Ruzzle Game App Problems

Ruzzle was first released in 2012 for iOS users then the download was available for Android and Windows Phone soon after. This game is highly popular due to the fact it is in the top 10 for word games and is available in 145 countries. Is the Ruzzle game app down for you right now?

Ruzzle Down

Main Ruzzle issues include login screen getting stuck, app crashing, free download not working and in-app chat not accessible. When there is a scheduled maintenance this can also bring the game down, when it does please do report below.

This page is for you to have your say, maybe you are having issues with the ‘Weekly Tournament Game’, in some cases this has shown the completed status and will not re-open. If you are having Ruzzle issues please do let us know along with your location and device you are using.

Ruzzle status reports for Sunday 30th of April 2017

To find out if Ruzzle is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Ruzzle? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jeff

    I can start a game, I can even choose who I can play. But my problem lies with when trying to highlight letters once in a game.

  • Carol

    This is stupid now, when I swipe on my words they are not being accepted even though I know they are words that exist.

  • Charlotte

    I am seriously thinking of dumping this game, i can only have the free version as i cannot afford the premium one. But when the ads used to show up within Ruzzle they were able to go after clicking on the x top right corner. But for some reason when I get an Uber add etc it will not let me go back to the game i was already playing. I have to start the game again which is a Pain.

  • Denise Coughlin

    Tournaments not working on the Note5… multiple emails sent for help… all have been ignored… yes I’m using the PAID version

  • Lisa

    Tournaments not working

  • Roseanne Russo

    Updated app. Now tournament is not opening. Can play individuals but not tournament. Have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Have used BOTH tablet and phone. Nada.

  • Pat Holt

    I can no longer have any practice games since 11/25/2016. I hit the practice game option and the screen locks up. This started about the time the Christmas theme came out. I “force stop” the app and tried again. I also did a restart on my phone. Nothing seems to help. I selected random opponent and that worked, but it isn’t what I wanted.

  • Amy States

    Mine either and I loved the Tournaments! Did you find a solution?

  • Amy States

    Same here….Did you find a solution?

  • Lorisa Lauren DeLuca

    My game wasn’t been able to open for about a month now

  • Judith Koehler

    My app updated yesterday 3/6/17 and no longer has my tournaments; the screen size has enlarged to an uncomfortable size; the audio is “fuzzy.” What’s up?

  • Moi

    My Ruzzle is unplayable …. Blurry, quivering letters, lines; seriously delayed response time to game play; no landscape mode; Game Center app opens during play, and takes 10 seconds to close down; weird bells and whistles added that slow game play down … Cannot chat with others to see if they are experiencing same. What is going on?

  • Joe

    Cannot use back button to get back to games after advertisement is exited. This upgrade blows.

  • Midge

    As of a March 7 update, my screen acts like it is full of static. It starts, stops, stutters, and jumps between screens and players. It will not pause for phone calls, it boots me. Everything is tiny. Message center sucks. Writing is tiny, can’t see what I am writing, no emojis, and no spellcheck.

  • Neil

    I won the weekly tournament and when I try to collect the 0 coins ( it should be 100 ) it says drizzle has stopped and closes down,help please.

  • Conrad

    Same problem for more than a week. No response to repeated reports to Ruzzle support.