SNAP EBT Outage, Problems

When there are problems with SNAP EBT such as an outage or website going down people need a platform to report such issues, because this has a massive impact on customers when they need help with the government scheme to supply them with food stamp coupon replacements.

SNAP EBT outage, problems

Is SNAP EBT down for you right now? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Electronic Benefit Transfer is a great program that replaces food stamp coupons, customers are supplied with a card that allow them to use in stores just like debit or credit card. But when there is an issue customers of this service can report them right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

Seeing as there are no official social media channels this is where you can let us know if you are having problems, a place where you can connect with others. Maybe your SNAP EBT card is not working in store or you have lost one and need a replacement, but having issues getting one due to customer service not being helpful etc, or you could be having problems with your food stamps, balance or benefits. If you are having issues with a store please do mention the store name and location in the comments below.

SNAP EBT status reports for Friday 20th of October 2017

To find out if SNAP EBT is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with SNAP EBT? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Nae


  • Tanya

    I was supposed to get my benefits today the 9th and I called this mornimg to check and I have not recieved them yet… I get them every month on the 9th,I am in Tennessee, is anyone else having this issue?I called the card and they do not show anything, and I have not recieved any letter saying I am not getting them anymore, I actually talked to the office last month!!!

  • Keshia

    I was supposed to get mine yesterday and still haven’t. I have a child to feed.

  • Daisy

    I’m in CA and also having issues with receiving food stamp benefits. Which I normally get food stamps on the 9th of every month.

  • Shell

    What time do food stamps deposit?? It’s past 2am and still noting.

  • Tina Gray

    It’s happening here in Illinois as well, I should’ve got mine at midnight but nothing.. I hope someone can tell me something soon!

  • Sara King

    I live in Baton Rouge I was suppose to receive money on the 5th an nothing.

  • Julie

    Nothing in GA as of the 11th. I hope the get it fixed before I run out of food

  • Tonda Charles

    I really wish i get them in the morning
    Just cooked the last meal for us

  • Tonda Charles

    Ugh….haven’t received mine i don’t understand

  • Tonda Charles

    Have they said anything about ga at all?

  • Tonda Charles

    Have any one in Ga got there stamps yet

  • Milee

    Been waiting since yesterday, we have children to feed.. Where is our $hit?

  • Milee

    …aaaand it’s people like you that make things difficult. You’re no better than anyone else. Instead of ridiculing these people that are just trying to feed their young, you should get back to working your “butt off”, since you love being a stooge for uncle Sam so much. If these hardworking people that are trying to feed their families are so stupid for not having a “backup plan”, get off of here, stop hogging OUR benefits, and continue to work your “butt off”. Sit and spin.

  • Lisa Marie Obermann

    What is going on ???? Please Government, don’t say it was the storms because it only effected the wires for EBT and child support cards ?? Come on !!! Bogus !!!! I have kids to feed… one is 14 months old. I’m out of milk, juice, EVERYTHING the baby can eat !!! Funny how this happened AFTER a government shut down. I bet when fixed, we’re all see that somehow some of the money got ” lost ” also ???
    Bogus bull !

  • Lisa Marie Obermann

    Then TRUMP can feed our families !
    I didn’t ask to become disabled. Much rather be working then sitting on food stamps. But what does that billionaire know

  • Lisa Marie Obermann

    Mine are on there but EVERYONE at the stores are getting a ” system crash ” message

  • Mike N Angel Adams

    nothing usually yesterday 14th today the 15th nothing again-maine

  • Felicia

    Anyone in nh not receive thier cash benifits today but were supposed to

  • Nicole

    In NC and today is the 15th and I have not gotten my benefits wtf is going on!!! I am pregnant with 2 year old …we have to eat

  • Sade Jones

    Is nc ebt system down?

  • Sade Jones

    nc ebt system down?

  • shanice

    Mine are late loading today

  • Miss Daniels

    Yep I haven’t got mine today either!

  • Misha Pisha Brooks

    I haven’t received mine

  • Anp Bella

    Hi misha same here what state are u in? I was told my FS would be there in the morning and nothing yet ugh

  • Pete

    Hi Daisy I just received my card yesterday after all the forms and going to Ssi office I felt so relieved, been so limited and doing without I hit the hunger threshold, I now just discovered a 00 balance on my first new issued card, I hope it’s due to system being down and hope it’s up and running soon and not a clerical error i’am new to all this and thankfully happy we have this social support system. I responded to you cause I had a little sister named Daisy still missing her much i’am in southern Cal Pete

  • Laney

    Not received mine in NC

  • Shay

    Anyone in AZ not recieve theirs today?

  • Oliver Pope

    Haven’t received mines

  • John Doe

    No me either I thought it was just me.

  • Melinda

    Didn’t get mine today live in colorado

  • Latrice Davis

    Im in Arkansas and mines not on either

  • Ashleigh Reynolds

    From Iowa here, benefits supposed to be on ebt card the 4th of every month and I have been checking since midnight but nothing has been deposited.

  • Leora Gamache

    Haven’t either

  • Leora Gamache

    In AZ nothing yet. This is not cool

  • Roxanne

    I have no money on my ebt card it is now the 5th of august 2017 and my card hasn’t re loaded wtf is going on?

  • Sara McKissic

    Same here. Im in Indiana, stamps supposed to load today and havent. We are really hurting.

  • Will B

    In Az and we didn’t receive ours today…I’m so fukkin pissed right now, bad enough we even need them but for them to play with our lives like this is very skeptical.. Makes me wonder what’s really the problem.

  • Natalie Newman

    I am in GA and same issue

  • John D

    I live in Ga and learned the hard way to stock up on rice and ramen noodles. Going several days with no food tends to encourage that. Aug 5th 2017 -AGAIN, ZERO balance at check out ! Call me paranoid and I have no idea the actual motives but i have no doubt it is all pre planned and intentional. I will steal from a large business. before I starve. It is the children and the old folks suffering from it that makes it so disgusting.(and heartbreaking)

  • Tori

    i havent got mine yet i usually get mine at midnight. i called and looked on the app and haven’t received anything yet. im from Illinois whats going on.

  • Gabriela perea

    is it ur first time that happends

  • Danger dan

    Nothing in illinois….the whole system crashed

  • heidi

    In Colorado also, I haven’t received mine.

  • John Debreux

    What is so disgusting to me is how they drag ass like its some kind of minor problem. To each his own but i have no doubt whatsoever it was pre planned and intentional.

  • John Debreux

    AS of August 8th. No

  • John Debreux

    They dont even have the common decency to make any sort of announcement explaining what happened.

  • Ladyshaye Deuces

    Yes mines were supposed to be on yesterday and nothing i renewned 7/24 nd still nothing compass says im acruve so i dont understand it

  • Ladyshaye Deuces

    Yes me too i renewed 7/24 was supposed to get it 8/7 and still nothing but compass says its active so idk wht to do next

  • Natasha Lingo

    Same here… soposed to get them the 7th We are in Illinois with two little girls and a baby nothing and no one will answer. They could’ve at least sent something out in the mail so we could’ve prepared my butt’s walking up to the DHS office to find out what’s actually going on. When I call the card it also says that I’m not even eligible now I know I didn’t miss a certification

  • MyPlanFoodStamps

    No EBT here in Portland Oregon….is this due to Trump’s b.s.? I’m #9.

    #4 people got ’em in Portland.

  • Larissa Wooten

    I was supposed to get mine on the 7th, havent got them yet and im in NC.

  • Teresa Okay

    Supposed to get mine today…nothing has been loaded. Alabama.

  • Liza

    3 days still nothing. Minnesota..

  • Pallavi Phalke

    Nothing has been loaded for months now -Arizona

  • Pallavi Phalke

    Was supposed to get money every month on the 8th and its past August 8th. I was at the grocery shop but it didnt work :(

    My EBT snap card is arizona but i travel alot to nevada and i tried to use it today :(

  • Pallavi Phalke

    same no money :(

  • Pallavi Phalke

    same :(

    This isnt cool. I am in AZ too but i frequently travel to my home state NV for a visit

  • Pallavi Phalke

    Yes in AZ and i didnt receive mine at all :(

  • Jacob Chandler Peace Jr.

    Our card is down we have two chicken breast left to eat absolutely nothing else idk what to do or how to tell my child this is her only meal when does she want it we already get so little to help us but now we have nothing to be able to buy groceries

  • June85

    I was supposed to get my EBT benefits today but nothing so what’s going on and are they fixing it right now?

  • Amanda Gullotto

    I got my approval letter Saturday and new card cause I just applied last month and now approved and said I’m getting half of July and august I went to call and it’s saying 0 balance and it says I’m approved does anyone have an idea of or when it’s gonna be fixed I’m in San Diego

  • Amanda Gullotto

    U if u live in San Diego I can help u both

  • Makanna Vintoria

    Did you get yours yet?

  • PrettyNikki1111

    Down in Georgia too!

  • K4KLA$$Y

    Down in VA as well.

  • K4KLA$$Y

    Down in VA and MS too.

  • Mahalia Johnson

    Down in NJ

  • * Born CUBAN, TEXAS raised, JE

    I went to the store (IGA) around 7:20am and it said something about operations when scanned.. so I went to the convenient store assuming something was wrong with IGA’s computer but to my surprise it di dnt work at the convenient store either… praying this is temporary

  • Christine Edwards

    Down in ma

  • Veronica


  • Angel

    We are in piggly wiggly in batesville ms and it’s a line of ppl who can’t get their groceries because of the system. This need to be fixed now cause I’m trying to get food before I leave for college

  • Karlos60

    Trader Joe’s in Manhattan. EBT declined. EBT website down.

  • Christine Edwards

    Is it still down

  • Christine Edwards

    Does any one have the status on EBT is it still down

  • Karen Brown


  • Karen Brown

    Even though l don’t receive welfare benefits, l feel bad for the families that are suffering right now. GOD OF THE UNIVERSE please touch this situation right now. NEED A BREAKTHROUGH RIGHT NOW!!

  • Karen Brown


  • Karen Brown

    This could be one of those practice runs that they’re doing before it actually happens when everyone is Marched to a FEMA camp. Except for the rich and Elite people and they have no right to play God with people’s lives

  • S. Lindsey

    I have (1) special needs little girl and I’ve also been given (3) others to raise each one under the age of 13 the youngest 18months. I work, I pay almost everything myself bc my husband is disabled and gets a partial Medicare check. I don’t like getting food but I’m taking care of everyone’s children that pay nothing toward them so I needed help, criticism from this site is horrible. The benefits which would only be my second were due today and haven’t loaded and I see there was no deposit of them???

  • Angie

    My link usually comes on the 20th of every month. So without even looking online I spent hours at the store today getting everything we really really needed and was ready to pay. I swiped my card bc I’ve never had issues and it said $0 instead I called and it said the same thing. This is in Illinois and it seems like it is still going on so I am for sure going to dhs in the morning bc I have 2 kids to raise .

  • Bakielynne

    Just left the pawtucket Rhode Island DHS office .it was packed they told us at 10.45am that nobody was going to get to speak to a case worker only to the desk.that got everyone talking .with over 40 people inside and more waiting outside the office in line at that time people began to get irrate.90% or more of the people there either did not receive their food stamps at all while others only received their cash. I’m a patient person after waiting in line for 2 hours the women at the desk did not know the answers to any of my questions .she only told me it could take 30 days to receive my stamps .she wasn’t even sure if they would reimburse me for the month of September missed.So with this i figured out what was happening something went wrong with everyones 6 month stamp renewal that was due by Aug 31st .all those papers that they now send to Boston were somehow screwed up .With the case workers and employees knowing this issue instead of announcing or posting at the entrance letting people know they mad. Bdjdjdjfjfjdjd

  • Bakielynne

    They are working on the issue acknowledge what’s happening and will fix it asap

  • Anais Maldonado

    I was supposed to get my benefits today 9/2/2017 I got approved for the whole year and my benefits didn’t come in today in the CT area has anyone else have this problem

  • Hello2017

    Same here, I’m in CT and haven’t received anything either, super frustrating /:

  • Anais Maldonado

    What part of CT your from this shouldn’t be happening I got approved for the whole year when I applied couple months ago

  • Holly

    What is CT area?

  • Anais Maldonado

    What part of Connecticut

  • Chasity Beddingfield

    I haven’t received mine today.I get mine on the 3rd I live in nc

  • Azia

    From Texas here is there anywhere u can call about this

  • Ashley

    I have two children in California one of my children is disable and my food stamps was supposed to come today on the third

  • Tricia T

    We also live in NC and did not receive ours either, we usually get ours on the 3rd as well.

  • charlier1

    I live in LA supposed to get mine on the 3rd and still nothing. Whats going on?

  • charlier1

    What part of Cali?

  • Jennifer Fisher

    I live in va received a paper last week saying I would receive my benefits not the 435th it’s 1am and nothing on my card beyond frustrated what is going on???

  • Jenn

    Still no luck in Delaware. Second day no benefits.

  • Anonymous

    Same here in va usually the 1st changed to 4th per case # but still nothing

  • Robert Sheridan

    Is there anybody in Kentucky that seven the same problems

  • Robert Sheridan

    Is there anybody in Kentucky that is having the same problems with the EBT card no deposits made

  • joi

    I’m in Texas and there are funds on the card but it says funds not available by issuing bank…

  • Christyeana Marie Oseguera

    Ontario oregon, was suppose to recieve benefits today still dont have them

  • Brandi

    No Benifits for me either, MS here. Don’t know what’s going on. Was told to talk to my caseworker but she’s off today

  • David

    Still nothing is North East CT. Called yesterday worker said they never processed my review and it was just sitting there. Said I would have them today but still nothing.

  • Ahmad Nichols

    Did you get it yet ?

  • Ahmad Nichols

    Did you get it yet ?

  • Michael

    my gf was supposed to get hers today and its now 9:51pm and still nothing

  • Annoited1

    Chesapeake VA, Portsmouth, VA No SNAP I was supposed to receive my stamps today, no stamps trying to find a pantry to feed my children

  • Katelynn Hart

    Im supposed to get mine today to. Im in North Carolina, still haven’t recieved any.

  • James Bryant

    KY here, was approved back on the 23rd of August, they said I would get my benefits on the 9th, which is today. Wondering why I haven’t gotten them yet.

  • Alexis Ann

    COLORADO we were supposed to get ours today and nothing? is this a state wide problem? this is our first time getting them. worker said deposits would be on the 9th and nothing

  • Kayla

    I’m in Alabama and I am supposed to receive mine the 6th or 9th of each month and still haven’t received anything. I’m so upset this is what feeds my daughter and I. And it’s a Saturday so can’t call anyone to find out what’s going on my 6th month review isn’t until October/November so can’t be that. Is anyone in Alabama has in issues or does anyone know what’s going on?

  • Lori Solomon

    My benefits were due on the 8th and I have not received them yet I just found out today what should I do

  • Lori Solomon

    I was late in dropping my quarterly report to CalFresh but I did drop it off in person and they said they would contact me if there was a problem so I assumed there was no problem but I have 0 left in my account after shopping today

  • Lori Solomon

    I am in Orange County California and I was supposed to receive my benefits on the 8th and apparently nothing went in and I’m frustrated as it is Saturday so I won’t find out until Monday what the problem is… Have you found out anything

  • Tony Pace

    Oregon, if I call the 800 # it says the funds are there, store machine says no balance….so 0$ available…

  • Kerrissa

    I was supposed to receive my benefits today. My husband is currently unable to work so we are trying to survive on my minimum wage paycheck with two toddlers. I was depending on that this month especially. I never received anything about the 6 month paperwork or anything. What is going on!?!

  • Anthony Field

    I was supposed to recieve my benefits on the 5th here in Texas, still nothing AND the website says I have no scheduled deposits.. Is SNAP having issues?

  • Karyn Rosenthal

    I haven’t gotten mine and in dire need to buy food. I have butter and bread in my house. There is oh so much toast a woman can eat. When will it be up and running?

  • Nick Rohleder

    Here in WA and nothing yet supposed to have gotten them on the 7th. Super hungry please fix this.

  • Tabitha

    just wanted to ask if you ever received your benefits yet. I am in Morganton NC and still haven’t received anything yet. Mine is always on at 5am on the 13th.

  • Tabitha

    Did anyone receive their benefits yet for NC. Mine was supposed to be on today and it’s not. Please let me know. Thanks

  • Advanced Painting LLC

    Same here in raleigh smh

  • Advanced Painting LLC

    This is seriously ridiculous

  • LadyT30

    KyHere: check ebt card today and no benefits. Hopefully what ever going on they will fix asap.

  • Dakayla

    has yours been fixed ?

  • Ove Banks

    Anybody in ky have there’s yet? Was supposed to get mine the 13th and didn’t get it

  • Betty Sue Gall

    I live in Savannah, Ga. Haven’t received my snap yet either I usually get them on the 5th done my renewal in July don’t know what’s going on and can’t get in touch with anyone everybody’s voicemail are full

  • Carol

    Jasper, TX here. Applied and was approved for D-SNAP Sept. 13 because of Harvey. Issued card and told to call the number on the back to set up the PIN. It just says that it is temporary unavailable and to call back later. It has been 6 days and lots of phone calls but we are only told that this is an internal EBT issue, that our application is good, money has been issued and the card is good. They are “aware of the issue and are trying to fix it”. D-SNAP is supposed to be issued within 3 days because you were in a disaster. Frustrated…

  • Leslie Mckinley

    Anyone in nc haven’t got there benefits yet

  • Kalilah SweetSaggitarius Wooda

    Supposed to get my snap benefits at 12am sept 23rd and nothing. Today is sunday so I cant even reach the office. So frustrating.

  • Michelle Turner

    Same here!! Supposed to hit 9/23.. And nothing. No pending transaction, zero balance!

  • Traci Kozakiewicz

    I’m supposed to receive my snap at midnight and have not received anything. Had my resort they called me over the phone and told me everything was fine Thursday. This is ridiculous and I can’t take a day at work or I lose my job. Was there two weeks ago and line was around building they cut everyone off in line at 10am telling everyone else to come back another day they were booked.

  • Michael Joseph Thebarge

    I was suppose to get mine at midnight too here in VA (Portsmouth) and nothing. Called the helpdesk and nothing is pending. No notice on the official site saying there is a problem. This is BS.

  • Alicia Vazquez

    Haven’t received my EBT benefits I was supposed to get it today I live in pacoima ca.
    Its Sunday I don’t think the offices open today so what the heck I’m I supposed to do.

  • kayla

    I was supposed to get them today too but there’s nothing

  • kayla

    I was supposed to receive my benefits today too and there’s nothing snap is the only way I can get food I’m a single mom and unemployed and I have a small toddler at home I really hope that this is fixed very soon for everybody

  • Dblock Bubba

    Does your work now? Cause I’m I. Ga and mines keep declining but I have a balance when I check the car

  • Brenda Sherman McDowell

    Have you got your snap benefits now?

  • Breanna Costa

    Is anyone having problems in VA? I was suppose to get mine today at midnight and when I call it says my balance is 0. I haven’t received anything in the mail. I have 2 toddlers that are going to need food.

  • Monica

    Yes I’m in Richmond and still nothing for 10/7

  • Seriously

    OMFG I’m in Missouri same thing!

  • Scott Schuster

    hey in virginia too, mine was supposed to refill on the 7th today and nothing, i still have 49 cents

  • Scott Schuster

    yes, i need food and so does my son…does this happen often this is my first real month?

  • Angel Cooper

    In Kentucky was supposed to get them today and here it is noon time and still nothing. Good thing I always call before I go. Any idea when it is supposed to be fixed

  • Monica

    I’m in Richmond va and still nothing

  • Susan Ford

    I canceled my foodstamp card on Tuesday I had 504 dollars in food stamps I got my new card today I should have had my 504 plus this months payment due to hurricane nate but when i called for balance it said 0 when will this be fixed as Monday is a holiday

  • Shonda

    I got mines it’s just short 200 dollars did the cut down take effect this month? In Richmond va

  • Mastwife

    Me too

  • Andrea Redmon

    Didn’t receive mine today either in Iowa. What is going on?

  • Lindsay

    I was supposed to get my benefits today on the 7th but received nothing…. I’m in NC, anyone else in my state have this issue?

  • Breanna Costa

    This doesn’t usually happen. This is only the 2nd month that they have done the different days to get benefits. Maybe that’s what is messing it up.

  • Breanna Costa

    Have you gotten yours? Mine still says 0 balance.

  • Yvette

    Woke up this morning to nothing.Am so frustrated. Applied last month go them day later now nothing. What the heck is going on ?? They are playing with people’s lives

  • Yvette

    Not in dc .everything gone to he’ll since new admin.

  • Yvette

    I know right? All of a sudden problems …

  • Tayy

    This is terrible, no food for 2 days this has never happened before i’ve always gotten my stamps on time, i called my center and their supervisors Friday but got no call back, now they’re going to be closed until Tuesday. I’m a New Yorker.

  • margy

    I am in Queens New York and didn’t receive mines either. I also have to wait for Tuesday to get answers.

  • Tayy

    This really sucks

  • Monic


  • Breanna Costa

    I was suppose to get my foodstamps on the 7th and my balance is still 0. Anyone else in VA still having problems?

  • Leslie

    Brooklyn ny I was supposed to receive foodstamps on October 7th and have not received anything yet!

  • Leslie

    Its funny how if we miss recertification they cut you right off , but if they have an outage or something goes wrong on their end its ok and we have to deal with it!!

  • Monica

    Still me I’m at the office now waiting to see someone

  • Scott Schuster

    i am been waiting since the 7th, seriously i have no food and its a holiday wtf

  • Hannah

    Same here. Supposed to receive ours on the 7th and nothing. I’m in NC as well.

  • Jonathan

    Let’s us know that they say please!

  • Jonathan


  • Monica

    Welllll they said nothing about system being down at all my problem was my old case worker claim she sent out a recertification paper in August for me which I never got so my October benefits didn’t come because they closed my case the end of September so I had to fill out papers which will take about 10 says they said and they have to do a phone interview I just turned in all my paystubs they need so I’m waiting to hear from them some time this week hey are short staffed and case workers are walking out the job because they have so many cases I didn’t even know my case worker switched until today

  • Kaneshia WILLIAMS

    I didn’t receive my benefits yesterday oct.8, 2017

  • Lani

    In GA and suppose to get it today but nothing

  • Concerned Citizen

    Illinois 10/10/17 Snap did not load today. I’ll wait a couple of hours and check again, but I have reported the issue. Anyone else in Illinois experiencing issues?

  • Nicole Anne Tuoc

    Yes trying to figure out what has happened

  • Terrell Shaw

    Atlanta GA. I’ve been waiting on replacement funds to load to my ebt since hurricane nate. Balance has been 0.00. Today funds were suppose to be loaded….still says ZERO! I’M SUPER HUNGRY OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T LIVE OFF OLD CRACKERS AND ICECUBES…….WTF

  • Kerry Drummond

    Im in nj and was supposed to get mine the 3rd and still have not. Who do i call? Why is this happening to everyone?

  • Jeffrey Lee Lawson

    Same next door in PA….

  • Jeffrey Lee Lawson

    Pennsylvania the same…due yesterday…still nothing and my account status is active so not a renewal issue….

  • Jackie Jenkins

    same due today still have nnot got anything

  • Amanda A Bradburn

    Supposed to get my benefits today oct. 18 but nothing I’m In Polk county FL.

  • Eric Teen’o Centeno

    Same here card showing active benefits due today but nothing. And mines post Oct 19

  • daniel royal

    My date to rccieve food stamps is oct 19 which is today an did not get them

  • Amanda A Bradburn

    I was supposed to get mine yesterday and still nothing. I’m in Lakeland FL