SNAP EBT Outage, Problems

When there are problems with SNAP EBT such as an outage or website going down people need a platform to report such issues, because this has a massive impact on customers when they need help with the government scheme to supply them with food stamp coupon replacements.

Is SNAP EBT down for you right now? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Electronic Benefit Transfer is a great program that replaces food stamp coupons, customers are supplied with a card that allow them to use in stores just like debit or credit card. But when there is an issue customers of this service can report them right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

Seeing as there are no official social media channels this is where you can let us know if you are having problems, a place where you can connect with others. Maybe your SNAP EBT card is not working in store or you have lost one and need a replacement, but having issues getting one due to customer service not being helpful etc, or you could be having problems with your food stamps, balance or benefits. If you are having issues with a store please do mention the store name and location in the comments below.

SNAP EBT status reports for Saturday 18th of August 2018

To find out if SNAP EBT is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with SNAP EBT? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jamie&Dustin Erzfeld

    I did not receive my benefits! I’m in Missouri, need help!

  • Vashti M Green

    I’m in Va Didn’t receive anything is the system down or does it comes tomorrow

  • Brittany Lineweaver

    I’m in va didn’t receive my snap today April 1st 2018

  • Darla

    I didn’t mine either

  • shaneesha purtty

    Anyone from Cali that didn’t recieve

  • Adam Shuck

    Im from oregon and i didnt receive anything. April 1st 2018 9:00am

  • Adam Shuck

    Anyone else from oregon having issues?

  • Adam Shuck

    Did you vet yours yet?

  • Destiny

    April 1st 2018 12:02pm Have not received food stamps yet. Ky

  • Leee

    I have not received my benefits either

  • Jojo Love

    Is this for food stamps or cash aid

  • Jojo Love

    Is this snap or calworks

  • Jojo Love

    Is this for cash or food stamps

  • Adam Shuck


  • Jojo Love

    Hmm very weird I’m in Cali I’m supposed to expect mine tomorrow but Im going on our website says it’s temporary down to check back later

  • Jojo Love

    I’m wondering if it’s because it’s a holiday?

  • Mary Matangi

    Me either in California and no deposit 10:06

  • Aimee Johnson

    Anyone get theirs yet?

  • deejay

    Nope. Southern california

  • Jojo Love

    I think system down because of holiday I would wait till next business day ?I’m not sure of it but I would call your local office tomorrow .

  • Lori A.

    Not in Arizona yet…

  • Lisa Sanderson Smith

    still waiting in ca but doubt anything will be done today cant even call anyone

  • Vanessa Avalos

    I live in Victorville no cash benefits yet it sucks
    I guess food benefits people did get it cause my friend did

  • Vanessa Avalos

    Yes in Victorville but my friend did get her food stamps

  • Mark Andrews

    No Food benefits in New Jersey! Anyone else?

  • Mike Marks

    I live in Maryland didn’t get my food stamps today either

  • Kia

    I’m in Cali Victorville and I haven’t received my cash or food stamps today I’ve been panicking help please do anyone know what’s going on?

  • crysta

    Have you received yours yet? I live in ky also and haven’t received mine.

  • BurningPwnage

    im having issues with mine as well

  • Mae Graciano

    I havnt recieved my food stamps yet. And it says my card is still active. What is going on

  • Sabrina Nicolaisen

    Still nothing here in alaska

  • Kay

    Whats going on I just started on snap and when I check to see if my card was reloaded it still said I only have .88 on it I’m a full time student and only a part time worker is this getting fixed???

  • Alexis Salazar

    I’m in menifee Southern California and have not received my cash . My card hasn’t been filled and it’s 1:04 pm . My worker as always, hasn’t called me back and not at her desk to answer my calls . Operators don’t know what’s going on either , they sound clueless .

  • deejay

    I got mine. Both cash and food about an hour ago.

  • deejay

    Southern California

  • Shante Gatling

    I still haven’t got mine

  • Justine Kalb

    I’m in Colorado and I haven’t received mine either

  • Cheryl Reay

    Didn’t get my snap benefits today in Connecticut , anyone else in CT?

  • Kelsey Troy

    Me either

  • Justthefacts

    I’m on Long Island NY. my SNAP balance still says $0. Why are so many people around the country having the same problem??

  • Tamara Johnson

    I didn’t get my benefits in Chicago anyone else? What’s going on??

  • Daniel Wintercorn

    I didnt either. Wtf

  • Jacob Godwin

    Same, I live in Alaska as well.

  • M

    I haven’t gotten mine either in CO I wonder what’s up!

  • Samantha M. (Proud to b called

    I’m in Illinois, I just did my redetermination. They said it’s still pending and I won’t be getting them for at least another week or more due to back logged cases.

  • Jessica Pedrin

    My balance is still $0 I was supposed to get them at midnight? I have a baby and need to buy formula. Anyone else having this problem???? HELP

  • Richelle Youngblood Woodley

    Yes, I was supposed to have mine this morning as well and we have nothing.

  • Marie Duncan


  • Marie Duncan

    Me either and I’ve checked numerous times

  • Marie Duncan

    Just checked again and still $0.00 balance

  • Marie

    Same problem supposed to get mine today and nothing either smh of course it’s subday

  • Marie

    And I’m in Florida

  • Brittny Coalson

    I live in Maryland and I’m having the same problem checked this morning and nothin and of course it’s saturday so can’t call the local social service!

  • Naiara English

    Same here in va

  • Stephanie

    So it’s down today? & no it’s Saturday & you can’t call the local office this is very frustrating

  • Marie Duncan


  • Marie Duncan

    You ever receive yours

  • Elizabeth A Snowe

    Mines down too and I’m in pa

  • endyia c

    mines im in ga 0.00 balance

  • John Wick

    Southern Illinois. Benefits didn’t come either.

  • Del

    I’m in Ohio haven’t gotten my benifits and I usually get them on the 6th

  • Jessica Pedrin

    Did you ever end up receiving your snap benefits

  • Richelle Youngblood Woodley

    No, nothing here

  • Laura

    I’m in central new York nothing here either

  • Brotnry

    Anyone in Kansas have this problem?

  • Sebastian Ellis

    I haven’t received benefits that were due for today

  • Sebastian Ellis

    I’m in California and have not received benefits that were scheduled for today? Anyone else having the same issue?? God bless.

  • Cheryl Reay

    In in Connecticut and was supposed to get mine on April 3rd and still have not received it anybody in Connecticut having the same problem?

  • Christina Tirado

    I am in Ulster County and was supposed to get mine on the 8th and nothing this never happened before I did leave my dss worker a voicemail to let know the situation that’s what you all should do atleast your dss worker would know what date I hope everyone gets the help I sure do need it I am a single mother of 2 that I actually lost my job due to getting hurt so I hope this gets fixed

  • Brittney

    Yes I was supposed to get mine and nothing

  • Delores Members

    I’m in Illinois and I was supposed to receive mine 9 days ago and nothing, what a surprise when I got to the register.

  • JustMyThoughts

    I was supposed to receive mine today in NC and I didn’t… Who do I call? The 800 number dosent actually let you talk to a person.

  • dorothea Olloway


  • dorothea Olloway

    This is the number i called to report and there trying to fix it but nothing yet.(217) 524-7448

  • dorothea Olloway

    (217) 524-7448

  • dorothea Olloway

    This is the number i called to report my problem and there trying to find out whats going on tgey say its a glitch in the system(217) 524-7448

  • dorothea Olloway

    Have you recieved your yet

  • dorothea Olloway

    I havent either but i called this number (217) 524-7448 and they say its a glitch in the system maybe you should report your’s as well ,they say their try to see whats going on

  • dorothea Olloway

    (217) 524-7448 try reporting to them i have and there working on it

  • Michael Sharp

    I did “not” recieve my EBT benefits on my EBT card yesterday either folks, this is crazy!

  • Natlie Mcgee

    Apllied back in January at the Humboldt Park location. My application is still peding. I have a 3 year old who’s disabled. I’m barely getting by working as a Caregiver. I don’t know what to do no one at the office is telling me anything.

  • Linzy Cooksey

    I wonder who it is n I wonder why they take the weekend off if they are backed n I also wonder why they didn’t call or relay anything. I feel subjected!

  • tiffany dejesusT

    Im in maine and everytime i call about benefits it says temporarily cant reach your account calk back later and i have not received anything

  • Lisa Parsley

    hit 0 only. dont hit anything else or you can do the lost or stolen option. ive had to do that. In VA

  • King tut

    Hey im in baltimore is anyone in baltimore getting a 0 balance stamps was supposed to hit may 1st still nothing

  • Boom boom

    I’m in Delaware mine was suppose to post today nothing what is going ona

  • Will

    Still no stamps what’s going on

  • Crystle

    I am in Texas and haven’t received any of my benefits?

  • Detroit vs Everybody

    I’m and Michigan was suppose to get my stamps at 12 on the 5th still say 0

  • Gayle

    My benifits were loaded on the 1st and we’re supposed to be available on the 5th but they r not there

  • Amanda

    In Tennessee and nothing this morning. Anyone else having any issues?

  • Nana Sharon

    mississippi still no stamps this and no info on where they are, looking at letter showing i get them from last month but nothing yet this month. and the local news has no clue either

  • Amanda

    I went to the snap website in my state, and it tells me cased closed. Called # on back of the card and customer service says nothing pending.
    Not sure what’s going on, but were up to date with everything.
    I Hate having to depend on the government for anything. Sigh….

  • Jessie Capuchino

    Texas,I didn’t get mine today either!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Almost a month later and still nothing! No letter and no one is answering phones at the Food stamp office

  • Joshua J Mcginniss

    Yes your not the only one we have not gotten our today like we should have either

  • Crystal Manuel

    In michigan, I got my stamps on third and my cash said it was deposited when I called number on first but I never received it on the 5th at midnight like usual …. smh not sure what’s going on 🙁

  • Jim

    I can’t even log into website says server not found

  • Kelly

    I got my food stamps last month late and now my food stamps haven’t came i don’t understand

  • Leshia Shamblin

    My bf hasn’t received his food stamps yet? What’s going on?

  • Dana

    Scheduled to receive on the 6th in IOWA…Still nothing?

  • Nan Gon

    This happened to me 7 months ago apparently. Looked up on my comments. When I called they said they had to manually put mine in because they didn’t go thru for whatever reason and it didn’t hit my account til the day after. Smh always something, I can’t wait to not need government assistance

  • kurt 101 cobain

    I receive my benefits on the 6th of every month and today is may the 7th and there is still nothing on my card! I live in Ohio, does anyone know what’s going on ? I really count on the little bit of money that I get, I’m a single father on disability so I live check to check, and I really need the money to feed me and my son,

  • Nan Gon

    Just to update. I called the 1800 number and they said I had to do a mid report. I never got any notice and when I call it says I’m good til October smh. Anyways I went today and they fixed it quickly. Should drop in the next 2 days

  • Marge Huddleston

    Lrgmarg ….. California here. It’s the 8th of May and my food stamps were supposed to come in on May 5th. Still nothing! What is going on?

  • Margaret Roberts

    Supposed to get snap on the 8th, still nothing after four calls and two voicemails to the local office.

  • Bryan

    Has anyone in new jersey gotten there ebt yet? Please let me know.

  • Bryan

    Is the ebt down in new jersey as well?

  • Michelle

    I’m in NYC right now and I called at 3 pm and my balance was at 529.36
    I went to the store to get groceries and the cost was 35.27 but my card declined I called the EBT and it said I temporarily can’t access my account, what do I do?

  • Paris oneal

    Snap is definetly down but for how long is the question tho

  • James B Brunelle

    Gainesville fl, I have no balance on my card and all the paperwork I ha e says I’m supposed to get them on the 12th

  • Leticia I Noel

    I’m in ky and I am sopost to get mine the 13th today there always on by 12. Nothing what’s going on

  • Brittany b

    I didnt get mine either… Was supposed to have today also in ky.

  • Sarah Spann

    Im in Ms my card isnt working either. I was suppose to get my monthly allowance and it says my balance is 0.00.

  • Tayla B

    In Georgia I check my card today and nothing there, I’ve called my case worker and no answer.

  • Michelle

    In Bowling Green and I didn’t receive my snap benefits today. Does anyone know if there is something going on with the system today?

  • Maria

    I’m in Ohio and Mine were supposed to be loaded today and nothing.

  • Kelly

    Did it ever come?

  • Chelsie

    I was supposed to he reloaded today May 21, 2018 and it hasn’t came in. I’m in Georgia

  • Chelsie

    Mine hasn’t!

  • Christian

    I have my EBT from Alabama and I am currently working in California for the summer, but my card hasn’t worked at 3 different locations, what’s the problem ?

  • Gatorroyal 1435

    Same for us. We’re in Florida.

  • A. M.

    Has anyone in California had problems today June 1, 2018 with their benefits not ubeing on their card?

  • Ezay

    Yeah I haven’t got mine yet either Sacramento ca

  • Insufficient funds

    My card didn’t reload either today on June 1…I’m in Oregon, any others in Oregon having issues with this?

  • Destiny adams

    Same here

  • Bill

    I’m in New Jersey and just got back from the grocery store, tried to checkout and June’s balance wasn’t on the card. Called the number and only had 4 dollars from last months balance. Haven’t received a denial letter in the mail so nervous. After reading all these comments I see I’m not alone. Anyone else in NJ having issues?

  • Bill

    Nj here and nothing on our card for June. We get it on the 1st every month.

  • Bill

    I’m in New Jersey and having the same issue.

  • Bill

    New Jersey here and nothing. Of course it’s friday and they are closed on the weekend..

  • Bill

    Did you ever get it fixed?

  • Bill

    I’m in New Jersey and nothing today. What’s going on?

  • Brittany Ricker

    I’m in north Dakota and haven’t gotten mine either

  • Lejon DaXclusiv Senior

    Did u get ur benefits yet

  • Vanessa Davis

    Yeah, me. Today was my reload day and I’ve been using it all day and at 1:15ish it stopped working.

  • Kayla

    Same here. Bought something at store and then went to atm and it stopped working 🙁

  • Jen

    I got my benefits but can not use them no one can in Ca all stores here said system is down.


    Mine hasnt reloaded either, there is only 11 dollars from last month.


    And I live in CA, I checked once again and still my card has not reloaded

  • Dehlia Williamson

    I hope Trump didn’t mess us up. I’m going to be very pissed off if he did!!!!

  • Dehlia Williamson

    The system was down I couldn’t check at all.

  • Dehlia Williamson

    I couldn’t get my cash aid off my card today so embarrassing.

  • Corey Curtis

    Always get ebt on 2nd. Never any problems . lesson learned call and check b4 tryn to buy. Didnt recieve today June 2nd 2018 Anderson county Tennessee.

  • Richard Verrier

    Rhode island no benefits yet. Suppose to be the first.

  • Lorraine Painter

    I’m in Illinois and freaked out when stamps weren’t loaded.. Due on 1st.

  • Dorene

    Yes. I’m in NJ. None on mine either.

  • Marybeth Justine Mitsch-Quinon

    Never got mine .Was supposed to be in today . What the hell is going on?

  • Kifa

    I recieced my benefits but can use my card due to an outage in fresno california…

  • Kifa


  • Lejon DaXclusiv Senior

    Im in riverside and didnt receive any benefits they were suppose to drop yesterday

  • Kyle “smokes” s

    June 3 2018 still haven’t got ours yet.hope we get it soon!!!

  • Victoria Ortega

    In co usually get mine the 2 no denial letter office is closed cause of weekend I am literally broke and I just lost my job so I’m kinda depending on this now for car payment n food this month so I can look for a job this is ridiculous n thankfully I use them for back up when I don’t have a job but rn this is not koo what’s goin on ? I live in Colorado, Pueblo

  • Alanie

    I’m in Virginia I didn’t get anything today the 4th and the site says 0.00 balance but still active I’m pretty sure the system is down. It’s nothing here to eat I was really looking forward to food shopping today and I’m broke.

  • telina thomas

    Yesterday june 3 went to the store at 6:30 a.m. no problem. Later on went back to the store and the employee said cash only the system is down im thinking its just that store goes to another one and the same thing whats going on we need to feed our kids from hemet califorina

  • Shelia Jones

    Ok…everyone who commented did not receive their EBT…the question is why?
    How come we were not informed…it’s a reason…it is so frustrating when people who really need these resources are caught up in the system of things without a notice or explanation. If I did not need it I would not have applied for it…I am disabled and now I can’t eat…it is really sad.

  • Sherry Applegate

    Yes welfare told me the state took over and they are sending me a later to fill out and send back to state and they will decide if I get my food stamps and that’s everyone should have gotten a letter and state will decide if I get food stamps again so I didn’t get my stamps this month either and welfare send they can’t tell me how long it will take

  • Sherry Applegate

    He did he signed a order couple months ago if you get any benefits you have to work 20 hours a week or look for work 20 hours a week or loose benefits

  • Sherry Applegate

    He did like I said in other text the state will send you a letter to fill out then you have to send it back and wait

  • Flower Child11:11

    Ok guys it’s back up and running for a couple of days I couldn’t see anything pending or no funds deposited, I just checked at 10am it says it will be on my card tomorrow which is 6/6 supposed to have gotten them on the 4th I’m in Chicago.

  • Donna Singletary

    Thanks for the info

  • Skyler ventress

    I am supposed to receive my food stamps today and I called to check on them and haven’t received anything yet. I just wanna know why ?

  • Lorraine Painter

    Hi….In in Chicago also…didn’t get stamps for this month either….can NEVER get thru to my local office. voicemailboxes are always full. frustrating. I’m a disabled senior and can’t go to office in person. Its a shame the way this city works.

  • Tina

    New Haven Ct, no ebt food sat in Dss office all day(handed my redetermination in
    5/5/18..) was told I would have ebt food funds today..None.They say they are swamped and that things are getting processed super slowly☹️.

  • Skyler ventress

    I was supposed to receive my food stamps yesterday 06/06/2018 and I called there was nothing and still nothing today…. Could someone explain.? A family friend got there’s the same day but I havent. I have a family to feed!

  • Skyler ventress

    I was supposed to receive my food stamps yesterday 06/05/2018 and I called there was nothing and still nothing today…. Could someone explain.? A family friend got there’s the same day but I havent. I have a family to feed!

  • Herbalist30

    Anyone in SC? I was supposed to get them on the 4th but so far nothing. Never had this problem before. I’m certified thru November, so it’s not paperwork…

  • Erica

    Anyone having issues in Sullivan county in New York suppose to get snap nothing today at all

  • Guest

    San Francisco nothing loaded. Any word on what’s going on?

  • Guest

    Berrien mi. No benefits loaded. Called customer service and they said call my case worker right away in the morning and we’ll it’s Saturday

  • Kay

    I was supposed to get mine on 6/8 nothing yet.

  • Melina

    Was supposed to receive mine today June 10th but nothing and its Sunday and can’t get a hold of anyone

  • Martin Rico

    Me too I was supposed to get mine today. Is yours out of oklahoma?

  • Martin Rico

    Was supposed to receive my stamps today and for whatever reason did not. I’m out of oklahoma. Anyone else dealing with this?

  • Griffin Michael

    Same today the 10th, but I’m in SC

  • Christina Coates

    I was supposto receieve mine on the 1st still nothing, im in New York,

  • Hope Warren

    Supposed to receive mine yesterday, the 10th. Went to buy groceries and still nothing today. What is going on? Tried calling, cant reach anyone. In Illinois…

  • Mia Riggs

    Called to see my balance since I receive them on the12 th, it says your account be assessed right now. This has never happened, I haven’t received any letters from them. I’m confused and upset, I spent on them to eat the second part of the month. Every penny I get after paying my rent/ utilities/ phone goes to food. The cost of food cost much v. I’m in Arkansas, any one else having this problem in my state???

  • Mia Riggs

    I meant can’t be assessed right now.

  • Jimena Aguilar

    I’m in Arkansas as well, suppose to receive them today on the 12th. Won’t let me hear balance or anything.

  • Racheal Payne

    I’m in Arkansas too and it won’t let me do anything either

  • Cheyanna

    I am located in Missouri. I was supposed to receive my stamps today the 12th but they were not there. Tried to call the number on the back of the card. No on came to the phone when i picked the option for card and pin issue. I never recieved a letter or anything

  • Ng

    I can see my balance but it won’t work when I try to buy food. Smh very embarrassing I hope they get this fixed !!! I can’t get through to anyone on the phone.

  • Deena Michelle

    Todays the 12 was suppose to get my stamps nothing on card nyc

  • Brittany De Nyse

    I’m in CA. I got mine on Sunday. Went and bought a few things yesterday. I go to the market today and my card wont work. The store says the entire system is down. I called customer service and the automated voice said the system was down and to call back at a later time. Does anyone know what’s happening?

  • Doria Loggan

    Says a lot io states are being affected same way due to a computer gliche. But when I tried to log into their website, it said website maintenance

  • Claire

    Located in San Diego same thing. System is completely down hopefully turned back on soon. Does anyone have an info on how long it is going to be down for?

  • Nicole J Bartlein

    I just learned that lesson tonight. Smdh

  • Jonathan Manuel Alcantara

    The EBT Food system seems to be down in all of san diego

  • Ali

    My ebt card didn’t work today. Bummed. The cashier said system was down. Anyone know when we can buy food again.

  • Michael Buffalo Smith

    I always get my benefits on the 19th. For four years now. Today I see a zero balance. I sure hope the problem is fixed soon. I hte to depend on the government, but I have to. Totally disabled. I hope someone will email me when it is back up. I live alone and am totally disabled. Thanks.

  • Michael Buffalo Smith

    I also got no letter or warning. Nothing.

  • Maria

    When I call my card and press 3 it says no new monthly benefits have been released at this time. Does that mean they never fixed the problem from last time? (in Ohio)

  • T

    EBT is still down. It is 8:30 AM EST. I called and she said jsut to keep calling the number, once you get your balance the system is back up.

  • Michael Buffalo Smith

    Thank you for posting. I spent all day yesterday and never was able to get a live person on the phone. Not to be a whiner, but I live alone and am totally disabled with noi food in the house, so this i really important to me as it is to the rest of us. Hooing and praying.

  • Sarah

    I shopped for 2 hours this morning at walmart. Called before I went in and heard mt balance. Get to check out and they run my cars 5 times. Called to check it again ,wouldn’t tell me a balance. An hour later I finally got to leave. It went through on walmarts side but not ebts. So whatever it is its an ebt problem. It finally went through and let me hear my balance when I got home. Nothing like an empty pantry, 4 kids, and a cart full of groceries almost being put back.

  • cristal ramirez

    Went to aldi and my ebt card didn’t work. Today is my scheduled date to get food money on there. Called the 800 number to check balance and it said 0 balance. What is going on? Should I be going to the office?

  • April Tanner

    I went to the store to buy food system is still down in Louisiana Des anyone know when it will be working again

  • Sherry Applegate

    I got my letter last week because they sent first later to old address and I still haven’t gotten any food stamps this month I hope I get them next month

  • Janelle Willis

    Does anyone know if EBT is working again?

  • Michael Buffalo Smith

    What did the letter say? I haven’t seen one or heard anything from them and can’t get a human being on the phone. No news. Nothing. Still a zero balance on my card. Supposed to be filled the 19th. Anybody hearing any reports at all?

  • Sherry Applegate

    Because they said had to fill out letter and tell them if my situation change and send it back to state so I did but no food stamps this month

  • Michael Buffalo Smith

    Still a zero balance on my card. Has anyone heard any news? Or spoken to a real live person? Help!

  • Ted Love

    I only received 5.99 on my cash When I’m supposed to get 22.50

  • Jossie Montalvo

    Im located at Illinois, I have been waiting since March2018 , I called the office and they claim they are very behind with everyone’s case ! No letter nothing I checked online and still my balance is zero !

  • Michael Buffalo Smith

    This is driving me crazy. As a disabled person, I am depending on the computer and the UIS mail to get information. I call and get put on hold and no one ever answers. Waited over 90 minutes last time! I check for news online and find none. If any of you hear anything about what is going on, please post it here. My SNAP day was June 19 and I can’t get ANY information and my card balance is zero. Thank you.

  • Melissa G

    6/28/18 my card was declined because my card was reported lost/stolen. My card is in my hand, I did not report it lost or stolen and I can not get through to customer service. Anyone else experiencing this? located in Pico Rivera CA, declined at Walgreens.

  • Maria S

    try calling california ebt help line at 877-200-5117. following the prompts fixed my card.

  • N.s

    I am supposed to get them now on July 1st and nothing what the hell is going on I have a disabled daughter that has a certain diet as well as myself because I just got jaw surgery and I am on a liquid diet can’t buy stuff to make my protein drinks need the stamps ASAP

  • Tawny

    Where are you located?

  • Nik

    I live in NC, my food stamps were supposed to refill on the 21st of June. Still nothing on my card at all. I’m pregnant and rely on EBT until I’m able to go back to work. Anyone else experienced this in NC?

  • Alicia Hess

    I live in VA and my stamps should have hit today July 1 but saying 0 balance???

  • Kala Sluss

    I always get mine on the first and I also have a 0 balance.

  • Nola s

    I always receive my stamps on the first, as of midnight now being the 2nd i haven’t received mine!!!!

  • Michael Buffalo Smith

    Disabled and living hand to mouth in South Carolina. Was supposed to get mine June 19. Still nothing, No explaination. No news. No notices. No letter. What is going on? Help!

  • Cassy Campbell

    Was supposed to get new balance on the 1st of this month. I checked and it now says my new benefits will be available next month on the 1st. We have a little one and bills take up all our money. I hope this gets resolved soon.

  • Angelina

    I always, get mine on the 1st I’m in San Antonio but it isn’t there. Come on, people stop fooling around

  • Brant Snedeger

    Well, it’s the 2nd of April and I didn’t receive my calfresh benefits like I have been for a couple years. All my paperwork and reporting is current and I can not get in contact with anyone from the office. I’m in S. California. Anyone else facing this problem?

  • Jas D

    So im out here in NV and its July 3rd and i still dont have my foodstamps. What should i do?

  • Jessi Mae Gregg

    My EBT was supposed to reload today & Isn’t here. Idk who to call or what to do. Im in kansas. I have a 9 month old that needs to eat & I dont have a job atm

  • Alex Havoc

    I think it’s weird there was no warning and even after going to my local office they said should be anytime today and that was yesterday.
    This is more than a glitch someone hit the kill switch, luckily I teach my kids to eat healthy and portion control and we do alot of meal prep but for those of you that live from one potatoe chip bag to the next this is gonna suck.

  • Savannah Parker

    Mine were supposed to refill today and idk what to do about it we have no food in the house and no money. I have a 6 month old baby

  • Lavonda Banks

    What state are you in

  • Justene Morlan

    Mine were supposed to be on today to. MN

  • Morenike Arraheem

    Hey did you every get yours? I’m in VA as well and should’ve hit today.

  • Amber Buman

    Mine should’ve came one the 1st of July and they haven’t came yet and I have no food to feed my 5 year old son

  • iibitchzrule

    Completely, annoying I have an interview coming up with the EBT. I have, to renew my application. They don’t tell you, or mail you anything about renewal. Luckily, we have family members when can call and we have a food pantry near us. We only have 4 dollars. We are struggling to pay electricity but other than that we are good. I feel very very, sorry for all the people who have little ones. And or people who have no way to get food. I apologize, if my problem gets fixed I would tell you too try it too but, I don’t think it’s gonna work. My main, thing was probably cause holidays. But no clue. I have my hopes up for everyone have a nice day

  • Michael Buffalo Smith

    Still no word. Mine come on the 19th. No SNAP in June. No,news. No answers if I call. Disabled living alone. I guess I have to find a way to the local office and see if I get an answer. Somehow I doubt it.

  • I was supposed to get my foodstamps Today on the 5th of July and havent gotten them still. Is Anyone else having this issue as well? Ive been getting them on the 5th of each month and Just Today i havent gotten them yet. Its strange

  • Kara Beltran

    I’m in Virginia nothing yet

  • Saphire Blue

    I am having the same issue. I’ve heard the holiday has thrown things off schedule. Do they not know the 4th of July will be on the 4th of July, every year? Deadlines should be met by some simple pre- planning. IMO
    Here’s hopping all gets back to normal after today!

  • Saphire Blue

    I am having the same issue. I’ve heard the holiday has thrown things off schedule. Do they not know the 4th of July will be on the 4th of July, every year? Deadlines should be met by some simple pre- planning. IMO
    Here’s hopping all gets back to normal after today! 🙂

  • Stevie Can

    I was suppose to get mine on the 4th and still nothing. I’m on my way to the office now. I will post when I return. #Chicago

  • Michael Buffalo Smith

    Can’t be the holiday. Been like this since my due date June 19 and for more than a month for many.

  • Samantha L

    I am from ohio and i still have not got mine.

  • Samantha L

    I was suppose to get my food stamps today and Nothing maybe its Holiday problems? I am pregnant and have a 2 year old and we have only a couple items left.

  • Derrick Anthony

    Didn’t receive my food stamps any updates on wen it might come

  • SH

    My daughter and I are both disabled. We’ve been receiving food stamps since she was a baby and she’s 8 now. The holiday has never affected it. I too am in the process of waiting on a call back from a worker because with all these issues it seems you can’t even hope to contact Someone from the call center.

  • Alexander Hudson

    I was suppose to get my food stamps yesterday still haven’t received it

  • Lilian Williams

    I was supposed to receive food stamps today and it didn’t come through. My food stamps/case is open and working through December

  • L Corona

    I was supposed to get them the 1st and nothing still, it’s the 6th already. In New Mexico.

  • BMC

    I’m in Mississippi and I have 5 kids and I check my card as I’m heading I to the gro store and no benefits at all!! Whats going on?

  • NA

    I have a store and the SNAP/EBT is down right not they told me it is some king of update.upgrade their doing

  • glorimar rodriguez

    I always get my stamps on the 6th of every month, I only got my cash and no stamps….what’s going on

  • Empris Emelia Emiyah

    Any updates

  • Teresa Powell

    I was supposed to get my family assistance on the fifth also im in alabama wonder whats going on i called the number on card and the deposit has been made but is not on card

  • Olga Pesic

    My card still has not reloaded! …since June 20th!..several weeks and nothing…benefits renewed 3 months ago and account active…this is sad…ohio

  • Ashley

    I used my snap benefits today around 11 am at Wal-Mart and no issues. Now, I am at sprouts and they are telling me EBT is down for thirty minutes and they will hold my food until the system is back up. I didn’t receive any notification or alert saying the system would be down! This is so embarrassing and time consuming.

  • Hailey

    I was suppose to receive my benefits July 8th and around 3am (Tennessee) my stuff SNAP benefits wasn’t reloaded onto my card. Today is the 9th almost 6:00pm and still nothing. I’ve contacted my social worker since 8am this morning and HAVE YET to receive a call back! This is beyond ridiculous! I’m pregnant and have a small income and need my groceries bad. Help..

  • Sh

    So I was to receive mine in Iowa 7/4. I didn’t. Been four days. I tried calling the local office and nothing back. I hadn’t been trying to call the call center you can use to make changes and no one would ever answer and the hold times we’re insane but today I thought it’s 5:30pm I’m going to call now since they close at 6pm. It only took 20 minutes to find out that my case even tho showing active on the site was cancelled because I didn’t complete my recertification paperwork. I did just move so maybe the old landlord was mad I called him out in court about the recurring issues in the house and made sure I didn’t get it. Either way this recertification came a month early as I just recertified in February but that was my issue. If anyone is having issues I recommend calling within 15 minutes before your call center closes and they can read you notes on your account or just assume and reapply online. If you’re delayed they’ll catch it and call you and wonder what you’re doing and now you have someone on the phone to ask what’s going on or you’ll be ahead of the game because reapplying is the same as recertifying the applying will just take longer but can be done online and you don’t have to wait for paperwork and have your families starve while waiting on snail mail

  • Amanda

    I’m supposed to get my food snaps on the 10th each month checked it today nothing went in this for this month
    I’m in South Carolina anybody else having this problem

  • Pacman

    I am sceduled to receive my food benefits on the 10th. Nothing as of yet. -California

  • Laquinton

    I was supposed to receive my stamps on the 10th of every month until Dec 2018. Today is the 10th and nothing has been added.

  • Sherry Applegate

    This is bull I sent my letter back a month ago still no food stamps and can’t even get on ebt web site card still saying o what the hell have no income nobody is saying anything in NJ of what is. Going on

  • El Gary No Lackin

    Whom do I call to figure out why I did not receive any food stamps this month?

  • Sarah Carnahan

    My EBT balance did not load this month. This is the first time this has ever happened.

  • Jan Wyckoff Freyburgher

    Haven’t got mine either they were due yesterday

  • Gino Larussa

    Mine were suppose to be on this morning and there not there . I’m in Louisiana

  • Gino Larussa

    I was suppose to receive my snap benefits at 7/14/2018 at 5a.m standard time and have not received them . Anyone else having this problem???

  • Gino Larussa

    Where are you located ?

  • Keyshia Garner

    Same here. I didn’t receive mine either. What’s going on with the government?

  • Gino Larussa

    What state are you in ?

  • Keyshia Garner

    I am in tennessee.

  • Gino Larussa

    I’m in Louisiana

  • Keyshia Garner

    Why is there not a 24 hour 7 day hotline somewhere yo help with issues like these??

  • Keyshia Garner

    Apparently, it’s a nationwide problem. Besides the fact that the govt doesn’t give a dang on the weekends, I wonder what the state representatives are eating today…

  • Sarah Carnahan

    I’m located in Maine. We tried calling but of course, they said we need to contact the office on Monday. 🙁

  • Gino Larussa

    Yea it sucks

  • Lorie

    Did yours ever come? I was suppose to get mine today and they didn’t go on there. I’m in KY

  • Gino Larussa

    Still have not received anything!!!

  • Wende Mcdowell

    In georgia
    I was suppose to receive my snap benefits at 7/15/2018 and have not received them . Anyone else having this problem???

  • Jan Wyckoff Freyburgher

    Michigan here

  • Gino Larussa

    Yes same here in Louisiana must be nation wide

  • Destiny

    I’m in TN also, I was supposed to get mine today and haven’t received anything

  • Kacy miller

    I just purchased some items at the store but I had to pay 3$ our of pocket but my ebt has enough money to pay the full transaction. Can someone please help me? I called but they just said to call back tomorrow the system is down .

  • Michael Buffalo Smith

    In SC. Still have not received mine for June. Supposed to be the 19th. It will soon be time for the next month. Have had to sell off things just to eat. Cannot get a live person on the phone locally, state or national. No returned emails. Nothing on the news.

  • Northstar

    Yes the same here 7/15 wasn’t reloaded. I got 3 different reasons why there is a problem. 1 new system 2, the government is waiting to pass no chips soda ect.. law and until it passes no food stamps disbursement and that there is a glitch in the system due to previous system that they have been using.
    It’s 2018 the system EBT hasn’t been working right since June 1 2018 on the west coast..
    The government has other agendas because with today’s technology no reason for infants and children to be going hungry. Adults shouldn’t be going hungry either.
    Farmer’s treat their livestock better than the government treats people.

  • She wright

    Has anyone in Missouri not been able to get theirs I’m supposed to get mine tomorrow

  • Mac Wildstar

    Michigan still down. Been down since last Friday.

  • Yvette

    We are in Georgia, I was supposed to get ours on the 15th…this is horrible…I got two kids and we have no money to buy food…there is nothing on the actual websites and I haven’t received any kind of email…call your news channels and get the word out!

  • Yvette

    So update…I received my benefits according to the EBT website, but when I went to try to use it I was told I had a zero balance.

  • Sherry Applegate

    Still nothing on card two months Kno sent letter Back nothing

  • Nathan

    Nothing here in Alabama was supposed to be loaded on 7/15 got 3 young children and still nothing

  • Sherry Applegate

    I’m browns Mills NJ sent my letter back two months ago and still haven’t received my food stamps don’t even no if I’ll get them back I’m tired of calling number on card because it keeps saying 0

  • Jada s

    In Michigan haven’t received stamps on due date, rely on timely deposit all out if food

  • Sherry Applegate

    I wouldn’t right on here anymore not going get anywhere with righing sent my letter back almost three months ago and still no food stamps I think it’s a waiting game this site can’t do anything

  • Sherry Applegate

    I didn’t get mine I sent letter back almost three months ago and still nothing and I’m in nj so I didn’t get mine

  • WhereismyEBTimhungry

    I live in Florida, my benefits were supposed to be on today. But with it being a weekend I can’t call. But best believe I’ll be up in that office come Monday, I’m actually happy to hear I’m not the only one going through this. And for the lady that’s been waiting 3 months, I suggest you go into the office to clear things up, they could have got your letter mixed up in mail.

  • Sherry Applegate

    Well after two months got my food stamps on Saturday but when I went yesterday to get a gallon of milk from Wawa card didn’t go through what is going on I’m in NJ and I can’t use my card this is bull and nobody can’t tell me anything

  • Courtney Jones

    I live in Oregon and my EbT card stopped working yesterday. It was working on Friday.

  • Zay T Mcclain

    I live in Oregon and my stamps have not been loaded to my card yet.

  • Rachel Johnstone

    Same here

  • Zay T Mcclain

    I just called again and they are there but the website you use to check your balance is down right now, even the EBT app is down right now.

  • Rachel Johnstone

    Mine still aren’t there.. hoping they will be there by the time I’m off work

  • Kimberly Green

    I live in Pennsylvania and when I called the 800 number they said my file was being reviewed even though I talked to my case worker last week and he promised to have everything pushed through by August 1st but I still have no money on my food card this is the first time this has ever happened and the customer service lady is trying to tell me that it’s just me, nobody else is being affected. I don’t know who or what to believe

  • Marie Reels

    I live in Nevada, no deposit has been posted on my account.. yikes!

  • Carli Deutsch

    Minnesota …nothing:( anyone else? Or is it working

  • Kimberly Green

    Still nothing in Pennsylvania and I have my case workers direct line but he is refusing to pick up so I have a feeling something is going on and they’re just not going to tell us. Customer service said that it could be weeks to months and I’m a single mother of two children with no job due to severe health issues

  • Kimberly Green

    I’m in Pennsylvania, I could be wrong but I think they only load your card once a day and that’s between midnight and 6 a.m. I believe

  • Jenn

    I live in ct. anyone else not get it there? My friend got hers but I didn’t.

  • Carli Deutsch

    I was told by mine that Minnesota were up and running. Still nothing on my card

  • Zay T Mcclain

    I would call the EBT customer service line

  • Zay T Mcclain

    Oh Nvm I see you have. Maybe you’ll have to wait until tomorrow, I hope it comes through

  • Daniel Gorghuber

    Still late for cash benefits in Minnesota

  • Charles James Seltenright

    Nothing on my account here in Michigan, nothing in the mail or from a call either, kind of frustrating.
    They should at least post on the website when there are issues.

  • Marg

    Keeps saying they are temporarily having issues accessing my account

  • Erin Blair

    Just had to leave all my groceries at the checkout because market basket says your system isn’t working

  • JJ1964

    I was at Trader Joe’s and card declined. I paid with my debit and checked on the app but was having issues called and said having issues accessing my account

  • Nicole

    Benefits were supposed to be posted to my account yesterday, still not in my account?

  • Jason Davis

    I am in SF CA, says my benefits were deposited yesterday, however there is STILL a zero balance on the card as of 3:30pm. UGH!

  • Evan Libby

    I’m supposed to get stamps today I have to five year old boys and was expecting them. In Michigan

  • Danna Lindsey

    In Arkansas. Should have been loaded on the 4th and nothing yet. 3 kids and nothing to eat

  • Lolita Henderson

    Mines was suppose to be in today and I got nothing

  • Seth Scholz

    Was supposed to be reloaded today in Ohio, didn’t get anything

  • Lolita Henderson

    I am in Illinois and mines didn’t come today

  • tony

    I am in AZ and was supposed to get mine at 5am nothing but it is still an active account. Anyone else in AZ having this problem?

  • Shanay harrison

    Here in NC Nothing!!!

  • Cyndee Cato Roseborough

    Supposed to get ours on 3rd…nothing so far.cant get through to the local office or 800 #

  • Karen Harvey

    My account says active …was supposed to load on the 7th.will not let me talk to my local caseworker …they tel me nothing can be done done…’s not just a GA thing I see

  • Sundae linstom

    I called my local agency they stayed that my case was active and it showed they were loaded for today the 10th but when I call they have not been loaded and benefit information is not available at this time. I am in Ohio

  • Burgundy

    Food stamps aren’t in, I live in NorthEast Iowa.. it didn’t say my benefits were canceled.

  • Dakota Tucker

    Yes I’m in az as well and my card hasn’t reloaded

  • Anno

    In hernando, Mississippi.. nothing… haven’t received mine it normally says you have a pending balance the day or few before.. it didn’t say that.. it said it will be available the 11th at 5am. Just called nothing.

  • Anno

    Has anyone tried to use their card..

  • Alex

    I’m in El Paso Tx..was supposed to get them today … nothing On the 11th

  • Alex

    I feel better that’s it’s a nation wide clitch…thou sad ..counting on the food happens for a reason..pray…

  • Parisparker

    I tried my card and nothing was on there

  • Sarah Craig

    In Arkansas, supposed get refilled today and nothing there

  • Amanda Cox Hazelwood

    Im in Louisville Ky, I was supposed to get my stamps today and nothing is on there, wander if it will be fixed soon

  • Tonya Copeland-Stone

    Anyone having issues in Florida? This is only my second month receiving benefits and they deposited on the 12th last month. It said it will deposit the same day each month. We’re super low on food.

  • Sheri Asbury

    Im in ohio suppose to have mine today and nothing is on there also not saying when benefits will be loaded? Anyone else

  • Angie Ford

    Texas here. both the app and the website are down. 0 balance on my card. was supposed to be reloaded today. I hope it’s a glitch. I have a kid to feed.

  • Jr

    Is it still down in ohio

  • Jr

    Mines down was supposed to get today I’m also in ohio

  • Maribele Martinez

    Fort worth tx ..was suppose to get mine today but nothing

  • Klee Hollaway

    Nothing In Alabama was supposed to be loaded today

  • Dakota Tucker

    Was supposed to be loaded on the 10th and still have nothing on the card. Now it’s saying next refill on the 10th of September.. wth is going on??? I need to buy food I am starving

  • Marshay Matheney

    Did you receive anything yet mines was supposed to come yesterday but I still didn’t receive anything

  • Amber

    Did you receive yours yet? I was supposed to receive mine today and nothing. I’m in NC too

  • rose green

    im in Florida. cant even get thru on 8667622237 theres a recording about technical difficulties. i had my interview yesterday & the girl promised my card would be loaded within 12 hours.

  • Devon C.

    I’m in Mississippi. My benefits are added to card, and the market approves my grocery purchase, but I cannot log in the MS ebt gov site for months. There is a two phone numbers on the back of my ebt card. Then one on top is for consumers, the one on bottom is for retailers. I simply call the top number, punch in my 16 digit card number and it tells me my available balance. It also told me a pending balance that would take place in a few day. I really do like the website better, and some states were told it would be back up the same afternoon. It hasn’t happened here, and it wasn’t a government shutdown problem. Blame Xerox. They are responsible for at least 17 state’s outage problem. I wish IBM would buy them out.