ROBLOX maintenance and problems

ROBLOX is an online game for ages between 8 and 18, the massively multiplayer online game where players create a stunning virtual world using blocks where they can socialize. But this game doesn’t come without its issues and normally these surround ROBLOX maintenance and problems.

The game itself can create different scenarios, using different shapes and sizes of blocks. Gamers can buy virtual benefits such as Outrageous Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club etc. But sometimes problems with purchases occur when downloading.

Are you having issues with ROBLOX login, maintenance, purchases, website not opening, online gaming being down? Please do comment below if you have any of the above or anything else.

ROBLOX status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if ROBLOX is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with ROBLOX? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Michael

    Are ROBLOX servers down or something because i cannot get the game to work.

  • Jiles

    Admins better fix ROBLOX soon, how the hell do you restart the browser?

  • Jessica

    Might as well play minecraft for a while until they bring this back online.

  • Raphael

    Roblox is doing maintenance yet again, I wonder what for this time as yesterday they were down for about 10 minutes for server updates.

  • China

    We had no warning at all about today’s Roblox maintenance, they may call it scheduled but we call it in the dark yet again.

  • Noddy

    When is the next Roblox maintenance so I am aware this time, last time there was no warning at all and i was left in the dark for like 6 hours?

  • yo

    why I just want to play

  • Gerrad

    Is Roblox under maintenance right now? I cannot get to play.

  • Carrey

    Does anyone know what the roblox maintenance password is?

  • Jimmy

    Is Roblox still under maintenance? I cannot get online and was wondering that’s all.

  • Cyrus

    If Roblox is doing a big maintenance, does this mean a new UPDATE is on its way?

  • Jason

    Does anyone know of any good Roblox promo codes?

  • Greg

    Roblox is down for me and showing error code 901.

  • Tammy

    When is the next Roblox maintenance?

  • Britteny

    For me and my town it is sayinging code 6

  • Janell Celeste Lynn

    Been having issues with games not comnecting to the server and the window closes automatically. My kids are young dont quite understand and are mad. Ugh.

  • h


  • Vicktor

    Is Roblox down today October 25th 2016?

  • James

    I tried to get the Roblox Happy Wheels and then the game just shutdown on me for no apparent reason.

  • Lisa

    Roblox servers are down, trying to play this game today is difficult when you cannot sign in.

  • Curtis

    Roblox is downnnn

  • idiot


  • idiot

    ur all dumb

  • diccsuccre123

    my lif is a lie

  • Cheesy

    roblox is now offline but i am watching youtube nao

  • rochevdv

    there is something wrong with roblox i can press settings or add people and i cant even play games

  • Gavin

    Roblox is down because they are apparently upgrading its catalog.

  • Murtle

    The servers are probs down to do with the new upcoming sale… mmmmm

  • Joanne

    The Memorial Day sale is arriving soon, this could be something to do with the servers being offline.

  • Jo

    Roblox is down for maintenance mmm or has someone hacked the servers.

  • Chris

    Roblox is offline, are they doing maintenance?

  • Itsyaboi

    Yup they are doing maintenence and repairs

  • Ducky

    The menu in Roblox is just showing as text, strange.

  • Ameila

    My account might be messed up, i try to play a game and then the camera freezes on me in random locations. People are moving around me normally whilst i am frozen, am I blooming Elsa or what?

  • Dannii

    Not hapy today with this game, first time i have had issues and now i understand why people get ticked off.

  • Creamrs


  • Map_le

    Yup! its down ;c

  • Shai

    your getting the Bad Request too?

  • powerman

    it giving us error when just game and a bad request error

  • powerman

    it giving us error when join game and a bad request error

  • GuestNoooo482388 and v33t

    Agh, same

  • GuestNoooo482388 and v33t

    I am, same happening with me ;/

  • Celestial Starfire

    Is roblox down? I have no chat tools, can’t access games, the home page doesn’t load just shows that three blue boxes like it is going to load but nothing happens. Can’t access friends page or games page. The only thing that works for me is the groups page.

  • Richard Norton

    It’s been down since Xmas on Xbox one bought my kid robux and ain’t been able to log on just takes me back to home screen.

  • COokie

    so is roblox down I cant join any games and all the servers are gone

  • BeansMcCheese

    This is the first full outage I’ve seen in a while, especially for Roblox. A game I was playing claimed to be updating at roughly 11:55 or so, and so I exited off to head back to the home page and play a different one from my recently played. There was a message at the top of the screen explaining that something wasn’t working right, which I thought was odd at first, since I hadn’t seen anything noticeably wrong with the site. Until I noticed that my recently played games were cleared out. I headed to the games page only to find more of the same. The only games that had more than 0 visits are likely heavily botted, as there is no way the could be exempt from the outage as far as I know. Upon trying one of these oddly cleared games, it claims to be waiting on a server, but never actually loads one. Upon checking the servers, all of them were gone on each game.

  • Kennedy

    Well i’m in usa and I have a message saying they’ll look into it but people are still on games so does that mean im the only persons thats having this like what the heck?

  • Greg Stevens

    lol roblox is down already i thought it was gone in 2020!!

  • boiiiiiiiiii

    lol is roblox shut down or something?

  • boiiiiiiiiii

    Something strange is happening here…I went online and it was glitching in the game called tower of h and I saw someone say that roblox was going to shut down. I was like, “Lol that would never happen!” But it did!!!!! btw it took me 15 mins to get in.

  • boiiiiiiiiii

    mg is roblox shutting down forever?!

  • Josh

    For me in Georgia U.S., it almost impossible to play games as the chat almost all ways freezes or just does not work at all. It is not only the chat, but the entire game freezes at some points for around 3 minutes giving other players an advantage in most competitive games. The stability of the website is also very bad right now as you may crash every 10 minutes or so. This is not at all lag from your computer, this is a server error in roblox’s system.

  • GolddenFreddyfan

    vip servers broke for me and currently they are fixing something

  • Squid Boi

    for all you people having troubles, my friend was playing for me and mid game it shut down and my account could no longer be reached.

  • hdfjhsjdfhjksdfhl

    Every time I try to open roblox it keeps just closing out no matter if it’s on the app or online.