The Crew Under Maintenance, Problems

Racing game The Crew released in 2014 on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and 360 was welcomed by many gamers because this one had a very large open world map. But the server status now and then reports the game being down for a number of reasons, with the main one being The Crew under maintenance.

Are you having any problems with The Crew game right now? Published by Ubisoft the team always does their best in giving you the gameplay you deserve, but when this falters in any way shape or form you can have your say right here by reporting to other. You can of course read other gamers issues and reply to them if need be.

Other main issues include error codes popping up such as #0_35, the Wild Run expansion pack not downloading, issues applying cheats, not being able to find hidden cars and parts, achievements not being given as well money glitch problems and crashing on startup. Report your troubles right here on Is Down Right Now USA.

The Crew status reports for Tuesday 25th of September 2018

To find out if The Crew is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with The Crew? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Vicky

    The Crew scheduled maintenance is still going on, this applies for PC, XB1 and PS4 users. Should be back online within a few minutes.

  • Brad

    I have seen the 5000 mile trophy glitch, hopefully this will be sorted within today’s maintenance.

  • Nigel

    Maintenance just finished Vicky, lets race on shall we?

  • Morris

    The Crew game is down, guess maintenance yes?

  • Badger

    The Crew maintenance has not begun today July 13, the game will be back on Paris time at 11:30 am CEST

  • George

    Maintenance is underway for platforms PC, PS4 and XB1.

  • Mr. Notorious

    Why will is be done

  • Mike

    Is anyone still having issues connecting to the crew game?

  • Johnny

    Yes I am Mike, that is simply down to the scheduled maintenance underway.

  • Francisco Jose Navarro Perez

    what’s going on with the crew??? a month before the release of calling all units and its having server issues on and off since they gave the game for free in ubi30. just like ubisoft to screw a nice game just because of their greedy incompetence..

  • Vembry

    under maintenance?

  • Damien Akehurst

    It wont let the game start whats going on will will it be done

  • Sami ElAmri

    dude it still doesn’t work for me

  • JH

    me either :/

  • Darren Forrest

    Hi gamers. When the crew maintenance will be finish

  • Darren Forrest

    Yh same as me mate. I’m in England in great Britain.

  • Ariel Short-Roberts

    The crew is having a maintance problem dont know why but they need to fix this problem

  • Nine

    maintenance was foretold already

  • Nine

    agh still down just got updated tho


    i got the update but still down

  • Ash Chronic

    any idea when maintenance will be done?

  • Josh

    Mine says code #0_1 and won’t load under maintenance or banned?

  • Gage

    I’m reading the same code as well as my friends

  • Darren Forrest

    Said they start at 1pm to 3pm then 3 till 6pm.

  • Ralph Doodle

    Code #3_f76b6ff1_1 I’m assuming a maintenance?

  • Steven Martinez

    Mine said the the crew servers r down or you lost your connection what do I do