Simple Mobile Coverage, Website Outage

Simple Mobile is a service that offers its customers with phone and internet service, as well as opting for no contract plans as well as unlimited wireless. Not only that you can shop with them to buy a phone with partnering affiliates. It goes without saying when you are not getting the coverage your pay for or a website that doesn’t want to open you can bet your bottom dollar you would like to say something about it.

Is Simple Mobile down for you? Well, here is where you can have your say. If you have a problem please do share it with us, other customers may just be having the same trouble as you.

Some of the main issues with Simple Mobile (Owned by Tracfone operating on the T-Mobile Network) includes coverage loss, account number not working, SMS, MMS or international calls are not going through. As well as having problems with paying bills online, customer service not being helpful or maybe you are having issues activating or deactivating your phone and wish to find answers. What ever you are looking for hopefully someone can help you in here.

Simple Mobile status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Simple Mobile is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Simple Mobile? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Drake

    Trying to send text messages to anyone in my contacts is worse than jumping out of a plane without a parachute at the moment. A service I am paying for not working, whats new!!!!!!!

  • Paddie

    MMS and Internet seems to be troublesome today in Pheonix.

  • Margie

    I ohone Simple Mobile customer service and was on hold for like an hour, then on the phone to them for like 1.5 hours. Just because I could not pay a bill online, WOW they are bad at that.

  • Bruce

    I was using the internet on my phone when it just cut off. I paid my bill yesterday so why have i been cut off.

  • Jojo Fisher

    They can NEVER help me when I call. So many reasons. The last time they told me I am no longer in their service area. So many bad things about their service. The ones I hate the most is when they lie. Like when their tower is down, and I have no service at all. They say its my phone. Its not

  • Jordan Ogdon

    Today is the 19th day I have had no service but I paid and activated it the day before I lost service. I want my money back and taking my business else where. I have lost out on shifts at work due to this important calls and not being able to make calls when I needed to. This is ridiculous and honestly aggravating.

  • Jill

    No service in Plainfield Indiana

  • Nick

    The customer account portal on the website is all sorts of broken right now.