Sprint problems

Are you having any Sprint problems today? Some of the main issues with Sprint can be down to a network outage, and issues sending SMS, MMS messages. Other areas where issues can occur include mobile Internet, voice mail etc. When these or any other problems happen you can share them here for others to read in this Sprint community.

Sprint outage hits Texas statewide on March 18

The Sprint Network provides its customers with home and mobile services, and when the Sprint Wireless Network is down this can have a huge affect on how people communicate with each other. In some cases network outages do not occur worldwide, sometimes it is certain locations only. This is why we would like for you to add your Sprint problems along with your location /city etc.

Reading other Sprint users troubles is great feedback, it doesn’t matter how big or small your issues is please let others know. If you are having any problems with signal, network, Internet, text messaging, quality of calls etc please share.

Sprint status reports for Thursday 23rd of March 2017

To find out if Sprint is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Sprint? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Meaghan Doyle

    No service in Belleville MI. Haven’t had any since 8:30am. Anyone else having this problem??

  • Corinne

    No service in Ann Arbor… outage map shows the city is down as is most of the east coast of Illinois.

  • John

    Many Sprint customers in the Daytona Beach Florida area can’t get calls from callers outside of sprint. The caller just gets a fast busy. Sprint callers to sprint customers works fine. Sprint customers can call anyone. Text and internet not affected

  • san

    No svc in Buffalo ny

  • Annoyed

    No internet service in Milwaukee, WI since 8:30 a.m. today.

  • Denise

    I can’t get my emails on my phone anymore. It states that the server is down. Silver Spring, MD.

  • Dale

    no service in vicksburg ms

  • William Puffer

    Colorado, Grand Junction

  • Marquis Mason

    Once again I have no service in Madison WI!!! I have 2-4 bars of LTE and it connects to absolutely NOTHING! Second time in the past week I’ve had problems with this service! You’re forcing me to go somewhere else!

  • Anne

    For the second time in less than a month no cell service at home in Virginia Beach!!! You’re just about ready to lose a customer you’ve had for over 10 years!

  • Laura Derousseau

    No service for two days now in Portland, Oregon.

  • jeana fesili

    Can’t receive incoming calls says my phone is busy when people try to call me here in Seattle wa

  • Darrian Turrin

    Can’t receive texts or send back texts and can’t call anyone or receive calls. I’m from Marion,Indiana

  • Justin Warner

    My note 5 wont connect to 4g at all right now hasnt been all morning long.

  • http://www.wisconsin-tango.com Joe Yang

    LTE service down since Saturday, Oct. 15. Cannot make outgoing calls (Madison, WI)

  • http://badgalmarketer.com Tonya Jones

    Error message with texting, just started ten minutes ago. Error message 2126

  • Marquis Mason

    Once again.. for the 4th time in the past week! My phone ISNT working! This is the last straw! Its time to look at other carriers

  • Marquis Mason

    Not working in Madison Wi!!!!!!

  • Pamela

    My internet not working on my phone. I get texts emails are good.

  • Carl

    Phoenix, AZ not able to call in or out “Call Failed” been going on since around 1pm local time.

  • Markus

    I’m not receiving calls and I can’t use my Internet in Washington DC. This been going on since yesterday October 19

  • Kat Lynn

    I’ve been having these problems for a few days now. I get a “No Service” randomly throughout the day. I can’t make calls or receive them randomly. Text messages are the same way. Wifi works just fine. But being outside of a wifi connection my 4g stops working randomly. It’s also affecting my parents phones as well as my sister’s.
    – El Paso, TX

  • Connor

    I’m from Chicago, and all day No Service kept on popping up on my phone. Why is Sprint acting like this. This has been going on too much. I might as well try and switch to Verizon

  • mitzi

    Downtown Denver …my work buddies and I have no internet for the last hour

  • Diane Yerge Ware

    Down in Orlando area, off and on for a few days now.

  • Mary Rosati

    Can’t make calls.
    Incoming calls go to voicemail

  • mebitch

    No service in South East Ga ever since hurricane Matthew, Sprint’s solution…oh, just use your wi~fi and continue to pay us for NOTHING; time to find a new carrier.

  • Lou

    im in CT and cannot make or receive phone calls or updates to my icons. anyone having same problem and how did u resolve?

  • Uklady

    In San Marcos, Ca, cannot receive or make calls, texts or messages on Iphone 5

  • TexasBlondie3

    arlington tx calls keep failing all day

  • chuck brooks

    No Sprint signal in Decatur GA!

  • Maya Blickenstaff Haines

    No Sprint Signal in Hagerstown, MD, or Williamsport, MD, for a couple of days!

  • Pancake Bunny

    Service in and out in Richmond Va

  • gwpinetree

    Not getting 4G, Don’t know if it’s my phone or the network here in Milwaukee.

  • Aborich

    People trying to call from landlines cannot get through, on my and my fiance’s phones. We are able to call out, and cell phone users are able to call in.

  • Frustrated with Sprint

    When someone calls me and they have sprint I can hear them, but they cannot hear me or vice versa. We have to call each other three times before we can get a connection that we can hear each other.

  • Not Happy

    Unable to find service around Salt Lake the last week or so. It still worked okay until yesterday when I completely lost the ability to text or call. Today I am still unable to text or call.

    Last night I did a hard reset, soft reset, turned my phone off and back on again. After that it worked for a couple hours. It isn’t helping anymore.

    I completely lack the ability to communicate using my phone. This is not okay.

    11 – 26 – 2016

  • Let’s be REAL

    I’ve been without signal for 3 days. Can’t receive or make calls/text. I’m in Virginia Beach, Va. smdh sprint get it together!!!!!


    Severe text messaging delays as well as duplicate texts in Philadelphia ,PA. area. Reported problem last week but still not resolved.

  • Regina

    In st pete, fl and i’m not receiving calls, nor text messages are being sent. tried calling sprint and received a message that their closed. What happen to 24/7 service. This is ridiculous!!! If they are having issues something should go out to their customers. Do better Sprint
    zip code 33705

  • Amy Mills

    In Lake Stevens, Washington 98258. Having trouble with people hearing us talk. Me and my husband both having trouble! Please fix this….Thanks!

  • Megan Waltz

    Having trouble with my service in clermont county

  • Myra

    Great, Just what I needed! Forget my coffee this morning and now my internet isn’t working. Other then that I can make receive phone calls and text messages for now – Alexandria, VA

  • Joe

    entire service down since the morning – Columbus, OH

  • Lexi

    Cell service is not working for me in Jacksonville FL. I cannot make or receive phone calls at the moment. The time is currently 1:13AM. I can only receive FaceTime and IMessage via wifi. I am unable to call customer support as I can’t make or recieve calls.

  • Ashley Goodin

    Haven’t been able to send text messages for days now unless I restart phone and can’t receive calls when visiting my parents house. I’m so fed up with sprint at this point. They need to get their crap together.

  • Sprint user

    My phone wont stop roaming.

  • Julie Larson

    Not receiving some calls from land lines!!!

  • Dawn

    Not receiving some calls from land lines!!!

  • LMA

    still down on all 9 of my accounts. Cant call Sprint customer service numbers, I get fast busy. Cant call out, get fast busy. Apparently not in a roaming zone. although I should be as well as my 9 accounts in Omaha NE and Honeycreek IA. Is it time to move on?

  • Autumn McCollough

    Is anyone down in the Wilmington NC area??

  • Keith

    Only able to send and receive texts in Des Moines. No internet, phone or apps.

  • Malcom Park

    west bloomfield township, MI 48322. Down since the morning. 2nd time this month. No phone no text no internet. Frustrating. I will move to different network as soon as my contract with Sprint ends and will never come back. Ever. The worst Cell phone service in the world.

  • Joe D

    Down in sac cali

  • bearchris18

    Shepherd, tx 77371 has been down since 4pm 12/16

  • Valerie

    For 6 years i had verizon with no issues. Within three weeks of sprint, the network has been down for over 12 hours. Time to switch back…

  • Ruth Aspen

    Cannot receive or make calls today 1/7/16 Solar Winds or what? I’m in southern Colorado!

  • http://soundclound.com/cousinkeiron CousinKeiron

    I’m out of service in Birmingham, AL

  • Paul

    internet is so…..slow in Long Beach California

  • Judy FL

    Internet suck in Sarasota and palmetto Florida

  • Judy FL

    Sprint data service is horrible you never could connect real strong usually get weak it goes in and out all the time. They just keep getting cussed new customers on it it makes it worse because they’re representing themselves as a fast service and they’re not that’s why it’s so cheap

  • Samsun

    Choppy network and now no Lte. RELIABLE AND FAST… MY ASS!!!

  • doe

    Tried to make a phone call at 2:20, but it just disconnected, never rang
    the line I was trying to reach. Retried several times. Had to use my work cell phone on the
    Verizon network to make the call. Can’t surf, text nor call in the Greenville, SC area.

  • Billy Bob

    Same here I live in Washington indiana and the signal is going from 3G to lte then won’t work on the internet. Won’t download mms. Not in any contracts with them so going to vacate back to AT&T. Tri s to give them a chance and they arnt reliable.

  • Ed

    Bad internet service in Whaleyville , Md- was very good for the first 2 months since we switched from att. Last 10 days very slow…

  • Liss

    Dropped calls and even on roaming in my house! Never happened before.

  • Grace

    No internet service in Lombard IL. Called the help line to no success. Really disgusted with Sprint.

  • Scarlett

    No service

  • Scarlett

    No service hurricane utah

  • Dee

    Internet/data service is very very slow on LTE in Saint George, Utah.

  • Nikki Ellis

    My phone has been selectively receiving texts over the last week and now apparently it keeps sending the same picture to a friend of mine every 30 minutes by itself. I’ve never even sent the picture at all! WTF?

  • Nicholas

    Have no service since around 9am on 2/27/17 for couple hours now. 2 of my colleagues shared the same problem with me. so I guess its some outage issue in Atlanta GA.

  • Rob Bob

    No service for most of the day here in Indy

  • Karen

    No service in Cache, Oklahoma right now

  • brie

    same here, not able to send or received text message. as far a phone calls they drop with the quickness. sprint is getting on my damn nerves

  • duck

    really bad internet for the last two days. Burbank/covina area.

  • d x

    Service is bad in daytona, no Internet or email or text

  • Jerome Hawkins

    I’m getting mobile network unavailable in Metro Detroit area.

  • James Baumgard

    No service for at least the past hour in toronto ohio. May be weather related

  • Kathy Serie

    Texting in arlington tx is super slow. One message took an hour to send. What gives?

  • Sarah H

    This is crazy, what am I paying for…for the past few days and ALL day today my phone’s internet and texting has NOT been working. WTH!

  • Sarah H

    Westlake, California IS DOWN AND NOT WORKING………….

  • Robert Finger

    No service in Canandaigua NY today or yesterday.

  • Matthew Greggs

    no internet or texting in Charleston wv….pos sprint

  • Matthew Greggs

    time to look at other providers sprint?

  • redwingsgurl19

    No data since last night the Foreigner tells me turn your phone off and restart it that does nothing fool if you’re going to work for Sprint you need to speak English what the hell

  • Lakeview Bob

    I am so fed up with Sprint. After 20 years it is time for me to move on.

  • John Doe

    No service in aurora Colorado 80013

  • frustrated in KS

    have no data in Kansas right now

  • Nicholas S

    hard restart and regained service in Lincoln, NE

  • Jim Laufersweiler

    I have no service in Flagstaff AZ.

  • Jennifer Warren

    Near Danville Va. Can’t call or text Sprint to Sprint.

  • Josh

    No service in Staunton VA

  • Beverly Lawson

    I have no service at all!!! No calls, text or internet!!!! Day 2 like really!!! Is it Time to say goodbye to Sprint? Charlottesville,VA

  • Shannon Gallant

    We are unable to make phone calls,or send text messages.

  • Shannon Gallant

    No service in Lynchburg,VA

  • Jarrett Surface

    No service in Dublin va

  • Peggy Jones

    Unable to make calls today 3-20-17

  • Hilary Walker

    unable to make calls at any time, and unable to access internet and text messages without wifi in Dallas, TX

  • Evans

    We cant access phone or any other services.

  • Eileen Gery

    Pensacola, FL – No internet connection. No incoming or outgoing calls. No text messaging.

  • FlightMode ENT (FME STUDIOS)

    me too

  • Richard Allen Hood

    Same so.e older devices co activity comes and goes nothing on Tribute or j3

  • Kristie

    No service in Pensacola FL

  • Kelley Tatmon White

    No service in Colorado Springs,Co

  • Garry Lacking-Quinn

    No service in Las Colinas, Tx

  • Dawson Hartley

    MMS not sending and keep getting no service for about a week now in Brookston, IN 47923. Also my brother and friends are having the same issues in Lafayette, IN 47901.