RuneScape Maintenance, Website Login Outage

Have you ever had issues where RuneScape login limit has exceeded or you cannot access your account at all, or maybe the servers are down? These are just a couple of things that have gone wrong for players over the years, and if you are having issues with this game then share your status here.

If you are having issues with the RuneScape website, companion app or anything else then we and our readers would love to her from you. Please remember to let us know what platform you are on being Windows, Linux or OS X.

RuneScape is a stunningly beautiful MMORPG fantasy game, which has some fo the best 3D renderings in a game. With over 200 million accounts we are fairly sure not everyone os happy when things go wrong. You know, such as when obtaining a bucket of sand and you cannot use it, or you did not get your Black Parasol after doing a treasure hunt.

Maybe the game is lagging or not loading, no matter how big or small the issue this is where you can share your thoughts.

RuneScape status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if RuneScape is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with RuneScape? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kevin

    Logging into RuneScape today on my PC seems to be a little difficult for me. All my internet is fine.

  • Barker

    Come on now Jagex, surely your servers can be a lot better than they are now?

  • Nancy

    What is this Tormented Wraith, do I actually need it?

  • Jarrad

    This has been down all morning, bet Jagex is doing stuff and not even told us, why the outages guys?

  • Linny

    What is everyones Runescape server status because mine is down.