Sling TV Outage, Problems

American Internet television service Sling TV is part of the of Dish Network, and customers can watch many shows, movies etc through major cable channels. These can be streamed through smart devices such as tablets, smartphones via apps, smart TVs and digital media players. But when there is a Sling TV outage this can cause major problems with customers.

Sling TV Outage

Is Sling TV down for you right now? The main problem is when the server goes down, but other issues do occur and these can include trying to subscribe to the likes of the Blue or Orange TV packages, not being able to login, apps crashing upon opening, as well as buffering and error code messages.

When something does not stream or any other problem arises it is nice to have something to say, or find answers to get to the root of the issue and this is where you can do so. Maybe you are having issues streaming through Roku or your iPad, please do report below your issue and what device you are using along with your location.

Sling TV status reports for Thursday 21st of September 2017

To find out if Sling TV is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Sling TV? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Margy

    I wished I didnt get Sling TV, because all i have is nothing but streaming issues. I turn it on and most of the time i see a message saying i am not subscribed when i know i am.

  • Kevin

    Every time I try to watch something it freezes on me. So I looked at forums and Google etc and it suggests I uninstall and then reinstall – guess what? It doesn’t work.

  • Ann

    I have Amazon Fire and Sling has not worked for the last few days. What is going on with your compatibility Sling?

  • Millie Morton

    can’t login to sling on roku, can’t watch sling tv. errors: 10-100, 12-23, 10-3, 10-200. come on sling whats going on?

  • Joshua Brooks

    Unable to link my Walmart 2 month free trial (obtained as the result of purchasing a Roku Express+) to Sling TV.

  • Christopher Culbertson

    Right before walking dead???? Really!

  • Stan Orelove

    Sling working on Windows 10 and IOS but not streaming via Roku. Not good, guys.

  • Sarah Bates

    During the Seahawks game?!? Why?!?

  • Natalee

    During the election!

  • Teddy

    Unable to view free 2 month redeemed offer through Walmart.

  • Beth McManus

    Don’t waste your money. Constantly freezes and buffers. Customer “service” is useless.

  • Frances Valdes

    Been trying to watch for 3 hours. Horrible.

  • Akhilesh

    Is there any issue going on like connection Is dead slow

  • Guy

    Yayyyyyy I cannot watch Monday Night Football

  • Tracy Poovey

    Comedy Central is coming in and out…seems to be certain channels work better. Been having issues all evening long

  • Guy

    Where you located??? I’m in AZ

  • Larry Flora

    Wtf. The only reason I have sling is for MNF. So maddening

  • Jason

    Absolute garbage. I think I’m going to dump this service.

  • Mark Ward

    Works fine on my Android tablet but doesn’;t work on Roku, Nexus Player or Windows desktop.

  • Michael Halulko

    I cannot get no channels on my sling TV service other channels working fine I emailed them letting but no reply, terrible customer service!!!!!

  • Jud & Pen Tolman

    Yeah I think they are having a major outage. This is the first time I have experienced problems with Sling.

  • other guy

    Worst service ever, can’t even get a stream to work on the roku they recommended. Great it works during off hours when nothing is on then as soon as something worthwhile comes on it crashes every time

  • Kash

    Horrible connectivity cant watch Monday Night Raw?

  • other guy

    total crap

  • Poopchutemcgee

    down in Indy

  • Brenda Hart

    Charlotte NC issues. This is insane. Come on Sling you are new to the game show up!

  • sandydeb

    Down in Sacramento. Can’t watch Monday Night Football.

  • Omegarml

    Down in Las Vegas!

  • iontexas

    Constant buffering, drop outs. Impossible to watch any channel without becoming frustrated. Sling probably has marginal server capacity and these issues arise during heavy usage times.

  • Sue McGee

    Down in Arkansas.

  • Sue McGee

    That’s what we were trying to watch. VERY irritating.

  • sb10guard .

    Down in Dayton oh. 8pm

  • sb10guard .

    Using roku 2

  • Orion 1

    It’s been down here in Dallas for the last TWO days. iPhone app is down and not loading in the media room Roku either WTF

  • Phuket’s slingtv

    Let them know we are all joining class action lawsuit and we will rename company to gotchoazzinaslingtv

  • Phillip

    It’s becoming impossible to watchand they just don’t care anymore.

  • Lucia

    down right in the middle of TCM Double Indemnity movie. FRUSTRATED. Everyhting else works except Sling TV. 12/21 3:00PM Eastern.

  • Ramesh

    It is not working right now…

  • TH

    Down in Niagara Falls, had sling tv for a week now, last 2 days nothing will load, using Apple TV, every thing else is fine

  • Cheryl

    Down in Vancouver Wa. So frustrating!!

  • Diana F

    I’m in Vancouver WA too–I have Amazon Firestick–I deleted the sling app, and reinstalled. Sling works perfectly now!

  • guestuser

    down in Moorestown NJ right now

  • Rat Manny

    Was down but I deleted & reloaded the app and it’s now working fine as of 11am 17 Jan 2017 EST.

  • Red Chapnick

    Sling must be down. Error 4-40 both fire TV’s.

  • KJohns869

    Stops streaming very often then buffers for a longtime. Internet speed fine, modem new, new roku. No problems with hbogo, Amazon, or Netflix.

  • Dan White

    Everytime i watch ESPN or ESPN2 lots of buffering, poor picture quality. I have requested tech information daily since Feb 27, still no response. I called this morning, they said they would run the request up the ladder, still no word. Neighbors have watched the same channel via Dish and the other Direct tv and said they did not have the problems. Why wouldn’t a subsidiary of Dish Network want to at least be somewhat professional and respond to a technica request? How about resolving the issue?

  • Esmerelda Nan

    Syntax Error – sling is crap

  • Eva Scorzelli

    Channell 7 is down right now, we’ll be tight back for 15 min

  • QuietStormX

    I get Error [4-142] Loading Ribbons error, 4-332, 10-605 also on my Amazon TV & Windows 10 and my Samsung Phone and Tablet with my Fire HD8 tablet. No Service for over a Month.

  • Candace Roberts

    Error 3-44 when accessing any channel from roku. Works fine on phone

  • Amanda Hudson

    May 5 2017 anyone having sling problems?

  • Karla Alexander

    I have the blue plus orange packages. I am supposed to be able to watch blue channels on up to 3 devices. It’s just me and my husband. When he watches ESPN (orange channel) in the living room, I can’t watch my blue channels in another room. I receive a message saying that content is being displayed on another device.

  • Cassy

    Sling guide popping up with roku on TV but when I choose a show, it is just dark screen, not playing. I have sling blue. Won’t even play in app on iPad

  • JFM

    I’m really getting tired of paying $26/mo for this. It hardly ever works, and when it does, it’s spotty. Now it’s been completely down since July 25. Probably going to cancel if not addressed soon.

  • Iceeu2

    July 8…sling down in lower Alabama. Nothing working on either blue or orange. Makes me wonder why I’m paying $50.00 a month to watch a black screen. This is happening more and more frequently. Not sure what the problem might be, but it needs to be fixed, and soon.

  • The Older Benjamin Button

    Everything On Now is not available. I’ve tried clearing the cache and uninstalling then reinstalling the app and I still have no access. It just started this morning and worked just fine last night.

  • Ashish

    Sling App not working… getting 4-332 error code saying “you are not subscribed to any channels” and how is it possible because 2 days back my subscription got auto-renewed and I can see it in my billing history as well.
    Talking to representative is again a big cluster because they only tells you whatever written in their notes, if you face something which is out of their control, they will simply say “escalated to higher management and will reply soon”. and also, when you ask about ETA, they have simple answer : “No Idea”.
    what a big sh** Sling is having …!! someone should come up from SLING and resolve these issues of the customers.

  • Ash

    any luck ashish? my sling hindi app is not loading.

  • Shelly Smiley

    Why does it show some movies on the “on now” section but you can’t click on them to watch?

  • Mik

    In Dallas…Sling Tv continous buffering and black screen when selecting a show…any idea when this will be fixed?

    Only been able to watch one day and paying 36.00

    Going to cancel if not fixed soon

  • Ed Cosner

    Sling down in Houston? Don’t want to see ‘We’re sorry! Looks like an unexpected error’ I want to see the TV I am paying for

  • Margaret G Somers

    Sling down now in florida

  • Jennifer

    Sling down in san antonio texas

  • the one

    sling is down in st. louis

  • Clela Ann

    Sling is down in Milwaukee, WI

  • Clela Ann

    Sling is down in Milwaukee

  • Luann Johnson

    Down in Dallas

  • Barry Egolf

    down in tennessee too……….says i am not subscribed to any channels

  • Carl Wysocki

    Sling is down in Hazel Park, Michigan

  • Mike Conaughty

    Down in Oklahoma City

  • Chris

    Down in Los Angeles, CA

  • Ron Rasmussen

    Down in mn now