PSN went down, was DriveClub 1.12 the cause?

PSN went down today for about 10 to 20 minutes, and the only reason we can see it going down is the new DriveClub 1.12 PS4 update. Surely people downloading the new update would not take down the whole PlayStation network, would it? We have noticed players are having a few issues with Destiny at the moment as well, so got to be simply down to PSN going offline.

The PSN is now back online on March 16, 2015; we have no solid reason why this happened. It could be to do with the new DriverClub update, a glitch in the servers or maybe just a quick clean out on the server side.

It went down in multiple locations in the United States such as Texas, Iowa, Tennessee, Nebraska and many more. Is PSN up or down for you? Please do answer this question here.