TDS Telecom Service Outage

The main reason for complaints is when there is a complete TDS Telecom outage, when the whole service is completely down. When this happens customers can be somewhat a little angry, and if you are one of these customers please do use this page to report an issue when your TDS service falters.

Other main areas of concern with TDS include login not working, email going down where they cannot be received or sent. Other users in the past have had issues with their Internet and if this is what is happening to you please do report any of the above below in the comments.

Are you having issues with TDS Telecom Customer Service? This could be for any reason, no matter how big or small your problem is please do share.

This page is for customers being it personal or business, please do remember this is where you can come together and talk with others where they can reply to your comments.

TDS Telecom status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if TDS Telecom is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with TDS Telecom? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jenny

    Is the Internet down again, I know we had issues a few days ago but again come on now.

  • Jenny

    My TV and Internet seems to be hit and miss today, its on and off all the time through out the day. Love the fact when you call customer service all you get is no one can take your call.

  • Maxine

    TDS Telecom goes from bad to worse, sorry that’s a Little harsh I know but hey what am I paying for? Always losing connection.

  • Andy

    ( Friday June 17 2016) we can’t seem to get service above 1mbps upload 0mbps? We pay for 15mbps download and 3mbps upload speed?

  • Callum

    I am in Wellington, CO and have not had any service, why is there another outage in my area? apparently another maintenance, seems like every time i call there is maintenance going on. A service that needs this much needs to reconsider its work strategy

  • Lisa Zirkle

    Anderson CAl TDS nternet down

  • Peter Angiola

    Awendaw SC, nothing but on and off interet for over a month. Called in and get nothing but BS run around.

  • Jessica Tovar

    Internet is out in Hobbs NM. We just had a rain storm

  • Ivan

    Wellington, Colorado – Internet is down.

  • Dawnna Flood Bettge

    Still have internet service, but phone service is down right now in Inola, OK.

  • Mike Beilstein Jr.

    Has anyone hurt when it be back up

  • Mike Beilstein Jr.

    I’m in cedar city utah

  • Diana Maples

    Always down my parents are elderly and need there service we will switch to another service down 2 days off and on. THEY SUCK

  • AD Foster

    I live in the North Georgia mountains and we are held hostage by the “don’t give a damn” TDS. My download speed “best available” 1.28 Mbps and my upload speed is in kilobytes only. TDS refuses to lower monthly costs and the only other choice is Hughes Net, which does not provide enough data. We can’t download NetFlix as it requires 3 Mbps which we don’t have. In 2014 I was actually receiving 3 Mbps as we watched the entire NetFlix series Marco Polo in one day. What happened? TDS has oversold its capability. Just look at their gross profit for 2016. TDS should not even be in this part of Georgia but the FCC controls that. Without a doubt TDS is in a race with Windstream to determine which company is the absolute worst.windstream currently has several lawsuits pending and I can guarantee it’s coming to TDS real soon.

  • Stan Scott

    Is internet service back up in Big Canoe. I am currently working remote from my daughters, and don’t want to drive the hour just to find out its still not working.

  • Sean Smith

    TDS down in southern Indiana since 2am on 11/9, they are listing this as temporary but provide no details…

  • bradynpoulsen

    TDS pushed a modem update that’s taken down several modems. All of my co-workers that have TDS lost their service

  • TJ

    Internet is down currently in Wellington Colorado any updates on when it will be fixed

  • barb moore

    No tv, phone or WiFi. 84790 St George Utah

  • Richard Bonomo

    I am unable to log into TDS mail from my work computers this AM (53706 ZIP). I get an “unkown error” message, and assurances that tech staff will get to it. I tried calling the suggested telephone number, but had to hang up after a long hold to attend to work duties. Are TDS mail servers having issues this AM?

  • Mstalker28

    No internet or tv for the 2nd night in a row in tennessee Farragut tn

  • Warren

    I can send emails but can’t receive. is there some kind of issue going on?

  • Karen

    I posted yesterday (Nov.10, 2018) about no email service in St. George, Utah. The post disappeared.

  • Linda

    Nov 16, 2018 second day with no internet. TDS did an “UPGRADE” to their equipment that has created huge problems for their customers! I waited 1:09 min last night to talk to a tec. Scheduled a tec to my home this AM between 8:00 am & 12:00 noon NO ONE showed. My husband physically went to the office to find it packed with angry customers with NO internet. He was 10th in line. A tec did come, after he complained at the office. Still no internet tonight. I’ve had to purchase a new modem and new router system. They are coming back tomorrow… TDS reporting that APPLE says the airport EXTREAM won’t read TDS’s IP address?? After reading it for 2 years!!? $500 later… the question is… Why would TDS do an “UPGRADE” that would require the customer to purchase new equipment just to buy their internet service?? Angry in Saint George Utah

  • Linda

    That’s an excuse. This outage has do do with an “UPGRADE” TDS did a couple of days ago that was not well executed. I’m having to buy $500 worth of router’s and modem to receive their signal? Your router probably can’t read the TDS IP address now. At least that’s what they told me? #Incompetence

  • Karen

    I use Apple’s Airport Express. No problems with the upgrade, except for losing two weeks of emails and waiting two weeks to send or receive emails.

  • Tammy

    Anyone else having issues by Willard, WI with internet today February 26. We haven’t had internet for at least two hours.

  • WillowTee

    Neillsville WI cuts out every few minutes

  • tom myrick

    Downst albsns me