The Crew Under Maintenance, Problems

Racing game The Crew released in 2014 on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and 360 was welcomed by many gamers because this one had a very large open world map. But the server status now and then reports the game being down for a number of reasons, with the main one being The Crew under maintenance.

Are you having any problems with The Crew game right now? Published by Ubisoft the team always does their best in giving you the gameplay you deserve, but when this falters in any way shape or form you can have your say right here by reporting to other. You can of course read other gamers issues and reply to them if need be.

Other main issues include error codes popping up such as #0_35, the Wild Run expansion pack not downloading, issues applying cheats, not being able to find hidden cars and parts, achievements not being given as well money glitch problems and crashing on startup. Report your troubles right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

The Crew status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if The Crew is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with The Crew? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Vicky

    The Crew scheduled maintenance is still going on, this applies for PC, XB1 and PS4 users. Should be back online within a few minutes.

  • Brad

    I have seen the 5000 mile trophy glitch, hopefully this will be sorted within today’s maintenance.

  • Nigel

    Maintenance just finished Vicky, lets race on shall we?

  • Morris

    The Crew game is down, guess maintenance yes?

  • Badger

    The Crew maintenance has not begun today July 13, the game will be back on Paris time at 11:30 am CEST

  • George

    Maintenance is underway for platforms PC, PS4 and XB1.

  • Mr. Notorious

    Why will is be done

  • Mike

    Is anyone still having issues connecting to the crew game?

  • Johnny

    Yes I am Mike, that is simply down to the scheduled maintenance underway.

  • Francisco Jose Navarro Perez

    what’s going on with the crew??? a month before the release of calling all units and its having server issues on and off since they gave the game for free in ubi30. just like ubisoft to screw a nice game just because of their greedy incompetence..

  • Vembry

    under maintenance?

  • Damien Akehurst

    It wont let the game start whats going on will will it be done

  • Sami ElAmri

    dude it still doesn’t work for me

  • JH

    me either :/

  • Darren Forrest

    Hi gamers. When the crew maintenance will be finish

  • Darren Forrest

    Yh same as me mate. I’m in England in great Britain.

  • Ariel Short-Roberts

    The crew is having a maintance problem dont know why but they need to fix this problem

  • Nine

    maintenance was foretold already

  • Nine

    agh still down just got updated tho


    i got the update but still down

  • Ash Chronic

    any idea when maintenance will be done?

  • Josh

    Mine says code #0_1 and won’t load under maintenance or banned?

  • Gage

    I’m reading the same code as well as my friends

  • Darren Forrest

    Said they start at 1pm to 3pm then 3 till 6pm.

  • Ralph Doodle

    Code #3_f76b6ff1_1 I’m assuming a maintenance?

  • Steven Martinez

    Mine said the the crew servers r down or you lost your connection what do I do

  • Gonçalo Fox

    Code #3_5889f57fb_4 . 🙁

  • SvartRavn


  • Justin Hicks

    Code #5 f76b6ff1_1 anybody know when this will be fixed?

  • Harry Sac

    Code #0_0, #0_6 and various others like the other guys listed. Xbone and PC.

  • Nathan B

    Proxy code #0-1 cant log in all evening

  • remko


  • Marcos Nóbrega

    Me 2

  • Matthew Ashworth

    Still down 4th day in Australia i had sum warning about psn never seen it before might be loading now after hard reset ubisoft needs to stop doing this just coz thay have crew 2…crew 1 is better focus on it more ubi 🙁

  • Southsider 7


  • Southsider 7

    Why is the game down now? July 4th 2019

  • Southsider 7


  • trueliving54

    Same I cant even join it just says that

  • trueliving54

    Yep same here

  • Southsider 7

    I just bought the god damn game a week ago. Smh

  • Rafael

    Same here, did you found a way to fix it?

  • Barachlo

    Still not working. 0_1

  • trueliving54


  • Southsider 7

    No not yet if you play ps4 add me up if you want. Southsider777

  • Noah

    What do I do

  • Noah

    Someone help me error code 0_1 I just bought he game tf

  • trueliving54

    Supposedly ubisoft are working on it but it’s been three days

  • Rapid_Vinf

    Server down in Germany and in
    Switzerland to

  • Cyp2a6_

    Still down //Sweden

  • Deja K. Ryuk

    It’s telling me “you may suffer server instabilities” .. it’s been 3 days, is this goin on for any of y’all to? Does it tell y’all you got server instabilities?

  • Bass Mason

    Yeah I’ve been getting it too. There’s some also lag when more players are in the same crate

  • Coen Mulders

    My crew will not let me play it says you may suffer online instabilities then it gives me a code in the start up screen

  • Jasonbaker620

    Online instabilities for me too I’m getting sick and tired of it UBISOFT FIX YOUR

  • Jasonbaker620

    Yeah me too when will maintenance be done

  • Jasonbaker620

    I’m in mississipi

  • Daniel Chavira

    I bee playing fine but I have the “server issue s” it won’t go away… wtf Ubisoft

  • Daniel Chavira

    I been playing normal and the “Server issue” is still there wtf

  • Lauren Black

    Server issue here in UK

  • Jasonbaker620

    The Crew servers have been down for at least a week now and I’m getting tired of this. UBISOFT FIX YOUR FLIPPING GAME ALREADY

  • Jasonbaker620

    I just thought about it and if you can’t play the Crew anymore I’m gonna be MAD. Cause I have at least 50 or more cars including the fastest one in the game the Koenigsegg Agera R.

  • Rias Serene

    No more “server instabilities” but still isnt letting past the main menu. The one time I wanna play it in a month and its down. Smh

  • Logan Theide

    The crew is still messed up cmon ubisoft fix your game this iphone sloing down the old product bs is rediculous. FIX. YOUR. GAME.

  • Musical Boi

    It just got back up for me

  • Musical Boi


  • the koenigsegg is by far not the fastest car…

  • lisao10

    Why servers are down todas? 20th Oct, 2019

  • Jon Helge Dale

    Is The Crew 1 down now? Fail code #5_7f0fbc84_1
    shows on screen.

  • Songoku_240

    I’m having the same error code #5_7f0fbc84_1

  • Vinnie Pegan

    Still having the same issue loading up into the crew keep getting an error code on my Xbox one

  • Brian Sims

    i have the crew 1 on ps4 and xbox one also pc, ps4 and xbox one keeps giving error #5_7f0fbc84_1 yesterday i play the crew 1 on pc it ran good no error code that weird, its only on the consoles is doing it

  • Josh Hicks

    I’m having the same problem with the crew. I keep running into error #5_7f0fbc84_1

  • Chowdown123

    Its still down…


    I tried playing this game today and before singing in to go online on Xbox Live it said that “there were server issues and that you may suffer online instabilities?” While connecting to an online race it said that there are “server issues and that SCORE will be unavailable for a while?” I’m not sure what SCORE is? Does anyone have more information about this?

  • Rj

    The crew calling all units won’t let me login error code#0_24

  • Diego

    Same here


    The crew 2 has been messed up for me and i even have 2 platinum awards so i just thought i play the crew 1 and i have this problem

  • Riley

    I am also having the same error code #0_24 I have reinstalled multiple times, tested the internet, turned off my playstation and cleaned the disc for whatever might be the problem.

  • Steven James Strachan

    I am having trouble with the crew as well getting an error code 0_24

  • Cellinarac

    same here. haven’t been able to play since I upgraded. same code as yours 0_24 services are unavailable

  • Shawn

    Code o_1
    Down right now

  • Berkay Koç

    Same here

  • Gary Yeo

    down now~ is there a place to see status on server maintenance?

  • Derin Shrewsbury

    It’s still down

  • Willis

    Soo ive tried the crew all units a couple times for the past few weeks but i get this,

    when i start the game it loads up till the main menu screen, when i press play it sends me back to the intro screen with the message,
    ” the servers are not available or you got disconnected from the servers” with error code,
    are they ever gonna fix the game again or is it gone forever? i want All units back cause The Crew 2 is ShxT!

  • bob

    Its still down for both of my accounts I keep getting error

  • Callum Stuart

    I’m tryna play The Crew on Xbox 360 right now and i’m running into a continuous problem, On the Main Menu, there’s a thing saying ‘You may suffer online instabilities’. But i didn’t think anything of it. But it’s also saying the score will be unavailable for a while and i cannot go into any of the story missions, can someone give me some sort of tips of how to fix this? Thanks

  • wj

    Seems to be down tonight, just crashes on the map before you can click anything after trying to continue the campaign

  • Kei

    Same here

  • Calling all units server seems down since some days… am I the only one having this issue? :/

  • Bedirhan Şahin

    I can not play the game because it keeps giving server errors.

  • Bedirhan Şahin

    No, it’s not just you. I have the same problem.