SNAP EBT Outage, Problems

When there are problems with SNAP EBT such as an outage or website going down people need a platform to report such issues, because this has a massive impact on customers when they need help with the government scheme to supply them with food stamp coupon replacements.

Is SNAP EBT down for you right now? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Electronic Benefit Transfer is a great program that replaces food stamp coupons, customers are supplied with a card that allow them to use in stores just like debit or credit card. But when there is an issue customers of this service can report them right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

Seeing as there are no official social media channels this is where you can let us know if you are having problems, a place where you can connect with others. Maybe your SNAP EBT card is not working in store or you have lost one and need a replacement, but having issues getting one due to customer service not being helpful etc, or you could be having problems with your food stamps, balance or benefits. If you are having issues with a store please do mention the store name and location in the comments below.

SNAP EBT status reports for Monday 17th of December 2018

To find out if SNAP EBT is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with SNAP EBT? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Lisa bennish

    I’m in WI and I get mine on the 14th…woke up and checked my balance…nothing. It says my card is active and I’m still supposed to receive stamps on the 14th of each month. Great. My baby needs special formula I can only get with Foodstamps and now he won’t have any. Also I am going to starve.

  • Raynneinsc

    I’m in SC and get my stamps on the 15 of every month. My card is active and I have the same .18 on there from last month. Does anyone know if it’s the storm that’s got the system down or what’s going on.

  • NaShay

    I am in Georgia. I also get my benefits on the 15th of every month and I did not receive mine either.

  • NaShay

    I’m in Ga as well. Mine hasn’t come either. I’ve called the office and they didn’t say anything about it????

  • kaleigh

    I’m in North Georgia and I receive my benifits on the 15th. I DID NOT receive mine today. Wonder what’s going on.

  • kaleigh

    Wonder what’s going on? I did not receive my benefits and they are scheduled for the 15th

  • Daniel Davis

    It’s a nationwide system error. Some people have gotten them, some havent. I’m in northFlorida, and, was supposed to get mine on the 12th. I still havent gotten them. It would’ve been nice if they had sent out notifications letting people know of a problem.

  • Daniel Davis

    I read in an article on a news site for San Diego that you can call the number on the back of your card, and they’re supposed to walk you through a process where you can get $50 in instances where the system goes down. Theres also supposed to be a number that the retailers can call to find out how much the cardholder is supposed to receive, but that might be dependent upon of the system is up and running. I’m the fulltime caregiver for my father who’s a disabled veteran. I’m on snap to provide my own food, since he covers all the bills. This system error is making things rough, but I feel awful for the people with kids that depend on this program to feed them. I hope yall get yours soon.

  • StayHumble

    i’m in michigan & was supposed to receive mine today..

  • kaleigh

    I totally agree. I have 2 kids to feed. And 2.00 on my card

  • Shay

    I have no idea. They could have warned people. But instead they left everyone in the dark.

  • Shay

    i have no idea … also when i call my card to check my balance, the issue date for my stamps has changed. i have always gotten them on the 15th … now it says my date will be on the 31st. there arent 31 days in every month so i am confused. also i checked the DFCS facebook and twitter and they are not posting about this issue … SMH

  • April Velez

    I am in North, GA as well. I have 5 kids and no stamps. I was suppose to receive mine on the 11th.

  • April Velez

    Mine did too

  • April Velez

    They told me that I needed to do a review, that I’ve already done. Caseworkers are ignoring calls.

  • Shay Sutherland

    whatever is going on it is a testing of our faith, remain faithful. We have all been affected by this storm as you can see without even being hit by the storm we are hit but this storm will pass too. Continue to be faithful and pray. Most importantly Mothers, Fathers, tell your sons and daughters and YOURSELF this: Don’t do ANYTHING in desperation, dont make the situation worse by letting it get the best of you. Use this time to give God glory through your faith. I’m praying for all of us especially the mothers out there with several young children to feed.

  • Chaisty

    I’m in SC too and I’m supposed to get mine September 17th and there is only a dollar on mine from last month

  • Sherry

    Im in Georgia and I was supposed to receive my food stamps on the 7th. And here it is the 17th and I still haven’t gotten them. I can’t even get my caseworker to return my calls… Thats gwinnett county for you!!!

  • Heather

    Yes , I’m in Fayetteville NC & I was suppose to receive mine on the 15th as well , but I did not . I literally just tried calling the office , but they are still closed . I hope they fix this problem & provide extra emergency funds for those that lost power and the food they had .

  • Steve Smeltzer

    Whatever your State is call the state number and tell them your problem. (They are having problems with the automated system.) I called the state office they then forwarded my info and concern to the County office. Two days later I received a call and It was expedited and done manually. I also sent a message to my Congressman, not sure if that helped. Hope this helps…. Squeaky Wheel get’s the grease.

  • Pickens County

    Same here… My issue date suddenly became April 27(!?), and benefits due on 31st(!?!?). Something seems to be majorly wrong with system, but I’ve had problems with renewals ever since the system went from COMPASS to GATEWAY. Renewals don’t go through properly and it takes many phonecalls to get it fixed. Before, my caseworker would get back to me within a day, but now my caseworker has been changed and I haven’t gotten any response from her for 5 days now.Family is surviving on Ramen noodles and water.

  • Brittany Turk

    I I’m ne ga and was supposed to receive mine tidy and got nothing. And cant get through to case worker

  • Kiehra D Haggins

    I am in ohio mine are supposed to load tomorrow but when i call the system keeps saying unable to check account.

  • April Velez

    Well after emailing the governor of GA. yesterday, I am happy to say that someone called me from dfcs and processed my, already received, re-certification. She told me that I will receive my benefits within 24-48 hours. So, we’ll see what happens.

  • April Velez

    I have my benefits!

  • Rachel

    I was supposed to have gotten mine yesterday and received nothing went to defax they blamed it on the president and said that it could take until the 31st to receive anything

  • kolby

    I still have not received my benefits from 9/9/18. I was told that customer service can not do anything about it. I need to call the state of oregon.

  • Ashauntie Reese

    Is there anyone else who was supposed to get they food stamps today I was supposed to get mine today and I am in Montgomery AL and they said the system is not working right now

  • Chasity tyson

    I was supposed to receive my stamps today & nothing . Is anyone else having this problem ? Everything online says approved .

  • Chasity tyson

    From GEORGIA

  • Hope

    I usually get my EBT refill each month on the 19th but I haven’t received it or know what’s going on I just have the leftover amount from August and needed food ,what’s going on and when will get fixed?

  • Cathy Anderson

    I always receive my EBT on the 21st, but haven’t this month. The website shows approved from renewal last month. However, I never received the approved notice in the mail.

  • Hope

    Tried to report a problem about September food stamp issues to scmapp site where I applied for food stamps and this what shows up –

    Application Error
    The error has occured within the SCMAPP system.

    Message: Server was unable to process request. —> Error Occured in Stored Procedure SABContactUsInsPr; Line Number 32; Message: [547] – The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint “FK_SABContactUs_SABListDictionaryXREF”. The conflict occurred in database “SCMAPP”, table “dbo.SABListDictionaryXREF”, column ‘SABListDictionaryXREFID’.
    Source: System.Web.Services
    Stack Trace: at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.ReadResponse(SoapClientMessage message, WebResponse response, Stream responseStream, Boolean asyncCall) at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] parameters) at SAB.Framework.Business.wsContactUs.ContactUs.Insert(Int32 IssueTypeID, String PersonName, String PersonEmailAddress, String PersonPhoneNumber, String IssueDescription, String TouchedBy, String CreatedBy, Boolean IsActive) in C:EcsWorkspaceSCMAPPReleaseSCMAPPSAB.Framework.BusinessWeb ReferenceswsContactUsReference.cs:line 85 at SAB.Framework.Business.ContactUs.Insert(BusinessManager bizManager) in C:EcsWorkspaceSCMAPPReleaseSCMAPPSAB.Framework.BusinessContactUs.cs:line 202 at SFBenefits.PFS.EA.ContactUs.btnSubmit_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in c:EcsWorkspaceSCMAPPReleaseSCMAPPSFBenefits.PFSEAContactUs.aspx.cs:line 179 at System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button.OnClick(EventArgs e) at System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button.RaisePostBackEvent(String eventArgument) at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)

  • Hope

    Hello everyone I called my local ebt office which is dss in my area ,i ask them whats going on and found out we have to go and recertification snap benefits.
    which means re-apply to conntinue getting our food stamps x.x” annoying i know and how they didnt give notice for this,but im already re-applying today
    even though i was told i cant do it online,i did the application.i hope this helps others too good luck everyone x3

  • Shaylin

    I went to the store the other day and got a declined. I still had over 200 on it that i havent used. I get in the car called back of card, typed in my card number and the automated system said…this card has been lost, stolen or damaged but thats not true. I have my card. Its not lost. I cant even talk to customer service because when i put in my card number it gives me this message and the phone hangs up. Anybody else card says lost, stolen or damaged but it isnt? What do i need to do?

  • Hope

    Best thing I can tell you is if when you call the number there’s no option before for stolen or lost card,then should probably call local ebt office ask them,if that doesn’t work, try contacting local state government office see if they can help you through it. Hope you fix your card

  • Delilah M Curley

    I haven’t received my benefits at all. I usually get them at 12 am on the 2nd but I still have 36 cents on my card. Have no idea what’s going on and I need food.

  • Bethany

    I havent gotten my SNAP/ebt today. It is always on the card the 2nd of each month but its not. What’s going on

  • My benefits was not on my card today. I was grocery shopping and got to the counter and it was zero balance. I get my benefits the 3rd of each month, and it was not loaded on my card. I was at Walmart in Roseville Michigan my email address is

  • Aracelia

    I thought I was the only one. Mine get loaded on the 3rd also and this morning was not on there. I went online to check my case and it didnt even come up as a benefit. I called my case worker and let him a message. Glade Im not the only one because I was freaking out. Must be down for some reason. The website only said it will be down tonight from 7pm-8pm

  • Hope

    If you have had your food stamps for a year now ,you might need to recertify your info on like re-apply ,as far i know thats what i had to do

  • Larry Fulmer

    If you get your EBT benefits on the 3rd business day each month as I do, technically, it should have been direct deposited to your card today-October 3 is the THIRD DAY of the month.
    My guess is we would have to beck with your state’s Dept of Human Services and be sure to get a live agent to get answers.
    The 3rd business day is M-F only. Holidays do not count.
    That said, I don’t know the answer. Today is the 3rd business day.
    Please share your answer with me, and us if you find out. I’ll likewise do the same when I can.

  • Brendan Wall

    I’m having problems too. I get it on the 3rd and it’s now the 4th and still no fs

  • Jenette DeLeon

    I was supposed to renew my benefits on the 30th but it wouldn’t let me because it was saying it wasn’t time to renew but my renewal date was 9/30/2018. So now I have to apply all over agin and start the waiting game again.

  • Amber

    My card is active I’m supposed to get mine today still nothing… I’m really worried with being the weekend, no school next week I
    pray every thing gets fixed for all family in Jesus name amen!

  • Pringle

    Has anyone heard anything about why the cards are not working still? I’m in SC

  • Brittany

    Hey, so I have only been on food stamps for 6 months and it hasn’t gone into my account, its the 5th. Does anyone know what’s going on? I know I don’t have any holds or anything else on it.

  • Hope

    so if anyone notices this,i did my recertification snap benefits on 9-24-18 i waited like maybe 1-2 weeks to see if i got anything in the mail and i didnt and no notice on my email,so i check my old ebt card to see if anything changed. before when i didnt recertification snap benefits i didnt hear when i was getting a refill and what lead me to see what was going on,but now after 1-2 weeks after recertification snap benefits ,i call my ebt card number on the back of it to see if give me the next refill and it did ,oct 19th my refill be there and aswell i got 35 dollars for some of sept. for some reason,but it really helped me to call my local ebt office in my state to find out what was going on xD good luck to all who are having issues

  • Milana Smith

    I agree! im suppose to get mine today and nothing!! I really hope to get them asap

  • Starla Lester

    I was supposed to get my benefits on the 5th and they didn’t go on the card online it’s says my case is active. I done my review in Sept. And everything was approved. But still have a $0.00 balance. I’m in Ga anyone else having this problem?

  • Titesha C Vaughan

    Ok so this seems to be a southern east coast thing I see. I’m in Virginia I was also due to get mines today..I checked my account on line because I just recertified couple weeks ago and it’s active and I’m due to get benefits for october…mines is always due on the 7th have been for years..I wake up this morning balance is zero still..what’s going on

  • Meyon Bryant

    Right i always get mines on the 7 I am in Georgia I to have a zero balance

  • Titesha C Vaughan

    I’m totally upset this needs to be addressed immediately…. apparently we have plenty of people waiting for stamps to get food all up and down the coast and they don’t see this as an issue…as if the people that just got hit by the Hurricane haven’t been through enough come on give us a break here

  • Titesha C Vaughan

    See what I’m saying smdh

  • Titesha C Vaughan

    Hell let me see if I can get this to the news media Asap this needs to be addressed

  • Kasi B lassiter

    I’m in north Carolina and didn’t get mine this morning.

  • Titesha C Vaughan

    See what I’m saying exactly why I contacted the news this is ridiculous. The government needs to do better than this

  • Kasi B lassiter

    When I called they didn’t say anything about it being messed up.

  • Meyon Bryant

    Hey yours on there yet

  • Jessica M Boyd

    Does anyone know why we arent reicieving benifits im in Illinois and didnt recieve mine today either

  • destiny ervin

    I’m in abingdon va I recertified 2 months ago I gt my stamps last month I get them in the 7th each month but today 0?

  • Kelsie Hem

    Im in CO and have not got them yet either.

  • Angie Morales

    I’m in ny was supposed to get mine 6th still haven’t gotten it anybody know what’s going on?

  • Danielle Yaw

    My sister hasn’t received hers yet. She checked her balance online and it said she’s still supposed to receive it today. It says 0. She’s from Kansas. What is she supposed to do?

  • Titesha C Vaughan

    No not a damn dime is yours

  • Meyon Bryant

    Nope still zero dollars this have never happen to me and you can’t get anyone on the phone to find out what’s going on

  • Meyon Bryant

    Yes me

  • Ryan

    In Illinois and on the 7th didnt get it. Called the and said it was supposed to refil today. Not sure what to do

  • Kevonna Duckett

    I haven’t received my food stamps today either and I was really depending on that. I was ready to go off on my social worker tomorrow. Until I found out I wasn’t the only one in VA

  • Titesha C Vaughan

    Well from what I know this is governmental…Oct the first is when new bills n rules pass far as cost of living… Trump had to sign this Bill n now we have a interruption in our government assistance..we are now waiting on this crap in Congress to be figured out four states have took a major funding cut and now things have to be figured out far as distribution…also those who are on them and not working and is eligible to do there trying to cut them completely

  • Denisia Williams

    Idk wat dhey qot qoin on.kuz ijus kal muh card nd istil dnt have nun on itx smh.

  • Hope

    im a ebt user in sc,like everyone on september i had issues and had my issue resolved so far.
    this site probably only for commenting on,so best people i can think of that could help give you answers is those in charge of food stamps.
    emailing or calling or going ,you need to contact your local ebt office or the main company about what to do,im not sure social workrers
    can help,and i dont think everyone having same issues ,even though its happening similar timing and i dont know if one of those things
    where some will get it resolved by waiting,cause my issue i had to reapply to fix.It would be better for everyone to find out what there issue
    with there ebt card by the people who know about our ebt cards and work at the place.i feel sorry for everyone who is struggling and urge
    you to look further into your issues to resolve,so doesnt get worse.

  • Laura Lynn Deleon-Reyes

    I have been getting benefits until the 7 of October . Then I go to shop on the seventh which is the day I receive benefits. Nothing. I live in Colorado. Am I the only one?

  • Starla Lester

    Have you gotten yours yet?

  • Titesha C Vaughan

    Ok anyone got in touch with their worker or something

  • Jolantraa Riley

    Was supposed to receive on the 8th.. fridge is empty … infant needs baby water … my toddler hasn’t eaten … I’m losing it.. really depended on my ebt … anyone know wats going on??

  • Kevonna Mitchell

    Same here. Currently losing my mind cause my 2 year old keeps saying she’s hungry so I have to get creative with what we do have

  • Thick Brown

    Im in Ga and I’m supposed to get mines after 12:00a.m (10/09/18) and have not received them yet and I have 3 kids ages 11 9 and 8

  • Steve Chapman

    Same here was supposed to receive Benifits on the 9th it’s now 3:09 am and nothing is loaded on my card. Don’t know what’s going on.

  • Titesha C Vaughan

    Gonna have to restart the process smdh

  • blakerin

    Ok did not get September’s, checking my account it says account active. Called them several times they tell me they will call back within the hr, nothing no phone call. Finally went down to office 2 days ago they tell me they sent me a letter saying I had to reapply and my acc was closed. I did not recieve any letter and according to them my account was still active. I had to reapply, they called yesterday and said emergency ebt would be on my card tomorow. Just checked and money is on the card $30 less than I am supposed to get but at least it is something. Hope this helps

  • Erica Danielle S

    Food stamps are cut off unless you work a minimum of 20 hours a week or in a work program. America does not care about your children and yourself getting free food. You can keep waiting and your going to end up with nothing. ITS NOT COMING BACK ON, your social workers have been given a script by the Government to tell you “Check later or in two days it will be active.” WAKE UP! YOU HAVE TO FEED YOUR OWN KIDS or get a job for assistance.

  • blakerin

    Not true, stop posting false narratives it does not help.

  • Mando

    This is due to the govt shutdown over funding for the wall

  • Hope

    Yeah I was told when I called the office they didnt hear from me on notice,so I told them didn’t get anything in the mail,right after they said needed to reapply ,my card also was still active since it was still working.i applied and couple days later I check and had 30-35 dollars on there it was September 24th when I reapplied and 26th when got 30-35 dollars,I called the back number on my card to see the balance and also found out October 19th I’ll get my EBT refill.

  • Hope

    I actually emailed the government office for my state and told them about my issues and didn’t take long for them to call me back ,but while I was waiting on that I also called dad office in my local state, cause they were open to ask them what’s going on and found out I needed to reapply, so even if the government office called me back trying to help ,I explain to her I found out what to do and she wish me luck on fixing my issues,so even if the government doesn’t really have the means to tell you your ebt information and look it up they do know about ebt and tried to help.
    (Erica Danielle S) please get your facts straight before you post ,this is important to many and don’t know where to go for help.

  • Hope

    Yes I have,search online ebt office near you and call when there open.
    That’s how I did it I hope this helps

  • Hope

    No on really does,but get in contact with ebt office and ask is the best way I can think of.

  • Jolantraa Riley

    Are you kidding me???

  • Sarah

    So I think I’m suppose to get my benefits today (I just Got my ebt card last month so I’m new) but nothing came through… what do I do?

  • Ashley Jean

    Suppose to receive my benefits today on oct. 10th and nothing yet and office isn’t open until 8, what do you suggest to do, I’m in wichtia ks area. I’ve been depending on this day!! Ugh

  • Amelia

    I am supposed to get my benefits today (oct. 10th) have been getting them like clockwork. today… nothing… what’s up? No one is in the local office to help and my case manager is out til friday…

  • Jessica

    Has anyone heard why we haven’t gotten them today???

  • Patricia Bostick

    I had the same in Ga

  • Lathe of Heaven

    Cannot access the California EBT site. It keeps giving a prompt ‘unknown error’ I cannot see what the balance is, or, as others have noted below, IF even the new infusion has taken place today (10th) as it is supposed to do

  • Shekeva Bernard

    Im suppose to receive my stamps on the 9th I haven’t received nothing. Wtf is going on

  • Crystal Duke

    I was supposed to get mine the 9th still nothing but my case saids active

  • Crystal Duke

    Me either I was supposed to get mine the 9th still nothing but saying active an approved

  • Erica Danielle S

    And Trump passed the USDA Farm Bill to take millions from EBT. No, it’s not false you just don’t want to believe it. Soon you will be getting a food box to your door

  • Erica Danielle S

    Yep go ahead and re-apply your still not going to get them or they give you hardly any money.

  • Hope

    Says you (Eric Danielle S),I did reapply like I said in my comment before and am getting them,so if you have nothing to share about your food stamp issues of date and like to say unneeded and rude comments toward others that aren’t true ,you should find somewhere else to go.

  • blakerin

    I will say it again, stop posting false narratives, He did not pass any such bill to take millions from EBT.

  • blakerin

    Another lie, I did reapply and did get my EBT .

  • Justin Hubbard

    In from erie pa I also have not gotten mine was supposed to get it no later then day got 12 last month and git nothing yet 12 this month what is going on

  • Kamilah Robertson

    I was supposed to receive mines to on the 9th and still haven’t gotten them store Adams foods on homan and Douglas and 7 eleven on Belmont and Racine those are both stores

  • eyleen

    Has anyone in Maine had problems

  • eyleen

    I have family in maine having problems is anyone else having trouble

  • Justin Hubbard

    Kinda hard for me to work when I have seizures so dont think that applies to my problem

  • Tiara Green

    Have you gotten yours yet?

  • Tiara Green

    Have you gotten yours yet. I called mine today and it is still not there

  • Kandou Erik

    Suddenly don’t have access to my account, and it won’t give balance info on phone. Would love to talk to someone wether I’m alone experiencing this

  • Candy

    I’m in SC with a 0 balance suppose to get them on the 13th & nothing yet. What’s going on????

  • Tanya Lake

    I usually call, on the 14th of every month, to check to see if there’s a balance on my card. I called this morning, and there’s a balance on my card.

    So, I headed out to go grocery shopping. About a half hour to an hour, while I was at the grocery store, that’s when I heard the announcement that ebt was down.

    So, I had to put the groceries back, and head back to my apartment. I even called a few minutes ago, and it is now 8:36 p.m in Massachusetts.

    I still have the usual monthly blance on my card.

  • Tanya Lake

    There’s a balance on my card. This has happened many times before, and was able to go grocery shopping the next day.

  • Deejie Li

    Lol, you’re probably on the program yourself. Relax with the holier-than-thou attitude and mentality.

  • Jenny Mary

    Who are you hater

  • Terri

    Didn’t receive my stamps today and I’m 8months pregnant and unable to work. Been struggling to make it til today for these stamps and they didn’t come. How am I supposed to live a whole month without food?!

  • Vanessa Rodriguez

    I tried to use my EBT card several times this month but every time that I try to pay with it, the the cashier tells me it did not go through. I really need groceries. What is going on? What can I do?

  • BlackHippe

    Are you ok?

  • BlackHippe

    Mine were due on the 6th of october and its the 20th. Local officeis closed and I was told I can expect them today.

  • BlackHippe

    How long did you have to wait for them to come in? Mine were due on the 6th and its the 20th. I was told yesterday they should have loaded today and they havent.

  • BlackHippe

    I live in Mosspoint. Mine were dolue on the 6th and its the 20th. I just got approved so this shouldnt be a problem.

  • BlackHippe

    Did you ever

  • Jurisha

    I’m in Ohio. I have the paperwork that says how much I’m supposed to get. I normally get it on the 20th but nothing yet. I downloaded the app And it says zero as well. Tried to go online but it doesn’t tell me anything. I called the card and decided to see when my amount would be available and when I pressed option 3, all it says is that my amount is not available and neither is the load date… ughhh I have a one year old and luckily I have stuff I can make. It’s just not what I want to eat, I have to get creative. Good thing I saved some money too so I can go get a few things. WTH is happening jfs?!? It’s sad that no one has a stinkin answer..

  • Amber Tittle

    I’m supposed to get mine today and I’ve done my regular by calling and checking the app and nothing is on my card. I even went to a couple stores today to try and it shows not authorized. I dont know what’s going on. But I do have a 3 yr old and I’m pregnant and we need food bad. I dont work because of reasons so getting my ebt is very much needed right now.

  • Erica Danielle S

    I don’t have kids to feed. You do!. Its your fault your kids cannot eat. Every time you look in their eyes just know your the one that cannot feed them. This is why i don’t like black women, it’s over no more freebies.

  • Julissa Rivera

    I was suppose to get mine yesterday and I still haven’t received anything. I’m located in Georgia and I’m pregnant.

  • Kaylee Nichole Wood

    macon ga . my date was 10/23/2018. still havent received them and i cant get anybody on the phone. left message after message. please help. this is crazy

  • David Wilt

    I went to the DHHR on OCt. 11th,she said I would be getting $108 for Oct. and starting Nov.6 I would start getting $162 a month and I would get the card in 5-7 days,still haven’t got the card.Today I get a letter from DHHR stating I would only be getting $28 this month and then only $43 each month after that so somehow I lost $119 a month and haven’t even got the card yet.

  • Dorothy

    I bet the Atlanta Jorunal-Constitution could help. The dfcs office told me they are 2 months behind.

  • sarah lynn

    Having the same problem as well did you ever find anything out?

  • Dessika

    I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada and I tried to purchase my normal 2 Pizza slices like always and it got rejected, I don’t understand whats going on, whats happening?

  • Katie

    I did not receive my benefits today in Midcoast, Maine. My amount was changed two different times last month and also my date used to be the 10th but they switched it to the 1st. However they aren’t on there this morning.

  • Vanessa Calderon

    Hi my name is Vanessa Calderon and I’m from Wichita KS and today I did not receive my cash benefit.. I tried to purchase gas and also a snack at Dillons and it was declined. Please email at to let me know what is going on

  • James coney

    Nothing yet in California. Usually get benefits on 2nd. Anyone get theirs in cali yet.

  • Today November 3, 2018 my EBT card balance is should have $192 in there. But no news as to why it isn’t there. Can anyone help?

  • Didn’t get mine today either. Sat. Nov. 3

  • Devin Hergenrader

    Supposed to get mine 2nd. Nothing yet. 🙁 Nebraska

  • Katie

    I was suppose to get mine today November 3rd and nothing and can’t get in touch with anyone to let me know what’s going on. I’m in New York.

  • Chelle

    Same here. Mine were supposed to come and nothing.

  • Leequanda Mason

    I’m in NC and I didn’t receive mine today either. What is going on?

  • Katie

    I have checked my mybenefits online all day and it keeps saying I no longer have access to any cases, and then I just checked a little while again and it said it was unable to process request. I asked a couple others around New York that I know and they haven’t received theirs either. very frustrating. Hoping to get some answers soon.

  • Ashley

    Des Moines IA EBT down? November 3rd and November 4th 2018…

  • Ashley Maddox

    Knoxville Iowa ebt down? November 4th 2018 haven’t received mine either. Anyone have any info

  • Ashley Maddox

    I’m from Knoxville Iowa and I didn’t get mine today either

  • Amanda Lynn Laugherty

    I am supposed to have mine today (11/4/18) and i have a zero balance. All I could do was leave my local office a voicemail. Not very helpful when I needed groceries today for a family of 5. What is going on?????? I live in Virginia

  • Heather Snyder

    In Ohio was supposed to have ours loaded yesterday, nothing yet.

  • Elizabeth Coates

    I live in Ohio and was suppose to have my card refilled yesterday, Nov 4 and it still hasn’t. Then it says “no monthly funds have been released at this time”…?

  • Becky Rae

    I’m in Oregon. Was supposed to get mine on the 4th, still nothing today. When I call to check balance it just tells me my card is still active and I have like 1$ from last month. It’s not indicating there is a problem but it seems like there is.

  • Meg Marie Garrett

    I was suppose to get my EBT on saturday and i went online it says im discontinued due to not filling out the yearly SAR form

  • Sarah

    I’m in Indiana and haven’t received my benefits either. Is there something going on?

  • Ashanti

    Wth going on….I need food

  • Jen

    Me too. In illinois, ebt hotline says 0 balance

  • Mark Johnson

    I was supposed to get mine on the 6th of November. Nothing yet.

  • Margaret Melissa

    I’m in NC I haven’t received mine since August. Keep calling and no one calls you back!!! Haven’t received anything by mail either.

  • DDT

    So this been going on? I was wondering why I haven’t gotten mine today

  • DDT

    I just tried to pick up a few items here in Chicago they said I had a penny. I kno my benefits come on the 7th I even called it says all the way to April 2019 so I’m lost like wtf I need food lbs

  • Krystal Rich

    Thankfully I called to check my balance, I was about to go shopping and found out that I didn’t get my balance. I was supposed to receive it on Saturday the 3rd, and today would be 4 entire days later. Is there anywhere to locate the issue and find out details of when we may be able to expect funds?

  • DDT

    That’s crazy… they should have someone inform us of what’s going on and when to expect our funds

  • Krystal Rich

    Exactly. The website only tells me that my card is active, when I began using it, and the balance I’ve already held on it. No other information.

  • Crystal

    Mine was nov 8 and went to grocey store and nothing i had 0 balance
    Had to leave everything back

  • Harmony

    Woke up to not receiving my benefits on the 10th like I was supposed to! November 10, 2018. Of course it’s saturday so there is no one I can contact!

  • Kayla

    I was supposed to get mine the 8th and nothing still also in iowa

  • Eric

    Same with me. Riverside county. Saturday morning Nov 10th 2018

  • Raz

    Same here in az. Was supposed to load the 10th but didn’t… 🙁

  • Naomie Toner

    I was supposed to get mine today the 11th butgot nothing. How are people supposed to fees there family’s if they don’t get the help when needed

  • Chelsea Dillon

    I’m in Mississippi and I was suppose to get them today but haven’t. Something going on with site.

  • Andy Mccarter

    I’m in Montgomery, AL and was suppose to receive my benefits today, but nothing is there. What’s going on and can anyone explain this?

  • Amber Young

    Located in Augusta Ga. Receive benefits on 11th every month… Didn’t receive today ! Anyone know why?

  • Nicole Chavous

    I was supose to recieve them on the 11th which is today . Whats going on? Is the system down ?

  • Tammy Dotson

    I live in Spartanburg Sc and i am supposed to receive my benefits on the 11 and i checked they are not on my card why and how am i supposed to feed my family please give me some kind of info i returned all my info like i was supposed to and now this i dont even get them on there whats the problem

  • Brit Ann Sweeney

    I live in St Charles mn and only received $30 early I’m supposed to get alot more for my kids what am I supposed to do if its only $30 for the whole month? With 2 kids??

  • Jessica Jordan

    Has anyone found it what is going on? I haven’t received my benefit either ?????

  • Jessica Jordan

    Have you found out what’s going on.

  • Heathee

    I live in Ohio and supposed to get mine today and nothing! Tomorrow is a holiday so its going to be tuesday until i can get info ugh! Wish someone knew what was going on.

  • Chelsea Dillon

    Still nothing this morning. What the hell is going on! It just makes no sense

  • Tasha Nicole Richardson

    I’m in tenTennes and still nothing this morning

  • Chelsea Dillon

    The site came back up and it didn’t work yesterday so why wasn’t the money there ugh

  • Tasha Nicole Richardson

    I don’t know I’m about to call the hotline and find out what’s going on

  • Chelsea Dillon

    Let me know what they say!

  • Tasha Nicole Richardson

    There not open today due to yesterday was a holiday like what is going on this is crazy

  • Chelsea Dillon

    It’s stupid and ridiculous. There are families going hungry because of this .

  • nick

    Yap no food for us s***’s crazy

  • Victoria beverley

    plz…ι anyone ĸnowѕ y we dιdnт geт oυr ғoodѕтaмpѕ plz leт мe know

  • Michelle R.

    My case is open and active. In supposed to get my stamps on the 12th of every month. I called and it says $0 why? Help please!! Louisiana

  • Jessica Jordan

    Are they doing some kind of system update ? Still nothing yet !

  • Chelsea Dillon

    I don’t know but some people have been without for over a week and still no answers

  • Vanessa Marrs

    Down right now so no dinner for the family tonight. 🙁

  • Eric

    Same thing in Riverside county CA. Supposed to reload on the 10th (Saturday) and still nothing. Office closed due to veterans day.

  • Jessica Jordan

    Omg. Are you serious ? Is it every state ?

  • Chelsea Dillon

    Yeah last I read it was 17+ states !

  • Chelsea Dillon

    Whelp nothing again this morning. There are going to be 1000s of angry calls to local and state food stamp offices this morning.

  • Greg

    I’m in North Alabama nothing here either

  • Chelsea Dillon

    Let me know what you find out!

  • Greg

    Has anyone got their food stamps yet

  • Chelsea Dillon

    I called my local office and they said mine would be there tomorrow .Said it was a glitch in their system and it just didn’t roll over or something like that.

  • Greg

    Are you in Alabama

  • Chelsea Dillon

    No in Mississippi

  • Paul

    Nothing here in GA either. Was supposed to reload on Nov 9th

  • Chelsea Dillon

    I got mine at 12 o’clock this morning in Mississipi .Hoping this means it’s all fixed!

  • Jerma

    OHio here nothing today. Monthly benefits have not been released at this time!! Like what’s n going on?? Suppose to be released on the 14th. Never had an issue before. Maybe no more foodstamps???

  • Lindsey F

    Supposed to reload on the 9th. Still nothing Gulf Coast MS

  • Angela Faith Spencer

    My stamps were supposed to come today on the 15th and they usually load at 12am, but they are not there. I am in ky, anyone else have this problem?

  • anon2824122

    yes in michigan. they are trying to make it hard and frustrating so people give up. dont give up.

  • Bt

    I was supposed to receive mine the 7th here in California still nothing and I have called my local office 3x no call back

  • K

    Anyone in fl get theirs

  • Breanna

    I’m in California to supposed to get it the 5th and still nothing. I’ve called too and nothing

  • Allyson

    Yeah so my benefits didn’t arrive today like normal what is going on? I love in ms

  • Allyson

    I live in ms

  • Trina

    I’m in georgia I didnt receive mine today either

  • Trina

    Did you get them yet

  • Charlene Titchenell Mizzen

    I live in Michigan and still no snap benefits. I was supposed to get mine on the 19th.

  • Nathan McGuire

    Have you received them yet? I also live in Michigan. I checked my card balance today and it’s at 0. I receive them monthly on the 21st.

  • Charlene Titchenell Mizzen

    No, I haven’t. I did try to call, but no one ever takes my call, I get put on hold.

  • Winterhowl

    Live in Arizona should of gotten mine on the 10th, 22nd now, nothing has entered my EBT, concerned, yes and confused, haven’t tried calling but from comments it seems no1 is able to get through, or just left on hold

  • S

    I was suppose to get mine today. Nothing and can’t call cuz they’re closed for the holiday.

  • Donna Finley

    I never received for Oct … worker hasn’t returned any of my numerous calls…. Can’t even go to a food bank because I work on the specific days they give food.. Can’t miss work, or else I won’t make enough to pay rent and utilities… ughhhhh

  • Susan

    I am in the same situation. My card was due a reload today. Actually, according to the recorded message, due to the holiday, benefits should have been released days ago for me but nothing and now there is nothing on my customary day. This has never happened

  • I live in GA and didn’t receive my SNAP benefits today either

  • ciara

    I’m in ga also have you got yours yet?

  • Mimi

    I live in Ga and still nothing. My date is on the 23rd. Caseworker won’t call me back, can’t get the call center, and no help when you go to dfcs. I’m lost.

  • ciara

    Same here they told me to just wait on them ughhh

  • Talia Chanel

    I would encourage you all to make a trip to your office if you can. I was told in person they are super behind. My caseworker told me basically a yr behind since switching the system.

  • BB

    Talia Chanel, Did she process your case after you spoke with her? I’ve to the office 3 times and nothing has happened, I live in Georgia.

  • Felix Vega

    I haven’t received my stamps for the month of December. State of Washington. My everything is current. Super confused about Where

  • Shane Thomas Andronis

    I havent recived any of my benifits and i live in oregon

  • Ruth

    I haven’t received my snap benefits today…I live in Las Vegas.

  • Raf

    Didn’t get mine for December in Colorado

  • erika

    I never received mine for November

  • Micheal Lane

    Is anyone in New Jersey having issues

  • Micheal Lane

    My letter said Dece 1 still nothing

  • Rhonda Miller


  • Shari brooks

    I called to check if funds were put on my EBT card today, December 1, 2018. I have a balance of zero. I live in Council Bluffs, IA. Anyone out there live in Iowa and are having this issue?

  • Shari brooks

    I live in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I called 800 number to make sure funds had been put on card. My balance was 0. Today’s date is December 1, 2018. Is there anyone from Iowa having this problem?

  • Daniele

    Yes my boyfriends food stamps are supposed to be available tomorrow on the 2 and nothing was preloaded yet

  • Josh

    Havent got my snap for washington state dont know why

  • Micheal

    New Jersey

  • Lexii Royal

    Same for me too in california

  • Lexii Royal

    Same here

  • Lexii Royal

    Same for me too i think the system is down

  • FiestyPenguins 66

    The system isn’t down because I can access my account on the website. If the system was down, I’d not be able to log on. That being said, I haven’t received my snap as of yet either (Dec 1st, 2018). I have absolutely no idea what is going on. So Cal area. Looks like I’m screwed on food til Monday….I guess even in Liberal America the system doesn’t believe the poor have a right to eat….

  • MissAnon

    Arizona here- Haven’t received anything yet (get mine the 2nd) and cant log into the system- it’s down.

  • Ms.Epps


  • Ms.Epps

    I didn’t get mine today either and the website isis giving me a technical error.

  • Ms Brown

    I live in TN supposed to get benefits in the 2nd nothing.

  • Nikki p

    I stay in San Bernardino county and I havnt received my cash benefits this morning I wonder what’s going on!!

  • Nisa S

    Virginia resident here, I get my benefits on the first of every month. Still haven’t received them and today is December 2nd. On the website it’s saying my account is still active but every time I check, it says there is only $00.08 on my account! WTH man.

  • Tanna Young

    I live in Wyoming was suppose to get my benefits this morning still nothing and everything is current.

  • Tammi

    I live in Texas…haven’t got mine today but I got them early in November

  • Jess

    Was supposed to get them yesterday, still nothing. I live in Las Vegas

  • Mannie

    Me was supposed to receive on the 1st . But nothing . My grandma got hers though .

  • Mannie

    What’s the website to check

  • J

    In tn as well supposed to get mine on the 2nd and nothing and everything is active

  • Emily

    I am in Az and was supposed to receive it today 12/2 and I have nothing

  • Emily

    Did u get them yet

  • Granmoun Tet Kale

    Omg me too

  • April

    I’m in AZ and today is my benefits day ,and I just recertified so idk WTH but I didn’t get my food stamps?!

  • Lisa D

    Va as well

  • Kaitlyn

    I’m in va also. Nothing. Does anyone know what’s going on or how long this will last

  • Lisa D

    It was supposed to be up today. No go.

  • Lisa D

    There is an outage

  • Rhonda Miller

    No food stamps yet..Anyone in Arizona having problems?

  • Kaitlyn

    Hopefully tomorrow. I’ve been refreshing the page every 5 minutes lol is there a website or anything that shows when it’s supposed to be back up

  • Lisa D

    I’ve looked. Cannot find anything. What website are you using?

  • Kaitlyn

    Connectebt . Com

  • Lisa D


  • Kaitlyn

    No problem. There is also an app called Fresh EBT where you can check. it’s easy to use!
    Hopefully everything is up and running again soon!

  • Lisa D

    Let’s hope it’s soon!!

  • Lord Ject

    In CA. And everything is out of wack

  • Anon

    Did not get mine last nonth

  • James Roberts

    I hope you guys are right and it gets straightened out soon. But we have been waiting since nov 23 rd thats our reload day and still nothing. Been hearing its gonna be fixed in a day or two for about 2 weeks now.


    Where at in Cali are im in san bernadino county and I didn’t receive my benefits today …is it a worldwide outage ??

  • Lord Ject

    I’m in Sacramento. It sounds like everywhere


    Yess I think it is hopefully tomorrow…. I will check in again in the AM. THX !!

  • Rhonda

    Yes I didn’t get mine with either..I’m in Arizona just renewed in October..received in November so I know everything was put in right! So frustrated..have u found out any info by chance?

  • Kayla Renee

    Been waiting since the first and still nothing. Running low on food and diapers. Im really trying to stretch the last of what i got

  • BB

    I live in Ga. and I haven’t received my November benefits for the 23rd. I was told that everyone who renewed in OCTOBER are basically screwed. And ALL CASEWORKERS are a YEAR BEHIND!!! Some ppl didn’t even get the previous Foodstamps they didn’t receive. No one calls you back, I just get the run around.


    No I’m in sanbernadino county area nothing yet tried calling the office got put on hold and then stated theirs an error in the system call back later smh

  • Mikenno

    me too!! i was freaking out. ;_; my kids are running out of food. I’ll be fine but we’re getting low.

  • Gisselle Garcia

    I called today they said supervisor needs to authorize it i guess with fires in CA theyre drowning in new applications

  • Gisselle Garcia

    I was on hold for 2 hours too! Hope this helped

  • Gisselle Garcia

    Never they lied nothing got authorized now i really dont know what is goig on. De.2018 5:30 pm

  • Kaitlyn

    I’m VA and still haven’t gotten anything.

  • Emily

    I was supposed to get mine yesterday I checked again and now it says if will be available on 1/2/19

  • Gisselle Garcia

    Really???? Thats so long from now.

  • Emily

    Right!!! That’s what I am thinking

  • Jennifer

    I’m in washington does anyone know why mine havent came yet I usually get them on the 4th of every month around 5 in the morning.

  • Gisselle Garcia

    I called again this morning and i got my benefits finally! They also told me the system is fine that there hasnt been any issues reported. Maybe speak to your worker to see what is going on. Because January is way too long of a wait.

  • Gisselle Garcia

    Call to get authorization by supervisor maybe thats the case for you too. I called this morning and now i have my benefits Dec. 4, 2018 9:11AM HOPE THIS HELPS YOU GUYS! Also they said they have no reported issues with the ebt cards or the card load either.

  • Jamie Ipox

    I’m in Illinois and I’m supposed to get mine on the first of each month and I haven’t received anything. I’ve called the office multiple times and left 3 voicemails but have heard nothing back. Nor do I ever reach an actual person to talk to, just goes straight to voicemail.

  • Donnamarie Bier

    I’m in AZ, disabled. I’ve been receiving benefits for only two months. But this month.. Nothing. And I received nothing in the mail.

  • Samantha Wheaton

    I am in Hawaii and my ebt account says I will have benefits on 12/5/2018..but I dont?

  • Sloane

    Mine should have been refilled November 11th…still nothing and it’s Dec 7th. I live in Michigan. I can’t get anyone to contact me. Card is still active and everything. I have no idea what’s going on.

  • Gabby Mccarter

    I live in tn supposed to get mine today as well and nothing

  • Monica Kline

    I get mine on the 2nd and I received mine like normal. My boyfriend is suppose to get his today and theres nothing, we live in FL.

  • Heather

    I’m supposed to get mine on the 8th and nothing I need this to get food. I count on it every month and I don’t know what to do help

  • Trayvon

    Suppose to get mines today and nothing here either . What really sucks is the office is closed until Monday and the Social Workers never answer the phone or contact you back right away so we’re basically just stuck waiting .

  • Corrie

    I’m supposed to get mine today and they didnt load what’s going on

  • Corrie

    I was supposed to get mine today and I didnt what’s going on

  • Santana Sands

    I was just wondering if something was wrong i was suppose to get mine today and didnt wasnt sure why

  • Brandi

    I didn’t get my food stamps today… Don’t know why….

  • Dee Dee

    No stamps in ATL GA. Anyone else here that didn’t receive? Ugh

  • Mrsbess

    I am in arizona i got mine last month on the 9th wake up today and Nothing!

  • Maxine

    Same here!

  • Mrsbess

    That’s a shame i renewed last month so I’m not understanding whats going on here

  • dee bee

    i did not get mine last month. checked today- nothing again. should be the 9th of every month. i used to get on the site and it said pending. now it is always down or says my user name and log in is invalid.

  • Maxine

    Yup same here renewed october so not sure whats wrong

  • Latasha Goins

    When will the ebt cards be updated. Supposed to recieve my Benifits today and didn’t receive

  • supposed to recieve my benefits today and nothing yet. to early to call but I will be qhen open

  • DeAnna Blevins Kagen

    My disabled brother was supposed to get his yesterday but his balance was .00
    We are in Michigan. Anyone else?

  • Sasha

    Same. I was supposed to get mine om the 9th and nothing.

  • DeAnna Blevins Kagen

    This is rediculous. My brothers brain injury doesn’t let him understand that the system is down because they told him his case is pending but it’s not. Ugggg

  • Kristina Clowdus

    Haven’t received mine and was suppose to yesterday… I’m in PA

  • Amanda Owens

    Went to my local office and the lady said the system was down and that she was not aware of when the system will be back up and running…. I was suppose to get mine yesterday on the 9th….. and woke up to the balance saying $0.00 🙁 Has anyone heard anything further about the system up and running again???

  • Mary

    I was supposed to get mine today the 11th and didn’t but someone I know got there’s..I’m in pa

  • Tara Young

    I was supposed to get mine today the 11th as well. I am in SC

  • D.R

    I was to get mines on the 9th and it didn’t refill. I have been trying to get to my caseworker for hours and no one is answering the phone..GA

  • DeAnna Blevins Kagen

    My brother was supposed to get his on the 9th still nothing. Michigan. Anyone else?

  • Nico

    Same here in Cali, was supposed to get mine the 8th

  • Kellie Ball

    I was supposed to get mine on the 11th. Still don’t have them today. I’m in TX.

  • Bret

    I’m in Cincinnati, OH and was supposed to get mine today 12th… but nothing! Hope it’s fixed soon!!

  • Zachary Arington

    I Have been checking since the 11th, and we have called the local office with zero response. Georgia

  • Griffin GA sent stuff to re certify to worker, not updated and nothing on card. Lady at dfacs said the system is down they have called a technician to come out no one knows anything. They can not look up any information.

  • D.R

    Stone Mountain GA recertify from october and didn’t get any information back. Got thorough to someone yesterday(after trying to get someone the whole week) and she basically told me to come done to the office to speak with supervisor. So annoying.

  • TS Bell

    I’m in NC. I’m having issues when I use my card. I’m being charged cash for food items that are supposed to be covered. It just started this month and it’s not just at one store but the three so far.

  • Tazz

    i get mine on the 13th of the month but not today. i was up for renewal but i was assured id still get it. I believe wouldve been told if it was ending. luckily have enough food for a few days but thats it

  • DeAnna Blevins Kagen

    Still nothing…was supposed to be the 9th

  • Cathrine Sink

    I called last week for a replacement card in the mail and I still haven’t received it I have 2 small children

  • Sam

    I’m supposed to get my fs money on the 14th abd nothibn! Anyone in Louisiana experiencing this?

  • Kathleen Tomlinson

    I’m in Indiana and suppose to get mine today and got nothing

  • Bethany

    I normally get my 8th and still nothing.

  • Bethany

    I normally get my 8th and I still dont have anything. in erie,pa

  • Andrea Lodge-McKillip

    I haven’t received mine and they usually come on the 12th. I am in Pennsylvania. What are we supposed to do when we don’t get them at the right time? I mean, does anyone know who to call? They make it so complicated for something so simple

  • Melissa Mathers

    Same here on the 14

  • Maria Cruz

    I was supposed to get mine today. It says benefit authorization but I have the same amount and last month it rolled over…. has this happened to anyone before?

  • Maria Cruz

    TEXAS btw

  • CH

    I was approved to receive EBT food benefits last month and received my first deposit on Nov.15th..I’m in NC and deposit dates are set by the last digit of mine should have been deposited on the 11th..They haven’t been and no one will call me back..Does anyone know what I can do or why my second month into getting FS I wouldn’t get my deposit? Iv 4 kids and worried…please help. Thank you

  • CH

    Did you find out what’s going on? I’v only gotten FS once,last month,bc I just got approved so my first deposit was Nov 15th,but by social id get mine on the 11th yet here it is the 17 and nothing! Any clue to what I should do or what’s going on?

  • Tessa

    I’m in PA and normally get them on the 10th and still haven’t gotten them too!