Skype being down is something you wish never happens, but it does and this is why Is It Down Right Now USA is in place. This is where you can read or post your own problems no matter what the issue is. Skype was put into place so that people could contact anyone from around the world via mobile devices such as tablets, phones and computers.

Not only can you contact people through Skype you can also send messages instantly, video messages, exchange files and images as well as starting or joining a conference call. If you have a device running Linux, iOS, Windows, Mac, Fire OS, Windows Phone, Nokia X, BlackBerry, Xbox One, Android or PlayStation Vita then you are happy to go.

Main issues with the service include Skype problems with windows 8, iOS, Android as well as other platforms; the recording or playback device could experience troubles now and then. But one of the most searched things on social media channels and forums etc is Skype is down today and is Skype down.

Is Down Right Now is a community where you can share your problems or read other users issues.

Skype status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Skype is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Skype? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Janice

    Are calls working for anyone today, I am in San Francisco and things seems to be a little weird with Skype today.

  • Milo

    I am havigng a few problems video calling my friend who is on holiday, she has Internet and strong signal according to her text. Bit yet my video call will not go through even though we both have WiFi connecctions.

  • Nancy

    Skype is working fine for me. not had any issues for months.

  • Clifford

    My Skype is giving me a few issues, it works fine with my laptop but i would like to use through my Smart TV like i have done before. But it will not allow me to install the new update so keeps dropping calls.

  • Harry

    I can get Skype to work on my laptop and desktop, but it is not working on my Apple iPad.

  • Kerring

    I tried the skype for business download and its not working for me.

  • Markus Berglund

    My Skype does not sign in. Something is wrong 20:33 GMT+2 September 3rd 2015

  • Craig

    I have tried to login and cannot get anywhere, is there a global outage or something?

  • John Doe

    Can’t get past the login…

  • Joshua Stewart

    Skype is down for me as well

  • Aleksandar

    Ajde jebem vam mater kad treba ne radite

  • michael

    can veryfy this. Skype is so far down in my eyes. sometimes if try often you get connection but it is lost after few minutes.

  • michael

    i forgot to tell i am NOT in USA i am in thaland at the moment.

  • Kevin

    I tried skye this AM from USA to China and it is down. It says that the we service works but cant call anyone that is not on the web. My Android phone cant sign into the accounts so it is USA Serivce is still down.. NOON CST….

  • Kevin

    Yes. I tried skye this AM from USA to China and it is down. It says that the we service works but cant call anyone that is not on the web. My Android phone cant sign into the accounts so it is USA Serivce is still down.. NOON CST….

  • Joe

    down for me….”Skype can’t connect” — uninstalled and reinstalled no help

  • Bill

    I cannot connect to Skype, my login is not working for some reason. Just sits their waiting when i do enter my login details.

  • Raine Screwball Eaday

    Skype is being weird, is anyone else having issues?

  • janick landry

    same problem for canada québec is really strange

  • Brian Shelton

    I can’t logon to Skype in Canada, I was supposed to have a call from China but they phoned my cell and told me they were down in China also.

  • Anaelor

    Not opening here in the Philippines as well, I have been trying for the past 4 hours and until now. nothing is happening .

  • Kyle

    My internet is like 30 megs and my Skype is a tortoise, even on 4G chat keeps lagging.

  • Jenny

    My calls are freezing today, i have called 4 different people on Skype to see if it was any particular person, but all were freezing on me.

  • Sam

    Unable to make calls

  • Justin

    I have to make a few Skype calls today and so far two of them I have missed because Skype is not letting do so.

  • Tammy

    Not able to connect to Skype

  • Cray

    Skype used to be the best service for calls and video chats etc, but it is soon becoming the worst. No connection again.

  • Athena

    I am living in Dubai and i too am having problems. I am logged on but my problem is, the call gets disconnected immediately.. i hope skype is able to address this problem soon because this is the only platform where i could be with my love ones from a distance


    having issues I can not
    logged on today ,!!! March 7th 2017

  • ERPO

    Hello dear, unable to connect to skype today…..just saying “connecting ……” then nothing, not able to send message and receive ? today 21st of March 2017, from South America, but works on my phone..?
    regards all

  • Abdul Qadeer Khan

    Same here

  • Steve Bourne

    Wife and many of her friends in Thailand having problems connecting to Skype and other messaging services such as Tango . Also downloading email. Seems pervasive and difficult to find a common denominator amongst these diverse apps. Problem for past week.

  • Mark

    I tried to use my Skype and all I got was a message saying “Skype Home unavailable.” Please help me someone!!!!

  • Carla

    The Skype website is down as is the service to call and chat.

  • Maddy

    Skype Messenger for me keeps rebooting itself every minute or so, then it just logs me out.

  • keysha Pierre

    Skype is down right now, it isnt connecting. its been that way all morning.

  • Christine Miller

    Is anybody having issues getting on Skype tonight?

  • Julie Stephens Heiner

    Skype down in Utah USA

  • Get Human

    Skype Helpline Number @ +(1)855-844-O388
    Thank You.

  • Doug Robb

    I can’t call any number in the USA from Canada tonight!!!

  • P

    Skype messenger is lagging today. Very very slow connecting and sending