Star Wars Battlefront Maintenance, Server Outage

Are you having issues with Star Wars Battlefront? Such as not being able to login, gamer servers for you are totally down, technical issues with the fighter squadron or split screen not working or maybe there is a lot of lag when you try to play online.

Maybe you are trying to find out information on things such as a Star Wars Battlefront 2 graphics mod, or you need to simply ask a question about the gameplay. No matter what it is, here is where you can join a community of like minded gamers. Even if you have a question or wish to share information on the new Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC, you can do so on this dedicated page.

If you own this game, please do share any problems you are having along with what platform you are playing on, as well as your location.

Star Wars Battlefront status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

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Problems with Star Wars Battlefront? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • April

    Yesterday, which is a Sunday and normally a day where loads of gamers play online. But for some reason I could not open any game, was no one playing yesterday?

  • Bryan

    Trying to matchmake is a nightmare, takes forever and when you finally do, you get booted from battlefront.

  • Lara

    Are the EA servers down today? I cannot seem to play any matchmaking games.