SNAP EBT Outage, Problems

When there are problems with SNAP EBT such as an outage or website going down people need a platform to report such issues, because this has a massive impact on customers when they need help with the government scheme to supply them with food stamp coupon replacements.

SNAP EBT outage, problems

Is SNAP EBT down for you right now? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Electronic Benefit Transfer is a great program that replaces food stamp coupons, customers are supplied with a card that allow them to use in stores just like debit or credit card. But when there is an issue customers of this service can report them right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

Seeing as there are no official social media channels this is where you can let us know if you are having problems, a place where you can connect with others. Maybe your SNAP EBT card is not working in store or you have lost one and need a replacement, but having issues getting one due to customer service not being helpful etc, or you could be having problems with your food stamps, balance or benefits. If you are having issues with a store please do mention the store name and location in the comments below.

SNAP EBT status reports for Thursday 20th of July 2017

To find out if SNAP EBT is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with SNAP EBT? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Nae


  • Tanya

    I was supposed to get my benefits today the 9th and I called this mornimg to check and I have not recieved them yet… I get them every month on the 9th,I am in Tennessee, is anyone else having this issue?I called the card and they do not show anything, and I have not recieved any letter saying I am not getting them anymore, I actually talked to the office last month!!!

  • Keshia

    I was supposed to get mine yesterday and still haven’t. I have a child to feed.

  • Daisy

    I’m in CA and also having issues with receiving food stamp benefits. Which I normally get food stamps on the 9th of every month.

  • Shell

    What time do food stamps deposit?? It’s past 2am and still noting.

  • Tina Gray

    It’s happening here in Illinois as well, I should’ve got mine at midnight but nothing.. I hope someone can tell me something soon!

  • Sara King

    I live in Baton Rouge I was suppose to receive money on the 5th an nothing.

  • Julie

    Nothing in GA as of the 11th. I hope the get it fixed before I run out of food

  • Tonda Charles

    I really wish i get them in the morning
    Just cooked the last meal for us

  • Tonda Charles

    Ugh….haven’t received mine i don’t understand

  • Tonda Charles

    Have they said anything about ga at all?

  • Tonda Charles

    Have any one in Ga got there stamps yet

  • Milee

    Been waiting since yesterday, we have children to feed.. Where is our $hit?

  • Milee

    …aaaand it’s people like you that make things difficult. You’re no better than anyone else. Instead of ridiculing these people that are just trying to feed their young, you should get back to working your “butt off”, since you love being a stooge for uncle Sam so much. If these hardworking people that are trying to feed their families are so stupid for not having a “backup plan”, get off of here, stop hogging OUR benefits, and continue to work your “butt off”. Sit and spin.

  • Lisa Marie Obermann

    What is going on ???? Please Government, don’t say it was the storms because it only effected the wires for EBT and child support cards ?? Come on !!! Bogus !!!! I have kids to feed… one is 14 months old. I’m out of milk, juice, EVERYTHING the baby can eat !!! Funny how this happened AFTER a government shut down. I bet when fixed, we’re all see that somehow some of the money got ” lost ” also ???
    Bogus bull !

  • Lisa Marie Obermann

    Then TRUMP can feed our families !
    I didn’t ask to become disabled. Much rather be working then sitting on food stamps. But what does that billionaire know

  • Lisa Marie Obermann

    Mine are on there but EVERYONE at the stores are getting a ” system crash ” message

  • Mike N Angel Adams

    nothing usually yesterday 14th today the 15th nothing again-maine

  • Felicia

    Anyone in nh not receive thier cash benifits today but were supposed to

  • Nicole

    In NC and today is the 15th and I have not gotten my benefits wtf is going on!!! I am pregnant with 2 year old …we have to eat

  • Sade Jones

    Is nc ebt system down?

  • Sade Jones

    nc ebt system down?

  • shanice

    Mine are late loading today

  • Miss Daniels

    Yep I haven’t got mine today either!