Suddenlink Internet outage

When there is a Suddenlink Internet outage millions of its customers are left hanging not able to do anything at all online, and this can cause a meltdown of complaints on official social media channels. But now you can use Is Down Right Now as the place to be when the service goes offline for any reason, basically your up-to-date service status page.

Suddenlink Internet outage

Suddenlink Communications offers phone service, TV and broadband Internet over cable. It operates on 26 states in America, customers can also watch live TV as well as recordings on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch as well as offering TiVo Stream.

But when the Internet goes offline this can have a huge impact on majority of Suddenlink’s services leaving customers twiddling their thumbs. Other issues of concern includes Suddenlink login where people try to sign-in but cannot.

Suddenlink is doing its best to make its service a lot better; they have recently announced they are investing millions of dollars in Texas in 2015 as part of the Operation GigaSpeed. This means they will be offering 1GB service to those in Texas.

Suddenlink status reports for Tuesday 23rd of May 2017

To find out if Suddenlink is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Suddenlink? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Rene

    I havent seen any signs of a Suddenlink maintenance update anywhere yet my Intenet went down, as so did my phone. How come there was an outage but no one was warned or updated. (Yesterday March 19 this Happened).

  • Lindsay

    No Suddenlink internet in Texas Amarillo.

  • Carletta

    I got a voice message yesterday saying they are updating its network. They didnt say what we will be getting r what the update will provide.

  • Jack

    I also got a voice mail message from Suddenlink, did anyone else?

  • Mick

    In San Angelo, Tx and my internet and phone are both down.

  • Iza

    Suddenlink emails not working.

  • Sally

    Email outage it seems, I hope Suddenlink fixes this issue soon because I have importation ones to send out.

  • Angel

    Montgomery, TX is out, no emails or Internet.

  • Kerry

    My Suddenlink Internet is out again in Victoria, Texas, not happy at all about the service i am NOT getting.

  • Chris

    There is an internet outage in zip code 79423.

  • David hester

    Total blackout in 76903

  • joe ferguson

    Wi Fi is down at 86440

  • Jamii

    No Suddenlink cable for a couple of hours now in Texas.

  • Larry

    Is there going to be a Suddenlink maintenance taking place today around 6am? Please do let me know someone.

  • Brandon

    I have also heard there is going to be maintenance taking place today, but does this mean a total Suddenlink outage?

  • Emily

    Arizona seems to be having issues with Suddenlink Internet, at the moment its still down for me.

  • Harry

    My Suddenlink login is not working, keeps saying try again later.

  • Tina Martin Goodrick

    My internet has been down all day. I am so tired of my Suddenlink Internet going down.

  • J ray

    Is the Internet down in lampasas Texas?? I haven’t been able to use my wifi since yestersat

  • Nope

    Internet down 70607

  • No

    Internet down in Royse City

  • Dj

    Internet down in Melissa 75454

  • Ed

    Just got home in Anna (75409) to see we’re having the same problem. So much for movie night with the wife

  • DanielAlanStevens

    Internet down in Hughes Springs

  • vitanapoli

    internet and tv went down at 9 last night and still nothing

  • vitanapoli

    Slow service, no service, and outages that carry over to the next day are unacceptable.

  • Michelle Barnes

    Internet is down the system says it’s an outage, big surprise!!!!! I am surprised at how often this happens considering how much they charge!

  • Kathy

    Down in Georgetown, TX right off the interstate 35

  • Josh Siegel

    Down in Little Elm

  • Carl Gto

    8hrs down in burkburnett no customer service ..they block calls and give no storms…