Samsung Smart TV Hub Not Working

Is your Samsung Smart TV Hub not working? Now and then customers can have issues with their Smart TV platform and need somewhere to discuss them, so welcome to Is Down Right Now USA where you can have your say and see if you are among others having problems.

The Smart Hub by Samsung allows its users to gain access to many multimedia sources offline and online, it is a great digital media source for apps, games, movies, books, TV shows and so much more.

But, now and then the system has problems where the Smart Hub errors occur or goes down completely for some reason or another. Because there are always updates it does mean scheduled Samsung TV Smart Hub maintenance will happen, which can take the system down for a period of time.

Other issues that occur include error codes such as 999, 2003, 7117, 3010, which have cropped up in the past, DNS problems, and apps not downloading. If the server does go down then 3rd party services are also impacted such as loading apps like ITV Player, Netflix etc.

Samsung Smart TV Hub status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Samsung Smart TV Hub is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Samsung Smart TV Hub? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Steve

    My Samsung Smart TV seems to be having issues right now loading itself over and over again, even my remote is not working.

  • Caral

    My smart hub is not working even after turning router on and off and i got it all working again.

  • Toby

    I have tried connecting to Netflix and nothing, accessing samsung apps keep saying not connected to the internet which is strange considering i can get online to twitter and facebook etc.

  • Oliver

    My Samsung TVs are not connecting, my UE40H6400 keeps turning off but the UE22F5410 is not after pressing smart hub.

  • palmer08

    Same here with a UE48H6240 in FR.

  • Eric Sablon

    My UE48H6850 is hit by reboot bug. I’m from France

  • Blake Carper

    For us the issue is Smart Hub and connection to the internet. Everytime Smart Hub tries to access the internet, the TV freezes and crashes. We fixed it by 1) Turning off the router. 2) Rebooting the TV 3) Turning off auto start on Smart Hub. This put us in a state where the TV worked unless you boot Smart Hub while connected to the internet. We were able to connect to the PS4 and stream stuff there.

  • Masterblaster

    Nov 12 , 2016 , samsung smart tv will not connect to Internet, while my phone , ipad and ps4 are all connecting and running strong , whats up samsung?

  • Becky

    11/22/16 smart hub will not connect to Internet. Internet working elsewhere including on my Samsung phone. Assuming it is the typical server down BS that has been a lingering issue since our initial hook-up 4 years ago. Ready to add another Roku box to my xmas list and 86 this “not-so-smart” hub altogether!

  • Becky


  • Dan

    Same here

  • NT Wee

    Dropped internet access at around 2am PST. Still no access. All other devices are fine accessing the internet

  • Jeff McKinney

    My smart him isn’t responding.

  • Jeff McKinney

    Smart hub

  • Charlene Totaro Gibson

    Jeff, try this as it worked for me this AM. Click on your “home” button and go over to
    Settings/Support/Self-diagnostics/Re-set Smart Hub.
    For pin use: 0000
    Then log into your Samsung account (or set up one) and follow the prompts. Your app should download. There was a terms of service contract that needed to be accepted…you’ll see it all as you go through.
    Good luck

  • David Wright

    Smart Hub = JUNK. Samsung has peaked. We changed to LG, and all our terrible problems with “smart tv’s” disappeared…YouTube going dumb and freezing every few minutes, buffering problems, 20 min wait times with updates every time you turn it on, and endless waiting with the spinning arrow….AND NO MORE CONSTANT LOCKUPS REQUIRING IT TO BE UNPLUGGED SEVERAL TIMES A DAY FOR 10 MIN….it’s because it is a Samsung, all. They have just started turning out utter junk due to distraction of their leadership.

    Look at the heads of the company. Hard to lead when you are constantly trying to evade arrest…

  • Michael Campanella

    apps have crashed. BOTH TVs updated and Amazon app works horribly on one TV and none work on other 4K thats IN the room with wifi router. getting internet connections errors

  • Tom Early

    I was just watching Netflix on my Samsung smart TV last night. Right now the smart function will not open at all. It just says starting. It did do a smart hub update and that took about 5 minutes. I ended up turning the tv off and back on. Then pushing the smart button on the remote. It went to starting for about 15 minutes and then finally opened the smart hub. This happens every so often. When I want to watch Netflix or Amazon on my tv I want to turn the tv on, push the corresponding buttons, and watch. Not wait 20 to 30 minutes for the tv to figure out what it wants to do.

  • Ruri Sonya

    Samsung smart hub went down since yesterday (09oct2017)cant open all smart hub app in my country indonesia. Is it normal or not? Will it be back to normal again or no?

  • Lucy

    Samsung TV keeps disconnecting on me, keep getting a error message, sorry cannot remember what the number was.

  • Brian Larson

    Down again!

  • Holbrook

    There has to be a worked around plans for Samsung hubs, if not maybe suing will wake them up.