SNAP EBT Outage, Problems

When there are problems with SNAP EBT such as an outage or website going down people need a platform to report such issues, because this has a massive impact on customers when they need help with the government scheme to supply them with food stamp coupon replacements.

Is SNAP EBT down for you right now? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Electronic Benefit Transfer is a great program that replaces food stamp coupons, customers are supplied with a card that allow them to use in stores just like debit or credit card. But when there is an issue customers of this service can report them right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

Seeing as there are no official social media channels this is where you can let us know if you are having problems, a place where you can connect with others. Maybe your SNAP EBT card is not working in store or you have lost one and need a replacement, but having issues getting one due to customer service not being helpful etc, or you could be having problems with your food stamps, balance or benefits. If you are having issues with a store please do mention the store name and location in the comments below.

SNAP EBT status reports for Friday 28th of February 2020

To find out if SNAP EBT is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with SNAP EBT? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Gabriela Garcia

    I live in washigton leftthe store with no groceries … i always get my ebt reloaded every 3rd of each month

  • Sexy Red

    Has anyone received their benefits for NC, mines suppose to come today but it’s not there.

  • Sexy Red

    It look like EBT is down everywhere. Smh!!

  • Britt

    I usually get mine 5th and i have not recieved mine and i know all my paper work and everything is in and took care of they told me i didnt have anything missing but still nothing

  • Carla Jean Page

    the ebt site won,t let me type in my card number or my pin number,what is going on?

  • Anthony

    California still owes me from the 1st!!!! Idk who to call. Automated services don’t have a selection to discuss this!

  • Veronica

    Here in PA. Stamps supposed to come the 5th each month and didn’t today. SW said it should be in by the afternoon or the latest tomorrow.

  • Allie Johnson

    I haven’t gotten mine either and know everything is up to date, but yet my other friend got his. Nebraska. I would think I would receive a letter saying if I wasn’t going to receive food stamps anymore. My card still says its active and says I’m supposed to get benefits but I havent.

  • Michael Douglas

    I am in mesa, arizona. I have a balance of $194 supposed to come on the 2nd of july, it hasnt and its the 5th july, 2019.

  • Bonnie Lee Voiselle

    I’m in Las Vegas and it is down here to. How the hell are we supposed to get food for our families!!!

  • Bonnie Lee Voiselle

    Las Vegas and no not yet!

  • Daniel

    Washington State EBT supposed to post on the 4th, still not there

  • Bonnie Lee Voiselle

    This is ridiculous, I feel so bad for myself and all the people this is affecting. Cant get a hold of a live person to see when this problem will be resolved. Meanwhile we all have to not get food for our families. Anyone been able to find out what’s going on?

  • Lorn

    In WA, I too have not gotten mine. I put in my mid year review last month.

  • Vic

    I just recently reapplies, and I did my interview the day they called. They sent a letter saying I needed the interview, so I did it again. I should have had my benefits but they have not loaded. Hopefully this gets fixed

  • Sharon Davies

    Still no July deposit from the 5th in
    Georgia called n guy said call local office

  • Joel Brothers

    What’s going on with EBT in Ga? I know dozens of people that have not gotten their EBT for July, which was due in the 5th. They can’t buy food for their children. And no mention of this on the News. All they can talk about is stupid comments by Trump-Haters, but no mention of genuine issues. When are they going to address this? Maybe it’s time for new Representatives in our state capital come next election. This is a total disgrace…

  • Rachael

    7th deposit not available in MD…..

  • Kaitlyn Beal

    I was supposed to get my benefits on July 5th nothing is pending either I’m in MA.

  • Elle B. Moore

    No deposit in WV on the 4th like I was scheduled to receive. I figured it may be due to the holiday so I didn’t worry TOO much and waited patiently til yesterday. Still no deposit. I contacted the customer service number on my card, only for them to tell me to call my local office. Which is BS because considering this is going on in several different states, these call centers are going to be more likely to be able to tell us what the issue is than the local offices. I did try to call my local office anyway, and they were closed yesterday. Guess they took 2 days off for the holiday. Anyways, I’m still waiting for my benefits to be deposited as are most of you guys I’ve read comments from on here. Does anyone know what is really going on/when it is supposedly going to be fixed?? I am really surprised to see that if you Google it there’s nothing that comes up on any news site. You’d think an EBT system outage or whatever it is that is affecting this many people throughout the nation would have made news by now.

  • Brittany

    I’m here in Illinois my card was supposed to be loaded today at 12am. Went to get food balance says zero. I use this for my daughters milk and my case is still active and I don’t go back until next month because that would make a year of me receiving stamps. This is really ridiculous at this point the offices are closed so I guess we just don’t eat until they figure this out?

  • Brittany

    Same nothing is showing up on the date it was supposed to be posted but before it gave me a scheduled date of July 6th

  • Tina

    I live in California and I didn’t get my calfresh today! I’m so annoyed because my kids needed it! I’m so upset is anyone having this problem in Riverside County Ca?

  • Bernard Ciravola

    Been waiting all morning for mine hoping its back up by tomorrow my kid needs to eat..its hard as it is. Bogalusa Louisiana

  • Cam Rickles

    Chicago illinois and still nothing. My re up is on the 4th and here we are on the 7th and still no change. Called thwir customer service line and was informed the benefits will load up between the 5th and 7th…right. And whats really interesting is how none of this is cover by ANY news outlets. So everyone not receiving benefits from this delay need to report this to your local news station in the meantime, have the decency to tell us if the system finally shut down you shills

  • Chanice Fortune

    Has anyone reserved theirs in VA? I was supposed to get them today and still nothing and nothing on the news

  • Jennifer

    I’m in Virginia as well and was suppose to get mine today and nothing!

  • R Fulmore

    Nothing here in NC. Due to be on the 7th and nothing.

  • R Fulmore

    Nothing in NC and its supposed to be loaded today.

  • Jeanne H.

    I didn’t receive my benefits today the 7th like I normally do 🙁

  • Afan Sitagyl-Manor

    Senior here in NYC. Nothing came in on the 7th.

  • Jessie Dorn

    I also didn’t receive mine yet. Im in VA. There’s also no pending balance. Stessful

  • Autumn Miller

    Was suppose to get ours today and nothing

  • Ladieredd143

    In Georgia, my Deposit date is the 7th, nothing loaded on my card. Checked all my stats online everything is in the clear & approved. What’s the issue?

  • Patti Mulford

    No one got EBT last month either. No one in authority is saying anything. Workers not returning calls.

  • jay stammerjohan

    in los angeles ca mine was to be filled on the 5th but not has been done

  • Claire

    I haven’t gotten anything as well. I’m in orange county.

  • karlie


  • karlie

    is snap down in az

  • Rhonda Chase

    Indiana here, supposed to get ours on the 7 th, nothing loaded today. Is it because it’s Sunday

  • Kisha

    Wait mine too idk what’s wrong

  • Clete Bohlke

    I went to the store an my card made a cricket sound. No $$$$

  • Paige

    Same. Was suppose to load on the 4th. Still nothing pending either. VA also.

  • Brittany

    No I have received my FS on sundays before. I was supposed to receive mine also but didn’t! There is an outage in 17 states and I’m trying to figure out if indiana is one but no luck yet! I have been trying to figure this out all day! I’m going to my local office in the am to figure out what’s going on!

  • Chris Aquila

    I’m in Philadelphia, suppose to be getting mines today but it’s not there!

  • AHill

    I got mine last month but have not received mine for July. Located in Illinois.

  • Jennifer Slagle

    Was suppose to get mine on the 7th and nothing. I have a 2 year old that needs to eat. What is going on! I’m in Virginia and this is crazy!

  • Roxane Brown

    Mine has not loaded this month either. Was supposed to load on the 7th, last month, system said I qualified and all, nothing. I called 2 days later, said reload date would be on the 30th. June 30th, nothing, called that day and it said reload date would be on the 30th…. Nothing again. I call the caseworker office and leave messages, they do not call back… Really hungry

  • Karina Marciniak

    I live in Reading, Pa, and my food stamps are not in yet, which is unusual. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Does anyone know what the problem is?

  • Liz

    I’m also in GA and was suppose to get mine yeaterday (7/7) still nothing. It also says there is no “pending deposits”. I’m figuring we must be in the outage as well


    Yes well mine is idk what’s going on if anyone finds out please post it

  • Christina Paige

    I’m in Ga I haven’t even got my benefits I was supposed to get them on the 7th and still nothing this is why I hate dealing with these sorry ass government

  • Sam

    Im in nc. Should have gotten
    mine friday. I have a 3 month old… She needs diapers. This is crazy

  • Nicole Snide

    I’m also in MA supposed to get them today did you get anything yet

  • Cherita

    Was supposed to receive mine on the 4th in Birmingham al. Still nothing.

  • Debra Venegas

    Supposedly behind 60 days with approvals. Nothing until August.

  • Sarah Sennett

    I was supposed to receive mine today the 8th and nothing, trying to reach my case worker but this hits hard as we depend on our snap money

  • Tonya F

    Well no disrespect but if you have a 3 month old get up and do what you have to do to feed her. How would you feed her if stamps didn’t exist???

  • Tonya F

    Well if you have a 3 month old get up and go find a way to feed her. How would you feed your three month old if food stamps didn’t exist??? Don’t sit around and wait on welfare.

  • Grandmom

    I did a review the middle of last month, before the deadline date, but didn’t receive mine for this month. And as long as I’ve done the reviews on time I’ve always continued receiving them normally, there was never a hold up for processing after doing one, so I called and the lady I spoke to made it sound like that’s why I didn’t get them yet. But seeing all these comments from other people makes me think that’s not what the problem is. Plus I’ve been trying to call again and haven’t been able to get through due to a heavy volume of calls. I’m in Kentucky.

  • Karina Marciniak

    Just a heads up to y’all. Someone from somewhere is deleting lots and lots of comments. I think something just isn’t quite right with this entire situation.

  • Sarah Sennett

    I just got a call from my local office and they said i will have my benefits on Wednesday. So i hope she was right

  • Rain

    It won’t even let me post my comment.

  • Rain

    Yeah I’m in Las Vegas, benefits should have cleared tonight at midnight as usual but, now its almost 12:30 and still nothing on my card. Does anybody know what’s going on?

  • Rain

    Where did you find that info?

  • Rain

    Don’t be a jerk..jesus.

  • Rain

    Benefits still not on my card. We all know whatever the last number in your birth year is, that’s the date it will fill. For example if your birth year is 1999,your card will fill on the 9th. And here I am,on the 9th and no money on card. What is going on?!!????

  • Rain

    Still nothing?

  • Rain

    Yes,looks like we all are. Sadly

  • Sam

    Finally after being 4 days late i have a pending balance that is going to hit at 5am. Is anyone else having any luck??

  • Jaquelin Robles

    I live in Tucson Az was suppose to recieve mine today July 9th . Anybody know whats going on ?

  • Rain


  • Rain


  • Gavin Randall

    I was supposed to receive my food stamps on the 8th. It’s now the 9th, and I still haven’t received them. I seriously need to know what’s going on! I’m getting hungry.

  • Jessie Dorn

    Has anyone learned anything new? I can’t even get my office to answer or call back.

  • Alyssa

    I was supposed to get mine the 5th and nothing has come through

  • Rin Stone

    Portland OR, no benefits.

  • BlueDesert

    On the back of your card there is a customer service phone number. You can call them and get your current balance,but you CAN NOT speak to a live person. My account has been frozen becuae I tried to log on too many times. System in Palm Springs,Ca has been down 4 days. EBT office says “nothing is wrong”. Super aggravating

  • Patti Mulford

    Still nothing in Georgia. Not for June and no money posted to card. Cant get worker to csll back. Been eating oatmeal. Anyone else???

  • Patti Mulford

    Been also trying to get thru to worker in Georgia. Did my reevaluation and was approved but nothing on card last month and I see others didnt get their July ebt money posted. Cannot get answers!!

  • Nicole Marie Ingersoll

    NC here. Should have gotten my benefits today, but nothing. None pending. Searching for possible issues brought me here..

  • Patti Mulford

    Same here. Georgia workers not returning calls. Have tried every number I can find and nothing.

  • Patti Mulford

    Yes on Gateway it should show our approval dates thru til 2020 but mine said June only I never got it.

  • Patti Mulford

    Mine said 30th also but its always been on the 23rd. The whole EBT system must be still down in Georgia as well as 16 other states.

  • Patti Mulford

    No one has gotten EBT benefits for June also in Georgia. Tomorrow Im calling government numbers. Will post what I find out.

  • DREA

    Ag from Arizona was supposed to have stamps already and nothing yet! So Phoenix is still waiting at least some of us are:(

  • Alicia Smith

    I am supposed to receive my benefits on the 9th but didn’t get them. After trying all day to get a hold of my case worker, I got the run around and was told there is a hold on my case. I asked why and they couldn’t give me a reason. She said I will be getting them tomorrow. I don’t really believe it but whatever. We will see. I’m in NC

  • Chris

    Tomorrow will be one month and nothing has been refilled in Illinois

  • Carly Combs Neptune

    No benefits in Maine.

  • Magick

    Anyone get theirs yet?

  • J.R.

    In Bronx, NY my Snap was to be deposited on the 6th and it’s the 10th now and still nothing, no pending deposits and not a single media coverage or response at all from welfafe/EBT like the what the actual hell is going on

  • J.R.

    I’m from Bronx, NY and it’s the 10 when I’m supposed to have a deposit on the 6th and I have no pending deposits, and my case is open. There is no coverage by the media or any actual useful info and the office wont take my calls. What the hell is the problem!

  • Bd

    As of today I have not received my benefits from the state/county of NJ it’s now the 10th. For either SNAP or GA – when I called all I get is people telling me how there is no problem, we are short staffed. Yet, They also are offering food bags at their location which says that there might be a larger problem going on here – how many people are being affected and their children is being affected? Why is this not in the news?

  • Magick

    In California I was supposed to get mine today but nothing is on my card

  • Magick

    Still no benefits in California as of yet

  • Nader

    I am in Georgia suppose to get my monthly ebt on the 9th, now is the 10th. Can someone tell what is going on.

  • Rain

    Still no benefits in Las Vegas either. This is BULL. I haven’t had anything on my card since the 1st last month! My daughter and I NEED HELP! and no office or ebt # will help us figure out wtf is going on!

  • Meg

    I’m also in Georgia, didn’t receive my stamps for the 9th, still nothing and zero calls back, called and the robot lady said I’m still active…I am pregnant and have two children to feed… smh.

  • Dj

    Yo I’m going through the EXACT same thing dude. I’m here in Mesa, Arizona.

  • Holodomor

    Holodomor, by the same people, as usual. Google holodomor, and genrikh yagoda.

  • Rain

    What city?

  • Patti Mulford

    Finally got thru to GA dfcs and turns out no one did got to my renewal for EBT. The system is runnung fine. Its the slow ass people who are far behind in their case assessments. I called the Governors office too and told them whats going on. That women with children are going hungry. Dfcs is 2 months behind in renewals!

  • Patti Mulford

    The EBT system is NOT down in GA or anywhere else. Its the DFCS workers that are at least 2 months behind in case renewals and assessments. I called the governors office and they got back to me and apparently git some heads rolling at the Decatur office and within 2 hours I had money on my card for June and July. Keep calling as many numbers as you can and email people too. Good luck!!

  • Chrystal Brink

    Did you end up getting them?

  • Urdaughtersblacked

    In your daughter, you mean. Mmm Mmm she’s good

  • Gavin Randall

    I was supposed to receive my food stamps on the 8th. It’s the freakin’ 12th, and I still haven’t got jack sh*t. I’m getting really frustrated at this point!!!

  • Angie

    I’m in ky and had to report a change last month and still haven’t been credited anything for June or received my July benefits that should have been there the 9th. When I call it says they are experiencing a high call volume and disconnect my call, this has happened the last three days

  • Dr.Medieval

    In New Mexico. Benefits are supposed to be there on the 10th.
    Nothing there.
    No food in the house and it’s a weekend so no help from Customer Service lines which have already closed.
    Does ANYONE know what is going on?

  • MattSteelCurtain91

    Here in NC and my mom didn’t get hers on 13th of last month and still nothing today 13th of July. Yet says card active pin is set.

  • Daniel

    In indiana mine were supposed to deposit the 7th I have yet to receive any my case says open but theres no pending deposits and I only received June

  • Daniel T Cowgill


  • Fredrocks

    I am in Michigan, and my benefits were supposed to be deposited today, but they were not. I went online, and there no messages,but my account is active.

  • Bree

    Has anyone been having issues with the card NOT WORKING? My card has a balance pin is correct but when we go use it it says unauthorized …

  • Chasity Collins

    Im in GA and my money was suppoaed to go onto my card yesterday. Still nothing. Online says i am active. I have a three year old daughter, I could really use that right now! Just another thing to stress about……

  • Alice Fugate

    I was to get mine on the 11th and still nothing and a girl at the store said her mother in law hasn’t gotten her and should have in the 5th. What they don’t understand is people with medical conditions need food(I’m a severe diabetic of 36yrs)

  • Patti Mulford

    I think the government shut down mustve caused all the delays in doing renewals but the woman I talked to said its always like this because they need more help.Did you renew your benefits? I did on May 13 and they just got to it the other day! Keep calling.

  • Cherry pop

    Was supposed to get mines on the 9th and didn’t get them…been calling everyday and all i’v Been getting is the run around ugh!!

  • Karina Marciniak

    Although I know what you were trying to say, all people need food not just people with medical conditions.

  • Teh

    I was supposed to get mine on the 5th , I did my renewal EARLY ( May ) , my status says active . I have called the main office in Greensboro every business day since the 5th . I’ve called my case worker as well since the 5th . I’ve called my case workers supervisor also since the 5th . I have yet to hear anything back nor receive my benefits !

  • William Carey

    I’m in North Carolina, was supposed to get my EBT benefits today, but I didn’t get jack. Anyone else having this issue??

  • RM223

    Me too im in GA they were supposed to clear the 9tb and still nothing. I’m diabetic type 1 on an insulin pump and my daughter has health issues and shes 10 like wth!?! Like we all don’t have enough to worry about to begin with. I don’t know where in ga you are but there’s a food pantry in Pendergrass tomorrow morning if that helps. I’m freaking the hell out.

  • Sandy meyers

    I did not receive foodstamp month of july2019


    They have changed the dates when everybody will get their stamps. Go to http://services.dpw.state.p… and it will tell you your new date.

  • Karina Marciniak

    That link does not work.

  • Kulak19

    Can you please write full name of website?

  • The last # of your year of birth is the day you’ll get your cards filled every month from now on.

  • You probably didn’t re up your paperwork. Eveey 6 months you must. Usually december & june.

  • Must re up your paperwork again then.

  • Samantha Silvia

    Is any one else having trouble using there ebt cards and/or login in to the app? When i log in theres just blank spots where the amounts should be. So I called to get my balance and it said they were unable to access my account?!

  • sammy

    Yup, a few people I know are down.

  • sammy


  • Melissa

    I didn’t receive July’s benefits (was supposed to get them on the 4th) but when I check on their site it says pending benefits for 08/04.

  • Katherine Brennan

    Ok so I posted a week ago saying my benefits were supposed to come on the 4th but I didn’t receive anything in NJ. Turns out my login page says active but once I called I didn’t have a correct paper in.. so my advice to anyone is that even if you think you’re up to date and even though it says active.. call your office! Hope this helps!

  • Mitchell

    My balance is saying 0 and mine should have loaded today

  • Michelle Davidson

    I was supposed to have money in my account today and when I log on it says I have a deposit and shows the amount (nothing unusual) but above it, it says “pending” and above that it shows my balance is $0.00…. it shows the electronic deposit went through at 5:00am est… any idea why it’s still “pending”? Also, I called the 1-800 number and it says I had a deposit – every month through November.

  • Michelle Davidson

    Same! It shows they send it but says “pending”

  • Sierra Harris

    My stamps are not on my card.

  • Clarabel

    Mine aren’t on my card and there’s no pending balance. I renewed them last month and I still haven’t received them.

  • barbara radabaugh

    Did not get mine today either

  • Amilya Wilson

    My benefits were supposes to come yesterday. I called the 18774234746 number to file an appeal. The lady told me that my caseworker forgot to process my payment so she said there was no need to file an appeal. She did it over the phone and told me they would be in there in 24-48 hrs. Call the 1800 on the back of your cards

  • HeatherH

    I’m in central GA and get mine on the 17th but still haven’t gotten them. Have you received yours, yet?

  • Tarrah

    Im in South eastern GA and still haven’t gotten anything, as of yesterday it’s been a week. They also won’t call me back and the voice mailbox for my caseworker is full

  • Jeannie

    I live in Gwinnett Co. Ga and I haven’t received mine today even though the Gateway website says I’m supposed to receive my benefits for this month. I sent in my renewal on May 22, 2019 and it says I was approved in 6/2019.

  • Ms.williams

    If you’re in ga get the Supervisor’s email address and email them add your case and client number they will get back with ASAP. I didn’t receive mine I called everyone I eventually emailed them and a supervisor finally finished my renewal I will have mine with the next 48 hours.

  • Erica Lord

    I live in Barrow County Ga, and no benefits have been added to my card. Today is my load date. I checked my gateway account and have approved status. Not sure what the issue is and was unable to contact anyone on the telephone. I will go to the office in the morning for more information.


    I was suppose to get mine on the 13th. I’m in Kentucky. They told me they have one month from the time I re certified. As far as I understood, July would be covered, while they were processing my case. She said she didn’t know. Strange. So I’ll have to sit and wait.


    Well I was born on July 30th so it doesn’t go like that in Kentucky. I was getting them on the 13th, still don’t have them.


    I’m in Kentucky too. Suppose to get mine on the 13th. My worker said they are way behind and they have a month after I had my re cert. That means I could be waiting a month.

  • Missy Cribb

    I have not gotten my deposit for July either. My daughter had the same issue with her June deposit . It seems to be an issue with anyone that renewal was done in May. It seems like the renewal was not completed. My daughter actually had to go into the office but got all of hers with in a day.

    I emailed the supervisor today as I can’t get a hold of my worker. I am hoping to hear something soon.


    I haven’t either. They told me that they have 1 month after your re certification to get them to you and they are way backed up since the last government shut down. I told her my understanding is you still get them for the month that you re cert and she said she didn’t know. I don’t know what’s going on and I’m getting really annoyed.

  • Missy Cribb

    It is weird because I got mine in June but my renewal was due in June. And it says I’m approved but it hasn’t updated in the computer so it is as simple as someone has not keyed in the information.

  • Ann Jenkins

    I did my renewal in May long before it was due and still nothing since June or July if they having problems they needed to send letters out if they were a problem processing things instead everybody guessing. I called many times and ask they always say we don’t know when they get everybody done they said call everyday to see if you have received your benefits.
    It gets really annoying when they act like they don’t know what’s going on but they do. They need more workers they claim they can’t pay any more workers that’s bull all it is is just anot her excuse to not pay nobody that’s why they so many people out of work in a lot offices government trying to save money.

  • Missy Cribb

    I’m not getting anywhere that way either. It has been two weeks and no call from my worker or her supervisor. Called emailed and called again. Because I don’t have a car I can’t go there. But that is my next thing

  • Mac mom


  • Teh

    I’m just over it ! I renewed my case in MAY ( early ) I received June benefits as usual but JULY Benefits did NOT deposit on the 5th of July like it’s supposed to . I still haven’t received a call back . I have called my Case worker and Her supervisor and also left many voicemails. Now both mailboxes are fool and it is rare that they will answer the phone , as I have been call since July 5th and it’s July 29

  • Michelle Phenix

    How do I get my supervisors email? I’m approved but no benefit since 21st

  • Niqua Notquittin

    Ive been down to the office and all they did was send an email and say my caseworker is still processing it but i did my phone review on the 8th and i supposed to got them on the 11th but they didnt post I’ve been down there every week this month no calls letters or nothing my casd says approved but the status in the corner says null so it still hasnt been processed.

  • Ann Jenkins

    How long does it take to get anything none of this makes no sense if you did your renewal! And you can’t even get a answer from your case worker or nobody with a straight answer about nothing. When you disable and on ssi it’s very hard when you paying bills and nothing left to buy anything why cant they just be upfront and honest of what’s going on. Instead of ignoring a person with their question.

  • Missy Cribb

    Yeah I haven’t gotten anywhere. Unfortunately I don’t have a way to get to the office. All other communications are going unanswered

  • Missy Cribb

    Ok, so I finally got a call back from Georgia worker’s supervisor.
    Here is her explanation of what happened.
    I submitted my renewal on the 18th of the month and since it was before the 20th of the month the computer didn’t know it was there. She had to go in and manually update my file. She said if you submit your information too early it causes a glitch.

    I am thinking some of us might be in this loop because of the renew letters going out so early. I actually went through my Georgia DHS Facebook messenger to finally get a response. They Gave my information to the Customer Service department of DHS. They in turn got ahold of the worker. So if you have the DHS customer service number for your state I would call them if you are not getting anywhere. It took two days to get it cleaned up.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Missy Cribb

    Call the customer service number not your worker

  • Chad Eugene Wise

    What’s going on about foodstamps

  • Missy Cribb

    Well the answer I got was just a BS reason. Ultimately though I had to contact the main customer service because my worker and her supervisor was not calling me back.

    Contact the main DHS customer service if you are having issues. I talked to them on Monday and got a call from my worker yesterday and after three weeks I finally got my food stamps.

  • Jess

    Where it happening at I didn’t get mine I live in Fresno

  • elizabeth smith

    Says my deposit was made today but says I have a zero money…. ???? I’m in Texas if that makes a difference.

  • Machell Littlefield

    I live in yakima wa is the ebt snap down here I’m kinda confused on how I’m to no if it is or isn’t by convo here sorry if anyone has an answer that will help me out I’d appreciate it thanks so much

  • Niqua Notquittin

    Mine just posted at 6 this morning check your cards everyone

  • Niqua Notquittin

    Youu might have it tomorrow mine was deposited yesterday i got it today

  • Dallas M Lonethunder

    Would my card be affected by me turning 18?

  • Dallas M Lonethunder

    Would my account be affected by me turning 18?

  • Beverly

    what state or you in

  • Beverly Duncan

    what state are you in

  • Niqua Notquittin

    Im in georgia

  • isaiah wyatt

    I live in Texas and I was supposed to receive my food stamps at midnight on Saturday August 3rd but did not get them.

  • Dallas M Lonethunder


  • Ashley Davís

    Me either<

  • Dallas M Lonethunder

    Yesterday i called to see if it was refilled and it was still at $6.20 from when I used it 2 weeks ago

  • AD

    I live in Michigan: I haven’t received mine either.

  • Dana Seiger

    Not everyone on snap is jobless or lazy. ,My family & I have worked and paid into taxes since I was 16 now 39 and staying at home with my newborn. If I put into it I don’t feel bad using it when I need .

  • Derrick

    Im from nebraska i didnt either

  • Lyric Gibson

    Exactly. I have an infant and I don’t have any family or anyone else to help pay for daycare, so I have to wait until the government can pay for my daughter to go and that won’t be until mid September. I didn’t get any food stamps last night and I need money to get my daughter formula which she ran out of last night. No daycare, no work. Maybe talk about making daycare more accessible before you start the blame game on people that you don’t know.

  • Lyric Gibson

    I live in nj amd I was supossed go get my food stamps last night but I didnt.

  • zenaida

    haven’t get food stamps neither idk what’s going on


    I live in Connecticut and haven’t receive my food stamps neither

  • Tim

    Illinois. Didn’t show up either.

  • Caroline Turner

    Has anyone called the number on back of card? I did, and I was on hold for 20 minutes

  • Amanda

    I javnt received my foodstamps today and I’m pissed, I have 2 young boys and barely any food,I live in California and this has never happened

  • Tim

    Then what happened? My office isn’t open until Monday

  • Zenaida Martinez

    I’m just calling and nothing yet

  • Phill

    Mine haven’t either NC

  • Zenaida Martinez

    I have a baby and barely food also pissed

  • Caroline Turner

    Nothing just on hold. The number on back of card is 24 hours 7 day’s as far as I know

  • Caroline Turner

    Me also. Let me know if you get through

  • Caroline Turner

    I’m in NJ. My daughter in law is also and she received hers.

  • Rylee Jackson

    I am in CO with 0 food an no benefits. I work full time but have no money for another week still. This is majorly screwing us up rn….

  • Shamiesha Thompson

    I’m suppose to receive my stamps on the 21st but for the past two months I have gotten them on the 2nd. I called the number on the card and it’s says money was deposited on the card August 1st but my account is still saying $0

  • Gloria

    I did get my food stamps today needed so badly in KY.

  • Frustrated

    I didn’t get my food stamps today and needed so badly, in KY. So when do we get them .?

  • Caroline Turner

    Have you gotten through?

  • SEJ J

    Me too I live inBridgeport , Ct as well I didn’t receive my snap benefits as well..I went to my DSS My Account it’s it says for mine February 3,2016 snap benefits pending ?! Done two over the phone interviews in 2 days . They told me to check my benefits card today it will be on.. called midnight all this morning nothing yet! Not too mention; I electronically uploaded all my documents before the 31st. Of July ! They reviewed it while we were in the phone. & answer their questions. And still Nothing !

  • Pregnant and upset customer

    I live in Arizona, and was supposed to receive my food stamps yesterday. I just applied for food stamps for the first time last month, I know I’m up to date with all my documentation. I was really looking forward to getting them. I’m pregnant and have three other children in my house hold without any food. This is so frustrating.

  • MC

    I’m pregnant and haven’t received my benefits in 2 months when it says it was supposed to be getting them today. Frustrating. My partner and I both work but like the rest of us we are on benefits for a reason. Our income is not enough to supply food and bills and everything else that’s necessary. What the hell is going on!?

  • Nikki Fleming

    I haven’t gotten mine either in NC do you know why yet

  • Virginia gma

    Virginia and mine didnt load for today…is there a delay??

  • buggnout

    In Va. ebt card not loaded today as expected..anyone else in va having issues?

  • Zenaida Martinez

    They answered but nothing in my account they said .. so pissed

  • Zenaida Martinez

    Nothing as today neither

  • Matt Shaffer

    Didn’t receive benefits that where supposed to come in today -maine

  • Lacy Hall

    I live in Kentucky I haven’t received mine yet

  • Marie

    I’m in Georgia and i still have nothing, been 3 weeks now

  • Nada

    Anyone In Maryland not get them last night at midnight??

  • Allysa Putney

    In CT was supposed to get my food stamps yesterday and nothing still. Need them bad as I am disabled and can’t work.

  • Adenike Ademuyiwa

    What happen to food stamp in Maryland

  • Jamarah

    I’m having the same problem!! In va

  • Andrea Youngblood

    My EBT was supposed to be in today and isn’t in Pickens county sc

  • buggnout

    Im in Va. same problem..

  • buggnout

    Yea I checked the common help site says active but in details doesnt show deposit at all..and when calling it normally will say pending deposit if a delay ..right now gives no pending info. Grrrr

  • yolonda horn

    Texas is having the same problem

  • Lulu

    Same thing in East Tennessee anyone know why yet ??

  • Amber McAlister

    In South Carolina, benefits should have been on my card yesterday but still nothing

  • Paris

    I live in IL and haven’t received mines is anyone in iL having this problem too

  • Angelina P.

    I am from New York. I usually get my snap every fourth of the month today August 4, 2019 I still have not received anything for children and on my own. Someone pls tell me what’s going on with snap

  • Rene N/A Rodriguez

    California girlfriends stamps are not available

  • Stephanie Youkey

    I live in Illinois i get my benefits on the 3rd i have not received mine either my status still say active

  • Micah Keen

    In Illinois and only received half of my benefits???

  • Fuentes Jennifer

    Hello everyone, Southern California CalFresh recipient here, was not issued my CalFresh funds on the 4th (8/4). What happened? I’m a mom of family of 6. We have been out of fresh fruits and veggies for a week. I had to pull out my credit card, we couldn’t wait!

  • Tee

    I am really out of food. Never received my snap on the 4th. Still nothing. Ugh…. What is going on? Had a rough week and now this… Hope it be in.

  • Jessi Polchies

    Same here but we only receive the 50 for someone in the household working or whatever. I’m about to call somewhere someone. It isn’t much but better then nothing lol

  • Maria Russo

    I have Not recieved my monthly Snap Benefits I called the Office they said I should have received it or recieve it by 5pm today if Not for me to call back tomorrow morning and they will Report a Problem. Please tell Me what’s going on is the Computer’s down this is my Child and My Food I’m Very Disappointed right now.

  • Erica

    Will be checking at 6

  • Nick Ballard

    My account statice said active but I have not received my benefits they should of been there at 12am on Aug 6th is there some problem with the system in IL

  • Christina Cynthia

    I usually get my benefits on the 2nd which is exactly what happened . They came and I have been able to buy food using my card . However today when I went out to get a few extra things I needed for tonight’s dinner , the card won’t go through . Now, here’s what’s confusing me . I know for a fact I didn’t spend my entire EBT, and when I call the number on the back to see exactly how much is on the card , there’s money on it so why is it not going through ?!?!

  • Ashley

    Just called to see if I had mine. Usually 12:01am on the dot. Never fails. Nope. Nothing

  • Janelle Delos Santos

    Yes , i am also in VA . Benefits are active and usually update every 1st. Still have not received them . Spoke to my caseworker and she said she would call me back as soon as she figured out what’s going on … still waiting on a call

  • Drew

    Oakland, CA here, got my cash on the 2nd but now my food was supposed to be in today and they’re m.i.a.. Any idea whats happening or when its going to get fixed?

  • Cynthia

    This is bs now what if a ish did her shopping and find out it’s nothing on the card I always call and have never heard your balance is 0 but today the devil is messing with my a$$ get it together ebt we need this little bit extra dont even cover a week let alone a month this 194. For my son isnt cutting it

  • Pissed off in WV!!

    I’m in the Eastern Panhandle of WV and I was supposed to get my EBT benefits today and so far my account is still at zero dollars. I’ve called my local DHHR office and tried to talk to my caseworker about the issue, but, of course, all I was able to do was leave a voicemail.

  • Waiting in WV!

    I’m in the Eastern Panhandle of WV and I was supposed to get my EBT benefits today and so far my account is still at zero dollars. I’ve called my local DHHR office and tried to talk to my caseworker about the issue, but, of course, all I was able to do was leave a voicemail.

  • buggnout

    I got the same response when I called she told me should hear back within 48 hrs?? I dont even know what that means. Kids are hungry. We wait..I guess. Hope yours gets straight soon!!

  • Riley

    Are they there for you now cause I’m homeless and still nothing for me I’m starving

  • Dan

    Did not receive my food benefit check for August 2019 in Cleveland Ohio. What is going on? Is there an answer?

  • Amber Whealdon

    I live in Pennsylvania I haven’t received my foostamps I’m pissed off

  • Michael Villavicencio

    I was suppose to receive my EBT New York cash benefits today and my account is at $0 what does this mean?

  • Echo Serrin

    Was supposed to get mine on the 6th. Never got them.. seeing as how this is a reported problem.. im guessing everyone will get them.sooner or later?.. idk its annoy af.


    It’s Trump everyone

  • Jack Thibodeau

    Same here

  • Nicolio

    I only got a qaurter of my snap benefits I called the office and supposedly I want a people was having problems getting their benefits today does anybody actually know what’s going on we are from West Virginia and I see Illinois Ohio Kentucky Wisconsin all having problems he’s on this side?

  • Nicolio

    I only got a quarter of my benefits today I called her office several times and supposedly there have been several complaints about EBT SNAP benefits today I also see Wisconsin Ohio Kentucky and several other people having problems does anybody actually know what’s going on we are in West Virginia and I was worried we did something wrong this is only our second month getting them

  • Hungry asf

    August 8th -Southern California
    Have $90 on my card but EBT isn’t working..

  • Tori

    I am in Florida and I haven’t received my benefits

  • Randy

    I didn’t receive my EBT food today

  • Francis

    I’m from Washington State and I didn’t get my benefits as well. What’s going on?

  • Cortney

    Im in Colorado and me and my friend didnt receive our food stamps this month?

  • Matthew Whitmire

    I’m on tx my name’s matthew Whitmire been 1 day late so far

  • Shelia

    I’m Shelia from KY didn’t receive mine today

  • Albert suarez

    When will they bring it back up cause I have no food in our house and my kids are hungry,
    This has happened time and time again.
    Please, fix this… My children need food to eat.

  • Clarissa Jackson

    No benefits I live in memphis

  • Carrie Messner

    I havent recieved my foodstamps for aug 2 2019 whats going on

  • Mike KD Anderson

    No benefits here in nevada I was supposed to get mine today and nothing

  • Hannah Thompson

    Haven’t received benefits today like I was supposed to here in Minnesota ..
    Does anyone have any updates or know as to why this is happening?…

  • Sal Sullivan

    I’m from Washington. Was supposed to get mine today, haven’t gotten anything. As a broke college student we really need to eat at some point.. anyone heard anything?

  • Sal Sullivan

    Didn’t get mine today in Washington… Anyone know anything about the situation???

  • Teresa Adcock

    My status is approved, Said benefits would be available the 8th month, August, but no benefits for July or August, Cant get anyone on the phone, only messages that say they will call you back in 24 – 48 hrs….but they NEVER call back.

  • Toni Love

    Hi did you ever receive yours im in Minnesota and was supposed to get them at midnight

  • Toni Love

    same here in Minnesota

  • Nika

    Me too. Im in Nevada

  • Vicky


  • Hannah

    I’m in alabama and i haven’t received mine today. I get them every month on the 10th. Iv never not got my food stamps so I’m confused as to why I didn’t get them today. I called 3 times between hours just to see if it appears but nothing

  • Melissa

    Haven’t gotten mine either and didn’t get a letter stating I would no longer receive them….in South Carolina

  • I got approved August 1. Confirmed with the lady I was getting them the 10 or every mo th till december lol well it’s the 10th 1pm and no food stamps. I’m in CO. Never had so many issues with ebt back in texas. This is stressful.

  • Paul

    Have not got mine in Memphis yet any news

  • Shannon Gooding

    Supposed to get me benefits the 1st of every month. Haven’t gotten them. I’m in Virginia.

  • Brooke miller

    In avon lake and my after trying the website 2x my food stamps were in fact loAded and it says my card is active but i cannot use the phone number automated system and cannot purchase anything and with 3 kids it’s really infuriating!!!

  • Ariey W.

    I completely agree .

  • Sam Banner

    There was /is an actual Nationwide EBT outage (Aug 10) which was still an issue of Ohio as of 5:00pm EST. As of 6:01pm EST the issue seems to be cleared. In Ohio you can call the number on the back of your card, after you input your card info it will tell you your balance OR it will say “we are unable to access your account at this time…” If you get that message, the system is down. Most of these comments seem more likely that people didn’t do their paperwork or something. Everyone claims to have not gotten their mail so thats not a valid excuse either way. There’s only been one outage in the past several years that lasted longer than one day. If you claim to be missing benefits and its been longer than a day… Contact your case worker to see what was missed causing your benefits not to be loaded.

  • Kim Stacy

    I just went to the store in Dayton, Ohio area. They are still out.

  • Brandy

    Mine has not come back up in my area

  • DiAndrea Dave

    I’m in New Orleans, Louisiana didn’t get mine today

  • Blessed

    Tried to use my card in Ohio about 5pm.. System was down, and some beautiful soul paid for my groceries. I’m a single mother with 3 children, and today was my load day.. I did need those groceries and am soooo grateful.

  • Mollie

    Okay wtf?

    I get mines on the 11th and i went to the store ar 12ish and i go to check out and its saying i have nothing on there so im like wtf!!? I called 4 times and still nothing!! This is frustrating!! But usually it would tell me my balance and it didnt do that either and i cant go ro the offixe n town cuz today/tm is sundaym..their closed!!
    Whats going on!? I got a family to feed!!!!

    Whats going on!? Cuz i fr didnt get no mail or call saying anything about me updating anythinf…im confused and lost!! Help! IN ARKANSAS!

  • Mollie

    Walmart…..11th of every month…. Called 4 times and nothing…. i never got mail telling me anything.. Usually itll say my pending balance and it didnt do that either?…. IN ARKANSAS!!!!!


  • Joe

    Me too in Nevada. So weird

  • Lisa Chase

    Hi Guys! I’m in Georgia and as of a couple of minutes ago, my SNAP funds have not been allocated. It’s not sharing the pending dates with me either and my deposit was due today (the 11th). So there must be an outage here in Georgia too!

  • Lisa


  • Lisa

    Wt I no I turn in ever paper work am in Memphis nothing at all wt they think we suppose too do and it’s not fare if they asking for updates and no mail came

  • Jen Robidoux

    Noticed yesterday balance was 0 which wasn’t odd but said next available 9/11 . What happened to today? Nothing. I’m in Massachusetts. Anyone else?

  • Lisa

    Me too

  • Royal Virtual Solutions

    Ok mines too im in Geogia

  • Jen Robidoux

    Pretty sad. I have an 8 year old diabetic child.

  • Natural Hair

    Went to Heinens in downtown Cle and sign was posted on door. I don’t ave any other funds.

  • Gail Holders

    Me to i am in ga will we get them TODAY??????

  • Gail Holders

    I am in ga and i didn’t get mine i checked the gateway and i am approved and everything

  • Christy Wilson

    In Florida didnt get mine either

  • Tommy

    So what’s going on?!? Nobody has answers? This is insane.

  • Mary Martin

    Here in Wisconsin I never received my EBT credit and I’ve been frantically trying to figure out why! Is anyone else around Wisconsin having trouble?

  • Nicole D Hatcher

    In indiana and mines not working either.

  • Jen Robidoux

    Massachusetts same thing. I have to feed my diabetic 8 year old macaroni and peanut butter sandwiches which makes her blood sugar sky rocket. Will be emergency situation in a couple days cuz will be out of that.

  • Molly

    I’m in Texas haven’t gotten mine either.

  • Jessica Mays

    My snap benefits haven’t deposited says they are eligible the 11th and nothing!!!

  • Mollie


  • Victoria Davis-Phillips

    I don’t understand this my husband is disabled and we live with my elderly father and we need food.

  • Victoria Davis-Phillips

    I’m on Ga also I was supposed to get mine on the 9th and nothing. All my paperwork says approved but nothing.

  • Jen Robidoux

    Can anyone follow up with comments as to whether they are getting answers?

  • Mya Howell

    I’m in Georgia too and I had to check my account to verify that I was “Approved”. I am approved and NO SNAP FUNDS for me either!

  • Magally Velasquez

    IL, 11th of every month. Still nothing, I’m at $0 and I was embarrassed at the register given that balance is at nothing omg

  • Tia

    I’m in ga as well and the 11th is my deposit day and Nothing,can anyone enlighten me on what’s really going on

  • Nick Oates

    Is ohio still not taking ebt?

  • Karina Marciniak

    What part of PA, Amber, because mine came in, no problem at all. Call your state welfare phone number, not your local office. If there’s an issue they will tell you straight away. I hope you get your stamps soon.

  • Kathryn Henderson

    I’m in NYS and EBT still down.

  • Kathryn Henderson

    Does anyone know of timeframe of repairs?

  • James Moorehead

    Is the fs system down right now my fiance’s stamps were supposed tonkicknin like every month on the 12 and they did not

  • Kathryn Henderson

    Lolol no food, electric turned off and I’m disabled. So your comment is sad.

  • Lisa Chase

    I’m in Georgia. I spoke with someone today and she said that even though I rectified on time. I DID NOT include 3-month’s of check stubs (or) my tax returns. So my benefits were being held up because of that. So I submitted them via the website and to my caseworker’s email today. Now I have to go through the grueling process of waiting for them to respond that they received it!

  • Lisa Chase

    ‘m in Georgia. I spoke with someone today and she said that even though I rectified on time. I DID NOT include 3-month’s of check stubs (or) my tax returns. So my benefits were being held up because of that. So I submitted them via the website and to my caseworker’s email today. Now I have to go through the grueling process of waiting for them to respond that they received it!

  • Lisa Chase

    I spoke with someone today and she said that even though I rectified on time. I DID NOT include 3-month’s of check stubs (or) my tax returns. So my benefits were being held up because of that. So I submitted them via the website and to my caseworker’s email today. Now I have to go through the grueling process of waiting for them to respond that they received it!

  • Lisa Chase

    Check with your caseworker. ‘m in Georgia. I spoke with someone today and she said that even though I rectified on time. I DID NOT include 3-month’s of check stubs (or) my tax returns. So my benefits were being held up because of that. So I submitted them via the website and to my caseworker’s email today. Now I have to go through the grueling process of waiting for them to respond that they received it!

  • Lisa Chase

    Maybe check with the DHS office. ‘m in Georgia. I spoke with someone today and she said that even though I rectified on time. I DID NOT include 3-month’s of check stubs (or) my tax returns. So my benefits were being held up because of that. So I submitted them via the website and to my caseworker’s email today. Now I have to go through the grueling process of waiting for them to respond that they received it!

  • Parcelo Penny

    Lisa I submitted my documents over 2 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything. I called today and left a message. I’m seriously wondering whats really going on.

  • Lisa Chase

    That’s concerning! Then I have no clue as o what is going on. We may need to make this situation known on a large level. Maybe an expose on the news or something. For this to be as wide-spread as it is, no one is discussing this on the news.

  • Tia

    I completed my renewal early,and my case is active with zero changes, and I still haven’t received mine,and I’m sure it’s not about documentation because as I stated,my case is the exact same Active but no benefits so its something else going on, but I can’t even get in contact with anyone,that 18774234746 number doesn’t do anything.

  • Lisa Chase

    Whatever is going on isn’t making any sense. The fact that the agencies are not saying anything is even more concerning!

  • Cour

    im in Los angeles. i was supposed to receive deposit aug. 5th.
    NOTHING and it is the 12th.
    it is impossible to get ahold of anyone at the food stamp office by phone.
    i am 100% still active and still qualified because this is only my second month. Something is very wrong and no one is addressing it. really unprofessional and ridiculous. people rely on this money to survive.

  • Cour

    what did the sign at heinens say? it said EBT is down?

  • Cour

    no Sam. I am only on my 2nd month in los angeles and 100% still qualified for benefits. they were supposed to be deposited august 5th and there is still nothing. these are not just people who “didnt do their paperwork or something”. rude and wrong. Contact your case worker you say? too bad that is literally impossible I have been calling her since the 6th of august and leaving messages and no one has answered or returned my call.

  • Anon

    Its august 12th i normally receive benefits on the 9th… I didn’t get any this month…

  • Van

    Currently grocery shopping at Kroger’s to hear on over the speaker an announcement that Ohio EBT is down. What the heck?

  • Jay

    I was supposed to receive my benefits on Aug 10th however have not received anything. Card still says active.

  • Jazz

    Mine works
    They lies



  • Heather

    Also nys and it was down by me at 7pm hope it’s on tomorrow.

  • Kathryn Henderson

    I called my DDS today and they said there aren’t any problems, that the state would have notified them. Oooook

  • Kathryn Henderson

    So immature, you have something against someone with brain cancer?

  • Stephanie Tench-Anderson

    I’m in Georgia and my foodstamps didnt come on

  • Ashley

    Hi from Texas no fool stamps either

  • Kalli M Pettigrew

    nuthin here in Atlanta thought it was me

  • Sara

    same here in Ga should’ve received benefits on the 5th nothing..Online approved and active no pending dates but automated system says issuance date is on the 28th?? they used to come on the 5th maybe due to renewal issue date has changed

  • Victoria Bailey

    My food stamps are always in at midnight. But so far I don’t have any. I’m in Arkansas and they are always in on the 13th.

  • Lorrie Singletary

    It’s my day to get EBT benefits here in Georgia and nothing at all has been posted to my card.

  • Lorrie Singletary

    Mine always hit at midnight on the 13th. Nothing so far here in Georgia. Good thing i didnt go grocery shopping and make a fool of myself

  • Tia

    Pretty much the same thing seems to be happening to everyone but with no explanation.

  • Tia

    Have u been able to get in contact with someone,conveniently my caseworker doesn’t have her voicemail set up so it jus hangs up.

  • Mari

    Here in Tucson Arizona and was supposed to receive my foodstamps on the 6th and still nothing..I had the same problem at the office I had only taken in 2 check stubs and they needed a total of three so I dont know if that really has anything to do with it. I was told I was approved and recieved the letter og approval so idk what the hold up would be.

  • Lai Hill

    Anyone having issues in Georgia? I just called to double check my benefit day and it changed. Although when applying the case worker advised that the benefit day would be the same (13th), it has changed to reflect when my application was approved (16th) I called the benefits number on the back of the card which confirmed the date change.

  • Tia Brown

    It’s not jus you,something definitely isnt right and noone is even mentioning what’s going on,my case been active and jus completed renewal early and still nothing on my card, but looking at these posts it’s a bigger picture here nothing we did or didn’t do.

  • Tia

    Yooooo I literally think everyone’s date if issuance changed,my usual date is the 11th when I call the 1877 number for Ga it now says my issuance date is the 28th of the month,yall should check and see if that’s what you notice as well, because that’s why everyone is active still and dfacs not announcing anything is because it’s not a system failure it’s a date change.

  • Amanda

    Ebt cards isn’t working over her in MN for some odd reason. Saying it’s an issue with th cars hokder

  • Autumn Gaither

    In Georgia-Completed june renewal at the end of may-did not receive july stamps and in 2 days august stamps are due. Talked to case worker 2 times and left a couple of messages-nothing has been done.

  • Stephanie King

    It takes ten business days for them to process documents they told me and I live in Georgia. Since the no one was notified of anything last month because of the delays everyone had that issue if it was your renewal time recently. Like mine was ending after Junes benefits if I didn’t renew when I did receive the letter in may to renew. So I did promptly and wasn’t told that they needed some documents until the 6th of July because I didn’t receive benefits. I called and left a message for my caseworker in Hall County and he called me back in 24 hrs and said I missed a phone interview and he needed to documents. I uploaded promptly and have been waiting until today to see my status go from pending to processed. So it was 10 business days from the date I uploaded them to the site myself bc I emailed them to the guy and he did nothing for a long time so I just did it myself! Its like they are doing everything in their power to delay them for everyone! We will see if I have benefits on my card tomorrow before 9 am as the phone prompt says! lol

  • Stephanie King

    I was rambling! lmao

  • Stephanie King

    I am a copyrighted screenplay author actually! I Haven’t sold any yet though! I keep my fingers crossed! lmao

  • Stephanie King

    I did receive benefits this morning! With back pay!

  • Mark Antonius Junius

    In California ) l.a. and I didn’t get mines at all.. They gave me $15.00

  • Lorrie Singletary

    Benefits are only deposited from the 5th thru the 23rd. Sometimes the automated thing says the 13th, which is normal, and sometimes it says the 28th. According to my research, dates havent changed since 1012.

  • Tia

    Jus got off the phone with a worker and them people literally jus let our cases sit on their desks without even working on them,my case worker had my early renewal on her desk and didnt enter the info in the computer which is why my benefits were not deposited on my card,the lady I spoke to today was freaking amazing, she did everything my caseworker should have been done and got my benefits back up and running,should be getting them tomorrow smdh please stay on top of your caseworkers because some of them are not doing their jobs which affects our families.

  • Lawrence McManaman

    I didn’t receive my snap benefit this month

  • Lorrie Singletary

    My case worker finally called me back this morning. The only excuse she had for me not getting my EBT food stamps is because she has been swamped. I think DFCS needs to get their act together. Anyhow, I’m suppose to get my fs tomorrow. BTW, Im in Georgia.

  • Lisa Chase

    UPDATE: My benefits were posted and I was able to use my card with no problem. As stated before, my issue was that I didn’t upload my recent pay stubs into the system. After I provided that documentation, I reached out to my caseworker and she activated my benefits next day.

  • Peter Cal

    I am in NYS I seem to get my EBT on the 7th of the month without problems.. I am a senior/disabled/ for what that’s worth.abt $150 per month.

  • Diversified Media Entertainmen

    I was told I would get stamps for the rest of the month and waking up around 6am I check but nothing but when i will get them every month popped up. So does that mean I have to wait till 1st to get any food even though I’m homeless?

  • kambria smith

    I didn’t receive my snap benefit this month

  • Tabria A Alexander

    I am in georgia and I still haven’t received my stamps they were supposed to be here on the 11th and I have called every day and there is never anyone answering the phone

  • Steve T

    OH SNAP! I’m in NYC. I still haven’t received my snap $ due yesterday (8/15).
    I call and call. Nada.
    I’m hungry! What can I do?

  • Whit Whit

    I had 2 interviews (one in the office and one one over the phone)after I did my renewal last month. I was suppose to receive my benefits on the 17th of August and I haven’t.

  • Rachel Carter-Wickham

    I am in Missouri and Iwas supposed to get my food stamp balance for my family yesterday I called and nobody answered I called today and there’s nobody there and I still haven’t gotten my food stamp balance. I try to get on the website I can’t get on the website I tried making a phone call to see the balance and it just shows 0 it says my card is active so what do I do if there’s something that I need to know or is there somebody I can get a hold of?

  • Nishickia Dickson

    I was supposed to get my SNAP benefits today, August 17th. There was nothing posted to my EBT card. Is there something going on with the system this weekend? I’ve been receiving SNAP benefits since May and this month is the first month that nothing is posted to my EBT card. I am concerned because we need food like now. Does anyone know what’s going on?

  • Teri

    I’m here in Florida and my balance is still zero. I usually have money in there on the first of every month.

  • Kayla Barbour

    Mind and I hit either today. The reason is the snap website is undergoing an upgrade. So I don’t think anybody’s was hit today on the 17th of August 2019

  • Gionna Lopez

    I’m in ny cash benefit was supposed to post but didn’t

  • James Corbett

    I am in Boston my snap is not on my account but is it on my computer saying I have money on it

  • Andrea forsythe

    My food stamp hasn’t loaded today? Is anyone else having this problem

  • Wendi

    My balance loaded correctly the 10th of this month and I have used them a few times since but today I tried and it said my balance is 0 but should be 172.

  • Simone Richardson

    I just tried to check mine and it still has the balance I had leftover a couple of weeks ago. What’s going on!?

  • Dylan McWilliams

    In Birmingham, Al. What’s happenin with these folks chips and candy cash?

  • Lulu

    I GA who do you call if your case worker doesn’t answer??!!

  • Lulu

    I Georgia..Who do you call if your case worker does not answer the phone!!??

  • Gail Holders

    I wish i knew i was supposed to get mine the 11th and didn’t get anything i have called and left messages but no one called me back i am in ga to

  • Needing answers

    I’m supposed to recieve benefits on the 17th of every month, well i didn’t. So i called dcfs this morning and put my info in and the automated women basically said the 28th would be when i get them… I never recieved a letter after I did my review and never recieved a letter about changing the date of recieving benefits…All of this doesn’t make any sense i left a mesaage to my case worker but I’m sure i wont hear nothing because lets face when do we ever hear anything from them?! I did my review like the first day i was able to online it says it has already been processed and ive been approved. And online it says the 17th… Just ridiculous!

  • Gail Holders

    Was supposed to get mine the 11th call and i am active and says my date is august 28th but they aren’t supposed to be given out after the 23rd what is going on i have called and called and left messages but can’t talk to anyone i am in GA

  • Nicole Johnson

    I thought it was just me smh I been calling and standing in line n still calling in no call backs no mail mines was the 11th n now it’s the 20th it’s just not right

  • Angel Eyes

    Am I the only one didn’t get my link today scheduled on the 20th of each month

  • Angel Eyes

    I’m in Chicago il

  • Courtney

    I got a letter to renew my benefits back in June. I submitted the renewal and didn’t hear anymore from dfcs. I didn’t receive a letter in the mail, nor have I got any notices on gateway when I log into my account. My stamps come every month on the 21st and are usually posted on my card by 1 a.m. I figured this was going to happen because I didn’t have a pending balance when I checked yesterday. Do anyone have a number in GA I can call to speak with someone because my caseworker never the phone and voicemail stay full.

  • Courtney

    Didn’t receive my ga benefits today

  • Jane Doe

    Anyone know why its down?? my location is NC

  • Jane Doe

    Courtney in Ga– looks like EBT is having an “outgage” or something in all states. From what I understand, it is jus a fluke with the timing of trump’s announcement to try cut some ppl off.

  • Johansel Alvarado

    Same here NC no EBT

  • Johansel Alvarado

    Do you know if it’s down we get them the next day? New to program

  • Johansel Alvarado

    We to program do you know when they will be loaded? In NC

  • Lulu

    Call the 1-877-423-4746 number push the option to speak with a ga gateway technician tell them you didn’t receive benefits for the month they will forward you to the call center and press option 3 and you will receive a call back from a general case worker. I have been hopeless since the 17th now I get my stamps in 1-3 days. Be prepared for a phone interview!

  • Gail Holders

    Someone finally called me today i am supposed to mine in 2 days i am in GA

  • Courtney

    Did you have to renew? I was able to talk to a case worker but was told since I did my renewal on the 29th of July they have up to 30 days to review my case. I don’t understand what’s the point of submitting a renewal on time if my stamps won’t be available the day I’m suppose to receive them. I haven’t received a letter about an interview or anything. I check gateway and it says approve. My caseworker refuses to answer calls or return then when you leave a voicemail.

  • Rebecca Spicer

    Is ebt down in North Carolina?.

  • Iesha

    Same here same scenario ugh

  • Meme

    For anyone who lives in GEORGIA!!
    Email this contact

    Leave the county you live in your client id case worker id case worker phone # and your phone # and make sure you tell them whats going on with your case. They should respond with a phone call no later than 24 hours

    For anyone else in different states try finding your customer service dfcs email and repeat them same exact thing. Hope this was helpful to anyone

    Have a blessed day

  • Jane Doe

    Glad this is funny for you. Some people have babies to feed.

  • Iesha

    If you are in ga i called this morning and they called me back 20 minutes later they are not processing the renewal on time as they should the lady stated she see i did mines n June and that my caseworker never processed it so therefore i did my part and it was on them and so she process it asked question and she said my stamps will be on there later today and i will be reporting my caseworker because if it wasn’t for her i would have received my stamps as of yesterday they get paid to do a job and they are not doing it

  • Courtney

    Were you able to speak with someone? If so what did they say?

  • Elaine

    Went to the store and only had $22 on my snap card. Benefits for me come on the 19th . Got to the register my bill was $83. She said I owed her $55. No deposit has been made. I was very embarrassed. Bought bananas, bread and a couple of yogurts.
    I had no reason to tell them.

  • Courtney Rollins

    I live in GA and was told on the 21st and yesterday that I basically had to wait until my 30 days were up from the day I renewed to check on my benefits because they have up to 30 days to review my case. But I called this morning and spoke with a representative who told me that they had 30 days to review the case also but she said she would go ahead and process my renewal for me. She had me wait on hold while she processed it and told me they should be on my card within 24-48 hours. So keep calling everyday because there’s a representative willing to actually help.

  • perry riggs

    Hey how can l find out if l have any money on my card b4 l get up to the checkout counter?