The Division 2 Server Maintenance Status

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is an awesome game, but it can come with a few issues being it scheduled server maintenance or going down for other reasons.

The Division 2 by Ubisoft has taken the world by storm and is highly popular for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PS4 users, which was released March 2019

You cannot restore order and find the source of a virus in and open world with destructive environments when the game is offline. If you are having any kind of The Division problems please report below what platform you are playing on and what your issue is.

Tom Clancy's The Division status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Tom Clancy's The Division is down right now, see reports below.

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  • Jacob

    I love this game so much, probably one of the best games i have every played without any issues.

  • Chris

    This game is awesome, been playing with no issues and must say it is very stable. Yes the servers went down this morning but its was up and running in no time at all. No complaints here guys, but thanks for this page as I have somewhere to chat.

  • Clubber

    The Division servers went offline for maintenance just over an hour ago, but now all servers are up again with new version 1.0.2.

  • Toby

    It is about time they expanding the map, even better it would be nice to see higher levels added to reach.

  • Garry

    The Division servers are still down for me even though I have been told they are up and running again.

  • Peter

    I had 3 items go missing and now not even able to log in to my game.

  • Brian

    Has anyone had the delta 20000988 error?

  • Karny

    The official Division Twitter page tweeted that they were doing a scheduled maintenance and would last for like 30 minutes. And true to their word they were up in less.

  • Kaine

    The Division maintenance is now happening on Thursday, normally it would be on a Tuesday but the team have moved it.

  • dale

    been off all morning they said 3hrs its been 4 hrs

  • dale

    now i have a error 20001004

  • Macey

    I just got this MIKE 20240078 error – what is this?

  • Greg

    I just got this mike problem, have no idea at all what this means.

  • Suzan

    Not even funny when I keep seeing the division mike error on my ps4.

  • Victoria

    A 3 hour maintenance with no game changes, so whats it for then?

  • Larry

    The amount of time they do maintenance i think its about time i sold my division.

  • Lucy

    Another maintenance are you serious? I cannot play my game for 3 hours for no changes how pathetic.

  • Vryril

    The Division is going to be down for 3 hours in total, downtime started around about an hour ago. maintenance is underway.

  • Bob

    The Division maintenance May 24th 2016 will be down for 3 hours as its getting ready for the new update 1.2.

  • Toady

    The Division servers will be shutting down for maintenance today starting from 11am CEST/ 5am EDT/ 2am PDT and will last around 2 hours.

  • Sally

    What is this Delta 20001014? I seem to get this alot.

  • Orson

    Will there be any UI fixes within this maintenance.

  • Barry

    I am so hoping that tThe Division maintenance today will bring a client patch update. But they are not i dont think.

  • Mark

    Have the division servers gone down again? This is madness i can tell you because its too frequent.

  • Jermaine

    The Division servers went down at 11:00 PM PDT and will be offline for 5 hours.

  • Tony

    The Division server maintenance today June 23 is to clean databases and optimization of the server. 2 hours seems a long time just for this. How about sort the lagging issues out too whilst you are there?

  • Steve

    This game has the worst lag i have ever seen in any one game. And what the hell is delta 20001014 errors?

  • Sol

    Typical, my loot was extracting and then the game goes down for maintenance, got to laugh. Its only a game after all.

  • Kane

    I heard the division server is shutting down today, is this true? I have not of any maintenance happening today at all so would like some sort of clarification.

  • Kaine

    The Division maintenance is still going, 3 hours in total for new implements.

  • Steven

    Down yet again due to YET another maintenance, more maintenance than gameplay. Surely got to be a record.

  • Jacob

    The amount of maintenance this game receives is basically breaking the game slowly, people will start to get annoyed and leave.

  • Malcom

    Servers went down at Thursday, July 21 at 09:00 AM CEST / 03:00 AM EDT / 00:00 AM PDT. The downtime is expected to be around 3 hours.

  • Peter

    Here are the changes after todays server maintenance –

    Fixed a bug where containers in the highest gear score Dark Zone bracket would drop blue quality Division Tech.

    Fixed a bug where some AlphaBridge gear set gloves would roll double primary stats if they have been recalibrated.

    Fixed a bug where the player would be teleported back to the safe house during Tatiana Atkins Missing Persons mission.

    Fixed a bug where the player would be teleported back to the safe house during Aaron Keener Missing Agent mission.

  • Danny

    Today’s maintenance bug fixes says nothing about the DeadEYE glitch, are they going to sort this out today as well?

  • Kelly

    I am seeing this message on screen, “Delta 20010187”, what the hell is this then?

  • Neil

    Yep, I am getting the Delta error as well. I get to level 30 and then get hit with this, why do i get booted now?

  • Mark

    There was a server maintenance a couple of hours ago and maybe the system is still having issues.

  • Sonny

    Is anyone getting errors popping up to do with Delta C-0-1243?

  • Julian

    I just got this game recently in the Black Friday sales and am really regretting it now because not only having online issues trying to connect but now getting the Delta c-0-1234 error code.

  • Jared

    Yeah I keep getting error C-0-1243 after 5 minutes of playing it’s happened 4 times now.

  • Thiago Dias

    Always get the delta c 0 1243 after downloading survival on ps4. Impossible to play.

  • Thiago Dias

    Every time. Simply can’t play anymore.

  • Sarah Ann Morris

    getting mike and Delta errors unusable game

  • Mark

    For me The Division server status is DOWN, but we know it’s for a scheduled maintenance break, which is going to last for around 3 hours for patching.

  • Chris

    The Division 2 maintenance is now on and will be for like 3 hours according to the official Twitter page. Lately there are massive downtimes with nothing new when the servers come back online. 3 hours often it not really good unless something major is happening.

  • Mark

    The 3 hour maintenance today for Division 2 is going to fix 7 known issues >>>

  • Jordan

    Is there a server maintenance update happening right now? I cannot get online!!!