Skiplagged and Smart Poke 2 Not Working

Since Pokemon GO was released so many third-party maps such as PokeVision have been released, but was then shut down by the developer. Other apps have also been removed such as Smart Poke 2 (V2) and the maps on the website Skiplagged are also unavailable due to maintenance.

Apps are being shut down soon after released, some say because they are getting too much social and news attention. Do you know of any other alternative to these third-party apps for Pokemon GO?

We have put this page together for you to discuss on how you feel about Skiplagged and Smart Poke 2 being removed. Many that did get to use them were very happy indeed and of course unhappy when removed, now they are looking for an alternative working Pokemon tracker and locator app that does the same as these ones.

Skiplagged and Smart Poke status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

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  • Bruce

    I am not happy at all they removed Smart Poke V2, this was a very very good Android app that worked well. I actually agree that because it got so much news coverage the creators of Pokemon GO were then there to action its shut down.

  • Wendy

    Come on now Niantic Labs, just team up with Smart Poke 2 and then we can keep the app we all love. Work as a team and help other companies rise.

  • Grace

    Smart Poke 2 is no longer working, this is just so unfair.

  • Peter

    I cannot believe Niantic would be so cruel to shut down Smart Poke 2, how can it be good for the game when we love it.

  • Chad Robert Lenard Lund

    I wish Nintendo and niantic were not so exclusive with their gameplay. They constantly ruin games because they want it done a certain way. If you want something to be exclusive to your company, create enjoyable gameplay a user can create constant progress on. Pokemon go was a great game that people only wanted to make better through third party apps and they wrecked it by taking away all tracking devices even their own. Come on Nintendo and Niantic.

  • sajid khan 786

    Skipplaged Catch that are not working not show Pokemon only few Pokemon are show