SNAP EBT Outage, Problems

When there are problems with SNAP EBT such as an outage or website going down people need a platform to report such issues, because this has a massive impact on customers when they need help with the government scheme to supply them with food stamp coupon replacements.

Is SNAP EBT down for you right now? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Electronic Benefit Transfer is a great program that replaces food stamp coupons, customers are supplied with a card that allow them to use in stores just like debit or credit card. But when there is an issue customers of this service can report them right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

Seeing as there are no official social media channels this is where you can let us know if you are having problems, a place where you can connect with others. Maybe your SNAP EBT card is not working in store or you have lost one and need a replacement, but having issues getting one due to customer service not being helpful etc, or you could be having problems with your food stamps, balance or benefits. If you are having issues with a store please do mention the store name and location in the comments below.

SNAP EBT status reports for Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

To find out if SNAP EBT is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with SNAP EBT? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Did anyone in Indiana receive their benefits on February 22? I still havent received mine

  • Scott

    I get Washington food stamps, with a deposit date of the 3rd……. It is 6 am and my benefits have not shown up yet I’m worried they won’t show.

  • Ali

    Im in Missouri we have been without stamps since January and did not get our February stamps at all not even early and we have like no food they were supposed to be there yesterday yet I have nothing still any plans to fix this that anyone knows of

  • Alyson

    I live in North Carolina and was supposed to get mine today, however they weren’t their so I thought they might come on today. ~ nope. Anyone else in NC have this problem? : /

  • Courtney

    Mine hasn’t loaded yet today either in NC

  • Renea

    Mine have not either do you know why? Or heard anything?

  • Staci

    Why are the food stamps not on my card today? Has anyone else received there’s yet?

  • Jean jorgensen

    Where is my food stamp

  • Justin Ryan Pulford

    I live in Colorado, no food stamps here either.


    Anyone else from Kansas that didn’t get food stamps for March yet? I was supposed to have card refilled today

  • Kansasnagg

    I live in kansas an i haven gotten my fs either

  • Laura Burkett

    I recieved a letter stating that I would get my March benefits on the 3rd, I normally get them on the 6th. I haven’t gotten anything, Im in Texas. I keep trying to call the number on my ebt card and it litterally hangs up on me. What is going on?

  • Michelle lunsford

    Wow how mean ans how do you know she doesn’t work

  • Makijah Phillips

    Go be a bored jerk somewhere else. I cant work Im disabled.

  • Michelle lunsford

    Wow get off of here if all you can do is insult people.

  • Danielle

    Same here. Mine are scheduled for today. Nothing has been loaded to my

  • XxLil-FroggyxX 12

    Im having the same problem here in Texas.

  • Michelle Long Lunsford

    I get mine on the 3rd every month but nothing today im really upset

  • Shelbie Esclavon

    Because of the last EDG number, it said i should get my benefits today. The number to call constantly hangs up on me. And when i went to the grocery store to use my card, it was declined. Anyone else having the same issue?

  • Shylarose77

    Same here

  • Tara

    I’m in Missouri and was supposed to get mone yesterday but didn’t So I called the number and it said my case got closed on Feb 26. Usually they send a notice before shutting you down and nothing has changed in my house. Anybody able to actually talk to the ppl know what’s going on?

  • Kathryn Moore

    Same thing happened to me yesterday

  • Bay Destrian

    Sooo I got my benefits on March 1st, and I’ve only had 1 transaction. yet there are 0 BENEFITS on my card now when I had 160 in food and 330 in cash left on there and its gone.

  • isopisis

    If you do me some favors I’ll feed you

  • isopisis

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  • Makijah Phillips

    No thanks.

  • isopisis


  • Krystin Grant

    New York I’m waiting tomorrow is the 7th they have up til that date. If not we have a serious problem.

  • putting my two cents in too

    I am supposed to get my food stamps today and still not on my card

  • Candi Childers

    Anyone in Tennessee receive their ebt yet

  • Makijah Phillips

    Ur so desperate to harrass ppl u must have no life.

  • Kristy

    Anyone in Arizona receive theirs yet? I still haven’t

  • Saksgirl

    Waiting in Boston.

  • Wendy Cox

    I’m in Georgia and haven’t received mine.. this is ridiculous

  • Niki

    Waiting in PA… I called the number says I should have them today, but it is saying $0 for food SMH. This is a disgrace and anyone who tries to comment this and say anything negative regarding the fact that I rely on access for food can smd. I have a job and I work but some of you don’t understand how high the cost of living is these days. I do the best I can and unfortunately these govt ppl do not care that there are ppl starving out here!!

  • Richard Bost


  • Richard Bost

    How are you

  • Danielle

    IM in Indiana and haven’t received mine and was suppose to on the 9th.

  • Alicia Eldred

    Waiting in misery. Also known as Missouri. I was suppose to get benefits on the 12th and got nothing. It’s ok, I have a motility disorder and didn’t need to eat anyways.

  • Alicia Eldred

    You really trollin a article about food stamps?? Stfu and go clean your room. God, I hate kids.

  • DarthJosh

    Nothing in ohio

  • Teresa

    I am in Charlotte N.C. ..I was suppose to get mine on the 17th and nothing is there! wat is going on here?..I asked my grandmother if she got hers and she said yes and she lives in New York!!smfh..I guess some got theirs and some didn’t !!

  • Stephanie

    I’m in New Jersey and last received my amount on feb 23rd (usually it’s the first if each month) but because Trump shut down the government like an idiot I received a letter saying I’d receive my last benefits on feb 23rd then stop. However since the gov is running again I’m assuming I have to wait 30 days to receive the next amount or my next deposit. Wow looking at this every state is all f’d up with diff dates what a mess.

  • Dimples

    I usually get mine on the 21 and nothing, they say computers down state wide

  • Dee Stewart

    I’m retired so don’t tell me to get a job. EBT did not reload today so now what?

  • Dee Stewart

    I’m starting to hate Trump. EBT in MA not reloaded and I am not a deadbeat In retired. April 2019 not loaded yet.

  • Dee Stewart

    Think we have a long wait in April. Me too.

  • Dee Stewart

    They live with their moms who probably have foodstamps. They don’t work. Im retired these are my benefits and screw Trump. He’s a pain in the ass.

  • Carson wilcox

    Mine didn’t either come im so embarrassed

  • Erica in Ohio

    Benefits were suppose to load April 4, 2019. I just tried using card on April 6 and get declined. Checked balance and nothing has been deposited and the website was acting up.

  • Ari

    Have not received my SNAP EBT!!!

  • Kimberly Flowers

    Benefits supposed to be here today. Still nothing. I’m in texas

  • Max C Lynch

    I’m in California. My SNAP EBT has not come in.
    April Fools we are indeed. This Sucks Ass.

  • Josie Pirillo

    Pittston. PA. I know someone whose card was set up with na new pun and it was activated They went to 2 stores…Quinn’s market and Walmart pittston twp and pin dudnt work. They had to.leave the groceries. This is second week it happened. Is there a problem with the system?

  • Dina M. Martinez

    I am in Virginia and my ebt card did not reload

  • Shemeka Jones

    Did not receive my stamps today and im pissed i have a hungry kid and pregnant

  • Liz

    Where do u live I live in ga I did not get mine

  • April

    I live in WV and didn’t receive mine today.

  • Britt Kid’s TV

    Louisiana! Shoulda got benefits over 24 hours ago and still nothinggggg

  • Taylor

    I’m in GA too and didn’t receive mine either

  • Lina

    Illinois here, I was supposed to get my benefits on April 10th. It’s the 11th and I can only feed my little brothers mac and cheese and frozen pizza because it’s the least expensive. 🙁

  • got em

    are benefits delayed in nyc?

  • 74

    my card got declined today 3 times in indiana wnyone know whats up

  • Lori

    None in northeast Ohio

  • Kevin King

    My wife’s card is not working in Indianapolis. The Kroger said it was state wide

  • all stores in Orrville, OH EBT is down right now

  • Tom

    Hell of a lot of problems here in NE OHIO, DON’T LISTEN TO THAT LORI!

  • Tom

    Cards being declined everywhere in NE OHIO, I HEAR ITS NATION WIDE

  • None in southern Ohio

    None in southern ohio

  • Steven

    Idk I haven’t tried since yesterday. I’m going to try in nw Ohio and update soon.

  • Nathan Douglas

    I live in florida and received my card yesterday and when i call it says no benefits available. My benefits were supposed to start april 15th.

  • Felfel

    Tried it today and it does not work. This is the 2nd time last week and this week the card gets rejected. Northeast Ohio, anybody?