Sling TV Outage, Problems

American Internet television service Sling TV is part of the of Dish Network, and customers can watch many shows, movies etc through major cable channels. These can be streamed through smart devices such as tablets, smartphones via apps, smart TVs and digital media players. But when there is a Sling TV outage this can cause major problems with customers.

Sling TV Outage

Is Sling TV down for you right now? The main problem is when the server goes down, but other issues do occur and these can include trying to subscribe to the likes of the Blue or Orange TV packages, not being able to login, apps crashing upon opening, as well as buffering and error code messages.

When something does not stream or any other problem arises it is nice to have something to say, or find answers to get to the root of the issue and this is where you can do so. Maybe you are having issues streaming through Roku or your iPad, please do report below your issue and what device you are using along with your location.

Sling TV status reports for Thursday 27th of October 2016

To find out if Sling TV is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Sling TV? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Margy

    I wished I didnt get Sling TV, because all i have is nothing but streaming issues. I turn it on and most of the time i see a message saying i am not subscribed when i know i am.

  • Kevin

    Every time I try to watch something it freezes on me. So I looked at forums and Google etc and it suggests I uninstall and then reinstall – guess what? It doesn’t work.

  • Ann

    I have Amazon Fire and Sling has not worked for the last few days. What is going on with your compatibility Sling?

  • Millie Morton

    can’t login to sling on roku, can’t watch sling tv. errors: 10-100, 12-23, 10-3, 10-200. come on sling whats going on?

  • Joshua Brooks

    Unable to link my Walmart 2 month free trial (obtained as the result of purchasing a Roku Express+) to Sling TV.