Straight Talk problems

TracFone Wireless Inc runs Straight Talk, and it was put into place to stop all the expense when it came to providing its customers with a wireless service. But Straight Talk problems do occur including login errors, tracking orders not working and servers being down.

Are you having Straight Talk problems right now? Apart from the above Straight Talk issues could also include texting not working, Internet down, not able to check your balance online or problems with activation.

Straight Talk wants its customers on networks in the USA without the commitment of contracts, and apparently offers great savings of up to around $950 per year. This is all possible with the likes of a $45 Unlimited plan, but there is always more going on.

Straight Talk status reports for Saturday 17th of April 2021

To find out if Straight Talk is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Straight Talk? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Brianna

    My service has gone down in Daphne, AI, whats wrong?

  • Drake

    I have not been able to text on my cell phone for like two hours now, signal is very weak.

  • Roberta

    Straight Talk Internet services seem to be down, I have tried to access for like 3 hours to no avail. I have also been getting dropped calls too.

  • rachel

    my straight talk service is not working in Kingsland G
    a when will the problem be repaired ? 11/21/2015

  • Halee Catherine Shafer

    Straight Talk service down in East Texas

  • ME

    Can’t connect calls. SMS is spotty. 4-21-16 in South FL

  • Trixphoesmama

    My husband and I are experiencing a complete blackout in Fort Madison, Iowa

  • smj77

    I can’t access internet right now. Is anyone else having issues?

  • Mark

    I can talk for hours on my phone but when I do I get dropped calls or it sounds like a robot when I’m talking or it even makes an echo sound hearing your own voice. I have had this problem for the past 5 years. I like the plan they have to offer but something needs to be done with this issue. I really don’t want to switch company’s. 5-14-2016

  • Morris

    Internet is not working again, thanks Straight Talk for giving me such a bad service even though i upped my Gb plan.

  • Tina

    Mobile keeps cutting off network in Richmond area, i try to load pages on my mobile device and nothing.

  • Mark

    No data yet again, which means i cannot text my wife letting her i know i am going to be late so do not cook dinner.

  • Yoga Chick

    My service has been 99% down since Saturday evening

  • vince gaudo

    Tampa, FL still down since I first checked at 5:30 AM. Any competitors with better service / price?

  • CStarling

    Jax, FL can not make any calls out or any calls coming in

  • Iyana

    Phone is telling me no service right now, this began about 4 am… Just paid phone bill 3 days ago so I know I’m not out of service as its only 3 days into the new data period. I’m a store manager and cannot even call to check on my staff or vice Versa. This is ridiculous.

  • Steve Country

    service out where i stay 4 days ago, half mile on the hill full service.. fix some towers!
    @ 33870
    i called couple times, will call supervisor tomorrow, please no indi guy, cant understand yall fully

  • Joey VanDyke

    I can’t call or receive calls since this morning in 49417 area. Can still text. What’s up?

  • Jasce

    Servers are down in Louisiana since this morning 10/20/16

  • Kelsey

    Down right now

  • Trafalgamore

    Fort Myers Florida down now, December 14 2016 4pm

  • Rusty Green

    still down on east coast Titusville /cape canaveral

  • Dodie Baldwin

    Down in Tennessee. Cannot even access website to refill service, or call 1-800 number either to refill. 3:51 EST

  • Dani LePhantom

    Down in Shreveport, LA since 11:00 am CST. I can’t call, text or do anything on it. The icon even has a little line through it. I’ve tried restarting my phone and everything. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

  • Lisa Lybeck

    Wondering if anyone else who has a phone plan from straight talk, is having problems with making and receiving phone calls? I can do everything else, internet, text etc but its the phone calls that get dropped. I just added a new card for the month yesterday.

  • LaTisha Mays

    I can’t send text, I can receive them if its not from a straight talk phone. I also just add a new card.

  • Lisa Lybeck

    I can send and receive texts from my phone and receive them from any other cell phone. Its just the calls last a minute maybe two minutes if i’m lucky then they get cut off, and it will say call lost no signal. It just started today and my boyfriend has the same problem with his phone, so i know its not the actual phone since we both have the same problem.

  • Upset


  • Jackie Bennett

    Hi what did u have to do to your phone to straighten it out.was it your phone or what?or the tower mine is verizon tower

  • Damaris Ramirez

    I have not been able to use my phone in more than a week now. Says searching for service. Called them, they hung up on me after an hr. I called back and after talking to someone, they placed me on hold and just transferred me with no warning to someone else. They said first I probably don’t have coverage where I live after 5-6 yrs with them. Then, it was an error w the sim matching the phone serial number and it was supposedly fixed but nope! Still the same. Worst service ever

  • Yvette

    Phone having outage off and on for months.
    Greensboro, NC

  • Grover Mahaney


  • Stan Daw

    Mine hasn’t worked for 48 hrs. But 5 min down the road it works.

  • Debbie dalton

    No texting In crossville tn

  • cc

    Can’t add airtime due to website not working and when I call the number it says that can’t take calls either. Also, I can’t refill by using 611611 either. My service ends tomorrow and I need my phone. No idea what to do!

  • Brandon

    Mine hasn’t been working for over a month. I can’t text or call and I don’t have any data. When I go to call someone it says my phone is not activated and it’s not a straight talk phone.

  • Miguel Oliveira

    no service spring hill Florida and not access to customer service is temporarily off and internet accesses to account too

  • Calvin Luke

    I have no service in Rapid City SD

  • Sarah

    Mine and my husband’s phones went down today around 3pm central time. I need this fixed NOW because I’m expecting a phone interview this week for a job. Can’t have a phone interview without a phone!!! GET THIS FIXED NOW! !!!!!! We are in Thomasville, Alabama. Our phones were working fine earlier today and then boom they are not working at all. Can’t call or text or have any data. Thank goodness we have wifi or I wouldn’t be able to post this.

  • keion taylor

    Me and my friend are having problems with our service our 4g wont come up and i need my phone service for sports and after school activities

  • Jean Conway

    My service is down. Massachusetts. Nothing coming up and no connection just a big slash across the O.

  • Kimberly Kerr (Carl Grimes)

    Everything is currently working, even 3G, but not LTE.

  • Brad Tvfun

    straighttalk phone service down in Orlando, Fl area.Their Out of servce map only shows Areas West(Tampa)
    & south of Orlando as out

  • Natalia Robinson

    Can’t send texts at home all of the sudden today, I receive them in large periodic clusters. Seemed to work fine everywhere else though.

  • Gary

    Recently every night after 6pm the reception goes down the drain. Comes back with 1 bar for few minutes and then goes back out. On axon 7, Nuu g3 and even iPhone 8+ on her Verizon is shady

  • mitchell

    phone service down ala zip 36475, no bars no service, gradally been getting worse

  • Ashlee Bock

    Phone says no service in Missouri just went out within an hour

  • Debra Caudle

    Phone message received:
    only emergency calls
    no network connection
    no signal was found
    for mobile networks

    Zip code – 50230

  • Brandi Wilcox

    Add slow data no hotspot please fix 48851

  • Kalyn

    Total blackout since 11am yesterday in 36280

  • Arita Witten Lloyd

    no internet or sometimes very very slow internet since about 10 last night here in Florida. Anyone else with problems? Is network down?

  • Iva

    No service in Knox, IN right now.

  • Forrest

    Haven’t had service since 11am this morning clay center K.S

  • AAv

    Have not had internet service since 2pm Fayetteville, nc

  • joeycoon

    Straight Talk internet down for my friend but her husband is working in same town

  • Rita R

    Used to rave about the service. Talked my whole family into using straighttalk. The past 2 months the service has been crappy for some reason. No service, no Internet, can’t send texts. I’m thinking about checking out another provider. It’s getting a little ridiculous to pay for service that doesn’t work or is so slow you want to throw your phone.

  • adam foster

    Straight talk is down in my area. What is going on?? My phone keeps saying I’m roaming when im not.

  • Jason McKay

    No data here in kingsland tx. On mine or anys friends straighttalk phone for two days now

  • May

    I’ve been with straight talk for years now and pay my bill on time every month, I have always had Great service up until about 3 months ago, where I had full bars I now have maybe 1 if that. I’m in east texas , we have had ALOT of bad storm’s hear for the last few months. Figure something took out something and they will fix it . They should let us know or give us a break on our bill . Has anyone from straight talk contacted any one on this site yet

  • Carly

    As of this afternoon, I only have two bars of signal strength and sometimes one. Did not receive texts when they were sent until half an hour afterward. Did not receive a phone call until twenty minutes later and it was the voicemail that was left for me but the number was listed as someone else’s. However, the voicemail was from the original person trying to call me and he has not changed his number. My daughter had the same problem yesterday only worse (no service, no receiving any texts or calls, no internet) and after spending the whole day on the phone with tech support (not fixing the problems at all) she finally had to go get a new SIM card and phone number. And this was with time left on her paid phone card with no reimbursement. What is going on? We live in Northern Idaho.

  • Mark Shaw

    For weeks now I look at my phone and I got almost full bar then I dial a number and it sets there and I watch the bars go down to 1 then it starts to ring and the quality of the call is so bad that they can’t tell what I’m saying because it cuts in and out. We have tried everything any ideas?? I’d be grateful.

  • Padeba

    My Straight Talk service running off Verizon towers has been crap for several months. Dropped calls, calls not connecting, message dumps hours after they were sent…like a dozen or more at a time, international roaming messages popping up almost daily when I have never left the house, low or no bars & calls breaking up so badly I have to go outside when I NEVER had to do that until recently. I have been with ST since 2015 but that is about to change because the one thing I have ALWAYS known about them is their consistently BAD customer service, to the point of being no customer service at all. I just decided I would stick with them until something like this happened & then switch. That day has come because there is NO talking to them. Seriously considering getting a landline again just so I can make phone calls where people can actually hear me, I can hear them & I don’t have to stand outside to do that.

  • Truepatriot_56

    Service is dead in Arkansas. No phone, no text.

  • Mike

    My service has been down for 3 hours here in Southern Indiana.

  • Nina

    I just payed my bill 2 days ago and service has been shity ever since and even worst today i cannot get a steady 4G connection, going on a hour now

  • Priscilla Ward

    I put minutes on my cell phone and it’s not been working for a few days I need my phone for medical reasons if it doesn’t start working I will switch phone service. I have had straight talk for a while now I hate to switch.

  • Jay

    How. I just put my minutes on my phone and now I can’t call anyone?

  • Ann Vandiver Brasher

    I put minutes on my phone and now it’s not working

  • Kim Trinidad

    My calls keep dropping after 15-20 minutes! Please tell me what’s going on? Thank you..

  • Amanda Jo

    Not had adequate signal or no service all day called straighttalk they said nothing is wrong

  • VeRoNiCa

    I’ve not had 3G service all morning. I can receive and place calls and send text messages but I cannot use the internet. Zip code areas 87106, 87034, 87049

  • JW

    Seems like 01960 is also down. Any updates?

  • Dude

    45830 has no service. Columbus Grove OH

  • Maria

    I have no service an neither does any1 n my family!!! What’s going on here??????

  • Ginger Lopez

    no service arkansas

  • Shonda

    I am in Fulton county in Arkansas and no service . My daughter in Fayetteville has no service either.

  • Jess Eyess

    My service has been down since Saturday October 5th. If I leave my WiFi connection at home, no service or data. Called Straight Talk on Saturday and the representative claimed that it was my SIM card. I told her that I disagree and that I think that their services are lacking and sure enough there is some sort of outage. I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

  • No one

    I can’t make or receive calls

  • Very upset customer

    My daughter is having the same problem and my phone works and hers doesn’t and I have an older phone than she does and still it should still work it was working last month and took money from her account for both lines and still hers does not work and they trouble shooted the phone and still nothing reset it and still nothing and I had her take out her sim and still nothing he restarted it on his end nothing so we have had this service for like three months and still never had this problem two months of the service was ok until the last month so I asked to have this reissued back to her card they still took money from and they said they can only do it for the tome it hasn’t been working which was all of what is left of this month so we will be going to corporate on this one not satisfied at all

  • jordan bever

    Unable to use phone outside of wifi, Wisconsin

  • Eva Barbachano

    Voicemail service unavailable started on Friday 10/18/19 all day. Was able to access vm on 10/19 but unavailable again starting 10/21 and ongoing on 10/22. Straighttalk customer service unable to resolve issue. Rep was clueless as to any network issues contributing to the cause.

  • Molly G

    My service went down this morning.. october 23 2019. I cant make calls out or receive texts. My Wi-Fi is fine this is eastern Washington.

  • Stephanee Hicks

    I can’t pay my bill

  • Kevin Byrom

    My straight talk home service stopped working yesterday, 10/24/19. Of the two cellular signal strength lights on our box, neither of them were lighting up. I pulled the power off the box and plugged it back in, and the two signal strength lights came on and went out immediately. This tells me that the home unit is working, but the cellular towers are in trouble and not putting out a signal. Could there be more to this story? All we get when we take the phone off the hook is a constant beep, beep, beep apprximately every two seconds. If the service does not come back on soon, I’ll be switching to another service!

  • Darnell Pierre

    I live in NY and my Straight Talk service isn’t working. I can’t use it at all

  • Shawn Blocher

    Cant send/receive texts or setup voicemail. Tech support cant fix it. They say everything looks good on their end..

  • Quinny Quinn Quinn

    Can’t send/receive calls/texts & no data. Website & app are down and so are CS lines.

  • Outofcontrol

    Same. No Visual Voicemail, they say it’s Apple, Apple says its Straighttalk. In the meantime, my $1100 phone is not working properly.

  • Tonya Dail

    Is straight talk down can’t use anything on my phone no text calls or internet at all an just put my minutes on

  • Jennifer Jones

    Same here….no calls,no text no data. Still have 15 days on service plan.

  • Dustin Kern

    My service didn’t work for 2 days, I called that acted like they had no idea there was a problem. I had search online and found there was a major outage from AT&T which is affiliated with straight talk. They still denied they had a outage, my phone is working now but I’ve seen some post that say there isn’t… I’m in Lancaster Ohio, but straight talk doesn’t seem to be honest and drop the ball on this one

  • Melissa F Adler

    Same here I’m in Dallas Oregon I haven’t had service data text since the 12 a January 2020 I can’t even make a phone call to see what’s going on because I have no service and my service is paid up until February

  • Melissa F Adler

    And it’s still down I even factory reset my phone lol

  • Rob Taylor

    cant access website refill

  • Jessie Lyn

    Phone hasn’t had cell service for about 5 days. Straight talk doesn’t know anything. Has anyone else been having an issue this long?

  • Donald Cumming

    can’t call or receive calls or text, even to my wifes phone right next to me.

  • LA

    No service, it just stopped working all of a sudden and added airtime 5 days ago.

  • Amanda

    No service for anyone in the house. Cannot call out, receive calls or get texts

  • William Brown

    I see they are still Billing me Yet I have no Savings for this They say I have 3 days left and they will cut me off.They said my service ends in three days What can be done here It is a time of great distress for USA can they not help out Please.

  • lorial06

    Sun City West and Surprise Arizona no service!

  • Joey Johnston

    Wallace Idaho, no service. This happened yesterday too around the same time. Yesterday ATnT said there was an outtage but now there isn’t so idk what the deal is.

  • Cynthia Casteel

    No service for anyone in my family. Please tell your customers what’s going on. We have no way of calling out or receiving calls or texts.

  • Cynthia Casteel

    Still no service in Bainbridge ga

  • Lauren Rose Wintour

    When I make or receive calls people cant hear me because its breaking up so bad, so therefore my phone service is useless. I am able to text but sometime hours before the recipients receive them and vice versa. Please fix this problem in northwest alabama. Im not going to continue to pay for your crap service especially when this coronavirus is still rampant!!!!

  • skill_saw

    2 days with zero service, between this and the non-stop spam I’ve got since i joined them i think I’ll have to go back to AT&T.

  • Jacob

    I kid you not as of 1:20 am my service cut off entirely i cant use my data or text or even call, ik i may have been close to the 60gig limit but i was only at 47.39gb and my phone is acting like its been cut off from the towers/not near any tower for signal this is total bs ST

  • Carrie

    No data service! Have to be on WiFi to do anything on my phone!!!!

  • Janet Hayes

    Straight Talk is down in Northwest Colorado right now.

  • Don Fowler

    There must be a better way… We had landlines for year and years , can’t ever remember when there was no service, unless you didn’t pay the bill. Think America needs to go backwards instead or foward…

  • Gidget

    In southeast TN and northwest GA, I haven’t had any service since around 1pm yesterday. It’s now after 6am.

  • Richard Childs

    Unable to access Straight Talk Activation. New phone and can’t use it ayyy chihuahua.

  • Richard Childs

    Same this morning; can’t Activate new phone. Activation page keeps throwing up an Error.

  • Donna Knecht

    Can not add a refill to my phone…