Summoners War Maintenance And Error Issues

Millions of players love Summoners War and often this game will undergo maintenance, but when this occurs the whole game can go down and sometimes this doesnt sit well with players when it is too long. When this happens developers Com2uS often update its Facebook or Twitter social media pages, so we dedicate this page to those frustrated with ongoing issues or long periods of downtime.

Other than server issues due to scheduled or unplanned maintenance other issues that occur include logins being failed, and in a few cases the likes of codes pop up for users such as error 2001.

What is your Summoners War status? If the game is down for you no matter what the reason please do report your status, we would love to hear from you. Read all the messages below from other users, if you have a problem or would like to ask a question please do.

Summoners War status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Summoners War is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Summoners War? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Chris

    I am not able to log in for some reason, the servers are totally down for me. How long is this going to last?

  • Jamie

    I have not been able to login for like 8 hours now, always getting error code 2001, same error message all of the time. Nothing form support or any online social media channel.

  • Toby

    Please let me know if anyone else has had the login failed message pop up for them. I have not been able to connect for like 3 hours now.

  • kluckow

    I have the same error code on facebook login, also since like 6/7 hours. Google login though works, i have no idea if the Hive login is working, but i suppose it is.

    I read an article about the same error code just from few years ago. To bypass this problem on login, they logged in with the hive credentials (assigned to that facebook account).

    I just cannot verify if that actually works right now.

  • Sam Lencl

    I do not believe Hive login is working either, I have been trying for 2 1/2 hours now and it’s telling me there is something wrong with my connection, which I know there isn’t.

  • Michael Laporte

    Same here same error for last 7 hours

  • Matt Wicke

    Now I’m just getting a blank hive page. A few hours ago it was telling me to switch my date and time back to automatic. (Which it is).. anyone know of a way to get around this issue and log in? I haven’t even done any of my dailies yet lol

  • down2us

    I have the same problem since 8am central. It wont load, then it said to adjust my time, now it is just a blank hive page.

  • Bri

    Cant connect due to temporary server problem

  • Maxine

    Do we get free stuff seeing as this games servers are down yet again?

  • Keeg

    Can’t login, I see free stuff coming our way

  • Sarah Lawley

    Anyone else getting the 2001 cant login error code?

  • Jack

    Can’t log in 2001 error code

  • Mack

    I am

  • Sarah Lawley

    Damn so it’s not just me then. I have 2 accounts and one was logging in this morning. That one is fine but I know if I log out that’s likely it til they fix. My main account though tried to get in around 11 global server time and haven’t been able to get in since. Been about an hour now.

  • xlunarpandax

    Login error 2001 for me. Bad day to be bored in the army. In the mean time, Add me! Xlunarpandax

  • Lazy


  • Lazy

    This is annoying


    Yep server down. East Coast USA as of 3:15 pm Saturday October 19th.

  • Jamie

    Failure to connect to server started about 5 mins ago

  • Stephen Yarger

    can’t login starting 5 mins ago

  • Jacobbbbb

    Same here