Target Outage and Problems

The Target Corporation in America was founded in 1902 with its main headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. problems today could be down to the website going offline, or its applications not working the way they are intended to work.

But one of the main issues is the Target website outage, when this is down people are not happy because they are unable to purchase any products online. Target is the the second largest retail company that offers discounts in USA, as we know Walmart is the biggest. But being ranked 36th on the Fortune 500 is a great achievement.

If you are having any Target problems today being it outages, not being able to purchase online, any issues you come by please provide information here. When the Black Friday deals happened in 2014 problems did occur as they always do.

Target status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Target is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Target? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Linda

    Black Friday was my only time when Target was a nightmare, a few days after all the special deals stopped the site was super fast again.

  • Jessica

    The other day i had a 500 Internal Server Error message when i tried to access the Target website, when i finally got in i had the same message pop up on the screen when i tried to view my shopping cart.

  • Barry

    I have not had any problems for weeks, which tells me is always on top of everything to make shopping as smooth as possible.

  • Angela

    I went on to Target’s website and chose a few products I wanted to buy, but when i went to the shopping cart the order would not go through and i cannot understand why. As this happened to anyone else, any help would be appreciated.

  • Donna

    Why can I not access Target’s shopping cart page? The website isnt down, i am hoping it is a small glitch and nothing to worry about long term. My internet is working fine, strange hey.

  • Anna

    No problems at Target today in New York. Nice to see all running well with no issues.

  • Kelly

    I did have a slight problem for two minutes of which was then sorted with minutes. I added stuff to the cart but when i went in to pay they were not showing, but after refreshing page they showed up. Strange ah.

  • Jamed

    Is anyone getting a 500 Internal Server Error when trying to open Targets website?

  • Alann

    The only target problem I am having is the fact I haven’t got any money to spend, so in a way the site is not working for me because i cannot and will not open it until i have been paid.

  • Rose

    Got really bad weather in Baton Rogue and the Store was very helpful indeed down Millerville Road. The staff are making its customers feel very safe.

  • Pete

    My items were all saved to the Target online cart and then when i went to purchase they were not in there.

  • Anastasia

    I saved all my items I want to buy in the Target cart, but when i open the cart i can go no further, basically stuck on this page. I can go backwards but as soon as i go to cart i cannot do anything. This only happens on sale items i have noticed.

  • Natasha

    I looked over on Target just to browse and in the end saw two items i really liked so added them to my cart, but when i went to the cart the items were not there.

  • Kerri

    Targt is not letting me checkout, which is not normal. I never have issues with Target’s website, until now.

  • Rene

    I cannot seem to check out, why is this so?

  • SarahCoatoam

    not letting me proceeding to checkout with items that are in my cart

  • Luig

    I have tried a few times today to gain access to my accout via my login and nothing. I need to access my Target Redcard to pay a bill as well, whats wrong?

  • WTF

    403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.

  • Jack

    I am having issues with the Target cartwheel app!! When I checked out it went funny on me.

  • Michelle

    Is anyone having issues with their Target red card login?

  • Leah

    Target is not accepting my credit card.

  • Lisa Cramer Floyd

    I can get on the Target site, but I can’t look for anything in particular. I am looking for storage bins, but the site won’t load it.

  • dr_mckeever

    I can find or look at anything!!! ALL searches come up with “no results found” even for items I know are there.

  • Fabio Schmidt Messi

    I would like to report an inconvenient with my purchase in Target Tech.

    I buy and pay a unlock Iphone 7 128 gb in Detroit last friday but results in Brazil this device not work.

    I give a suggesiton to the store to send me another device and I return when my new mobile works I send back my mobile dont work.

    The Target costumer care suggest to me or I return to change in USA or try to unlock in Brazil (and I check with Apple this device can unlocked only in USA) and I dont accept these option because I make all correct and the mistake is made by Target.

    What I need to do to report this inconvenient?


    Fabio Messi

  • Cris Corbett

    Will not allow me to pay for items in cart and check out for the past couple of days.

  • Connie rogers

    Can not complete purchase, won’t let me check out, 2 days now,

  • Anna Day

    Still can’t log into ehr to check my schedule day 2

  • Richard Swafford

    why don’t you set a date to pay your red card and the money will come out of your bank account on that date….

  • Helpline +(1)855-844-0388

    Contact us for issues and problems
    24*7 Support Staff.
    Thank You.

  • LynG

    Can’t log on website; 7/17/18, 2:21 pm

  • Lisa A Tavener

    I am unable to login to my target account and have been having this issue since last Thursday.

  • Brandy

    9/26/18 I am unable to login to my red card account!

  • JVL

    No, I’m not going to call your fricking 800 number. The internat has been around for over 25 years now and Target is still stuck in the 1980’s. Cancelling and will never shop Target again.

  • Julie Suarez- Bussell

    Can not place my order through Target app 🙁 Very frustrating since this is thinly place for drive up option.

  • Whitney Hill Bookout

    Still can’t login to pay my redcard payment. Luckily it isn’t due yet. I just wish they would send out a mass message to let us know what the problem is and when they will have it fixed.

  • KeenGraspOfObviousMan

    Cannot logon to pay credit card. spent 45 min in checkout the other night as app was jacked and people were yelling. The whole reason to get the app is to not have the cards in your wallet. I have been on hold for 40 min 3 times. I love Target but I am done. Kill the app. 5% isnt worth the hassle with all.the issues. It is a scattered mess. Online order login and cc and debit all different. I can logon to the IRS with less hassle. Not happy.

  • KeenGraspOfObviousMan

    I went ahead and paid with my Target debit card and she kept charging and returning and every time it was different so now my bank account is littered with 2.14 3.62 etc. They gave me $15 gift card to cover the melted ice cream and spoiled milk but I really have no idea what I paid by the end.

  • Roxy Waters

    I have been having issues with this card for months now. What is going on? I am surprised there are no news stories on this. It’s starting to feel deliberate, making it hard for you to pay so that you will end up paying the excessive interest. Every month I have had to reset my security questions. Last month I could not log in at all so I had to call to pay. The customer service employee told me that the site was down for a few hours. I just went to check my balance (10 days later) and I can’t log in, as in it won’t even acknowledge my user name. The error message says: ‘We’re unable to log you into Manage My REDcard. Please try again later. If you are trying to make a payment or need immediate assistance please contact us at 1-800-394-1829. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.’ This is crazy! I would get rid of the card but I like the discount. I pay it in full every month and that’s why I think they are making this hard. They’re not making any money off of card holders like myself, they’re just loosing money. The minute I’m late they will be making something.

  • svd1bygrace

    The Target shopping website shows a blank page when I try to access. I’m in North Carolina.

  • Annette

    Cannot access Target website regardless of how I try to get in (i.e. directly or through a linked product). This is as of today but also sporadically over the last few weeks.

  • Meita

    Target website is showing a blank page everytime I try to login. Multiple attempts have been made.

  • Kristina Wilkerson

    In north carolina here the website isnt working and hasnt in weeks and cant leave a review on the app

  • Shelly Mathes

    Target seems to be having MAJOR problems with their online site. This has been going on for several weeks. My husband got on with his laptop but my tablet will not work with Target online, VERY odd. I am in North Carolina.

  • Barbara Studtmann

    Calling 800 # to pay my bill and is constant busy signal. Really???

  • Barton

    Cannot access thru App, always get access denied

  • Cheri Ranney

    Target altoona ia is down

  • Tina Blackburn

    Target in Gastonia NC is down

  • Bernard

    Target is down globally

  • sandra

    i was just about to walk into target but a lady told us the target registers are down and she went to two other targets that also don’t work hopefully targets registers work soon

  • BP

    In a store now, they announced they are taking cash only currently.

  • Jessica

    The Target app and Target Registry app are not working on my phone. I keep getting an access denied error message. Worked fine earlier today.

  • Riza Chambers

    What’s going on? This is ridiculous. Can’t even get my discount

  • Kimberly Zinevich

    Have not been able to acces my shopping cart in the mobile app for DAYS. I’ve reached out to Target but have heard nothing. Very frustrating!

  • Becky Rayos

    I spent about 45 minutes to an hour shopping at Target today with my grandkids. I’m at the register to pay with only two people ahead of me and a new new employee checking everyone out. I think she even gave $5.00 off his purchase because she was trying to apply a gift card that he received from his purchase towards his purchase. Any way, the point of this is that my Red Card wasn’t working and they’re looking at me like it’s my problem and to call the number on the back. The number on the back was a recording…and non of my information was working!!! My first thought was that my account has been hacked. I went to customer service, they tried again to make my purchase but the card was still rejected and my info wasn’t matching when I called the number on the back of the card!!! I’m so frustrated with grandkids jumping around and no one knows what’s going on. There were a couple of other customers that it happened to as well. The store manager called in to report the issue, no ETA on when it will be fixed or what the problem is and….something similar happened a few days ago. I’m not ok with this because Target has a lot of our information in their system. Get rid of the Red Card??? Thoughts anyone?

  • Adriana Saucedo

    This recently happen to me and I still can’t go to my cart. Did they fix yours?

  • Anastasia Hurley

    Why is the Target web site not working? I have tried for three days to shop and it will not work!

  • Laura

    Havent been able to get on the target website for a few days now.
    Target, open up more service call ti lets to get this fixed. Its ridiculous that it’s been down for a long time now!

  • Pamela Billings

    I can get the online store, I can’t get in to manage my redcard. I’ve newly acquired the redcard just this month. I can’t even use the redcard IN the store. Their reader won’t accept it. I can use it ONLINE. I can’t manage my card online to even check my balance or when payment is due. WTF!

  • Pamela Billings

    If we can’t access online to make payment! What then?

  • Lisa Brooks

    Unable to put in order for pickup today and while shopping the app stopped. Responding a couple of times

  • Doug Marsh

    is target app down now


    Made an online for pickup order yesterday the 23rd about 11 am. Since 5pm yesterday thru todat can not add anything to the cart android app, android web or home laptop. All cart access is “dead.” San Diego CA


    Made an online for pickup order yesterday the 23rd about 11 am. Since 5pm yesterday thru today I can not add anything to the cart android app, android web or home laptop. All cart access is “dead.”

  • Kathy Keely

    Haven’t been able to use the app since they updated it to “fix” the bugs! Have signed out, uninstalled nothing helps….Guess I’ll save money by not shopping period!

  • EQ

    Have not been able to add anything to my cart since Sunday. Customer service told me that there is a 2 week wait to hear back from tech support. Unbelievable!

  • Penny

    I can shop but can’t login to Redcard mobile site to pay bill. It’s been saying down for maintenance for over a month that I’ve noticed.

  • Mike Jonsyn

    Can not open the page for Target redcard. It keeps spinning but won’t open from several computers or the ap.

  • Olive Langston

    Cannot make purchases on their app! What’s going on?!?

  • Naomi

    Cant log in to pay credit card

  • Joyce

    Cannot log in to pay my card either. Sure hope they don’t try to charge me interest for late payment

  • Joyce

    Cannot log in to pay my credit card. Sure hope they don’t try to charge me finance charges for late payment or impact my credit rating.

  • TheToywa .

    I was in Target on Wednesday. I purchased some items totaling $144.63. I swiped my card, the card machine said approved and asked me to remove my card. When the cashier went to get my receipt the register crashed. When it came back up, no receipt came out and she went to ring up again, but the charge showed pending on my bank app. Target refused to refund me or make it right until it posted to my account. Well today it posted and I am afraid they will not refund me.