Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish or known as POF is a free dating site that earns revenue through advertising, they operating in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Brazil and Ireland. It is not often the website goes down but when it does it can be due to scheduled maintenance updates, or outages no one can explain.

POF viewed me not working

There are millions of users and when there is an outage people will come forward saying they cannot access the dating site. Other issues that can occur include registration, not able to login. A few users have said previously that they have trouble uploading photos. Yet again, it is not often there are problems with POF.

POF is also available via apps on Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry; sometime there may be connection issues with these applications. If you are having any problems with Plenty of Fish please do let us know what is wrong.

Plenty of Fish status reports for Thursday 8th of December 2016

To find out if Plenty of Fish is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Plenty of Fish? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Cerran

    Plenty of Fish is down for me.

  • Marcus

    I cannot get onto the website, saying maintenance schedule.

  • Dan

    Site is still down, wonder what POF is doing.

  • Mike

    Keep getting errors with the apps, can’t sign in.

  • Jody

    Down in Canada for around an hour here as well.

  • Ron

    my mobile phone and desktop cannot access pof.

  • Ali

    POF still down, very frustrating and poor service! 3 hours now!

  • Lisa

    POF going down was madness yesterday, I wanted to find my perfect date and couldnt. Oh well at least i had a wine.

  • Charb

    Plenty of Fish was down for way too long, when it did finally come back online it went offline soon after. All seems well.

  • Chris

    I tried to make a love story happen but POF was down, and i wasn’t down with that, all them ladies missing out on such a lovely night out.

  • Rosey

    Cupid was on strike and that is why POF was out of action. I think Cupid is wanting a pay rise but Plenty of Fluff was not having it so they went offline.

  • Laurie

    POF is so slow for me today, is it for you?

  • Alvin

    POF is running smoothly for me, the other day was a complete nightmare when POF’s website was down, but since then its all been good.

  • Georgina

    How come my PoF profile keeps getting deleted?

  • Patricia

    I am unable to log-in to Plenty of Fish this morning. I am using the free one and not upgraded.

  • Jake

    I am not able to see who viewed me, not even able to view anyone else either.

  • Larry

    Not able to get Plenty of Fish connection, all i leep getting is no internet connection try again.

  • Orson

    If I open up my POF messages my app on my iPhone keeps shutting down on me.

  • Nicole

    “pof has stopped working” – This is the message i get, i am in London is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Lauren

    What is happening to POF today, trying to get online but will not let me?

  • Mick

    I can login to POF but not able to view profiles, surely they are either updating site or there is a glitch in the system.

  • Timmy

    Not able to login to plenty of fish, is the website having an outage issue globally or is it location and individuality based?

  • darlene

    I’m have a problem you veiw you me it was working yes now it’s no longer working

  • Mister_Sausage

    Cannot view any profiles or who viewed me today.

  • Lisa

    Tis is super crazy now, not being able to access POF app on iPhone.

  • Churchill Uranta

    oh this is really crazy, kindly text me if your single and seeking a serious relationship: 661-769-6855

  • Matthew

    POF pages seem to be rather slow opening for me, I know they have their troubles now and then but they do not happen often.

  • Manny

    I seem to be having issues with Plenty of Fish today, i try to open on my mobile phone and it just shuts down on me.

  • Jillian

    Is Plenty of Fish down?

  • Sharon

    I cannot open any POF profiles, no matter what one i choose it will not open up.

  • Danny

    PoF is not working for me.

  • Missty

    I need so some answers. NOW. Why can’t I get messages and can’t see my profile this is get ridiculous. I about just about done with this site. I pay money to be on this site.

  • BurgerMan

    It’s down what a surprise. It’s the worst dating site ever i got banned for no reason the only thing i can think of is i reported an escort profile the day before i got banned but in the end I’m the one ending up getting banned. And the escort profile is still on that site with nudity so i guess they would rather ban the guy who follows terms of use than ban the woman profile with nudity. If you see an escort profile that has nudity don’t report that profile you will be the one ending up being banned for no reason.
    This site also always has a slow response time.

  • What what?

    Whatever you say, guy.

  • Fisher

    If Plenty of Fish isn’t down it is running slow, if you do meet your perfect date you will probable be around 70 now after waiting for so long.

  • Matthew

    I have a serious problem here.
    I cannot even get in the website in the first place.
    It always tells me this page cannot be displayed.
    Is the website down??

  • Jill

    Profiles are not showing for me, search is not working the way it used to as it hardly shows any results. Whats going on?

  • Julie

    Having trouble accessing website, most of the time it will not even open pages i want to look at. should be not find a date .com

  • Donna Chamness

    What’s the issue now???

  • Jamie

    POF went down for a brief moment but is now back online again, must have been a server glitch.

  • Jim

    I’m in Canada and the pof looks really outdated . not working properly at all ?

  • Brandy Crumly

    I have created two profiles which have been deleted (not by me) I have not violated any policy. I am unable to upload pictures. When I sign up it wont take my information it keeps asking me to repeat the information.

  • Ciarrai Maria

    Brandy I created 4 times a new profile thinkin it was me and once I get logged on temp I get messages can’t send any than it logs me out and I cannot log back in. I don’t get it my friends that have pof too say they have no issues !!! Wtf!! I’d like to know y they r not saying anything for the fact they now have our privacy ( pics ) up and I can’t get in to even delete…. I email them and no response

  • Ciarrai Maria

    Does anyone know WUTS going on ?! And when I put my email add in its sayin “your email add is not in our database”!

  • Ciarrai Maria

    I could care less bout pof but concerned that my pics may now may be stuck on there site

  • Brandy Crumly

    I had to create a profile from my phone because it registered my IP address from my computer and won’t allow me to make a new profile it deleted 3 profiles this morning alone. However I’ve had no issues from my phone but when I log in to the account I created on my phone from my laptop it is of deleting the profile so I have to start all over again I just can’t use my home computer I think one of my usernames was curves and brains are lethal and it flagged me because of the word lethal I think however I don’t really know for sure. You might want to try creating a profile from your phone just don’t log into your computer to access that profile

  • Brandy Crumly

    Also, I’m a doctor. I know I didn’t post anything inappropriate. Not pictures, nothing. I have no idea.

  • Joaney

    What happened there then, I tried to login to POF and it was offline? Seems to ba back online now though.

  • Mike

    Yeah same with me, its all working fine now though.

  • Mark

    Plenty of Fish is down right now September 9, this site is always down. No chance of finding a date at this rate.

  • Graham

    POF servers have to be the worst out there when it comes to dating sites, down again.

  • Pist420

    It let me set up an acct and then the server stopped responding. This is exactly why I deleted my last acct.

  • Ben

    Just down for about 15 minutes from 6PM in the UK, but I think POF is coming back up with iOS and the website directly.

  • Alex Witting

    hey is anyones account saying no one is online at all

  • Alex Witting

    is like the servers down or something because my account is saying no one is online at all


    Can’t log into account, keeps saying password incorrect. Then when I go to change password it doesn’t recognize my email which I joined pof with????????

  • Eddie Shehan

    Hey everyone, POF was just sold to another dating site that is not free. They can’t just start charging everyone who is grandfathered in, that would be illegal, so they will make it a pain in the ass for everyone, who doesn’t upgrade!
    It’s how they will scam all non upgraded members for money!

  • Habib Massaad

    Mine just went down this afternoon

  • Mark

    Plenty of Fish website is down.

  • Melissa

    Plenty of Fish servers are down right now guys, i have tried many times to get online but i guess they are having problems.

  • Melany

    Does anyone know when POF will be back online, things are starting to look promising with a date and I am very happy.

  • Simone

    It is back up now, so much have been a little glitch.

  • Kiera

    I’ve made a profile 3 times in the past 2 days and within hours my account is deleted! I’m not posting anything inappropriate so I’m not sure what is going on. It won’t update who has viewed me, who wants to meet, my messages, nothing!

  • Tommy

    I’m having the same problem

  • Debbie

    I have used the site a long time and I am still getting email updates from them. I can not log in at all nor change my password if needed. We the users need some kind of update please in that we do enjoy meeting people not to hook up but just to chat and make more friends. 59 year old single female.

  • Teresa

    I have been trying to navigate POF for like an hour and all I am getting is super slow pages. It seems to be coming back now and starting to act normal. Any reason why the site was very slow loading pages?

  • Afiebs

    I can’t login or load any pages on the Android app today, 12/28/2015. Continues to tell me am error has occurred and to try again later.

  • Brittany

    Been trying to register on POF and it just keeps giving me errors (Incorrectly) like “User name taken” or “Copy exactly like the circles” when I have done it correctly and used names nobody would think of because they are nicknames given to me as a child. OBVIOUSLY something is wrong with the site, i just want to know when it’s going to be fixed and why the hell I am not getting any answers. I mean do they just not allow females on the site anymore? If anyone knows of a GOOD site that is free and not broken, please let me know.

  • Seth Everyguy

    Tried setting up an account twice today… it lets me get all the way through, then out of nowhere it won’t work and says my username/password is incorrect and my email is not in their system.

  • cedar

    So is POF down in Idaho, usa today? cannot even pull up the site?

  • Tiff

    Is pof down in nc right now ?

  • DaBX161

    POF seems to be down. I cannot log in…

  • Jennifer

    I have tried to login to plenty of fish for like 30 minutes now and no luck, simply because the website is down.

  • Claire

    Is plenty of fish down or is there just a glitch with the servers?

  • Jimmy

    pof is not working, the website has been offline for like 30 minutes or so now.

  • TR

    It is down at least 50% of the time. Very unreliable. You wold think they would fix it.

  • Me

    Been down since yesterday can’t log in from my samsung galaxy 5 what’s wrong with this app.

  • Me

    From Warren,Ohio

  • Carolyn

    Mine always says that ..they should fix it..

  • Carole

    I have tried to login a few times but all i keep getting is this error message to try again.

  • Nigel

    In New York and tried to login with no luck. Plenty of Fish is most definitely down for me.

  • Lisa

    This is so frustrating, I was in the middle of chatting with someone who seems to be very nice indeed and then i get booted.

  • davo

    North Carolina

  • Lulu

    I got logged in, but nothing is happening. Can’t see my sent messages or receive any new ones.. help

  • Jenala

    I was logged out of my account a month ago. I’ve been trying to log back in to no avail. I then tried to create a new account, as advised. I did that but when I tried to login, it didn’t login. I think it has something to do with the app.

  • Paul Walker

    Call +1-800-608-5160 Toll Free for help.

  • LongSong

    That number didn’t work for me.

  • LongSong

    I’m the only one posting here. For awhile there – while it was down for me – I kept getting messages popping up, but I can’t access the site. The isitdownrightnow site has it down for EVERYONE. If so, how can they send messages to me?

    CURSES. I’m gonna die alone. I KNEW it….

  • TheGodTheLegend

    Naw, you still got me

  • LongSong

    Thank God, God!

  • Billy Asberry

    I cant access it either

  • les

    @Long Song Cant access this site using the Computer ; don’t have the phone app… its been like this for the past 2 hours…. But then this is Tuesday the day Microsoft usually does computer updates… wonder if that has anything to do with it? hmmmm

  • LongSong

    Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. My sister has a BAT in her house! YIKES. I wonder too…

  • Ranay Machelle Metts

    I was on POF earlier today but now all it says is “service not available”…I couldn’t access it on my phone either.

  • Ranay Machelle Metts

    this really sucks…I had a date tonight…UGGGH!!!!

  • LongSong

    For some reason though, I kept getting “You have a new message!” notifications. How come THEY can message me, and I can’t message them? This is SO FRUSTRATING.

    Makes me wish I would have gotten their phone number…

  • LongSong

    So sorry about your date!

  • Charles

    Plenty Of Fish Customer Care Phone Number +1-800-608-5160

  • LeFebr

    Hahaha… That was funny girl.
    I have the same issue from yesterday noon. I have been receiving messages but when I try to access the account asks me to login. When I try to login, it says wrong password/username. When I try to renew my password, it never delivered to my email account.

    I think I’m going to die alone as well. lol 😛

  • js

    they need to shut down POF, that site is crap! boycott and shut it down.

  • Dianne Jean Lander

    I haven’t been able to long in after registering for the sight. When I say I forgot my password and I put in my email it says email is not in the data base.

  • Carl

    I can open up the PoF website but for some reason it is not letting me login. Anyone else having the same issue?

  • Mark

    Is pof down right now, been trying to get on all morning.

  • Harriot

    POF is DOWN folks for me, not able to sign in at all. Guess no dating for me then lol.

  • Gmlalady

    I haven’t been able to access POF for about 24 hrs now. Error says that my user name or pw not in the database. However, I’m still getting notifications of messages, views, etc. The count goes up and down w/o my interaction. Wierd! Has anyone else been on today?

  • Spartagen

    Since sign out last night I have been able to get on pof site at all, it will accept my username and password but as soon as you go to accept it to get into pof it throughs me out. I have tried numerous times throughout the day and haven’t been able to get back on I also lost my first amount this ways by pof going down, I paid for the years upgrade and was tossed out how do I get that back again when up.
    Why should anybody pay for site that’s not working.

  • db

    I haven’t been able to get in since early this morning.

  • pfffft

    Its down

  • dkjeo9999

    is the app down??

  • Maxine

    Well this is weird because i never log out of my Plenty of Fish app yet when I opened it this morning i was logged out.

  • Giles

    Is Plenty of Fish down for everyone or certain locations.

  • Joe

    I’m in california, USA, and it’s down right now

  • LA

    Is for me

  • Joe

    It could also be that we got reported and banned.

  • Michelle

    Down in missouri

  • Alison Schembri

    Im in Australia and it wont let me log in.:(

  • Kirstie Matthews


  • Kirstie Matthews

    What? All pof users?

  • Kirstie Matthews

    It’s down and I’m in Australia

  • Victoria Mitchell

    Same here

  • david

    Connecticut down.

  • Vanessa

    Brisbane, Australia down.

  • Vanessa

    Me too :)

  • Vanessa


  • Jess Durkee

    New hampshire is down. Wicked lame.

  • bwalk

    Virginia is down too wtf smh

  • Earleen Amalfitano

    Down in tn

  • Luke

    Down in mt

  • Michee

    Down Toronto Canada

  • AJ

    Down in MI. Both website and app.

  • Megan

    Website and app down in michigan usa

  • Keith Groom

    Down in France

  • simurgh559

    down in new york

  • simurgh559

    this many people at the same time? nah

  • Swimmergirl

    Down in Illinois.

  • Blockhead

    Down in NC :(

  • Chloe Mynott

    POF is currently down here is Australia, can not login and when I go to forget password it tells me that the email is not recognised…. I was previously logged in 2 hrs ago I I never logged out but now I cant access it at all. this is for both Website & app.

  • Luke

    Its working in montana

  • Jacob

    Down in indy

  • Joe

    Were you able to login now?

  • fredkirchner

    Not working in Tennessee. Cannot log in to my account

  • hello20

    not working MN

  • King Quilly

    Yo.. Where at in Illinois

  • Mills

    Still down… Still not working…

  • Char

    Not working in CO

  • Raymond Junior

    Guess now all the girls gotta go someplace else to get those free dinners and concerts. lol

  • me

    Site has been down for a week and a half over various PCs and browsers.
    works on my mobile phone so I guess I’ll delete my free account over the
    phone and create a new one. I don’t know if it’s because it’s been
    hacked, I haven’t ”paid” for advanced features or it’s my advertisment
    pop-up blocker but I WILL NOT be paying for a subscription because I see
    even paying people have lost service.

  • Smyrna Native

    I have been unable to log on for 3 days now….frustrating but this too shall pass


    It is my understanding that POF has encountered a major Hack job which has completely destroyed their operating system. The site cannot be found on the Web since it’s DNS has been badly scrambled, DNS is the binary numbers for any dot com web site. It is NOT expected to be repaired any time soon. POF might possibly be finished..Kaput.

  • John Mills

    POF down in Virginia 3:20 est.

  • Robert

    I keep getting error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

  • dane

    same wny 11/23-11/26 no access

  • Marcia Hojnicki Downs

    11/29/16 I was able to log in at 6:00 a.m. but am not able to do so now. I’m emailing to reset password, but get no response. Anyone else having this problem today? It will help my frustration to know I’m not alone.

  • Marcia Hojnicki Downs


    11/29/16 I was able to log in at 6:00 a.m. but am not able to do so now. I’m emailing to reset password, but get no response. Anyone else having this problem today? It will help my frustration to know I’m not alone.

    see more

  • Avram Cohen

    Anyone else that can’t sign in today?? I just signed up last night and today got a fake email from someone far away giving me there private email I wrote back not interested in Nigerian scams and now I can’t log on or reset anything, wondering if the fake contact is the reason?

  • Loreyes77

    I can’t sign in POF what is wrong???