TD Ameritrade Login, Website Not Working

When using an online broker service TD Ameritrade is said to one of the best when it comes to buying and selling equities, such as mutual funds, stocks, options and bonds. But can be one of the worst experiences when customers are unable to login or servers are down.

In the past servers have gone down leaving mobile trader apps and the website down. Other issues can include not being able to open a new account, pages not loading, not being able to invest or maybe its interactive courses and webcasts are not working for you.

Is TD Ameritrade down for you right now? It does not matter what the problem is, if you have an issues with any of TD Ameritrade services we would love for you to share them here.

TD Ameritrade status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if TD Ameritrade is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with TD Ameritrade? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kevin

    I am not able to turn on streaming quotes via my phone app. What am I doing wrong?

  • Blake

    Login is not working on my cell phone.

  • Joyce

    I login and all i get is Service FAILED Exception, whats wrong?

  • Harmcg

    More problems with Ameritrade in 6 months logging on wireless than I had with Scottrade for 5 years!!

  • Getting ridiculous, this is not how a service company should work.

  • joe roe

    I hope somebody get fired or goes to jail over this.

  • Aracely Caceres

    All week the platform gave me problems to close positions, making me lose a lot of money in Nflx and amzn. It’s not good they must be more responsable.

  • Rodrigo Betancourt

    I cant login into my TD ameritrade account it keeps saying log-in failed

  • Kathryn Lichfield

    Something is WRONG with TD WEBSITE – ALL MY ACCOUNTS READ $0.00 !!! This Can’t be REAL!
    Customer Service numbers jammed up – maybe just a server problem. I may be moving to Schwab if I still have money – Are funds insured like in a bank ?
    – I never asked.

  • Kennith Bowen

    iOS app has never worked since downloading. Tried deleting and re-installing from App Store but all I ever get when trying to open it is a solid black screen for several seconds followed by a crash back to the home screen. Anyone else having similar issues?

  • allison

    Unable to login. Funny that the most recent comments are from one year ago.

  • michele

    Nothing but issues today!

  • Blake Cannon

    Site very very slow and unusable.

  • Dunley Ray

    Can’t login. Been trying since market opened.

  • disqus_oFmHCkxIom

    Messed up today

  • Sean

    iphone app Login has failed for 2 days since 9/18/20.

  • Kingaga

    TDA login is down??