Spotify problems Feb 19 with constant spinning

Spotify users are having problems trying to access the music streaming service at the moment. After looking at the official Spotify service status page everything seems to be up and running ok, but yet we have had reports of the service just spinning out and not going anywhere.

Users login into Spotify regularly during a 24-hour period, and when the music lovers cannot gain access online the complaints come flooding in. We are getting reports that users cannot gain access on their apps or desktop, it looks like a few are having issues gaining access on all platforms including Windows Phone, OS X, Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android.

One Spotify user said they couldn’t do anything, when they try to login all they get is the spinning wheel rotating just to annoy them. Another user said the network is fine but Spotify since last night just spins.

Are you having Spotify problems? If you are please share them on the dedicated brand page.