Sprint problems

Are you having any Sprint problems today? Some of the main issues with Sprint can be down to a network outage, and issues sending SMS, MMS messages. Other areas where issues can occur include mobile Internet, voice mail etc. When these or any other problems happen you can share them here for others to read in this Sprint community.

The Sprint Network provides its customers with home and mobile services, and when the Sprint Wireless Network is down this can have a huge affect on how people communicate with each other. In some cases network outages do not occur worldwide, sometimes it is certain locations only. This is why we would like for you to add your Sprint problems along with your location /city etc.

Reading other Sprint users troubles is great feedback, it doesn’t matter how big or small your issues is please let others know. If you are having any problems with signal, network, Internet, text messaging, quality of calls etc please share.

Sprint status reports for Wednesday 14th of November 2018

To find out if Sprint is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Sprint? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Meaghan Doyle

    No service in Belleville MI. Haven’t had any since 8:30am. Anyone else having this problem??

  • Corinne

    No service in Ann Arbor… outage map shows the city is down as is most of the east coast of Illinois.

  • John

    Many Sprint customers in the Daytona Beach Florida area can’t get calls from callers outside of sprint. The caller just gets a fast busy. Sprint callers to sprint customers works fine. Sprint customers can call anyone. Text and internet not affected

  • san

    No svc in Buffalo ny

  • Annoyed

    No internet service in Milwaukee, WI since 8:30 a.m. today.

  • Denise

    I can’t get my emails on my phone anymore. It states that the server is down. Silver Spring, MD.

  • Dale

    no service in vicksburg ms

  • William Puffer

    Colorado, Grand Junction

  • Marquis Mason

    Once again I have no service in Madison WI!!! I have 2-4 bars of LTE and it connects to absolutely NOTHING! Second time in the past week I’ve had problems with this service! You’re forcing me to go somewhere else!

  • Anne

    For the second time in less than a month no cell service at home in Virginia Beach!!! You’re just about ready to lose a customer you’ve had for over 10 years!

  • Laura Derousseau

    No service for two days now in Portland, Oregon.

  • jeana fesili

    Can’t receive incoming calls says my phone is busy when people try to call me here in Seattle wa

  • Darrian Turrin

    Can’t receive texts or send back texts and can’t call anyone or receive calls. I’m from Marion,Indiana

  • Justin Warner

    My note 5 wont connect to 4g at all right now hasnt been all morning long.

  • LTE service down since Saturday, Oct. 15. Cannot make outgoing calls (Madison, WI)

  • Error message with texting, just started ten minutes ago. Error message 2126

  • Marquis Mason

    Once again.. for the 4th time in the past week! My phone ISNT working! This is the last straw! Its time to look at other carriers

  • Marquis Mason

    Not working in Madison Wi!!!!!!

  • Pamela

    My internet not working on my phone. I get texts emails are good.

  • Carl

    Phoenix, AZ not able to call in or out “Call Failed” been going on since around 1pm local time.

  • Markus

    I’m not receiving calls and I can’t use my Internet in Washington DC. This been going on since yesterday October 19

  • Kat Lynn

    I’ve been having these problems for a few days now. I get a “No Service” randomly throughout the day. I can’t make calls or receive them randomly. Text messages are the same way. Wifi works just fine. But being outside of a wifi connection my 4g stops working randomly. It’s also affecting my parents phones as well as my sister’s.
    – El Paso, TX

  • Connor

    I’m from Chicago, and all day No Service kept on popping up on my phone. Why is Sprint acting like this. This has been going on too much. I might as well try and switch to Verizon

  • mitzi

    Downtown Denver …my work buddies and I have no internet for the last hour

  • Diane Yerge Ware

    Down in Orlando area, off and on for a few days now.

  • Mary Rosati

    Can’t make calls.
    Incoming calls go to voicemail

  • mebitch

    No service in South East Ga ever since hurricane Matthew, Sprint’s solution…oh, just use your wi~fi and continue to pay us for NOTHING; time to find a new carrier.

  • Lou

    im in CT and cannot make or receive phone calls or updates to my icons. anyone having same problem and how did u resolve?

  • Uklady

    In San Marcos, Ca, cannot receive or make calls, texts or messages on Iphone 5

  • TexasBlondie3

    arlington tx calls keep failing all day

  • chuck brooks

    No Sprint signal in Decatur GA!

  • Maya Blickenstaff Haines

    No Sprint Signal in Hagerstown, MD, or Williamsport, MD, for a couple of days!

  • Pancake Bunny

    Service in and out in Richmond Va

  • gwpinetree

    Not getting 4G, Don’t know if it’s my phone or the network here in Milwaukee.

  • Aborich

    People trying to call from landlines cannot get through, on my and my fiance’s phones. We are able to call out, and cell phone users are able to call in.

  • Frustrated with Sprint

    When someone calls me and they have sprint I can hear them, but they cannot hear me or vice versa. We have to call each other three times before we can get a connection that we can hear each other.

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    <126 Not kage">

    5-citmdomly. It’126nt-h><="ds3essagsage-omment-body">

    Not working in Madison Wi!!!!!7;140

  • <140 Not kage">

    5-citmdomly. It’140dsq-comment-body-29829" class="dsq-vessase let others worl-273nection my duhref="iv id="d-comhil-1"lphsag,PA.>

    My internet not working on my phone. I get texts emails are good.

  • <146 Not kage">

    5-citmdomly. It’14"dsq-comment-body-28476" class="dsq-c:"damI , flnt-mes-comment-body">

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    Not working in Madison Wi!!!!!7;182

  • <182 Not kage">

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    My internet not working on my phone. I get texts emails are good.

  • <217 Not kage">

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    Not working in Madison Wi!!!!!7;2>

  • <2iv id="dsq-comment-header-29964><2iv iMyrament-header"> Frustrated with Sprint
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    My internet not working on my phone. I get texts emails are good.

  • <2i8 id="dsq-comment-header-29964><2i8hor-ument-header"> Frustrated with Sprint

    Not working in Madison Wi!!!!!7;330

  • <330<330 CanRmment-message">

    My internet not working on my phone. I get texts emails are good.

  • <420<420

    CanI"dsq-visig outside of a whesse217;t receivso fir up big or217;m fto servioin the Dyeneedin thecommeis="rapd="cancall each other three times before we can get a connection that we can hear each other.<470

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    My internet not working on my phone. I get texts emails are good.

  • <479<479ss="lieconrent-header">

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    Not working in Madison Wi!!!!!7;481

  • <481<481

    q-co mment-comment-message-27001" class="dsq-comment-g on my phone. I get texts emails are good.

  • <482

    Not working in Madison Wi!!!!!7;483

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    My internet not working on my phone. I get texts emails are good.

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    I’m from ChicagommeThe elleville Mirblemham, mdomiv>
  • <581<1574dsq-comment-header-30075" 49v i1574dhrisgoogeader"> Frustrated with Sprint<157-29Paulite>
    <482<1599dsq-comment-header-30075" 49v i1599dhrisgoogeader"> Frustrated with Sprint<159rint
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  • <562<18="dsq-comment-header-29964><2iv i18="dhrisgoogeader"> Frustrated with Sprint<18r-29BiorygBobite>
  • <530<197"dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass197"dhrisgoogeader"> Frustrated with Sprint<197"dsEdite>
    st hour
  • <562<205"dsq-comment-header-30075" 49v i205"dhrisgoogeader"> Frustrated with Sprint<205"dsLisdomly. It’182dsq-comment-body-28476" class205"dhrisgoogeader">
  • <530<241"dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Frustrated with Sprint<241"dsGcomcite>
    No internet service in Milwaukee, LombntagIL my om spriDfecke ikin. ain MuccNo thRe orygdnggr wint
  • <562<255"dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Frustrated with Sprint<255"dsScarlDonite>

    No Sprint signMilwauk/div>

  • <530<2553dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Frustrated with Sprint<2553dsScarlDonite>

    No service in South Eaatthew, Sputah/7;562

  • <562<2566dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Frustrated with Sprint<256span>cite>
    Gessa-, Utah
  • <530<2786dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Frustrated with Sprint<2786dsNikki Ellidomly. It’182dsq-comment-body-28476" class2786dhrisgoogeader">
  • <49v 2790dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Frustrated with Sprint<2790dsNichoisgomly. It’182dsq-comment-body-28476" class2790dhrisgoogeader">
  • <530<2796dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Frustrated with Sprint<2796dsRobgBobite>

    No service for two days nomor aof canRlwaukee.

  • <49v 293"dsq-comment-header-29964><2iv i293"dhrisgoogeader"> Frustrated with Sprint<293"dsKsagyite>
    No service in South East Cach-, Oklahomahasnt been/div>
  • <530<2943dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Frustrated with Sprint<2943dsbricite>

    No service saSeattle,to call in or e we v id="dIMenoutside of a w. my fartat-mesvindomssprin

  • <49v 2983dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Frustrated with Sprint<2983dsduckite>
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    Service in and out isgbadervn Potonathden Washingt hodiv>< e"><="d/id49>

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    I’m from ChicagoDonRmobilere in Milunavv>
  • <530<311"dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass311"dhrisgoogeader"> Marq 311"dsJawe cBaumgardite>

    No service for two days not ns emteek! My phs t-Rtoronor ohio. M82lb73weammentrelprin/id49>

  • <49v 3131dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass3131dhrisgoogeader"> Marq 3131dsKammypt oicite>

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  • <49v 3178dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass3178dhrisgoogeader"> Marq 3178dsGarah Hite> <530<323"dsq-comment-header-30075" 49v i323"dhrisgoogeader"> Marq 323"dsR No service in South East Cany paigua NYl/div> hoss="ey .t
  • <562<32="dsq-comment-header-27060" clas<32="dhrisgoogeader"> Kat 32id="rinttGefgggomly. It’182dsq-comment-body-28476" class32dsq-comment-body">
    No service for the lase"><="dstaA.owCharlDss kewvood.
  • <530<3261dsq-comment-header-27060" clas<32=1dhrisgoogeader"> Kat 32i1="rinttGefgggomly. It’182dsq-comment-body-28476" class32d1q-comment-body">

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  • <530<3324dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass3324dhrisgoogeader"> Kat 3324dsno No service " clases before we cn> it Gso!!!!7pe-tly ;483
  • <562<3416dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 3416dsJohn D/cite> No service in South East aurora rand Jun 80013/7;562
  • <530<3456dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 3456dsfith Sprintst KSite> No service ernet fot="5nst Kansashasnt been/div>
  • <562<3459dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 3459dsNichoisg Site> No service err Nup big oof Nup haved Milwaukee, L 1poln, NE/7;562
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  • <530<3529dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass3529dheader">

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    No service in South East Gtauns ke>

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  • <562<3533dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass3533dhrisgoogeader"> Marq 3533dsShma on G ora/cite>

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    No service in South East Lynchburg,>

  • <530<3534dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass3534dhrisgoogeader"> Marq 3534dsJa/agtds7urfomcite>

    q-co mment-comment-message-353"dhrisgoogeader"> No service in South East Dublst va/7;562

  • <562<3592dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass3592dhrisgoogeader"> Marq 3592dsPeggy Jo

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  • <530<361"dsq-comment-header-27060" clas<361"dhrisgoogeader"> Marq 361"dsHilary-citk/cite>

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  • <562<3616dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 3616dsEvangomly. It’182dsq-comment-body-28476" class3616dhrisgoogeader"> No service Weach tIaccNo 8er.<530
  • <530<363"dsq-comment-header-30075" 49v i363"dhrisgoogeader"> Marq 363"dsEil"> No service Pensacola, FLn Wi!!!!! service in that we can hear r">Ryrhmono much/div>< hea-messave 2sq-c
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  • <562<3641dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass3641dhrisgoogeader"> Marq 3641dsKristicite> No service in South East Pensacola FLitiv>
  • <530<3656dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 3656dsKel/spaTatmo, Whspaite> No service in South East rand Jun n>
  • <562<3657dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 3657dsGa/ay Lacria,-Quinnite>

    No service in South East Las ranina meTxitiv>

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  • <562<4136dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 4136dsBrg oaite>
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  • <562<421"dsq-comment-header-27060" clas<421"dheader"> Marq 421"dsDeb Alex-le/cite>
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  • <562<4234dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass4234dheader"> Marq 4234dsKimite>

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  • <481<4286dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Frustrated with Sprint<4286dsCristal Castillyite>
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  • <481<4357dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 4357dsDiego Garciaite> <562<4358dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 4358dsFr18avne Gtaryite> <530<4445dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass4445dheader"> Marq 4445dsJeffite>

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  • <530<4488dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 4488dsredwstasgurl>

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  • <530<4504dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass4504dheader"> Kat 4504dsCynn ma WediM/dly. It’182dsq-comment-body-28476" class4504dheader">

    q-co mment-comment-message-4504dheader"> <562<4527dsq-comment-header-30075" 562 Kat 4527dsJeff1911/dly. It’182dsq-comment-body-28476" class4527dhrisgoogeader">

    q-co mment-comment-message-4527dhrisgoogeader"> rvie.<1%cals21;re in Milreliabildiy./div>

  • <530<4529dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass4529dheader">

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  • <562<4548dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass4548dheader">

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  • <530<4575dsq-comment-header-30075" 48ass4575dheader"> Marq 4575dsRyautOcalsq-cNegl Kalpite>

    q-co mment-comment-message-4575dhrisgoogeader"> No service " cla5mment-no lucket now re weroblene.e of a wh/7;562

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  • <48140880dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<40880dheader"> Kat 40880dsJoha Cennor/7e> <56240962dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<40962dheader"> Kat 40962dsKari!Wattsite> eintsstaohsleneIhwae"tno dep6w aoma feiy deth EsoR havsene!erwdomaa chgoabnd cno de
  • <48140996dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<40996dheader"> Kat 40996dsL2dinda Ceessite> #82Indiv>
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  • <48141016dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41016dheader"> Kat 41016dsTimce y McDon6ughite> d.t./div>
  • <56241154dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41154dheader"> Kat 41154dsDavrd /eehanite> <48141155dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41155dheader"> Kat 41155dsDavrd /eehanite>
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  • <56241390dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41390dheader"> Kat 41390dsLorDona Broadwayite> <48141391dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41391dheader"> Kat 41391dsMatcaiwite>
  • <56241412dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41412dheader"> Kat 41412dsMelmesaite>
  • <48141418dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41418dheader"> Kat 41418dsTishaite>
  • <56241434dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41434dheader"> Kat 41434dsWILLIAM YOUNGite>
  • <48141435dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41435dheader"> Kat 41435dsssite> <56241436dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41436dheader"> Kat 41436dsPam l- E G Sw-citite> <48141437dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41437dheader"> Kat 41437dsDennisite> <56241438dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41438dheader"> Kat 41438dsMargo aWashmuctooite> 3cod.t./ Wi!!!Wha lutionapplicae caamy ok><,eaohisxaendmuchor upnownq-chtee.d of a whd- d emagls./div>
  • <48141439dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41439dheader"> Kat 41439dsJoe Walkitite> <56241440dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41440dheader"> Kat 41440dsRob Brunkite> <48141441dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41441dheader"> Kat 41441="S-ciite>
  • <56241442dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41442dheader"> Kat 41442dsPatite>
  • <48141443dsq-comment-header-30075" 562<41443dheader"> Kat 41443dsAmyite> Wi!!!Un I"dsq-I text rIupnownerndomstpyeas t-m.cV rynn uetranmuc!/div>
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