Taichi Panda problems and maintenance

The stunning 3D action role-playing game Taichi Panda by developer Snail Games has awesome gameplay when up and running with no issues. But Taichi Panda problems occur when servers go down due a scheduled maintenance or a nasty hack has taken place.

There are 3 heroes named Pan Da, Lulandore and Lauren Catcher and between these the world can be saved from monsters and goblins.

Fight the evils; collect the loot and answer questions to move on ahead with your quest. It is all about gaining control and the ability to collect and upgrading of War Pets. This game also has different real-time Arenas such as Team Dungeons and 3v3 Battles.

Are you having Taichi Panda problems and maintenance issues? Please do join the community below and have your say.

Taichi Panda status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Taichi Panda is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Taichi Panda? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Nancy

    There is a Taichi Panda maintenance update happening right now and will not complete until 6am (US) 11am (EU).

  • Bill

    Over on the official Facebook page they said the maintenance will last 4 hours with a new update coming soon after.

  • Maggie

    I cannot wait until the maintenance is over on Taichi Panda because there will be a new update. Oh yes Level 9 refinement, 3 teams of pets and so much more. Happy days.


    I cant log in it says “network error” its a lie my wireless connection is in good condition, please fix.

  • Ert

    Others in my guild can get on right now but I can’t. Is says I have a connection error yet I can post this… I also can’t get on snail or taichipanda websites and this happend right after one of thoes mini updates/bug fixes so maybe that has something to do with it? IDK but i need to collect my money’s

  • danielle8508

    I’m having a connection issue. I play the game through my Galaxy S5 Android phone.

  • David Dejesus

    skullsplit…us servers are down..when will they be back up ..Sun July 31 2016..?..I like this version better than hero’s..but always have issues every day which is a shame…

  • David Dejesus

    Yea my network is ok..so why the message?

  • Simon Simon

    I can’t join the server US-S70 Sapphire without getting the message “NETWORK ERROR”

  • tessa

    I can’t login since 22 september 2016 update it says failed to load files incorrect MD5.

  • Joshua

    My sever is S62 firestorm and no matter how many times I try to go in it it doesn’t work and I had two players that where a high lvl and might so I’m really pissed of by snail first thing this is a pay to beat kind of game that’s bad enough but now servers going down with really good characters on them snail just keeps on getting worse and they need to fix it.

  • Bryan D

    Should be back running after update but when loading it says: “failed downloading files”

  • Bryan D

    Failed to download version files

  • Jane

    I am having issues with Taichi Panda Heroes, this early registration is not working for me.


    Mine says connecting and stays there