SNAP EBT Outage, Problems

When there are problems with SNAP EBT such as an outage or website going down people need a platform to report such issues, because this has a massive impact on customers when they need help with the government scheme to supply them with food stamp coupon replacements.

Is SNAP EBT down for you right now? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Electronic Benefit Transfer is a great program that replaces food stamp coupons, customers are supplied with a card that allow them to use in stores just like debit or credit card. But when there is an issue customers of this service can report them right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

Seeing as there are no official social media channels this is where you can let us know if you are having problems, a place where you can connect with others. Maybe your SNAP EBT card is not working in store or you have lost one and need a replacement, but having issues getting one due to customer service not being helpful etc, or you could be having problems with your food stamps, balance or benefits. If you are having issues with a store please do mention the store name and location in the comments below.

SNAP EBT status reports for Friday 22nd of November 2019

To find out if SNAP EBT is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with SNAP EBT? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Debra Sue Caldwell

    I live in KY I called my card it says I reported it was lost stolen or damaged I didn’t what do I need to do

  • Jovita Scott

    I got a message saying my benefits were deposited but when I got to the store there was nothing on my card. I called to check and see why. The system said that my case was closed cause I was over the income limit. My income has not changed and I’m no where close to the limit. I just got my stamps fixed after having an issue with them not processing my renewal correctly. I went 3 months without benefits.

  • Pitty

    Have you heard anything yet..Im going through the same thing..I went into the office 2xs and they kept telling me 24 to 72 hrs and still i have nothing…

  • Mo

    What Perry Riggs was trying to say is that They want to know there balance before they get to the checkout and there is nothing there… You have to call 18883286399

  • Mary

    What number did you call?? Im in GA as well

  • mary

    What number did you call??

  • Parcelo Penny

    Call the number on the back of your card that says report changes. I did that and it sent me right to my case worker. I uploaded the paperwork she needed, even though I had to call back a week later to let her know. I was sent to voicemail but she did contact me that next week and she told me she would look at everything and called me back that same day. She was very nice and understanding. I believed they are backed logged or something is going on beyond their control. I got mine that next day.

  • Iesha

    ‭+1 (877) 423-4746‬

  • Amber McAlister

    I’m in S.C. and they told me that about the thirty days also. I have called everyday and still nothing. They even changed the date of the “thirty days” from September fourth to September eleventh. I’m disabled with a limited income and this has been a real struggle this month.

  • Miley

    Honestly just go to your office

  • Miley

    Call the number on the back of your card

  • Miley

    same Problem but I went inside the office and they told me it should be processed in 3 days

  • Candace Sanders

    This actually worked!!! Thank you so much I received a call back 1 hour later.

  • Shakera Queen

    I have been trying to contact the Customer Call Center for an interview but I keep getting they’re having “Technical Difficulties”.

  • One-Eyed Willie

    That is right, now bend over!

  • Miley

    Getting a little annoyed. I hate the run back and forth when it comes to these places. First off, I’m pregnant ( 11 weeks ) and I have a 8 month old. I recently graduated from college and I am looking for a job. I renewed my benefits the 23rd of july. When I received nothing on the 9th of August, I went to the office and one of the ladies in the front desk told me the 30-day bs. Okay understandable. It’s now the 30th of August and nothing ! I need to buy my daughter formula and then also I need to buy food to eat to give my unborn the nutrition it needs ! These people give free food to people in jail but yet our children in these school systems have to pay for lunch ! Then people who do pay taxes as well still have to suffer. I can’t wait to move back to my home state and get things together for myself !

  • Miley

    You sound stupid.

  • Miley

    You must be already extinct because you were bored enough to tell that to someone else !

  • Kalena Warren

    I’m not trying to be mean but you don’t keep getting pregnant if you are living off of welfare you have a 8 month old and pregnant again that wasn’t smart

  • Tatted Mokha

    I applied july7 2019 got expedited food stamps on the 8th I was told 30-45 days for an approval letter which never came then it’s still being worked on
    To September 1 2019 I will get double but I woke up with nothing on my card at all like 2 months with no answer no response like smh need help kids go back to school need to foodshop

  • Susan Bones

    You sound foolish on all counts. 1) you know what a condom is, use it. If you cant afford the baby you already have, you shouldn’t plan on keeping another one, it sounds harsh, but you need to think of what’s best for the baby. 2) People in jail who recieve benefits applied and went through the same process before going to jail. It takes most people 1-3 or more months to get benefits, you arent special. 3) Children of low income families do NOT pay for lunch, I know for a fact as I had to use it my entire school career. 4) You dont work atm so shut up about people who pay taxes. You can’t ask for benefits then bash people who recieve them. By your logic, once you get benefits, you better plan on going to jail too. Smh the ignorance and stupidity is astounding fr fr

  • Susan Bones

    You said in a previous post that you dont have a job, so how are you making $500 a month?

  • Amanda Archuleta

    That’s the same thing that happened to me I woke up and checked my card and I had no food stamps I was supposed to get them today

  • Nick

    My ebt has not been refilled. And usually does today and is usually there at midnight. I need answers ….

  • mike

    omg people! this is for outages of snap ebt not life storys and facebook drama! gllipolis ohio is out! was on yesterday now out today again! storm wasnt even that bad. bring back the old paper stamps for god sake. our entire world is dependant on computers now we are all doomed!

  • Anthony

    My food stamps did not come today

  • Anthony

    I get on the 2 of ever month

  • Ryan Cramer

    My snap benefits didn’t come today either and I’m active until February of next year I’m so pissed

  • Miley

    Okay dummy, I was working and stopped so that I can finish schooling and taking care of my child. I don’t believe in abortion I’m Muslim. I definitely understand that but these people are saying one thing one moment and the next it is SOMETHING ELSE.

  • Miley

    Why would I plan on going to jail too asswhole I’m a paralegal and I’m getting paid pto

  • Miley

    Like your mama

  • Miley

    Okay that’s why your mama died

  • Layla


  • Lisa ZeRuth

    Me too. But is it because of the holiday we didn’t get it?

  • Joseph Hess

    Yeah that’s really funny ,your a straight idiot so it’s funny that there’s kids with no food to eat right now huh , it’s funny that people with cancer,downs syndrome, and other problems that have no food right now. dumbasses like you is why our world is in shambles , it’s idiots like you is why people flip out .

  • Leslie

    Any update?

  • J

    My foodstamps Still have not came in I did not get any mail to reapply for snap does anyone knows how i can get intouch with snap a faster way due to the condition I have I can’t go to walefare and wait hours for someone to help me any suggestions? This is really ticking me off because they stop it without informing me on why this is happening I always keep up to date with this type of stuff so that I dont have to go to walefare office or call and wait 4 hours on the phone

  • John Albenesius

    mine was suppose to be on the 1st and nothing. I figured it was because of the holiday weekend but as I’m finding out here and other web forums there seems to be a issue on their end somewhere. I called customer service and was on hold after getting to hold for a live agent for 2 hours and still didn’t get to talk to anyone or receive and information about anything.

  • Joseph Hess

    No that’s my son he’s named after me

  • Stacey Saucedo

    I’m suppose to get mine today September 4 but nothing. It comes fast right when it hits 12:00am bc I always do this. And it shouldn’t be because of the holiday because I still get mine when it was fourth or July and other holidays.

  • Denise Bromell

    Is ebt down in sc?

  • Lendy Ellison

    Haven’t received my money for the month ( Sept)? Anyone else having this problem,no how I can contact anyone to help get my money need it for food for storm.

  • Amanda Anderson

    I didn’t get mine either and they always come on the 4th and by the time I got out of work they were closed I’m so upset I need to feed my kid and I refilled last month and I go to their website and I can’t get and where to figure out why

  • Joseph Hess

    Bro I’m 38 I’m not a kid n don’t like playing games so go back to your PlayStation and looking at porn perv , ok lame speed on before you get beat on…….

  • Joseph Hess

    Just because my son destroyed you in the game u shouldn’t get all butt hurt , and he already got rid of the game cuz I actually buy him games all the time .

  • Dawn


  • Jessica Parkes

    I had the same issue they told me it’s because since everyone renewed their applications the offices are behind.

  • Amanda Fox

    I get mine on the 4th and didn’t this month

  • Shayla Moore

    Wat state are u in

  • Bonnie

    I still have received my monthly money either. Is there something down?

  • Veronica L. Owens

    Is ebt down in coudersport pa

  • Carmen Brown

    Did anyone in Arkansas get their benefits? I suppose to get mine today but nothing. I didn’t receive anything stating I no longer get it.

  • Liz

    I was supposed to get my snaps today but I didn’t does it have to do with memorial day? Just passing

  • Daniel

    Got ours 1 day late in Colorado.

  • LA thro

    They are definitely behind. I’m in georgia. What I did was went on the website and got the email address for customer service dfcs and I put my case #, worker name & # and the county I was in and also when I completed my renewal and I put that I havent received anything no letter no call and I also said I visited the office and spoke with my case worker who said they was behind on applications for 3 months. 2 days later my case worked called me and said mines would be posted which they did post. So that was the fastest way for me because I didnt get nthn by callin the 1800 number or going to the office. Email is the best way through customer service for dfcs.

  • LA thro

    Go on their website and click under contact and they should have a email where you email dfcs. Send a email with ur case worker name & #, ur case number, name and phone number, the county you in and explain what is going on with ur case in the email. I personally tried callin the 1800 #, going to a local office, speaking with a case worker and got no where. But soon as I email dfcs customer service It was 2days later my case worker called and told me mines will be posted and they did.

  • LA thro

    Email your customer service dfcs. thats the fastest and best way. Go on your website and under contacts it should have a email address. In your email to dfcs you need
    Case worker name & #
    Ur name and case #
    Your county and explain what is going on with ur case.

  • Amanda Barrett

    They maybe down I get mine on the 6th witch is today and I didn’t get mine either

  • Debra White

    I was supposed to get my food stamps today. Nothing there. I live in Pa. Any problems?

  • Forrest

    I am in GA and did not receive my benefits this month. I cannot find an email for anyone at DFCS online. Can anyone help? Thank you!

  • Jeremy Daniel

    Didnt get my payment on 9-6 like im supposed to in Chicago. Is something going on?

  • Em

    I’m in CA and I havent recieved my benefits yet today. Would the holiday on Monday have caused a delay?

  • Aj

    I didn’t get my ebt this week! I was supposed to get it yesterday .. I’m in California

  • Jessie

    Didnt get mine one the 4th like I was supposed in Illinois also

  • Jessie

    Same here…im in illinois

  • Chris Rogers Boyle

    I did not receive my EBT on the 4th. What’s going on?

  • linda

    i live in new jersey and still haven’t received mines was supposed to be here the 5th and nothing came yet

  • Gihan Currier

    I didn’t receive my FS this month, it was scheduled for the 5th and I still don’t have it? Im in Maryland last name stars with a B.

  • Sharon

    I was suppose to get mine today, but nothing.

  • Star Sparks

    I was told I’d get mine today and haven’t received anything.

  • Heather

    Mine only refilled partially

  • Hannah

    I have not got mine i did my review on the 27th of june i checked the website on the 29th of july my review was compleated it said approved and i will get the same amount for September i am supposed 2 get them 2 day but they did not load on my card Georgia dfcs is always behind but i dont know whats going on its Saturday so i cant call i was just think maybe hurricane Dorian has something 2 do with it they issued every1 affected by the hurricane early maybe thats y i didnt get mine yet

  • Star Sparks

    I’m in Oregon and I went in a week ago and my caseworker called me yesterday to let me know that I was approved and my benefits would be loaded to my card today and I still haven’t gotten anything.

  • Star Sparks

    Have you gotten yours yet

  • Catrina Mehr

    My snap benefits are supposed to renew the 7th of each month, I didn’t receive them today and never received any paperwork in the mail regarding not getting them anymore or renewal or anything like that. My kids now have no food!

  • アニーA.

    I was supposed to get my foodstamps today, but I haven’t received anything. I called to make sure my card was still active and the system says it is, and I reapplied a few months ago and was approved (obviously). Why haven’t I gotten my FS? We obviously can’t call DHS to check since it’s the weekend, so where can we check if we need to reapply again? I’m in need of food here. :/

  • アニーA.

    Wow, very funny. Hardy-har-har.

  • Azhar Malik

    Did they give u half ?what state r u n

  • Azhar Malik

    I think they gave the ppl in the hurcaines pathe theirs early witch offset the balance i am suspose 2 get mine 2 day nothing on the card nor a pending bal the website is down but if i call the 18774234647 it says approved i will get the x$ on the 7th so we will c monday i pray every1 can make it through this hard delay God bless us all its gonna b ok

  • Catrina Mehr

    Thank you, I pray everyone who is supposed to get their’s gets it soon because I know that many of you like me, have children to feed and it’s a scary feeling not being able to do that because the money never went on. My sister who gets hers on the 7th got hers today so I have no idea what’s going on.

  • Heather

    Illinois yes about half is what they gave me

  • Lakeshia Gray

    I was supposed to get my stamps today on the 7 of every month & my renewal date is not until November but I haven’t received them today what is going on I’m in Ga

  • Crystal Tatum

    I haven’t gotten mine yet either and I’m in va

  • Crystal Tatum

    Haven’t received mine either and I’m in va

  • Candace

    I’m in Iowa…my gets refilled on the 6th of every month. It has not been refilled yet either. I called DHS yesterday and am waiting to hear back.

  • Jane Cecil

    I’m in Ga too and was supposed to get mine today and of course defacs is closed and so is the system number. I’ll be up at defacs when they open Monday morning

  • Lauren

    Did not receive mine either in wv

  • mwc1

    Georgia web site down, cannot check status, not up for renewal yet no notice but no EBT today or the free cell is off all same time?

  • mwc1

    that number is not getting through for me now ?

  • Trisha

    from NV and my FS still not showing up

  • Trisha

    from NV and my FS should be here today, I reapplied on time so this is confusing to me.

  • Lauren Caple

    From Muldraugh,KY My FS benefits still have not shown up today.

  • Tee

    I’m in DC didn’t receive food stamps today on the 8th…. Recertified two months ago

  • Amber Velasquezarriaga

    Here in Jamestown TN and I still haven’t received my food stamps either…. and i get them every month on the 8th. What is going on?

  • Emily James

    Im in ga and i was supposed to get mine yesterday and i have not got mine either.

  • Caitlin

    My fiancé was supposed to receive his food benefits at 12am this morning. It is now 10:21 and he has not received any benefits. We just moved into our apartment the day before yesterday and we have no food, nothing to drink, etc. I’m frustrated! From Lynnwood, WA

  • Aj

    Still no benefits.. was supposed to receive in 5th . Ca here

  • Janica

    I haven’t received mine yet here in Chicago

  • Trisha

    This is crazy still nothing, hopefully we can get more answers tomorrow

  • Donna Marie

    Ok I got mine as I normally do but my bf hasn’t received his last month nor this month. How’d I get mine and he hasn’t. Does anybody answer any of these??

  • Jai

    Not sure if this site is legit. What state are you in?

  • Kierra Thompson

    It’s after midnight and my card hasn’t been loaded. Call to check balance and due date. Supposed to get on the 9th but haven’t yet!

  • Britney Forrester

    I was supposed to receive mine last night nothing IN. :/

  • Morgan A Carter

    I always get mine on the 9th. But NOT today. I called the ebt card people he said no pending deposits show.. Wtf?? Help

  • Shelly Myogeto

    In Mount Vernon , illinois mine have not been deposit and we’re due ob the 7th. Anyone know what to do about ths?

  • AWOG

    Where are you located in Georgia? I went to the dfcs website but don’t see an email option under Contact. Do you mind sharing the link/website you used? I was supposed to get my benefits today but received nothing as of yet.

  • Gage Pollard

    What’s up the foodstamps? Didnt get mine today but my renewal says I’m approved and had the date and the amount….

  • Trisha

    So I called and was on hold for two hours, but did speak to a case worker that said she fixed whatever the problem was and I should have it in the morning

  • Carlienne Carter

    Are the ebt machine’s working in Pa. On Friday the system shut down and I couldn’t use my card

  • Jennie M Campbell

    Is ebt fresh aight down right now???

  • Azhar Malik

    Hello again to all today I went to the local DFCS office to find out what was going on with my benefits now remember I did my review on June 22nd the second day that it was available for me to do my review I was told by the lady at the desk that no one has touched my review yet so she gave me my caseworkers number and told me if I did not hear back from her within the next 4 days did give her supervisor a call. No my benifets are already late im not waiting 4 more days so to expedite this instead I called the telephone number one 877-423-4746 and after following all the prompts I selected to make a change to my application finally I got a telemarketer on the line and when she reviewed my case to make (mychange btw I simply change the last digit for my ZIP code I just wanted to be able to get to someone on the line the wait is ridiculous )she was able to do the telephone interview . a piece of advice to everyone if you do your review and you do not receive a phone call within the next 10 days call the 877 number and select the prompt to do a change. I will get my benefits at midnight tonight I’m still praying for everyone I hope you all get your issues resolved and your benefits for the sake of your family God bless

  • Azhar Malik

    Call 18774234746 select make a change to your case and see what the say u could b like me an no one has did your review yet the are backed up dfcs has poor management good luck it worked 4 me

  • Azhar Malik

    The have not looked at ur review yet

  • Azhar Malik

    Did u get urs

  • Catrina Mehr

    No 🙁 did you get yours?

  • Azhar Malik

    At midnight i will have them I went to the local DFCS office today and was told no one has touched my review I didn’t my review back in June so I called one 877-423-4647 and selected the prompt to make a change to my now the wait for these calls are usually hours but selecting that prompt made me get through faster so I asked the lady I spoke with what was going on and she was able to do the telephone interview and now it shows on Gateway. Gov but I will receive my monthly benefits at midnight

  • Catrina Mehr

    I’m so happy for you, hopefully mine will be there this week. I left a message for my worker to call me back, because on the hotline they said they sent me my renewal paperwork back in July but I never received anything at all. So I’m hoping when she calls me back we can speed up the process so I can get food for my kids.

  • Azhar Malik

    Thank you call the hotline tomarrow morning i promise it will speed it up i am praying 4 u i have 6 kids so its been rough stressing not knowing hang in there and good luck

  • Lilly

    I renewed my food stamps last month before the renewal due date and I’m suppose to get them the 12th this month but haven’t gotten notification that my renewal has been approved. What the crap?

  • Barbara Jordan

    is ebt not working in michigan today 9-9-19?

  • Barbara Jordan

    Is michigan ebt down ? Benefit not there on the 9th as usual.

  • Lynn Harris

    SC here.. I just checked… nothing… not even a pending ..

  • Michael Lederman

    Idaho here supposed to get mine on the 10th and not paid yet!!

  • Adrian Dorsey

    I’m in Georgia and I didn’t get mines on the 9 when I call the defacs number it says I get them Aug 31 2019 but I haven’t received any

  • Esther Thompson

    Cardholder Portal isn’t working in Portland Oregon. I’ve been trying to check my balance for 2 days. When I call it works, but the website is down.

  • Trisha

    You have to call your local office

  • Trisha

    Update: ok so I finally received them, you guys need to call or go to your local office for answers.

  • Erica B

    Same I was supposed to have received my benefits on the 7th and still have not received them. I can’t get anyone on the phone to atleast give me a reason why I have not received them yet.
    Any idea why Ga has not received benefits?

  • Trisha Ostlund

    here in california, suppose to renew on 9th still nothing and no one will pick up the phone when I call

  • karra harvey

    I live in Minnesota and I was suppose to get my food stamps on September 9th and still have not received them. What’s going on?? Does anyone know?? Nobody will pick up the phone. Thanks.

  • Danii

    Same here! I normally get mine on the 10th and I haven’t gotten anything yet.

  • Danisha

    Mine says the same. Was told i didnt do my renewal which is false. Did it otp was told 24 to 48 hours….still nothing

  • Toxicmonkey112

    Its down in 17 states right now

  • Toxicmonkey112

    Its down in 17 states

  • karra harvey

    I tried calling customer Care and hennepin county service center and they don’t pick up their phone is what it It meant when I said “nobody picks up the phone” duh.

  • Pamela Hartwell

    Ok so it says my card is active and pin set but no stamps. Was supposed to have gotten them today on the 11th. Anyone know what’s going on?

  • Cour

    I was supposed to get stamps august 5th and now september 5th. i jsut signed up in july so i know i am still qualified. my card is active but stamps just arent showing up.
    SOOOO FRUSTRATING and no communication from anyone. in case yall didn’t know, the government doesnt care about any of us. i hope you are all finding alternative ways to feed yourselves and your families.
    i do not know what can be done. i have tried calling several offices and no one ever picks up the phone.

  • Cour

    they are joking. the social service workers do not know what a phone is is the joke

  • melody

    I did my renewal online on June 25th and haven’t heard crap! I called my caseworker about 20 times but she never answers and her voicemail is always full! Not sure wtf is happening here in Ga but it’s bs!

  • melody

    Yeah I did my renewal on June 25th before it was due and haven’t heard anything! Can’t get ahold of anyone to ask about it! Don’t have a car so it’s hard to get to the office! This crap blows

  • Carrie Cain

    All the EBT machines are down in my area I live in Lewiston Maine are they going to be like that all day I have to feed my 2 boys

  • Rodolfo Hernandez-Melchor

    In the Bronx, NYC. Benefits were supposed to be in my card Sep 8th, still waiting and frustrated that can not reach anyone anywhere

  • Michele

    I live in TN & was supposed to get mine refilled the 11th & my card says a balance of 0 !! Being 9 months pregnant with a toddler to feed makes this very frustrating, especially when no one answers my calls. My account is active and everything. I’m about to lose my mind !!

  • Tiffany Hopson

    Its ridiculous

  • Tiffany Hopson

    Its sad and they have No answers but still waiting on system glitch

  • Rodolfo Hernandez-Melchor

    I am a disable senior citizen but when

  • Rodolfo Hernandez-Melchor

    ou have kids that makes this situation even worst

  • Erin

    My benefits come every month on the 9th. I didn’t get them until today (after calling and visiting the offices several times).
    What helped me get them?
    I read someone’s comment stating they were only able to get things resolved by calling their local DFCS office and select the prompt that they want to make a change to their case. I did the same exact thing and spoke with a case manager yesterday morning. She sent an email to the supervisor over my renewal advising her to complete my case and viola! Got my benefits this morning. Hope this helps anyone who needs assistance as well!

  • Julie Harden

    I was supposed to get mine on the 11th and did my renewal in July but I haven’t gotten mine this month….does anyone know the Georgia DFACs office number where someone actually answers

  • Julie Harden

    What do you mean down?

  • Tiffany Hopson


  • Erin


  • Debbie Smith

    I was supposed to have my food stamps put in today. I had already gotten all my groceries in the cart and was at the register. I swiped my card and it wouldn’t take it, tried again, still the same thing. She handed me the paper, zero balance. I was so embrassed, I just left the food and walked out. I will have to check before I use it from now on. They need to let us know when there is a problem. Plus now I have no clue when I will be able to get groceries.

  • Dean

    I’m in Ga , I was supposed to get my stamps today. But nothing came through I called my case worker box is full , I checked my status online is says approved, I called my card $0 balance and says i receive benefits the 13th i cal dfacs for account info and it says my account is active and approved but deposit is for the 31st???? I’m so confused. What is happening?

  • Maria C Acosta

    Same in Illinois

  • Markell Davis

    Never got my food stamps on this month

  • Treniss Tanner

    Is the system down for snap benefits

  • Megan

    Was suppose to get mine today, and do far nothing here in Ohio..

  • Jessica Boyd

    I just called to check my balance and said temporarily unable to access your account. I get mine on the 6th of each month and got mine just wanted to know how much was remaining. So appears to be down in Oregon

  • Stephanie

    I read a sign in the grocery store earlier this week saying the system would be down the 14 and 15 and it should be up the early hours of the 15 so hopefully it will be back up today.

  • Sam

    I already had mines and used it a few times but today I went to 2 different supermarkets and systems were down for snap.

  • Stephanie

    The system is back up

  • Maddy

    Anyone else in Indiana whose card won’t refill?

  • tameika collins

    Hello I’m in georgia and there was no benefit deposit this morning, it says I’m approved and my amount on gateway but no snaps.

  • Rodolfo Hernandez-Melchor

    Was supposed too receive mine on the 8th, just called and my balance remains $1.54

  • Mike

    I was supposed to receive my benefits on the 9th and my balance still says 0

  • Meg

    Not in Ohio..

  • Mari

    Where u located?

  • tameika collins

    There is no 31 in this month

  • Diamond

    Oh shoot u right…but I swear that’s what the system said..idk this whole situation is crazy

  • Katherine Long

    Was supposed to get food benefits today but they are not on card what’s going on

  • Amber

    Supposed to have ebt benefits today, still nothing. Automated system is giving me different date and amount from what my website account says. No way to get answers till Monday and we need to eat

  • Donna Ross

    Have 59.91 on my SNAP but when I shopped today the cashier kept telling me my balance was zero. Overdrafted my bank account to pay for my groceries and when I got home, sure enough I still have 59 on my card. Anyone else have this issue? Utah.

  • Amber

    Location Georgia

  • Kitty Walker

    Have $126.09 on my card but tried to use it three times today and all three times it said declined no funds…what is going on with the system today? I’m in Alabama

  • Wilbanks

    They say that the balance is supposed to post at 5 am and this has been the case the last 2 months ( that’s how long how bee on this program) but I haven’t received mine yet either. Everyone will probably just have to call and check to see what is going on.

  • Question?

    I haven’t received mine and I’m in Alabama.

  • Wilbanks

    Hello Kitty W,
    I’m in Hsv, Alabama and my benefits are scheduled for the 16th and I haven’t received anything so it may be down for people in Alabama.

  • SMW

    Not in Alabama

  • Kitty Walker

    It may be..I haven’t tried this morning yet. Thank you!

  • Sabrina Simpson

    I’m in Alabama also and it said I had a deposit of $1.37 0n the 14th and my usual date is on the 16th but it’s not $1.37, whats going on we need answers please.

  • Carmen

    Pulled out paperwork to make sure today was the correct day and yes was to receive snap today at 5 am nothing ..checked the app. And called the hotline ..hotline said was was to receive on the 8th which is not true ..than when I try and listen to it again it says they can’t pull up my information … Wonder if I am one that is losing my benefits in alabama . They started it in July ..

  • LaRoy Johnson

    Alabama here as well and I haven’t received anything.

  • LaRoy Johnson


  • Synethia

    No, I’m having the same issue and I live in Huntsville Alabama. Mine is supposed to be on my card now and I have nothing

  • Khristey

    Same here it says when I call that there was something on transaction the 14th of August but it don’t say anything else are u guys getting anything similar ?

  • Khristey

    Does it say the 14th of August instead of September because mines does and it’s 40 some cents

  • Mike

    I live in Alabama my benefits was supposed to come today so I called my local office they calm that the system down state wide and they don’t know it be up and working again

  • Amber

    Issue still not resolved. NO one will answer the phone not even my actual case worker.

  • Shannon

    I was supposed to get mine on aug30 andsept 10th… nothing.. helpline says issued but not on my card… this stressing me out.

  • April

    Same here in mobile

  • WarEagle2511987

    Just give it time
    State of alabama were supposed to send a letter out informing residents that they were conversing to a new database. All retailers should have posted signs saying the systems would be shutout at 8pm on the 15th. The systems are backed down posting how many kids or that your pregnant or how you need food will not make any thing go any faster. What will? A system that can update properly without people calling every 5 seconds if people would check their mail the same as they check Facebook some answers would have answers. Im sorry but even i was expecting my benefits but just reading some of these ignorant ill spelled post some of yall should know better. While waiting on snaps to load on your card i strongly sugggest some of you start from page 1 on the english dictionary. No wonder it takes so long for some cases to be put it. I would take all day also if i had to spend my works hours trying to decipher two for tew. Oh my what is really going on.

  • Julian King

    Does ur case status says null. I’m also in Georgia. It says approved, but nothing.

  • Amber

    Georgia. I was supposed to get mine the 15th. It says approved on gateway but still have 0 balance. The automated thing is telling me I’ll get benefits on the 31st and its also saying the wrong money amount. No one will answer my calls.

  • Upset hungry

    Never got any mail saying anything.

  • Samantha

    In Georgia. No money was loaded on my card today. Anyone know what’s going on? It says I’m approved? I’ve always received mine on the 15th.

  • Arabian Reed

    Everyone Didn’t Get A Letter In The Mail …

  • Arabian Reed

    Update , I got My Yamps I Just Called My Card If Ur In Bessemer Or Surrounding Check Now

  • Arabian Reed

    Check Now

  • Mary Pollard

    Never got a letter in the mail ! Being rude is uncalled for…your post was very useful…it should have ended after you said 8pm on the 15th.

  • tameika collins

    I just left food stamps office they said know one had worked on my case..they have hardly any workers. I recertified June… Smh She said give them 48 hrs

  • Amber

    UPDATE. Dfcs told me the whole state is behind due to understaffed etc. and there’s nothing they can do. So basically screw everyone you can starve for all they care.

  • Claudia

    It’s 1-877-423-4746 They close at 2 p.m dealing with cases for food stamps

  • Claudia

    Try emailing your local DFCS supervisor it’s listed on the Georgia.Gov website. you will click what region you stay in and then get in contact with the director of your local DFCS hope this helps.

  • Claudia

    Try emailing your local DFCS supervisor on the Georgia.Gov website

  • Claudia

    Try emailing your local DFCS supervisor on the Georgia.Gov website. click on the district you live in,and get their contact information and email them. I live in Georgia as well and got a response from the Supervisor of my local DFCS good luck.

  • Charles Robert Mills

    my funds were not posted either!

  • Ashley

    Has anyone figured out whats going on

  • Ashley

    Im so confused pregnant on bed rest with gd and preeclampsia and i have no idea why my benifits havent went on and; can’t get intouch with anyone through the hotline or local offices im in ga has anyone figured how to get intouch with a human or know whats going on

  • Shay

    I got my stamps on the 13th got at few things that day & went to shop today now it’s decline & I got stamps on my card I live in Decatur

  • Kayte

    Lawrence county, Al. Benefits are on my card. But people are saying they can’t be used?

  • atr1109

    You should really use correct grammar yourself before instructing other people to do so, or going on a rant about it. I have corrected all of YOUR grammar errors in your post below. Just to point out a few: The State of Alabama, you’re pregnant, capitalizing I, not to mention just outright not proof reading your post before hitting submit to make sure it could be understood. Please don’t preach what you don’t practice 🙂

    Just give it time.

    The State of Alabama was supposed to send a letter out informing residents that they were converging to a new database. All retailers should have posted signs stating the systems would be shut down starting at 8pm on the 15th. The systems are still down, posting how many kids you have or that you’re pregnant or how you need food will not make anything go any faster. What will? A system that can update properly without people calling every 5 seconds. If people would check their mail the same as they check Facebook some answers would have been answered. I’m sorry but even I was expecting my benefits, but just reading some of these ignorant and ill spelled post, y’all should know better. While waiting on snaps to load on your card I strongly suggest some of you start from page 1 in the English dictionary. No wonder it takes so long for some cases to be put it. I would take all day also if I had to spend my works hours trying to decipher two for tew. Oh my what is really going on?

  • Mike

    Indiana still no funds


    Does anyone know when the system maybe back up in Alabama? I work at a library and most of the patrons have been asking questions about the lack of usage of benefits. Not sure if its because of the database changing over. I see that its not just Alabama but a few other states that are going through the same problem.

  • Amber

    I finally went down there. Said they’re backed up from being understaffed and they can’t help me. Basically said deal with it. I’m 8 months pregnant and have a special needs child with an expensive eating need. So I guess I tell him to starve to like wtf

  • Erin

    Call DFCS and select the option to make a change to your case. That was the quickest way to actually speak to someone and get things resolved. After I spoke to them, I got my benefits the next day

  • Ashley

    Thank you

  • Brandy Bravo

    Same here. I never got mine for august. Im supposed to get them on the 19th but never did and i cant find out anything from anyone.

  • Angie

    Anybody else still having problems? Mine was suppose to be loaded today.

  • Samantha

    I have no clue what’s going on then. My case is active, but no funds?! Can’t get a human in the phone for nothing!!

  • Mandy Thornton

    Hello, I tried to use my ebt card this morning in Alabama and it was declined. The reason was that the system was down. Anyone else having issues today?

  • tameika collins

    I’m in Decatur went to office they said give it 48 hrs that was yesterday… Tried to call can’t tell me anything

  • Sandra Williams

    My card is still saying declined, reason code is invalid account. Also when I call the number on the back of the card it’s saying invalid card number please try again.

  • Sandra Williams

    Yes mine is doing the same

  • kait

    Have been trying to use my ebt card for 3 days here in Mobile, Al. Card keeps being declined. When I call the number and put my card number in it says its an invalid number. I got my benefits on the 11th bought $60 worth of groceries went back on the 14th to grab a few things and got declined. Said “Unable to process debit transaction.” This is ridiculous. Never got anything in the mail saying they was changing systems and nothing has been on the news in my area to let everyone know it’s not working. Went down to my local food stamp office yesterday to talk to someone and it’s not their anymore! They moved buildings and didnt let anyone know.

  • Amber

    I’m in Georgia. Supposed to get funds on the 15th. Went down to office they said the whole state is behind because of being understaffed and basically told me they can’t help me and to just deal with it. Tried calling but can’t get through to a real person

  • Sandra Williams

    Wow! I’m here in montgomery AL the same here. Some people say their cards work fine.. Mine isn’t.. I don’t know what’s going on with the update but geessh

  • Lynn

    Insanity. My daughter is disabled and depends on her food stamps to eat. I’m elderly and only get $16 a month as of this month. I did get mine, but she didn’t get hers. We went to the local office and they said to call a number. We did and the girl is on VACATION til the 24th. Supervisor doesn’t answer as usual. She wrote to the governor’s office in Georgia. She doesn’t expect any help from him either. This is all over the US, from what I read. What in the heck are they trying to do? Starve us out?

  • Lynn

    If you can’t read, why are you here? Stop your complaining. Illiteracy is no joke.

  • Rod

    I am starting to believe that this is not an outage. The transfers to the cards are done by Xerox who overlooks the entire tech part of the program, so I doubt very much that a company like them could not get something like this that is affecting thousands of citizens in need taken care of in 24 to 48 hours max. I do remember reading back in July that Secretary of Agriculture Perdue was proposing to purge 3.1 million people of the SNAP program in order to “save money” and the WH was all for it. This was something that did not require the approval of congress. And witnessing the way this administration conducts policy it would not be far fetch to think they went ahead and did it.

  • Rod

    Are you offering me a job ?

  • Jenn


  • Shayla Moore

    It hasn’t passed yet the public has 60 days to respond

  • Shayla Moore

    Same here and both of my kids are on disability I renewed mine in july and my account still reflects august I was suppose to get mine Sept 5th still nothin and even called and had my case picked up to another case manager since mine was unavailable I have 2 toddlers and I am a single mom this is really hurting

  • Brandon

    I get my stamps on the 18th today woke up and nothing was on my card irritated

  • Brandon

    Columbus Ohio snap down

  • Jessica Hardy

    Yea mine says.47 cents on August 19

  • Katie

    In Georgia – Finally got my EBT card yesterday & used it just fine. Went to use it today & at first said invalid pin. Second time it said insufficient funds (Meaning $0) & I called to double check & my balance was no where near $0. Wondering when it will work again?

  • Shawn A

    What state do you live

  • Rod

    In NYC, allotted funds should have been in my card on the 8th, Sep. Still today the 19th the balance remains $1.54. Can not reach any person who could provide information wether on the phone or on line.

  • Jeremy

    I need a job. I can write extremely well. My name is Jeremy Hodges Sr. My email;

  • Ohio. My funds usually reload on the 20th, and I just renewed last month. I’ve got nothing. I need those food stamps to survive. What the heck is going on?

  • Jaeaa

    Sept 20 my card reloads and nothing on it still. Does anyone else have this problem in LA

  • Jaeaa

    I mean Los Angeles,CA

  • Mahogany Murray

    Anyone card not working today and its your fs day too

  • Jeremy

    The former.

  • Sara

    Colorado _ I got my card yesterday and my funds havent come on it as they said it would, and card is saying not recognized or something. tried to call and everything

  • Elizabeth Yates

    Nothing on my card either. Supposed to reload on the 20th

  • Maria C. Maiolo

    Can’t can’t sign into Georgia gateway
    am at Food Stamps in come on the 20th is Georgia snap shut down

  • Monique

    Sep 21 10:30 I have money on fs but it was just declined in 2 stores… I’m in Cali

  • John

    Swiped card at winco multiple times it declined and at corner store with amounts less than a quarter of my balance…

  • Linda Parsons

    Supposed to get mine today and nothing 22nd

  • Dineysha Girona

    I live in Florida and I’m supposed to get my food stamps today but I haven’t gotten them yet and I need them so I can get food for my baby shower next Saturday anybody knows what’s going on?

  • Kacie Grubb

    Not working at Aldi in MD today

  • Vtrippe

    Mobile, So supposed to revive fs on 22nd and we got nothing can’t get a hold of anyone to figure out why any suggestions?

  • Debbie Leviner

    Just received my first deposit of fs on Saturday ..My card says I have a certain amount on my card..But will not let me uae at any store…And the number I call only tells me to put my card number in over and over..Then says its invalid

  • Mandy

    I didn’t get mine today in Anderson Indiana not sure what is going on with my card

  • Walter

    Same here was supposed to get FS on 19th but got nothing cant get no answer and i log onto my profile and it says active

  • Walter

    Same here got nothing on my card 19th im in georgia to

  • Rod

    We all must realize this is not a glitch on the system, this is a nefarious and insidious maneuvering from the Dep. of Agriculture in order to purge millions of recipients from the SNSP program. There for no one is going too answer phones calls at any office. MY advice, start calling and e-mailing your council member, representative and senators and demand and explanation as to why this is happening. Remember very soon we all will have a chance to express how we feel about this with our vote. I have had too make gargantuan sacrifices in order too purchase minimal groceries this month, as I am sure most of you are also doing. So don’t seat by the phone and wait, we elected these people represent us, hold them accountable.

  • Kyles

    Georgia here mine was suppose to get loaded today an Nothing so far.

  • Kyles

    Wouldn’t let me use the lil I had left from last month either.

  • k

    well a full day later here in ga an still havnt had a load on to my card they were suppose to load on the 23rd and still havnt gotten anything or even news about it otherthan here

  • GeorgiaFS

    Hey everyone I did my renewal in July for September benefits. I was supposed to get mine loaded September 7th. It’s now the 24th and I’ve went to defacs, faxed in all of my documents, as well as called, left voicemails, and uploaded all documents online. I’ve did everything I can do to get my food stamps. I was told that my case worker was behind. I asked if I would have food stamps by the end of this month or in October and the response was “I hope so but I can’t tell you for sure”. I’ve definitely had to sacrifice and I’ve been able to buy minimal groceries, as I’m sure everyone else here has too. This is really sad. When I called the national hotline for days in a row I finally got someone on the phone and I asked them “what are we supposed to do? You know we don’t have a job. They told me to go to a food bank in Atlanta.. 4 1/2 hours away from me, as if that was a realistic scenario. I keep getting the run around and this has never happened before like this. Sure, there’s been a delay but only a 3 days delay in the past. This time it’s a been 18 days of delay for me, and I don’t look for this situation to resolve anytime soon. Hopefully it will. I keep getting told “you’ll get retroactive foodstamps for time missed” and “were still working on getting people’s food stamps from August” and “your case worker has over 400 cases to do” ect ect ect. Btw I’m in Georgia.

  • Shadow God

    You have to call 18774234746 and press option 4, then 1, ask to be transferred to the benefits side, then press option 3. You will be able to speak to a caseworker, or leave your number and a caseworker will call you back in the order that you were received. I seen someone posted this information on another website, but I can’t remember which one. This worked for me, because my renewal from July hadn’t even been processed. I just wanted to be able to help out others in need as well.

  • Jessica Ann Marceaux

    I also renewed in july and didnt receive august or september, so after failing at climbing the supervisor ladder I contacted the central office in Atlanta GA by filing a complaint for food stamp eligibility, someone called me the next day did my review and put one month on there, though I feel as though they owe me one more month, turns out a bunch of caseworkers were letting their caseloads “pile up” and getting paid for it, then got fired/quit. someone needs to look into the caseworkers/supervisors because they are the shadiest of people.

  • Indiana

    I haven’t received my benefits this month either. It has been hard living off rice and beans and food bank donations. It is likely a system failure, but I don’t know why they haven’t announced it.

  • Rod

    I am a disabled senior citizen in NYC. My much needed SNAP benefits were supposed to be available on the 8th of Sep. . In order to acquire groceries I’ve had to skip buying certain medications, personal toiletries, house maintenance products and cut down on doing laundry, which are questionable health and hygienic decisions but must find ways to put food on the table until all this is figured out.

  • gee mac

    Yes in GLEN ELLYN, Lombard, oak brook terrace area of illinoid

  • MetsHeartburnSeason

    And I was wondering what the issue was until I’m reading all of this here. For me it’s FL and I know from the site that mine is 100% valid yet came up invalid per my surprise in the store today.

  • A Jones

    is snap down in colorado

  • SadGirl

    late reply sorry, no i had to go down and reapply.

  • Truetoy

    I’m in Georgia also in a town with no food bank and my recert was approved august 25th but still waiting for supervisor part no answer when and I’m disabled with a young child I’m starting to feel like a failure cause there is nothing I can do to fix it live on fixed income with 30 left hum go to store for a few things or put gas in the car or pay copays to fill my meds this is a really sad situation

  • Don Dulmage

    All having to do with trump. He needs tp go to prison , the sooner the better..

  • QueenD

    I forgot to tell y’all I’m from Macon Ga.

  • Brenda Hall

    I didnt get mine either. I was to recieve them on the 13th. I did get a hold of my case worker this morning and she stated that she had not got to my Renewal application. She said she would get to it today and I should recieve benefits tomorrow. Yes my renewal was turned in on time. I’m from Ga but maybe same thing is going on with yours. You may need to call your case worker also.

  • QueenD

    Okay thanks, I will try again to reach her but if not I got to make a visit to dfacs

  • Ms. Imaginary

    This is what I did to get my food stamps. It seems the case numbers and cards number is no longer compatible since they changed systems. In other words your card is worthless. You need to call the toll free number and report your card as lost stolen or damaged and you will get an operator. She will issue you a new card with your Old benefits on it. It will arrive in a few days this is what I did. My case is Solved at last. Good Luck. Bottom line you need a new card period.

  • Ms. Imaginary

    You need a new card that’s the answer

  • Jean

    How long did it take for your new card to come? I gonna do the same. In ga also.

  • Daja

    I did it and I’m waiting on my card. Hope it works for me

  • Liz Macvenn

    My card says that I have a 0 balance, it was supposed to come on yesterday the 1 at of November. Is it down in Illinois?
    My name is Liz Macvenn

  • Sarah Jenkins

    I’m in Oregon I got my cash benefits butnot my food benefits not sure what to do and I need food for my kids how long is this going to be a problem

  • Rod

    Followed your advice ,still couldn’t get a live human being.

  • Brenda

    I’m from sc and mind not even saying pending for this month same problem

  • Mahogany Massey

    I’m in Illinois too..My card didn’t come in either,smh yours workin yet?

  • Milkmancometh Milk

    Im in Richmond va and mine havent came yet its nov 4th and when i check i didnt recieve anything and i returned my paper work and had my interview and was good to go so what’s the problem

  • Anastaysia Beeverhousin

    My benefits in AR was suppose to load today and I have nothing. Is there an issue and if so, do anyone have an update on the issue+

  • Milkmancometh Milk

    Im dealing with the same issue and seems to be along the east coast but i have no idea when it will be fixed mine aren’t pending or anything

  • Alicia Massengale

    Alicia Sanchez
    My benefits in OK was supposed to load 2 almost 3 hours ago and I didn’t not receive it.

  • Priscilla Brito

    My nj benefits were supposes to load today and theres nothing..Does anyone know wht the problem is?

  • Miriam Vargas

    Zero balance here in Las Vegas

  • Miriam Vargas

    Have you received anything?

  • Miriam Vargas

    Any good news?

  • Charles Xavier

    Any body in p.a benefit not working….. suppose to get mine tomorrow, and nothing even pending…. who has this problem

  • maymay1

    Same here…

  • Charles Xavier

    Crazy, I just checked at midnight… wtf is the doing

  • Renee lamar

    Nothing loaded for me either. I’m in Va

  • Renee lamar

    Nothing loaded for me either. I’m in Virginia

  • Renee lamar

    I just checked too, nothing there smh

  • Miriam Vargas

    Yeah we got tou

  • Miriam Vargas


  • Ness

    Wasnt loaded in illinois .

  • Megan

    In GA, is anyone having issues with $0 balance, no active case?? I have zero food and some hungry kids.

  • Vince Dabecco

    My MD reload was supposed to be Nov 2nd, didn’t happen. Now here I sit in the DSS office waiting for a “worker” to explain why considering all of my paperwork has been approved, the EBT account wasn’t reloaded.
    Can’t wait.

  • Lakeisha Davis

    Benefits didn’t load and website down in texas

  • Anna

    Same no money since bringing of September

  • Susan Mohns

    Benefits didn’t load, I’m in Illinois, website said my card was active…

  • Tom Bommarito

    Monthly amount posted and says it’s there when you call, but comes up as 0 balance at the store.

  • Tom Bommarito

    in Michigan, at Meijer.

  • Lisa Stryeski

    Minnesota benefits were not loaded today. Anyone else having trouble?

  • Ap1986

    NJ- Camden County- benefits “temporarily unavailable” for two days. Called Quest, she said there’s been 5 phone calls from NJ

  • Avery Project

    I’m in north NJ, been waiting for the monthly reload since Nov 3, still nothing. I went last week to office, waited 3+ hours to have them tell me there’s a backlog of people waiting to get October benefits. WTF?

  • Kela b

    Sc-supposed to got my stamps today but i didnt.. I dont know whats going on

  • Tay

    Have you receive them yet?

  • James Keith

    EBT card and web site not working last two days that i know of

  • Nicole Farrell

    My bf was supposed to get his cash assistance this morning it says that he got two cash deposits but only one is there