Pokemon Go Maintenance, Status and Problems

Pokemon Go released July 2016 is a very popular game indeed, but upon release it did not come without its problems. One of the main issues surrounded the its server status, being it down a lot because of the load popularity. This particular GPS iOS and Android free-to-play app game is all about battling, capturing and training Pokemon.

Some of the main issues with Pokemon Go include crashing upon opening being it on smartphone or tablet, login not working, download not installing as well as showing a blank screen once logged in.

The worst case is when the games servers go down completely leaving the game offline and unplayable, of course other issues apply when the game is down for maintenance. Please do report any issue you have with this game, you can also find out when maintenance and updates are happening.

Pokemon Go status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Pokemon Go is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Pokemon Go? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Chase

    I cannot log in to my game after being kicked out. For some reason it is not recognizing my email i put in.

  • Davey

    Mine is down in Puerto Rico, server issues yet again or yet still the same problem as the last 2 days.

  • Angela

    I am having issue on mobile data usage only, for some reason it now says i need to authorize but it wont.

  • Dennis

    I updated the Pokemon Go app using the trainer club and now it will not authenticate.

  • Maurice

    Pokemon Go is still down for me, nightmare of a game for now. Guess we have to wait until the popularity dies down a little. Only then will the servers be able to cope with traffic.

  • Nige

    My Pokemon Go app has not worked now for a whole day.

  • Leadon

    My app has got stuck on the loading screen, there is nothing I can do other than shut phone down and try again. But when I do it gets stuck again. Pokemon Go servers sucks.


    It was down for 2 days for me i can’t even make my account!!!!

  • Horris

    Ayt last those in Portugal, Spain and Italy can download Pokemon Go from Google Play or the App Store.

  • Olsa

    When will this game be available in Canada?

  • Tony

    Indonesia , Grounded just now , not sure if banned tough I had nothing to do , just made new account , played for few mins , then bam , never logged in , wonder why…

  • Tony

    additional note , app frozen , can’t even sign out or whichever , so , forget it , gonna uninstall , and let it really GO..

  • Alejandro Arcia

    Barely came out and there working on the number one app for both apple and android and your going to give up. Typical quitter

  • Alejandro Arcia

    Imagine yourself opening a burger joint and ordering 5000 patties to start off with and on your first day open you have sold out the 5000 burgers but still have another 5000 customers who want to buy it. You have to shutdown temporarily until you make the second order from the food company. That’s the closest I can get to explaining what happening with this #1 app. Have patience people. TM

  • Megan Russell

    Stuck at loading screen. Haven’t been able to log on for two hours now.

  • JackFox

    Let me guess, you were Team Mystic. Id give up if I were Team Mystic too.

  • SulfurChlorine

    Dunno if it’s the same in america but here in Sweden I can’t log in. Maybe it will work tommorrow? They’re hopefully working on it.

  • darkose098

    pokemon servers in puerto rico are down and when i log in theres absolutely no pokemon near far or anywhere to be found. I want to know what they are doing to fix the darn server issue. Geez why would they or anyone get the app in all the countries without working out the server problem first. Don’t say we’ll fix it and do nothing. I honestly think they should’ve tested it out before launching it to the public just to save them from the trouble of doing it now and losing alot of pokemon game fans and fellow gamers.

  • ]]]]]

    it shows nothing in the entire island of puerto rico please fix this now i am dieing
    to play it ever since i saw it on youtube so fix it right now pleassssssssssssse.FIX IT

  • &/&:&:’dnnendmsksk

    It keeps saying there humbled by by response and I can’t seem to get to the loading screen any suggestions??

  • Jahamut

    Can’t log in right now in the U.S. it seems.

  • Raihan Rizqullah

    Can’t log in right now in the Indonesia it seems.

  • Lala

    This app is not working again

  • Rachel

    Not working. Can’t connect

  • Matt

    For PT account. “unable to authenticate” in app. Cannot log into website (no error just doesn’t log in). Error when try to password reset on website. Server is fine as I created a new PT account which logs in ok when my level 20 account is still inaccessible for 3 days now…

  • Anne

    I have not been able to play for like 2 hours now, app keeps crashing on me. Pokemon Go Down should be the games name.

  • Veronica

    I am in Los Angeles and Pokemon Go is down yet again, no gameplay at all.

  • Katalias

    Is it really possible to play Pokemon go on an iPad? I keep receiving no gps error messages in my house and no internet connection outside. I have been looking for solutions but none of them seem to work. Is this due to the server or Pokemon go doesn’t work on iPads?

  • Not me

    You need a sim card to play, so it’s only possible on phones, that’s giving you the no gps error.. But I thought there was a way around it, you should try to hit google.

  • what the hell for maintenance

    Server pokemon go now 27 juli is down.
    Change to google acount
    That no crash and no maintance..

    Nitendo must but a good server like google
    F***k for maintenance all

  • the hatter

    been getting ‘unable to authenticate’ for the last 45 mins or so in the UK.

  • John Doe

    GPS Not Found. Constant spinner for server connection. No gyms visible. Very few Pokemon and it doesn’t register if you catch them. Boston, MA.

  • Cheryl D Deveraux

    servers are down is message I get when logging in.

  • Tan Tily

    Trying to login via google since 7am pacific and after entering google acct info, it just erases it and goes back to the login page. Please help!

  • Marco

    I have no Pokemon Go in Indiana, whats wrong now?

  • Carlton

    I am not able to login to Pokemon Go right now, it is down.

  • Jack

    Is anyone having issues with Pokemon GO on version 1.1.0 or earlier?

  • Nigel

    For some reason pokemon go is unable to authenticate, are the servers down?

  • James

    Looks like skiplagged pokemon live maps are down.

  • tillz coding

    No pokestops are coming up and if I try to catch a Pokemon it’ll kick me off and say error

  • AJ Aberts

    everytime i try to play today it keeps saying “failed to locate locayion” (or something like that) and i can still see the Pokestops but there is no Pokemon and sometimes when i try to play it today there wont be any pokestops at all and there wont be any pokemon but it says its connected… my friend said the servers may be down but idk..

  • Jimmy Jimbo

    I tried to get in the app and it says ” failed to get data from the server”. Also it has no sign up with google..

    Is this maintenance or niantic doing some “cleaning” for cheaters?


    There are two options you got banned or you hadnt confirmed or veryfied youre account, or atleast that happened to me until i verified the account

  • Curtis

    I just was hunting pokemon a hour ago at San clemente, now I can’t log in. And I’ve got no email why.

  • Curtis

    I got fail to get data as well. But was able to catch pokemon.

  • Mason

    How do you verify the account

  • Scott M Dibert

    Cannot log in at all will not authenticate have been locked out for 2 days now

  • Donny

    I can’t login. Says “unable to authenticate” but I can log in using a different gmail account

  • Terrarian Smasher

    Yes, I’m on the latest update( September 15, 2016) and It jeeps on saying “unable to authenticate, please try again” I have but it still not working.By the way I have not hacked on my account and I am choosing not to.

  • Sean

    Live in phoenix arizona and I’ve gone 2 days with out being able to play it says unable to connect to servers

  • Marisa Getz

    Yes…I can relate! I uninstalled the game and everything!

  • Patrick

    I Can’t login at all something is wrong on there end for sure

  • Ala Heza

    The Server is down. I can’t scan for Pokémon nearby.

  • Kyle

    I can login every now and then. But 80% of the time im unable to connect to there server. Its been going on like 2 weeks now.

  • Felisha

    Today it kept saying there was a system error and so I logged out and tryed to log back in and I won’t let me log back in I’ve done Everything restarted my phone I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app still not working

  • Jyveks

    It keeep saying me “Unnable to connect to server” since midnight today. Sometime, I can connect for 5 minutes, than it stops working for 2-3 hours. Everybody around me can play, I don’t understand!

  • Joshua

    It won’t let me catch or collect anything for 2 days now

  • ajf1216

    I logged in this morning (November 11th) with no problems. I received my 5th day rewards for my 1st Poke stop and catching my 5th Pokemon in a row. I went to get on the game just now, and it directed me to the Login page. I typed in my user name and password, and it took me TO THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME WITH WILLOW!!! WTH? Anyone else having these issues?? I am BEYOND UPSET right now!!

  • B Moore

    Even though there are multiple Pokemon in my “seen,” none have popped up all day. First time ever!

  • Yong David

    I can’t view the pokemons in trainer’s club and I can’t login. How long is the maintenance period. I hope they fix it asap.

  • Vicky

    What is everyones Pokemon Go server status? Te reason I ask is simply down to me not being able to play…

  • Chance

    Is Pokemon Go down? I cannot open my app and play, nothing is loading up….

  • Khayal MmGold

    I cant log in to any account after installing new update 0.61.0 on my samsung a7 mobile phone. But we are able to log in on my girlfriend phone. Wierd. Does that mean my phone is blocked not my ip?

  • Lisa

    I am having serious issues with Pokemon Go at the moment where I am unable to authenticate.

  • Matthew

    Unable to authenticate in Pennsylvania, love to know whats going on.

  • Malcolm Holmes

    its been down so long now i will not be getting my daily catch or spin Niantic better compensate for this and the fact we are missing out on the event bonuses for a whole day

  • CGW409

    Been locked out since at least 11PM Chicago time 6-19-17 though it was working when I shut down around 4-5 PM. While this has happened several times over the last several months my standard “hit forgot password” fix is not working this time and still locked out.
    Seems to be affecting Trainers Club accounts only as a Google log in account I created the first time I ran in to the lockout issue to see if it was my phone or PG opens and runs just fine.
    Getting frustrated as I’ve been grinding the account since September of last year and am not looking forward to starting from scratch.

  • John


  • Matt Carter

    Can’t get into Pokemon Go account using Google, been 5 days

  • Joanne

    Is Pokemon Go app down for anyone else?

  • Mike

    They are for me, I was just about to ask if the pokemon go servers were down.

  • Rebecca

    I am in Dallas and cannot login to my app.

  • Joseph Mendenhall

    Chattanooga down

  • Celeste McClean

    Pensacola down! Has anyone else had an issue where in mid catch the screen freezes and the poke ball won’t throw? Not sure if it was iPhone X or the app

  • Earleen

    I tried to update pokemon go, it wouldnt work. I deleted app to teload and now it wont install. What is going on? Looks like from these post its not just where i am, lots of areas . Im in NC,USA. I just want to play my pokemon go.

  • Krystal

    I can’t log into my pokemon go. I restarted my phone, and uninstalled the app 2 times so far. What’s going on?

  • Isaac Kay

    Go Battle League won’t let me connect. It gives me an error message saying that “[it’s] not available right now. Try again later!” I’m guessing their servers are maxed out with users playing at the moment.