Snapchat problems

Is Snapchat down right now? If you ever ask yourself this question you must know there is something wrong, and this is where you can have your say about the state of the servers, or other Snapchat problems that have occurred.

If Snapchat is not online, you cannot login, or you are having Snapchat issues with text messaging, posting videos or photos please do report them below. Some of you may not be getting any snaps today, or the whole service is down for updates, maintenance or something else.

Check out the status report below updated by our community and of course us; as soon as any problem arises let everyone know below. It doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is, it’s always good to read the latest.

Snapchat status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Snapchat is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Snapchat? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • kaylene borboa

    snapchat won’t let me login into my account

  • Snapchat won’t let me login

    Snapchat can’t connect

  • Mitchell Oakley

    That’s what mine is doing!!

  • Mitchell Oakley

    That’s what mine is doing!!!

  • M

    My snapchat has caused issues with my phone in the past such as freezing and shutting down all together upon opening the app., which seems to currently be resolved. However I am now having trouble sending things. For 2 days now it has been “sending” a post and it won’t just send or show that it failed to send. It’s stuck pending to send.

  • Micah Ison

    My snapchat will not open, as the app shuts down whenever I try to open it

  • Caitlin Ann

    Still nobody can see my story on Snapchat.. wtf? Are they going to fix this or am I just not going to be able to use Snapchat anymore? Come on, get on the ball snapchat!

  • Madison

    I’m not getting notifications for Snapchat even though I have notifications on

  • vandana

    hi my snapchat wont let me send pictures it lets me send texts and but not pics any suggestions or help?

  • vandana

    im having similiar problems forst it would just make my phone really slow and now my pics wont send but my texts will…but try logging out and then logging bac in

  • vandana

    send wothin 24hrs, try logging out, and ensure both u and the other people/person have an updated version

  • Vandama

    same!!!!!! >:(

  • vandana

    also all my memories just disappeared

  • Olivia

    I have a streak with my friends and the number will not go up and if I start new streaks it doesn’t work

  • Amanda

    I’m not getting any snapchats even though my friends are sending me them??

  • Eli

    Does anyone know why all m streaks are gone only for me but for all my friends ours is still there? I reset my phone nothing is working

  • Hala

    I have streaks with people but the streaks would disappear on my phone and not theirs. This happened before but this time they won’t come back and one time my friend posted something on her story and I had to log out and back in to see it

  • divya pohwani

    I have got the same problem! Did u find any solution to this?

  • Ab F

    I logged out of my snapchat when I saw that they had all disappeared and then logged back in and they were all there again

  • Tara

    Snapchat filters aren’t working ☹️

  • Ben

    Cannot log into Snapchat, when I do finally get in my pictures won’t send. If I close the app I get logged off.

  • Qasim Munir

    could not refresh please try again i keep getting

  • Taylor

    I just tried logging into my snapchat after it was locked for a couple (which idk why it was) and now it’s still not letting me log in. It says “could not connect. Please try again later” &its said that for almost a week now. HELP

  • Na

    I logged out yesterday yesterday and all of my streaks disappeared along with all my friend emojis like best friends. The streaks came back but the best friends still arent.

  • Jen

    Yeah my streaks just won’t stay anymore like it all just disappears wtf is going on??

  • Dominick Arreguin

    I can’t add anyone back

  • Maggie Reynen

    I have streaks but they keep dissapearing even though I am sending them stuff

  • Makelle C. Berry

    When I try to click into Snapchat it bumps me out.

  • Laura palmer

    Friend sent Snapchat to me with streak filter but the number was wrong. Out streak is 212 but filter showed 81. Anyone know how this is possible?

  • Arianna Spencer

    Snapchat keeps closing out after 2 seconds >:(

  • Devin

    My best friends weren’t updating, it was showing people on my bf list at number 2 but still had an emoji next to my old bf people, I deleted but the app and re downloaded it and it was fixed and updated, now why won’t it automatically update it??

  • Kassie

    Won’t let me send snaps and I get notified when someone sends me one, but it won’t load or refresh at all.

  • Lily

    Friends see that I posted a story and are still able to see it but on my end it shows that it dont have one

  • Lauren Driscoll Batemon

    I went from having 3 best friends and being two people’s best friends to nothing at all

  • Kayaba akihiko

    I use Bluestacks; an Android emulator, snapchat worked fine for weeks… then it just stopped and had errors connecting to the server, I can’t login anymore…

  • Kayaba akihiko

    Android Emulator? Mine is doing that right now…

  • Anna Stringer

    My messaging is broken. I can send and receive snaps, post on my story, even get messages, but when I to send messages it fails and tells me to connect to my server… please please help

  • Kastonyaa Renée Kelly

    I’m having problem login to my snapchat.. It won’t let me log in

  • Jake

    I can’t change anyone’s name or a error saying “couldn’t connect” comes up so I deleted and re downloaded and now I can’t even sign in (this is on 2 phones I’ve tried) I couldn’t post and reply and everything when it woudlnt let me change names

  • Misty

    I signed out of snapchat and ten re signed in and immy messages form the hour have dissapreaed and the messages that people have already sent me and that I have already replies to come through again every time I log into Snapchat , I restarted my phone I’ve deleted t the app and re installed it and I’ve logged out and in multiple time sbtu the same thing keeps happening jappneong

  • Rique

    My stories load but the snaps i sent wont refresh. I cant tell if anyone opens my snaps or sends me some, it only shows if i send one

  • Jessica

    I reinstalled it and restarted my phone and I could record my six snaps and now I can’t and now it’s not in my update thing for my App Store

  • Jack


  • Chris Desantiago

    My snap chat kicks me out as soon had I get on the app

  • Toni

    My snapchat has everything that I have posted today and that anyone has posted or sent me as just now so it it saying everyone just now posted all this and also it will not let me post any videos or pictures

  • menobody

    wont send messages

  • menobody

    wont let me send messages says to retry

  • Gina

    Mine is doing something similar!!! My boyfriend and I don’t have a streak on ours at all!!!

  • Carlo

    I had a snapchat streak for over 284 days, and we had both sent snapchat “streaks” picture… then all of a sudden, it just disappeared out of midair. Plz can I talk to someone professional about this?

  • christian

    I logged out of my Snapchat so my friend can get on hers then when I logged back in my account my contacts wasn’t in my messages not even my contact book

  • Brooke

    I have around 100 streaks…but when I go to send all my streaks it only shows that about half of them sent???

  • Kiara

    I know my email and password, but Snap Chat says that the email is invalid. What could be the problem?

  • Camila

    Won’t let me and my sister login

  • makayla

    i’m not receiving text messages. i get notifications but when i go to the app none show up until i open the chat and wait.

  • Mel mel

    Snapchat is down rn

  • Lindi Hanawalt

    Mine won’t let me log in

  • Lindi Hanawalt

    Mine is not letting me log in

  • emple

    Snapchat is down right now

  • harley

    i can’t log back into my snapchat this is so agoravating

  • Amer

    can i have ur snap x

  • Amer

    Add me: Swadam97, i am male and live in sweden but searching for friends all over the world 🙂

  • Lilah

    i can’t log back in

  • David


  • David

    I can’t log back in neither

  • Ben

    Fml this is retarded. My friends snap got hacked last night too, may be connected idk. Sent a link to a porno to everyone in his snap contacts. Did anyone else get hacked?

  • Carley Jo Gieseke

    mines been down for an hour and a half

  • Nelle

    Snapchat wouldn’t let me see my snaps, I logged out to try again and now it won’t let eat me log back in, this pisses me off so much.

  • Natalia Irla

    Snapchat won’t let me load or send my snapchats. SO annoying!!!

  • Bella

    Is there something wrong with it cause It’s happening to me too

  • Gabe E

    Bella, Snapchat is in fact down for thousands of people worldwide. For more information go on Snapchat’s Twitter account.

  • anezi clanton

    Same I did the same thing and it will not let back in

  • epilvp

    Add me on snapchat: epilvp.

    Actually a real girl.

  • Just Ask it

    is it just me or is it not letting you post anything on your story?

  • Leila

    I can receive messages, but cant send them and also I can”t post on my story.

  • Eric

    I cannot post to my story. First it says it posts then a few seconds later it is highlighted red and says failed to send and gives me no option to retry.

  • Abbygail

    Add me on snap at love22lynn let’s do streaks!

  • Mary

    Not able to post to stories still, this has been going on for hours its stupid now.

  • Sam

    Can someone please help !!! I am unable to to see the previews of my friends story. For some reason their picture of their bitmoji is over it blocking the preview and it’s getting me upset can someone please help

  • Mi’Kala Reed

    I can post but can’t see my views it sys 0 views but ik people are viewing it and my discover only let’s me watch subscriptions no friends stories now its letting me watch new friends stories but only off their chat not discover but any friends I had before a few days ago I can’t see their story at all n its been 3 days like this

  • Loner Gorl

    I’ll post a snap – then the views will be at lets say 300.. the next hour I’ll check the same snap again and it’ll be at 230. Then I’ll check it again and it’ll be at another number. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? USA.

  • Paige

    Snapchat will not let me take a picture with the camera or switch the side of the camera I want facing, and it will glitch up on me when I would just swipe or will be going through snap stories

  • Kim

    Is there an error? I can’t logon

  • Madison Hart

    when I try to logon it keeps on saying please check your connection and try again

  • Ikran

    My Snapchat won’t load please help I logged off so to see if it would work but no please help I have a 90 day streak I don’t wanna ruin and I tried logging on in another device and it won’t work?

  • Pinky

    Snapchat wouldn’t let me in it keep going to a black screen and I have a lot of people texting me on there☹️

  • j

    it saying i have no snap score please fix!

  • Xander Rinard

    Snapchat wont send me notifications! How do I fix?!