Pokemon Duel Maintenance and Connection Issues

The Pokemon Duel mobile game is very popular indeed when gameplay runs smoothly, but when there is maintenance or the servers go down unexpectedly this is when there is a cause for concern. One of the main issues is when the game server status for players shows offline as well as the ‘text not found error’ leaving players trying to restart again.

What is your Pokemon Duel server status right now? If you are experiencing any issues at all being it maintenance, gameplay, servers being down, error messages etc please do report below. We would also recommend bookmarking this page for updates, news and more.

Pokemon Duel is a great Android and iOS app where players collect as well as battle Pokemon figures. We all remember when Pokemon Go had serious server issues and Duel players have had the same sort of issues, if this is the case for you then please do discuss this below.

Pokemon Duel status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Pokemon Duel is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Pokemon Duel? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Crystal

    I have tried to start this game a number of times today and still keeps crashing on me, are the servers having problems yet again?

  • Mike

    I keep having connection issues with this new game, its real good fun when running but so frustrating when down.

  • Kielsa

    My phone yesterday was updated to Android 3.0.0 and now the game will not even load up for me. All I keep getting is text not found error message on my screen, then all of a sudden it just takes me back to the title screen again.

  • Cody Evans

    I can never find any matches and when I do I get sent back to the title screen because of “errors”. And not to mention it has to load with everything you do. I can never play it without it sending me back to the title screen. But when I can play its really fun. I just wish all of these bugs would’ve been worked out before lunch.

  • Captain Boy

    i cant play because of servers it says maintenance now start time 10 am shceduled time 13 pm

  • Tommy Norman

    Im getting error text not found

  • Steven

    I can never find a stupid opponent is the server down right now is 4 pm

  • Maartje

    I just downloaded and I can’t get past the first tutorial game. “unexpected error, returning to home screen” Or something.
    When you reload it starts you back at the beginning of the tutorial. Kind of sad.

  • Snivy641

    For some reason, once start up, it would say “unexpected error, returning to title screen” before the intro cutscene even starts. Then it would have a blackout and reload, then it would loop like that. This is the first time this has happened and i am an avid player of this game

  • Cellran

    I am completely unable to get into the game. Everytime I try loading it I get a connection failed error, please wait a while and try again. The only times I am able to actually connect is if I re-install the entire game, which of course messes up my progress. I know it is not my internet as it is plenty fast.

  • Leonardo

    Is the game down cuz whenever i get the duel set i awould get the “unexpected error going back to title screen”. Pls tell me.

  • Jack

    same occurred to me. Back to my 3DS for now i guess.

  • W

    I get “unexpected error, returning to title screen”. I can not get the dual set.

  • Victoria Ann Rikard

    I have this same issue and I have run the game twenty times now

  • sadpokemonplayer

    So I’m glad I’m not the only one to have an unexpected error as soon as they get the duel set. Why is this happening? Will they fix this problem??

  • HA

    Have ‘unexpected error returning to title screen’ as well. Cant even start the game..whats up nintendo…?!

  • Lyrian

    Me too, this is really annoying

  • Matt

    I was literally moving my piece to the enemy goalpoint to promote me to master tier and I got a connection issue.

  • Sarthak Gupta

    Same happened to me too, just uninstall and reinstall the game it should work – it worked for me and my friends

  • Sarthak Gupta

    Uninstall and reinstall

  • Mr Smith

    Will this delete your data/progress?

  • Sarthak Gupta

    I don’t know, if you’ve just started and you don’t have any progress so not a problem – but you can go to transfer device to get a user ID and password to save your progress

  • Diego

    I’m Diego and I have a stronge problem… Infact i cani log on the game but i can’t play a match or do something… The game is working but i can’t use it.

  • Omar Abdurraheem

    The game updated and was offline due to server maintenance. But now every time I turn it on it’s just a black screen with intermittent error messages 🙁

  • pavan

    The gameplay suddenly stop and take me out of the game and so lose the matches.plz do something to it

  • rövarlasse

    I´m tierd of “connection failed” issues every damn day

  • Truong-Son Nguyen

    I’m on the main menu, and the Leagues, Decks, Fusion, Shop, and Menu icons are all disabled. I can’t open any boosters, or switch to the current Cup. The gem-buying “+” button is also disabled. Why is everything disabled?

  • Great, it’s back!

  • iDONTtalkTALKiSTATEfacts

    It’s nothing fair other people are not having no problems with Pokémon duel why are we ???

  • sundar k

    Same with me as well, need help

  • You’ll just have to wait a while, and try restarting the app. The functionality returns eventually.

  • Matthew John Cline

    I’m getting a connection error. Can’t get on it so I can open the time booster.

  • Patty O’Donnell

    Game seems frozen after I won a league match. It’s on the home screen but won’t let me do anything. Any advice?

  • F415 Sul1sty0

    after duel match once, i can’t do anything… only home league screen… ,no button work, shop, message

  • Matthew John Cline

    I’m having the same problem with Pokemon Duel.

  • Michael C Defina

    Why can’t I get on?

  • Javon Love

    I can’t even play it says maintenance

  • F415 Sul1sty0

    error again…. can’t do any, only home screen, i uninstall it and looking for another pokemon game

  • Luner0921

    I can’t do anything on this game because when I tuch the screen where I can see my figures nothing works.

  • Ayame

    Maintainance should be ending in an hour at least I hope so

  • Ayame


  • Ashish Negi

    Is the game oon now ?

  • Ashish Negi

    Is maintanance over my game doest starts black screen and stuck

  • Biloy Baluso

    I always got Unexpected Error during battle after updating it to 3.0.7.
    And always got an injustice result, including getting ‘Win’ result yet I ranked down. And getting ‘Lose’ result when the battle is not yet over.

  • Hailee McKnight

    I keep getting “an unexpected error has occurred. You will be taken to the title screen” (something along those lines) and it doesn’t load until I reset the app. This only started happening after the most recent update. It happens in quest mode and league matches. Please help.

  • Akash Anand

    Exactly what I am also facing.

  • Biloy Baluso

    Me too…

  • Vatherian

    Asks me to update to the latest version, and opens App Store which shows I *have* the latest version. Won’t progress to start screen.

  • Shane Dake

    Did it evet get fixed

  • N. Tarak

    Please tell the solution of maintenance now in pokemon duel to me

  • Jeremy

    It’s 12:32pm here on Cali its currently 7:33 utc so 2.5hrs left of maintenance or 10am UTC

  • Shishir

    I am getting that maintains report and press to reload even how many times I press that the game is not working.

  • Siddhartha Reddy Kothapally

    hi i am getting that the servers are under maintenence is that normal?

  • Gareth Taylor

    Been waiting 2 hours sais maintanence will be finished at 8 its now 8:05am… solution please.

  • Marijke Dhondt

    I cant select my date or my year pls help Me!!!

  • alikoy

    Connection failed!
    Please wait awhile and try again
    Error message gone on for 30min and no fix.

  • Mohammad Omair

    Is the maintenance over?


    Its not letting me in because of the maintenance

  • Master

    As the server is under maintenance I hope it behave normally, because before maintenance my sceptile is not evolving in mega sceptile in dual after knock out opposing Pokemon

  • Xeiro

    ON my screen it says the server is under maintenace start time 2UTC to 8UTC 5/16/18 but it has said this since for me since just past noon 5/15/18

  • RACD

    Mega septile need to use sceptilite plate if not mistaken…

  • Lunala13113

    For me it said it’s under maintenance till 10, Its 10:30 Now, help?

  • Gix Xcc

    Wth I really wanna play it says maintenance from 2 to 10 I think it’s 12

  • Jenna Wilhite

    My phone is letting me join the battle, but my figures won’t move or attack. I’m starting to get frustrated.

  • Anonymous

    Currently maintenance break, until 0800 UTC.

  • Bob

    Ughh ,why are the servers down again… I only just reinstalled yesterday! It’s already 8:15 and the matainance is supposed to finish 15 minutes ago!! It was all fine until I updated then it says matainance until 8:00 UTC. But the date says 4/12/19 finish on mine!!!

  • Bob

    I’m so sad

  • Bob

    Almost half past and servers are still down

  • Anounomus

    It says down until 2020 feb. 31