Steam Community Outage, Problems

The Steam server status page always lets you know when any services are down such as SteamDB Database, Steam Client, TF2 Game Coordinator and of course the Community. But as always this server status page is not up-to-date immediately, but users are, and when a Steam Community outage or any other problem arises it is the gamer that is sharp with sharing information.

A few gamers say that the Steam Community is always down, others may say login problems or the ID are the nightmare cases, and some may even say the steam community market problems are getting them down. When there are now issues Steam is a great place to be to meet new people, form clans and have in-game chats, as well as joining game groups.

But with 7,343,413 gamers online with 2,163,297 in-game problems can and will happen with server overload, login issues and much more. Are you having any problems with the Steam Community or its website?

Steam Community status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Steam Community is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Steam Community? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Criss

    How come I win a Beast Brawl and in reurn I get nothing when I was supposed to get a bundle.

  • Tom

    I cannot add friends, when I do all I get is an error.

  • Grant

    Is anyone having a connection problem at the mo, or is the problem my end?

  • Jessie

    Signing in to Steam is great at the moment, guess they are having smooth runnings with its servers at the moment.

  • Roberto

    DOTA 2 and a few other games are not working for me, maybe servers having a few breaks because they are being over worked.

  • Brian

    I cannot login to Steam.

  • Lesley

    I try to login then like 1o minutes later it tells me there is a connection error.

  • Jove

    Trying to login into steam is like saying I will land on the moon tonight – YES flipping IMPOSSIBLE.

  • Makey

    I cannot seem to recover my Steam password, please help as this is not playing ball.

  • Ariel

    I am having issues when i try to login.

  • Kwarm

    Steam online is not working for me on Aprile 5.

  • Kwarm

    I mean April.

  • Kane

    Not able to login to steam, its saying their is a network error.

  • Mirkon

    Is Steam having issues with the currencies today?

  • Lukas

    Is the Steam Market down or is it a fault my end?

  • Brook

    Steam servers are completely down for me, why is connection down?

  • Juliet

    Does the Star Wars bundle work on Mac?

  • Ian

    Steam is down for me in London.

  • Nolene

    I am down and cannot understand why, I am in Belfast.

  • Jarmaine

    If steam is down for you my mate said try this –

    “C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteam.exe” -tcp

  • Chad

    Steam id down is Belgium.

  • Mike

    Is anyone getting, “trouble connecting to Steam servers?”

  • Justin

    Since the DOTA 2 update i have not been able to get online to play.

  • Mark

    The steam store is down right now.

  • Justin

    I tried to open the steam store website and saw this An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.a76a1db8.1437986277.20b9af8

  • Tina

    Yeah I am seeing the same error message.

  • Casper

    Wahey I am back online after it being down for a while.

  • Mikey

    is steam down again, Aug 16th?

  • Splimmie

    Steam community is down for me now, just the same error as it says above.

  • Anthony

    steam market is down for me

  • Yuval

    It keeps telling me to sign in when i am trying use the Steam Store even though i am signed in.

  • TheGamer14

    community is down

  • It’s been offline like every ten minutes since yesterday, what the hell is going on?

  • xs:pikachuawp

    Steam is down right now D:

  • Deividas

    Steam connection error today 26th April 2016 – I am in Lithuania.

  • Brenda

    Steam is down, i think it was for maintenance. Is this true and if it is what was the maintenance for?

  • Toby

    Back up again, i can now login peeps.

  • Dede Jasindra

    it’s down now

  • Carl

    When is the steam summer 2016 sale on next?

  • Dan

    Can’t login to Steam account, yesterday i could login but couldn’t buy anything.

  • Mike

    Steam’s data transfer is very bad, login was an issue at first but when i got in the data transfer was terrible.

  • goober


  • Bill Mize

    PHANTOMSQUAD is DDOSing steam. Their pick on twitter looks like 3 little queer punk 13 year old boys from Argentina.. They are hitting EA also. Like most just to make everyones life as miserable as theirs .

  • Dave

    Is Steam Down in Miami?

  • Mikey

    I am visit London and whilst here at my aunts house in the evening i like to play games with my cousin. But all i keep getting when trying to log in to my account is – cant update csgo (uk-london) servers unreachable.

  • Ronnie

    I seem to be getting a very high ping on CSGO servers since the latest Steam server update. Not only this but have been having login issues as well, i have tried to change password like 4 times and still rubbish.

  • Bert

    Steam client login down yet again, I am on the West Coast but might as well be in space with these sort of issues. Strange how you can watch an astronaut broadcast to earth from space but cannot even play a frigging game online.

  • Igloo

    Can’t purchase anything from community market here in Switzerland, I always get this message : There was a problem purchasing your item. The listing may have been removed. Refresh the page and try again.

  • Peter

    This month Steam has been very bad and still is, it’s getting a little silly that servers are constantly down. Chats are down and the lag is bad.

  • KC

    DOWN: USA – OH