SNAP EBT Outage, Problems

When there are problems with SNAP EBT such as an outage or website going down people need a platform to report such issues, because this has a massive impact on customers when they need help with the government scheme to supply them with food stamp coupon replacements.

SNAP EBT outage, problems

Is SNAP EBT down for you right now? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Electronic Benefit Transfer is a great program that replaces food stamp coupons, customers are supplied with a card that allow them to use in stores just like debit or credit card. But when there is an issue customers of this service can report them right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

Seeing as there are no official social media channels this is where you can let us know if you are having problems, a place where you can connect with others. Maybe your SNAP EBT card is not working in store or you have lost one and need a replacement, but having issues getting one due to customer service not being helpful etc, or you could be having problems with your food stamps, balance or benefits. If you are having issues with a store please do mention the store name and location in the comments below.

SNAP EBT status reports for Sunday 25th of June 2017

To find out if SNAP EBT is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with SNAP EBT? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Rosie

    I have not got my Snap EBT card, apparently I do not need one even though i am an OAP.

  • Devin

    I live in Richmond VA and I have not had my reload on SNAP yet, I was going to get them today so called my local office but not much help other than the system is down.

  • Daniel

    Not got my reload either and i am in Washington state.

  • Kaylee

    I have not got any Snap EBT food stamps yet, why am i waiting so long whats wrong?

  • Erica

    Is there something wrong, because i haven’t got my EBT?

  • Joanne

    And again having issues with the card, come on now this is silly i need a new one please.

  • Ursula

    Would love to know if anyone is having issues with their card. I have not yet had a reload when i know i am due one.

  • Tara

    NC here, mine were due August 7th, Nada. Any updates?

  • Jay

    Ours where due the August 7th 2016 too still nothing

  • Chris

    Aug 7 due in Illinois and nothing

  • Lisa H


    live in Arizona, my stamps come in on the 4th, here i sit Sept 7, still no food stamps.

  • Amanda

    Did you get anything? Im in Arizona too im kinda worried now because im low in cash so I really need the foodstamps now

  • charles

    Was supposed to get mine yesterday and havent received them.

  • Anna

    Anyone from illinois ,do u know where to call for updates? Ive tried everything but without a car its hard to go there…

  • Nicole

    I’m pissed my snap balance is 0.00 my benefits was suppose to be on my today. I usually get them by 6:00am every month on the 2nd. I just recertified in august. I got a letter stating I’m good until February 2017. I’m trying to find out what’s going on. I’m a mother of 4 children we need food. I’m here in Columbia, sc.

  • Justpassingthrough89

    Mine were do yesterday still seeing a zero balance and nothing pending

  • NikLee Treasures

    This makes twice my post has been removed! Xerox claimed it is their fault money was not recieved they supposedly did an update of their system on their busiest day of the month and the system crashed! Everyone needs to flood xerox with calls until money is restored, Im reporting xerox tomorrow for fraud if I do not receive my cash by tomorrow enough is enough

  • Joshua Hoover

    I was supposed to get my benefits on the 7th nothing and the back of ur card customers service doesnt help with nothing and my family and I has not ate for a few days cause no food and according to another site someone said it was a government shut down I cant believe there letting people starve.. kentucky

  • Jabari Lockhart

    I was suppose to get my benefits on the 7 and still haven’t receive them

  • kina

    I’m supposed to receive my benefits today I got nothing I have 5 kids this is bs does anyone know how long it’s going to be before they get this straight

  • Cheryl Powers

    I live in Richmond VA and still have not recieved anything as well. Does anyone know what is going on ? Do you think it has anything to do with the storm?

  • Mary Ann

    I was suppose to receive mine on the ninth when will this be fix could you please update us on that I would really appreciate it…. Thank You And God Bless…….

  • Traci

    I did not recieve mine on the 9th , balance of 0.00 . WHO/WHAT is to blame??

  • Deb Bushee

    Due on the 9th…not there! Chesapeake VA

  • PER

    11/1/16 SNAP down in NYC Trader Joe’s.

  • MacKenzie Kadlec

    I did not receive my food stamps today I have no idea what is going on in am supposed to be get hem every 6thing ofor the mouth

  • Tonya

    I did not receive my balance on my food stamp card today I live in arkanasas any reports of the system being down cause idk

  • Nervous

    11/13 did not receive today and really needing, never had this issue and hope it will be resolved quickly.

  • Litttle Wolf

    I live in Washington, DC and I was supposed to receive SNAP benefits in Nov.10, 2016 and still have not recieved them. Card balance is saying zero. So the benefit was never loaded onto the card. Went to Social Services on Friday just to stand in a line for 5 hours and be turned around with no answers. It’s now Monday the 14th and there isn’t even a news broadcast informing people about this issue.

  • Shell

    I live in Georgia and have not received mine. They were due the 13th. I called the hotline but was hung up on due to high call volume and the dfcs office in my area is closed during normal business hours. This is scary. We are completely foodless.

  • Upset mama

    All I’m seeing is a bunch of questions and no answers… Wth we need our benifits… Down in nc 11/15/16

  • Pissed

    Calling and line busy suppose to receive today like wth

  • Amoré Cielos Paraíso

    The sss is just telling my friend to keep checking

  • Annette

    have not receive my benefit on the 11/6/16or my other on. 11/12 /16 in NYC

  • Cccc

    I have EBT and my card is not working as well but also when you listen to the next month or payments for next month it tells you that there aren’t going to be any I want to know if anybody else has that problem when they call and it tells you about the benefits for the next month if so people need to wake up because they’re going to make us food list first and it could be mostly black people that get mad when people. That get mad and black lives matter has been causing a lot of ruckus lately and they are a terrorist group they did not care about black people they do not care about the black man so please pay attention people please pay attention do not go and why it did not go and kill somebody was black because you hate them to not going to kill somebody right because you hate them it’s not a black or white thing this is our government doing this

  • BlackLovesDontMatter

    The government s doing this on purpose. They want us to fight each other. It’s time America! Unite together all races are equal it’s them(the1%) that doesn’t treat us equally!

  • AngelinDisguise

    Didn’t recieve mine today like I should have. Hopefully its fixed soon.

  • Izabella Rose Hoiness

    I didn’t get minenough ethier so weird

  • Christy Starr

    my mom was supposed to receive her food stamps at 6:30 this morning. Now it’s 11:09 and has yet to get them. What is going on??

  • JaeJae Danielle

    Didn’t get mine today

  • Estela Martinez

    My food stamp are available on the 3rd of the month and haven’t been loaded to my card. I called my case worker today and she old me that my case is with the state. Don’t know what that means and she ain’t have no answer.

  • Mike

    I have a friend that is suppose to receive them on the 6th of every month, everything is up to date with the food stamp office, it’s the 7th now and still nothing, someone said that they are making able bodied men go in and prove that they need the food stamps, that they don’t have any other way to provide, I hope that’s not the case, anyone else still have theirs????

  • Jean Heisler


  • Olga

    Went grocery shopping around 8pm and was told ebt system was down. I waited till 9:30pm and it was still down. I came home crying.

  • MAD

    Supposed to get my foodstamps today 11th of December but no stamps

  • Concerned Mother of 2

    I was supposed to to recieve my benifits December 10th. I have still yet to receive them and it is now the 13th of December. My pantries bare have no more meat or anything in my freezer and fridge is down to the bare. I have two kids to feed to. Does anyone know what I say going on??? I’ve been on hold all morning waiting to speak with someone as well as sat all morning on Monday I feel like I’m playing a game of cat and mouse with them…….

  • Heather

    My benefits went on on the 6th – I have used my card twice since then- today I went to use it and the self checkout at walmart told me ‘your card has a zero balance’ – I called the number on the back of my card and it says “invalid card number” – Called my caseworker- he’s out of the office! Got on the website and my benefits are there but calling the customer service number on the website says “invalid card number” also and I can’t get to a representative without putting that in! Why wouldn’t you have it set up that after 3 attempts of an invalid card number it automatically puts you to a representative??!!

  • A Husband and Wife Disabled

    My caregiver went shopping for food for my husband and myself. She had told us no food stamps it was denied at Walmart in Kansas. We checked the website for Dec 3, 2016 was going to be on card an active. We checked again website says January 1, 2017. What is going on? Why no letter? No apology, We are low income and disabled and have rent and bills. We are on disability and have a permanent disability. We do are part in this country. We are praying for children and families and disabled, elderly What a way to spend the holidays.

  • Selena Bowland

    Is there something wrong with the link card? I was suppose to get mine yesterday, but never got it. That never happen to me. I have a little one to feed.

  • corrina plemons

    seriously my snap was supposed to come in 2 nights ago. and nothing. wen i go online to my income support page it says that for dec. I’m getting my amount, but wen i go to the edge ebt thing it says i have 3 dollars. wen i call it says 3 dollars but wen i call the new number it asks for my ss number and birthdate then card number and says system is down call tomorrow. I’m literally living off ramen noodles right now. anyone else from nm? anyone else get theirs yet?????

  • Princess Brent

    I get mines today I’m struggling with cash I got budget and I have 3kids what they going to do what the whole purpose getting and they know it will be shut down I don’t have time for this and they will do it close to holidays smh

  • desiree

    supposed to get my Stamps today and haven’t

  • Desiree

    have you gotten yours yet?

  • Dp

    Should have mine today but nothing

  • Shawnda Easter

    Should have mine today but nothing looked online still say active I don’t know what’s going on!

  • Eboni Ballard

    I was supposed to get mine today, still nothing.

  • J

    Benefits were never loaded for me

  • a

    Anyone having issues today? I have never had an issue with getting mine until today. Smh

  • Irene

    Suppose to have my food stamps tonight is anyone haveing problem like me

  • Heather

    I was supposed to get mine today and didnt get them. It says the 9th now. Ugh

  • michelle

    im in kansas and cant check anything to find out why my snap card didnt get the benefits on it today like it was supposed to

  • michelle

    does anyone know what the hell is going on

  • Lisa

    does anyone know if theres a problem with the ebt system?

  • Teri Oliver

    I didn’t receive mine today either..for Sunday Jan 1, 2017. What’s going on?

  • Donni

    Stores around my city have posted about ebt not working in the state of Wisconsin. Assuming it’s like that in more states. Not sure what the problem is

  • michelle

    Plz anyone else in Kansas with this problem with this snap problem please email me n let me know if you find out what’s going on.

  • michelle

    I think it’s a system update but I’m not sure. The case worker I talked to said she knew nothing about what I was saying was going on

  • michelle

    Where are you located

  • michelle

    Please everyone post what city and state you’re in. I’m in phillipsburg Kansas

  • Dalia

    This problem is going on in many different states, so all we can do is wait. I’m from NJ and everyone here is going threw the same problem.

  • michelle

    I was told that the systems are being updated.

  • Nathally Estrada

    I was told ahead of time system was being updated and people have had problems with ebt loading cash benefits or food stamps lately i was supposed to recieve mine on the 1st but never did so i will have to call today im in California and have a child and only have 10$ to my name its not easy and im upset over this system rn ive never had a problem unless i was cut off but that should not be the case if i filed my paperwork on time and had an interview done too

  • Nathally Estrada

    Im not sure but im having the same issue here in California i can tell you i was advised 3days prior to the new year when i recertified and had my interview if i didnt get my benifits to call imidetly when its working buisness day bkus it shows to them we should still get our benifits and people have lately called dpss and had a problem recieving them on time but now with donald trump as president who knows whats really going on or if we are all screwed over but they need to fix this asap

  • Sean Dibble

    I am in ny and I didn’t receive mine yet either. Does anyone know if it is down here

  • Sarah

    I’m in Tennessee and haven’t recieved mine either

  • Tamilynn

    It’s going on in many state’s not much anyone can do til the system uploads

  • Lynne Velazquez

    I’m in il. Was supposed to reload on the first. It’s the 2nd and still nothing.

  • Lynne Velazquez

    Have you called? Still haven’t gotten mine.

  • Lynne Velazquez


  • T.L

    I’m in Columbia, SC, the issues is going on here too, no one has recieved any benefits as of yet snap or cash.

  • Nathally Estrada

    Yes but they are not working today it’s considered a holiday so i havevto wait until tommorow

  • Nathally Estrada

    Lets just hope tommorow we have it im calling tommorow again

  • lesley

    Im in moore, Ok and i didnt receive mine either. I get mine on the 1st and i have a toddler. So im highly pissed off. They could have warned everyone if they were updating things.

  • Jessica Kehau Akui

    Im in oahu and i still havent gotten mines

  • brian crutchfield

    Ohio here an my fiance an i still yet to get ours.

  • Jamie Henley

    I was suppose to get mine on Jan 2. But still nothing

  • Nathally Estrada

    Got my foodstamps not my cash im pist off and worse because this website tryed removin my comment

  • eileen flores

    Have you found out why? I only got a rep on the phn and they said they’ll have my worker call but she didn’t

  • Nathally Estrada

    I had the same told to me i shud wait for my worker to call

  • eileen flores

    They told me it showed someone in my case updating something but that’s it…my phone disconnects tomorrow so I won’t get any call lol

  • Nathally Estrada

    Same they said im on last step and waiting on supervisors approval but i have to wait and see otherwise i have to go to the county building personally but i have no money to get there n bak

  • eileen flores

    Oh yeah they said that too…that it was submitted for approval the 19th…I don’t want to have to go in but I might because they’re not giving any answers

  • Nathally Estrada

    That’s exactly how i feel too i need a ride in the afternoon if i dnt get a call by tomorrow morning i dnt wanna wait until friday

  • eileen flores

    What does yours say online? Under your benefit information…mine doesn’t have anything for January

  • Nathally Estrada

    No cash on january only showed my foodstamps as well im going to have to go to the county building now for sure i cant wait any longer my baby has needs more important then mine even tho i got rent bills and all and i need medicine badly right now too so i need this money i used last few i had for my sons medicine baby diapers and wipes :/

  • Nathally Estrada

    Aperently our discussion was put to be deleted and not wanted for everyone to see anymore

  • eileen flores

    What was deleted?

  • Nathally Estrada

    A comment i posted on here

  • Nathally Estrada

    I did too and i think ima just go to theplace personally kus nothing is working :(

  • Massimiliano Pocetti

    I have literally been on hold since 10:30 this morning. Either the call was dropped or someone answered and immediately hung up the phone. This is rediculous that this is happening what kind of service is this

  • Massimiliano pocetti

    It is now 4:30 PM someone just picked up and hung up on me

  • Nathally Estrada

    My ebt cash needs to be done asap i really need it and i have to wait on worker to contact me again that’s ridiculous itll take more then 2 weeks for that i need to go personally but have no money and no way of getting there im super ticked off

  • Nathally Estrada

    Did you get ur ebt alredy ?

  • eileen flores

    No still empty :/

  • Nathally Estrada

    Its ridiculous how they do this

  • eileen flores

    I’m hoping it goes on some time tonight it’s put on…I need diapers & my electricity is now past due

  • Nathally Estrada

    Im in the same boat as you

  • eileen flores

    I’ve been checking every hour lol still nothing…what day did they tell you yours would be on?

  • Nathally Estrada

    They said wait till thursday then now they said wait till monday

  • eileen flores

    It’s on now…did you get yours?

  • Nathally Estrada


  • Xitlali Mendoza

    Chicago il Has anyone found anything else out

  • Sandra Gonzalez

    I haven’t recieved my benefits and I don’t see them pending. I’m from Chicago. This has NEVER happened before.

  • Sandra Gonzalez

    What? Mine still saus the 7th though wtf. How long to reload?

  • Xitlali Mendoza

    Idk honestly I’m going Monday morning if I don’t get anything this weekend early because people start lining up as of 7am

  • Sierra

    I’ve read a few ppl say that they received them about 5pm or so the date they usually get them since the first. Apparently it’s been a problem all 7 days of 2017 so praying its at least today

  • Michelle

    I have not receved my snap today is there anything in Richmond, VA about whats going on?

  • Kylee

    In Chicago…I haven’t received mine as of 9AM either….it doesn’t even tell me the date (which is the 7th) when I’m supposed to receive them when I call in or check online…this is crazy

  • Anderson

    SC was suppose to load on the 6th……..nothing yet.

  • Xitlali Mendoza

    Thank you so much for the info

  • Alana Richardson

    It’s down in mobile alabama when will we get our benefits

  • Dylan Bohuchot

    Updating their system? Whered you read/hear that? I wouldn’t doubt it but I’m just curious, I still haven’t received mine either and I’m hoping that’s the case. Texas, 9:46PM here.

  • Tamara D

    Never got mine either, due on the 2nd and still zip, declined reason 51 (whatever that means) Arizona

  • Michelle

    suppose to get mines on the 7th now Day 2 in Richmond, Va still nothing…SMH

  • Tiffany Smith

    What is going on with the system

  • Shyla

    Did my application in December. Interview Dec 19th. Was approved and issued on January 6th a little amount . My issue date is the 8th of every month. Nothing issued today :-(

  • Xitlali Mendoza

    Because I asked a few people and they told me that’s what they do combine the two months together but I’m calling tomorrow to be double sure

  • Shyla

    Oh no. That means it’s 133.00 amonth… my thing on the website said it was more. :-(

  • Whatever

    Mines was suppose to load on the 5th and still nothing.Im calling in the morning for sure.

  • PAT


  • Jennifer Lashley

    My benefits didn’t load on the 6th of January. There is still a $0 balance on my card. I was embarrassed while shopping when my cardvwas declined and i didn’t have cash to pay for my purchase. I’m in Illinois

  • Whatever

    I called this morning and the guy said my case was closed,but pending.What does that mean? I know I turned in my recertification this past October or November .

  • Michelle

    anyone heard any update? Im in Richmond, VA

  • T

    I called and they said my card is pending it was,supose to be in January 1 I don’t know whats going on and they sent messages to the supervisor twice here in Chicago IL I go to the blue island IL office

  • Michelle

    I’m in Illinois, supposed to get my card loaded every 10th of the month…still have not received anything..anyone know what’s going on?

  • Daniel Nelson

    Sacramento ca supposed to have my ebt benefits on my card on the third called them 3 times said they resolved it but here it is the 12th and still nothing

  • Audrey Davis

    Any update on your status I’m stressed

  • Whatever

    For all the people that still haven’t received benefits,did you all fill out and return Mid recertification form in time?I was suppose to have mines loaded on fifth and it took my case worker about nine days to get mines resolved.Make sure whoever your caseworker is put the right year to renew benefits.I know in my case she put January 2016 instead of 2017 and that’s why mines was still pending and never deposited.

  • Melissa Jones

    I forgot to call before i left the house so there i was standing there looking stupid in Walmart as im holding other customers up and the woman was saying i had a balance of 0 i was so embarrassed i was hurt for my children because they couldnt get their snacks they wanted was sad and i was just thankful i have chicken in the freezer to feed them tonight.

  • Melissa Jones

    Im in Petal,Ms.

  • Nichole Plunkett

    Anyone know whats going on with benefits I’m in Illinois and I got approved and received my first benefits in November I’m supposed to get them every month on the 10th and I haven’t received anything. I know it’s not time for me to reapply or whatever it’s called because it stated on my paper I’ll have to reapply before October of 2017 to continue to receive them…

  • Kris

    I’m supposed to get my benefits on the 21st, everything online is good. Whats going on??? I have chronic medical problems and have been just been getting by. Really need to go grocery shopping. Does anyone know what is going on?

  • Jazzy

    I haven’t gotten my cash assistance today I am supposed to

  • Katelynne Morris

    I live in Florida and my Foodstamps are due today and i haven’t recieved them. Online says Im up to date no problems same when I call. Im freaking out. Whats going on? 01/26/2017 5:40pm

  • Cindy Clark

    My benefits aren’t on my card for today February 1st, 2017 , is that because the service is down right now. Is that correct

  • David Veatch

    Nothing on mine either

  • seth

    I live in Spokane wa. My most resent.why cash deposit was February 1 however funds are unavailable… Anyone know why

  • Meg

    I live in Rhode Island and my food stamps didn’t deposit today 2/1/17

  • Mitch

    I’m in Richmond Kentucky and was suppose to get SNAP yesterday, but it hasn’t shown up yet nor is it on our card at this time. My Mom and I are running out of food and we have little to no money to afford anything.

    We are going to starve and are basically screwed, I didn’t even eat anything on the 31st and was saving the food for her. So yeah what’s going on?

  • Nessa Marie

    Have you received anything yet? I got accepted in November and I got from when I applied to Jan 31st all on my card so I don’t know when I’ll get for February. I logged online to see if I have a pending date and it doesn’t show one. Just says no pending date. I’m in Chicago

  • Nessa Marie

    Did your card ever get reloaded?

  • Nessa Marie

    I go to the blue island location as well. Have you received anything yet?

  • Amy

    I am supposed to get my ebt snap benefits today. When I called #on my card, it says the benefits were deposited today, but the balance is zero when I tried to buy groceries at the store. What do I do and who do I report this to?

  • Amy

    I am in Eugene, Oregon and have never had this problem

  • Stephanie

    I’m in Klamath Falls same has happened to me today says deposited and then says 0 balance

  • Stephanie

    When I called the customer service line they said they have had a ton of calls and that we have to wait until Monday to call our case worker

  • Erin

    Nothing deposited, even though it says it did…

  • RT Murphy

    Will they fix this

  • RT Murphy

    Why is there no answers from site editors

  • Kay

    Is there an issue today and when will it be fixed??

  • Rae-ann Beauregard-Burt

    I haven’t received my snap for the month of Feb, 2017..I call and the phone is busy, should I go down to food stamps? I don’t know what to do…

  • Trish

    I’m in Rhode Island and everything was fine on January 1st but February 1st I was supposed to get this months food money and didn’t. I have been waiting but still no food stamps this month yet. I keep calling and I am put on hold for hours at a time, every time, only to be disconnected. I requested a call back and still no call back. Is there anyone else in RI having these types of problems?

  • Alex

    I’m in New Mexico my food stamps suppose to start on the 3rd of February and my food stamps didn’t restart I have no food in the house and I need to feed my family and buy baby formula for my 1 month old daughter

  • Sarah

    Mine was loaded on the 5th and I was able to use once, but still haven’t done my main grocery shopping. Tried using it yesterday and it won’t work, I call and it says it’s temporarily unavailable. Now I find out EBT isn’t hasn’t been working through out the country. Nothing on the news and no answers? This is ridiculous. Michigan here.

  • Melissa

    Anyone in Maine that didn’t receive ebt today??

  • Tee

    Georgia here. I was suppose to get mines on the 9th of February. It still had the same balance from January.

  • Snap EBT

    SNAP EBT Customer Care Toll Free @ 1844-551-3555

  • Debra

    Suppose to get mine today and i have a 0 balance. Iim in ga anyone else having this problem?

  • Debra

    I get mine on the 11th and for feb i havent recieved my benefits yet. I wonder how long it will take to get fixed?

  • Kim

    I was supposed to get my food stamps today and I never got anything I am in Tampa Florida. I don’t think my food stamps got cut because if they did Dayward have sent a letter to me saying that it was going to be cancelled. It went from $.73 to balance.

  • Kim

    I was supposed to get my food stamps today and I never got anything I am in Tampa Florida. I don’t think my food stamps got cut because if they did Dayward have sent a letter to me saying that it was going to be cancelled. No money in my foodstamp card whatsoever.

  • Alayna Elizabeth

    I am in Georgia and have not gotten mine either for the month

  • Becky Ann Hunter

    Scam number… avoid.

  • Aaliyah M

    How long did it take to finally get your benefits

  • Mary

    are you sure about this. I live in texas and never got no email or any letter in the mail.

  • kecola

    They don’t even have my email on file so how would I receive a “memo” from them? This sounds like false information………..

  • Torie

    I was supposed to get my stamps today an they haven’t came on my card. Anybody know whats goin on or when it will be fixed? I’m in NC

  • Carmenann R besio

    This is total BS. The first time needing assistance for FS. Whole system fails. It was a emergency FS said applied on feb 10th but card states 0 balance till now. Due to the weekend and holidays no help. What was the purpose of trying to get emergency help for my son And I. Out of work for medical issues since jan until last week. No income. Very frustrating. I feel badly for the people who depend on this monthly!

  • Ashlin Downer

    My foods

  • Ashlin Downer

    I am hugry its the 21st nothinh im a college student idk what to do

  • Allie Powell

    I live in NC too. ..I receive my benefits on the 21st of every month without a hinge. I’m just ill that if something was going on it being changed, they need ti let folks know what is going on!! ugh!!!

  • liz

    I don’t know what to do I have 5 kids and no food

  • Holly Hoosier

    I completely understand. We got about half last month of what we normally got and she said “system error, you’ll get all of it next month” now, it’s the 21 and there are NO benefits at all, caseworker isn’t taking my calls and I have children, were hungry!! We barely made due last month after the “error”!!! Boone NC

  • Holly Hoosier

    We got about half last month of what we normally got and she said “system error, you’ll get all of it next month” now, it’s the 21 and there are NO benefits at all, caseworker isn’t taking my calls and I have children, we’re hungry!! We barely made due last month after the “error”!!! Boone NC

  • Jennifer Stringfield

    I just checked my card and there’s nothing on there. What’s going on in NC?

  • Annette Shaunt’e Brunson Bowde

    Do any body know when they might be on there im im charlotte nc an i get mines the21st of every month at 6am its 8 15 an im still at 32cents i have two young kids and no food.

  • Jennifer Stringfield

    I just spoke with my case worker. He said there is a problem in Raleigh with the central computer. They are aware of it and we should all be receiving our benefits tomorrow.

  • Kelly

    Why wouldn’t they have something this important in the news

  • Holly Hoosier

    I spoke with my county dss, they said that this is a statewide issue in NC, also that we should all call the number on the back of our cards after 11 am today. However, I’ve spoke to other counties as well and they said that some people have been waiting days for theirs and it still hasn’t resolved. They don’t actually know when it will be resolved. I’ve been told that Trump recently cut welfare and food stamp programs, which is a real possibility. Don’t get me wrong I voted for trump, I love trump, but if this is his doing, I fear for our class.

  • Kaitlyn Cassell

    are you in Mecklenburg I didn’t get mine either

  • Shana

    I’m in gaston county and haven’t gotten mine either. And I’ve been on hold with dss for over 40 min and I’ve called several times this morning and once it gets to a certain amount of time I hang up and try again.

  • Biancia Dawkins

    I’m hungry too the system is down

  • Holly Hoosier

    Called again, now they’re saying they don’t know when it will be fixed and basically got a “I’m sorry, don’t know what to tell ya” from them.

  • Will Phillips

    Did you receive them?

  • Holly Hoosier

    I just received mine, looks like a lot of people have!

  • Alithia Grepke

    I’m in Alabama I was supposed to get mine on the 22nd and nothing was deposited.

  • Sasha Gonzalez

    I’m suppose to receive mine today n nothing n my card
    I’m in nj

  • Lupita Mota

    in washington i was suppose to get mine aswell but havent recived anything

  • Lupita Mota

    they came in useually i get them at midnight but today i got them at 6:30 am

  • kathy talley

    I am supposed to receive mine today. I’ve checked several times. Still nothing. I’m in VA

  • Shaliah Williams

    I’m in Philadelphia and I’m suppose to receive mine as well checked several times and nothing

  • Victoria

    I’m in Norwalk ca. And ive checked nothing there yet.

  • Victoria

    Where are you from ?

  • Victoria

    Hopefully I get mine soon I’ve been checking and nothing

  • Victoria

    Did you get urs ?

  • Veronica Ford

    Well they messed up they gave everyone theirs in richmond henrico

  • Veronica Ford

    I mean 1 to 9th all got theirs today

  • Victoria

    I checked right now and says 10 dollars but I usually get more then that anyone experience that then get the correct amount later ?

  • Hayley Bradley

    I haven’t received mine, they were supposed to reload on the first and here it is almost the second and nothing. I’m in Arizona.

  • Mandy Ortiz

    Haven’t received mine either. I live in Washington

  • Shyeem

    Havent received my stamps they were suppose to come every 1’st. Dont know whats going on what should i do?
    I live in California.

  • Jojo

    I received mine n I’m not supposed to until the 4th of march…I live in VA n a lot if people are saying the say thing!!

  • Jennifer Pinson

    I am in va to and I just check my card and they are on there and we’re posted on feb 25 I’m confused

  • Wendy

    I was supposed to receive my benefits today and I still have not received them. I have two children aND really need to get some food in my hous3.. anyone know what is going on?

  • Dallas Ensley

    I was supposed to get mine at midnight but still haven’t gotten em. What’s that about?

  • Tina Dillard

    I’m from Arkansas I was suppose to get my benefits on 4th nothing yet.anyone else from Arkansas having the same issue? Thanks in advance for letting me know.

  • Vicki Durham

    I just tried to use my EBT and was declined due to insufficient funds. I wasn’t aware of the problem.

  • Julianna Bond

    I was supposed to get mine the 2nd. Nothing yet. Phoenix.

  • Seb

    So some people are getting theirs early and some are 5 days late now. The hell is going on?

  • Cindy Lee Dickerson

    Supposed to get my today but check my card and nothing is on it. I have kids to feed. I’m in Georgia

  • Christine Delgado

    I just checked my ebt and there was nothing on it. I’m supposed to get it on the 6th and there’s nothing.

  • Alma Gutierrez

    Have you found out what happened ?

  • Destiny

    Man I got 50 damn dollars on the 1st wich I’m supposed to get more than that but it’s supposed to come on the 4th..well I got no stamps wtf is really going on?? Good thing I still got taxes from that slow ass path act lls

  • Maria

    I called the county office today and she said it was a system error she was able to fix it and make sure my snap was on my card! Hope everyone is able to fix it as fast as I was:/

  • Maggie Kaseska

    same i’m suppose to get it on the 8th and nothing,not sure whats going on

  • Kayla Borders

    I keep tryin to call the # i was given but the automated voice says it gunna disconnect

  • SnapGuest

    Just spoke to my case worker. I was supposed to receive my stamps today March 7. My worker told me that they had a new system. And that they had to send out new snap cards. So just waiting on my card. Call your case worker. Virginia.

  • Jennifer Vinson

    Supposed to receive today my food stamps .. called and my card is active and pin is set but my balance is zero.

  • Lin Soulisack Sisouthone

    Suppose to get mine today… Said zero balance. When I called dshs automatic line said it was posted on my card…But nothing on my card. Im in WA STATE

  • Sibylle Parsons

    Same here

  • Reta West

    Saturday March 11, 2017 no food stamps Texas this is my day to have my card reloaded. No notice of cancellation of benefits, no notices or messages on SNAP site. :(

  • pattib

    Saturday, March 11, 2017 in NC. My EBT deposit is made on the 11th of each month. No deposit today. Called Customer Service number and was told I would have to wait until Monday to see what the problem was.

  • Debbie Tibbetts

    sat. March 11, 2017 … I received no new Food Stamp monthly amount today… when I called the number to check it said $0 balance… husband and I are elderly and disabled here… need this food.

  • Dana

    I was suppose to recieve my foodstamps on the 9th and i went food shopping today and my balance was $0???

  • pattib

    I am in NC. My deposit was supposed to be put on my card, Saturday, March 11th. Called Customer Support number and was told I would have to wait until Monday to see what the problem is. Many people have suffered the hardship of going to the store and discovering that they have no money on their EBT card. I always check before I go shopping and was surprised to see that the deposit had not been made. I have a question for SNAP. Why do you have employees answering phones on week-ends when they just tell you to call your local office on Monday. It would save the states money to just have an answering machine tell you the same thing.

  • Emma

    Im in Ohio. Mine is suppose to post on the 14th. I called the customer service it said nothing could be released at this time? Not sure what that means.

  • Dr. Ben Dover

    Sounds to me like there is something fishy going on. Everyone be on alert

  • Erica Davis

    Dose anyone know about an outage today Saturday March 18 2017 in Florida? I didny get my stamps but online it says it was deposited.

  • Maria Fuentes

    Same here im in nyc my snap was suppose to come in on the 2nd. My case is active but no foodstamps i made a formal complaint, called everyday, recertified on time , nothing.they said give it a week. That was 3 weeks ago.

  • Cherrelle

    My ebt card was suppose to be loaded today And wasn’t.. My case says active???

  • Cherrelle

    Same here

  • Heather

    My card should have been loaded today the 20th and nothing.

  • Tyran Bennett



    In in Oregon and didnt get mine today what’s up

  • ritametermaid

    When will snap be up? Hungry children coming up.

  • ritametermaid

    Did u ever get yours?

  • ritametermaid

    I’ve never heard of anything like this. Ever in 20 yrs.

  • sarah

    I haven’t received my either !!!Is anyone here from New Jersey have the same problem ??

  • Michael Evans

    Was suppose to get mine at 12 am this morning and have yet to receive them, why? Anyone want to help

  • Mary Tara Berry

    I am in Scottsdale and I have not gotten mine today I’m freaking out

  • ItsTheKing88

    This is straight up BS in Illinois!!!!!!!!!

  • Destiny

    This is crazy my case is fully approved for the month & it’s 2:22am here in Cali & I’ve received NOTHING.

  • Hope Blackmon

    Here in Albuquerque and still no Foodstamps .. Was supposed to get mine on the 2nd still nothing

  • Brenda DelRio

    Nothing in wy….

  • ashlie r. tucker

    I have not recieved my ebt benifits for april 1st card is still active…Ashlie R. Tucker from vermont..has anyone gotten an answer as to when this problem will be fixed and deposits will be made?

  • Renetta white

    When should the problem be fixed

  • isley harper

    its just me working… I have a gf and a baby! really?! why are they doing this?!

  • isley harper

    this is ridiculous!!! I Have a gf and a baby!!! how am I supposed to buy food now?!

  • Tana Rose

    Any luck

  • J nicole

    Was supposed to get mine today I’m in Illinois and haven’t received anything! This is frustrating to say the least.

  • Kerry Poindexer

    Same here in OK suppose to b on there today and been checking and nothing does any one know how long this will last.

  • Caitlin Ann

    No food stamps here in riverside California, I was supposed to get them yesterday and my balance still says $0…

  • Caitlin Ann

    Have you gotten them yet? I’m in cali too, was supposed to get them yesterday and nothing ..

  • Jen J

    My balance for April never updated. It was supposed to replenish on the 1st. I’m in IL.

  • Michael Honzik

    Same in MD. How come they haven’t posted the problem?

  • Angela Olson

    I don’t know hat happened was supposed to lose part of my food stamps due to income but card has nothing why?

  • Yasmine

    My ebt had zero dollars and now when I checked only 1.10 like wtf?

  • Kathryn Law

    Same in GA

  • Katie Mahony

    I’m in IL and was supposed to receive my SNAP to my Link card today…. I still don’t have them. This is a BAD situation and I don’t know who to call. The number on the back of my Link card doesn’t allow me to connect with a “live person” I never received any benefits last month b/c someone at DHS lost my fax of my mid-summary report. I went to a regional office last week. They said I’d receive “some emergency funding” immediately and then my full benefits today, April 7. Their emergency funding came in the form of $12 about 6 days after I met with them in person (for my family of 4) and like I said, I haven’t gotten any of my benefits for this month. That said, we are broke, completely out of food and STARVING. Card says it’s still Active. Does anyone have anymore info about this or even a phone number where I can readh a human being? Desperate and Famished in the Midwest.

  • Stella

    I’m in San Diego, CA and still have not received my benefits for April. No help from website or phone numbers.

  • Monica Rojas

    I’m from Yakima WA and I never recieved my food stamps for this month

  • Monica

    No money for Moni. :( Everything is in correct order just no money. Riverside County, CA

  • Debbie Mitchell

    I was supposed to receive my stamps 3 days ago, still haven’t! I was declined in store and have $0 balance! No one is helpful, can’t get through to a person on the phone and website is down.

  • Leora Briggs

    I’m supposed to get my food stamps today and haven’t received them yet, I am relying on them to get food for myself to eat.

  • allison

    I was supposed to get mine on today and still havent

  • Thai

    I’m suppose to recvd ebt benefits today confirmed amount with my worker Thursday and nothing on card today – Is there an issue

  • Lee

    I have nothing on my card either!!!??? I’m glad I’m not the only one!!!

  • Nabil Asadullah

    My is not on there either in kentucky

  • Batul Salem

    I was supposed to have my account refiled on the 3rd of march but nothing happened. Whats going on? please someone tell me. I’m in California

  • Ashley

    Have not recieved mine & its usually in the on the 7th. Really need to get food bad no money! ! North Carolina

  • Paula Mcanulty

    i was suppose to get mine today just did my review 2 months ago wtf is going on why am i not getting them. Im in Ca.

  • Et

    I receive my benefits on the 8th of every month. Still have not received it. Need food help! New York

  • Et

    Well at least you’ll get retro! However this is insane!

  • Richard Ximenez

    EBT was supposed to load on 4/10. Wth is going on. I don’t want to live off Top Ramen an people helping me again. I’m in Washington. Is this a common acurrence?

  • Kpb

    Yeah im in Hawaii was supposed to get mine the 5th and still haven’t ……. what’s going on

  • Arnold Duran

    From Oregon mine usually due on the 9th of each month, still waiting for my money. Whats going on?

  • Maria Goff

    Today is the 14th of April, I have checked my card five times today, made many phone calls, “No Luck” there,. Whent online to check my case status all is well, I AM UP TO DATE WITH HSD HERE IN , CARLSBAD N.M. , I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE SYSTEM,. But LOOK I NEED TO GET MY GROCERIES in the kitchen just as well as the rest of us who are waiting, MY BENIFITS ARE NOT ON MY CARD YET. So I pray for us all dealing with this to God,.
    Father, I pray to You due to whatever may be causing this situation,. I/we ask for Your help in Jesus name that our answers are given to us, and our benefits come soon to us all who are dealing with the benefits not being placed on are card/s yet, here in many states throughout the U.S. and rite now. Father, I ask for Your forgiveness being we are upset due to this situation, Father, we are trying to get an answer, Father that is why I came to You, and am asking for Your help with this, because we are unsure of the situation causing this, and it has us all a bit worried, Father, I pray to you in Jesus Name, Amen

  • Tonya

    My mother is retired/disabled. She depends on ebt card in order to eat. She also has to take care of my mentally disabled sister. She has no food and no money. I’m trying to help but I don’t make enough money to support everyone. I’m a care taker for veterans. This is insane. I called the number but can’t get a live person. When will this be fixed? People are going hungry!

  • Jenna Bates

    Our card loads on the 16th at midnight every month with no problems… Until tonight. The weekend, of course, so we can’t get ahold of anyone for answers and a holiday on top of that. The night before Easter.. I have 4 sleeping babies (ages 8,4,2 and 1 month old) that are expecting the Easter bunny to leave their baskets tonight. How am I supposed to explain to these babies that the Easter bunny didn’t come due to a technical glitch??? I stayed up until midnight and went to Walmart in West Virginia. Loaded my buggy with items for breakfast and their baskets only to be declined at the counter. I had planned to stay up all night making the baskets for my babies and now I sit here crying trying to think of a way to explain this to my children. I was just as excited to make them as they were to get them because nothing makes me happier than happy babies! What’s going on? How long will it take to reload? We literally have nothing to eat and no money to buy food with because I’ve been in the hospital for the last month and have been off work since October of 16. Idk what to do but cry and pray for an Easter miracle!

  • Crystal M Harrison

    Have u gotten urs yet?

  • Crystal M Harrison

    Im still waiting… has anyone received there stamps yet?

  • Kim Lay

    My stamps werescheduled full up today and haven’t

  • Kim Lay

    I’m in Tennessee

  • Kim Lay

    I’m due have mine Today and i haven’t got then

  • Tiffany Harris

    Mine is supposed to load on the 16th as well and here it is 10:21 am est and we still have nothing.

  • MzCleo

    FL is also having no ebt reloaded. Fridge is empty and No foodstamps. Off course they are closed for Easter while everyone starve.

  • MzCleo

    You poor baby. Yoi pretty much explained what happend here. I made the kiddos sleep late hoping by 12pm it is loaded. In hope we don’t uave to wait till Monday cause that would be horrible

  • Tiffany Harris

    I’m in Alabama and haven’t gotten mine yet either. They are scheduled to deposit on the 16th. Hopefully they get this fixed.

  • Maria Goff

    It has been three days already, And I still have not recieved my SNAP bebefits,. For what reason I just dont know,. A holiday as well today, and I need my food. ISD/HSD can I get an answer.

  • Tangela McCoy

    Mine were supposed to load today and nothing. #NC Been on hold for a rep all morning!

  • Beachgirlnc2017

    I am in North Carolina. I always get mine on the 13th. Still have not received them. Don’t they notify you if there are changes? It was a difficult Easter. Has anyone else in nc had issues and if so have they been resolved?

  • Beachgirlnc2017

    What did the rep tell you? I can’t get one. Thanks.

  • Tangela McCoy

    He said I had to wait till May and offered no resolution! I held for 45 minutes with 19 callers ahead of me!

  • Beachgirlnc2017

    That’s awful. So it’s just some type of error?

  • Tangela McCoy

    I guess. The recording refers to them trying to deal with FAST going online and mentions a 7 day time line for benefits to be released. It refers you to the 1.888. # for EBT but I got no one on that #. It just keeps looping you to a different menu.

  • Kenzie

    My benefits were supposed to come 4/5/17 and still a $0.00 balance. I’m in wa state and we’re getting hungry at my house.

  • John Welton

    I am in Phoenix, Arizona. I should have got my food stamps on the 12th of this month but my card still has a $ 0.0 balance. What is wrong? Am I going to get them put on there anytime soon? I am very hungry and need food in my house. How can I find out anymore information about my benefits?

  • Kaye

    daphne, Alabama. my card should have filled today but didn’t. automated says active but it is empty

  • Rev. Dr. Bruce D McCabe

    We are in Florida and it is the same thing, NO ANSWERS, No Live Help Available, The online posts say the system is up and working on xerox site! But according to everything I have seen online today, That is not true. What ever happened to a (backup system?) Come on xerox, as big a Co. as you are and you have no way to shift to another system to get things fixed?

  • Natalie

    Alabama here. Benefits were due today and haven’t received anything. I thought it was on my end but I’m not so sure now. Has anyone that’s been due for a bit now received theirs? Its the weekend so I can’t call….

  • Steven Zoffka

    Minnesota here I was told my card was mailed out March 30the and it would take 5 to 7 business days well almost a month nothing I had another reissued Monday will be 7 business days again and no card living off hotdogs and rice.

  • Brittany

    California,was suppose to get them the first this month still haven’t received them.

  • M. Wiley

    I always get mine on the 1st of every month, today is the 26th and still nothing. I live in central Louisiana.

  • Moody

    Was supposed to get mine the 8th. Still nothing here in Washington. This is such b.s… you can’t get a hold of anybody. Card is still active when you call but no refill? We need food and i am tired of having to pawn stuff just to get food for my disabled wife. We pay a lot of taxes so we can fall back on this money from the government. So why are they not giving it to us?

  • Stormy Dawn

    Washington. Was supposed to receive mine on April 8th and never did. Now it’s almost May.

  • A Chanel

    I’m in VA, didn’t get mine at midnight at usual. Realized it wasn’t just me when the cashier at walmart announced anyone paying with ebt needed to check their card and make sure their money was there before attempting to checkout. No one in line had received their stamps. i think its unusual that this else problem is happening all over the US. maybe Trump really is taking away the SNAP program. That would be a tragedy…I’m going to pray anyone that hasn’t gotten theirs get them asap. If you’re hungry and have children with no food in the house visit churches and salvation army. They will give you boxes of non perishable food that should get you through a couple weeks.

  • Michelle Thomas

    Same here in southwest VA….no stamps at midnight

  • S. White

    I live in Va also & I haven’t recieved mines either I always have gotten mines on the 1st of each month

  • S. White

    Hey do you normally recieved them on the 1st of each month

  • Michelle Thomas

    yes for years

  • S. White

    Me too smh… I wonder what’s the problem honestly I’m glad I didn’t go to the store I always check first

  • Michelle Thomas

    Idk but i know imma have some hungry kids tomorrow if it doesnt get fixed. Was there anything on the news about goverment shut down or anything?

  • S. White

    No I haven’t seen anything and I just went to my ebt log in and it says my settlement is may 7 normally it’s says the 1st I don’t know what the heck is going on

  • Michelle Thomas

    That happened to me when i renewed in feb. BUT i have still gotten my stamps on the first since i got that letter….hmm strange

  • Michelle Thomas

    how do u check ur ebt log in?

  • Shaena

    Southwest va as well… I’ve gotten mine on the 1st ever since I got them and I have nothing

  • sabrina parsons

    i live in hampton,va snap benefits always on the 1st i have a kid…i wish i understood this is very frustrating

  • tremainebabymama19

    Mine says it was deposited but the balance has not changed. Arizona

  • dawn jackson

    Washington State, always have mine by midnight as of 4:34 not a penny delivered

  • linda

    Benefits not loaded here in central Va either..nothing on news about the problem either

  • Marie Vannoy

    Spokane washington been waiting since midnight and still nothing

  • Chip Williams

    Spokane Wa … 5:40 AM and no money.. I gotta pay my bills like… SOON..

  • Christie

    Just called on my neighbors behalf….and Virginia has now started giving benefits based on last digit in your case number. Hope this eases some minds.

  • Angel Foley

    Hello I Just Talked With A Social Services Represenitive And She Told Me Everyone That Was Suppose To Have Snap EBT Cards Loaded On The 1st Will Be Loaded Tonight At 12:00 May 2nd This Is In Virginia So Hope We All Have Our EBT Food Stamps Tomorow Hope I Eased Everyones Mind I Feel A Bit Better As Long As It Is True!!!

  • Mia Jones

    Anyone that normally gets their food stamps on the 2nd that did not get them yet ?im in Virginia

  • Steve Rossi

    I’m in Ohio. My card is supposed to load on the 4th. Still nothing.

  • Ebony Meyers

    I live in texas and ive never had to check my ebt card i receive my benefits on the 6th of every month and i didnt receive anything today what is goinging on

  • tasha

    Same thing in houston tx

  • Kerrin

    Did u get them yet?

  • Ebony Meyers

    No not yet i saw someone say on the comments that it should be on there tomorrow. I sure hope so i thought i was the only one

  • Kerrin


  • Lavashia Powell

    I live in North Carolina and was suppose to receive my benefits on the 7th( which is today) I checked my card this morning and nothing was on there smh idk what’s going on and its getting frustrating

  • Lavashia Powell

    If you don’t mind me asking how can check to see if the money is deposited on your card

  • Erin Gannon

    I’m in Washington State. I usually get my stamps on the 6th, its now the 7th. NOTHING!!

  • Erin Gannon

    Anybody know whats truly going on??

  • Veronika Shamis

    Virginia. I’m supposed to receive benefit on the 7th, I checked my card this morning as well and nothing was on there. I hope this gets fixed ASAP

  • Cody James Brooke

    Idaho. My card has money on it but won’t let me use it and can’t call customer service

  • Alese

    I thought i was going crazy. I was supposed to get my benefits today on may 7th. but no money. I really hope i get ti tomorrow though.

  • Cody James Brooke

    When is this supposed to be fixed

  • Amanda

    I thought i was going crazy. I checked this morning and it wasnt filled today on may 7. I hope this gets fixed. Please and thank you

  • Jerica

    I am in va and supposed to receive my stamps today and didn’t get anything. I have called customer service and from what he is saying that there is no pending deposit or anything on my account.this is frustrating.

  • Tasha Needham

    I’m in az was suppost to get mine today may 7 and haven’t it’s already 6:01pm and nothing does anyone know what is going on

  • Kerrin

    Did you get them today? I still have nothing :(

  • Modz Jamie

    I’m in New York and my snaps shoun have been on my card one the 6 what going on is this gonna be fix

  • Lamb

    Texas over here. was supposed to get them today, on the 9th… and nothing. what the hell is going on?

  • Patricia Carballo-Hernandez

    I still have not received mine and usually get them on the 4th of each month and I’m in Illinois .. what is happening? Why can’t I talk to live a person. Anyone have info?

  • Dubya

    I’m in va. I checked my balance before going to the store. My ebt card was declined for i correct pin. I know my pin and entered it so many times that the card was blocked. I was at walmart. It may have been Wal-Mart’s system because the people beside me were also having trouble with their credit card and the same self service register that declined my ebt card declined my friend’s debit card, but was accepted at a different register.

  • Dubya

    I called number on the card and reset the pin. Somehow my pin was changed and not by me. So if anyone has their ebt card declined and they know they have money reset your pin and try the card again. The pin resets instantly.

  • Ang

    Damn anyone in ky get theirs yet?? Was to get mine on the 3rd…. nothing yet

  • Ang

    Mine not here either

  • Tommie

    Hello all, I live in Illinois and the same thing has happened to me. I am supposed to get my benefits on the 13th. I did not get them and online it shows that I have never received them which is not true. The phone doesn’t even say I have pending amount anymore. Does anyone know what is going on? I have called all the 800 numbers and my case is active. This is strange because I have not received a letter saying I have been cut off or that I need to be re-verified. Today is the 13th and it doesn’t even show a record of payment

  • Tommie

    Hi what state is this for if you don’t mind me asking? I live in Illinois and I am having the same issue.

  • Tommie

    I am in a same situation except I have gotten my stamps every month before this one. Today is May 13th and mine is supposed to load today. I have nothing and there is nothing saying I am getting any either.

  • Tommie

    I was supposed to get mine today and I have nothing. I live in Illinois as well. I recertified last year and have always received mine on the same day from January of this year. You can’t get anyone on the phone at all. The automated system says my card and case are both active. I did not get any letters saying that I have been cut off or they need additional information.

  • Mr. Hungry

    Norfolk, VA. Been waiting since the 7th. Called and left messages, talked to a supervisor. No results or call backs.

  • Mr. Hungry

    This site is dead I like the other one better.

  • oh no

    anyone having problems in VA. I usually receive my benefits on the 1st of each month. still nothing

  • Hungry in VA

    In Virginia, was due on the 4th. Still nothing, called company that handles money disbursement and they said call your caseworker, left her 2 voicemails and no return call. I guess it’s a way to starve off the poor.

  • Hungry in VA

    Called my local social services office today, after many attempt someone finally answered.
    I still have no idea when benefits will be given, but according to the vm greeting due to the new computer system, claims have new case numbers and disbursement dates have changed. So what do you do when it’s past 30 days and you need groceries? Answer: Not their problem, you and your child have to wait and hope it comes in the next day or sometime this week.
    Thanks for the heads up SNAP!

  • Tabitha

    So they just don’t care about starving children??? & have no idea when it will be ready??? this is absolutely ridiculous. I was supposed to get mine on the 4th still nothing just called my card. They need to tighten up!!

  • Hungry in VA

    If you think this is bad, just give our president time and he’ll cut SNAP out for everyone.

  • Brandy

    Was suppose to get a refill on the 6th. I’ve been sent my recertification in. I never received a letter staying there will be a delay or if they cut me off (which they would have no reason to do so). I wish I knew what was really going on. I’m in South Carolina.

  • Deondre Williams

    In va same here

  • Jordan

    I was supposed to get my benifits the 8th and haven’t gotten anything yet. My card is still active, what is going on? Please help. I am in South Carolina

  • Jordan

    I am too, have you got yours yet? I was supposed to get mine the 8th

  • Margiretta Holton

    I was suppose to get my benefits June 10th and didn’t receive them.

  • Jade Vaughn

    I was supposed to get my stamps today but nothing on my card wtf is going on. In in South Bend indiana

  • Kay

    I was due for a refill today, no deposit. I am in AR

  • Alexander Harness

    The money is going bankruptcy

  • TwiggyB

    Today is Tuesday, June 13, 2017! I was supposed to have my refill on the 10th. WTH is going with all the states at the same time? This is Gov. Rauner’s fault in Illinois!

  • briana

    i’m having same proble is almost 16 days and no money no food. This is not right at list they have to let us know that is gone happened like this so everyone can thing about the solution of the problem.

  • Rachel Ann Cote

    Everyone complaining that the money hasn’t it obviously doesn’t have a back up plan. I work my butt off and mine are supposed to hit tomorrow (thought it was today) but I have a back up plan since the money isn’t a right…

  • Gina Jimerson

    My mom im helping raise children and her food stamp card has no money until 9th of July what is wrong with the benift help we need our benifits today or sooner no child support coming in no good income something needs to be done.