SNAP EBT Outage, Problems

When there are problems with SNAP EBT such as an outage or website going down people need a platform to report such issues, because this has a massive impact on customers when they need help with the government scheme to supply them with food stamp coupon replacements.

Is SNAP EBT down for you right now? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Electronic Benefit Transfer is a great program that replaces food stamp coupons, customers are supplied with a card that allow them to use in stores just like debit or credit card. But when there is an issue customers of this service can report them right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

Seeing as there are no official social media channels this is where you can let us know if you are having problems, a place where you can connect with others. Maybe your SNAP EBT card is not working in store or you have lost one and need a replacement, but having issues getting one due to customer service not being helpful etc, or you could be having problems with your food stamps, balance or benefits. If you are having issues with a store please do mention the store name and location in the comments below.

SNAP EBT status reports for Monday 17th of June 2019

To find out if SNAP EBT is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with SNAP EBT? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Did anyone in Indiana receive their benefits on February 22? I still havent received mine

  • Scott

    I get Washington food stamps, with a deposit date of the 3rd……. It is 6 am and my benefits have not shown up yet I’m worried they won’t show.

  • Ali

    Im in Missouri we have been without stamps since January and did not get our February stamps at all not even early and we have like no food they were supposed to be there yesterday yet I have nothing still any plans to fix this that anyone knows of

  • Alyson

    I live in North Carolina and was supposed to get mine today, however they weren’t their so I thought they might come on today. ~ nope. Anyone else in NC have this problem? : /

  • Courtney

    Mine hasn’t loaded yet today either in NC

  • Renea

    Mine have not either do you know why? Or heard anything?

  • Staci

    Why are the food stamps not on my card today? Has anyone else received there’s yet?

  • Jean jorgensen

    Where is my food stamp

  • Justin Ryan Pulford

    I live in Colorado, no food stamps here either.


    Anyone else from Kansas that didn’t get food stamps for March yet? I was supposed to have card refilled today

  • Kansasnagg

    I live in kansas an i haven gotten my fs either

  • Laura Burkett

    I recieved a letter stating that I would get my March benefits on the 3rd, I normally get them on the 6th. I haven’t gotten anything, Im in Texas. I keep trying to call the number on my ebt card and it litterally hangs up on me. What is going on?

  • Michelle lunsford

    Wow how mean ans how do you know she doesn’t work

  • Makijah Phillips

    Go be a bored jerk somewhere else. I cant work Im disabled.

  • Michelle lunsford

    Wow get off of here if all you can do is insult people.

  • Danielle

    Same here. Mine are scheduled for today. Nothing has been loaded to my

  • XxLil-FroggyxX 12

    Im having the same problem here in Texas.

  • Michelle Long Lunsford

    I get mine on the 3rd every month but nothing today im really upset

  • Shelbie Esclavon

    Because of the last EDG number, it said i should get my benefits today. The number to call constantly hangs up on me. And when i went to the grocery store to use my card, it was declined. Anyone else having the same issue?

  • Shylarose77

    Same here

  • Tara

    I’m in Missouri and was supposed to get mone yesterday but didn’t So I called the number and it said my case got closed on Feb 26. Usually they send a notice before shutting you down and nothing has changed in my house. Anybody able to actually talk to the ppl know what’s going on?

  • Kathryn Moore

    Same thing happened to me yesterday

  • Bay Destrian

    Sooo I got my benefits on March 1st, and I’ve only had 1 transaction. yet there are 0 BENEFITS on my card now when I had 160 in food and 330 in cash left on there and its gone.

  • isopisis

    If you do me some favors I’ll feed you

  • isopisis

    I mmreally bad lookin .Women only sleep with me for cheeseburgers.

  • Makijah Phillips

    No thanks.

  • isopisis


  • Krystin Grant

    New York I’m waiting tomorrow is the 7th they have up til that date. If not we have a serious problem.

  • putting my two cents in too

    I am supposed to get my food stamps today and still not on my card

  • Candi Childers

    Anyone in Tennessee receive their ebt yet

  • Makijah Phillips

    Ur so desperate to harrass ppl u must have no life.

  • Kristy

    Anyone in Arizona receive theirs yet? I still haven’t

  • Saksgirl

    Waiting in Boston.

  • Wendy Cox

    I’m in Georgia and haven’t received mine.. this is ridiculous

  • Niki

    Waiting in PA… I called the number says I should have them today, but it is saying $0 for food SMH. This is a disgrace and anyone who tries to comment this and say anything negative regarding the fact that I rely on access for food can smd. I have a job and I work but some of you don’t understand how high the cost of living is these days. I do the best I can and unfortunately these govt ppl do not care that there are ppl starving out here!!

  • Richard Bost


  • Richard Bost

    How are you

  • Danielle

    IM in Indiana and haven’t received mine and was suppose to on the 9th.

  • Alicia Eldred

    Waiting in misery. Also known as Missouri. I was suppose to get benefits on the 12th and got nothing. It’s ok, I have a motility disorder and didn’t need to eat anyways.

  • Alicia Eldred

    You really trollin a article about food stamps?? Stfu and go clean your room. God, I hate kids.

  • DarthJosh

    Nothing in ohio

  • Teresa

    I am in Charlotte N.C. ..I was suppose to get mine on the 17th and nothing is there! wat is going on here?..I asked my grandmother if she got hers and she said yes and she lives in New York!!smfh..I guess some got theirs and some didn’t !!

  • Stephanie

    I’m in New Jersey and last received my amount on feb 23rd (usually it’s the first if each month) but because Trump shut down the government like an idiot I received a letter saying I’d receive my last benefits on feb 23rd then stop. However since the gov is running again I’m assuming I have to wait 30 days to receive the next amount or my next deposit. Wow looking at this every state is all f’d up with diff dates what a mess.

  • Dimples

    I usually get mine on the 21 and nothing, they say computers down state wide

  • Dee Stewart

    I’m retired so don’t tell me to get a job. EBT did not reload today so now what?

  • Dee Stewart

    I’m starting to hate Trump. EBT in MA not reloaded and I am not a deadbeat In retired. April 2019 not loaded yet.

  • Dee Stewart

    Think we have a long wait in April. Me too.

  • Dee Stewart

    They live with their moms who probably have foodstamps. They don’t work. Im retired these are my benefits and screw Trump. He’s a pain in the ass.

  • Carson wilcox

    Mine didn’t either come im so embarrassed

  • Erica in Ohio

    Benefits were suppose to load April 4, 2019. I just tried using card on April 6 and get declined. Checked balance and nothing has been deposited and the website was acting up.

  • Ari

    Have not received my SNAP EBT!!!

  • Kimberly Flowers

    Benefits supposed to be here today. Still nothing. I’m in texas

  • Max C Lynch

    I’m in California. My SNAP EBT has not come in.
    April Fools we are indeed. This Sucks Ass.

  • Josie Pirillo

    Pittston. PA. I know someone whose card was set up with na new pun and it was activated They went to 2 stores…Quinn’s market and Walmart pittston twp and pin dudnt work. They had to.leave the groceries. This is second week it happened. Is there a problem with the system?

  • Dina M. Martinez

    I am in Virginia and my ebt card did not reload

  • Shemeka Jones

    Did not receive my stamps today and im pissed i have a hungry kid and pregnant

  • Liz

    Where do u live I live in ga I did not get mine

  • April

    I live in WV and didn’t receive mine today.

  • Britt Kid’s TV

    Louisiana! Shoulda got benefits over 24 hours ago and still nothinggggg

  • Taylor

    I’m in GA too and didn’t receive mine either

  • Lina

    Illinois here, I was supposed to get my benefits on April 10th. It’s the 11th and I can only feed my little brothers mac and cheese and frozen pizza because it’s the least expensive. 🙁

  • got em

    are benefits delayed in nyc?

  • 74

    my card got declined today 3 times in indiana wnyone know whats up

  • Lori

    None in northeast Ohio

  • Kevin King

    My wife’s card is not working in Indianapolis. The Kroger said it was state wide

  • all stores in Orrville, OH EBT is down right now

  • Tom

    Hell of a lot of problems here in NE OHIO, DON’T LISTEN TO THAT LORI!

  • Tom

    Cards being declined everywhere in NE OHIO, I HEAR ITS NATION WIDE

  • None in southern Ohio

    None in southern ohio

  • Steven

    Idk I haven’t tried since yesterday. I’m going to try in nw Ohio and update soon.

  • Nathan Douglas

    I live in florida and received my card yesterday and when i call it says no benefits available. My benefits were supposed to start april 15th.

  • Felfel

    Tried it today and it does not work. This is the 2nd time last week and this week the card gets rejected. Northeast Ohio, anybody?

  • Joshua Paten

    New York…says money was posted but check balance and it says zero

  • mary wiser

    Food stamps down in kansas.

  • Kieshi

    Mississippi Is Down

  • Tyreen Rock

    Ny say posted bit no money or stamps

  • Tyreen Rock

    New York say posted but nothing on my card

  • R. Warner

    Down in Northeast Ohio

  • Jessica

    In AZ and haven’t gotten my food stamps yet. I usually get them on the second of each month. The status is active when i call but worried I won’t get them.

  • Krystal Kalleen

    I’m single, on disability and have a child. I live on 800 a month. Can you imagine living in that for two people? Paying rent, bills, necessities, gas, etc? I rely on my food card desperately. I had to use my bill money to pay for groceries so now I cannot pay my entire bill and will be behind again after I finally caught up. This isn’t a joking matter.

  • Sylvia Masaki

    4th here in Oregon nothing on the card


    Stop getting knocked up

  • Myra Thursby

    Mine says approved and active but nothing on card

  • frisco0203

    did not get my stamps today im in georgia is anyone else experiencing this issue in georgia?

  • Kyle

    Yes same problem. Not showing any funds for the 5th yet


    I dont have any.

  • Wanda Free

    Is anyone else in Ohio having EBT issues today


    Youve gone ghetto

  • Jesse JamesIV

    Im in Chicago and my stamps was supposed to be on today but it’s not

  • Angela carr

    I’m in Indiana was suppose to get my stamps today may 7 and my account says $0 but shows status is active. When I call our fssa office it’s closed today for election day go figure.. and then it says system error and the recording starts over. I been trying to find some kind of assistance to help us with a little food . I have 3 children and no cash for food today at all… Anyone else have this problem in Indiana… #help

  • kellie delvalle

    anyone in indiana not recieved there snap benefits

  • kellie delvalle

    im in indiana not sure whats going on

  • kellie delvalle

    i am in indiana and when i call it says that i have 1.50. i should of recieved snap today to

  • Angela carr

    I’m from Indiana and I didn’t get my snap benefits either . What is going on it said something about system error

  • kellie delvalle

    yea i dont know i wish that it would get taken care of. i didnt get system error when i called it just told about my health benefits and then it would just repeat it self.

  • Angela carr

    It kept repeating the menu to me too. Unfortunately I dont think it will be fixed today because they were closed for election day but they re open in the morning

  • kellie delvalle

    It sucks, can i ask what part of indiana are u from???

  • Angela carr

    Indianapolis where are you

  • kellie delvalle

    Im from chesterton!!!

  • kellie delvalle

    I spoke to a guy that deals with the indiana web site. He told me to call the 1877# and speak to the but i dont think there is a option to do that!!!!!!

  • Angela carr

    Kellie delvalle you are right there isn’t an option for that . Here is what you do .call the 1877# and when it tells you to put in ur card number don’t do anything just wait and it will keep repeating for you to enter ur card number but still don’t and finally it will transfer you to a live person. But. . they can’t help with anything all they have access to is ur balance and if your status is active or closed and they will tell you to call you the fssa office tomorrow

  • kellie delvalle

    I figured that!!! Well ill spend my cash i really dont have and get food at 1 tree lol

  • Angela carr

    Iktr… I had to shop food at the family Dollar today . They say we ain’t supposed to work or our stamps get cut down or off . But damn what are ppl supposed to do at times like this.

  • Angela carr

    I just spoke with my mom , and she use to work for fssa she is retired from there. She told me Tech caused this they did some changes either may 4 th or may 5 and it screwed up every bodys snap benefits NATIONWIDE.. so let’s just hope they fix it tomorrow before a lot of ppl starv literally

  • kellie delvalle

    You can still work!!

  • davin beumel

    I am Cali and I went to buy food and there is nothing on my card

  • Angela carr

    Oh I didn’t know

  • kellie delvalle

    Thank you for the information

  • Krystal Kalleen

    Are you serious? I am 43 and have ONE child. You a disgusting human being.

  • Krystal Kalleen

    Really mature reply

  • Angela carr

    Your welcome

  • Tenika Holton

    Is anyone in San Antonio,TX got their foodstamps yet because i just call my card and it. Say 0.68 do anyone know what’s going on

  • Kate

    I have completed the renewal for my ebt and was suppose to receive my benefits today may 9th my account says active but haven’t received any thing in Georgia, anyone else having this problem in Georgia? ?

  • Deidre Rachel Miller

    Im in nc and mine didn’t hit this morning. I thought it was just me. Now it makes me feel better.

  • Deidre Rachel Miller

    Did yours ever hit?

  • Cassi

    I’m in Bluefield WV and didn’t receive mine either

  • Deidre Rachel Miller

    Guess it’s nation wide

  • Kate

    Did you have to do a renewl before april?

  • Kate

    Did you have to do a renewal before april?

  • Tommy Mack

    So we are just suppose to starve because someone makes a mistake?

  • Tommy Mack

    Does anyone know what is going on and when it will be fixed

  • Amber Plymesser

    I was suppose to get mine yesterday but it wasn’t on there and still ain’t on there. I’m in Ohio.

  • Kate

    I don’t know I’ve tried to get ahold of my case worker and haven’t had any response back.

  • Kate

    Have you tried getting in touch with your case worker?

  • Tommy Mack

    Has anyone got there stamps yet that didn’t get them in the last few days?

  • Tommy Mack

    Do they have any idea when it will be fixed?

  • Tommy Mack

    I’m in Jesup Ga and was suppose to get mine today but got nothing.

  • Tommy Mack

    Seems like they would let us know something! SMFH!

  • Kate

    I’m in jesup as well, and can’t even get ahold of anyone.

  • Tommy Mack

    Ive called and left messages but no response

  • Kate

    I’ve left messages as well.

  • Tommy Mack

    Don’t know what to do. Hoping to hear something soon.

  • Chaundra Gilbert

    Was supposed to receive mine today they weren’t on there and did my renewal on time for April and everything. They said my caseworker has been out and is behind. Anyone else?

  • Chaundra Gilbert

    I did before April 12th did it March 18th and haven’t received any

  • The Jones Effect

    Im in California haven’t recieved mine either. Was supposed to get em today

  • Sweetheart

    someone i know got thiers today but i never did someone please explain what’s going on thanks

  • Janetta Seagraves

    Is this actually a thing??? I didn’t get mine… But I’m wondering if this site is even real?!?

  • Janetta Seagraves

    Hey girl. Is this real? Is this a thing???
    I can’t find anything else online except this???

  • Janetta Seagraves

    Please! Anyone!!!!

  • Janetta Seagraves

    Tommy! Is this like real?

  • Jessica John

    I called my caseworker she said she would check it out because she did my benefits and didn’t know why it wasn’t released. I have not heard from her since. Now this is my second day without benefits.

  • Jessica John

    I’m in NC too.Mine didn’t hit for the second day. My caseworker said she would check into it but has not gotten back to me. Did you get yours today? I didn’t.

  • Janetta Seagraves

    Is this a common thing?

  • Michael Lederman

    In idaho and have yet to get mine! Tech people or whoever is responsible need to just leave the system alone!! People rely heavily on these food stamps they budget precisely for the day that they receive it especially those who live on social security or disability we have to budget every single dollar for bills to feed our family to put a roof over our heads to make sure that everything is taken care of and with the government decides to get a big head on their shoulders and doesn’t let the people know that there is a problem we become irritable agitated because we can’t provide for ourselves or our family and the fact that we have to rely on the government for that is even more of a stressor because they’re technically in control of the money and when we get it which means they’re in control of whether we live or die because they have their noses too high in the freaking air to Humble themselves and just let things be because there was nothing wrong with it in the first place get off your freaking horses and religious crap humble yourselves as Jesus did and leave stuff alone so the rest of the freaking Nation can eat and live and poverty in peace because you would rather spend trillions of dollars on unnecessary crap like a car or an island or a house instead of bettering the world with your money!

  • Tommy Mack

    Still haven’t received mine!

  • Tommy Mack

    Seems real to me! Still haven’t got mine or heard anything. SMFH!

  • Tommy Mack

    Kate, have you heard anything?

  • Jessica John

    It’s becoming common this month.

  • Kate

    The only thing I found out is if you have done a renewal around March they are running behind on getting food stamps out and there is something going on with the system. They are working overtime to get everything back right

  • Tommy Mack

    Did my review in April. Hope they hurry up, need some groceries!

  • Kate

    I done mine in march, and the case workers are behind on there paperwork, and they don’t know how long it’s going to take.

  • Tommy Mack


  • Kate

    I’m in georgia and I talkes to the office because I done my renewal in march and she also told me they were behind and doesn’t know how long it will take.

  • Ashley H.

    I’m in AZ. Still haven’t received mine. Card is still active but nothing on there.

  • The Jones Effect

    Yes this is real. This whole thing is odd. Im in cali didnt get mine either.

  • Angelica Scott

    In California and was supposed to receive my food stamps today may 10th 2019 but I havent gotten them. Anyone else in California with the same issue this month?

  • Stella Brown

    I’m in Michigan and I’m suppose to have mine today but nothing. What is going on. Can’t call my case worker till Monday but I need answers now. Got 3 kids to feed

  • Rissa

    Did you get your yet. Am in ga n didn’t get mines and it was suppose to be on there today

  • Kate

    No still haven’t gotten mine, I talked to my case worker and they are so far behind on doing the renewals they don’t know how long it will take for people to receive them.

  • Mark

    I live in Nashville, Tn and haven’t recieved my benefits. My Gf lives in Ky and she didn’t get hers either. Both should load today on the 11th. Anyone else having problems?

  • The Jones Effect

    Yup. Was supposed to get mine the 9th

  • The Jones Effect

    Lets all come together amd file a class action because one your kids and the rest of us are starving and two they havent notified any of us which should’ve been done by now

  • juls

    yes. Same in GA. Was suppose to load today and nothing.

  • MXQ Box

    Does anyone know the problem with the service, get credit on the 11th of each month didn’t receive re certification papers but no food credit today NC

  • Marie Carrier

    Food Stamps not refill my 190 on my card

  • Madison Forman

    I’m in Washington state and we just got ours on Friday and they said the card would have funds on it yesterday but nothing. We had very little amount of money in our account to pay bills but we needed food. Now we are screwed because we couldn’t use the ebt card for foodand had to pay it with our account and now we can’t pay our bills

  • Erica

    I’m in Arkansas and did not receive my benefits today as scheduled. I had no recent coorspondence with the DHS office. As far as I’m aware I had 2-3 months left before up for recertification. I logged into my access Arkansas and there is absolutely no information or anything showing a case was ever opened much less closed. When I call card it just states that my benefit date is today and my balance is 0. If it was an issue on their end wouldn’t they update their phone lines or website to inform us of the situation?

  • Rhonda

    I am in South Carolina … mine rolls over with a full balance on the 10th and I just left Walmart today with it saying my card has been declined and I have a zero balance … came online to check and BAM everybody all over the nation is having problems …. does anybody know what is going on????

  • Faith

    Is this real

  • T.t

    In ohio. Suppose to have been added on the 6th. Still nothing

  • D E

    Food stamps won’t work at ALL, Colorado card used in California, cannot get answers after calling and emailing. They said it would work and it doesn’t at multiple stores.

  • Alyssa Martin

    Im in south Carolina im suppose to get mine its 1:22 am and mine arent on here

  • Did you ever get stamps?

  • Am n Georgia nothing has posted to my account. This ridiculous! So glad got a job waiting on these i go hungry

  • Danielle H Hall

    From Michigan with the same issue. No letters No reveiw. Called and emailed worker since the 10th. Filled a online complaint. They called me today’s saying my worker has be out for a week and it shows I have bennifts so she resubmitted the payment. Just went through hours later

  • Did you ever get yours

  • Am in Georgia too Did you ever get your stamps

  • Lily

    I’m from Georgia and I was approved last month and got my first payment. I am suppose to get funds on the 21st . My balance is $2.00. Is anybody else in Ga having this problem ? And what was said?

  • Did you ever receive your stamps

  • Did you ever receive your ebt

  • Hey didnt you get your money please response

  • Did you ever get your benefits

  • I’m also from ga we having the same issue talk to case manger only info gave us they are far behind process renewals._.But something fishy is going on supposedly get our stamps on the 19th trust me liy not by yourself on this.

  • Yes they said are behind

  • Hhh

  • Venessa M Melendez

    Im in Savannah I have not gotten mine yet i was supposed to get them the 23rd does anyone know whats going on? I cant get a hold of anyone

  • Venessa M Melendez

    Has anyone gotten their benefits yet? Mine were due on the 23rd im in Georgia and have 3 kids to feed. Please let me know if anyone hears anything. I can not reach anyone.

  • Debby

    Ebt not working in Hamilton Co Tennessee

  • Guest

    When I check my card it says it temporarily unavailable and it’s not letting me check the balance or make purchases at any store I’m in rock hill S.C.

  • Lisa Zeankowski

    EBT timed out Best Market Nassau county, NY

  • Ashley Huizenga

    Down in Cleveland ohio

  • Emma

    I work in a grocery store in TN, we’ve had multiple customers whose cards won’t go through. Our helpdesk said it was a state outage

  • Amanda Lister

    Down in illinois

  • Christine Giraldo

    Not working at target in N.J

  • Ashley james farmer

    EBT not working in Baltimore! Does anyone know how long the system will be down for?

  • Lisa Bachrach-Zeankowski

    I just called the 888 number and while there is a recording stating they are having issues and They might not be able to access my account come of this time when I entered the last 4 digits of my card number they were able to and I was able to access my balance and luckily everything was in tact. I don’t know if that means the cards are working in stores but I would assume that it is connected. Due to my past experience I would suggest everybody just call enter your card number check your balance if it allows you to and make sure that whatever you try to purchase didn’t get taken from you on decline.
    Hicksville NY 857pm EDT

  • Lisa Bachrach-Zeankowski

    Read my post above yours

  • Sultan

    Its not working in NYC I tried to purchase grocery at wholefoods market. The cashier said “your card is declined” yet it has money in it. It worked perfectly fine today at noon.

  • Genesis S

    It’s national, they said to bypass and do it manual $50 is allowed to be purchased until outages are over, but idk how to best the process started. They said the directions are within the 888 number.

  • Kristina Ortiz

    It’s down in Illinois ! Used it a few hours ago just fine , went to walmart to pick up groceries for this next week and declined yet there is money on it. Tried to login to ebt online and said that my account does not exist ?! This government seriously needs to stop messing with the people most of us dont have cash to pay for groceries which is why ebt helps feed our kids.

  • Ashley james farmer

    They are going in and out. It worked for about 20 minminu, then stopped again for 15 minutes. Now up and running again.

  • Tracy

    My cousin is 49 years old and suffers from Huntington’s Disease, a terminal condition she inherited from her Mother. It’s left her with full-on dementia and jerking arms & legs. She’s college educated, paid taxes and cared for her Mother until she passed away. Knowing full well she was watching her very own fate. She continued working until the dementia became so bad she was no longer a viable employee. This broke her heart, as she’s always been so conscientious. She no longer drives and I do her weekly shopping. Today I found her Illinois Link card didn’t work. I stumbled across this thread and read comments to figure out when it may be working. Imagine my disgust to see some of the HORRIBLY insensitive comments here, and don’t call me a damned “snowflake.” My cousin is a US Citizen. She worked, paid taxes and did everything a hard-working American is expected to do. Her “crime” was inheriting a defective gene which robbed her of her of a normal life. For those of you who feel she’s “milking the system” for “free groceries,” you’ll be glad to know she’ll be dead in the next 2-5 years. Hence, her $165 monthly burden on society will be over and I’m certain the US Deficit will rebound. Just count the days you insensitive jerks and hope no one you love, or yourselves, ever suffer a similar situation. My cousin has suffered from this ugly damned disease for a long 20 years and wears a smile, tries to be a good friend and citizen. I’m surely glad she hasn’t encountered these horrible comments. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Tracy

    Attn: Admin
    I understand removing my comments, as they’re not pertinent to the intent of this thread. However, the insensitive comments below telling SNAP recipients to “get a job and stop receiving free groceries,” SNAP complaint department, etc. are not pertinent either. Please clean those up before removing someone trying to take a stand for those your thread is intended to assist.

  • Tracy

    Our local Sam’s Club Manager said the IL Link card system is down due to the tornado in Jefferson City, MO. I’m unsure how a MO tornado affects IL residents, but perhaps the name “Link Card” somehow indicates the system is “linked” between states? If so, then maybe the headquarters for the IL system could be housed in another state? Don’t know if the tornado is the true reason the IL system is currently inoperable, but thought I’d share what I heard.

  • Jessica Barbee

    Yes some people who are on benefits are not all bad just takin advantage of it just cause and sorry to hear about all you and your family is going through like my son hes 7 with autism and because of all his therapies and illnesses I’ve lost multiple jobs and now have doctor recommended notes to stay home with him so it’s people like me or parents where it’s not so easy to just get a job and keep it without issues so that’s why we get ebt food card benefits we are not being selfish and greedy just because like some people do

  • CrawB

    Has anybody got there benefits yet in Georgia?

  • CrawB

    I was suppose to get my benefits on the 21st too. And never received ..

  • Maria

    Not working at target in NY

  • Kia

    I have got mine on my regular date i15 April ,but May 15 has not came on my regular date I called the number on the back and it say May 29 which is today and usually at 12am it’s on there but it’s not

  • Sunshine Mendez

    Not letting me withdrawal

  • Sultan

    I ain’t a real Sultan issa username ya weirdo

  • Anonymous

    NEBRASKA……did not receive benefits… long do you have to reup on..or is it Gov shut down

  • Matthew Harrup

    I had 10 dollars on my EBT card I used it on 5/1/19 at Circle K and it worked then I called the ebt number too see what my balance was in it said my card was deactivated I am so pissed off I don’t know what to do anymore

  • Hyman Griebowitz

    If you wanted the country in flames, this is the easiest way

  • Hyman Griebowitz

    Before you decide to make a racially biased funny to you joke imagine this:
    None of us black, white, stupid, smart are part of the big club. None of us are going to receive any assistance if THEY have decided to pull the plug.
    Do Not fall for “divide and conquer”.
    We all should help one another and concentrate on the common enemy.
    The elite, those that openly declare me and you as useless eaters and have created conflicts for thousands of years to enjoy the pleasure of death destruction and profit. Adios

  • Ciera Ali

    What going on? I still have not received my snap as of today in Chicago IL.

  • Matt

    Yea me neither….Do you have any Idea whats going on?

  • 《▪︎♡M€qZi♡▪︎》

    @humanbiatch Just because he had ten doesnt mean he used all of that ten. And just because you use the money on your card it doesnt mean its deactivated…

    Hyman go to your DHS office and talk to your case worker… something is not right.

  • Jelichocat

    I had sent in my mid term report stating that there wasn’t a change in my work status (btw I am working but only make enough to cover bills, rent, car payments, car gas and insurance and basic nessecaties.) I have yet to receive my snap benefits for this month (was supposed to get them on the 4th). Called the DHS office and according to them there’s no reason as to why I didn’t get my benefits. It’s a good thing I don’t have children depending on those benefits.

  • I didn’t get my snap In Chicago

  • Melissa Kennison

    I received my idaho Ben on 3rd I used them on my way to Ca. In idaho and Nevada.. I have been declined 3x. In the last 2 days

  • Starless Maloyd

    I haven’t gotten my benefits yet here in Georgia what’s going on?

  • Tyreik Welch

    I received my SNAP benefits on the 5th of June. As of today, I was told minutes ago that my card was being declined and it wasn’t because of my PIN. I’m still in the store now trying to find out how I’m gonna eat dinner. This is humiliating and frustrating.

  • smudgepot

    I think that the rooskie’s are back at it, meddling in the affairs of the common folk, i used the ebt card at the local 7/11 np, then went to the safeway and declined, had to give back all the food, real bummer cause i gets more at safeway fo the same $, but it b fine cause me gonna go back to 7/11 and those suckers out of chips…thatall fix then russians, maybe next time the man will think 2 time afore he mess with slim…

  • smudgepot

    did u just wink and get what you’s wanted momma

  • smudgepot

    youse all best watch what goon down here we ah comin 4 yall

  • Heather

    I didn’t receive my food stamps benefits as I should have today in Illinois

  • Charrisha Stubbs

    Anybody else didn’t get their snap benifits today and they were scheduled for today from TN?

  • Mike Schmidt

    Anyone having any problems with their food stamps in Maryland? Haven’t received mine today..

  • Haley Nipper

    I was supposed to get mine on the 7th. I just checked my case connect and it said my benefits ended? I don’t know if it’s bc of all this madness or what but I would love an explanation

  • Charrisha Stubbs

    Okay thanks I’ll just keep checking!

  • Emily bishop

    Didn’t get my food stamps that I was supposed to receive today? TN

  • Sherita

    Hi I didn’t receive my food stamps today I stay in Columbus GA I wonder will they come on later today or tomorrow

  • Jennifer

    Was supposed to receive benefits on 8th and still haven’t received in Illinois.

  • Haley Nipper

    Does anyone know when they’ll maybe be refilled or what they’re telling people. I haven’t really found a straight answer unless there is none. It seems as tho people got them and they’re not working or just didn’t get them at all. So when will it be fixed?

  • Colleen Michelle Gonzalez

    I haven’t received my benefits today I’m from Indiana. My status says I’m supposed to get zero dollars. I turned everything in. I don’t what’s going on.

  • Charrisha Stubbs

    Same here I’m from TN

  • Erica Dauterive

    Yea I was suppose to receive mines today and I haven’t and I’m from Louisiana…

  • Rodd Thompson

    same here

  • Roselyn T Kosich

    I havent recieved mine either. Does anybody know why?

  • Daisy

    I haven’t received for June. From Az

  • Kaitlyn

    I’m In Auburn, GA and was suppose to get mine the 9th and still havent. I can’t get through to my case worker either. Have you found anything out?

  • Desiree Amellia

    We had the same problem. Still having my card decline today

  • Sweetheart

    well, for me, they had put the wrong address so i never got the letter to continue getting them. they were to be replied to in april. if you never got a letter, go down and see what happened.

  • K

    I am in San Diego and my ebt hasn’t reloaded which it was supposed to yesterday

  • Michelle Brenneman

    I haven’t received my benefits that were to go on today… what is going on… I’m in Pennsylvania

  • Rodd Thompson

    going down in the morning to find out but will keep you posted

  • Rodd Thompson

    im in Ga also going to the department in the morning to see why i dont have mine. but if they give a answer why no one has them ill post up here

  • Rika D Laney

    I’m in Augusta, GA. Supposed to be the 9th also. The automated system gave me an issue date of the 30th. That’s not an issue date for anyone that I’m aware of.

  • Rika D Laney

    Any update?

  • Rika D Laney

    Same here. In GA and the 9th is my usual issue date but nothing this month and no explanation.

  • Ashleigh Tickell

    Any update?

  • Ashleigh Tickell

    Did they say anything?

  • Rodd Thompson

    they told us 7-10 business days

  • Rodd Thompson

    7-10 business days is what we was told

  • S Mc

    Not loaded for today in Maine…..

  • Erica Wall

    I am suppose to receive my benefits today, the 13th, but haven’t received them. Does anyone know why?

  • Angel Huntington

    Suppose to have mine today,can’t get through to a case worker,went down to my local agency and they wouldn’t let me talk to one! Told me I had to call the hotline!which is getting me nowhere! -OHIO

  • Julien Nile

    today is the 12th

  • Rika D Laney

    Thanks Rodd. Fingers crossed.

  • Rika D Laney

    Today is the 12th Erica. But the way things are going they prob won’t be there tomorrow either. Then again you might get lucky.

  • Kendra

    I have not got my benefits today either and I am in mi

  • Felicia Baker

    If I’m correct. Your EBT balance usually comes up right at midnight of the day you’re supposed to get then right ? -Texas

  • Kandi G

    Yes, that’s right. And I was supposed to get mine on the 7th and it didn’t come.

  • Kandi G

    They told you in 5-7 business days, that the stamps will be back?

  • MattSteelCurtain91

    Mom was supposed get hers today in NC says card active but 0 balance. Always gets here on the 13th

  • Rodd Thompson

    sad part is my balance is still $2 from last month and it wont let me use that either says declined when we try to use it:(

  • Rodd Thompson

    same glad my brother and sister both killed a deer last season because we’d starve if it wasnt for that. im almost ready to drive to the VA and get a food box if they still have them

  • Shan

    I haven’t received mine yet either. And I was depending on them since my son is at home all summer. We dont food right now. When will this issue be fixed.

  • Kirk Bean

    was supposed to get mine today. the 13th. it’s alarming that so many of you haven’t gotten them yet, my family depends on them and I have to eat as I’m a type one diabetic who depends on the consumption of food in a much more dire way than normal people to survive. if anyone here gets theirs or has any news please let me know. I plan to call my case worker tomorrow and demand to know what’s up.

  • Rika D Laney

    Well that is good. I was out of pretty much everything and had to borrow $$$ from someone to pick up a few items. A lady that I know was due to get hers today and she got them with no problems. I wonder why some of us were affected and others were not.

  • Kaitlyn

    That’s what the issue date is for me when I call too which is weird because it’s always said the 9th until this month. If you find anything out please update me! I can not get through to anyone to find out.

  • Kaitlyn

    Did they give a reason why they didnt deposit? I was suppose to get mine the 9th and the automated service says the 30th and I can not get through to anyone there or my case worker.

  • Shan

    Somebody cashapp something to me to get some food. My son and I have nothing but bread. He is 2 years old. I lost my income due to having a high risk pregnancy with second child. and that’s why I’m on foodstamps. I cannot get any food for him and I because my foodstamps are active but the system is having a glitch.
    CashApp: $GodBlessing3

  • Jenna

    I was suppose to get mine on the 13th also. It didn’t come but my case worker was awesome enough to call and tell me there was a glitch in the system and they are working on fixing it. I got another call from her this morning saying that it should be on the card by tomorrow (Sat) morning. I’m from NC..hopefully this is the same for some of you.

  • Stac

    Did you receive any ? Mine didn’t come today the 15th

  • Rose Dennison

    I was supposed to get it today and no load. It is now Saturday 6/15. Also in NC.

  • Diana Dellana

    I went to the store today and I had to leave a basket of food for them to put back, my ebt card stated it had 0 balance and it is ussally loaded on the 15th…my renew said i was approved..the Georgia gateway site is down so I can’t check any notices if i have any from SNAP..i wish they would be more informative

  • Tonya

    I didn’t get my benefits today

  • Donna Villagran

    I should have gotten my food stamps on the 11.
    It’s been really hard for me to be able to get food into my fridge. I live from pay check to pay check.
    I check on my ebt everyday and still not one penny.

  • Brenda Hall

    Gateway doesn’t have any notices. Mine hasn’t come in either. I’m calling them Monday morning.


    Card is loaded but says not authorized to use. Had to leave my groceries at the store. Beyond irritated