Poke Radar for Pokemon GO Not Working

You can now download the Poke Radar app for Pokemon GO right now from the Apple App Store, as far as we can see it has been taken off the Google Play Store for Android users. Never the less you can still get the website version over at pokeradar.io and pokemonradargo.com. But if Poke Radar is not working for you this is where you can have your say, complain, ask questions etc.

This is a great community to be in to discuss anything Poke Radar, which as an assistant app and website for locating Pokemon in your area. The Pokemon will include a despawn timer, which basically allows the user to see a rating on if they will find it there or not.

For those not familiar with Poke Radar yet please do click on the relevant links to the right of this page under the help section. Are you having issues with Poke Radar right now? If you are r wish to discuss anything else please do so below in the comments.

Poke Radar status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

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  • Craig

    Yeah man, I cannot get the Android download from the Play Store. Not Happy because it means i have to use my data to use the web version.

  • Kieron

    It can be annoying when I am in an area with sparse signals. If you ping other sources it can show an avatar sprinting around aimlessly and nowhere near a vehicle, but yet a silly pop up shows up.

  • Isaac Chun

    The app isnt working. The same pokemons from hours ago are still on the screen and the countdown til they disappear is non existent. Please fix this problem

  • Mike

    Not working Greece

  • Dave Wong

    Is not working since yesterday