Rainbow Six Siege maintenance

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a great game published and developed by Ubisoft, and this is a first-person shooter video game where co-operation and environmental destruction has been put into action. This is the first in its series that does not offer campaign mode but online mode only.

Many things can see this game go down such as Rainbow Six Siege maintenance and server issues, but there are many other problems such as Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking issues, loading bug, synchronizing data and much more.

If you play this game on Microsoft Windows, PS4 or Xbox One and have any of the above issues or anything else, please do comment below and let us and other readers know what platform you are playing on along with your troubles.

This particular game consisted of 11 maps when it first launched with new maps able to be downloaded, but players may have issues with Rainbow Six Siege DLC, if this is the case please do share.

Rainbow Six status reports for Wednesday 12th of May 2021

To find out if Rainbow Six is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Rainbow Six? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Max

    Since the outage on December 26 on my PS4 playing Rainbow Six Siege online has not been the same. Just having issues playing online sometimes and once i am in i get kicked.

  • Jiles

    I am having rainbow six siege connection problems, once i have got online getting into any lobbies seems to be a cause for concern.

  • Janice

    I am with TWC and they have been having internet issues for a few days, so it is not a problem Ubisofts end if you cannot get online to play. Obviously this only occurs if you are with TWC lol.

  • Frank

    Ubisoft servers are like blowing my mind at the moment, i have the xbox one and i know there is no problems with xbox live or my internet so it has to be an ubisoft issue. All I want to do is play my new rainbow six siege game.

  • Steve

    Why isnt rainbow working

  • Nathaniel D Krstanovich

    Rainbow isn’t working on my xbox one

  • Fallon

    Down right now wtf

  • the realest

    January 18th and 19th rainbow six siege did not work properly, constantly lagging :S please fix this, it could be the best shooter ever but this ruins it

  • the realest

    on the Xbox One that is..

  • Rahul Van Buuren

    Rainbow six siege server issue disconnecting in ever 2 min

  • cac

    I stayed up to play this game i bought the gold edition and its saying currently not avalible please fix so i can enjoy my weekend

  • jack

    I recently had an update or something and before starting the game a few days later I thought why not Il buy the season pass dlc and I did. Then all excited I attempted to play and it would never go past the creating squad part and now the only way to play is offline witch on that game is very limited! Very annoyed!

  • Nathan

    Playing with a full squad and it keeps kicking us fom the match

  • None

    It’s saying I’m online for siege but won’t let me play multiplayer or terrest hunt an saying cheak back again later.this is an awesome game but all the stupid lagging is killing it for me for real!

  • JustUrAverageOtakuFriend

    I can’t use Buck or Frost, despite owning the season pass.

  • Scott Robinson

    Serves are unreachable like they were for a few days a few days ago. It went back online for a few days and now I can’t play again.

  • xander

    I try to join terrorist hunt and it says joining game session but then sends me right back to the main menu. No message about servers or anything

  • Jay

    I have exactly the same problem. It has been going on for about 6 hours now.

  • Irish MONSTeR

    What time of day/night are you guys playing? That only seems to happen in the middle of the night when there aren’t many players playing
    that particular game mode

  • Irish MONSTeR

    I knew I made the right decision in not getting the DLC right away. Come on guys, you should know to never purchase and use DLC right away. Wait a bit, after you see all that is around you now, get fixed 🙂 Anyways, My only problem is the matchmaking, being teamed against players light years ahead of me and also not being able to look outside from indoors and vis versa. Much to bright/dark. PLZ fix very annoying. Ubisoft, you better not nerf the one shot head shot. Rainbow has always been a realistic FPS, stick to it. THATS HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!

  • dank420king

    servers are having issues in texas, at least for me, no reason on my side for the issue. really frustrating…

  • rrenard1

    Servers down three days now for me in Trinidad And Tobago,that’s in the Caribbean. Every other game works so it’s not on my side.

  • rrenard1

    Same for me.

  • rrenard1

    It’sthe same for me.

  • rrenard1


  • Cameron

    I have the 49 error and to fix I have to switch to another game for a few minutes and then go back on or restart the stupid XBOX. Hope they have a patch that fixes it

  • next gen tacos

    I have the same problem and I do not have much time to play. Ubisoft said they would update when they knew more but I do not have much time to play. Does anyone know when the servers will be up again?

  • Michelle Engle

    Can’t connect !!!!

  • Harold Dunmeyer Jr

    Ps4 12 connection errors in three days

  • El3

    4 connections errors in the last 30 minutes 5/26/2016 2 game drops

  • Tiber

    Servers will be down for around an hour May 31 during the scheduled Rainbow Six maintenance.

  • Jules

    PC only though, other platforms will not be affected.

  • Kevin Jørgensen

    What kind of maintenance is it?

  • Mark

    Yesterday Rainbow Six servers went down to apply the 3.2 update for PC and today June 1 they will go down to apply it to consoles.

  • Luke

    Does anyone know when there servers will be back up for Xbox?

  • Colton moat

    My games pulling up a message that it can’t connect to xbox. Is anyone else see this?

  • shady

    its been giving me an error since yesterday on PS4 :/

  • Kooienjo

    Error for 2 days straight now

  • Chris

    For some reason I cannot connect with the Rainbow Six Siege servers, whats going on?

  • Chris

    Dont let me play multiplayer

  • Collin Roman

    I am playing on ps4 & I can’t do anything online with the game.

  • Jeff Sherrill

    Down on Xbone

  • zach mouat

    my buddies and i tried to do custom game and it worked. well i shot my friend and it took forever to kill him. we never turned the health up ether. does anyone know if this possible “patch,” made it so that team killing is harder???


    Won’t even connect for me

  • Anthony

    Same. Are u on yet cause it’s still not working for me. I’m on xbox btw

  • Trevor Hastings

    ps4 servers all down. can only play situations. update?????

  • Trevor Hastings

    back up

  • MarqAKAQ

    Down on ps4

  • MarqAKAQ

    Back on on PS4

  • G.j. Best

    Any having server issues today?? Says servers are unreachable??

  • Will elitehunter95

    Xbox one still down? I can’t find a match

  • Michael King

    It’s down now. I’m online but can’t connect to invites or any games.

  • Jeremy Esbrandt

    Still down as of this morning. Winston Salem, NC 813am

  • chris harris

    Bs. Been down all day. Good job Rainbow 6…..game already is boring but eventful and lacks characters, maps, game modes and guns. The server part is almost just as bad. Baltimore since 8am

  • hamad jassim

    still down on pc

  • Bailey

    Rainbow Six Siege is having connection issues, I cannot seem to see anywhere of maintenance taking place today.

  • Robert Säre


  • Kenneth

    im on ps4 and it doesn’t let me play terrorist hunt or multiplayer

  • Alek

    Like the game and gameplay.wish they would fix glitching through the walls, gives you away. Also would like to see more operators and more guns for current operators

  • Troll2cay

    I haven’t been able to play rainbow six siege for 3 days now and it’s getting really annoying. The error code is (3-0x0001000B) it’s saying the servers are unreachable even though my friends are playing it. I’m on XB1. Please fix this. I have tired everything. Literally

  • Troll2cay

    I’m in Fl btw

  • Michael Boyd

    Haven’t been able to play since I downloaded the new dlc today

  • Ashveen Impett

    Battleye made my fps go down. And also it uses more CPU so they game gets stuck when a match is loading. Fix it please. This happens specially to AMD users.

  • Erik Coreas

    Same. Are you getting kicked from Evey multiplayer match as well?

  • Erik Coreas

    All my friends are able to play but every time I join a match I get kicked even though I have a good internet connection.

  • Sami

    If I connect network by 4g i cannot joining to game
    show me error .. when last update start issue with me and also my friends???

  • Tim A Quickel

    I have a ps4 in ever sense the new update came out I can’t play online. I am getting kick from every game I play within the first 15 seconds. My Connect is perfect. What do y’all think is the problem ?

  • YoDatDude

    I KNOW. GO TO ROUTER SETTINGS ON LAPTOP AND TURN OFF UPNP. [universal plug n play]. It works perfectly after that.

  • David Smith

    I played one game, then it kicked me out. My friends are still playing, but it tells me maintenance … ??? I’m in Los Angeles California is there a maintenance in my area?

  • Ron L

    Down in illinois ohio Nebraska Britain Texas and a few others

  • Kevin

    It’s down in denver co, gives me an error code and servers cannot be reached

  • Thom

    Server cannot be reached in England XD

  • Stirling Wynne

    Can connect in Ireland…

  • Rvalor

    Can’t connect in NC

  • Usmc

    Down in tulsa ok

  • joey

    down in kentucky

  • Trigger

    any updates from ubisoft??

  • Erin

    Any updates?

  • Jake dickens

    Down in Tennessee

  • Chicago-Ted

    Dwon in Massachusetts.

  • Riot

    Down in WA

  • Cody

    Down in Tallahassee

  • Bryan Flores

    When will it
    be back on


    its downed

  • Elias lara

    Down in south california

  • Bryan Flores

    When will it be back on

  • Josh

    Ky fam

  • Annonymus

    We get it its down now plz when will it be back

  • Michael Pong

    Down in new York

  • Jerry

    When will it be up

  • bryan

    down in orlando

  • Bryan Flores

    Ubisoft when will it be Back up

  • Anonymo.US

    Down on Brazil ;-;

  • Reeeeese

    Ya it’s down in sand springs ok

  • Jimbotron

    Down in ohio

  • mtgale00

    Down in Arizona

  • Matthew

    Down in Texas

  • Black swordsman

    down in california

  • Gage

    Down in Tennessee


    Down in Mobile Alabama when will it be fixed why have a game if you can’t play it


    Do you have an idea as to when it will work

  • Michael i

    When will they be back

  • Oscar Arellano

    Down in México

  • Diggz

    down in Virginia

  • Liz

    Down in Mississippi

  • Rylan Scott

    How long

  • Person312

    Down ffs. Quebec

  • David Garcia

    Pay for the game only have the weekends off come home to play it can’t even play what the f***

  • Chris Robertson

    Also down in north Georgia

  • Mr. Goat

    Down in Washington state.

  • wes workman

    Still down in Kentucky

  • Steven Washburn

    Been down in Oregon since around 5pm.

  • RALB EzzY


  • Jonathan Renner

    Does anyone know why they are down?

  • Alfonso

    Servers are up everyone!!!!!

  • tongantoko

    Down in England or is that just me

  • Joseph Nunez

    They’re back up

  • Francisco

    server is back up in new york guys!!!

  • Nelson

    Still down here in Missouri

  • Pedro

    Is still down in Arizona. TH is functional but not multiplayer.

  • Havik

    Servers down in az at the moment….this sucks by the way does anyone one else has a problem with their game crashing since the BOPE update?

  • Barbie

    Down since around 3pm EST and still down now at 5:33am. Hopefully I’ll come back from work to a free 24hr booster.

  • Kill0rbekill3d

    is up

  • PT

    Down in Vancouver

  • Alex

    Down in Quebec… Sucks that I had to buy the game today 🙁 Guess I’ll have to play tomorrow? :S Hope this will be fix soon. Can only do the first situation CQB. Everthing else is locked and says ”try to come back later” :'(

  • Alex

    We are Sept. 13th, 9:41pm, ad I’m o PS4

  • Devonta

    Is it up?

  • Robert Bassett

    Down in michigan. Can’t get into any games, casual or ranked. Sits in loading lobby, where you can see ur teammates names and keeps saying searching for opponent. Wtf is going on with this game. I have 166 names of players who will not be buying any ubisoft products if this doesn’t get fixed. And the hit registry needs to be fixed.

  • Elijah Gottfried

    cant get it to go online. says it has issues with the uplay sync but idk

  • Elijah Gottfried

    im in CT USA

  • Brian Molina

    Down in Texas right now

  • Chilz

    Down in Missouri

  • Eliaxie

    Italy down

  • Superman

    Down in Missouri

  • Alireza

    Down in Iran

  • Robert Bassett

    Ubisoft, why won’t you let us know a time frame of the down time? Hopefully ur making your servers better and fixing the hit registry. Hopefully your ranked games are now out of beta? Hopefully you give all of us that make u a multi million dollar company,what we deserve! My list of people who will not be buying any ubisoft products is now at 338. There are a lot of us who stopped playing other games just to play siege, but if you don’t get on the ball and start providing for your customers needs, then there will be consequences as in there will be a lot of people degrading and boycotting ubisoft. Thank you and hopefully you get with the program here.

  • Klutchcudi

    Down in Virginia

  • X

    Down in vagina

  • Anthony

    Just went online (Utah) but no one else is on 🙁

  • Chris

    Anyone down still im in uk

  • Reeal

    It’s up now

  • Montana Lee

    Its down in Hawaii

  • xXLastLostXx

    Down in Hungary! Please help!

  • Help!!!!

    Down in Indiana

  • ImTriix

    Down in California

  • Djm859

    Down in Kentucky…

  • Paul Brodnansky

    Down in Illinois

  • magic

    Down in ny also…

  • You

    Down in Utah, they’re usually the first to get back online so I’m chill

  • Wickedpirate84

    Down in South Carolina

  • rs6 is crapping itself

    still down huh?

  • rs6 is crapping itself

    re-downloaded 2 days ago and it fails now ;(

  • Fix Yourshit

    I run a community, I pay a lot of money in contests for my community, and we are ALL getting sick and tired of you guys not keeping up with your servers!!!! Take care of your customers that have delt with this B.S. since the beginning! i I don’t mean give us double renown weekend or a 1 day booster… give us PSN credits!!!… make it happen..!!! I’m losing members, F***ING MEMBERS… because of you guys! FIX IT or REPLACE THE PEOPLE THAT DON’T KNOW WTF THEY’RE DOING!!!!

  • Kyler Dake

    Down in Mississippi for the last 5 days im getting so sick of this

  • Kyler Dake

    Plus i called the costumer service number THEY GAVE ME ON XBOX LIVE it took me to a guy in india who didnt know what ubisoft was and he said i won a 100$ walmart give card. Are they trying to f***ing scam me?

  • Vilmer

    They are up again. In sweden atleast

  • Jason

    There probably working on problems or they are updating it because we are suppose to get new operator’s

  • Jason

    It’s back up in Missouri

  • Sean

    Down in England

  • Ru

    Down in MD

  • merene3

    Down in Michigan for last hour

  • Uchihaa Madara

    Update NY online

  • merene3

    Any fix for this error code. ? I can play other games so i know its not xbox problem. .

  • merene3

    3-0x00001000b. Somthing cose

  • Dennis Psenica

    Down in regina sk Canada

  • Jose Garabito

    Still down smh-


  • VladVorkeshky

    Down Detroit, Michigan, United States

  • Jim Meadows

    Down in Georgia

  • Jon

    Update is rescheduled for the end of the month….

  • Jon

    Still down in Chicago area. WTF guys cmon

  • Henri Holopainen

    Down in finland too

  • Henri Holopainen

    it cant be new operators yet

  • Jon

    End of the month they pushed it back

  • Henri Holopainen

    what but new operators should be reliset after x mas or befoor

  • Jon

    Well not new operators but the patch 4.3 was pushed back for some reason

  • Henri Holopainen

    oh ok like the update wher doc can over heal

  • Jon

    Exactly it’s actually a pretty big patch but this has nothing to do with that. All I saw was there was an emergency restart of the servers

  • Henri Holopainen

    do eny one have eny knowing when we are back online

  • johnson

    What website are you guys finding all new information at? New ro the game and wanna be able to read about the new Operators in at the server is up or down

  • Jon

    I just Googled rainbow six server and patch updates and u can usually just find it from there

  • Aussi

    Down in Canada

  • Jon

    I’m still down but I’m thousands of miles away from you. I saw New York is back up

  • Cody

    Down in USA Florida

  • Aussi

    Any word on when they are going to be up!?

  • Henri Holopainen

    Well thanks for yuor help and i going to wait in morning its middle of night but well its tecnical issues so it could happen at eny time so not blaming udisoft adaut that

  • Henri Holopainen

    And i would be intrested to add you as a frend in rainwod six siege so if you could give you account name some how for me

  • Jon

    Good luck brother it’s only 4pm by me so I’m pretty pissed

  • Jon

    I’m back up in Chicago. For now anyway

  • Jon

    I’m up and running

  • yager

    down in Ontario Canada

  • r_geez00

    Down in media pa

  • Kevin

    Down in Philadelphia

  • Firehawk

    down in australia

  • RaymanP2

    Down in Portugal

  • Sabon Santiago D

    Down in Argentina

  • TacoNinja

    Down in British Columbia Canada for two weeks for me getting kinda rediculous

  • Bret Ferguson

    I am playing on the xbox one and I am having this problem where when I get to the title screen it freezes and kicks me back to the dashboard. It only happens on my account and it doesn’t work on other xbox’s or with different copies of the game.

  • John

    Down in West Coast US as of 3 minutes ago

  • Chicken Wing

    PS4. Down in Iowa. Nope. Sorry. Back on. Oops. Now we’re off. On. Off. Battlefield 1 it is.

  • Jimdawg

    Dowwn in lompoc

  • Josh

    Down in indiana

  • Andrew

    , . 1:

  • Lyhue Nathan

    Down Northern Hemisphere

  • Bob

    Down in Texas

  • Jbombzy

    Refuses to let me play In Texas

  • ChefJeff789

    Down in SoCal

  • Rick

    Infinte Data synchronizing after match ends then leads to long loading screen either with the rainbow 6 logo on the bottom corner or the red crow girl background these ppl destroyed this game a yr in and still having stupid issues like this trading this trash hope you’re happy ubisoft.

  • Matthew

    Does anyone else have the problem where you load the game on Xbox 1, it says “press any button” and I press every button but it doesn’t do anything. Please help

  • River

    Im having a problem ever since the Red crow update. I currently cant play any online features including Casual,Ranked and Terrorist hunt and also i cant join any of my friends in a squad to play. I was playing fine up until the update and tried everything from hard restarting my xbox one to Reinstalling the entire game. I have the season pass but have not been able to even try the new characters. PLEASE HELP!!!! (Also the game is fully downloaded and when i try to join a game it matches me up with other players and as soon as it says joining game session-it never does and matches me up with different players and then repeats this process forever)

  • Samuel Erickson

    It just sits at the screen “creating squad…” never loads anything else. Nioce mate.

  • Andrew

    Servers are down Northern East Coast

  • Dustin

    Down in bc canada kinda choked I didn’t buy a ga me and get a season pass for this bs!

  • Neal

    This game is a train wreck,since its release it has been buggy, and Ubisoft refuses to fix anything, just like the Division, which is why ill never buy another Ubisoft game

  • greatdanevii

    Ive spent more time on load screens than ive spent actually playing


    It gives an error message after selected casual will not log on

  • the guy who likes R6 alot

    Literally Ubisoft I can’t play the game at my house but I can go to a friends and play I’ve opened up all the ports and upgraded my wifi and still can’t play I started getting numerous error codes like the inphamous 2-0x000D00A and 3-0x000A000E both saying the server is unreachable what is going on??? Is it just my router my service provider it’s one or other I also started getting these error codes around November the 25 you guys did an update I was able town play as much as I want before than but now I can no longer find and join matches when I do it’s one match every so often that’s if I’m lucky

  • Jesse Ramirez

    Yes! I literally returned my game for a brand new rainbow six game and I still can’t get pass the main menu.. but I’m able to play any other game I own

  • Jacoc Crane

    Sometime I absolutely hate this game. I get kicked from a ranked match cuz of ubisofts f-up. Then can’t rejoin only to get the penalties.

  • Guest[Insert long number here]

    Rainbow Six Servers are down right now (at least in Germany). But who am I to judge. I now how hard it is to maintain a server without downtimes, although you could expect such a thing of a big company like ubisoft…

  • Bomb Diggity

    In Oregon servers down, xbox one. Connection issues up the wazoo. In game ping sometimes goes up to 3000+ ???? Never seen a multiplayer game in my life have this bad of server/connection issues, especially for a next gen console game. 2015 for Christ’s sake.

  • Guest

    Every single time me and my buddy load into a casual it states “estimated wait time 1:09” and will take forever to find the other half of the lobby, we have backed out and retried many times and said “buddy” has restarted his router….

  • Simon

    All platforms are down right now, no one is sure why Rainbow Six Siege just stopped playing, not even funny because I was in the middle of a match rank game.

  • Kerry

    R6 is one of the best games ever, the only let down is Unisoft servers. I have thge PS4 and not able to get online, servers are not available.

  • Claude

    Maintenance time has gone 2 0mins but servers are still down

  • Bryant

    Yeah the game is still down today.

  • Bryant

    I mean, it’s just saying that it’s unreachable

  • GroveR

    I just bought the game on Xbox one and I’m not able to merge in lobbies in getting error code 2-0x0000D00A..

  • Angelo Conde

    Florida is down..

  • Steve Smith

    Why is it saying offline when trying to sign into rainbow 6

  • AceOspades TMD

    Def a server problem. With Year 2 just around the bend. They need to fix the server issues. Otherwise….. R6 might lose some gamers.

  • anthony anon

    Well just bought the game and now when im in the main menu there is a lock next to Multiplayer and Terrorist Hunt. I don’t know what to do im on ps4? Ps live in PA PA is down.

  • Jules

    I cannot believe the R6 servers are still down after all this time, I know there is a delay but wow. When will they be back up again?

  • Robin

    Should be in the next 30 minutes according to the official Rainbow Six tweet.

  • Laz Jones

    It’s back up!!!

  • Poopbro

    They are down again

  • Globama

    I got in a match and played fir about thirty seconds then it kicked me and i haven’t been able to reconnect since

  • anthony anon

    Still not up for me in PA.

  • noah arbore

    still down for me in ny. yet people 3 hours away can play fine

  • Cale Rush Leahy

    Anyone down again? Says im online but cant play multiplayer or terrorist hunt

  • GTASeries Mods

    it’s down for me just tried to run game not connecting to the server

  • Matt Foro

    Problems connecting in New York

  • Oshea Futrell

    Sure would like to play my 60 dollar game!!! This is crazy man…still down in Fay Nc well for me

  • Oshea Futrell

    Yea this is getting out of hand just to play a game YOU CAN ONLY PLAY ONLINE….im starting to think they dont care .. its been 6 days and they already got their money for the games we purchase so why rush right…im not buying another one of there games… this is a reoccurring issue and I really don’t like it because if i wanted to sell division or Rainbow Six I wouldn’t get my $60 back!!

  • Jarale Beat Maker Beckham

    Still down for me in Charlotte nc

  • Lbkz

    Servers are completely down. Probably got DDoS Attacked cause of it being a free weekend. R6 has the worst community, teamkillers, trolls, hackers, little kids, CODfags running outside, glitches, laggers, server disconnects, $8-30 skins, year 2 season passes. Its essentially worse than cod now. I gave it a 9 on metacritic when it was released didnt see all this happening makes me sad. I suggest not buying it. You will only feel frustrated

  • Drew Parkes

    I think someone is hacking because I’m a free player rn and I have all the operators and attachments now

  • Lucas van Dijk

    also down here, in the netherlands

  • Justin Bergeron

    $60 GAME?! I’ve bought both season passes and a bunch of skins. I’m probably closer to $200

  • James r zeman

    Really disappointed that ubisoft makes millions. And can’t even make a server strong enough for everyone to play. Boycotting time

  • GreyWolfe217

    Down in St. Louis MO

  • Zack Badger

    Down in Indianapolis Indiana

  • Shaoxin He

    down in NY

  • Riccardo Governatori

    Down in Italy for all afternoon!

  • Jay Jay

    What the duck is going on!!!!

  • Andrew Vernon

    This is the last Ubisoft title that I purchase. The game itself is OK, but the support and online servers (pretty necessary for an online game) are absolute crap.

  • Andrew Vernon

    I don’t find the community (at least in casual) to be that bad. The other problem is that there are simply not that many other good shooter titles out there right now. Unless you want Sci-Fi/Starship Troopers wannabe that CoD has become, or the weird Steampunk/automatics galore of BF1. Both of those games were also disappointments. At least Siege is quasi-authentic in its kit and gear.

    That said, I would not recommend buying it either. The game is online only and the online support and servers are absolute crap.

  • Logan

    Cant get into a game Virginia, united states

  • Ham-n-Eggs

    Ugh…What’s the purpose? I was like let me check this game out. But apparently they don’t want me playing the game. IT’S NOT WORKING!!! PS4 NY

  • Jeshika

    Free weekend? Nope, won’t let me on the demo. Indy -guess I won’t buy this game, if they don’t fix this.

  • Rich

    Down in lake charles Louisiana

  • Ur dumb

    Ur a birchbark if your doing free weekend just pay for the game

  • Doc Death187

    Ps4 servers still down smh. Seems to be a continuous issue with this game. If its not server problems, its a matchmaking issue. You guys make enough money to have these problems fixed already….. I mean it has already been over a year

  • Jeff S

    PS4 AZ can’t even load into the main menu without getting a server connection error. Really frustrating sinc this is my go to game…hoping this stops soon


    Down in chicago.

  • Panix

    Down in Australia

  • Yahmil Backonmygrind Howell

    Down in NJ

  • Claire Reynolds

    its back up in michigan

  • rony ron

    high ping broblem

  • rony ron

    high ping problem

  • Jason Spin

    I’m on PS4 and my friends are playing but I’m still getting server error but I’m in a party talking to my friends??? Anyone else have this problem

  • Stifmaster

    It happened to me until they started getting server error and now none of us can play

  • Mitchell Tyler Hamblen

    Yes same!! Cincinnati.

  • JoshandSara M

    Down in Kansas about ten min ago

  • André

    Down in Brazil (Xone)

  • Jwhite

    Of course it’s down when I buy a booster !!!!!

  • Mert

    Turkey, Down.

  • meads

    Australia is dead

  • mattdgold

    W-US down

  • Johno

    Your mom is down…….. On me

  • Johno

    Black hawk down

  • Johno

    County Down

  • Johno

    Up down

  • lexpress mari

    Still down

  • Gamer


  • Hyped Julian


  • James


  • KOFFINnails

    Fix please. So messed up. And send us a booster as well. Thanks

  • Eric

    Down again..

  • Max

    Same lmao

  • Oliver


  • George V Kilgore

    Wow this is getting stupid

  • Vern Baker

    i didnt pay for this….i have 3 ps4 in my house for my boys and 3 copies of this game plus season passes…on top of this issue playstation raised the price on ps plus!atleast make the game playable…what are we paying for?????????

  • Euluxia

    Still down in Texas I literally just bought this game and cannot play tf ubisoft

  • Jessolf

    Down, Missouri

  • TheUrbanNinja

    t’s down in NY too, this happened last weekend too, these servers are such sh1t.

  • Nine

    down right now

  • ian

    down for me arizona

  • Amirali Jafari

    down toronto

  • Skankhunt hunt

    Down Pittsburgh pa

  • Nein

    Down Florida

  • itzk3vinxd

    Down ny

  • David Xiao

    Down Cali

  • Hyped Julian


  • Jesus

    Down in puerto rico

  • Jesus

    Since season 2 update its hard to play it cannot connect toserver

  • Thechaosbeat

    Chill out, they know the servers are down, they’ll fix it. Complaining makes you look bad, not them. Play another game and periodically check back in. Don’t sit there with your thumb up your ass.

  • Anonymous

    4 days of server issues? This is ridiculous and my last Ubisoft game.

  • André

    Down in Brazil! AGAIN

  • Cody Buchanan


  • unonomous

    If your technologically gifted you can run your own server for friends

  • Max

    down in massachusetts (USA)

  • Max

    back on in mass (USA)

  • Cam

    down in Maine

  • Maxine

    is there a rainbow six siege maintenance happening right now? The reason i am asking is simply down to not being able to play online. My only day i get off work and now servers go down.

  • Bob

    Server maintenance is underway surely.

  • Vin

    Down in pa

  • Deimos82

    Down in NC. For me anyway.

  • Sial la

    Down is malaysia

  • Miguel Vargas

    I don’t know what is going on but I get kicked constantly for lost connection crap. Can anyone tell me why this happens please

  • Zach

    4th day in a row of not being able to connect
    Alabama, USA

  • Grey

    Down for almost 5 days. Macau, China.

  • Th3Trig3rFac3

    Down in Hungary

  • Alex Burell

    Down in sweden

  • Kirat

    down in india for 15 days

  • jShico

    down for a few hours in romania too

  • Tiki

    Down on finland xb1

  • Connor Roberts

    Down in US

  • Connor Roberts

    Such a great game with such terrible servers

  • Sam

    Down in England

  • Will B

    Down in Virginia

  • Larab Strait

    Down at France

  • Victor Lara

    When will it be back in Cali Rainbow

  • Tony Antonio

    Down in Hong Kong, ps4

  • khizer

    down in pakistan

  • Matt

    Down in nj

  • Alisson Vinicius

    Down at Brazil

  • John Arthur

    15 days wtf why

  • John Arthur

    That’s ur internet, I’ve been on everyday no issue up until today.

  • Msa125520

    Down in Iran

  • Jesse White

    Down in indiana since 6am

  • Carlos

    Down in Philadelphia I use a booster and know I lose it please owe me one back not fair

  • Obi

    Down in Belgium all day long…

  • Divinity Gaming

    In Florida server for seige been down for hours now whats up when they going to be on

  • Giovanni Costantini

    Down in from Italy on windows since after lunch


    Servers are down in Mobile Alabama why do they have so much problems with the server

  • Chip

    I lost my booster and down in Kansas

  • Chip

    When will they be back up?

  • Giovanni Sotelo

    They are back up in the USA

  • Raymond Schubert

    Down in Nevada. March 30

  • Raymond Schubert

    Or my WiFi

  • JAne

    Matchmaking not working in U.K.


    u broke the games hit detection


    no lie it broke it was better before maintenance

  • D

    Down in NYC Area

  • Anoun Omis

    Down in Texas PS4

  • Kacen

    Down in mississippi ps4

  • Kacen

    Jk we back up bois

  • Brad Adkins

    Down like always

  • Felix Opitz

    In florida its been down for weeks….. why????

  • YouNeedHelp

    I’ve had the game for a long time now and just now have connection problems for the first time.
    Error: 6-0x00001000
    Then it just restarts trying to build a squad, then erroring.
    Had to Ctrl+Alt+Del out of it.

  • chris herrera

    Im in North Carolina playing on Xbox one and I can’t connect to the servers
    Error code : [0-0x00000312]
    Just recently bought the game brand new

  • Dunlin

    im in NYC on PC havent been able to connect to servers in over an hour now!

  • Collin Sheffield

    I’m in GA and iv had servers down over an hour

  • Lucas Kovacs

    Down in Indiana for atleast 24 hours

  • Jason Burak

    Down in Edmonton Canada

  • Glenn

    Rainbow Six id down in California on the PlayStation 4.

  • Julien

    Looks like the Rainbow Six Siege servers are down, not been able to play online for around an hour now.

  • Ruben

    Ohio is down no RB6 Siege for me today then.

  • Mario Gamboa

    germany rb6 is down

  • Nadav Gang

    Same in Israel, Everything is down.

  • Yparsiz

    France rb6 is down

  • Marcelo Oliveira Jr

    Brazil: rainbow six siege is down!

  • Tyler

    Down in Toronto, Ontario

  • Nathan

    Rb6 Louisiana is down

  • Dahveed

    Down in Pittsburgh

  • Dahveed

    Been down for a week now smh

  • Justin Morrow

    Where r u at

  • Tanks and other games

    Down in Oklahoma

  • N3P

    Sweden down

  • interpert

    Down in Norway

  • IT-expert

    Down in Denmark

  • AndreaS

    UK down

  • True American

    Trump land down. Praise Kek

  • Will

    Down in Cali

  • Jon

    Down on east coast


    what part ok i stay in spencer

  • dakota

    Down in kentucky

  • Jake Barnes

    Central Florida down for PlayStation 4 R6S

  • Jake Barnes

    I am sure they are in it and we will have a full weekend to kill pixels

  • Branndon

    I’m in

  • Brandon

    I’m in Del city, ok. And they’re still down

  • Brandon

    I’m in Del city oklahoma and they’re down here

  • Petty McPeteFace

    Pennsylvania and Deleware down

  • Slytiger Disgruntled Veteran C

    El Paso down

  • Austin

    Down in Kansas City and St.Louis

  • killakabboy

    Ohio down

  • luke

    down in Ireland
    Xbox 1

  • az

    Kalamazoo, Michigan Down

  • Darnell Bones

    When will it be back up for xbox one??????

  • Jared Bolhuis

    i’m in kzoo too lol