)
    I don’t have an individual person that stands out in my mind other than my mother.ย  Although I’ve grown up by myself for the better part of my life. She’s been around on and off more than anyone else. Thus a lot of the many things I’ve learned from my experiences I was forced to endure by myself or thru her from the things that she thought me, or didn’t. For the most part of my childhood I grew up in group homes and while Iย was homeless as an adult. I am thankful though for all that I experienced because it made me who I am today. Stronger.
    (What do I typically do in my spare time)
    Im outdoorsy and indoorsy it depends on my mood when im off work and want to get away I enjoy fishing, hiking especially exploring some of pennswoods and beyond or sometimes anime off hulu or some Xbox live when i feel like gaming or simply hangout with my friends I am a fan of mcu and plan on seeing the next avengers movie. It is rare but sometimes I draw in a sketchbook
    ( what I wish more people would notice about me)
    I’m genuine with who I am and I know what I’m looking for in a relationship I am honest with both myself and others “only if you are comfortable” and ever just want to chat ( because of my line of work. I work a lot but I can always be reached on fb messager asykidd117@gmail I don’t pester people the most I’ll do is the occasional hello how are you greeting unless told otherwise) i don’t believe in making things difficult. I’m a dedicated and loyal friend if given the chance I pay my debts and I work hard for the things I desire most I’ve been on dating sites for the last four years and I have had more trouble with people whom take advantage or can’t commit, im not perfect by far I still make mistakes from time to time.
    (On that)
    I seem like a very sudden person I am honestly really laid back type of guy I put a lot into my profile to allow interested women to see that I’m serious about finding someone else who genuinely as serious about finding someone as well. I aim to be friends at first. I don’t linger if you ask me to go I can understand, I’m used to and can handle rejection. Sometimes it hurts but I know that whenever one opens their heart to another they must be brave enough to endure the worst and wise enough to know that not everything is meant to be.

    Try typing something like that out every time the site makes you start over

  • Michael Hatcher

    It seems they have deleted my profile or something is down. Found a customer service email, sent email, you get canned email response. Guess I am finished with them. What a joke.

  • Peggy Diane


  • Scott Kiene

    They’ve been down for a few hours now. If you can get on every profile you click on says users account has been deleted from pof and they were no longer members. That ok. The woman were a bunch of skanks anyway

  • Ashley Sama

    My account is active, POF keeps sending me new profiles but so useless, because for about a month I have been locked out and nothing I do will let me back in.
    I have sent POF numerous e-mails, zero responses, tried to set up a new account with a new e-mail address and their code will not let me in. My last resort called the listed number for them and not even a message machine only a click….this company is a farce.

  • Gerald Crutcher

    Is POF down Monday Sept 25?

  • Helpline +(1)855-844-0388

    Contact us for Problems and Issues.
    Thank You.

  • Chris

    Same–can’t login nor set up new account. Not receiving email for new password. Really frustrated because even if hypothetically I’m able to create a new acct, I paid for the other one and there’s no way of contacting a single person for help. How is it legal that they get away with so much? I agree with the other person, we should definitely file a class action lawsuit now.

  • creative artist

    Cant log in. Thought I had been deleted. So I created a new profile and happened again within a minute of saving it. Tried to reset password and does not send you the email to reset it.

  • Matt

    POF is deleting accounts as fast as you create them for no reason whatsoever …. create an account / add pics / description / then when you go to search for users your profile is gone. Signed up 3 different times last night and 2 times today. WTF POF??????

  • Robert Volk

    Something wrong with pof? Can’t log in

  • Mie Y

    Same thing happened to me last night (PST). Someone told me that my profile was deleted. And I tried to register a new account, they make you go through all the steps, but when you finish, they kick you out, and cannot log in again.

  • LaKesha Meaux

    same here.. and I’ve had my account for well over a year

  • Mie Y

    Where is Markus? They don’t have any email address for reporting this kind problem.

  • Tz

    and no way to contact anyone. I thought maybe it was my fault but I created a seperate e mail and account and it kept getting deleted. hope they get it straightened out soon.

  • Antonio Montana

    The funniest thing about this is that it is free. With all the frauds, fake profiles and scams from from Ghana this bs site was bound to finally implode. No one ever meets their ‘soulmate’ on this wack site.

  • Tz

    Lots of scammers for sure but most of the nice looking women are posting 10 to 15 year old pics or think they are going to land some young buck that looks like Brad Pitt. Lot of big lard asses too that say ” average body “. LOL

  • Mieko Y

    You know what, I found two nice guys on POF, both lasted over three years. I am trying to find a good man for good this time, but I cannot get on. I have been a POF member since 2008 when they did not have paid upgrades. And everytime I come back to open a new account, it is changing….

  • Mie Y

    You know what, I found two nice guys on POF, both lasted over three years. I am trying to find a good man for good this time, but I cannot get on. I have been a POF member since 2008 when they did not have paid upgrades. And everytime I come back to open a new account, it is changing….

  • creative artist

    Yep im a victim as well. SCAMMERS. At least my photos are recent. I also put average but am better than average actually. They just dont have a proper description for me to choose. Wouldnt it be weird if we met someone on this type of thing because pof went down? LOL!

  • creative artist

    I heard Match bought POF. So probably no real Markus anymore.

  • creative artist

    Yep, its an international issue.

  • Tz

    I can smell a scam a mile away and played them all out till it imploded on them. It was some good entertainment though.

  • Gwen Verlander

    I heard they are slowly shutting all of Pof down because they have been bought out by match. And so you then have to pay to use it so thatโ€™s how they then get all there money. Hence why it is not getting fixed!

  • Mie Y

    Hi guys, It is fixed. My old profile had been deleted, but I have registered a new account and it is working fine.

  • Jonathan SK

    And your new profile will be deleted in an hour or 2. That’s a very strange thing from POF nowadays.

  • Alex Kotlarz

    someone hacked into my profile and there nothing i can do about it.tried to email them about the hack seems no one on the site cares or can do anything about it

  • Gina Loyd

    Days ago it started telling me that my pw

    was incorrect. I tried to reset it, and never got an email. Actually, at that point I stopped getting any emails(matches or otherwise).Still no email to reset pw, and still saying my pw is incorrect.

  • Jessica Johnston

    I met my girlfriend of 6 years on Pof. It is sad to see this site fall apart..

  • Andrew Buesking

    Hey there Alison, I been experiencing the same and I signed up
    yesterday. I’d love to make contact with you Alison, my name is Andrew,
    please write me as I may not be able to find my way
    in here to this particular comment box and i hope you understand…

  • Alison

    I joined PoF yesterday and all was going well for about two hours. Then suddenly I can’t log in anymore. It won’t send me a password reset, the number for customer service is FAKE, you guys. They will try to steal your information. Tried to register again, and can’t get it to do that either.

  • Billhop

    Darn it -seems I’m locked out of POF!
    Bad timing cuz I’m real anxious to hook up with a nice lady (maybe marriage).
    Respond to me here and we’ll make a plan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • here is remote help

  • Graham Greg

    Having the same problem here. my saved password is not correct. cant search or sign up. just goes into a loop.

  • Sunar Sol

    Services are up and running.

  • Gerald

    POF is down right now August 9 2018 130 am

  • Kevin Kaufman

    Yep, just noticed that as well.

  • Butter Bergquam

    Any idea how long this might take..i set up a meet date but we hadn’t exchanged phone numbers yet

  • Butter Bergquam

    How do you get your photo up in here?

  • El Kenny Shine

    I can’t log into my account

  • simba

    POF services are up and running .

  • keola henley

    POF is downright now

  • Hector Arredondo

    Cant log into my account 3 days now? Any help on what to do

  • Alicia Dean

    Pof is still down in Tulsa

  • Brian Potts

    it is down in nettleton ms

  • CDS

    this seems to be a regular thing for POF.When will it be fixed? Does anyone know

  • DesignMyLyfe

    The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

  • Ralph Benthall

    Nothing but white page not working

  • dsm

    hey people pof still down anyone know when or what is going on ?

  • Mary Kreitler

    Unable to get on site since last night

  • Cassidy

    Been 2 days not being able to get on pof says connectivity issues

  • Britany Bell

    When will pof be up again

  • Katrina

    I’m having the same problem, telling me connectivity issues. I was able to get on earlier today though.

  • Mike

    I can’t log in. The error message was:

    “The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

    Your support ID is: 17743812060787784692”
    I just upgraded. Going to be up soon?

  • samuel

    Connectivity problems with POF
    Please consult with your administrator.

  • David

    10-13-18 problems logging in everyday morning and night. I have about had it for this site.

  • Lori Purney

    Signed up 10/12/18, in the afternoon, never even logged out. Today, the
    site is saying my password or user name is incorrect, which it is not. When I follow the instructions to reset my password, POF claims they sent me an email to do so, yet I have received nothing. I am thankful I did not give them any money!

  • Daphne Lynn Roberson

    Down for almost a week…deleted the app and reinstalled. No luck. Says the server stopped responding OR no internet connection. I have internet and have NO problem logging in to other sites. This is nuts!

  • Windy

    Plenty of fish.

  • Melvin

    My pof refuses to connect on my iPhone

  • Faye Ellison

    Meet me feature not working

  • Sheresa Michelle Ponder

    Pof down right now?