Straight Talk problems

TracFone Wireless Inc runs Straight Talk, and it was put into place to stop all the expense when it came to providing its customers with a wireless service. But Straight Talk problems do occur including login errors, tracking orders not working and servers being down.

Straight Talk problems

Are you having Straight Talk problems right now? Apart from the above Straight Talk issues could also include texting not working, Internet down, not able to check your balance online or problems with activation.

Straight Talk wants its customers on networks in the USA without the commitment of contracts, and apparently offers great savings of up to around $950 per year. This is all possible with the likes of a $45 Unlimited plan, but there is always more going on.

Straight Talk status reports for Tuesday 25th of April 2017

To find out if Straight Talk is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Straight Talk? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Brianna

    My service has gone down in Daphne, AI, whats wrong?

  • Drake

    I have not been able to text on my cell phone for like two hours now, signal is very weak.

  • Roberta

    Straight Talk Internet services seem to be down, I have tried to access for like 3 hours to no avail. I have also been getting dropped calls too.

  • rachel

    my straight talk service is not working in Kingsland G
    a when will the problem be repaired ? 11/21/2015

  • Halee Catherine Shafer

    Straight Talk service down in East Texas

  • ME

    Can’t connect calls. SMS is spotty. 4-21-16 in South FL

  • Trixphoesmama

    My husband and I are experiencing a complete blackout in Fort Madison, Iowa

  • smj77

    I can’t access internet right now. Is anyone else having issues?

  • Mark

    I can talk for hours on my phone but when I do I get dropped calls or it sounds like a robot when I’m talking or it even makes an echo sound hearing your own voice. I have had this problem for the past 5 years. I like the plan they have to offer but something needs to be done with this issue. I really don’t want to switch company’s. 5-14-2016

  • Morris

    Internet is not working again, thanks Straight Talk for giving me such a bad service even though i upped my Gb plan.

  • Tina

    Mobile keeps cutting off network in Richmond area, i try to load pages on my mobile device and nothing.

  • Mark

    No data yet again, which means i cannot text my wife letting her i know i am going to be late so do not cook dinner.

  • Yoga Chick

    My service has been 99% down since Saturday evening

  • vince gaudo

    Tampa, FL still down since I first checked at 5:30 AM. Any competitors with better service / price?

  • CStarling

    Jax, FL can not make any calls out or any calls coming in

  • Iyana

    Phone is telling me no service right now, this began about 4 am… Just paid phone bill 3 days ago so I know I’m not out of service as its only 3 days into the new data period. I’m a store manager and cannot even call to check on my staff or vice Versa. This is ridiculous.

  • Steve Country

    service out where i stay 4 days ago, half mile on the hill full service.. fix some towers!
    @ 33870
    i called couple times, will call supervisor tomorrow, please no indi guy, cant understand yall fully

  • Joey VanDyke

    I can’t call or receive calls since this morning in 49417 area. Can still text. What’s up?

  • Jasce

    Servers are down in Louisiana since this morning 10/20/16

  • Kelsey

    Down right now

  • Trafalgamore

    Fort Myers Florida down now, December 14 2016 4pm

  • Rusty Green

    still down on east coast Titusville /cape canaveral

  • Dodie Baldwin

    Down in Tennessee. Cannot even access website to refill service, or call 1-800 number either to refill. 3:51 EST

  • Dani LePhantom

    Down in Shreveport, LA since 11:00 am CST. I can’t call, text or do anything on it. The icon even has a little line through it. I’ve tried restarting my phone and everything. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

  • Lisa Lybeck

    Wondering if anyone else who has a phone plan from straight talk, is having problems with making and receiving phone calls? I can do everything else, internet, text etc but its the phone calls that get dropped. I just added a new card for the month yesterday.

  • LaTisha Mays

    I can’t send text, I can receive them if its not from a straight talk phone. I also just add a new card.

  • Lisa Lybeck

    I can send and receive texts from my phone and receive them from any other cell phone. Its just the calls last a minute maybe two minutes if i’m lucky then they get cut off, and it will say call lost no signal. It just started today and my boyfriend has the same problem with his phone, so i know its not the actual phone since we both have the same problem.

  • Upset


  • Jackie Bennett

    Hi what did u have to do to your phone to straighten it out.was it your phone or what?or the tower mine is verizon tower

  • Damaris Ramirez

    I have not been able to use my phone in more than a week now. Says searching for service. Called them, they hung up on me after an hr. I called back and after talking to someone, they placed me on hold and just transferred me with no warning to someone else. They said first I probably don’t have coverage where I live after 5-6 yrs with them. Then, it was an error w the sim matching the phone serial number and it was supposedly fixed but nope! Still the same. Worst service ever

  • Yvette

    Phone having outage off and on for months.
    Greensboro, NC