Smite server status

Smite is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that has become ever so popular since released, developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. The game is available on both Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, and Is Down Right Now USA would like to hear from you to list your Smite server status.

Many issues can occur, but the common ones include glitches within the game, login, game crashing, Smite server maintenance and of course total blackout where this is a full outage where the game goes offline.

Players do get a little angry when they cannot play for reasons, and if you are one of these players we would like to hear from you. Are you having Smite Xbox One or Windows problems?

No matter what your issue is being it the above or unlocking things such as Solid Hornet skin for Ah Muzen Cab, whatever the reason we want to hear from you.

Smite status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Smite is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Smite? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Timothy

    Smith the game keeps crashing on me, each time i open it closes..

  • Bradley

    Servers always go down when there is a new Smite patch update, huge game small servers right.

  • Monique

    The last week when playing in the arena the game just shuts on me, keep getting kicked out each time i try and play again.

  • Vinnie

    Snite server was down for a whle yesterday, i do not feel it has recovered properly

  • Afroswine Hoggintons

    I’m unable to play Smite right now on my Windows 8 laptop. I’ve noticed that I have been logged out from Smite for no apparent reason quite a bit lately and I’m going to assume it has something to do with the server going down

  • Joe

    Skaliwag has arrived, but what can we expect?

  • Preston

    I got booted from a game, i think i got a deserter fee like about 60.

  • Trevor

    Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress, xbox server maintenance for a hot-fix.

  • Kevin

    The xbox servers went down at 7am EDT for maintenance.

  • Mark

    How long will the server be down for?

  • Bade Mantil

    servers down atm

  • Loomer

    I am having serious button delay when playing Smite, is anyone else having this issue?

  • Forma Tech

    Im getting packet loss to smite servers, rest of my internet is fine.

  • Libby

    Are you playing Smite on your Xbox One yet, how do i get it. I am new to gaming so all a learning curve for me.

  • Kerry

    The new Smite PC 2.12 Hotfix was released earlier during the maintenance, what does this bring to the table then.

  • Lenny

    I love this game so much, Smite is brilliant fun. But what I do not like is the fact the app keep shutting down on me nearly every time i open. This did not happen before until i updated the application.

  • kitty piddle

    Why is it down againnn

  • uhh razzy

    Cannot connect to server…please wait and try again shortly XBOX ONE what is happening

  • Derrek Chilson

    Still down..

  • Chris Garcia

    It’s down and I’m going crazy :

  • Smiter

    Down atm

  • Mahmoud

    Smite take me to login screen every time I enter a match….
    Keeps logging me out, my internet has no corruption of any kind .

  • Brian Long

    Okay I’ve been having this problem I start the game on xbox one pick my character when everyone has a character picked and the game is loading to start it shuts down and takes me back to the dashboard when I try to start the game again it comes back up to the loading screen and then puts me right back to the dashboard again I keep getting I keep getting deserter penalties anyone else having this problem

  • Willy Winder

    Was in mid game today about ten minutes ago and it kicked me out and now I can’t connect to the servers on my Xbox one but my roommate is still playing on his Xbox one

  • DatRachetGamer

    smite servers are down here in canada

  • John Kazinsky

    Canada, servers down.

  • Steve

    Down here in US also

  • Smite

    US servers still down, although they are listed as up.

  • poundsmack

    Still down

  • Jacob Moroney

    Yup as of 625 still having issues , I want another party weekend cause of my pain and suffering

  • tookooforurmom

    Still down and come up every couple minutes only to log me right back out

  • Radi Bear

    Hi-Rez is telling me to stop procrastinating my homework

  • aidandph

    Servers are down for smite?? When are they set to come back online??

  • Andrew

    So the server is down?

  • lol

    Smite is broken

  • Dee

    Down for now, smite has now acknowledged it though so it will be linked with their official status site

  • Randee

    Anyone know why the servers are down? I was almost mastery 6 with my xing tain before servers went down and I had to go to work.

  • John Kazinsky

    I have pot, it’s Sunday, and I am Smite-less. I do not like-thes.

  • Austin mason

    My exact same problem.

  • Baron Lobes

    Dude same here. Thats crazy lol

  • nig

    just went down for me

  • Tanner Romero

    cant connect to servers

  • Jon Riebel

    cannot connect to server on PC in US

  • Robin

    Smite is down at the moment for gamers. Seems like the scheduled maintenance is underway.

  • Bobby

    seems like Xbox users will have limited access to Smite for a while, the new Smite Xbox 2.15 patch is coming baby.

  • Jason

    Hi-Rez Studios have confirmed smite on xbox verification is underway, get ready for the new 2.15 patch. Soon be able to download.

  • aaron

    xbox one servers down

  • Joe Mcclure

    When are the servers coming back up on xbox ?

  • Jim Bean

    Says servers are up. However I have no luck logging on.

  • Aaron Joseph Alderdyce

    … It’s 10/26/2015, at 9:49AM… PST… SMITE servers are down for XBox One, apparently… and it’s really irritating…I think they should have some sort of Server Status checker on their website, at least give some reason as to why they aren’t running… bad business, Hi-REZ, bad business…

  • Alexander Wittrup

    yeah me too i got the same problem when will pc servers get up again? i live in Denmark i dont know if its any difference

  • christian

    it’s not letting me on for Xbox 1 as of 11/15/15 4:45pm any one know y???

  • Meh

    I would like to at least get my daily bonus

  • Robin Salo

    Just logged on smite and joiner a Joust 3v3, then suddenly I get kicked out of server, and everytime I Try to log back in it says:” Unable to connect to server”
    Any help or solutions to get this fixed?

  • Vanlanthiriel

    “Unable to connect to server” on PC since yesterday although the servers supposedly are “up”. A buddy of mine can connect without problems (both EU). It doesn’t seem to be my firewall or my game files.

  • bob

    smite is dead for tonight. thanks alot smite…

  • Alekzi

    Same, was winnig a 1v1 league match too 🙁

  • Marcus Myrick

    Why is it off line now tho

  • Attila

    could it be that there will be an update, with Amaterasu or just a simple patch with bug fixes?

  • Tucker

    Servers seem to be down right now

  • Nekomander

    Servers are down but it doesnt say they are.

  • DrXyed Melody

    they said they mitigate a network attack


    Wow, I’ve been waiting for about 5 hours doing nothing, still the servers are having DOWN syndrome’

  • Chris Georgie

    I have been trying to log in for about 40 mins now (it’s going on 6am cst) and keep getting kicked after a few minutes. Very frustrating.

  • Ahmad Shaalan

    Smite still down on xbox one guys. Theyre trying to fix a network issue. May have been a network attack. Still waiting patiently….

  • babybeel

    Smite is down on xbox… haven’t been able to log in yet

  • #Gotem

    Xbox is down can’t even play.

  • Majindosh

    server down ? was gonna win my game and i dc from nowhere. now cant reconnect to smite what is happening ? the server says UP ?

  • Daniel

    ! was in the middle of a game then it pulled me into the login screen. When i logged back in i had a Deserter penalty!

  • Captain

    I just bought my Xbox One and it says it won’t connect to other online players, but my friends have no problem getting on. When will all servers be back up?

  • Jesse

    Won’t let me login

  • Bob Westermanshire

    Let me login for about 3 seconds then booted me and now cant log back in. Thats not operational, thats broken

  • Shonn

    Can’t login. Says servers are under maintenance. I’m in Washington.

  • William Buster

    Smites down on xbox cmon jim!

  • Riley

    Been having lots of issues with randomly signing me out :/

  • Myk Lee

    Pc servers just went down…..

  • Andrew

    Bought Bastet a few days ago with favor currency? Well I still had the 200 green diamonds for my other character.when I bought the character it took all my favor points and those green diamonds yet I had enough favor points for her. Also cannot connect to the server today.

  • Killa Drock

    Xbox server seems to be down right now. Kicked from league queue due to loss of connection to game server. All people in party had the same issue.

  • TJ

    Unplayable right now. Has bugged out on me half a dozen times.

  • D

    The wast coast of the USA has been having some serious problems with gaming. I would personally get hard glitches, randomly signing out and crashing

  • Elizabeth Nielsen

    My brother just downloaded SMITE on to our Xbox One and is trying to play it now. It won’t let him or me log in to play it. It acts as if it’s going to log in then it just stops and nothing happens.

  • T

    I’m stuck on the login screen right now, PS4 platform. I tried closing the game and re-entering and also restart my PS4. I am able to play other games online. Nothing has worked.

  • Travis

    i cant log on with my xbox one account it says in valid verify the user name ans password lol how do i do that when my live account is my username?

  • stuyvos

    same problem over here buddy, glad I’m not the only one

  • Kristopher Madsen

    same problem. cant connect. but when it does connect it says login info is wrong.

  • AK

    i can log in find a match but crashes nearly every single game. the screen will randomly turn black then crash or freeze make a loud glitching noise then crash. it happens in every game mode not a specific one, i have re-installed the game, my profile, and have done much more and still have the problem

  • Mark ImBatman Rivera

    Friends and I are having issues logging in won’t connect to servers North America /Xbox

  • Izah

    If possible in future scenerios is it at least possible too have the game end when the server shuts down and what ever team is winning wins and all favor and etc is gained then get the cant login message is displayed vs what just happend where it juat kicked yea bam done not cool hi-rez not cool

  • Willow Danielle Frost

    Having login issues on PS4 with the new 3.5 patch.

  • eEnvii

    PS4 throwing errors about Username and Password….. It doesn’t even ask for login, you just press “x” to login… What in the actual f**k?

  • eEnvii

    Same, you get login info error too?

  • Maria Kirchner

    im European and it seems we got the same prob here i guess most of us got this loggin bug with the Update im sure they fix it in a few Hours, still its a bit annoying cause i was looking forward to playing in my free Time… well since we can do nothing about it exept report we just have to wait until its fixed^^

  • Kirito

    Says username and password invalid on ps4

  • Jacob

    I had to do a hard reset with Smite, since doing that all things are running well again.

  • Karry

    Is there a smite maintenance update happening right now, i cannot see anything saying there is on the official twitter page?

  • Toby

    I cannot reconnect after getting booted from a match.

  • aj

    Really? Im getting the log in info error.

  • Mike

    I was unable to connect to the servers yesterday, and now this morning i can get on but keeps losing connection.

  • Jed

    Happy days folks, Smite 3.8 is coming to the PS4 next week with trophies. Xbox is live now.

  • Orion

    Not able to login to Smite on my PS4, am I the only one or are you having issues as well?

  • Mason

    Maintenance is on right now, something to do with a PS4 restart.

  • Jack

    Not able to play Smite right now, this is crazy man.

  • Willow

    I have tried to download the latest patch on Smite PS4, whats wrong?

  • Henry

    There is a scheduled Smite maintenance (PC version) in progress.

  • Johnny

    Smite is down on my PC, not been able to play for like 30 minutes now.

  • AuzzieDonkey

    For how long does anyone know?

  • Paul

    Smite is not working, is there any reason as to why?

  • Georgie

    Smite is seeing a lot of downtime, is this down to the huge support for getting the gay pride icon fro 1 gem or 1 favor. If this is the case then its ok because I support fully.

  • Michael Avalos

    Can’t login in to collect my daily reward now I’m gonna miss out on my gems thanks smite servers

  • Eric

    I have tried to login and nothing is happening, no reports of maintenance so it must be something else.

  • Austin

    I restart my game and I tried to log in multiple times and I can’t ” connect to server at this time pleas try again later ” but no mater what I do it won’t log in.

  • iiProper

    i can play a game but get logged out after the game and my password and username wouldnt work at first (PC)

  • Izlah

    Smite is down right now due to Maintenance. It should be up within an hour or two.

  • Pilotagenda5239

    Won’t let me connect to xbox live in smite today, had this problem 3 days ago too.

  • David

    Same for me last night and today. This is getting ridicules it happens to me at least twice a week.

  • Mark (Editor)

    Tune in today at 4 pm EDT on where there will be some important Smite Proannouncements! This is the message over on Twitter right now.

  • Billy

    Just to update everyone, Smite is down right now because there is maintenance going on for Xbox and PS4.

  • Jesse

    Smite is down for me this morning

  • Kevin Armentrout

    Is smite down on xbox?

  • rain


  • bo

    Smite is down on xbox one for me

  • Jimmy N Lynne Upton

    My smite has been down for 4 days now..( Keeps saying sever is down but if you go online and the severs say they are up and running. Anyone has fix? I tryed fix, validate and reinstall nothing is working.

  • ArceusPower101

    press F10 on the launcher, i know its tedious but its the only way i can, there might be better ways

  • Jimmy N Lynne Upton

    it gave me the play button but up top where is tell you sever stats mine says down. and it launch the game but will never connect to the sever.

  • Michael Conn

    Unable to download smite for xb1

  • Kraig Meyer

    Smite is performing 3.16 patch maintenance for PC and Mac 8/30/16

  • Andrew11k

    Ps4 server down?

  • Jake Neidecker

    Xbox One servers down? Anyone got a fix?

  • Courtnee’ Bushy

    Totally down – crashing over and over again

  • Ragnarok

    Server has been down since the morning. Sometimes it comes back up but then immidietly goes down again.

  • Provence Peirce

    Smite on my PS4 is not running properly I cant play at all wont load or sayes network delay. My internet is fine. Please fix you almighty Smite Gods I need my fix.

  • frankie

    .smite is down on pc….

  • Barry

    Smite is down for me, not been able to play for like 20 minutes now.

  • Ashton

    I am unable to connect to smilte servers, i had my weekly quests to sirt out but guess that will have to wait.

  • Bill

    The Smite maintenance is in progress right now on PS4, Xbox and PC. Times listed shows from 05:00 EDT / 09:00 CEST

  • asdfasda

    The never learn it to make a stable game… after all this time the still hire the worst programmers and servers^^

  • Bulloulp

    Smite is down in EU.

  • Vardenis Pavardenis

    I can’t start the match because automatically disconnecting me from servers. In UK.

  • When That Loaf Game Too Strong

    it’s down

  • wingates

    Smite would appear to be down

  • hi rez stop this ‘never play on patch day’
    and fix your god damn servers

  • Hayden Salzer

    I can enter a game lobby and select a god and lock in, but I have been having trouble connecting to the game. My internet is not the problem. And then I get banned for 200 hours. Pissed.

  • Cameron Johnson

    Smite on PS4 is down. I can’t even connect to server.

  • Anthony Escobar

    My smite on ps4 has been crashing every single game i try to play in for the past 4 days. Its really starting to irritate me.

  • Larry Brothers

    Can’t buy any gems in the store tonight. Was trying to get some before the sale went away, but it just goes to a black screen then freeze’s.

  • Trevor Ray Wiley

    I’m down can’t connect on xb1

  • Josh

    I cannot login to my Smite Steam account.

  • Omar

    2 days and Smite is still down for me, all I am ever seeing is a message saying server is down. All my friends can play but not me.

  • Vicky

    Xbox and PS4 seems to be operational, but Smite on PC is under maintenance North America and Europe.

  • Aaron Thomas

    I cant login on PS4

  • Brian Sparacino

    servers are down

  • Johnathon Prince

    Can’t login on X1. Unable to connect to server

  • Derek Davis

    Cant log on XB1 toronto.

  • GameCheat16

    Cant login on xbox from Germany

  • chris

    cant login on x1from Montana

  • Josh

    The servers are down more maintenance guys chill

  • Darkas


  • Smite Care

    Smite Customer Care @ 1844-551-3555 Call Toll Free`

  • MeXrayingYou

    Can’t login. Perpetual login screen.. feels bad man.jpg

  • Davin Guerra


  • Davin Guerra

    Xb1 btw N America

  • Raechelle Lewis

    Not letting me log in y?

  • Trey Franklin

    [PS4]Smite is down!!! I can’t get into a game and all my friends are in the lobby stuck. I have no idea why it’s down.

  • dracobuster flamingtiger

    Smite is down on my PC It keeps saying “There was a problem with updating the launcher software. Please try rebooting your PC”

  • Miguel Herrera

    I bought gems and have not received yet

  • Bevan

    Smite servers are down due to a scheduled maintenance, just saying before people start moaning they cannot play lol.

  • Warren

    Not even getting past the main Smite login page, I have no idea what is happening but its says player unable to connect.

  • Dave

    Not connecting to server, seems to be the main problem at the moment.

  • Elijah

    I cannot login to Smite since I downloaded the new update, my network is fine but what is not is Smite’s servers.

  • jordy

    Unable to connect to server, Simte Xbox One- Upstate NY

  • Miamond

    Can’t get past first login. Unable to connect to server. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

  • Kaidon

    I seem to be having issues trying to log in, all i keep getting is a message on screen saying, “Error occured while retreiving data. Please try again later.”

  • Justin

    The game lags so bad this week and my games are not queuing like they should!!!!! When you do get in after log in when this happens I cannot click any buttons.

  • Jason Whidby

    Ps4 and am in idaho cant connect to servers

  • joseph o’neill

    PC is showing Down for me rn

  • Mard junn

    SMITE down all servers for update

  • Wolfgang Gray

    On ps4 im stuck on logging in,please wait in that little blue box and i even tried deleting and redownloading smite but that didnt work any ideas?

  • _Nekochan_

    Same here. I just waited at the screen for 5 min and just got in

  • mowb mats

    Cannot log in on PC (Europe). The game goes to blackscreen after “waiting on game data”. Apparently nobody can currently log in, but is there any information about the fix?

  • Lorenzo Johnson

    not working on my mac computer, but works on my PC/Window Based laptops.

  • Maurice Burress

    Ever since season 6 came out I’ve been having Major issues daily! 4 to 5 hours downloading daily. Now you can’t even log on.i have Smite on a Gamers tower which my son went through every possible aspect to get it loaded,he truly knows what he’s doing, beta tester with Microsoft with a degree in computer technology. Nothing works. Then trying on my laptop it wouldn’t work either. Tried removing the program and reinstalling it, still no luck. What’s going on? Also in my profile my skin count on has lost 70 skins.there goes a couple Hundred Dollars. This is my major entertainment which I’m on 14 to 18 hours daily, retired, playing a game to bond with my Son.