Rainbow Six Siege maintenance

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a great game published and developed by Ubisoft, and this is a first-person shooter video game where co-operation and environmental destruction has been put into action. This is the first in its series that does not offer campaign mode but online mode only.

Many things can see this game go down such as Rainbow Six Siege maintenance and server issues, but there are many other problems such as Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking issues, loading bug, synchronizing data and much more.

If you play this game on Microsoft Windows, PS4 or Xbox One and have any of the above issues or anything else, please do comment below and let us and other readers know what platform you are playing on along with your troubles.

This particular game consisted of 11 maps when it first launched with new maps able to be downloaded, but players may have issues with Rainbow Six Siege DLC, if this is the case please do share.

Rainbow Six status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Rainbow Six is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Rainbow Six? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • az


  • Jae Rome

    upstate roc ny is down

  • Luke Agsten

    Reading, Pennsylvania is down
    Xbox One

  • Santiago Najera

    Down in Texas as well

  • Sherrell Beaird

    Oregon is down also

  • Alex Wilson

    Washington down

  • Kandles

    Ohio is down has been down for a few hours, since I got home from school

  • Lol

    Your mom is down

  • Jalen Jett

    Down in Kentucky

  • Ehh

    Server is down in Canada Alberta

  • bagels

    Down in New York.

  • Lock

    down in Pennsylvania and has been down for a few hours

  • Ala

    Down in Chicago

  • Lock12

    Down in WA and OR

  • DJay

    Down in ga as while

  • Djay

    as well

  • Lynx Gaming

    Down in utah

  • Jakob Chambless

    Anyone know what’s going on??

  • Brian Chandler

    Down in WV and VA

  • Brian Chandler


  • JustMeMadi

    It’s mute and thatchers fault, man…

  • Brian Chandler

    Word… still sux

  • Kidd

    Still down in washingtom

  • jerb

    MI down

  • Eh?

    Which city man ayeee

  • Ala

    It’s back up in chicago

  • Brent Halfman

    I’m connected but Matches when I set in matchmaking in mi

  • Brent Halfman

    Finding teammates in saint johns mi

  • lonewolf

    i keep getting error code 3-0*0001000B and it wont connect but my buddies are all on it so i dont know what is wrong….. Please help.

  • Jake

    Down in calgary

  • Kody

    Down in tx

  • Jaron Green

    It’s still down really

  • Jaron Green


  • Scott Williams

    Down in California

  • Dawson

    Down in Vegas

  • Cody

    Wtf it’s been down for 6 hours and still haven’t fixed it

  • Hhgdg

    Down in ga still

  • Elliot Olson

    Still down in ND…been down all day

  • JustMeMadi

    I think it’s back up for Xbox one now

  • Jacob Turner

    Is it up in TX yet for xbox

  • interpert

    Down in Norway cos of a maintenance

  • Arda Polat

    turkey is still down

  • Kevin Weisfish

    down in LA

  • BlueZombieLand

    South Florida, won’t load into matchmaking, keep getting session not found, for the last 5 hours



  • DJ6eyes


  • Dustin

    South Carolina still down

  • interpert

    Down in Norway. Seems it’s been down for many hours now. 8-9h.

  • Anton Zhulkovskiy

    same in Dubai UAE servers are down for at least 8 hours

  • jay

    down in WA for 8+ hours now to play gta5 gun running dlc later all

  • Roksor (Anoying)

    in poland too

  • jowblow

    canada down too wtf!

  • fix ur servers

    it wont even let me play

  • bob cool

    IA down

  • Chris g

    M playing rite now live jajajajajajaja jk

  • Kaboose 101

    Error code 2-0x0000D00A

  • Erik

    Slovakia Doesn,t Work

  • Coca

    Servers just went down

  • South African Gaming Community

    We have a pretty big community in South Africa, but with pings over 200 we are forced to look for other games. We still paid the same as everyone else for this game, so why can’t we get reasonable pings like most of the regions of the world? Why allow us to pay you our hard earned money, only to be unable to play the game properly?? Our community is very upset about this!

  • yoho

    Down in EU for over 1,5h now

  • Bwenga

    Still down….

  • Pussy4life

    Down in fl

  • Cohen Chaney

    Cannot play online

  • Cohen Chaney

    It is down in Arkansas and has been down all day

  • MajorCupQuake

    Still down in Louisiana

  • Angel Garcia

    Down in Utah?

  • Free Hugs

    Down in iowa

  • pissedoffredneck

    Shut off in nevada said it would be back and running in a hour and about five to six hours still not up

  • Kjack

    Down in California still not working

  • Down in KY

    In rainbow 6 ranked game and we have all been loading for over 12 minutes

  • Thermite

    Down in Oklahoma

  • mike

    down in texas on pc

  • Joe

    Siege servers are now offline for me, i have very bad connection lag when i am online. I am not able to play online because it is currently unavailable, they say come back later.

  • Nick

    Down in AZ on PC

  • Justin White

    down in Hamilton Ontario, Canada 630 pm

  • NightlyNinja74

    yep still down

  • jeremy

    when will the servers be back up

  • Cole Kilpatrick

    are the servers down?

  • Max Eber

    omg NOOBisoft. I wanna play

  • Anthony Cavazos

    Please bring the servers back up soon love you ubi

  • I need these servers up boys!!

    I need these servers up boys

  • April locker

    Bought this rainbow 6 for Xbox one on line , and have had match making issues, then disconnects all together. I’m getting really frustrated for my 13 year old as he cant even play with his friends any suggestions as to what I should do

  • Noel Ortiz

    Matchmaking issues

  • Jack

    Seeing as the game is under maintenance right now and we know that n o player facing changes are going to happen, how about removing the new Hereford from the game! Just a thought, bring back the older one.

  • Stephen Kirby

    I click on multiplayer and try to play an online game, then all of a sudden it says, “leaving squad” and idk why. can someone help me.

  • MC Skull

    Won’t let us join a squad or match making

  • Anthony RSFK

    after every match instead of showing how much I’ve gone up in rank along with my renown gain, it shows a loading screen that says “synchronizing data,” it also doesn’t show the alpha pack coin flip

  • Blaine

    Servers have been down and then up then back down for me since the Rainbow Six Siege update 4.3 patch notes. This is now live on PC and some big changes with ADS Maestro nerf, Blackbeard buff is now known.. What do you make of this?