Slickdeals Site Not Working and Issues

Is Slickdeals down for you right now? Millions of customers on a daily basis enjoy a great deal on this social commerce website, but when things go wrong such as the site not working this can cause somewhat of a hindrance to purchasing great bargains.

Many deals and coupons are featured on from big retailers such as eBay, Amazon, Newegg and Walmart etc, but when the site goes down this will put a stop to the user generated content.

Main issues with Slickdeals include the main one being servers going down for scheduled maintenance or in some cases unknown reasons. Hot deals pages loading rather slowly, app crashing and notifications not showing up and when adding items to the shopping cart, login or sign up not working. If you have any issues with Slickdeals please do report them here.

Slickdeals status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Slickdeals is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Slickdeals? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Nigel

    The site was down for me for around 20 minutes, all seems to be ok now though.

  • Melany

    Slickdeals was down for me also, not sure what happened because all is well again. Let me know what went wrong please.

  • Jim McCarthy

    It’s been down for 3-4 days now (1/16/2018).

  • Burdock Root

    JSON not formatted correctly error!

  • Innovativemom

    Slickdeals has been down for well over a month, maybe two. I’m wondering if it is for good. Sure is seeming that way. I will miss them.